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Zim +Friendship with DIb (IZ Discussion/Theory)

Zim is one of those characters whom comes off as either self centered or as stated in the series multiple times, a defective. Even his older self in one of the comic issues came off as such:

Now, too me I don’t think ZIM is an entirely ‘evil’ character as perceived, but he is definitely a force to be recognized and when pissed off can be your worst nightmare. He becomes destructive and more or less, borderline homicidal when angered:

A funny thing I noticed was, ZIM actually noticed his future self was taller. If you don’t know, in the series ZIM has always wanted to be respected by the Tallests or even have a sort of higher authority. Yet, when he finds out that there was only heals, the expression he has is rather..Interesting
According to Wally Wingert during an interview with a fan he stated that the Tallests were going to later be revealed as just normal sized Irkens whom wore exo-skeletons to show make them seem taller. 
Just a little insight into this panel, it may have something to show more about Irken societal views:

Still, in the long run and even grown up, ZIM still longs for the recognition he wanted and ended up getting it. What he’s longed for all along has been recognition and being noticed by anyone of his society especially his leaders. And the quote “We didn’t think you could pull it off.” just goes to show how poor ZIM is viewed by his people. Now, I should note he is not completely hated by all Irkens and does have Skoodge as a sort of childhood ‘buddy’: 

This is another small thing I kind of wanted to bring up, ZIM’s self doubt. This isn’t really brought up in other discussions but I think it’s extremely important to his character. Especially since his older self is calling him stupid in the panel, grant it could just be for petty fighting I still think it sheds a little more into the character. The main point here is his, “My plan was stupid. But it’s smart.” argument:

Next, is his relationship with Dib & Earth in general. I don’t think ZIM hates Dib at all, just my opinion however. I believe it’s an unusual friendship that both sides will probably never admit too. ZIM actually saves Dib in one of the recent issues. They both seem too understand one another too the point where even if ZIM is flubbering out nonsense, Dib understands:

Not to mention Dib and ZIM are the only characters (besides the Tallests) seen spending a lot of time together:

Now, another thing I saw was the fact that these two agreed. ZIM actually agreed with Dib on how ridiculous the aliens were. And it even shows that ZIM has a small affection for Earth by questioning, “Why are all other aliens that come here so stupid?” (ZIM despite the many antics, is an impressive engineer and builder. Don’t forget he was a scientist temporarily before Miyuki was suddenly killed by a monster HE invented.):

On another note, I thought this was interesting most of all. Dib points at Earth in the panel, meanwhile looking at ZIM. He said “/We’re/ back home! Where /we/ started!” 
Too me this is a small indication that Dib considers ZIM a part of Earth in a way. Probably since he’s been there for a long time. He refers to Earth as ZIM’s home also. ZIM has saved the Earth numerous amounts of times during the series and now in the comics. Dib, a native to Earth and human being, considered ZIM to live on Earth. This is a HUGE development if Dib really believes this:

More than anything, I think ZIM just wants a true friend (Cough, DIB, GAZ, SKOODGE, GIR, MINIMOOSE.) I mean, look how happy the poor fellow looks in this panel. He thought he was riding with another alien friend:

And the biggest reveal of all, ZIM opening up about himself to Dib (in disguise). This is probably overlooked (This came from a Tumblr post, I searched everywhere to find the actual comic panel.) by many people. ZIM has never really opened up very much about his emotional state. 
“I come out here when I want to be alone..” 
It just goes to show that you really can’t doubt ZIM. He IS an emotional character and DOES have feelings. Even if they rarely show, much like this panel, it shows the reader that ZIM does have extreme doubts about himself. 
“And just think about what it all means.”
I interpret this as him not knowing where he stands in life. He’s tried for years to find his place. This galaxy means probably, mind the unintended pun, the world too him and he hasn’t destroyed it because it might just be one of the only true things that makes ZIM happy and realizing that there’s small things in life that can make him truly feel happy. Where he can’t be judged. Where he can be himself and where he can think about himself. 

Thank you for reading! I’ve been wanting too make this post for quite a while now! I definitely want to hear what others think on this. This was just my contribution to ZIM’s character analysis.

“I’m not the only one with horns” CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THAT ONE SENTENCE IN BLOOD MOON BALL. Sure, the starco dance did explode me but THIS, Tom freaking said that to Star. I don’t know with everyone in the fandom but IT’S FUCKING CUTE. IT WARMS MY HEART SO MUCH LIKE GIRL, TOM IS GREAT. I can see why Star dated him and also, I can see why Star broke up with him. Tom’s not a jerk and all, never has he been a jerk. He just has anger issues with almost anything. I can relate to him much because I too myself can pretty much shit about anything. 

