i know everyone has made these gifs

Here’s one I had a great time trying to solve. I took a challenge of picturing a scene the game doesn’t outright show and instead suggests subtly, setting us this scene based on a few lines that act as the cross-over of two stages. It was tough trying to portray the events prior to this, but Angus carries with him the ambience developed in the car scene, and I used the cars keys as a way of showing his inner thoughts and indifference to the other two, who are both deeply involved in their verbal games at that very moment. 

This is my third illustration attempt at Night in the Woods, and its clear that I adore this game so much to come back to it and enjoy the journey of depicting these characters. The strength of these games has really stemmed from the way the characters interact and form a story through each other, something I find eternally fascinating, especially in fiction that blends fantasy with real topics and issues. What a fantastic experience this game has made from being something so humble and simple. 

Let me know what you think about this piece, if you like this style of work, with a little mix of animation to improve the atmosphere, I’m slowly breaking into mixing up my media, so I may try this again with a little more practice. Thanks everyone, and please enjoy!

Not So Vanilla 

Summary: The reader is stuck in the friend zone with Archie but desperately wants out. She’s so in her head that she doesn’t pick up on the constant hints Archie drops, or even listen to what Jughead tells her. One party changes all that. 

Word Count: 5458

Author’s note: Okay this is my first Archie imagine!! Please let me know your thoughts and I’m sorry it’s long but trust me theres a lot of smut;) I want to write more Riverdale so tell me if you like it!

You were sitting at a booth in Pop’s across from your best friend Jughead, eating some fries and a milkshake. Jughead was in the middle of one of his philosophical rants about this small town and, “ All the damn secrets within it”.

Riverdale had been turned upside down ever since of the murder of Jason Blossom, and everyone was acting differently. Jughead swore something was up and suddenly your small group of friends turned into, “ Mystery Incorporated” aka the characters of Scooby Doo.

You were distracted from what Jughead was saying when you saw Archie walk in to pick up an order. The thing about Archie was that you were good friends, but you’d always had feelings for him.

The reason you never acted on it was because your other best friend Betty had been in a similar boat, and when she confessed her feelings Archie explained he didn’t feel the same way. Betty was incredible and if Archie turned down her you’d hate to see what he’d do to you.

Betty had moved on and actually started to have something with Jughead, but you still felt like by the laws of girl code it was a no go. Regardless you couldn’t help but stare and let your thoughts drift.

There was always something about Archie that made you think he wasn’t as “innocent” or  “vanilla” as he seemed. Maybe it was because you weren’t so innocent yourself, but that was something not a lot of people got to see.

The more you thought about it the more you realized Jughead was right, the people of Riverdale did have a lot of secrets. You were pulled from your day dreaming when a fry hit your face, “ Earth to (y/n) stop staring I can basically smell the angst radiating off of you”.

Rolling your eyes you threw a fry back, “ Come on Juggy maybe you’re just threatened that someone might have just as big of an imagination as you”. The Archie you truly wanted lived strictly in your imagination because in real life you couldn’t act on your feelings.

Jughead grinned, “  I have a feeling your imagination turns 50 Shades of Orange themed when you look at Archie, and I am NOT threatened by that”. He began to laugh, amused at his own joke leaving you sighing.

If there was anyone who knew just how dirty your mind could get it was Jughead, but that’s why you loved your friendship. You shot right back, “ Don’t even make me bring Betty into this it’s called a Betty Bomb for a reason and I wonder how she makes you explo-”.

Your sentence was cut off when Archie forced Jughead to push over, sitting down in the booth. Jughead sat there looking all to smug watching a blush creep over your face, praying that Archie didn’t pick up on what you’d been saying.

Archie picked up a fry, “ What were you guys talking about? Normal “this is all a conspiracy theory” stuff?”. Jughead went to open his mouth but you cut him off, “ Something like that…what are you doing here?”.

He leaned forward and sipped from the straw of your milkshake, a weird look in his eyes as he did so. Once he’d drank long enough he explained, “ Picking up an order for the ole man I swear we better do something tonight because if I stay in my house any longer-”.

Jughead intervened, “ You’ll end up like Jason Blossom?”. Archie laughed, “ Jeez Juggy that’s morbid of you…but I guess so”. You felt your mind begin to run wild thinking about what plans the night could possibly bring.

Jughead looked to you, “ You know (y/n) was saying the same thing earlier, she’s just dying to have some fun tonight”. Archie raised an eyebrow and a smirk formed upon his lips. He was intrigued, “ Really doll? I figured you were spending too much time with Jughead over here and going to the dark side”.

Archie had many pet names for you ranging from doll to princess, and they were all really outdated. That was the thing about this town and the people within; you could all be so old fashioned at the same time you were living in the 21st century. Each time he used one of his nicknames it made you core ache.  

You smiled, “ With everything that’s been happening recently I think we all could have some fun….distract ourselves from the current episode of Pretty Little Liars that we’re living in”. Both boys laughed, it was all too true.

You heard the clack of heels which only meant one thing, Veronica. She walked right over to the table after saying hello to her mom, “ Hello Archiekins and the rest of the rag-tag gang”.

Unlike you Veronica had no problem showing her feelings for Archie, and she walked right over Betty while doing so. Jughead sighed, “ That’s what we’re referred to as, the rag-tag gang?”.

She made Jughead push down again as she slid into the booth, making space for herself where there was none. Archie placed a hand on Jughead’s shoulder, “ Don’t worry Juggy, you’re the ragiest of them all”.

Jughead rolled his eyes, getting annoyed with the little space he had, “ You know I think there’s a limit for how many people can sit on one side of a booth…. yeah Newton founded it”. Veronica had put all her attention on Archie so Jughead’s comment went over her head.

Munching on a fry she asked, “ So what’s a girl like me to do on a night like this?”. Jughead made a face meant only for you and you couldn’t help but giggle. Betty was able to see the good in everyone, and she was the one of the few who could find it in Veronica.

Veronica had been a classic mean girl at her old school but was trying to fix her ways, with everyone BUT you. There was always this tension between you both, and it was all her creation.

In your life of sin all you truly needed was; Jughead, Betty, and Archie. When Veronica was thrown into the mix things became unleveled, but you hoped that you’d soon get to the bottom of whatever was causing it.

Archie looked to you with a smile on his face, “ Well (y/n) suggested we do something fun, and I say we embrace her wild impulses”. He finished his sentence with a wink and you felt your heart leap from your chest.

Veronica wasn’t as amused, “ You’re kidding right? She’s a total Janis not a Regina”. Archie rolled his eyes, “ I don’t know what’s worse Ronnie the fact that I understand that reference or you ability to forget it’s always the quiet ones”.  

Jughead choked on his milkshake at Archies comment, if only he knew. Archie patted Jughead on the back but raised an eyebrow at you, picking up on what had just happened. Trying to downplay things you laughed, “ Come on Jug you should know how to drink by now”.

After catching his breath Jughead replied, “ Sorry (y/n) I just had a revelation, maybe we should hangout at your house..won’t your parents be on a work trip”. You wanted to kill Jughead but instead just smiled.

Veronica grinned, “ Let’s have ourselves a little project x shall we?”. You shook your head, “ Uh how about more like The Breakfast Club”. She rolled her eyes but both Jughead and Archie seemed down.

Archie laughed, “ Anything that will get me out of the house I’m down, let’s invite Betty too”. Veronica tried to hide her disappointment, but both you and Jughead picked up on it. Smiling you replied, “ I’m sure Jughead would love another night with Betty huh Juggy?”.

Once again he threw a fry at you, hoping to distract from how red his face was. Veronica smiled, “ So I guess that means you pair off with me Archiekins”. You wanted to pour your vanilla milkshake over her head right then and there.

Archie looked to you, “ Sorry Ronnie but I think I’m going to have to watch over (y/n) tonight, make sure she actually has fun for once”. You grinned right back at him, and the thought alone made butterflies take flight in your stomach.

Veronica got up, “ Well I should be going, text me the details and I’ll grace you all with my presence later” she tried to hide her anger towards everyone else but shot daggers at you. Finally she walked away leaving you three alone.

Archie took another fry, “ I know Ronnie is trying her best to be a good person but I wish she’d respect my space”. You’d always thought that Archie was interested in Veronica, but that all just changed. Jughead gave you a look that said, “ I told you so”.

You spoke your mind, “ I wish she’d respect mine two I swear she has it out for me”. Normally you’d have stayed out of drama but you wanted to see how Archie would respond. Pop called Archie’s name meaning his order was ready.

Before leaving he took one last fry, “ She’s just jealous of you (y/n)… I don’t blame her”. With that he was gone. You thought you’d faint right then and there, did Archie basically just say you were better than Veronica Lodge?

