i know being cutesy in a relationship

As much as I love seeing the our family grow, I’m a little bit disappointed?
Some people only ship BatJokes because their relationship in The Lego Batman movie because its cutesy and fluffy…

Don’t get me wrong, I love it myself. I love them in The Lego Batman movie too.

It’s truly a big leap for DC and to the famdom.

I just couldn’t help seeing the community being divided.
I know I can’t force people to like all forms of BatJokes, nor I want to.
It’s just really sad seeing: “Yeah, I ship BatJokes. Only in Lego though.”

I don’t know, I think I need time to get use to this:
(Yeah, that’s me, caught in the middle right now.)

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I'm highkey embarrassed to be asking this but I honestly don't know?? Is it possible to be considered aro and still find romance appealing, just not when you're involved? Like I'm able to get behind, even fangirl about relationships or cutesy romantic gestures, but I can never put myself in that situation without getting really uncomfortable. I don't know if this is just a weird thing I have to get over or if this is some type of aromanticism ¿?

Why yes, anon, it certainly is possible! The only qualifier for being aromantic is if you don’t experience romantic attraction (or only experience it rarely/under specific circumstances). That’s it. It doesn’t have anything to do with your attitude toward romance. And no, it’s not something you have to “get over”, though it’s perfectly okay if your feelings change in the future. To me it sounds like you might be romance averse and romance positive, but that’s entirely for you to decide! (and don’t be embarrassed! We’re here to help you:)) 



there’s a lot of talks about a school concept for mamamoo, and my friend and i are in a love/hate relationship with the thought. like, we want it but also we don’t??? we don’t even know what to do if cutesy mamamoo ever happened officially but if the concept involved mamamoo being the bad bishes of the school (like crayon pop!!) then we’re all for it wooooo

the disciplinary member of the student council who everyone hates and envies at the same time. very pretty, very smart, and very rich, but completely strict when it comes to rules. ruthlessly gives out punishments to deserving students but also stands up when she thinks the teachers’ rules are unfair for the kids. gets anything she wants. basically everyone respects her, but is too scared of her gaze and conduct to even cross paths with her.

rarely in school, only appears during midterms, finals, or whenever else a test is held. no one knows how she passes all her classes with her attendance but her grades are almost always perfect. rumors said she’s some government higherup’s daughter and is just too smart for school, but in reality she just prefers to practice dancing with her underground crew. attending (part of) school and getting good grades is just a compromise with her parents, otherwise she’d completely ditch school to pursue her passion. whenever she’s in school, solar accompanies her during lunch, somehow assuring the other students that yes, moonbyul’s the daughter of someone very important.

the one everyone thinks has some screws loose. when she’s not blabbing about things no one else gets she’s always zoning out like she’s high on something but the only thing she’s sniffing are the colored markers in the art supply room. treats the school’s art room as her personal space, once broke in to school at night for 4 consecutive days to finish something too large for her to bring home. it’s not that she’s crazy, she just loves art so much, and she’s really good at it. already guaranteed a scholarship to a prestigious art university even before she entered high school.

probably already dated all the guys in her school. always gets the boy she likes, but never lets any of them get a second date, much less touch her. the fact that she’s so easy yet so hard to catch makes the boys go wild. believes that the right person for her will come eventually so she just plays around for now. basically doesn’t give a fuck about what other people say about her. she’s tired of all the gossips and rumors, so she enjoys the conversations she has with wheein because they both talk about ideas and dreams instead of people.

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sigh every ks fans knows their relationship isn't healthy or romantic, only the antis seem to want to think that. ks fans repeatedly acknowledge that sangwoo is a major twat but it's interesting. i.e. Snape was an asshole, but as a character he was super interesting.

buddy pal amigo you apparently do not know your fellow fans as much as you think you do because today I spent three hours wading through cutesy woo/bum posts, people fawning over how “hot” Sangwoo is, giggling over how they’re trash for enjoying a story about a gay man being abused relentlessly but not feeling guilty about it, and I can only imagine how much of a nightmare that tag is without safe search on.

stop being dense pendejo

i know we all like to make cutesy jokes about fareeha being raised by the entire squad and everyone being a big happy family, i like them too, but

unless they decided to retcon this, fareeha and ana did not have a very good relationship

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members ideal types? in your opinion :)

alright alright time to shine. But first of all…

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: Anything in this post is just /my personal opinion/. These are the types of people that I feel would be best with each member. These are in no way confirmed. Again, just opinions. Yours may differ from mine, and that’s alright. There’s no way to know what their true ideal type is without being them. 

