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Here’s the second and last part of the summary of Your Name AU. Special thanks to the awesome @littleststarfighter who is a great enabler and who has reminded me of the existence of this AU… This is the first AU I’ve ever outlined the entire thing OMG… this is a sheer miracle… this has never happened before. Also lots of thanks to @willemdafoe who beta-read this mess. Apparently I do not know how to summarize things? 

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  • tumblr: we want more complex villains!
  • kylo ren: has been manipulated from a young age and essentially brainwashed, is extremely conflicted over the choices he makes, feels isolated and alone, is unable to control his emotions, pounds on his own wounds to intensify his pain and drive him further toward the dark side, doubts the actions of the first order, and is tempted by the light instead of the dark, SOMETHING WE HAVE NEVER SEEN IN A STAR WARS MOVIE BEFORE
  • tumblr: no not that one

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Excluding the bff Varic, Inquis companions and advisors reacting to finding out that Hawke (who sided with the mages) is at Skyhold.

Cassandra: Her fists clench, her blood boils, and she sees red. Everyone sees her and bolts out of the way when they see her face, full of rage. Varric’s in so much trouble. 

Iron Bull: “Oh, shit. Varric is in so much trouble.” He’s one of the first to find out, due to his skills as a Ben-Hassrath, and he offers help to Varric and Hawke (and a drink or two) should they need it.

Blackwall: He blinks. Once. Twice. “Are… are you the Champion of Kirkwall?” he asks. “Yes.” Hawke replies. After another moment’s silence, he asks if they’d like a drink before and after dealing with Seeker Pentaghast.

Sera: She stares at Hawke for a moment, looks at Varric’s face, and knows who it is. “Well, shit. I know you. Sort of. Welcome?” She turns her attention to Varric. “Do you want help hiding from Cassandra?”

Cole: He’s among the first to greet Hawke alongside Varric. Hawke smiles at the sight of Varric, but a small bit of happiness, but he still feels their guilt and pain. Varric asks him to please not bring it up.

Solas: He greets Hawke politely and praises what they did in Kirkwall. If there’s an appropriate time, he asks them a lot of questions. “Varric did write a book about me, you know.” they remark. He persists anyways.

Dorian: He takes one look at Hawke and shakes his head at Varric. “Well, it was nice knowing you.” he says dryly to him. He extends a hand to Hawke and smiles at them. “It’s a pleasure. We’ll have to talk more some evening in the tavern.”

Vivienne: She looks out over the balcony at Hawke and Varric and looks down to see Cassandra fuming. Calmly, she turns away and simply pours herself some tea. She talks to Hawke about the events of Kirkwall later. If their choice was for the sake of siding with Anders/mage freedom, she disapproves, but if it was for defending the mages from Meredith’s insanity, she’ll be more understanding.

Josephine: She’s in a frenzy to accommodate Hawke and handle shocked visitors and people who see Hawke. The day Hawke arrives is a very busy day for her, and when she finally meets them, she’s polite and kind. Hawke does ask if she’s alright, though.

Leliana: The spymaster knows exactly when Hawke arrives in Skyhold, and her agents closely monitor the situation and update her frequently. When she sees Varric after he and Cassandra fight, she asks if he’s alright and she greets Hawke cordially.

Cullen: He stares at Hawke for several moments before just sighing and hurrying back to work. The man acts somewhat stiff around Hawke, though they eventually get to talking and reach an understanding. They’ve both changed since Kirkwall, and they try to get to know each other.


as a revisionist, the thing i enjoy the most is posing for dialogue. boards are drawn before any audio is recorded, and often one drawing will have a whole paragraph of dialogue, or a line read will be so big/specifically delivered that the board needs a lil more spice added to it. and when that happens (which is pretty often!) either Kat, Joe, Rebecca or I (And sometimes Ben!!!) will pose for dialogue. Here’s some stuff I did for STEVEN VS AMETHYST!

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So, uh, after all the mentions of HH Holmes in the last episode, I was reminded of this thing I wrote a long time ago. It was part of a bigger piece that I doubt I’ll ever finish enough to publish, but here’s a little something.

The first time Martin showed Ben Tumblr, they’re sharing a late on set dinner of takeout and contraband red wine that Ben had personally chosen and smuggled in.

