i know bonnie

mystical legs


Kofi, Anne and Jack in XXVII.


Pixel Toys!

It took me two months (blame my laziness) but I finally did the rest of them and I’ve got to say, these were fun to do! Who should I do next?

Actual sized pics:

just wanted to goof around and made this silly thing,,,not the best but i had fun!

(Impact belongs to the nugget of sunshine @juunkrat )

Fnaf asks

Freddy= Favorite animatronic?

Bonnie= Favorite fnaf game?

Chica= Favorite fnaf song?

Foxy= If you could be any character in the game, who would you be?

Purple guy= Least favorite character?

Phone guy= Scariest moment/ thing in the game?

Hand Unit= Exotic butters or Eggs Benedict?

Ennard= William Afton or Michael Afton?

Ballora= Phone Guy or Hand Unit?

Baby= If you could spend a day with any of the fnaf characters who would it be?

Golden Freddy= at which fnaf game release did you enter de fnaf fandom?


Claire in every episode of Outlander1x11 The Devil’s Mark

This mark is is called a vaccine, and you’ve never heard of it. No one here has. But it prevents me from contracting the disease. I know about Jack Randall because I was told about him. I know the day he was born, and I know the day he will die, and I know that he works for the Duke of Sandringham because my husband told me about it. I know about the Bonny Prince and the Jacobites and their doomed cause. I know what’s going to happen to the Scots. I know all of this because, because I’m from the future. I was born on October the 20th in the year 1918. That’s 200 years from now. Do you hear me? Do you hear me? I hear you.


25 days of outlander: day three → favorite bonnie prince charlie scene
“ Gentlemen of noble birth and noble distinction, tonight for your entertainment and edification, I present you with your wives. Ladies, if you please. Zounds! Such anger such frustration. And why ? Because gentlemen, you are here. Your wives are lonely. Unhappy. What they need is dildos! Take them as gifts from the husbands you need never miss ever again! Need I say more ? Except to inform you that these items are available in this very establishment. For purchase or for rent. Gentlemen, I thank you. ”