i know but i cant help it

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im not sure if this is relevant a t all, but when walking around a shopping centre i can feel very confused and unable to coordinate myself or think clearly. im bumping into things and cant think straight and say odd things. my light sensitivity gets bad. i can feel a bit dizzy or overly overly lethargic. im not sure if his is a physical thing or a really bad outcome of over intense surroundings with adhd

This sounds like sensory overload to me. I don’t know if it’s related to ADHD specifically or if you have a sensory processing disorder (it’s a common comorbid condition). An occupational therapist might be able to help you figure it out and find ways to deal with it.


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Even though I've been exploring paganism and witchcraft ever since I was a kid, I'm still struggling to figure out what I'd be considered label-wise... While I know it's not required, I personally feel as though it'd help me get a better idea of myself, but I just keep being afraid of 'labeling' myself incorrectly... Is there anyone you know that may be able to help me figure some of this out just so it's not just me getting all confused by myself?

Even if you label yourself incorrectly, its not like you cant change the label later on, ya know? Our crafts change throughout time and thus labels change as well. Anyone want to help anon out?

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Hi! Idk why but i cant see your text post that have more information under the cut, is it a problem with my device or something else? Btw i love all of ur lost lance AU (all the things that i saw ;-;)

yeah that happens sometimes on mobile? it might help to go on the internet instead of the app? or check from someone who reblogged it from me sorry though i know that’s annoying (it happens to me all the time when i’m trying to read fics on here lmao)

“When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs ev'ry morning to help me get large!”

“And now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs so I’m roughly the size of a BARGEEEEE!

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I think the Karamel fam needs to buy some dictionaries to send to the superc*rp folks. Highlight all the words they throw around like "abuse" and "gaslighting" and "sexism" so that they can look them up and see what they actually mean. Because it's pretty clear none of them actually know.

Thats a great idea but I wouldnt waste my money on them. Cant help people who doesnt want to help themselves. No matter what you do or say they already made up theyre mind and theres no changing that. We already made so many post about how karamel is not abusive but they never listen. They know themselves that karamel is not abusive I think, but they just dont want to accept it, cause theyre too bitter about their ship. Thats what they all care about.

i have really mixed feelings abt my first day of training someone there was really mean like 3 ppl were really helpful one being the nicest person in the world, and the person training me knows lyall so she was super duper nice to me but just like it was Hot and Confusing

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ahh im lowkey freaking because this really cute guy asked me to a concert with him and i cant socialise with people help? (i know i send a lot of asks im sorry) -joe

(I don’t mind all the asks at all, lov them!) if you don’t feel comfy socializing with new peeps, ask if you can bring someone else that you’re comfy talking to along with you! And they can bring their friends and it’s a lil group thing so it’s not as pressure intense :-))

So I noticed something...

Sasuke has always looked just like Mikoto but I love it when he’s around Naruto because when he smiles

HE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIS MAMA! Meanwhile whenever he’s with Sakura…


  • me: i'm not going to overreact when they show up together, i'll be totally cool, i'll watch as it is a norma-
  • otp: *on the screen at the same time*
  • me: *screams to a pillow*
  • me: *covers eyes while leaving a place to see*
  • me: *throwing things*
  • me: i'm cool™

I’m going through a language crisis and my mind keeps switching between three different moods. Like…

  1. The “overachiever”: Only focus on French and make this the year where I completely immerse myself in the language and try to get to an approximately C1/2 level by the end of 2017.
  2. The “stick to the plan”: Keep focusing on French (it’s really bae #1 tbh) and then work on Chinese and Russian at a slower pace like I said I would.
  3. The “lol sod it mate”: Do I really want Chinese? Do I really want Russian? Naw lets learn Japanese instead cos yolo. And maybe German while I’m at it. But oh yeah hold up I really do want Chinese and Russian just catch ‘em all. PS don’t forget le français ya language ho.

And really I’ve been stuck in mood 3 for the past week and I don’t know what to do with myself.

I know i’ve been totally inactive on this blog because of school and all, so let me throw in a doodle of Scorpius in one of my favorite studying poses…!

kakairu + team 7 requested by the lovely alieng0d 

Meet You Downstairs

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As Jack descends in the elevator to the basement, it strikes him that he never knew his condo building had a rental suite. Between his hockey commitments and hermit tendencies, there’s still a lot about his own home he doesn’t know despite living here for six years. It’s part of the reason he offered to help out around the building: to keep himself social during the summer season. His parents talked a lot about building a community of friends outside of work, and he knows his way around a toolbox so. Why not?

The basement is… really creepy, actually, reserved for the storage lockers and recycling bins. Even the parking garage is a level up and more inviting than this. There’s only one hallway so Jack follows it, certain he’s going the right way when he hears the voice through the wall.

“It’s fine, Mama. I know you wanted to help me pick out a place but this one is great. It’s in a nice neighbourhood, very secure… Yes, I got your pepper spray in the care package, but please, this is Providence, not New York City.”

Jack doesn’t mean to eavesdrop but he can’t help but notice how young this guy sounds. In a building where the average condo sells for over two million dollars, most of the neighbours he sees in the halls are retirees or working professionals. There aren’t many parties, which he appreciates.

He knocks on the cheap wooden door which rattles in the hinges. No wonder they’re renting this room out instead of selling, he thinks. There’s shuffling on the other side, and Jack hears the boy… man say “Goodness, I think the custodian is here already… of course I have pie who do you think I am? Call you back, love you.”

The door opens and there’s a lingering moment of silence as they each look at the person across from them. This guy looks to be a few years younger than Jack, a bit shorter, lean but with well-defined muscles he can see quite clearly thanks to him wearing the shortest shorts that could possibly be considered not-underwear. He’s staring. Oh boy, he’s staring and he needs to not be doing that so he drags his eyes up and they stall on the loose neckline of his tank top.  

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