S. Coups: Coups would want someone very strong headed, very independent. Since he’s always in the leader role, it’d be a nice change for him not to be in charge in his relationship. He’d like someone really opinionated, someone not afraid to speak their mind. He’d find their dominance extremely sexy. 

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would want someone very cutesy, probably someone younger than him by a few years. The cuter, the better. He’d like someone overflowing with aegyo. He’d like someone that he could take care of, someone that he could really protect. 

Joshua: Joshua would like a toned down version of Coups’s type. He’d really want someone intelligent, someone with their own ideas and opinions about the world, though perhaps a little bit soft spoken. He’d definitely like someone mature, as he’s like that himself. He’d probably like to date someone older than him. being a young joshua stan those words are difficult for me to write

Jun: Really, I think that Jun would mesh pretty well with anyone. I guess the best match for him, though, would be someone adventurous. Someone exciting, who’s always looking for more fun. I think he’d also like someone that depended on him a lot - he’d love the feeling of masculinity he got from taking care of them.

Hoshi: Hoshi’s type would fall somewhere between Jun and Seungcheol’s. Definitely someone high energy - he needs someone that’s able to keep up with him and all his craziness. He’d like someone really spontaneous, someone that’s okay with going to the beach with ten minute’s notice or trying some food that they’ve never even heard of before, because that’s the kind of boyfriend that Hoshi would be. 

Wonwoo: Someone very laid back would be a good match for Wonwoo. He’s not particularly energetic himself, so he’d appreciate someone that could just chill with him. He’d find someone light hearted really refreshing - someone that just liked to joke around and have meaningless (but fun nonetheless) conversations. 

Woozi: Since he himself is probably the most mature member of Seventeen, he’d definitely want someone who also has a high level of maturity. Woozi is always working himself past his limits, so I think that he would need someone very caring. He’d need someone that’s always looking out for him, making sure he’s eating enough, getting enough sleep, etc. It’d be best for them to be a bit more on the optimistic side, as I think someone bright would be refreshing to him.

DK: DK would be best with someone a lot like himself; Someone very caring who loves nothing more than to smile. They’d be the image that comes to mind when you think of the term ‘young love’; always just giggling and holding hands, oblivious to everything else. They’d be mutually protective of each other, always making sure the other was doing well and supporting them in everything that they do. 

Mingyu: I can’t think of a word to describe Mingyu’s ideal type better than ‘feisty’. Someone not afraid to speak their mind or dish some sarcasm out to him, someone who likes to take control. As independent as they’d be, though, I think he’d still be extremely, extremely protective of them, so maybe someone a bit younger would be best. Me x Mingyu 2k15

The8: Being as sweet and quiet as he is, I definitely think that he’d be best with someone a bit older and more mature. He’d like to be taken care of. He’d want someone sweet with a bright outlook on life. He’d be a very sweet boyfriend, constantly showering them with gifts and praise. 

Seungkwan: Seungkwan needs someone who can match his attitude and dish it right back at him. Probably someone very opinionated and outspoken. And, of course, since his family means so much to him, he’d want to be with someone whose morals and values are similar to his. I think he’d secretly like someone who doted on him, though I believe he’d be best with someone a bit younger. 

Vernon: Vernon would want someone who’s very go-with-the-flow. I don’t think he’d be super into someone really high strung and energetic. He’d really admire someone who was just really chill and flexible. He’d be a very cutesy boyfriend, and would like a partner who was very much the same in that respect. 

Dino: I can say without a doubt that I think Dino would want to date someone older than him. He’d probably never admit it, but he’d love to be doted on and taken care of. He’d also just find the idea of dating someone older very attractive. He’d want someone very attached to him who wanted to spend a lot of time with him. 

i apologize for my biased opinions ehehe i tried to keep it fair i really did

Twenty-Four (Formerly Thirty) Days of RWBY Master Post

Now featuring fixed links!

