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Signs as Overwatch Characters Based Off What I Know of Them
  • Aries: Torbjörn, intimidating but with a squishy side, stubborn as hell and not afraid to throw someone into the ring of fire when angered
  • Taurus: McCree or Roadhog, either way they end up on the Chaotic side of the alignment and tend to be either really good at smooth talking or always on Edge™
  • Gemini: Tracer, energy everywhere, the one who thinks that ice cream is okay for dinner, no one knows how much they actually sleep or if they do, mentally exhausted but always has their signature smile
  • Cancer: Reaper, so edgy and emotional, always trying too hard, it's okay if you don't win ever Uno game, probably needs a hug
  • Leo: Lúcio, it doesn't matter if you've got this or not cause you're going to have fun, probably has a playlist for each mood and or at least a good study/work playlist, that friend that pays for your meals with any IOUs taken
  • Virgo: Hanzo or Zarya, get some sleep, could scam you with their knowledge but chooses not to, cherish their smiles, collects small knick-knacks everywhere they go
  • Libra: Mei or Symmetra, they like going to the pool over the ocean or lake, drinks tea over coffee, will Roast You™ regardless of standing friendships
  • Scorpio: Widowmaker, tries to act detached but always has that one person in the group who reels them in, probably good at making hot chocolate, likes fluffy socks, embarrassed by subtle romantic things
  • Sagittarius: D.Va or Soldier: 76, will fight you anywhere anytime, meet them in the ball pit, highly skilled at one thing and the rest doesn't matter to them, dad jokes
  • Capricorn: Genji, arrogant arse who thinks they're above everyone, sometimes gives sound advice, is the kid who sat on windowsills and staring out the window in an attempt to be Cool™, closeted weeb
  • Aquarius: Sombra, will fight for you but ultimately there for their own objectives, they're happiest when they're free, craves sweets everyday, high impulse control
  • Pisces: Mercy, tries to be nice but it usually backfires, Absolutely Done with everyone, gives second chances but not thirds, the one who smiles as they kill you


Stripped - Part 1

Summary: Being a high powered publicist, the reader is hired to work with the destructive rock star Jensen Ackles. Her task is to revamp his difficult image from the ground up. Will the reader succeed? Or will she get sucked into his crazy life?

Pairing: rockstar!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,175

“Well, shit. I was expecting room service but fuck that noise. Wanna be my breakfast, sweet girl?” Jensen sucks in his bottom lip, practically radiating sin while his eyes drink you in. Who the hell answers the door like that? Jensen motherfucking Ackles.

“No thanks.” You smirk in amusement, taking in the rock star’s disheveled but still delicious appearance. This man will make or break your fucking world, you’re still torn which way you want it to go.

“Then how will I know if you’re a good girl or a bad girl?” 

“I have to say…you’re even more entertaining than I thought you’d be.” The giggle that slips past your lips erases Jensen’s arrogant smile, a pissed off scowl is now staring back at you.

“I’m too hung over for fucking games. Who the hell are you?” He abruptly snarls, chugging down the vodka hiding in his glass of orange juice.

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Green Day songs for when you are feeling ________

Joy/hopeful: 99 Revolutions, 21st Century Breakdown, Carpe Diem, Forever Now, Good Riddance (Time of your life), Holiday, 21 Guns, King for a Day, Last of the American Girls, Minority, Ordinary World, Outlaws, Revolution Radio, See the Light, Somewhere Now, Still Breathing, Sweet 16, Waiting, Welcome to Paradise, ¡Viva la Gloria!

Love: 1,000 Hours, 80, 2,000 Light Years Away, Dry Ice, Fell for you, Hearts Collide, Last Night on Earth, Missing you, Only of you, Redundant, Scattered, See you tonight, Stay the Night, Sweet 16, The one I want, Whatsername, When it’s Time, Youngblood

Anger: Bab’s Uvula Who?, Brat, Christian’s Inferno, East Jesus Nowhere, Letterbomb, F.O.D, Ha Ha You’re Dead, Having a Blast, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, Kill the DJ, Know your Enemy, Platypus(I Hate You), Say Goodbye, Take Back, You Lied

Confusion: A Little Boy Named Train, Are We the Waiting, Armatage Shanks, Coming Clean, Going to Pasalacqua, Jaded, Knowledge, Loss of Control, One for the Razorbacks, One of my lies, The Static Age, Too Dumb to Die, Walking Contradiction, Why do you want him?, X-Kid

Sadness/Pain: Amy, Give me novacaine, Macy’s Day Parade, Misery, No one knows, Outlaws, Pulling Teeth, Restless Heart Syndrome, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Whatsername, Words I Might Have Ate

Pity/Desperation: Brutal Love, Church on Sunday, Emenius Sleepus, Hitchin’ a Ride, Lazy Bones, Misery, Murder City, Oh Love, Paper Lanterns, Pulling Teeth, The Forgotten, Walk Away, ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)

Disgust: 86, All the Time, Jackass, Nice Guys Finish Last, Platypus (I hate you), Prosthetic Head, Reject, Sick of Me, Stuart and the Ave., The Grouch

Bored: Christie Road, Last Ride In, Lazy Bones, Longview, Rest, Rotting, Sassafras Roots, Tired Of Waiting For You, When I Come Around

Afraid: 16, Don’t wanna fall in love, Don’t leave me, No Pride, Peacemaker, Road to Acceptance, Troubled Times, Warning, X-Kid, Working Class Hero

Anxiety: Basket Case, Brain Stew, Burnout, No Pride, One of My Lies, Panic Song, Stuck With Me, Suffocate, Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?