What fascinates me so much with Tom is that he isn’t that cliche ex boyfriend of the protagonist in which he acts all fuckboy and fake. Tom has real dedication to Star. He’s trying real hard to stop his anger issues just for Star. And that’s what makes me so amazed by him. He isn’t meant for Star, at all. And Star is never meant for him. Star can’t stand a lifetime with Tom because when Star gets annoyed, she gets annoyed real quick. Her personality is bubbly and optimistic while I can tell that Tom’s pessimistic with his anger issues. If she were to marry him, she’d soon regret so much. 

They’d constantly fight over the simplest things and that isn’t healthy. Tom isn’t good for Star. Star isn’t good for Tom either because, like said, Tom has anger issues. Instead of sitting down and trying to cool Tom off, Star pushes him away blaming it all on his short temper. She isn’t realistic in which not everyone is always laughing or smiling. I can tell Star can barely handle emotional problems. She’d suck at that category. Anger is something MEANT to be released. It is okay to express anger just as long as it doesn’t associate with violence. 

When Tom gets angry he doesn’t hurt anyone at all, he just grows a wall of fire around the person that’s been annoying him but it barely stings them. If anger isn’t released, it will rotten the person just like depression. And also, Star seems too impossible to cooperate with during a relationship with Tom because of her ‘no, i won’t apologize to you, you apologize to me’ habit. You can see that in one episode in which Marco was kidnapped by Toffee. 

 That said, I still think Star and Tom look cute together but never would actually last a lifetime.

Hey RWBY fandom, we need to talk

EDIT: OK, so apparently this wasn’t made clear, when I said RWDE needs to stop, I meant the use of it to attack members of the community, the shining example being Sun’s following Blake being equal to the abuse that Adam put her through, or even worse, and that anyone who denied it was pro-abuse.

I fully understand that RWDE is where people post their critique of RWBY, and I have no intention of trying to stop that, nor would I be able to anyway. All I’m asking is that when you critique the show, you don’t devolve into slandering others to try and make a point. We clear now?


I’m not going to put this in brackets, nor am I putting it under a read more. We need to talk about this.

RWDE needs to stop. Now.

You wanna know what keeps me awake some nights? What makes me toss and turn and hurt inside?

Knowing that Monty died thinking that he had created a community that would continue to grow, to come together, to create beautiful art and be kind to one another.

But it’s been a little over a year and a half. And you know what I see?

I see so much hate. So much anger, so much venom, and toxicity. People tearing one another apart over ships, or over characters they don’t like, and you shouldn’t like too because this or that reason.

There’s nothing wrong with providing criticism, but we are a family. We are a community for an amazing show, and even if it has problems, that is no excuse for the hate I see thrown around. Pyrrha’s death, Jaune, Ruby, Sun, Adam, all this stupid, STUPID hate.

It’s OK to have different opinions, it’s OK not to like something.


There was an image that came about when Monty was hospitalized, and it carried some choice wisdom. Right now, a lot of the fandom has failed this image, and failed Monty.

It’s time we started cleaning up our act.


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This theory will tie in with my previous theory of Spencer’s twin being Uber A. This could all come together in an explosive endgAme story. Imagine the drama, the horror, the emotions, the anger. The writers, I believe, could definitely go this direction!

As we all know, Spencer has a history with Radley. She was admitted there in Season 3 after Toby “died”. Mary has a long history there too, and so does Charlotte. Spencer can be quite explosive, as shown when she became crazed and psychotic in S3. Her attack on Mona could be one example.

What Spencer referenced in 3x12 (”The Lady Killer”) really caught my attention. Other theorists have noticed it too!

Spencer mentioned the movie “Basic Instinct”, a film about a crime novelist played by Sharon Stone that murders people and then writes murder-mystery novels to cover up the crimes. She used her novels as alibis. What does this sound reminiscent of?

Spencer revealed to Caleb in 6x12 (”Charlotte’s Web”) that she wrote a college essay about a bride’s murder who was killed on her wedding night… the same way as Charlotte. It had been initially believed she had committed suicide from jumping from her 8th floor balcony “clutching her wedding bouquet”. When Charlotte was found dead, she was holding a pink rose.

It was later ruled as a homicide when the coroner found that the bride had died from injuries “sustained before the fall. Her neck was broken and her fingernails and hands had been wiped clean before she was pushed off her balcony.” This is exactly how Charlotte died! Spencer used this as an alibi and claimed that the killer used this and thinks that they’re trying to set her up. Like Spencer said in 3x12, “classic Sharon Stone move”.

In 6x12 when Veronica said it was best for Spencer to skip the next conference for her election, Spencer nodded strangely. It’s as if she knew she was guilty.