About a month ago, I made the decision to write my first ever fanfiction. Then, I wanted to challenge myself and write one every day for thirty days. That didn’t quite happen, but here are the twenty-four fanfics I wrote in twenty-four days.

1. All I Needed to Hear: Angsty future White Rose

2. Breakfast: Morning-after future Bumblebee

3. Strange Sensation: Cutesy Ladybug

4. Partners: Bumblebee beginning their relationship

5. Subtle as a Tank: Bumblebee, Yang being Yang

6. Dinner: Happy future White Rose

7. Training Session: Arkos hiding their feelings from each other

8. (Not Quite) Hidden Feelings: Renora hiding their feelings from each other while discussing Arkos hiding their feelings from each other

9. In Which Team RWBY Don’t Know the Word “Subtle”: White Rose and Bumblebee calling each other out on their relationships

10. Sing Me a Song: Future White Rose with a sick Ruby

11. Subtle as a Tank (Part II): Team RWBY go to dinner, Yang spies on Arkos

12. Subtle as a Tank (Part III): Arkos’s perspective

13. The Paper: Ruby rushes to finish a paper for school

14. Sharing Warmth: Future White Rose almost smut

15. Weiss Bosslady Schnee: Future Weiss takes over the SDC and reveals her relationship with Ruby

16. Strange Sensation (Part II): Ladybug make out, kind of NSFW

17. Snow Day: Bumblebee playing in the snow

18. Dinner (Part II): My first smut, future White Rose, NSFW

19. RWBY/JNPR Secret Santa: The two teams swap Christmas presents

20. Nora “I’m Not Cold” Valkyrie: Renora building a snowman

21. Drinking Contest: Future Bumblebee getting drunk

22. Gold: Little Yang being protective of an even littler Ruby

23. Admirable Traits: Ozpin and Goodwitch discussing Jaune’s shortcomings

24. Birthday Surprises: Ren and Weiss bake a birthday cake for Ruby, who is out shopping with Nora

Phew. I hadn’t realized I’d actually written that much. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed them (and to my seventy new followers), and there will be more to come.


I don’t know if mutual respect qualifies as one of those quirky, cutesy “relationship goals” we tend to strive for here on tumblr, but The Fishburnes… With them being so private I don’t think they get enough credit for the elegance, astuteness, and maturity of their relationship when it’s on display. There’s something so balanced and regal about their dynamic that you can’t help but be in awe of them, because they’re two amazing actors who genuinely support each other as a fan of the other, not just a spouse.

Our Forever

 A/N: It’s been a while since I filled a prompt, so I took one of those that were sitting in my inbox and decided to take a run at it. And since Eris completely ripped apart my feels, I needed something happy. So, I hope you like this! This is for kaylare83, sorry it took so long!

SFW. 1900+ words.

Mamrie was married.

Until now, when Grace repeats it to herself, that one of her best friends in the entire world is getting married, it still feels weird to say. She knows Mamrie as the girl who can drink like she has the body mass index of a whale, who can drop queef and sex jokes like her life depended on it and who was always there for her.  Now she was getting married and it was still weird to think, weird to say out loud. It’s weird to her that right now she’s sitting in was is probably the prettiest bridesmaid dress ever, her bridesmaid bouquet perched on her lap as she along with the rest of the crowd impatiently waits for Mamrie to appear through those double doors, married.

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I really hope joker and harley are in the solo batman film. I'm trying to enjoy suicide squad as much as I can because I know that the solo harley movie is going to have harley x ivy in it, that makes me sad because I don't ship them.

Yeah, I’m really hoping so too. It would be a total waste for them to barely be in the DCEU at all. They’re The motherfucking Joker and Harley goddamn Quinn! They’re iconic! It would be a shame to see them waste such beloved and fan-favourite characters.