Alone: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Castaway, Disappearing Boy, Jesus Of Suburbia, Misery, Missing You, Suffocate, Walking Alone

Jealousy: Chump, In The End, Nice Guys Finish Last, Paper Lanterns

The Only Exception (Part 9)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,249

Warnings: language, confrontation, threats, therapy session, talks of trauma, dangerous situation, talk of messed up people. Author note under cut.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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Captain Swan Fic Masterlist!

As promised here is my own Captain Swan smut Masterlist! These are all rated M (with a few exceptions) and I hope you enjoy! I will for sure be adding to this as time goes on. And if you have any that are your favorites that aren’t on this list, let me know! I love reading more! Some fic’s on this list are a given, but others you may not have read before. I tried to organize it the best I could. I hope you like them and have fun reading;)

Season 2

Emma and Killian beanstalk smut and first time.


Early season two smut, where hook captures Emma and but later feels bad and lets her go.


Angsty smut in the alley behind Granny’s when hook finds a way to get to Storybrooke in season two and asks her some questions.


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 Word count: 794

 It’s almost midnight, but you aren’t tired. When you order another piece of cake, Jason, a guy who has been a fellow initiate, sits beside you. You keep quiet, eating and laughing at Kevin’s jokes, the man who’s working at the bar.

 “This one was great, right, (Y/N)?”

 “One of your best, K.” You admit.

 “I haven’t seen you around lately.”

 You look at Jason with a small fake smile. “I’ve been busy.”

 “Leadership, I know. And there comes another one.” He tilts his head to the other side of the small bar, to Eric, your lovely coworker. He sits away from you, well, he rather stays away from anyone.

 “Yeah,” you say, trying to make him see that you don’t wanna talk. You heard about Jason. Always mean and cruel. Not that different from Eric, you’re aware, but Jason was a shameful fighter. You were feeling sick just to hear him breathe.

 “Where you’re living now?”

 “Where the leaders use to live.” It’s Eric who answers. You look at him, with a confused expression on your face. You didn’t know he was paying attention.

 “Wasn’t talking to you.”

 “You can take his answer as mine.”

 “I thought you didn’t need someone to talk for you, (Y/N).” Jason’s smile makes you push away your piece of cake and get up.

 “I rather not to talk to you.”

 “Why? We have nothing to lose. I’m single and so are you. And we’re in the best place in the world”

 “Are you crazy?” You turn to him again, with both your hands on your hips.

 “What’s wrong with you? You’re Dauntless now. What’s wrong with a one night stand?”

 “Being Dauntless doesn’t mean she has to be stupid like you.” Eric stands up and speaks before I can even think of a good answer.

 “Excuse me?” You whisper to him.

 “Shut up, let me deal with him,” Eric whispers back. You gasp in shock. What’s happening with him?

 “Why is he defending you?” Jason stands up too, and you feel the tension between the men.

 “I don’t know. Now, kids, go to sleep.”

 “Sure. My offer is up if you want.”

 “She won’t be your one night stand.” The anger on Eric’s voice makes you grab his arm and pull him out the bar.

 You don’t care about what’s wrong with Eric tonight, but you don’t want any problems. You let him go as soon as you’re out, but he keeps following you through the compound. Both of you live on the same corridor, but your apartment is slightly far from his. You stop next to your door and turn on your heels to face Eric.

 “Tell me what the hell was that, would you?”

 “Jason has caused enough problems. And I heard he impregnated a girl who’s raising the kid alone. I don’t want this for you.” Eric sounds weird. A weight on his voice, something you never heard before.

 “Why do you even care? You insult me and shout at me whenever you can. Why do you care now? ” You try your best to stay still and don’t let him notice that your hopes are getting high. Since your initiation, you’re completely in love with the bastard, even though he has many flaws you can’t stand. But you also try to keep both feet on the ground.

 “You’re right. I shouldn’t care. You didn’t even say thank you.” He looks at the ground and then turns to leave, but you won’t let him go without an explanation. No one, not even Eric, is allowed to mess with your life and leave like it was nothing. You walk fast until you’re before him, staring into those icy blue eyes.

 “Thank you,” you whisper. You never had the chance to stay that close to him, and to be honest, the man is even more handsome than you thought. You lose your breath for a second.

 “You’re welcome. Will you let me go now? ”


 “What do you want?”

 “Sorry.” You gather all the courage you have and pull him to you by the collar of his coat.

 Kissing Eric is an old fantasy, and right now, you couldn’t let the chance slip through your fingers. You kiss him quickly, pulling away before he gets mad.

 “Sorry.” You mutter again.

 He smiles at you, amused, and you look down.

 “That was interesting,” Eric says before leaning close and capturing you in a slowly kiss, something you never expected from him since he was all about roughness. After a while, you both pull away to breathe, but he keeps you close.

 “Well, that was interesting. You were jealous.”  You whisper, a small smile on your lips.

 “Yes. That guy will never get anywhere near you again.”

anonymous asked:

what do you think keith's parents were like?

there are a lot of possibilities behind them and i’m open to any interpretation but as for my personal headcanon:

mother: stubborn, angry, arrogant, comes off as an asshole when you first meet her but is actually a very caring, passionate, encouraging person who’s always ready to reassure people even in the most dire of times, fiercely protective of loved ones, lives by the “fight or die” mentality most galra do. A fighter and leader (possible leader of the blade of marmora before kolivian?) Keith has a lot of her in him 

father: kind, helpful, calm, empathetic, a pacifist, also encouraging but in a more quiet soft way rather than the bombastic way keith’s mother is. Isn’t interested in fighting and just wants to lead a quiet happy life with his family (big family man). Probably thinks aliens are rlly dumb (but still loves one of them). Wanted to shelter keith from any of kind of alien war going on because keith’s his son before he’s a soldier of any kind. Under all the layers of brooding and anger, I like to think keith has some of his father in him too, it just takes a lot of nurturing and trust for him to show it

The daughter's burden

Batfam X reader
Description: reader is Bruce’s actual daughter and doesn’t know about the “night jobs” that the family has. Requested.
A/n: this can end 2 ways. Really bad or really good. We’ll see. Sorry it’s long

Y/n L/n, the true daughter of Bruce Wayne. The media was having a field day when they realized that he actually had another kid. Your mom had recently died of cancer and you had never known your father. You had found a letter from her explaining your parentage and when you showed it to the woman in charge of your foster home, she had insisted on a DNA test. The results were positive.

