i know everybody already did this but shhhh

Merry Christmas!

This is just a quick little luke imagine I threw together, hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas everybody!

You weren’t supposed to hear it, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t.

“Psssst, daddy! Daddy wake up it’s christmas!” Your daughter’s voice pipped up quietly and you could picture her excited smile and messy bed head on the other side of the room. However, Luke’s hand weaved into yours in a silent communication only three years of marriage could provide. You stayed silent and kept your back turned.

‘Shhhh sweetie you’ll wake mommy up! It’s 5am munchkin, you shouldn’t be awake yet,“ he murmured in a hushed whisper. 

"But santa already came! He left everybody presents, even you,she explains in her best convincing voice; something she picked up from uncle michael, no doubt.

"Oh believe me, I know he came,” Luke mumbled. You squeezed his hand, fighting a smile. 

“Pleaseee daddy. I made you breakfast!" 

"You did what?" 

You couldn’t take it anymore. Sitting up and feigning waking up you stretched, watching your daughter scurry out of the room. Luke threw you a questioning look and you just shrugged and leaned over and kissed him.

"Merry Christmas baby,” he hummed against your lips, making you smile.

“See, I told you!” You daughter came in, proudly holding two bowls of cereal. The soggy cheerios floated around the bowl in clear liquid, making you raise an eyebrow at her.

“Daddy always reaches the milk for me, but I didn’t wanna wake him up so I just used water. Do you like it?” The look of hope in her eyes made you reach for your spoon, forcing a bite in your mouth as Luke did the same. He forced a smile past the grimace, giving her a big thumbs up.

“It’s amazing baby girl. Thank you for making it. But now that mommy’s up, we can open presents, how’s that sound!?” He sat the bowl down discreetly, an exaggerated smile stretching over his face as his little girl beamed up at him, nodding her head. 

“C'mon mommy!” She smiled, waving you forward. 

“Oh no, mommy has to finish her breakfast first, then she’ll come. It’ll only take a second,” Luke smiled, reaching down to cover your daughters ear for a moment.

“Throw it out the window then come join us, yeah?”

“Sounds good.”

“But hurry, it’s Christmas!” Luke winked, picking up your little girl and slinging her over his broad shoulder and carrying her into the living room by the tree, chanting “PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS” the whole way there.