“Did you know that the same year Arthur Conan Doyle published A Study in Scarlet one of America’s first serial killers changed his name from Herman Webster Mudgett to H.H. Holmes?” Martin asked, settling back into the sofa cushions. He studied Ben’s profile as Ben scrolled through page after page of the proffered erotic art and romantic fiction on Martin’s laptop.

“I did not know that.”

“I’m just saying, fans have always been a little intense.”

“And that’s supposed to comfort me?”

“These are just drawings and stories. This isn’t a big deal. It’s love.”

“No, this is porn. Porn is not love.”

“It’s an expression of love, and it’s a better pastime than murder.”

“I suppose.”

“Besides, they’re really good, aren’t they?”

Ben turned at that, facing Martin. “Oh, my god.”


“You’re flattered.”

“No, I’m not.”

“You are. I can tell,” followed by a pointed finger and a smug grin.

Martin shrugged. “Not only are they talented, but they’re pretty generous. They think you’re some sort of sex god.”

“That’s not generous; that’s perceptive.”

“Har har.”

Ben turned back to the screen and took up a carton for another bite of lo mein. “Herman Webster Mudgett. What a silly name.”

It was a punchline he was being set up for, but Martin didn’t mind obliging. “You’re one to talk.”

Dr.Strange: My little review! (SPOILERS)

Man oh man. The movie was good. not just good, but great. Not just great, amazing. Not just amazing, but MARVELous. I’m not sorry. You came for my two cents, so lets get it, lets go!


  • Did I know Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be a good Dr.Strange?Yes. Did he prove me right? Yes. Welcome to the MCU Ben, welcome!
  • Cumberbatch’s American accent was actually really quiet good. At first it took me by surprise, but quickly got used to it.
  • Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, was everything. Her bald head was everything I hoped for.
  • Benedict did a great job really personifying the essence of Stephen Strange, all his humor, arrogance, fast speech, conspicuous ego. He made the journey of humbling himself more believable.
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor is always a great actor, and I’m so excited to see him as a bad guy, in the Marvel universe!
  • Rachel McAdams as Catherine Palmer was great, I honestly wish there was more of her in the film.
  • Mads Mikkelson, as villainous as ever. 
  • Dormammu of the Dark Dimension. I really liked how they personified him, you could really see his expressions of anger and confusion when Strange was trying to “bargain” with him.
  • The film itself is actually pretty humorous, though it has it dark moments which it should. I did find myself laughing a lot throughout the film.
  • Don’t get me started on the VISUAL EFFECTS!!!!!!!! Marvel absolutely outdid themselves on the visual effects, they were amazing. Seeing them in 3D or not, the effects are just as awesome. I can see where people say it has Inception vibes.
  • THE CLOAK OF LEVITATION! It should have it’s own movie.
  • The jab about the infinity stones. 
  • The way Palmer kissed Strange’s cheek! I honestly thought that was way more tender and fitting then a kiss on the mouth. I genuinely liked that shared moment.
  • THOR.

This movie was so good. Go tell your wife, mom, brother, friend, garbage man to go see this movie.  It extremely fun to watch, not a dull moment. Or just go see it for the sake of Benedict Cumberbatch’s wistful eyes and baritone voice. 

It Still Hurts

Part 25 of A+ Secrets

Summary:  You head out of town without telling anyone, needing to be alone to make your decision.

Word Count: 1809

Warnings:  Talk of abortion. Extreme angst. Depression.

A/N: Happy Friday! Have some angst!

A+ Secrets Series Masterlist

One week. That was all it took for Dean’s life to swirl into a dark confusion. One week ago he had been at a conference back East. One week ago, his only drama and life change had been with Lisa and Ben. One week ago, he knew what he wanted.

In just one week, he found out you were pregnant, might not want to move in with him, missed the first doctor’s appointment, and hurt you so badly that he didn’t know what to do.

I’m done.

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Request: Bodyguard part 2 please?????!!!!! I thought it was really cute and amazing and it deserves it!!! Maybe adding an attack from the first order?? Thank you for writing!!!

A/N: Your wish is my command (even tho it’s hella late)! Thank you for enjoying part 1! Hope you enjoy this one :)

Warning: It may seem like smut in the beginning but I promise there’s none!

Word Count: 1.7K+

“This isn’t a good idea…”

“No one will know, I promise you.”

“But what if someone accidentally walks in? Plenty of people work around, with, and for me. You know how risky this is, Ben.”