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Steven is gonna learn new things

That’s almost a given at this point. You just know the Diamonds will be throwing accusations at him. Accusations that he’ll have no way of responding too since no one tells him anything. 

Steven: “Yes, you should’ve brought it. It’s lucky something has some information that I don’t have to get out of them!”

He is rightfully angry at the Gems. They don’t tell him anything, despite promising that they would. And, to be honest, the fact that Steven’s anger just evaporates because things start going wrong was annoying. 

Instead he goes full speed into blaming himself mode. Where everything is his fault. Because he wanted to know the truth. Becasue he wanted to know anything. 

  • They didn’t tell him about the fact that there are other Gems until Lapis was literally staring them in the face. 
  • They didn’t tell him the truth about the “gem monsters” until they had too, because Amethyst blurted it out.
  • They didn’t tell him of the Diamonds until Peridot did. 
  • They didn’t tell him about Pink Diamond at all until a broken Jasper literally screamed her name in his face.
  • They didn’t tell him the truth about Rose until Eyeball revealed that she shattered Pink Diamond. Instead they let him believe in an idealized version of Rose. 
  • He only learned the truth about the war from Greg (also Centipeetle and Lapis)
  • And Garnet didn’t tell Steven about Blue Diamond. She just wanted him to not go simply because she asked. The entirety of StevenBomb 5 could’ve been avoided if she had been honest. But she wasn’t

In fact, the only Gem in the show that answers questions honestly and/or reveals information is Peridot. Whatever question Steven asked, she answered. 

The more is revealed, the more it seems that the Gems words are just that: words. They mean nothing. 

  • They say that Rose tried healing the corrupted Gems, but they themselves seem to view it as a lost cause. And thus Steven trying is also a lost cause. 
  • They say that they will tell Steven what he wishes to know, but refuses to do so when he asks. 
  • They say that they should do something about the Rubies, but they never do. Instead one literally has to crash land on Earth. 
  • And they keep blindly believing in Rose despite the fact that more and more of her lies are revealed. Pearl was heartbroken that Rose had lied - that she had kept secrets from her. And yet she does the same thing to Steven. 

And, now, Steven’s I’m-gonna-blame-myself mode has come full circle. He’s headed to Homeworld. Without the Gems. And you know that he will learn some harsh truths. Truth he will have no way of defending/responding too since no one told him about it. 

The rift between him and the Gems will only grow wider at this point. Or, at least, there will be a rift. Because Steven is getting increasingly sick of not being told anything. And I’m right there with him. 

Lemonade Poetry


I tried to make a home outta you.
But doors lead to trapdoors. A stairway leads to nothing.
Unknown women wander the hallways at night.
Where do you go when you go quiet?
You remind me of my father, a magician. Able to exist in two places at once.
In the tradition of men in my blood you come home at 3AM and lie to me.
What are you hiding? The past, and the future merge to meet us here.
What luck. What a fucking curse.


I tried to change.
Closed my mouth more.
Tried to be soft, prettier.
Fasted for 60 days.
Wore white.
Abstained from mirrors.
Abstained from sex.
Slowly did not speak another word.
In that time my hair grew past my ankles.
I slept on a mat on the floor.
I swallowed a sword.
I levitated… into the basement, I confessed my sins and was baptized in a river.
Got on my knees and said, “Amen.” And said I mean. I whipped my own back and asked for dominion at your feet.
I threw myself into a volcano.
I drank the blood and drank the wine.
I sat alone and begged and bent at the waist for God.
I crossed myself and thought… I saw the devil.
I grew thickened skin on my feet.
I bathed…in bleach and plugged my menses with pages from the Holy Book.
But still inside me coiled deep was the need to know.
Are you cheating? Are you cheating on me?


If this what you truly want.
I can wear her skin…over mine.
Her hair, over mine.
Her hands as gloves.
Her teeth as confetti.
Her scalp, a cap.
Her sternum, my bedazzled cane.
We can pose for a photograph.
All three of us, immortalized.
You and your perfect girl.
I don’t know when love became elusive.
What I know is no one I know has it.
My father’s arms around my mother’s neck.
Fruit too ripe to eat.
I think of lovers as trees…
…growing to and from one another.
Searching for the same light.
Why can’t you see me? Why can’t you see me? (Why can’t you) Why can’t you see me? Everyone else can.


So what are you gonna say at my funeral now that you’ve killed me?

Here lies the body of the love of my life, whose heart I broke without a gun to my head. Here lies the mother of my children both living and dead. Rest in peace, my true love, who I took for granted, most bomb pussy, who because of me, sleep evaded. Her shroud is loneliness.

Her God was listening.
Her heaven would be a love without betrayal.
Ashes to ashes…dust to side chicks.


She sleeps all day…dreams of you in both worlds.
Tills the blood in and out of uterus. Wakes up smelling of zinc.
Grief, sedated by orgasm.
Orgasm heightened by grief.
God was in the room when the man said to the woman, “I love you so much. Wrap your legs around me and pull me in, pull me in, pull me in.”
Sometimes when he’d have her nipple in his mouth, she’d whisper, “Oh my God.” That, too, is a form of worship.
Her hips grind pestle and mortar, cinnamon and cloves, whenever he pulls out.
Dear moon, we blame you for floods…for the flush of blood…for men who are also wolves. We blame you for the night, for the dark, for the ghosts.
Every fear…
Every nightmare…anyone has ever had.