Jughead crossed his arms over his chest, “ I believe there’s a certain saying for times like these…ah yes….I told you so”. You were too happy to be annoyed by his comment, your heart flooding with feelings.

Grinning you explained, “ Did Archie just say Veronica has a reason to be jealous about me? Veronica couldn’t be more of the classic “it” girl Juggy..”. Whenever you compared yourself to Veronica you always came up short due to your own insecurities.

Jughead rolled his eyes, “ What have I been telling you for weeks? Archie likes you (y/n) and Betty likes the idea of you both too”. You nearly choked on your milkshake….Betty knows? He continued, “ Look Betty and I spend many a night pondering certain topics and you and Archie are a common one….basically you have her blessing”.

You were confused, “  She really doesn’t mind Jug…you sure? I love Betty and-”. Jughead started to laugh, “ Let’s just say she’s been too preoccupied to care…”. A smile formed upon your lips not only because Jugheads sexual comment but that fact that two of your closest friends finally found someone who loves them back.

Jughead continued, “ And anyways Betty knew that Archie was just a classic school girl crush and that they work better as friends, but for you and Archie….”.   You were feeling so many emotions at once you felt you could explode.

Smiling you explained, “ I feel so relieved Juggy I was scared that Betty would be hurt if she knew how I felt about Archie! Oh god does this mean I have to actually act on my feelings now?”. You’d spent so much time imagining scenarios with Archie that possibly making them come true was scary.

Jughead grinned, “ Let’s just call this party tonight disney because-”. You finished his sentence, “ It’s where dreams come true”. You shook your head, feeling a mixture of uncertainty and excitement. Jughead called for the check, “ Come on (y/n) we have places to be, things to do, and a Ginger to make very very happy”.

Jughead used a suggestive tone while saying the words “very” because he knew how badly you’ve wanted to be with Archie. You placed down your half of the check, “ Well let’s see how the party tonight goes-”.

Your sentence was cut off by no other than Cheryl, “ Party tonight…is Pop’s suddenly handing out fortune cookies because this is giving me serious Freaky Friday vibes”. Just when one door closes another door opens, and you wouldn’t mind slamming this one shut.

The last thing you wanted was for Cheryl to come, “ Sorry Cheryl I meant to say our close get together, inner circle only”. She laughed, the kind of laugh you hear before someone pulls a trigger or drops a bomb.

Placing a hand on her hip she replied, “ Oh sweet naive (y/n) nothing in this town happens without me knowing, I’ll be there tonight and you’re welcome in advance”. She was gone as quickly as she had come.

Jughead shook his head looking up, “ He taketh as soon as he giveth”. Cheryl had the power to ruin this party on a biblical scale, locusts and all. Getting up you sighed, “ Let’s focus on the good for once Jug, like how Archie Andrews actually likes me”.

Getting up from the booth as well he placed a hand on your shoulder, “ It’s only been five minutes and it’s already going to your head, how the mighty crumble”. Rolling your eyes you walked out of Pop’s and made it back towards you house with Jughead.

Within five minutes you were already there, entering your empty house. Jughead spread out on your living room couch, “ When the cat’s away the mice will play”. That analogy painted a vivid picture in your mind, your house trashed.

Turning to him you laughed, “ Well I just hope the mice don’t go crazy…”. Jughead smiled, “ It’s going to be fine (y/n) the only people that matter tonight are; you, Archie, and Betty. The rest could be real mice for all I care”.

It felt good to have such a loyal best friend, Jughead really was like no other. Within a second your door bell rang and Jughead just had a grin on his face. Opening the door you realized it was Betty, with about three boxes of party supplies.

She smiled, “ Juggy here explained you were in over your head so your lifeboat has arrived!”. All you could do was giggle and just be thankful for how caring Betty was. She placed the boxes on the coffee table and clapped her hands together, assessing the situation.

Jughead held up a finger, “ Before we go off to battle I should relay the game changing drama that has unfolded”. Betty raised a eyebrow and sat down next to Jughead, “ Do tell Juggy”.

He looked to you and then Betty, “ We were at Pop’s and were visited by the three ghosts of Christmas, Cheryl the ghost of no other than Christmas past because no one willingly spends time in the present with her, Veronica the ghost of Christmas present because she’s somehow always in our lives, and finally the ghost of Christmas yet to come…Archie”.

Betty grinned, “ Now why exactly is Archie the ghost of Christmas yet to come?”. If Jughead wasn’t smiling like a madman before he was now, “ I’m passing the torch to (y/n)”. Betty was beaming with excitement and anticipation.

Blushing you explained, “ Well as per usual Veronica was being a bitch to me and Archie said it’s because she’s jealous of me..”. Jughead intervened, “ That’s not all our sweet little (y/n)”. Jughead was loving this moment because you were finally realizing that you were worth it.

He knew how insecure you were and he hated it, he wished he could go into your mind and rewrite each bad thought you had. Biting your lip you continued, “ He said he didn’t blame her for being jealous..”.

Betty let out an excited scream, “ OMG I told you Jughead!!! Archie totally likes (y/n) I KNEW it!”. You felt relieved to know Jughead wasn’t lying, she really was happy for you. Still you wanted to double check, “ It’s not weird for you Betty I don’t want-”.

She cut you off, “ Trust me (y/n) Archie was just a really intense crush for me before I knew what actually caring for someone felt like….and what it feels like when someone cares about you the same way”.

As she spoke she looked to Jughead and you swore there was a sparkle in both their eyes. You placed a hand over your chest, “ Awe you two melt my heart, as long as I know I’m not hurting you and you’re happy now that’s all that matters”.

Jughead scoffed, “ Now can you remind me why we tolerate Veronica, she not only has a thing for Archie but also has some weird vendetta against (y/n)”. He was right, you wanted to know why Betty still remained friends with her.

Betty smiled, “ Look Veronica is trying to be a better person, and when you try most often than not you also fail…but I don’t want to be a reason why she doesn’t try at all”. How could Betty be so compassionate?

You shook your head, “ But Betty she clearly has a thing for Archie and doesn’t even try to hide it and she knows what happened between you both!”. Jughead nodded his head, agreeing with you. He hated that Veronica clearly took advantage of Betty.

She just shrugged her shoulders, “ I know trust me I see it, but I know Archie doesn’t care about her. He wouldn’t support Veronica trying to get out the last of her mean girl ways”.

Betty continued, “ Archie cares about you (y/n) and so it doesn’t even matter how Veronica acts because he’d never act on it. She only wants him because he wants you (y/n) and soon she’ll get the hint”.

Shaking your head you replied, “ I guess Betty but it still irks me to know she didn’t even talk to you about it”. Once Betty set her mind to something there was no changing it, if she wanted to still see the good in Veronica than damn straight she would.

Jughead sighed, “ Oh Betty Cooper the world truly does not deserve someone as forgiving and caring as you”. He kissed her forehead after he finished his sentence and she looked so blissfully happy.

She clapped her hands together, “ Okay enough drama talk I think it’s time we get this party going”. Betty started to unpack the boxes which included things from plastic cups and snacks to a first aid kid.

You started to pick up around your house and before you knew it you’d spent an hour and a half setting up. When it was finished Betty smiled, “ It’s perfect, now we have to get ready”. Jughead looked himself up and down, “ This is as ready as I’ll ever be, you two can go get ready upstairs”.

You and Betty looked to each other completely giddy, it had been awhile since you’d gotten all dolled up. Betty had brought along a light blue dress and ballerina flats for herself. You decided you’d wear a short black dress that hugged your curves but flared out, simple yet stunning.

You paired it with a black lace choker and short black pumps and when you turned around Betty’s jaw dropped, “ You look so good (y/n) Archie is going to love it”. Betty did her normal makeup look and you did a gold smokey eye and pink lip.

Betty’s mood changed, “ I love it, but why are you so dressed up?”. You’d almost forgot to explain that Cheryl was coming, which meant the rest of the school as well. Rolling your eyes you said, “ Cheryl overheard us in Pop’s which means she’s bringing the entire school with her”.

Betty looked mad for a moment but shook it off, “ Who cares? All the matters is that something finally happens between you and Archie tonight and when you look like that how could he resist?”.

Laughing you hugged Betty, her kind words meaning so much to you. You did a slow spin, “ I guess I do clean up nicely huh?”. Looking at your phone you realized another hour had passed, making it nine o’clock.

Now that you were ready you and Betty headed downstairs, preparing for the possible arrival of any guests. Walking down the stairs you realized music was already playing and there were voices talking.

In your living room sat; Jughead, Kevin, Ethel, Veronica, and Archie. When you walked over to them Kevin whistled, “ Shit (y/n) you look good! If I weren’t gay-”. Veronica cut him off, “ But you are…nice clean up job guys”.