“We’ll be fine, okay?”


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Rules: Put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favourite lyrics from each. Then tag 9 people to participate!

1. Helplessness Blues (Fleet Foxes) - if I know only one thing, it’s that everything that I see, of the world outside is so inconceivable, often I barely can speak

2. Animal Fear (Marika Hackman) - I could land on my feet if I tried, I’ve never jumped a chasm so wide, and made it to the opposite side

3. When my time comes (DAWES) - Well you can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks. Yes, you can stare into the abyss, but it’s starin’ right back.

4. Moon Shines Red (Jamie McDell) - And the moon shines red tonight, as I break your heart and sever mine.

5. Old Pine (Ben Howard) - Smoke in my lungs, the echoed stone. Careless and young, free as the birds that fly, with weightless souls now.

6. Upside Down (Jack Johnson) - And as the surface breaks, reflections fade. But in someways the remains the same. And as my mind begins to spread its wings, there’s no stoppin’ curiosity.

7. Meet me in the woods (Lord Huron) - I took a little journey to the unknown. And I come back changed, I can feel feel it in bones

8. Evergreen (Ben Howard) - Built a world without true love, now I’m all out at sea

9. Timshel (Mumford and Sons) - Death is at your doorstep. And it will steal your innocence, but it will not steal your substance

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Next up is Yumeno Himiko as per request.

First off, she speaks with Kansai-ben, a dialect common in Oosaka and several towns nearby it. Good thing is it’s one of the better known dialects, bad news is I’m not too familiar with it since I’ve only ever spend a day in Oosaka. I should mention this means she’s possibly a bit of a country bumpkin.

In her reaction lines she refers to herself as a magic user and makes a few references to magic, no surprise there, just means she’s more keen on her talent. You know, some characters barely mention their talent and some mention it a lot.

At times her reaction lines are a little rude, she sayst things like “Shut the heck up”, “Take this!” and “Be quiet”

Interestingly enough there is one line where she says “Don’t fly off!” this might be a reference to the recent sprite leak where her hat is hovering.

There are also several short lines where she sounds like she’s lazy, “Whichever.” “It’s a hassle.” “Boring.”

And there is one where she is crying loudly, imagine a toddler wasn’t allowed to have an icecream, it’s like that.

Hidden in these files is ashort clip where she just says “Saihara yo” or “It’s Saihara.”

She also has several very… anime-esque laughing files “Ufufufu” “Kakakaka!”

Then there are the longer lines

“Yep, I’ll also… Keep doing my best to push forward.”

“Instead I’ll use my magic to support you…” there’s a second part but I can’t decipher it. This dialect is getting the better of me.

“I feel bad.”

“I won’t finish!”

“Is it… okay for me to end it this way?”

“I’ve decided I’ll look ahead.”

And that ends Himiko’s voice lines. Nothing too interesting. I left out one of the longer lines because it was indecipherable but I’ve attempted it at least.

My fav thing about Ben 10 is the fuckin clown guy who constantly comes back from the dead with zero explanation like. In the original show he gets flashed by Ghostfreak or somethin and blows up. Then he randomly turns up again SIX YEARS LATER and no one wonders how he’s still alive. So Gwen scares the shit out of him and he fuckin blows up again like a fuckin balloon or somethin. Then what do ya kno first episode of Omnivores or whatever it was called and they chasing him around because he’s suddenly alive AGAIN and STILL no one questions how he blew up twice and is still alive. Who does this clown fucker think he is fuckin Nitro from Marvel or somethin I mean you don’t just blow up MULTIPLE TIMES and not be dead I don’t. Understand.

My favorite Oscar memory is, I think, the year that Ben and I won [for Good Will Hunting], which was 19 years ago. I kind of remember all of it and none of it at the same time. We went from watching it on TV to being in the front row. There was no gap year where we got to go but sit in the back, so I think that’s why this first one that we went to was so memorable.

I can’t recall any specific thing except getting up onstage and pushing Ben to the microphone because neither of us had planned a speech, nor had we even talked about it, because we both knew, without saying this to each other, that we would be jinxing it. And then if we didn’t win, we would know for the rest of our lives that we had a conversation about what the speech was going to be. So we had no plan at all. When we got up there, I realized one of us was supposed to say something, and I pushed him, and he came up with a pretty good one right off the top of his head, but I think it involved us screaming out people’s names.