You find the black tube inside her beauty case.
Where she keeps your father’s old prison letters.
You desperately want to look like her.
You look nothing like your mother.
You look everything like your mother.
Film star, beauty.
How to wear your mother’s lipstick.
You go to the bathroom to apply the lipstick.
Somewhere no one can find you.
You must wear it like she wears disappointment on her face.
Your mother is a woman.
And women like her can not be contained.
Mother dearest, let me inherit the Earth.
Teach me how to make him beg.
Let me make up for the years he made you wait.
Did he bend your reflection?
Did he make you forget your own name?
Did he convince you he was a God?
Did you get on your knees daily?
Do his eyes close like doors?
Are you a slave to the back of his head?
Am I talking about your husband or your father?


He bathes me…
…until I forget their names…and faces.
I ask him to look me in the eye when I come…home.
Why do you deny yourself heaven?
Why do you consider yourself undeserving?
Why are you afraid of love? You think it’s not possible for someone like you.
But you are the love of my life…love of my life…the love of my life…the love of my life.


Baptize me…
…now that reconciliation is possible.
If we’re gonna heal, let it be glorious.
One thousand girls raise their arms.
Do you remember being born?
Are you thankful?
Are the hips that cracked…
…the deep velvet of your mother…
…and her mother…
…and her mother?
There is a curse that will be broken.


You are terrifying…
…and strange…
…and beautiful.


The nail technician pushes my cuticles back…
…turns my hand over, stretches the skin on my palm and says:
“I see your daughters, and their daughters.”
That night in a dream the first girl emerges from a slit in my stomach.
The scar heals into a smile.
The man I love pulls the stitches out with his fingernails.
We leave black sutures curling on the side of the bath.
I wake as the second girl crawls headfirst up my throat.
A flower blossoming out of the hole in my face.


Take one pint of water, add a half pound of sugar, the juice of eight lemons…
…the zest of half lemon.
Pour the water from one jug, then into the other, several times.
Strain through a clean napkin.
Grandmother, the alchemist.
You spun gold out of this hard life.
Conjured beauty from the things left behind.
Found healing where it did not live.
Discovered the antidote in your own kitchen.
Broke the curse with your own two hands.
You passed these instructions down to your daughter.
Who then passed it down to her daughter.
My grandma said, nothing real can be threatened.
True love brought salvation back into me.
With every tear came redemption.
And my torturer became my remedy.
So we’re gonna heal, we’re gonna start again.
You’ve brought the orchestra.
Synchronized swimmers, you are the magician.
Pull me back together again the way you cut me in half.
Make the woman in doubt disappear.
Pull the sorrow from between my legs like silk, knot after knot after knot.
The audience applauds…
…but we can’t hear them.

Warsan Shire


Hey I think I got this😂my request is the reader uses passive aggressive anger as an emotional control making the reader sarcastic and a little morbid. The reader has no central point of where the hurt stems from its just too many bottled emotions that she forces back until Spencer coaxed her to let him in the only way he knows how - making her mad. I suck at making things short, hope this is okay enough😂 feel free to interpret and change what you’d like! I enjoy any and all you have to write!

@gublermeup, I hope you enjoy your one-shot because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

“Guess she should’ve called first,” you deadpanned.

Hotch had had enough. He grabbed your arm and yanked you out of the victim’s mothers home, and when he tossed you out onto the porch, you merely shrugged off his reaction.

“What? It’s the truth,” you shrugged.

“Go back to the precinct,” he bit before shutting the door in your face.

You had always been this way: sarcastic, morbid, emotionally compartmentalized. You couldn’t remember a time when you weren’t. You didn’t enjoy the feeling of vulnerability, and you sure as hell didn’t like being surprised.

But even you knew you had crossed a line.

I mean, when someone shows up at a victim’s home who was killed by their best friend’s killer when she walked in without calling first, who in their right mind tells the grieving family member, “I guess she should’ve called first”?

No one, that’s who.

No one except you.

And yet, there you were, driving back to the precinct with other thoughts swirling around in your head.

Like you didn’t even do anything wrong.

Reid was flabbergasted.

He calmed the mother down from your statement, but he was only half paying attention at this point. Yes, you were cold-hearted, and yes, your sarcastic tones got annoying, but you had never been cruel.

This was downright cruel.

He could see Hotch seething behind his eyes, and he wasn’t so sure you wouldn’t be out of a job.

But, before any of that traversed, he was determined to figure out exactly what just happened.

After the day had wound down and one of your sarcastic comments had led to the actual finding of the unsub, Hotch declared another night’s stay in the hotel before venturing back on the plane in the morning.

But, you decided to check out and rent a car to go home.

“Do whatever you want,” Hotch sighed.

He was done with you, and you knew it.

Just like everything else is eventually done with you.

You served your purpose to him, and now he didn’t care what happened to you.

So, you packed your bag, slammed your way out of the hotel, and headed for the nearest car rental station.

But, Reid was hot on your heels.

“I’m coming with you,” Reid said as he dropped his bag down beside you.

“No, thank you,” you said lightly as you filled out the paperwork.

“Not a choice,” Reid breathed.

“Funny, that’s how rape culture is perpetrated,” you mumble to yourself.

“Nope. Rape culture is perpetrated by the idea that women are somehow responsible for their own victimization. It’s the sexist idea that women need to cover themselves up to prevent rape rather than teaching men that rape, in general, is wrong.”

“Some women like it rough,” you sigh as the woman behind the desk looks at you oddly.

“Jesu-Y/N, seriously?” Spencer asked.

“I can go all night… and I will, if you get in that car,” you said as you turned around and looked him in the eye.

But, what Spencer expected to see, he didn’t.

Instead of anger and frustration, he saw…


You had wholly closed yourself off.