Betty smiled, “ Tonight’s a special night” and she looked to you and Archie as she said so. Archie smirked, “ You look really good doll, black has never looked better”. Jughead winked at you, hinting to Archie’s feelings for you.

You smiled, “ Thanks Archie you’re not looking too bad yourself”. He winked at you and leaned back into the couch. Kevin was eager to start the night, “ So when will our other guests be arriving?”.

Before you knew it the doorbell rang and Jughead said, “ Speak of the devil…literally we might as well be summoning the devil”. Opening the door you were greeted by Cheryl, and nearly half the school.

Cheryl smiled her fake smile, “ One keg in the backyard boys the other in the kitchen”. Stepping back you allowed everyone in, flooding your house. Cheryl turned to you, “ You look good (y/n) hoping to finally tie down Archiekins?”.

Faking a smile yourself you replied, “ Something like that…”. A strange look appeared on Cheryl’s face and you suddenly feared you’d fed her inner monster. She made her way towards the living room where everyone was sitting and placed a bottle of tequila on the table.

You followed suit, trying to brace yourself for whatever she had planned. Cheryl placed a hand on her hip, “ We’re going to play a good old game of truth or dare”. Jughead laughed, “What are we five?”.

Cheryl shot back, “ No Jughead we’re just a group of people that need to be forced into action right (y/n)?”.  You nodded your head hoping Archie wouldn’t pick up on what she’d been hinting at.

She continued, “ The rules are simple pick either truth or dare, BUT if either option is to much for you take a shot instead”. Looking to Jughead you didn’t hide your apprehensions, this could go really bad really fast.

Betty wanted to help, “ I’ll go first Cheryl” but Cheryl just shook her head. Grinning she said, “ Aw sweet Betty you’re a little to naive for this, the first round goes to Archie”. Cheryl winked at you before asking her question.

She smiled, “ So Archiekins what will it be, truth or dare”. Archie just looked at you and then giggled, feeling daring himself. He replied with dare and those around you roared with excitement.

Cheryl smirked, “ I dare you to choose who you’d rather hook up with, Veronica or (y/n)”. You felt your heart stop beating and you just looked to Jughead and Betty, too paralyzed to do anything else.

Archie didn’t hesitate, “ (y/n)” and he winked at you. You never wanted him more than in that moment, and the rest of the room roared again. Cheryl turned to you, “ Do I have to dare you to kiss him or are you going to give the boy what he wants?”.

You bit your lip unsure of what to do but then you remembered what Jughead and Betty had told you, “ All that matters tonight is you and Archie”. Both Jughead and Betty were trying to hold in their excitement, but were miserably failing.

Summoning up the courage you extended a hand to Archie, “ Now or never Arch”. He took your hand in his and let you lead the way, beaming with excitement. You lead him upstairs and did your best to ignore the comments and cheering from everyone else.

When you got upstairs you lead him to your room closing the door behind you. You stood there unsure of what to do next, and he picked up on it. He picked your chin up with his fingers, “What’s the matter doll?”.

You told the truth, “ Are you sure you like me because-”. He cut you off by placing his lips on yours, he tasted lightly of cinnamon. As he kissed you his hands explored your body, roaming up and down your curves.

He began to kiss your neck and whispered into your ear, “ I’ve wanted you for so long (y/n) you don’t even know”. It sent shivers down your spine and caused goosebumps to appear all over your skin. Archie brought his head up to face you again, “ Talk to me doll, let me know what you want”.

He dragged down your bottom lip with his thumb begging you to speak. You barely got it out, “ I want you Archie”. Your words caused a smirk to spread across his face and his eyes to light up. Licking his lips he replied, “ Good girl”.

Archie lead you to the bed and you were now straddling him. He rested his hands on your hips and you began kissing again. This time his tongue explored every inch of your mouth, he needed more.

As the kiss intensified your grinded your hips against him earning a groan from him. Archie started to kiss down your neck until he found that magical spot and sucked, “ God Archie”. You felt him smile against your skin, proud of how good he could make you feel.

You groaned again when you felt how hard he was, your confidence growing. His fingertips brushed your upper thighs and he started to push up the hem of your dress, his touch sending waves of need to your core.

He whispered into your ear again, “ You look so damn good in that dress doll, but you’d look even better out of it”. It was your turn to smile and you leaned back, beginning to take off your dress. Archie sat there watching you with lust filled eyes, completely in awe.

Slowly you pulled your dress over your head and off of your body keeping eye contact the entire time. Archie was biting his lip trying to hold back from taking you right then and there. When it was off your body you grinned, “ Your turn”.

He smirked, “ Fair is fair (y/n)” and he took off his shirt. Leaning forward you rested your hands on his chest as he took off his pants. Grinning you said, “ Working for your dad this summer did have it’s benefits”.

There was barely anything separating you from Archie and you felt how hard he was. Archie leaned forward and kissed the valley between your breasts, coaxing you to undo your bra. Taking the hint you unclasped it from behind, the cold air making your nipples erect.

He began to suck on your left breast, “ God you’re beautiful (y/n)”. As he swirled his tongue around your nipple you moaned his name loudly, making his erection grow even more. Your voice was shaky, “ Archie I need you”.

Archie took his mouth off of your nipple and instead massage your breast, “ All I needed to hear (y/n)”. He slid down his boxers and you took off your panties, now nothing separated you both. Archie bit his lip, “ So fucking beautiful”.

He positioned himself at your entrance, pausing to make sure you truly wanted this. Looking down you saw a different look in his eyes possibly love, “ I want this so bad Archie…I want you”. He smiled and kissed you passionately, crashing his lips into yours.

Archie finally entered you, slowly letting you adjust to his size. You were still straddling him and feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure you rested your head in the crook of his neck. Archie felt your walls tightening around him, “ God (y/n) this feels so good”.

Feeling more confident you started to rotate your hips, moving back and forth. Archie groaned, “That’s it doll…fuck”. His hands gripped your hips guiding your body to move perfectly with his.

It felt so wonderful to be so in sync with him and you started to moan his name. You began to kiss his neck, leaving marks resembling the ones he’d left on you. You’d never felt anything like this, being this close with someone both emotionally and physically.

Maybe it was because the beginning of this year had started with death that you felt this exact moment represented so much more. The both of you had stopped letting things get in the way and were truly living.

He groaned, “ You feel so good (y/n)” and you felt him starting to thrust his hips up. Your bodies were moving together as you started to bounce up and down. Feeling him enter in and out of you was all too much.

Each time he entered fully into you he hit your g-spot, and you felt your orgasm coming. Archie felt it two, “ Fuck (y/n) I’m going to cum”. His thrusts got even quicker, pushing you closer.

Your face was still in the crook of his neck, “ I wanna see your face baby”. Moving your head you made eye contact with him and saw his lust blown pupils. Leaning forward you kissed him, intensifying the moment.

Picking up the pace you went faster as well, needing to reach your climax. Archie took his lips off of yours and moaned loudly, this all too much. He barely got it out, “ Cum with me (y/n)”.

His words pushed you over the edge and you felt your orgasm shake throughout your entire body. Suddenly every nerve in your body was on fire from the amount of pleasure you felt. Your eyes closed shut trying to handle everything you were feeling at once.

You felt Archie twitch inside of you as his orgasm washed over him. You both moaned each other’s names, it was the only thing your brains could process. He held onto your body tightly and you felt him shake beneath you.

The both of you were lost in the moment, neither of you had felt something like this before. You rested your head in the crook of his neck again, “ Fuck Archie that was amazing”. He turned his head and kissed your forehead, a huge smile on his face.

Suddenly he shifted so you were now on your back and he was hovering over you, propping himself up with his elbow. Looking down at you he grinned, “ I can’t believe we waited so long…”.

As he spoke with his free hand he dragged his fingertips lightly down your body, sending shivers down your spin. Smiling back you replied, “ I always knew there was another side to you Archie Andrews”.

Biting his lip he replied, “ And you’ve barely explored it”. The entire mood shifted and you suddenly felt extremely needy again. He winked, “ Don’t worry (y/n) I’m not done with you yet”. He placed his lips lightly on yours, wanting to take his time.

You ran your hands through his bright orange hair making him groan, and you felt him smile. He pulled his head back, “ And I always knew there was another side to you doll, and I want to take my time exploring it”.

Biting your lip you imagined what that would mean for you both. Before you could continue there was a loud banging on the door, “ Wrap it up love birds, the sheriff is busting this popsicle stand”.

You both started to laugh knowing by the phrasing it was no other than Jughead. Archie yelled back, “ Way to ruin the moment Juggy!”. The both of you started to get dressed, and you wished you could lay your bed with him forever.

Jughead yelled back, “ Trust me Archie I heard you were finished, I’m not ruining anything!”. You heard him laugh from the other side of the door, proud of his own joke. When you were finally dressed Archie pulled you close again, “ Because I got cutoff, I really like you (y/n) and although you make me fucking explode by just thinking about you I want more than that”.