—  Matt Damon

                                                 SOUL MATE 17

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Alright, babes, this part is rather lengthy and fluffy. Sorry it took a while to post, I had minor writers block as it nearly took my five drafts to write this. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do! Mentioning a young Ben Solo (in love) is always fun! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 4.5K+

Warning: None! Unless you’re allergic to fluff…



It was safe to say–or at least admit to yourself–that all you had been thinking about was the near kiss(es). The thought of it made you feel bummed out, it was confusing all together that you craved the feeling of his lips against your own. Was this how it felt before? You couldn’t quite remember, after all, there were still a lot of memories the were ‘missing’. Huffing at the thought, you took your last bite of the stew before placing the spoon in the empty bowl. When were you going to remember your past with Kylo Ben? It was itching at your skin, the desire to learn, remember, more of what you two once had. But this meant confronting him, did Kylo really want you to remember? Or was he too afraid of you seeing the past and expecting it to be the same now? Sighing as you pushed the bowl away from you, leaning in the chair,  your thoughts were instantly ripped from you. “Do you want another bowl?” Alastair nearly snorted, seeing as you were now finishing your third serving of the stew he had made; although you had no clue as to what was in it, your starvation made it seem exceedingly delicious.

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benjis-cool-times  asked:

1, 14, 29, 39 💗💗

I am so sorry these took forever to write! And I know they’re crappy, so I also apologize for that! I’m still trying to come back from a major writing slump. 

The first one is just an idea I’m toying around with, so it probably doesn’t make any sense. 


1. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

When Ben was five, he learned how to ride a bike.

His dad was frustrated and a little drunk at the time. Ben remembers not caring to learn; he just wanted to go inside, play with his action figures, and maybe re-watch Star Wars on repeat. But his dad was adamant that he grew a pair and got on the damn thing, so he did. Only Steve Wyatt didn’t care enough to hold on to the back, hold on to his son, like most fathers did. 

He let go. 

Ben remembers peddling and falling. Peddling and falling while his dad took gulps from his beer from his spot in a folding lawn chair. Henry, Ben’s big brother, laughed at the pathetic attempts. The scraped knees and hands. The clatter and crash of the bike each time it hit the ground. 

But, stupidly, it taught Ben something.

It taught him that he shouldn’t give up. It’s a cheesy story that alternates between making him queasy and making him chuckle quietly to himself. He shouldn’t give up, even with his dad acting like he doesn’t give a shit or with his brother laughing his third grade ass off.

So, Ben didn’t give up. Didn’t give up when Ice Town ruined his life. Didn’t give up when Cindy Eckert broke his heart into a million tiny pieces right before prom. Didn’t down those dozens of Zoloft capsules. Didn’t stick around Partridge any longer than he had to. Instead, he went to college and studied accounting and met Maggie. He met this woman who changed everything about him. Made him a better man. All of that cliché crap, Maggie did it for him.

But he’s giving up now. He hasn’t been happy in ages. Isn’t exactly sure what that feels like anymore, as idiotic as that sounds.

He downs the rest of his third beer. The alcohol warms his stomach, soothes his throat, calms his nerves.

Ben’s fourth beer is slid down the bar to him just as a group of ladies barge in, demanding tequila and… waffles? He shakes his head and frowns and taps the fingers of his left hand on the slick, sticky wood. Fuck. He shouldn’t be here. He should be at home, trying to sort things out with his wife. 

And that doesn’t even sound right anymore, not even in the comfort and privacy of his own mind. Doesn’t feel like it should. He should be as thrilled as he was their first night together in college, all smiles and playful kisses and tender touches. He sighs and runs his hands through his hair and searches around for Chris. He needs to go. He needs to go home. 

But his pal Chris abandoned him first for the bathroom because he urinates roughly twelve times a night. He joined Ben briefly to get prep another shot of wheatgrass, patting his shoulder and telling him to cheer up, to loosen up, to have some fun, before returning back to his more exciting group. And now… Fuck. Now, he’s chatting up this group of four women that just walked in, and there’s no way he’s getting out of this.

Figures. He never should’ve let Chris drive. 

Ben cradles his head in his hand as he uses the fingers of the opposite to draw swirls on the table from the condensation of the bottle. Buzzed. He’s buzzed. But it’s weighed down and dampened by the nausea that swells in his stomach every time he thinks of Maggie. And he’s pretty positive it shouldn’t be this bad. That he shouldn’t feel like this. She could be pregnant. She could be pregnant, and that’s great. That’s amazing. But he can’t go home to that. Not tonight.