“I’m coming with you,” Reid says as he picks up his bag.

You shrugged and began to walk away, and you had to admit that when he actually climbed into the car you felt your blood pressure tick up a few notches.

“Get out,” you grumble.

“No,” he says as the two of you sit there in the car.

Reid studied your body. If your face wasn’t going to show anything, it means you weren’t putting as much energy into covering up your bodily language as you thought you were.

And he was right.

“Everyone gets tired of you eventually,” Reid stated. He didn’t mean it as a true statement, he meant it as an observation.

But, the reaction it sparked gave him a bit of hope.

“Tell me something else new, genius,” you quip as you start the car.

His heart sank for you as you began to pull out of the rental parking lot.

So, he decided to make you angrier.

“You drop them just as quick, though. Hotch might be done with you, but you’ll be just as done with us,” Reid postulated.

He also saw you white-knuckle the steering wheel.

“No worries. Life goes on. Someone will come in to replace you eventually.”

But, that time he saw your blinking uptick, and he wondered whether or not he should stop.

“You think you’re all hot-shots and big-wigs and people others look up to,” you begin as the car begins to speed up down the highway.

This wasn’t good.

“You think that because you can remember lots of shit and speed read that somehow it makes you special.”

“Y/N…y-you’re uh…”

“You think that because you don’t take vacation and focus more on your job and have some mom deteriorating somewhere that people will just… buy your sob story and be lenient on you!?”

You were now going well over 100.

“Y/N!” Spencer yelped as you careened onto the highway.

“You think because I don’t show emotion that I don’t have any!? Huh!? You think because I’m sarcastic and don’t give a shit that somehow tossing me out like garbage is fine!?”

“Y/N…. please….” Spencer begged as he grasped onto the emergency handle above him.

“Well, let me tell you something about little miss emotionless…” you hiss.

But, before you could get a sentiment out, blue lights began flashing behind you, and Spencer was hyperventilating as you came to a screeching halt on the side of the road.

And then, just before the cop approached your side of the car, you slowly turned your head to meet Spencer’s fearful eyes.

“… the emotions you want died with her family.”

“Ma’am,” the officer says as he knocks on your window, “roll down your window.”

So, you went through the motions of showing him your credentials and telling him about an imaginary lead you were following on a case, and that you would slow it down and you were sorry. The officer bought it, bid you good luck, and sent you on your way.

And Spencer’s eyes were watering as he watched you pull back out onto the road.

“Your-…your family?” he asked.

“No worries,” you sigh as your demeanor changes back to its dead one, “I’ve lost a family before. I can lose one again”

And Spencer didn’t know what to say.

From the Dining Table, Pt. 1 (Ethan)

Summary: Before moving out of the home you once shared with your fame hungry ex-boyfriend, you sit down to write him a letter, explaining to him why you left and where to find you if he ever comes to look for you.

Word Count: 2,352

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: This idea hit me in the middle of the night while listening to Harry Styles’ new album, specifically the last song entitled “From the Dining Table.” I highly recommend you listen to the song while reading this imagine for the full effect. I also apologize in advance if I make anyone feel things; writing this had me feeling all the things. I might turn this into a mini-series if it gets enough love, so please enjoy! Requests are open!

“I honestly never thought this day would come, Mom.” You grab the last of the pictures of you and your ex-boyfriend sitting on the dresser and throw them into a cardboard box in the entrance of the bedroom. “I’m moving out of the house I shared with the person I thought I was going to marry, and he doesn’t even know I’m leaving. Do you hear how twisted that sounds?”

Your mom places the rest of your t-shirts into the open suitcase on the floor. “Honey, you can’t predict the future. You didn’t know he was going to turn out to be this way.”

“We’ve been friends since we were in diapers, Mom. Nothing about him or the way he was raised would have indicated that this would have happened. He used to just be a goofy kid with a camera… What happened?”

She stands up to zip the suitcase. “I don’t know, but you’ve been turning that over in your head for God knows how long now. Haven’t you tortured yourself enough?”

“Hasn’t he tortured me enough?”

The both of you sigh and your stomach begins to twist. You pick up the cardboard box and a couple of tote bags laying around, following your mom as she drags the suitcase out into the dining room, the wheels echoing through the nearly empty house as they click on the wooden floor.

“Y/N, fame changes people. I just hope for his own good that one day he realizes what he truly lost… Okay, do we have everything?”

You shift from one foot to the other, trying to subdue the pain in your abdomen that’s only growing. “Yeah, I think so. My clothes are all packed, the electricity will be shut off by the city tonight, my pictures are all put away, and we loaded all the furniture into the truck yesterday.”

“All, except the table,” she notes.

“Yeah, that’s not mine. I’m leaving it for…” you trail off as you glance at the surface, remembering the notebook and pens you packed in one of your totes.

“Hey Mom, why don’t you take the rest of this stuff? I’ll be outside in a second, I just have something I want to do, first.”

“Okay, but don’t take too long. I want to ride the daylight out as much as possible. You know I have a hard time driving at night.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

Your mom takes the box from you before pushing it and the suitcase out the door. She shuts it behind her while you pull your stationary out from one of the bags, setting it on the table. You take off the cap of your pen, breathing deeply before pressing it to the paper:

 I don’t want to be angry with you anymore, Ethan, but I am. I’m so god damn angry.

I want to live my life and not think about you or hear your laugh everywhere I go. I want to look in the mirror and see my face again instead of yours. I regret cutting all my hair off just so I could look like you. I wish I had the power to delete our song off of my phone. I wish I wasn’t slumped over the dining room table, crying while I was writing this.

You’re so selfish that it makes me sick. The very first night I met you, I didn’t know I’d grow up to consider you my best friend. I never expected to become this attached to you. But, fast forward to the day you left me: when you walked out the door, you took the oxygen from my lungs.