I’m still not 100% sure I believe that Harl/Ivy is going to become canon in Harley’s solo film. Will Ivy be in it? Well, yeah. I’m almost positive she will. She and Harley are best friends and their relationship- like Joker and Harley’s- is pretty iconic to the character. But I’m still on the fence about whether or not they’ll actually make them into a romantic couple straight away like that.

I honestly don’t have anything against Harley and Ivy as a couple. I don’t. I really don’t. I mean, sure, I dislike them in the New 52, but that’s because I hate the New 52 in general and I think they made their relationship way too cutesy and completely destroyed the characters. But in BTAS and even the Arkham games, I enjoy their dynamic quite a lot. When Ivy isn’t reduced to being a lovesick puppy who follows Harley around everywhere, she’s a super cool and badass lady.

But I don’t want them to immediately have them be a couple like they’ve suddenly been in love this entire time. That just wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever. I want them to be friends first. I want them to develop the relationship we all know from BTAS. I want them to actually meet and interact and JUST BE FRIENDS before they even think about being romantically involved (should they ever even take that step in the DCEU).

And not only that, but we have to remember that Joker is, in fact, still around. He and Harley are still madly in love. And regardless of what they try to do in Harley’s solo film, the two of them are obsessed with one another and clearly can’t live without each other. So it would make no sense for Harley to suddenly hate him and leave him for Ivy, or something. That would just be terrible continuity and complete fan-service. I’m sorry, but it’s true. To me, it only makes sense that as long as Joker and Harley are alive, they’re together.

I understand what you mean. But you also have to remember that Harl/Ivy as a pairing really isn’t as popular as it seems. If you were to go on the streets and ask random general movie audiences (who aren’t extreme comic book fans) to name one fact about Harley Quinn, I absolutely guarantee you that their answer would most likely be “she’s the Joker’s girlfriend.” Because that’s how she’s most commonly known, and how she’s always be known. I’m not saying she can’t be an independent character, but people have been waiting to see Harley alongside Joker on the big screen for YEARS now. And if it comes to either pleasing the 20% of people who so desperately want Harl/Ivy or pleasing the rest of the world who don’t, chances are, they’ll choose the latter. So don’t give up hope!

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Dumb question, but I know nothing about comics: what the the New 52 do to Harley?

It’s not dumb at all!

So, here’s the deal:

Myself and other die-hard Joker/Harley shippers wrote many letters begging DC comics to reunite them. Which they did. Only to start the reboot and separate them indefinitely.

They replaced Harley’s old look with a really hideous one that was so out of character and cliche gritty and “edgy.” They put her in the Suicide Squad and had her start a torrid romance with Deadshot. Then they had Joker kill his and Harley’s hyenas.

THEN they decided to give Harley her own series. In which she’s an antihero. The problem is, Harley Quinn is a villain, and does villainous things. Her sole motive for being “Harley Quinn” is to be with Joker. If she’s not doing it for Joker, she has no motive to keep being “Harley Quinn”, and would drift back into a life of anonymity. She wouldn’t keep being this person she’d transformed into for him.

She wouldn’t waste time being an antihero. She’s tragic, she goes back and forth with Joker constantly, but she always tries to either be “normal” or relapses back into being a villain. There’s no middle ground with Harley.

Also, they totally butchered her backstory. They had Joker dunk her in acid to become insane, instead of her slowly succumbing to her villainous nature and her love for Joker. They totally cheapened her history for the sake of making her “female Joker.”

Also the Harley I know and love’s cutesy and bubbly, but she’s not nice. New 52 has her being all nice to old people, rescuing dogs, helping out with roller derby, it’s just not her. Harley isn’t a nice person. She likes dogs, yes. But she’s not going to go and open a sanctuary for them.

I do like the HarleyXIvy relationship being canon. But both Harley and Ivy are so uncharacteristically nice and watered down, so that’s a shame.

Moreover, Harley isn’t ever going to just turn into a kooky aunt. She’s, again, a villain, and trying to transform one of the few really interesting female villains left into a knockoff of Deadpool and a do-gooder all the heroes love isn’t going to cut it.

Harley’s a complicated character. It’s not as simple as “good and pure corrupted abuse victim who decided to turn her life around and become female Deadpool.”

Which New 52 seems to think she is.