You felt the butterflies in your stomach again, “ I really like you two Archie…for more than just how hard you can make me cum”. He started to laugh and you knew you were falling in love with him, but you didn’t know he was falling in love two.

Jughead yelled again, “ You’re going to want to get down here and talk to the sheriff with Kevin because I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to fool around if (y/n) is grounded for life”. Archie kissed your forehead again before leading you outside of your room.

Jughead went to open his mouth but you cut him off, “ No more comments Juggy, I’m too worn out for that”. Jughead’s jaw dropped, feeling extremely happy for you but also shocked. You didn’t care that you’d have to talk to the sheriff, Archie Andrews was now yours and that’s all that mattered.

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Hi everyone! So my blog is technically about 2 years old, ignoring the fact that I remade it recently to be a main blog, and I’ve hit a follower milestone recently which has me beyond shook. Like????? I know I was on an hiatus due to regional exams for about an entire year and I’m extremely sorry about that and I just want to thank everyone that stuck with my blog despite that. I’m extremely grateful and I love you guys so much!

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Boxes of chocolate

Word count: 2,200

Request: You come home and find Kai in your room. From that moment he cuddles you like there’s no tomorrow 

You have just finished your night shift at work and couldn’t wait to get home, slip under the shower to wash everything off you and throw your body on the bed and drift off to sleep, to get some rest from this long day. You kicked off your shoes and threw your bag on the floor before you walked towards your room. As you were getting closer, you slowed down because of the noise coming from your room. You frowned and your heart skipped a beat because you had no idea who could it be in your room, watching TV. You agreed to meet Kai tomorrow so it couldn’t be him. You swallowed hard and opened the doors and the person who you loved the most flashed right in front of your eyes. You immediately smiled and felt your body relaxing and your heartbeat calming down. You sighed deeply and closed the bedroom doors, looking around the door and then to the bed. There were chocolate wrappers all over the floor. Boxes and a milkshake on the nightstand next to your bed, Kai’s fingers covered in chocolate.

‘Chocolate. Chocolate and there, well look at that. More chocolate.’ You trailed off, stepping over the boxes to reach Kai who was laying on the bed shirtless, wearing only his sweatpants. You kissed his forehead swiftly, his eyes finally locking with yours. 'Hi.’ You muttered quietly and looked at his chest that had traces of melted chocolate. You took of yur jeans and put on an old shirt that was falling down to your thighs. 'The only acceptable reason for this mess is, you’re on your period. It will be fine, I promise you.’ You said, your fingers running through Kai’s hair as you bursted out into laughter, Kai looking at you befuddled and after a few moments, he started laughing too, but he went serious only a couple of seconds later. He winked at you and before you knew it, he grabbed you by your arms and pulled you on top of him, your arms and your favourite shirt getting stained with chocolate. He cupped your face and kissed you deeply, the sweetness of his tongue slowly filling your mouth.

'Kai!!’ You whined loudly and tried to push him away, but his embrace was too strong and you couldn’t help but start laughing again.

'Someone is cranky today. I would say that you need some chocolate right now.’ Kai stated and winked at you, his body lifting up and bringing himself to lay on top of you.

'Then give me some. If there is any chocolate.’ You said and wrapped your arms around his neck, his face expression serious as he reached for something on the nightstand. After a second, he brought his fingers up to his lips and traced them, melted chocolate staining his lips.

'I’m your chocolate baby.’ He said in a deep and serious voice and leaned down, leaving dozens of kisses all over your neck and you couldn’t help but start laughing, suddenly the stained sheets and your clothes becoming the least important thing at the moment. Even though you wanted to be alone after work and just hop into the shower and go to sleep, Kai appearing in your house and your room was exactly what you needed. You weren’t thinking about problems you had in your life or what a bad day you had, the only thing that mattered was Kai cheering you up and making you feel like there was nothing wrong in the world.

'So, why are you here exactly?’ You asked him, his thumb gently stroking your cheek, his touch feeling so comforting and soft, making you close your eyes and give in.

'Don’t you want me here?’ He pouted and furrowed his brows as if he was about to cry. You laughed and propped yourself up, pecking his lips swiftly.

'Of course I do, I just didn’t expect to see you today. I thought we agreed to a date -tomorrow-.’ You reached out and ran your fingers through Kai’s hair. That has always been your favourite thing. The way your fingers glided through his silky hair so easily and how soft it felt to the touch. He had always loved how you played with his hair whenever you had the chance. It had always calmed him down for some reason.

'Well yes, but I couldn’t wait to see my girl and what better way there is to surprise you than showing up in your room and-’

'Make a mess in it? Is that what you wanted to say?’ You chuckled, making Kai laugh. He kissed you softly, his lips fitting yours so perfectly as if you two were made for eachother. 

'You know how much I love a good mess.’ He trailed off and rolled on the bed beside you, pulling you closer to him as he wrapped his arms around you, hugging you gently.

'I know but somehow, I’m the one who has to do something about that mess. I never understood that, why- why do you have the need to make a mess around the house?’ You asked him, looking up, your face so close to one another that it was hard to look him properly in the eyes. He chuckled but didn’t answer. He just hugged you again, planting kisses all over your face. That wasn’t the first time that Kai acted like that. He had always loved to spoil you and shower you with kisses and always wanted to make sure that you know how much he loved you. He has never been afraid to show you around to his friends and everyone in Mystic Falls that you were his. Even though you have always been shy about it, but not him. Whenever you were walking around the city, his arm was always wrapped around you. It was always around your waist or simply resting loosely on your shoulder and whenever he had a chance, he would place a quick kiss on your forehead or your cheer and that has always made you smile. You loved him more than anything and even if there was a fight, you have never been able to stay mad at him for too long. He looked deeply into your eyes and placed a small lock of your hair behind your ear, his thumb gently brushing against your earlobe.

'I love you.’ He whispered and hugged you again, wrapping your legs around his waist. You smiled at him and pecked his chin, your fingers tracing invisible patterns over his bare torso.

'I love you too.’ You trailed off as you and Kai laid on the bed in silence for a few moments before you spoke up again.

'So, what are we watching?’ You asked and turned your hear to the TV and rolled your eyes when you figured it out. You chuckled and looked at him, your brows furrowing. 'Notebook? Really?’

'What? Something wrong with this movie?’ He asked you seriously as if you just said horrible. You laughed at his reaction and ran your fingers through his hair and punched his chest playfully.

'It’s just so-’

'Romantic?’ He chuckled and winked at you, both of you bursting into laughter.

'I was going to say cheesy.’ His gaze was strongly focused on you, his face expression going serious as he pouted.

'Really? I thought you would like that kind of things.’ He asked and kissed your forehead, his hand gently caressing your stomach. You propped yourself on your elbows and furrowed your brows.

'Where’s my boyfriend and what did you do to him?’ He chuckled and out of nowhere, cupped your face and kissed you deeply.

'So, you’re saying you love the not so romantic side of me more than the good side?’ He asked as you laughed shortly. You did like that side of him. It was the side that he always had, it just got more evident when he was alone with you. He has never been shy or scared to show how crazy he was about you or how you have made him feel. He was the complete opposite of what everyone else thought and you couldn’t be more happier to have met him, let alone have him as your boyfriend.

'Oh, you know I love everything about you, Kai. No need to worry about that. Except, you could lay off the food for a while.’ You said seriously, trying really hard not to laugh.

'You’re joking right?’ He looked as a little kid when you take away his favourite toy. You couldn’t help but   laugh and pull him in for another kiss as he couldn’t hide his smile. You pushed him away and jumped off the bed, reaching out your hand and waited for Kai to take it.

'Where are you taking me?’ Kai asked as you led him out of the room.

'To make some pancakes. I’m hungry.’

'Now? It’s almost midnight.’

'So?’ You chuckled and took him to the kitchen, turning the light on. You let go of his hand and ran towards the kitchen counter, pulling out the bowl and a ladle and all the other ingredients that you needed. As you moved around the kitchen, you could have felt Kai’s gaze constantly focused on you. You turned around and saw him staring, his hand under his chin, supporting his head and a big smile on his face. He winked at you and chuckled, but his gaze was still on you.

'Are you going to help me or are you just going to stare?’ You asked, leaning against the kitchen counter, trying to be serious, but his smiled and the way he was looking at you made that completely impossible. You started laughing as well and grabbed a handful of flour, throwing it at him, his black pants now covered completely. He opened his mouth in shock and looked down, trying to shake the flour off his pants.

'Oh, you’re so gonna pay for this.’ He trailed off and got off the chair, running towards you as he grabbed a handful of flour, throwing it on you, landing perfectly on your head.

'Oh, is that so? This is war now, just so you know.’