You’re just a set of bones and a beating heart. How did you mess me up so bad?

I was such a fool to think you’d adhere to your resolution to live as normal of a life as possible. You used to know that life has so much more to offer than posting moody pictures on Instagram and hoping it gets over 500,000 likes or ignoring the people who built you up because it makes you feel powerful. What you’ve become absolutely disgusts me, and the worst part of it all is that you don’t even know what the time apart has done to me. I never got to celebrate your birthday with you, something that was a dream of ours to do together. I couldn’t give you Christmas presents this year. I couldn’t sit with you and your family while they grilled hot dogs in your back yard on the Fourth of July. I couldn’t do any of this because you only think of yourself anymore. It’s like you’ve completely forgotten about me.

Right before your departure, you told me you’d come back for me. You said you would text and call whenever you could until we would see each other again in person. I got your first text soon after, and for a while it felt like we were never apart; it felt like the oxygen in my lungs was restored. You’d call me after every show and every promotional event, so excited and in awe that you couldn’t wait to tell me about everything that happened. As time went on though, with the more people you met and the higher you climbed up the ladder, the texts became fewer and farther in between. My phone rang less often until it stopped ringing all together. You didn’t text me anymore. I had to learn about everything you were doing through friends and social media. I can’t count the number of voicemails I left you, afraid that I smothered you and apologizing for being the reason you pushed me away. I know now that it had absolutely nothing to do with me, but I can’t help but hope that one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry, too. It never happens, though. You never do.

You friends tell me that this is normal, that getting through the separation anxiety is the worst part. But, let me ask you this: Was it normal for me to curl up in the fetal position in the middle of the hallway after you walked out of the door? Was it normal for me not to sleep a wink after you were gone? I would scream into the dark of night, begging for you to come back. I would pray for you, and you know how I feel about religion. Praying was something you did before every meal and every night before bedtime. I would watch you clasp your hands together and close your eyes while your lips gracefully moved to form silent requests of peace, grace, and mercy. Do you remember when you asked me about religion? I pressed my lips into a hard line, squeezing my hands together so tightly that I lost feeling within seconds. I did it though, I got down on my knees by my bedside hoping that you would be able to hear me through whatever kind of higher power you believed in. It turns out I was wrong.

Let me tell you that if God does exist, He’s a vulture. He’s completely unfair. The kind of lives He had in store for both of us was cruel and downright disgusting; He chose me for endless suffering and He chose you to poison the lives of everyone you meet. So much for being a good guy, huh?

The worst part of all of this is the fact that despite my anger and resentment towards your addiction to fame and how you chose it over me, you’ve taught me more than I could have ever imagined. It makes me sad, but one of those lessons is the fact that once people are broken in certain ways, they can’t be fixed. This is something that no one ever tells you when you’re young; it never fails to surprise me when I look around and see people close to me breaking one by one. I should probably get it in my head. I saw it happen to you and then I felt it happen to me. I did almost everything to try and heal the resulting pain, including hurting myself in ungodly disturbing ways. I didn’t, however sleep with strangers and then leave them in the cold like the tabloids said you did.

But, see, even if I did such an ugly, terrible thing, those people would never fill this hole. I’m always going to want you. I’m always going to choose you.

I hate myself for that. I hate that I can be so angry and so vicious toward what you’ve become, but at the end of the night I lay in bed knowing I’m always going to be waiting for you. I can lie to myself all I want about it and yet I still find myself walking around every day thinking about how different circumstances would be if you were by my side at any particular moment. I tell myself to avoid everything that reminds me of you; instead I expose myself to those things even more because I don’t know how to live without the hole in my chest anymore. I can easily say I’ve failed at attempting to get over you and I don’t want to make any more attempts. The only way I can carry you with me now is by carrying the pain of you not being with me. The pain has been there for two years, five months, three weeks, and two days. This is the only way I know how to live now.

But, above all else, the one thing I desperately need you to know is that even before my anger, pity, and resentment, if you ever end up calling me again, even if it’s at 4 AM and you’re too sad to say a word, I won’t yell at you about how much of my life you’ve consumed. Rather, I will intently listen to your silence until you’re able to fall asleep again. If you need to cry, I won’t wipe away your tears because we’re only human and sometimes tears are the closest we can get to laughter and that’s okay. If you need to yell so ferociously that your voice gives out and your knees fail you, I’ll be there to hold you up and I’ll yell with you to make you feel less alone. If you get so angry that you punch your hands raw, I will ice your knuckles and gently remind you that wounds do eventually heal, both inside and out, just like the way harsh winters give way to warm springs. I will be your warm spring again, and I will do all of this because I love you unconditionally, even when you spite me and drive me insane. Sometimes I think I’d be better off dead than putting up with everything that comes with you, and I hate the fact that I don’t hate you. I just love you. My love is over, underneath, inside, and in between all the struggles that we have faced.

Now, I’m begging you, Ethan. If you ever decide to come look for me, I’ve left California; I can’t live in a place that feels so artificial anymore. I’m going back to the beginning, the place where you and I planted our roots, where we ran around in the sprinklers in the summer and made snow angels in the winter, where we tossed our high school graduation caps in the air and took weekend trips driving into the city. I’m going back to the place where I can find myself again. If you ever decide to come look for me, I’ll be waiting for you there.

Wiping the tears from your eyes, you fold the piece of paper down in thirds before placing it in an envelope and sloppily addressing it with an “E”. A horn honks outside, cueing you to grab the last of your bags and place the letter in the middle of the table. As you approach the front door, you turn around to take in the empty house one last time. All of the memories you and Ethan shared together here begin to dance in front of your eyes and you sigh to yourself, grateful that they’re going to stay with you for the rest of your life, but heartbroken you have to leave this behind. Finally, you step out onto the front porch and lock the door behind you.