“Yo, barkeep!”

Ben flinches and turns to his side to see a woman with bright, curly blond hair shouting instructions at the bartender. Loudly.

Her hair’s the color of the sun.

And she’s wearing… a hat with a giant.. penis on it? He squints. 

Yep. That’s definitely a penis hat.

“The skirt is supposed to be this short,” the lady points out.

He gulps and glances away. “Um, yeah. Of course.”

“So you were staring?”

Ben shakes his head and then points shakily toward the lime green… thing… covering her pretty hair. “No, um…”

“Oh, crap on a cracker!” she exclaims, causing him to jolt once more. “I forgot I was wearing that.” 

She throws it on to the bar in the middle of both of them, and Ben averts eye contact altogether, even though her eyes are absolutely gorgeous. And no. He shouldn’t be thinking about this. Or her. He thinks of Maggie sitting at home on the couch, waiting for his arrival. She’s probably called him six or twelve or ninety-four times by now, but he can’t seem to turn his cell phone on. Can’t seem to get his feet to cooperate with the idea of leaving quite yet. 

“It’s my bestest friend in the universe’s bachelorette party tonight,” she explains. “We might’ve gotten a little too carried away.”

He nods, taking another sip of his beer. 

Shouldn’t give up. He shouldn’t give up. And not on his marriage, of all things. 

The bartender sets down a row of shots, and the mystery woman downs one of them before clanking them together in order to take them to her friends.
“You should join us. Y’know, if you’re not too busy.”

He swivels in the stool and runs his fingers through his hair as Chris waves him over.

“Okay… Okay. Yeah. Sure.”


14. “Take. It. Off.” 

There’s a chance Ben’s still in bed and that Sonia’s upstairs redoing her hair for the millionth time and that her sons are driving her insane. She sort of, kind of wants to duct tape their mouths shut or at least tape them to the wall or something. She needs peace, even if it’s only a few minutes of it. But their triplets are now twelve year olds who don’t listen to reason. Not that eleven was any easier, but now all they talk about is 360 days from now when they’re officially teenagers and no longer have to listen to their parents, to comply with the rules.

And that’s simply not the case. They may not be babies anymore, but they’re certainly going to continue to be moderately good citizens of this fine country.

Okay, maybe not Stephen. He keeps sprinkling “fart dust” in his classrooms and has been suspended twice this semester. 

Wait. No. What is she saying? Of course Stephen’s going to turn out fine. He’s just… rowdy. And rambunctious. And has semi-destructive tendencies.

Leslie’s about ready to go upstairs to try to coax her husband out of his blanket cave with hot coffee, but then Wesley spills his glass of orange juice.

“Dude!” Stephen exclaims. “You got shit all over my shirt!”

“Whoa, language!” Leslie says. “Just go change, honey.”

But Stephen just shakes his head. “No. No way. This is my lucky shirt. I have a math test today, and I need this shirt.”

Wesley, their youngest and shyest, promptly glances at his brother and gasps. “That’s my shirt!”

Stephen shakes his head. “No it’s not.”

“Yes it is, you jerk! Take it off!”

“Nope,” he says, eating a spoonful of Lucky Charms. “You’ll have to remove it from my cold, dead body.”

Wesley immediately lifts the neck of the blue button up and inspects it carefully. “This is so mine! There’s a ‘W’ on the tag!”

“Pssh… Those taggy thingies are wrong all the time, Wes.”

“Take. It. Off. Now.”

Leslie can tell there’s about ready to be an explosion or a chase around the kitchen table. Or Wesley’s finally going to snap and stab Stephen’s hand with his fork. Or something equally unpleasant.

Stephen sticks his tongue out at him before getting up from the table.

“Okay,” she hears an all too familiar, welcoming voice say. “Let’s simmer down, guys.”

Ben’s still in his pajamas, even though it is almost 7:30, but he pads over to the coffee pot regardless. 

“He stole my shirt, Dad!” Wesley informs. “And now he won’t give it back!”

Ben stops pouring his cup of java to squint at his sons. “You can just burrow one of mine, buddy.”

Wesley hops up instantly and sprints to their bedroom, and Stephen gawks.