'It’s on.’ He reached his hand into the bowl and grabbed more of the flour, throwing it on you and you throwing it on him. The kitchen floor was covered in flour, your footprints visible all over the kitchen and your clothes weren’t in any better condition. This was the kind of thing that happens unexpectedly and it alway makes you smile. You didn’t care how silly this might have looked, it was all part of the fun and how Kai has helped you to forget about work. After you ran out of flour, both of you were laying on the kitchen floor, covered in it, trying to catch your breath from all the running. Kai kissed you deeply, tasting some flour on your lips. He caressed your thigh gently, his fingers brushing so slowly against your skin. You propped yourself up on your elbows and looked around the kitchen, gasping out loud at the though of having to clean all of this up. You ran your fingers roughly through your hair and started getting up, when Kai stopped you.

'You go take a shower, I’ll take care of this.’ Kai said, smiling at you.

'Are you sure? You don’t have to. I can-’

'I’m sure. Go.’

'You’re the best.’ You pecked his lips quickly before you got up and walked towards your room, on the way there, taking your clothes off. You felt extremely tired and bed somehow looked more appealing than a shower.

'Just 5 minutes.’ You laid down and closed your eyes, wanting to rest your eyes for a short time, but instead of that, you had managed to fall asleep on the bed, completely covered in flour.

After a few hours

You didn’t even know for how long you have been asleep, but when you opened your eyes, the first person you saw was Kai. You looked around and at yourself, realizing you had clean clothes on. You furrowed your brows, feeling confused as to how you had clean clothes on because you laid on the bed in your flour covered one.

'I put on some clean clothes. I though maybe you didn’t want to sleep in that fun stained clothes.’ Kai muttered, his hand underneath your shirt, caressing your back gently. You closed your eyes at the feeling and smiled, your body somehow sore. He kissed your forehead a couple of times, as you felt him covering you up again, with your favourite blanket and pulling himself close enough to wrap his arm around your body, bringing you closer to him as you nuzzled your nose into his chest, the scent of his body and shower gel, affecting you to calm down.

'Good night.’ Kai whispered and kissed you again, but you didn’t have the strenght to speak up so you just smiled at him and drifted off to sleep, Kai’s arms nicely wrapped around you while his body warmth kept radiating, keeping you warm all night.

Last month I hit a milestone with this blog (how and why omfg) and I don’t have the talent to make something more than this.. To each individual that has decided to press that follow button I love you and want to thank you for your love in return. I started this a blog only a bit more than half a year ago and didn’t know that I was getting myself into the most loving and supportive fandom ever so thank you.

I think it’s important for me to acknowledge all the beautiful friends I’ve made on here because without all of you I wouldn’t want to be on here at all. Honestly.  I won’t get too sentimental now (I’ll leave that for under the cut) but thank you so much. 🎉

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Hi this is @honeyheonie previously @wonholypeach​ or Jaz as most of you know me. Its already time for my second follow forever. I had my first 2 months ago with 500 followers and now I am back with 1000+. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I love you all, even if we don’t talk just know that I see you and I appreciate you. I have met so many nice people and some who I am so thankful to call true friends. Everyone has shown me such immense love and supported my fics and moodboards and I just thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my Tumblr experience so blessed. So onto before I bore you all. Tagging my wonderful mutuals who I hope to never lose. You all are super special too me!! And a huge thank you to @ckyun for the beautiful graphic she made for me. Im still blown away and I don’t know how to repay you. Please if you aren’t already following her go and do it now and check out her amazing gifs and graphics 💜 

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So now everybody in that house wants to “Defend” Dominique.

Alex and Jason thinks she’s innocent and think that Paul and everyone else is bullying her. Alex said Paul dressing up as a snake made him look like an asshole.

Jessica said that people think she’s isolating herself but she’s just doing what she would normally do at home. Chill and read her bible.

Christmas don’t even get me started you know Dominique is innocent with that whole vote thing but you don’t like that she feels like she has to isolate herself!!

Girl you’re the reason why she feels like that….you and Paul….she can’t even nod without getting her head chewed off.

Anyway I hope y'all got your last minute votes in for Dominique!!!

This kid learned from haikyū im crying.

Sorry if this will take long, but, HI! so, as you can see, this is a little kid serving some little ball, pretending he’s a volleyball champ. Ignore the fact that i’m hiding inside my house lowkey covered by my plants. And no, i’m not a pedophile sheesh. That’s not the point here. I don’t care if people would play volleyball in the streets and I don’t care how poorly he served that Php10 ball. It’s his conversation that caught my attention. It went like this:
(I’ll name the kid Ethan for this and will roughly translate Filipino words lmao)

Ethan: Tara! Volleyball tayo! Yung parang sa Haikyū! (HEY! LET’S PLAY VOLLEYBALL! Just like in Haikyū!)

Kid 1: Ano ba yan, volleyball? Pang-bakla yun eh. (What do you mean, volleyball? That’s for gay people.)

Kid 2:Oo nga, eh, basketball yung bola natin eh. (Yeah, and our ball is for basketball.)

Ethan: Anong pang-bakla?! Eh sa haikyū nga eh. Lalaki sila diba? Kahit sino naman pwede mag volleyball eh. Ang galing kaya nila parang ganto oh, *serves like a boss-not really-* shheeeww!! (What do you mean, for gays?! What about haikyū, they’re males? I think volleyball is for everyone. They’re pretty amazing, like this, *serves like a boss-not really-* shheeeww!!)

I swear that kid has his inner Hinata Shouyou.

They ended up playing a lame match tbh.

Anyways, i’m happy that this kid watches haikyū and learned that volleyball is gender neutral. I just felt really happy that even though he is probably just seven, he understands the concept of genders and not caring about what people say about it. Although, in the fandom, the boys are shipped together, but he doesn’t know that~ (⌒-⌒; )

I’ve just reached a new milestone guys and I want to thank you for 3000+ followers!

The 2.5 years I’ve been on this site has been a wonderful experience. I’ve got to know so many amazing and kind people from all around the world and I made so many new friends.

Big thanks to everyone, to the ones who have been with me ever since the beginnings to the ones who just joined the last days, THANK YOU!!! I appreciate every single one of you! ♥♥ Every comment you left either on my gifs or writings just brightened my days, and I’m so happy that I got to know you.

So yeah, thank you!! (●´ω`●)

Ps, I’m planning to make a little something for you guys, as a thank you gift so would any of you be interested in icons? Or headers?


(Y/n) lunged at the punching bag for what seemed like the hundredth time that morning, sweat drubbing down her forehead. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess of words.

Not good enough.
Try harder.
Try harder.

She shook her head quickly, the voice swimming in her mind, echoing. She knew that voice.

Her mothers voice.
Her dead mothers voice.

She knew she shouldn’t listen but she couldn’t stop herself.

The voice had first appeared two weeks ago.

She was sitting in the conference room, listening to the new mission, taking notes down haphazardly.

Eggsy nudged gently at her from under the table, making the girls head shoot up. He sent her a cheeky wink, (Y/n) returning the favour before looking away, a light blush on her cheeks.

The two had had this kind of back and forth from day one ; he had caught her wrist before she tripped down some stairs, swinging her round to hit his chest. And since then he hardly left her alone, always trying to get her attention in some way or another.

But (Y/n) worked with Merlin, constantly at the mans side, observing every little thing he did so one day she would take over.

She had originally tried to be a field agent but Merlin noticed her obsession with technology and quickly took her under his wing.

This meant that Eggsy barely had any time with the girl, only catching glances of her from across the room. But now was a perfect moment to grab her attention. If Merlin would only stop nattering on about how important this mission was.

“Eggsy, would you please stop bothering (Y/n) and pay attention”

The young agent rolled his eyes, turning to face the man with a look of distaste.

“I would hardly call it bothering” Eggsy grumbled, but complied all the same.

“Roxy, Eggsy, you two must pose as a young rich couple and attend the party” Merlin repeated, clicking on a tablet in his hand to display a new picture to the group “from there you shall locate the target and-”

“Why aren’t (Y/n) and I the couple?” Eggsy frowned “She’s been here way longer than Roxy and is more qualified, no offence”

At the mention of her name the girl looked up from her notepad, placing her pen down onto the table.

“He has a point” Roxy agreed “and none taken”

“I-” Merlin stopped, unable to form a sentence for a moment “I feel that Roxy is more suited to this mission”

“With all due respect sir, this is an extremely important and dangerous mission. Roxy and Eggsy are both new agents, who would be trapped in a room with some of the most dangerous people on the planet” (Y/n) frowned, locking eyes with her mentor “Now I understand that both have proved themselves to be capable agents, and only Eggsy is young enough to play the rich Lord but surely it would make more sense to have at least one experienced agent on this mission”

“It would make more sense” Merlin leant down, his voice low “But you are not an experienced field agent (Y/n). Know when to speak your mind and when to hold your tongue”

It only took a moment for the words to register in her mind but when they did she was out of the room in an instant.