“Alright, I’m good. I’ve got everything,” you grunt as you climb into the passenger seat of the moving van, tossing the bags behind you.

Your mom reaches over from the driver’s side to place her hand on your cheek. “You are such a brave girl. I am so proud of you for starting to let go.”

You close your eyes and place a hand on her wrist. “Thanks, Mom. Can we please go now, though, before I get too sentimental? I don’t want to cry anymore. My lungs already hurt too much.”

The both of you let go of each other to click your seat belts in place, and as your mom pulls the truck out of the neighborhood and onto the highway, you roll the windows down and turn on the radio. After several minutes of humming along to the music and getting lost in your own thoughts, your mom’s voice startles you.

“Do you think he’ll ever come back?”

You shift in your seat, unsure how to answer. “It’s been over two years, Mom.”

“What if he decides to come back to the house and you’re not there?”

“He has a key. He can get in.”

“But you won’t be there.”

You pause for a moment. “No, I won’t be. But I have a feeling that if he ever comes across what I left for him, he’ll know exactly where to find me.”

“And where’s that?”

You glance out the window, the vast, California landscape speeding by you as you head for the state line. The two of you have a long drive ahead of you back to the East Coast, almost 2,800 miles.

“Home. I told him to come home.”

the right to remain silent

Okay so I recently hit a follower and a fic milestone, and my immediate reaction was just to go, “oh, nice!” and eat some ice-cream - but then my sister, who is my conscience in human form, said, “Why on earth are you congratulating yourself? You should be doing something nice for the people who made this possible!” so in the end I went “Alright alright alright have this terrible ficlet I wrote in like 20 minutes”. Thanks for everything, guys!

“my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so hard” AU based on this post . (It was supposed to be Zutara, but honestly? It’s basically Hakoda deciding to adopt Zuko)

the right to remain silent 

“Are you okay with this, or do you want me to change the station?” Hakoda says. Silence greets him, so he glances into the rear view mirror at the boy sitting behind him, who is looking back at him with anger and apprehension and uncertainty written over his face. It’s actually a pretty impressive range of emotions he’s displaying, given the fact that the kid really only has one eye.

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One Night Stand

Request: can i request a oneshot please? id like one where you and bellamy secretly like each other but you two are really sarcastic and you fight a lot and one day you two were on a mission and they had to sleep next to each other in a cave and bellamy surprise the reader by putting his arms around her in his sleep and spooning her. just this with a lot of sass and sarcasm, please? thank you :)

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, it was such a cute idea! i absolutely loved writing it. By the way, if you’ve requested and still haven’t seen it posted, I apologize. I’m working as quick as i can but i also need breaks and I don’t want to upload too much during one day. Know, that your story has been noted or already written, and is just being waited to be uploaded. I do them in the order I receive.

Warning: fluff.


Originally posted by hvproductions

“Princess!” You rolled your eyes, anger rolling off you in waves as you clenched your fists. What could he possibly want now? Straightening out, you turned to look for Bellamy only to gasp when you noticed he was directly in front of you, with no shirt.

You let your eyes wander down his chest, hating yourself for loving every inche of his body. He was rude and cocky and thought he owned the place, but he had an incredible body and you might just like him secretly. But you’ve never done or said anything in fear of rejected. Bellamy was a playboy and liked to sleep with any girl he could get his hands on, you weren’t willing to be a one night stand and why would he give it all up for just you?

But despite that you were always around him. Constantly bickering over things you didn’t agree on, arguing over stupid little things or name calling and insulting. Part of you hated it because it was so silly and you thought that Bellamy thought nothing of it. Sometimes you thought maybe you actually did really annoy him that much.

But despite that, you kept coming back because if that was the only way you were gonna ‘be’ with him, then you’d deal with it.

“What, ol’mighty king.” You snarked back, trying to not let your eyes wander any further on his chest. If he noticed what you were doing, he’d never let you live it down. But when you finally refocused on his face and not his ungodly body, you knew he’d already figured it out.

“See something you like princess?” He smirked down at you, and you fought the blush that threatened to creep up.

Smacking his arm in a none to gentle way, you glared up at him. “No, but maybe you should learn to wear a shirt.” he laughed, before finally stretching a shirt over his head. Make his hair flop slightly and just look a tad bit more adorable then it already did. Okay, now you really needed to stop.

“So, what’d you need me for?” You questioned when his chest was now covered in a blackish-purplish shirt. Part of you wandered what he needed seeing as normally he just came to bother you.

“I need you to come with me on a mission.” He stated, suddenly looking serious. A mission? Bellamy never let you go out of the camp, though you weren’t sure why. You could fight for yourself but every time you’ve tried to join on a hunting revenue or go out to grab herbs and such for Clarke, you’d been stopped by Bellamy. Which would in turn normally end up in a fight.

“Me?” You asked incredulously. “I thought I wasn’t allowed to leave camp. You said it yourself, Blake.” 

Bellamy’s eyes narrowed, and you knew you got him. He hated to be called by his last name but you still did because, well, it pissed him off. “You’re not.” He spat, and you rolled your eyes. “But, I need you specifically on this mission, so it’s just gonna be me and you.”

Ignoring the way your heart fluttered at the thought of just being alone with Bellamy, you feigned excitement. “Oh!” You smiled, smirking secretly at him. Putting on a fake accent you laughed. “How lucky am I, that i get to go one on one with King Bellamy!” You joked.

“Shut up.” Bellamy ordered, flicking you on the forehead. You immediately stopped, holding the assaulted spot. 

“Well, what are we going for exactly?” 

“There’s been reports of grounders lurking around. I need to see if that’s true.” He said and you blinked, this really didn’t seem like your type of job. But you’d finally get to go outside and with just you and Bellamy, so hesitantly, you nodded.

“When do we leave?” You asked, grabbed your pack of water that’d you been refilling. 