“Why don’t you ever let me borrow your clothes?” he asks.

Her husband points a finger to Wesley’s shirt, and Leslie can’t help but chuckle. Smudges of something odd and purple on the collar join the orange juice stains on the sleeves. 

“That’s why.”


29. “Come over here and make me.” 

“This is an outrage!” Sonia proclaims. “And I won’t stand for this kind of brutal, harsh punishment!”

Ben’s eyebrows furrow. “Um, we’re kinda in the middle of something here…”

“Yeah, I know,” his daughter says. “You guys are making out like gross people.”

“So… Leave maybe?” he tells her, and Leslie snickers against his skin. 

Good lord, she’s adorable. And he’d like to get back to making out with her right now, but Sonia’s still in their doorway. Their triplets are ten going on forty, and they seem to respect and acknowledge boundaries less and less with each passing day. The only reason Sonia’s in trouble in the first place is for stepping on Stephen’s hand deliberately while they were at school today. He’s fine, but she needs to know she can’t just pick on him because they’re siblings. It’s the main reason why all three have been separated into different classrooms.

Sonia rolls her eyes. “I can’t concentrate like this.”

“So, once again, maybe you should go?” Ben suggests.

He feels Leslie’s fingers rub his back, and her teeth on the nape of his neck, tugging at his hair.

Yeah, she should leave. Now.

“But being grounded sucks! You guys won’t even let me have the iPad!”

“Okay,” he mumbles, removing himself from his wife’s gentle grasp and getting to his feet. He places his hands on Sonia’s shoulders and directs her outside the bedroom. “We’ll talk about this in the morning, alright?”

He goes to close the door, but his stubborn, strong-willed daughter stops it with her hand. “Are we actually gonna talk about it, or are you gonna go all ‘Dad’ on me?”

Ben pulls a face and tries to act offended. “Why, Sonia, whatever do you mean?”

She sighs exasperatedly, throwing her hands up in the air. “Fine. We’ll discuss this later. But you owe me, old man.”

“Sure. Fine. Whatever,” he says, shutting the door with a smile on his face. “Now, where were we?”

Leslie giggles, and she looks so stunning in her floral pajama pants and his Letters to Cleo t-shirt. “You were about to kiss me.”

He chuckles. “How about something different?” 

“What do you have in mind, Mr. Wyatt?”

“How about you, sexy lady, take off your clothes, and we shower together? You know, romantically?”

His wife’s smile brightens up the whole room. “Come over here and make me.”

Ben nods eagerly. “Yeah yeah yeah. Okay.” 


39. “I forgot I was a single parent.” 

Leslie tiptoes quietly into the house, clicking the door closed behind her. She takes off her flats, pulls her hair into a ponytail, and settles her purse on the kitchen counter. She expects to find the sink overflowing with dishes, but they’re all safely secured in the washer. She expects to find loads of laundry strewn everywhere after their babies wanted to be pulled around in their baskets. But no. Their home is silent and calm and, dare she think it, peaceful.

Their kids are two, so it’s amazing that she’s even allowed the brief opportunity to feel that way. But it is almost 10:30, and they probably fell asleep at least an hour ago. She heads upstairs to change into her pajamas, where she plans to hunker down at the desk in their office and go to town work-wise. She has a huge presentation coming up, and she’s been staying late more often than not. But these are the sacrifices she knows she has to make.

Ben’s curled on his side, bundled in their comforter as he watches the news on their TV through heavy-lidded eyes. He grumbles when she turns on her bedside lamp, shielding his face with the blankets. She leans over to kiss his forehead, carding her fingers through his messy hair. 

She’s throwing her blouse into the hamper when Ben speaks.

“You know, I forgot I was a single parent.”

And it immediately makes her ears tinge red.

Okay. What? Where did that come from?

She’s about to explode when he sits up in bed. 

“You’ve came home so late every night this week. You aren’t here for dinner. You aren’t here to give them a bath. You aren’t here to read them stories or tuck them in or cradle Stephen until he falls asleep. You’re not here for any of it.”

Leslie takes a seat on the edge of the mattress and wrings her hands together. 


Not now. She doesn’t want to fight now.

“I don’t want to start an argument,” Ben says quietly, softly as if nothing’s actually wrong. “But I miss you. We all miss you.”

Tears swell in her eyes. “I’ve just been so busy at work, honey.”

