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Things about the first four episodes of ASOUE that I love

•Lemony walking through the tunnels at the beginning of ep.1 and the signs saying “Montgomery” and “Snicket” and especially “Quagmire” in the background

•Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf

•”This cake has a nice lemony taste.” “I told you to never say that word.”

•”I can touch whatever I want.” *lays hand on Violet’s shoulder*

•”I signed with my left hand. I’m right handed.”

•Sunny is voiced by Tara Strong, aka Timmy Turner on Fairly Oddparents

•It’s exactly how I pictured everything in the books?!

•The first few lines of the first episode are directly from the book.

•A lot of Lemony’s lines are, actually.

•”Based on the books by Lemony Snicket. Teleplay by Daniel Handler.”

•Daniel Handler will appear in three episodes as “Fish Head Salesperson”

•Statue lady

•”John Stewart as Zombie Snowman”

•Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket

•Hook handed man

•”Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender”


•”Oh mother Mary Jesus Joseph Zeus and Hera Nathaniel Hawthorne!”

•They had such a great time with Uncle Monty

•”He tried to kidnap us!” Well buddy if Neil Patrick Harris tried to kidnap me it wouldn’t be kidnapping because I’d go with him willingly.

•After the collision when Poe says “Let me see your left ankle.” Olaf slams his foot on the back of the car, pulls up his pant leg, slowly pulls down his sock, to music that makes it seem like some demented striptease.

•The second time Poe asks to see his ankle the really drawn out and dramatic lick of the handkerchief.

the hephaestus crew at the women’s march as discussed at the january ama (+ hera because they didnt think of a sign for her but i thought of a spectacular pun youre welcome)

the current political situation got people so mad they theyre marching on all seven continents and in space


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Jealousy Suits You. (Harry Potter Imagine)

Request: Hey hi! could i request smth? A harry potter x reader like they get in an argument & she raises her hand to hit/slap him but he catches her arm, backs her to a wall and whisper, “wanna try that again, sweetheart?” thank you!! from @friceaurelia07

I feel like I always say this, but it has been a while… Please excuse my absence from writing imagines.

Also, jealousy is fun to write about but I don’t necessarily know how to … like write about it… So I just made the reader mad at something so stupid. I hope you don’t mind…

Requests are open! (just bear with me)

I hope you enjoy!

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You and Hermione were walking to The Great Hall with your books in your hands. The two of you were in a playful debate about which of your favorite novels were the best. “Well, ‘Mione, The Great Gatsby a great novel and all, but it’s not my type.” 

As the two of you neared your group of friends, you felt a frown form on your face. Ginny had taken your usual spot next to your boyfriend, Harry, and had been ruffling his hair, giggling. “Oh, (Y/N), you know she means well.” Hermione whispered as you picked up your pace and plopped yourself in between the two.

“Good morning, love.” Harry greeted, leaning in to kiss your lips before you moved your head, making him kiss your cheek instead. 

“Hello, Potter.” You said in an emotionless tone. “Don’t you have some place to be, Ginny? Don’t you have a bedtime?” 

“Don’t you? You’re just a year older, (Y/N).” Ginny said, raising her eyebrows. 

“Ginny, why don’t we go for a walk, yeah?” Hermione piped up. “The sun’s setting. I’d love to compare the sky to your hair. Let’s see if the colors would… um… match.” She got up and pulled the younger witch away. 

Ron pretended to yawn and said his farewells to you and Harry, not wanting to be in the middle of a lovers’ quarrel. Harry began to put away his parchment and his quill. “You don’t have to be so rude to Ginny, love. She’s just a kid. She has crushes, let it be.” 

“So when I see another girl practically all over you, you expect me to just sit there with a smile on my face and let her?” You said, standing up when he did. Draco and his posse all smirking, hearing the two of you argue. 

“Watch out, lovers’ quarrel!” Draco hollered as you and Harry walked out. 

The two of you stopped in an empty hallway. “I’m not saying you have to just let it happen. All I’m saying is that you should trust me enough to let me handle it.” Harry explained as he reached over to hold your hand but you yanked it away.

“I do trust you, Harry. But from what I saw back there, you weren’t even trying to stop her. It was like you enjoyed her hands in your hair!” You exclaimed, your voice bouncing against the walls. 

“What if I did? It feels nice to have someone comb through your hair, you know!” Harry yelled back, putting his things down and instantly regretting it. “That is not what I meant, (Y/N). Don’t be mad, love!” 

“If you want someone to comb through your hair, then call me, not Ginny! I can’t believe you would. You are so- ugh!” You said, beginning to walk away but he grabbed onto your wrist to stop you. 

“Harry James Potter, if you do not let go of me this instant!” You screamed, bringing your freehand up, readying to slap him, but he caught it and backed you into the wall.

“Wanna try that again, sweetheart?” He whispered, looking into your eyes through his glasses. You stood there frozen but then Harry pressed his lips to yours and you felt as if you were thawing. He pulled away first and then smiling down at you. “You know, (Y/N), Jealousy Suits You.”