Spencer’s motive would be revenge. She did it to protect the Liars, and she was angry that Charlotte was being let out. At Charlotte’s hearing, Spencer seemed like she was holding it in. You could tell she was enraged, but she was hiding it carefully.

Spencer wanted to hide what she had done, and she knew it could cost her everything. She didn’t want to reveal what she had done to the Liars. And now, she can’t because it could cost her their friendship. Uber A is out and everywhere, looking high and low for Charlotte’s killer. It’s what Spencer did that caused all of this.

She was my original guess for being the killer, and after she was revealed as Mary’s child, I started doubting if the writers would go down that route. The route where Spencer killed her sister, unknowingly. It would raise stakes and dramatic tears would unfold. Mary would be ultimately devastated, and Spencer would come face-to-face with her twin. Her twin who is A.D. The psychopathic, stalker twin VS the intelligent, killer twin.

Now I know that they could certainly go down this road the more I think about it. It would be devastating and gut-wrenching. Spencer would start to feel guilt and remorse for killing her own sister, not knowing that Charlotte was her older sibling. She would be facing her twin—Uber A. Her mother would let out everything. Spencer snuck out of the hotel room that night and followed Charlotte. She confronted her, and it lead to a murder. She could’ve planned it too.

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Spencer has always had the guts to do something like this. She just had to keep low and do it quietly, without anybody knowing anything. It would all make a lot of sense if she killed Charlotte.

What do you all think? Could this be possible?

Thanks for reading!

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About Octavia Blake

People are very upset with what Octavia said to Bellamy today. I love Bellamy with all my heart but what I think people need to understand is that Octavia witnessed an incredibly traumatic event. Her last two boyfriends died and she saw her brother working with the guy who shot one of them. Naturally, she is upset with him. Anger is a natural part of grieving. Octavia has finally begun to process her grief after everything that has happened to her. Bellamy knows that she’s been through a lot. That’s why he wanted to return home to see here. Strong women, like Octavia, are allowed to mourn too.


Summary: You and Shawn get into a fight, but of course it gets resolved.

Warning: A few unnecessary swear words that I felt like putting in there.


“Will you quit trying to run away from me (y/n)?” Anger is written all over Shawn’s face. His voice is dripping with anger and irritation.

“I’m not running away from you, Shawn. I just don’t know if I can do this anymore.” You reply, already defeated and tired of this conversation, tired of the many conversations you’ve already had just like this one.

“Do what?” He immediately replies, his voice cold.

“Fight with you all the time.”

“Then lets not fight.” He says as though it’s actually that simple. Most of the anger from seconds earlier has disappeared from his voice, and you know he’s tired of all of this too. He’s tired of fighting.

You just look at him. You know that he doesn’t want to fight with you any more than you want to fight with him. You don’t reply, so he continues. “I love you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I know that it’s been hard lately, but I don’t want to lose you.” He pauses, before continuing, “But I don’t know if I can keep chasing you while you try to run.”

“For the hundredth time, I’m not trying to run from you Shawn.” You snap back.

“But you’ve been so distant.” He replies.

“I’m distant? You’re always fucking busy.” You know you shouldn’t have said that. It’s not his fault he’s busy all the time. He tries to make time for you, and most of the time he does a pretty good job, but sometimes it is hard for you. Sometimes you just need your boyfriend and he just can’t be there for you. You shouldn’t hold that against him though, and you know that.

He exhales loudly, running his fingers through his hair and looking at the ground. He does that when he’s stressed. He’s been doing that a lot lately. “I can’t help that I’m always busy. I have a job. I have a career. There’s a lot that’s out of my control and you know that.”  

You take a seat on the couch, bringing your knees up to your chest and curling into yourself. You two have been squaring off for long enough, and you’re just tired. You don’t want to be angry at him anymore. “It’s not your fault. I know it’s not your fault.” You admit, looking up at him.

“Then why do you keep blaming me? Why do you keep holding it against me?” He genuinely wants to know. He wants to fix this. You both want to fix this. And that’s how you know that this relationship isn’t over. You guys have fights just like any serious, genuine relationship does, but you always do what it takes to get through them. That’s how you know that you are going to stay together. Both of you have committed to seeing this relationship through despite all the hard times, despite everything working against you two.

“I don’t mean to blame you, or make it feel like I’m blaming you.” You say evenly. You’re on the way to resolving this fight. You’re on the way to making up so you make sure that you don’t let yourself say anything in such a way that will set off another screaming match or war. “But I have a hard time too with your career.” Shawn opens his mouth to respond. But you keep talking instead. “Wait, can I just say everything and get it out then you can talk for as long as you want?” You ask.

“Yeah, go ahead babe.” He says, and you can almost tell that he’s bracing himself for what you’re about to tell him.