She heard Eggsy call after her but kept moving. She had to get away.

At first she had been filled with nothing but anger. How dare he say that! She was qualified! She was!

But then the self doubt began to set in.

And the voice started.

He’s right you know.
You’ve never even killed someone, how can you call yourself an agent.
You’re worthless.
You’re nothing.

She stopped sleeping. She barely ate anything or left her room.

When everyone was asleep she would sneak into a training room and punch the shit out of something, trying to make the voice stop.

But it never did.


Her bloodied knuckle smacked against the material once again sending a booming noise around the small dark training room.

Visions flew passed her eyes.

Her mother screaming for her. The look of panic on her face.

Merlin pulling away from her like she was a dangerous cobra about the strike. The way he held up his gun to her forehead.

Eggsy kissing Roxy. Eggsy rejecting her.

None of this was real though. It was all in her head. She was alone with her horrible visions.

It was just her, no one else was awake that early. At least that’s what she thought.

She stopped to catch her breath before kicking the bag as hard as she could, adrenaline rushing through her aching bones.

She would show them.
She was as good as any field agent.

She raised her fist one again but felt a pull on her wrist, her body freezing in fright.

“(Y/n), stop”

She refused to turn around to look at him, her chest heaving up and down. Her vision blurred, tears mixing with the sweat on her face.

“I can’t” she whispered, her voice rough and quiet.

“Yes you can” Eggsy placed his other hand on her shoulder, spinning her around gently “you’ve already pushed yourself too far. Stop before you pass out”

“It’s not enough” she shook her head, staring down at the ground. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him “I’ll never be enough”

“You’re already enough”

“I’m useless Eggsy” she whispered, trying to control her breathing “I couldn’t save my mum, I couldn’t become a proper kingsman, I couldn’t go on this mission”

“Come here” he wrapped his arms around her torso, moving one hand into her damp hair “you aren’t thinking straight, when was the last time you slept? Or ate something?”

“I don’t know”

“You need rest”

“I need to become better” she tried to push him away, turning back to the punching back “for my mum, for kingsman…for you”

“(Y/n), listen”

“I mean why wouldn’t he chose Roxy. She’s pretty. She’s smart. She’s fast-”


“I get it. It’s fine. I can never be like her. You don’t have to explain why you’ve do doubt fallen in love with her-”

“Can you stop your delusional, jealous rant and fucking listen?”

The girl froze, trembling lightly.

“I haven’t fallen in love with Roxy okay. I love you”

She turned around very slowly.

“Don’t play games Eggsy”

“I’m not” he moved towards her slowly, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

“Everyone who has ever loved me has either died or left” she admitted “what makes you any different?”

He bent down to place a kiss on her forehead.

“I don’t know” he replied.

There was a few moments of silence before the pair slowly made their way out of the room. Eggsy glanced down at the girl under his arm, a frown on his face,

“You are good enough, you know”

“Do you really think that, or are you just trying to save me?”

“It’s the truth”

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Doms and Subs: How To Be Effective

Here’s a topic I see come up a lot in RPing, ‘Domming’ and ‘Subbing’. In case you aren’t aware these stand for ‘Dominant’ and ‘Subordinate’. It’s more or less a set of terms determining who has the most power in their hands in an RP. Who’s the predator? The alpha? The initiator? Even though these terms are most widely known from the bondage community, they really come into play with almost every interaction you’ll have in an RP, both sexual and non-sexual. Even if you’re RPing some grand adventure, someone has to be in charge. Who decides if you run into a dragon? Who sets the rules for your universe? Whose choice is it, ultimately, what happens to the characters?

The subordinate is usually the reactionary position of the pair. The dom initiates an action, and then the sub reacts. How the sub reacts to the action of the dom progresses the RP and so forth. However this does not always have to be the case. It is perfectly possible to have equal control of an RP, by planning beforehand and giving equal input on what you’re going to do, but we’ll talk about this more in a moment. For now, lets go into each position in-depth.


As someone who has RP’d for quite some time, I notice that a lot of people have trouble with this position. It’s perfectly understandable, there are a lot more subs in the world than there are doms, so not everyone quite has the mindset to play the dominant role. I do think however, that anyone who wants to RP on a regular basis should at least know the mechanics behind such a position. If you’re going to have a long term partner, they might want to switch it up every now and again. Most of the long-time friends I’ve made during RP sessions could at least handle doing so every now and again. Variety is the spice of life, so its worth it to look into doing this to make sure everyone is happy. It can be a special treat for a friend, or just a way to be in the power position for a bit. There are several things that make a good dom, so I’m going to do this in bullet points.


This is SUPER important for any dom, and subs for that matter, even if you might be into non-consensual scenarios. This is where OOC (Out Of Character) comes in handy (typically in brackets). Before you start an RP with anyone, always make sure they’re okay with anything you want to include. Talk as yourself for a bit, and run some things by your partner. Is it going to get bloody? Make sure they don’t mind, or even in some cases like, blood. What rating are you going for? Something G-rated or straight up XXX? Do they also want to do that? Always make sure everyone in any RP is okay with the things you want to tackle inside of it. I’ve been in many an RP that was going swimmingly until the Dom (or subs in some cases) brought something out of left field that just totally killed my interest. If you know someone might not be into something, run it by them first.

* Understanding Your Sub

I’ll have to do a whole post on OOC at some point. But nothing improves an RP like understanding just what your sub wants.  Doing a sexual RP? Then know how to push your partner’s buttons. Doing an adventurous RP? Know what kind of stories your sub would like to do. Someone who loves pirates isn’t going to want to RP about the zombie apocalypse, and someone who’s into feet isn’t gonna want to do an RP all about hands (Unless of course you do a Foot Loving, Handsy Zombie Pirate RP, whatever floats your boat). But even beyond that, before you start an RP, use OOC to understand why your sub likes a certain thing. I’ve had numerous people know what I like out of general principle, and then proceed to dance around it in un-interesting ways because they didn’t take the time to talk to me about it beforehand. Discussion is key to any RP. Talk, understand, listen, and then play. Sometimes you’ll meet someone whom you click with to the point where you don’t have to do this, but more often than not, this improves RPs.


If you have trouble playing the dominant role in RPs, I’d suggest looking at dominant roles you yourself enjoy, or that the person who will play the sub enjoys. How do they move? How do they talk? What kind of things might they do in a given scenario? RP stands for role playing, so know your role. The character doesn’t have to be like you, because its not you. You’re filling a role, so try to fill it well! I’ll do a post on character creation and falling into a role later down the line, but for now, if you want to dom, go look at some doms!


If you’re not good at domming, then, just like with anything, you need to dom more! Trust me, there are PLENTY of people out there who will fall at your feet to be practice partners, and this is often a fun way to explore yourself as much as your partner. How do you dom? While the sub’s interest are important, doing this lets you find out what you enjoy about doming. If you play a dom you don’t enjoy, then no one is going to have fun, so feel yourself out a little.  Maybe create a character just for doing this with, or if you’re a more adventure RP kind of person, a world in which you make the rules. This can be a learning endeavor and well worth it. Some of the things you’ll have to practice apply to both parties, so I’ll go more in depth on this in a later post about ‘Switch’ roles.

Because I can’t possibly list every way to be a good dom in this post, I’ll move on to subs for now, but I will try to construct a list of dom-archetypes in a later post to give folks a better idea of what to expect from which type, and what things to practice specifically for which type.


“But wait!” I hear you cry. “I’m already a good sub, subbing is easy!”

No. No it isn’t. Trust me, as someone who ends up playing the dom quite a lot, a sub that makes you do all the work is about as fun as a water balloon full of thumbtacks. A lot of people take subbing for granted, but trust me, there’s a LOT of bad subs out there. The sub is just as much a part of the RP as the dom, and can ruin a good RP just as easily as the dom can. Here are a few tips to avoid this.


If you’re the sub in an RP, don’t just drift along like a leaf in whatever’s happening. Simply squirming, or laying back and trying to let your dom guide everything can get boring quickly. Even if you’re bound from head to toe, there’s still a bunch of reactions that you can get through just from describing things like thoughts, facial expressions, heartrate, and things of that nature. If your dom does something to you, such as goosing your rump, or siccing a dragon on you, you have to react to it, and describe those reactions. There’s nothing more disheartening for a good dom than setting something up, and having the sub totally ignore it.

If they touch you, describe how that touch felt on your end. If they say something to you, say something back if appropriate. You react to the dom, and the dom reacts to how you react to them. If you don’t give them anything, it’s hard to get anything. This factors into something I’ll go into more detail on in its own post, but the main thing is to try and balance your posts with your doms. A good RP has posts of similar length on both sides. If you’re a “One-Line” RPer, that’s fine, and even fun sometimes, but try to find someone who shares that post length so reactions are balanced.