And her husband, her wonderful and doting husband, places his hand on top of hers. “I know, love. But this is getting a little out of hand. I want the babies to have you in their lives as much as possible.” 

She nods. “I want to be here too.”

Leslie scoots to where she’s shoulder to shoulder with Ben, kissing the crook of his neck until she’s dizzy.

“I’m coming straight home tomorrow,” she whispers. “I promise.”

He pecks her hair. “I’m looking forward to it.” 


So we’re at the top university in the world. (Arguably.) And so are 20 thousand other people. But there are no more than ten in the riot club. The top ten. 

I think one of my favourite things about redeemed!Kylo is the thought of him coming face-to-face with Hux.

Scruffy and feral Hux who’s still hurt from Kylo abandoning him, abandoning them.

Hux, who’s lost everything now that the First Order is in ruins, is almost growling as Kylo stands in front of him. He tries not to think of how his Ren has been replaced by this cowardly, false hero with Ren’s body, the body that Hux knows so well.

And Kylo is at peace with himself so he’s unnaturally calm in front of Hux, so opposite of what Hux’s Ren would be like, his eyes soft and his tone warm despite being able to sense the intense anger and hatred rolling off Hux in tsunami-like waves.

Hux calls him ‘Ben’, sneering at him as though the name is an insult and Kylo tries not to react, tries not to show how much Hux’s fury is hurting him.

Kylo promises Hux that he’ll be unharmed if he surrenders quietly, that he doesn’t want to cause Hux any more pain. And he means it.

But Hux won’t surrender, especially not to Ben Solo, the man who killed Kylo Ren and took everything from him.

This is Hux’s last stand.

And it’s against the man who he’s sold his heart and soul to.

“Do You Believe in Soul Mates?”: Romanticism vs Rationalism in London Spy

The fourth episode of London Spy has finally made me realize why I’ve fallen in love with the show since the first episode. It has triggered something in me and now I know what it is. I’m a very private person, but this time I need to open up to make you see my point.

One of the most intense moments of I Know are flashbacks of Danny and Alex, showing their love story is not as perfect as we thought. The contrast between their characters - Danny’s romanticism and Alex’s rationalism - creates tension because they’re using completely different languages, there’s no common ground here. Danny gets things started: he asks Alex if he believes in soul mates, because HE obviously does: Alex is his soul mate.

Alex’s answer crushes the romantic atmosphere Danny is trying to establish.

He goes on, and it’s his rational mind speaking: they’re good together, so why should they say they’re soul mates? Since there’s no soul mate, to be “good together” is the right way to put things.

Alex is all about rationalism: how can you be sure someone was “made for you”? Just think of how many people are in the world. There could be someone else right for you out there. Since we don’t know these people - Alex adds - “it’s just theoretical”. Alex is not being un-romantic or cynical: he’s just using his rational mind and matter-of-factness. This explanation should show Danny there are no hidden messages: Alex loves him and doesn’t want anybody else.

Danny doesn’t get the meaning of his boyfriend’s speech. He’s on the beach, under a starry night, with his soul mate: he wants his damn romantic dream. As a reaction, he mortifies Alex: if he loved him, he should pretend and say “yes”. They’re clearly speaking two different languages and each one is now closed to the other: both are hurt.

We understand how bad Danny is hurt later in the episode: he thinks there’s something special between them, but Alex doesn’t feel the same way because he doesn’t believe in soul mates. Alex has crushed his romantic dream. The solution: telling him to date someone else. Seeing other people will make him understand his mistake: he will see how special their relationship is.

Alex is desperate. Why is this happening? Why should he see other people? He doesn’t want to, he doesn’t need to. His rationalism has been crushed by Danny’s romantic vengeance. Again, they’re using two different languages, so one can’t understand the other.

I can relate on a very deep and personal level to both scenes: I am a hopeless romantic, just like Danny, while my husband has the mind of a mathematician, like Alex. I’m surprised when people wonder why Danny and Alex fell in love with each other: sure, they are very different, communication can be hard at times, but the attraction you feel for someone who’s your opposite is irresistible. I totally understand Danny’s act of spite, but I feel sorry for Alex: he’s the one who’s emotionally unprepared to deal with the thunderstorm of romantic feelings coming from Danny. Oh, I asked my husband the soul mate question. No need to tell you what he replied ;)