“Okay,” you take a deep breath trying to get everything out. This is important. This is communication. You’ve been dating long enough to know the importance of communication and sharing things that affect your relationship because keeping it inside will only make it build up and explode resulting in a much bigger mess than it would have been otherwise. Even though you know you should share things right away, sometimes you still end up keeping things inside more than you should. It’s just a part of who you are because you always think that it’s better not to bring everything up, but sometimes that’s not true.

“Shawn, baby, you know I love you more than anything. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make this work because you make me happier than anyone else in the entire world, and I’m so lucky to have you. I know that. But all I’m saying is that sometimes it’s hard with your job. Because we’re eighteen Shawn, we’re both supposed to be at university, our biggest problem being accidently getting too drunk at a party and not making it home. Or midterms. Midterms should be our biggest fucking problem. Because we’re eighteen.” He really looks like he wants to interrupt, but he doesn’t out of respect for you even though he has a lot to say. You continue, “And I get that things are different with us, and that you were made to do what you do. I wouldn’t ever want you to be doing anything else because I know you wouldn’t be happy. But I’m just being honest when I say it’s hard for me too sometimes. It’s hard to never see you, to always worry that you’re going to get sick because you’re always flying everywhere and you never sleep. It’s hard to always have people talking about you and about us. It’s hard to see how much pressure you have and how you barely ever have the opportunity to just let loose and be a kid. It’s hard to know that you have to be an adult all the time. I’ve seen you be an adult since you were fifteen, and that’s not fair. You should have been in high school with me, but you were traveling and working. I know this is what you want. I want it for you, but sometimes I get bitter at the things it took from you too. The things it took from us.” You finish, all your energy drained from you. You don’t know how he’s going to react to that rant. He could be really angry. You don’t even want to look up to see if he is. You did just attack his entire career and everything he’s worked so hard for, after all, even though you didn’t mean to and it came out a lot worse than you had intended. This is why you keep things inside.

You feel movement on the couch next to you signaling he sat down. He still hasn’t said a word, and you still haven’t looked up, not really wanting to know if you’ve angered him and only made this fight ten times worse. You feel his arms around you, and he easily pulls your body into his lap. You rest your head on his chest, treasuring this closeness that doesn’t feel hostile, for the first time all night. “I love you,” He says. “I love you for caring about me so much, and for worrying about me. I know that my stress adds stress to your life too. I know its been a crazy ride, and I know things probably would have been easier for us if I never posted on vine and just ended up going to University instead. Sometimes I think about that too, you know? But there isn’t any going back, and I am thankful for my career. But I’m more thankful that you’ve been by my side through all of it. I never knew that it affected you this much, I knew that the distance and busyness made it hard sometimes, but I didn’t know you felt that way about it. I’m sorry.” He says, and you interrupt immediately feeling guilty for ever making him feel like he should apologize.

“No, babe. Don’t be sorry. Don’t ever be sorry for your career.”

“I’m not sorry for my career, well kind of. I’m sorry for the way that it makes your life difficult. That’s not fair to you. It’s my career. It’s my responsibility.”

“And you are my boyfriend, so your career is my responsibility too.”

“It shouldn’t be, though.”

“I’m sorry I told you all of that. I didn’t want to tell you. That’s why I haven’t mentioned it until now, and now I wish I never said anything. I don’t want you to feel guilty. That’s not what I was trying to do.”

“I know, it’s okay,” He holds you a little tighter, kissing you on the forehead. He stares down at you for a few seconds before saying. “I fucking love you.”

“I love you too.”

“And I really am thankful that you’ve stuck with me through all of this. Thanks for not walking away no matter how many times we fight.”

“Thanks for just being you, Shawn. Your career is a huge part of who you are, and I love you all the more for it, even though it makes things hard sometimes.”

“I know I say this a lot, but you really are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“And you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” You pause before adding, “I’m glad that I’m dating you and not someone that goes to my Uni because I’ve met a lot of guys there and none of them even come close to being you.”

“I would hope so.” He replies half-jokingly before kissing you on the lips. “I didn’t know you were checking out guys at your Uni, I better step up my game.”

You just roll your eyes. “Trust me babe, you’ve got them beat by a mile, even if you’re not even in the country.”

“Good to know.”


Here is some Mithross Undertale drawings, or Mithross undertale moments drawn by me……anyway, I hope you actually like it cause I worked really hard on it. XD I might remake the first one but the first one was made like a month ago, before Ross and Max left Skymedia so that’s why Ross has a scarf, the doodles were just this week. Also, ey @ginger-gasoline.

So, I know some people like the other way around when it comes undertale crossover but hear me out. 

Max; I feel like since Max knows where everything is,then he would be guiding Ross. I wouldn’t say he would be genocidal, but he would want to protect Ross at least, and let’s just add anger here too. I also like the idea of his necklace being the locket of chara.