*Don’t Write for Your Dom

As the owner of this blog, and someone who tries hard to stay neutral and fair to all RPing styles, let me take a moment to break character. This. Gets. On. My. Tits. I have met many a sub who is a bit of a control nut, I’ll have something written out, and then when it’s their turn they’ll say my character has done something I never said they did. This is usually due to them wanting to get to the good bits quickly, or wanting the dom to do a certain action they haven’t done yet. But let me tell you its terrible form. It either forces your dom to go with what you’ve written, or halt the RP breaking immersion to point out that their character hasn’t done that. As a sub, you can do anything you wish with your character within the bounds of reason, but never write for your partner’s character without permission. I’ve been frustrated by this many a time.

“As u releaze me frum teh handcufz ur hand shuts out to greb myne :D!”

~Bad RPer


This is more a tip for finding a partner than anything, but find someone who matches the tone you like, or if you have a friend who doesn’t quite match your tone, but is a fun partner, try to match the tone on a case by case basis. If there’s a deep, threatening predator in the RP, don’t go for a bunch of smiles and hugging, unless that’s the tone your dom is going for. You can be yourself OOC of course, but once in an RP, try to keep the tone of that RP. I’m not a huge fan of smilies, but some people love them to death, and that’s fine. If you want to toss a little <3 into your RP go right ahead, but if it’s in an RP about the death of civilization, or some kind of bondage or non consensual scenario it’s not going to fit.

“;X then i activate my final forme and destoy the wurld ;ZZ”

~Brother of Bad RPer

RPing is a dance, try to move with your partner, and not step on their feet. This is the ultimate theme throughout both subbing and domming; match tones with your partner. Match lengths, posting times, anything you can, find rhythm. If someone types five paragraphs, don’t respond with one line. If someone writes one line, don’t respond with five paragraphs. Dance with them. You won’t be able to do this with everyone, but when you find someone with whom you can it’s wonderful.

*Don’t Be Demanding

As I stated at the start of this post, there are a lot more subs than doms in the world. So in a lot of cases, when you’re RPing with a dom, it’s usually a sub or a switch filling the role for you. Be considerate of this, and don’t get angry for things they might not want to do, or try to force them into things they’re not comfortable with. I’ve had this happen to me a few times and its never fun for anyone. If your dom has said no to something, don’t try to sneak it into the RP later, and if you’re not sure someone is cool with something, don’t spring it on them. OOC is important, talk to your dom, find middle ground. Usually there’s a compromise to be had.

Whew! Well that took a while. I hope you enjoyed, and if you read down to this point thank you! I couldn’t cover everything, and I’ve BARELY blown the dust off the surface, but I hope it helps! But if you have any specific questions, ASK ME! I’m here to help! Anything at all, nothing is too lewd, or embarrassing. I’ve done it all so go right ahead. Please, like follow and reblog if you’re enjoying our little discussion on RPing, much thanks to Solidness for helping with this post.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you!! to everyone who has helped and supported me during this uncertain time. You guys are amazing! :) and you guys also saved the fucking day!! :> It truly means the world to me, thank you so very very much!! SO I made a tiny game for you all its called DOTs and I hope you all enjoy it!! Its only available for windows atm but will be available for mac as well soon  (if you know what wine is you can probably get it to run with that :)) <3 click the “H” Icon for controls and general help. Ill be posting some gif gifs! Starting tomorrow! 

Secret Letters to My Heart (Alexander Hamilton x Reader) 

Word Count: 3,867

Disclaimer: modern, You are the musician, Alexander is the fan


Racing through the heated lot, your friend finds the booth for the both of you to pick up your backstage passes for the huge concert venue you just arrived to. You were planning for this day since for months even before you knew you were going. You were lucky that your best friend and your band’s manager, Angelica Schuyler, landed you a place on the tour. Putting the lanyard around your neck, you stare at your friend in awe and pure happiness.
“Angelica! You’re the best! Thank you so so so much!” A smile breaks out on her face, embracing you while gazing over the lot with the five stages, trying to find the van with our merchandise and instruments. Breaking the hug, you check the messages on your phone. As you pressed the button to wake up your screen, a message from your only band mate, Lafayette, and the merchandise tent worker. Reading his text, you respond with a simple okay as Lafayette says that the drummer who Angelica hired was helping set up the tent and unload the van. He also told you what stage you were going to be performing on. Grabbing Angelica’s hand, you drag her throughout the lot to see the other bands who were going to perform.
Spotting familiar band names or company merchandise tents, you loop your way back to the area where Lafayette was putting up the tent with the band logo on the top. Waving at the three people working, you skip to where your friend was and leaned your arm on his shoulder which caused him to slink under the small amount of pressure in a dramatic fashion.
“Laffy Taffy, how have you been buddy?” you ask jokingly while looking towards the morning sky.
“Well (Y/N), you petite asshole, I am peachy keen.” Lafayette’s french accent was thick as he lazily scrolled through his phone, finding and liking the posts from fans who wee excited to see you perform.
“We have two hours until the venue opens up the doors. Let’s finish setting up the merchandise and find out our set time.” Angelica ordered as the group complied. Finding a worker, you get a sign with the time of the set. Handing it to Angelica, she looks over it then hangs it up.
“You guys go on at five pm sharp. Be back here at 4:45 to help set up your instruments and warm up.” We all took a mental note as you go back to pinning up shirts and the correct prices. The set up was finished but then you remembered that the instruments had to be backstage. Sighing, you open up the back of the truck and start to unload.
After an hour and a half of setting up the needed instruments backstage, you dab sweat off your skin with a wet rag. Lafayette casually strolled over to you and pulled out his phone again. He took a photo of you, making you roll your eyes at his action. Going over to you, he leans next to you having a crate support his weight.
“You know,” Lafayette spoke to you happily, “John, Herc, and Alexander are coming today! I promise Alexander won’t be pissed off as much as he is when we are all around.” He jokes, singing Alexander’s name while wagging a thick eyebrow at you.
“He only gets pissed when the three of you find the liquid courage and chug it down then flirt mindlessly with me.” Rolling your eyes, you think back to when the whole group hung out at a bar in the city and within the first hour or so Alexander was pouting, clearly pissed, and John, along with Lafayette, start to flirt with you. Always ignoring the comments, you have become more concerned for the short tempered, curly haired man who was sulking which was out of character for him. However, if it was just the two of you together Alexander would have long debates that would last hours.
Sighing, you pop out of the memories. Fans start to slowly pour in the lot filled with band and company tents who are on the tour or sponsor the tour.
“(Y/N)!” Three male voices call out. Looking ahead, you see three figures that you’ve been so comfortable with come rush over to you. Running in their way, Lafayette intercepts the hug and smirks. The three of the guys roll their eyes and break out of their French friend’s grip then run up to you.
“Alexander! John! Herc!” You laugh happily as you finally embrace them one at a time. While John and Herc quickly parted, Alexander’s hug was long and even lingered after we part. Grinning at you like a goof, John perks his eyebrow which signified that it was time for your secret handshake.
“Up, up, down, side, slllllide, turn, twist, jump over, duck under, up slap, center slap, bottom double slap, bird, double center slap, hook arms around the neck, lean, chill, and SNAP!” The two of you chant while going over the motion. The words quickly spill out from your mouth as you finish the signifying handshake from when the both of you were children finishes within thirty seconds. People surrounded the two of you, gazing in a mesmerized way.
“Record timing!” Alexander high fives the both of you and winks at you. Meanwhile, Lafayette notices a small box in Alexander’s drawstring bag. Poking it, the cocky Frenchman smirks which caused the shorter man of the group to squirm.
“Mon amie, what’s in that box? Actually, who’s it for? Is it for moi?” He asks his loud-mouthed friend who was becoming an angry, flustered mess as his comrade mercilessly interrogates him. Rubbing the back of his neck, Alexander looks over to Hercules, his big brown eyes begging for help. Chortling a loud, hearty laugh, Hercules rubs Alexander’s head which pulled hair out of his perfectly maintained man bun.
“It’s nothing of your concern guys. It’s just a gift for a band member I like.” Alexander confesses, making everyone in the group to ‘ooh’ flirtatiously except for you. It made you upset to think of Alexander crushing on anyone else though you don’t know if he likes you like you do. You couldn’t deny that over the few years he has been with the group, you have fallen for him. 