Ross; He doesn’t know about Undertale much, so Max would have to guide him. So I wouldn’t say Ross is a complete pacifist either, just like Frisk, they aren’t just pacifist either. There three way. Just like how Ross is evil or soft in some situations.

Hope you like it. 

P.S. The last one was accidentally Toriel’s house instead of Asgore’s, also max doesn’t have his necklace either on the last one.

Random thoughts about a Random Extra where we learned nothing but I’m in deep

  • Dex is so skinny what the fuck. This is how Nursey can make him hit himself in the face he is powerless against those guns look at my noodle son
  • His stupid ears and nose give me life I love him
  • ALSO his perpetual scowl and look of anger even when he’s happy is very relatable thank you
  • He has Demon Eyes
  • I’m glad his backward cap and flannel are a constant staple in his look it is Iconic and I want to know how much he gets chirped for it
  • Dex…talks weird? I don’t know how to elaborate on that right now, but he just seems to have a different way of speaking then everyone else. Not just in these like, two lines, but in other panels too? Like he’s just more awkward with his phrasing? No one knows what I’m talking about and I’m sorry.
  • More things that don’t matter, but he is either lying about dibs because he’s trying to be Chill about it, or he genuinely just wants to help fix things for his friends and either way that’s adorable Poindexter
  • Of course Nursey was There
  • “Tuh,” said Nursey.
  • What did/is Nursey currently doing for dibs????
  • Why would you just grab pie and run that’s so rude Nursey get back here where are you going
  • Bitty interacts with Nursey and Dex the least out of any other characters and I want to know 500x more about his thoughts on both of them. Like, someone did a cloud of Bitty’s most commonly used words on his twitter and Dex wasn’t on there and Nursey was the smallest name and I just have a lot of questions about his interactions with the Other Two Frogs.
  • Why did Berger leave his things in the Haus and why has no one contacted him about it
I am so disappointed in the MM fandom

You can ignore this if you want but I feel like I must speak even though at the same time, I feel like it is not my place. I am going to delete this later. 

I am not annoyed or anything about what has been going on as of very recently. I am very disappointed that just less than 24 hours ago we were all one big happy, sobbing family cracking jokes but now we are at each other’s throats. Turned against one another and even against Cheritz.

Anger is understandable but if you got banned for doing wrong. There is nothing you can do, but accept the consequence of that wrong doing. Some were banned for cheating as well but they didn’t know because they didn’t read the new update. It is tragic but no one should have been cheating in the first place. I am a college student too but that is no reason to cheat, it is just an excuse. 

Cheritz has been giving this game out for free since day one because of how unstable it was. They tried to keep us happy. Older players know this, newer players.. I am not sure.

I will continue to support Cheritz and those who are also supporting them as well. 

If there is anything this app, has taught me is that you can’t always make everyone happy.

logicalframework replied to your post “I’ve gotten into Supergirl recently and one of the episodes got me…”

I would also like to deal with my anger by petting a shark.

the real secret behind why superman is so good is that he has the power to give scritches to any animal. it’s hard to be cynical when there’s nothing but a few hours of free time between you and hugging a polar bear. or even a grizzly. at any time he can go diving into the ocean to give a whale headpats. does the whale notice? no. but superman knows and that is the important part. aquaman also knows but he tells no one because he too knows the soothing power of giving headpats to a whale. he will not begrudge superman one of life’s great pleasures.

Okay, so what I’m getting from Amami’s personality is that he’s pretty calm and collected and tries not to let things bother him as much, but it can occasionally get to the point where he becomes sensitive and embarrassed (especially if a loved one is involved). He’s slow to anger, but if he’s frustrated over a longer period of time, he’ll snap with some choice cold words. I understand that he is more emotional and sensitive around family members (a big softie, basically) but is somewhat guarded around others. He lacks confidence and self-esteem. And his role in the game has him more mysterious, like he knows more than what he’s letting on.

Is there anything else I’m missing? If I translate all this into the Sims 4, he seems to be family oriented. Uh, I’m not too confident myself on the other two traits, but I picked custom traits like protective and super keener to fill the other two slots. If there are better traits then I’m open to suggestions.

let your anger be heard, shout it at the deaf skies,
at stars that have mapped out this fate for you.
( and what a cruel fate it has been. )

but if you want to  — there is no need to pretend anymore,
to act according to someone else’s script.
( crying can be cathartic, however, so consider it. )

yes, the battle has been lost and the war is on the verge, too,
but if they pull you down, you refuse to make it easy for them.
( let them know that they create their own worst nightmare. )

fight even more.

See, your fate condemns you to lose right here and right now,
but it does not get to decide what will come after this fall.
( if you make it into the history books with this, don’t be a mere footnote. )

your body is bruised and broken, your spirit in tatters
and you gnaw on the bitter bones of your defeat, but give it time.
( there are no rules anymore, so take your time. it is your body. )

it is your call now, you get to make the choice this time around,
whether you want to walk away from this or if you want to go back.
( whatever you choose, let it be your choice. not someone’s else. )

you cannot stay away, you realise, and so you dust your armour off,
get your sword from the corner where you dropped it and grit your teeth.
( you know this will not be easy, because it has never been, but here you are.)

it is too late for doubts to cloud your judgement, too late to walk away
and you never actually wanted to quit either, that was only your pain talking.
( you have nothing left to lose but everything and more to gain. ) five.
your past may have shackled you down before, but not now.
you have changed, you are no longer who you used to be.
( and your wings have missed the skies so much. )

this is your rightful place to be, this is where you belong,
and your own choices led you here, your own will carried you.
( and you find, the weight of your world is no longer difficult to carry. )

—  this is how to rise again

“Everyone on this planet, at some point in their lives, has had a major case of the feels. Those days when your heart is just too small to hold the big things you’re feeling. Today’s one of those days. You think of our emotions like they’re this unique personal phenomena…that no one has ever felt what we have felt. There is a basis in science for every emotion we feel. Anger. Love. As a scientist, I know there’s nothing magical about what makes us feel something for someone else. But then I see her smile. Man, that cannot be science.”

Us, meeting for the first time.
 My mom likes your mom,
 and my dad talks to yours.
  I love your blue dress
  and the funny way your hair
  dances on the stars of your shoulders.
       I didn’t knew back then,
but I even liked the sad love cooling your eyes.

Us, meeting for the first time after death.
 My mom is gone, and your wishes to be too.
 Your dad has left and mine prays for me.
  I hate the black you wore,
  that programmed protocol talk,
  and that I didn’t knew you were taller than me.
          I knew right there
that I hated you in spite my heart.

Us, meeting for the first time after the third day.
 Your mom is so happy, it angers me.
 My dad barely knows me, and yours is long gone.
  Everyone fears you,
  they run as if the shadow could reach them.
  But there is no one as scared as you,
          the one who fears its own shadow.
It makes me angrier.

(-I hate your name,
I want to hit you hard
and never see you again.)
[-Then, hit me.]

Us, meeting for the first time in Heaven.
 With another name, you stand.
 I know all your marks and clothes,
my favorite is the blue cape
and the orange, because It’s mine.
  I’m a son to your mother
  like you are a son to my father.
  The sad love is gone, you shine
         as you look up and the tips of your
mess dances in the stars on your shoulders.

(-It’s not fair.
I look at you and I can’t breathe,
you stole my life away once more.)
[-Then, love me a little? Maybe?]

—  (You don’t have to beg for something I’ve been doing my whole life). PD.

For @imagination-factory…a continuation to this imagine. I was feeling a bit angsty when I wrote this. Enjoy!

“What?” Y/N inquired through tears, “What did you just say?”
“You’re pregnant,” Kylo Ren repeated, “I can feel their presence.”

Y/N slowly stood. Anger coursed through her blood. This man just assaulted her throat and mind. Now, he has the audacity to try and manipulate her? No way. She wasn’t having that.

“Liar,” she barked.
“You can feel their presence too,” he bit back at a lower volume, “I know you can.”
Tears fell down her face as the truth stung. “Why should that matter to you? I’m just ‘Jedi Scum’, remember?”

Kylo Ren sheathed his weapon. He wasn’t going to attack her, not like this. She followed suit much to his surprise. The knight decided to move toward her at a gradual pace.

“You’re not scum,” he replied, “A Jedi, yes, but not scum.”
She laughed cynically. “Oh, and what makes me so special?”

Without a word, Kylo Ren traced his gloved hand across her cheeks. He attempted to wipe her pained tears away. His gut knotted slightly knowing he was responsible for some of them. Y/N screamed internally as she allowed this close proximity. She should pull out her lightsaber, wound him, and leave. But…she couldn’t. Instead, her body decided to nuzzle into his hand.

“I love you…that’s why,” he replied sincerely, “Come back with me. I can keep you and the baby safe.”
“Ben…I-I can’t-”
“You don’t have to be a Sith again. I can hide you,” he pleaded, “Snoke won’t touch you.”
Y/N closed her eyes and lowered her gaze. “You know that’s not true.”
“Then I’ll hide you in a system we won’t touch-”
“Ben,” she murmured, “I…I’m sorry. I just can’t.”

Y/N pulled away from the man she realized she still loved. She knew Snoke would know the second she was back. He would have her killed, most likely by Kylo Ren just to be sadistic. Y/N was a Jedi now. She couldn’t go back to that life. Y/N continued to back away, tears only falling quicker down her cheeks.