Keep reading

Klaus imagine

“Klaus?” I whispered.
He didn’t respond like usual. He continued to sit there, his back towards me.
“Klaus?” I said a little louder.
“Leave. Me. alone.” He answered sternly.
 That was it I couldn’t take this any more. I marched right up to his chair, kneeling in front of him.
“Klaus.” I said harsher, forcing him to look at me.
“Please just go.”
“No.” I oblige.
“What do you want me to say, huh? That that I’m a horrible person. And it’s all my fault she dead?” He asked.
I could hear the pain in his voice, the heartbreak.
“Its not your fault Klaus.”
He didn’t bother to listen. Shaking his head no.
“It was! Its all my fault! If I was there for her! If I hadn’t left she would still be here!” He shouted.
“You think that by you staying with her she would still be alive?! No Klaus someone would have just waited for the chance she was alone. You and I BOTH KNOW its true! You can’t just keep sitting here wallowing in pain. She’s dead I get that-”
“NO YOU DONT! YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO LOOSE THE ONE YOU LOVED!” Klaus hollered, his eyes know filled with tears.
“Klaus, please just listen to me.”
“Sigh.., fine.”
“I know she wouldn’t want you to be like this. Distraught. She would want you to go out and be the old Niklaus that she fell in love with. The one everyone fears, and find who did this.”
Klaus looked up at me with pleeding eyes, “I can’t do this anymore y/n. I can’t keep pretending that everything is okay. She was the only person that made me feel normal again. Not like the bastard son who always has to prove himself to everyone.”
I could tell that it was going to take a lot more of persuading to get him back to his old self.
“I know…”

Pt.  5

“So you and Carl?” 

Carl Grimes Fan fiction Series Part 5 

Readers POV

Daryl and I walked to the cars, and of course I had to ride on the motorcycle with him. I know Carl wouldn’t be happy with that. Sighing I sung my leg over and gripped his waist. I turned slightly to see carl walking to us. I mouthed “shit” as I released Daryl’s waist which made him look at me.

“You aren’t taking her on this death trap.” He yelled as he came closer. I sighed again and looked at Daryl.

“Your dad told me to take her, she is a good shot n she will be fine.” He tried to say calmly.

“Get Michonne or Maggie I refuse to let her go with you.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the bike.

“What the hell!” Rick yelled running towards us. Carl’s face went red with rage.

“How dare you take her from me. She isn’t going without me.” He growled and pulled us towards the car. I only drove once… This didn’t seem good.

“Babe wait.” I try to say but he shushed me. Rick approached us.

“Carl, she is going. She is fine with Daryl.” Rick grabbed my arm. I got upset because these guys thought they could just take me and move me.

“Stop!” I yelled ripping my arm out of his grasp. I pushed Rick back and got on Daryl’s bike, 

“I just wanna go and do my part. With Daryl, I will be fine.” I growled and held on Daryl’s waist. Carl looked speechless, and shock.

Rick just sneered but he seemed pleased I followed his orders. Daryl drove out of both sets of gates. I only had my hunting knife with me but i could care less. Why was i put in the middle?


I walked along one of the isles looking for food. I actually found many cans still edible. Daryl made sure we were safe while I looked.

“I think thats it.” I whisper to him. He nodded and motioned for us to move along, I followed his orders.

“So you and Carl?” He asked while walking us to the bike.
“Yes… what of it?” I asked calmly.

“Rick ain’t too happy thats for sure.”  He chuckled.

“You can say that again Dixon.” I say with a replying chuckle.

He just chuckled but didn’t respond. It was nice having someone to talk to who doesn’t know me, he had no judgement yet.

“You ready?” He asked revving his motorcycle. I nodded as we drove back to the prison, i wasn’t excited at all.

Carl’s POV

It felt like she has been gone for days, maybe months. I paced in my cell block waiting to hear the sound of the bike or her calling my name. Everyone just watched me like I was an animal at a zoo.

“What!” I snapped my head toward them. That seemed to disperse them, which made me feel kinda guilty since they were only trying to help.

Then I heard it, the sound of the mess hall’s door opening. I ran to it to see … my father. He looked at me.  I just glared and walked away, he pissed me off so much it almost made me explode to look at him. He left mom in the dust, to what, became the shittiest leader of all time?

“Hey.” He said as I was walking away. I turn and stared down at him in rage.

“If she gets hurt, or anything, I blame you.” I said pointing at him. He didn’t reply.

I ran outside seeing the bike finally pull up, finally! I still touched my gun as I watched the doors close. I saw her hair blow in the wind behind Daryl, she looked magnificent on the bike, I just wish Daryl wasn’t there.

They parked the bike , I jumped up and down like a puppy seeing his owner step into the door. She looked beautiful, and upset to see me…

“(Y/n)” I whimpered coming close.

Readers POV

I looked over at Carl coming close, and for some reason he looked very sad.

“What happened?” I asked running up to him.

“Are you mad at me?” He asked with a slight whimper.

“No of course not!” I announce and hug him tightly. He hugged me back, and I even felt him breath in what my hair smells like. I smiled and kissed his shoulder. He pulled back and kissed my lips quickly then pulled me back into a embrace.

“I miss kissing you is all.” He said giggling in my ear. I blushed and kissed his neck.

“I missed you period.” I whispered in his ear. He giggled again and held my hand. Daryl coughed gaining our attention.

“The bag.” He said pointing to my back. I took it off quick and put it in his hand then shook the other one.

“Thanks for being there to talk.” I whispered. He nodded and walked back into the prison.

“What was that?” Carl asked seeming to be jealous. I cocked my head at him and smirked.

“Jealous?” I giggled and walked towards the watchtower, since I was late to watch. Carl followed me of course but I turned and stopped him.

“It’s not your turn.” I said putting my hand on his chest.

“I don’t care, I need you.” He said bluntly.

I nodded and we walked up to the top. Maggie was standing up there, she of course was okay to leave since knowing the situation. I took the east and Carl took the west.  

“Can we make out?” He asked looking at me with a needy smile. I laughed slightly and nodded. It was the first time we have been alone for a while, or since the last time we kissed. He ran over to me and kissed me, it was cute at first. Then I felt a smack on my butt I stopped and looked at him. He smirked and grabbed a handful of my rear and kissed my neck. It was a whole new sensation, this passion. A small moan escaped my lips, I bite my lip then forced him to kiss me.

We were on the cold, hard ground, my dominant instincts came over and I was on top. I purred like a kitten rubbing my jeans against his, exploring each others mouth with each other’s tongues. He felt amazing, and so innocent. I felt powerful. It was almost overwhelming…

His hands explored my body.

“I want to go further… But I don’t want our first time to be here.” He said looking up at me. I nodded in agreement and got off of him. All I wanted was more from him, I wanted all of him at that very moment.

I turned my head to look at him. His blue eyes attacked mine.

“What.” He said softly

“I love you.” I whispered.

Ok so this year really sucked something fierce. There’s no denying that fact. But ya know it did have its good moments for me and a lot of it had to do with you guys. I’ve made a lot of new friends this year and I’ve started opening up more and talking to more people (even though I’m hella late with replying rip) and that’s really great for me. And there are a few people I really enjoyed talking to that I sorta lost touch with that I’d like to speak with again. I’ve also been branching out with what I watch/listen to and trying to open my mind to new things. I believe it’s really helping me grow to become a better and more accepting version of myself.

Somehow I’m a little under 200 away from 4k and honestly I can’t believe you guys decided to follow and stick with me so long. I can’t tell you thank you enough. I still struggle a lot with editing and whatnot, but I really enjoy it and you guys motivate me to continue to try to improve.

Anyways, none of you want to continue to read mushy shit, so without further ado… here’s my follow forever for the end of 2016~

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+blogroll I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone!! Also, earlier this year I know for a fact that tumblr unfollowed at least one person that I really like, so who knows if it made me unfollow any more.

                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

                        ❝ Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time
                           with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts
                          is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words. 

The holiday season has officially started and since today is Christmas Eve, I wanted to write a little something for all the people I’ve met during my first year in this fandom; everyone of us had ups and downs, everyone of us had happy and sad moments and yet, somehow, we’re all still here. I made so many wonderful friends and more than once, I’ve been given affection and support and virtual embraces that helped me to stand up again whenever I fell - You could almost say that I’ve received my Christmas presents throughout the whole year. 
I personally love this period of the year !! I don’t know why, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, especially when I see that the people I care about are also happy and joyous - This is why I’m writing this little, super lame post with a very ugly edit ( I’m sorry, but I’m still sick and I seriously didn’t want to spend too much time on photoshop orz ) . 

I really hope that everyone will have a great holiday season, with a lot of warmth, happiness, fun and food !! I hope all of you will get to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones and I hope that we can all stay together even during the upcoming year - I’m really thankful for meeting all of you !! It doesn’t matter if we started talking months ago, if we just started or if we’ve never interacted just yet, your presence on my dash and in my life is extremely important and I’m genuinely thankful for meeting you all. I hope we’ll manage to stay together in the new year as well !!

I wish you all nothing but the best !!

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