As she walked away, she decided to send a telepathic message to him.

“I wish you’d come with.”

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Dear mom,


Dear Mom,


You wont be getting this letter anytime soon cause I’ll burn it. It’s bothered me ever since you told me you’d kill yourself because of me. I think I was 15? Sure, yeah I know you and dad weren’t doing well in your marriage and out of all your kids I was still the one living with you so it was easy for you to channel out your anger at me. You spoke ill of my dad all the time that it has taken me YEARS to open to him. Freaking 25 years old now and I still can’t have a long conversation because I think back on what you said about him.

Not just him but everyone. Your other kids, friends and neighbors.  

I know you talk about me too. It doesn’t surprise me.

I don’t want to end up like you so I fight , let myself get mad but lock myself up. But there is till that FEAR inside of me that I will scar my own kids. Why do you pressure me so much in getting married and having kids when you’ve been giving me nothing but negative examples the past 10 years?

I still love and forgive you.

But I wish things could be better between us Mom.

I really miss the mom that saw more of the good in people , the one who thought me how to be strong. But I’m forgetting that woman little by little

Love Rony

I really, really want an episode where Marco PhD helps out Tom with his anger issues and the two have some sort of a very deep conversation together as too why Tom is so easily angered (Come on there has to be an actual reason other than he’s a demon) – is this too much to ask–

And then Marco feels really bad and guilty because for one thing, Tom surely doesn’t know that Marco’s the one who stole his dance with Star, – And that he made false accusations about Tom in the first place and mentally facepalms. 

And after that Marco decides to tell him the truth and readies himself for some harsh impact and a beating, but it never comes to him. 

Since he worked so well with helping Tom control his anger, Tom sees no actual reason to be angry. Yeah, Marco did steal that dance, but he only showed up because he was worried about Star and didn’t trust Tom at the time at all. 

And then it gets somewhat angsty to the point where Tom begins to think that he doesn’t deserve anyone (Including Star)  and starts blaming himself for certain things, and that no one will ever come around to even be in a relationship with such a nuisance and that no one will ever care about him in that way. Basically considering himself to horrible to even be loved.

Marco then feels terrible that he had ruined Tom’s only chance of ever being able to be in a relationship again, so he apologizes again and argues that Tom is wrong and then … .a really really awkward hug happens,, but after that the awkwardness fades away and it’s just a reassuring hug.

But then that butter-face bitch Star walks in and she just stands there staring at them and wondering how they were able to do that without murdering each other, and she’s just going “ohmygod” 

And sooner or later, Marco explains to Star what went on and she just has this HUGE grin on her face and she just skips around the house and teases the two the whole day.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Diaz are really confused about Star’s teasing and why there is a flame demon in their house who happens to be very awkwardly close to Marco. Marco has to explain everything once again and all of a sudden, his parents rush towards Tom and engulf him in a huge hug. And during that, Star continues to do her little teasing thing and goes “Oh I didn’t know it was time to meet the parents already!” And she puts on her shit-eating grin again and Marco just groans into his hands.

And then Mrs. Diaz starts talking to Tom saying that he’s always welcome in the Diaz Family’s house and asks about how Marco was able to teach Tom how to control his anger. And it ends up being something like:

“So did my ‘Pretty Handsome Dude’ do a good job with helping you out?”

Tom just chokes, Star quickly sprints to another room to laugh her ass off, Mrs. Diaz puts on a shit-eating grin of her own, Mr. Diaz is ultimately confused and Marco just stands there with his face turning into the color of his sweater. And you can just hear Star in the background banging on the door as she loses air from her hard laughing.

okay I don’t think this can be an episode due to the other side of Disney’s audience but I have hope

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I hate how racist Clare actually is and people rarely call her on it. You mentioned it in one of your reviews too, that Rafael was a token latino. Now in Lady Midnight we get two token latino characters. Christina is just there to be a prop for the other characters, and Perfect Diego is fetisizhed to hell and back. I'm Mexican myself so it really angers me.

“People rarely call her on it” I don’t know, Clare has a lot of critics and quite a few of them have pointed out the racism. Hard to tell how widespread it is, and yeah, I’ve seen people praise her representation, so I can get the frustration.


Everyone on this planet, at some point in their lives, has had a major case of the feels–those days when your heart is just too small to hold the big things you’re feeling. Today’s one of those days. We think of our emotions like they’re these unique, personal phenomena, that no one has ever felt what we have felt. There is a basis in science for every emotion we feel–anger, love. As a scientist, I know there’s nothing magical about what makes us feel something for someone else… (x)

Fell for you

Request: Can u do one where pan tries to kill you but you still think he has hope and then he falls for you -ANON

A/N: I’ve never had a request like this one so was may have fangirled a little… just a little when I saw this;) I’m such a weirdo. Normal is too mainstream…

Y/N POV   

     I gasped. Why does he always have to be like this. I was pinned against the tree, unable to move. It’s not that I couldn’t but I know he would kill me. He stared right into my eyes, anger glossing over them. I was terrified. What if he really does kill me? He pulled an arrow from one of the boy’s hand. He pulled away from us, afraid of what Pan would do. Peter held the arrow head just above my heart. If I wanna change him and not die, I gotta do something now.

     “I still believe in you…” I whispered, loud enough for only him to hear. He stood back a little. He didn’t let me out of his tight grip. He held tighter to my wrists and I was certain it would bruise. “What?” he asked, his accent thicker than ever. It was like he was at a war with him self. Several emotions travel throughout his eyes; pain, fear, anger… another I couldn’t figure out. “I still believe there’s hope for you.“ I tried to look as if I had never been more hurt, “Why can’t you see there are people who care about you and want to save you from all this? Don’t you get how that makes me feel?”

     He squeezed his eyes shut then let go of my wrists.When he opened them, I saw nothing but guilt and hurt flash through his dark eyes. He looked back at me then walked away as if he would forget it if he left it.


     I could have killed her. Why does she have to go and do that every time I… I walked into my tent and layed across my bed. I needed to get my head straight and right now, I was so close to losing it completely. I shifted so I was on my side. I couldn’t stop thinking about what she has said. Why would she care about me? More importantly, why do I care if she cares? I wish I could just close my eyes and forget about it all. Like it never happened and everything was stay the same.

     I’m still up and it’s already been two hours. It’s about 11 now. I can’t get my mind off of her. No matter what I think of, she pops up. There was this one time when I was nearly about to slit a boy’s head clean off of his shoulders, but she stopped me. All it took was a hand on my shoulder and it was like all the urge was eradicated. The way her hand felt when she touched my for the slightest moment, well, it was like the most fragile thing I have ever felt. Her hands were soft and small. They would fit right my my palm.

     Now that’s all I can think about. I wonder what it would feel like to have her hand laced between my fingers… I turned on my other side. from here I could see the camp. And across the camp, was Y/N’s tent. I had a desire to go in there and just see her. I didn’t have to say anything; I just want to make sure she’s okay. I shifted back onto my back, looking up to the top. Will my brain stop thinking so I can just go to sleep?

     We all know the answer to that… no. Maybe I’m… in… what’s the word? Love! I’m in love with Y/N but she is not with me.


     I can’t believe he tried to kill me! I don’t understand why I’m so surprised by it all. I mean, he’s tried to kill other plenty of times before. Thank God I could stop him.Why am I still thinking about him? Oh that’s right. Because I have been in love with him since the minute I got here. That’s a lie. I hated him at first, I still hate him… for making me feel this way. It’s just everything about him. His eyes, his hair, his smile. Man his smile. It may be evil but it makes your heart stop every time. Why won’t thoughts leave me alone?


     I felt the sun peer through the tent, I knew it was time to get up. I really don’t want to. Can’t I stay in bed all day? I kinda don’t want to see him. “You’ve already slept in two hours… I think it’s time to get up.” I heard that all too familiar voice whisper beside me. So much for that… “Five more minutes…” I mumbled, not carrying the energy to speak. “Come on… I need to talk to you…” I could feel his eyes on me. He sighed and I felt the bed dip down. Great now he’s sitting on the bed and my heart is racing. Marvelous. “What you gunna try to kill meh again?” I could tell my voice was sloppy and unenthusiastic but I’m tired. “That’s… uh… kinda wanted to talk to you about…” I heard the guilt and pain that flowed through his voice. (DID THAT MAKE SENSE?? IT DIDN’T TO ME… HMM) I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

     “Okay wh-”My words were cut off my Peter’s lips. Was this really happening or am I dreaming. I sat there shocked for a while then melted into it. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I broke the kiss when I couldn’t breathe anymore. I took in a breath of air, pressing my forehead to his.

     “I’m sorry Y/N. I’m really, really, really, really sorry. I can’t tell you how sorry I-” this time I cut him off. I cupped his cheeks and pressed my lips to his, letting him know I didn’t care about that  anymore. I should, but I don’t. His hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I didn’t bother to protest. When he pulled away, he took my hands in his. He pulled them down to his lap, his thumbs brushing over the purple bruises on my wrists.

     He placed a kiss on both of them, “I’m sorry… I’m an idiot.” I quickly kissed his cheek, “I love you.” “I love you so much more. Please forgive me?” You should always take that apology because it’s rare and right now I already had. “Accepted.” I whispered, pulling him down so he could layed down with me for just a little longer.