Turns out, the whole grounders thing had been a lie. You’d spent all day walking around and searching with Bellamy only to come up empty handed. And when you started to head home a horn had been sounded. It had scared the shit out of you but before you’d been able to ask Bellamy what it was, he’d grabbed your wrist and yanked you into a cave.

So thats where you were now. Huffing at exhaustion and trying to ignore the way your feet ached. You’d never been outside before and though Bellamy seemed perfectly calm at the green hue that floated outside, you were scared.

“What the hell was that?” You huffed, staring at the oddly calm boy before you.

“Acid fog.” He bluntly said.

Your eyes widened and you closed your eyes to take a breather. No wonder Bellamy didn’t want you out. The forest was beautiful and the air felt great, but truthfully this was all too much. “Acid fog?” You questioned.

Bellamy stopped what he was doing to look up at you, giving you a look that meant to stop questioning him. “Yes. We are most likely going to be here all night, you should get some sleep.”

Well, he was in a bad mood. Sighing you obeyed him silently, laying down you used your backpack as a pillow and tried to get comfortable. You felt slightly uncomfortable when Bellamy just directly behind you but you did your best to ignore it. 

You heard some shuffling, but ignored it figuring he was just going to lay down himself. You shivered slightly, bringing your jacket closer around you as you tried to reach for warmth. That was until two arms wrapped themselves around you and you felt warm breath on your neck. You went stiff, not sure on what to do.

You gasped when Bellamy pressed his lips against the back of your neck, bringing you in closer. Angry, you thought he was trying to get some. “Bellamy,” you snapped, “i’m not going to sleep with you.”

“What?” He asked, shocked. And you rolled your eyes. “Yeah, i’m not one of your one night stands.”

“I wasn’t trying to get you sleep with me.” He said, as he snuggled back into you. You tried to ignore the way his big strong arms felt around your waist and how warm he was, all thought of cold gone.

“Then why are you holding me?”

“Because, it’s cold and we need to share body warmth.” You tried to hide your disappointment. But what were you expecting? He would never hold you just because… he wanted to. He didn’t feel that way about you and you don’t know why you expected him to. You were nothing more than the girls he slept with and there was no way he’d having feelings for you.

“Oh,” you said. Trying not to sound too upset. “Well, thank you. I guess.” You leaned into his warmth. This may never happen again so might as well, relish in the warmth.

“Oh, and princess?” He said suddenly.


“You wouldn’t be just a one night stand.”

hope you enjoyed! Again, thank you for the request!

Put A Ring On It

♥ Hi Guys, so here we go with another fulfilled request. I hope you guys like this one and @moderndeathsblog as well. Like always feel free to leave some feedback, send a request, drop an ask, whatever is on your mind. Found any mistakes feel, free to tell me I would love to fix them. Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist!

Request: Hi! Can you do one where tony and the reader are engaged but he postpones the wedding a lot so she starts to get mad at him and gives him the silent treatment and at one party steve flirts with her thinking they have broken up! Lol smut then!

  • Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
  • Summary: Tony postones your wedding and it was just a question of time, til you get mad.
  • Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, brief fighting
  • Words: 1873

A wide smile graced your lips as you walked with bulging shopping bags through the  shopping center. You got yourself the one or another new piece of clothing, which would  your fiance love as well. 
You were on your way to the exit to go back home. When you arrived at the escalators, your eyes fell on a electronics shop, in the shop windows were huge flat screens on which the news were running.

Your heart stopped beating and your breath caught in your throat as you read the headlines, followed by a picture of you and your fiance.

~ Wedding of Tony Stark and Y/N Y/L /N postpones for the third time! How stable is the relationship of New York’s dream couple really? ~

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 2: Cedar Point

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 1  -  Part 3

Summary: Series: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. 

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2057

Author’s Note: I LOVED Cedar Point as a kid, but hubby pointed out to me while I was writing this on the road that not everyone knows what it is… I think I’ve explained it in the fic, but if not, google it and be jealous. It’s mind-blowing. Ok I added this gif after because it totally looks like a roller coaster harness…

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

“Okay! Okay! I recognize this!” Y/N shouts slapping my arm absentmindedly as she leans forward between the front seats. “Go left up here.”

I had been pleasantly sleeping before this rude awakening. I groggily force myself more upright and swat her hand away “Stop hitting me.”

She stops, but doesn’t answer me in any other way. She doesn’t lean back to include me or tell me where we were, or even turn her head in the slightest to acknowledge me. Shit. I’ve really pissed her off. I thread my hand into my hair, pushing it off my face and catch Steve’s warning glare in the mirror. I can practically hear his mom-voice ‘You don’t have to snap at her Buck, she’s just excited.’

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Hello fair ladies, ZEN here ~ <3

You must be wondering why am I dressed up as this Japanese character with cute dog ears right? This character is called uh.. Inu.. Inuyer.. AH, Inuyasha! Gosh his name is long… He’s some half dog demon person from an old anime it seems. I think I did pretty well, don’t you think? Too bad my hair is a little too thin compared to his thick locks though.

Right, let me rant here:

Admin Devlyn has been emo-ing around the place since yesterday. Seems like she failed to secure tickets to a play called ‘Inuyasha’ that will be happening in April. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! SHE WAS DEPRESSED FOR NOT GETTING SOMEONE ELSE’S PLAY TICKETS?! WHEN THERE IS THIS BEYOND PERFECT ACTOR HERE?! But knowing that getting worked up about it will only damage one’s fair skin, and one should never show anger in front of a lady, I decided to be a BETTER Inuyasha! HAH! BEAT THAT RANDOM OTHER ACTOR! CAN YOU BE A MORE PERFECT INUYASHA THAN YOURS TRULY?! 

Now please excuse me as I read up on this character and practice his moves and speech, just watch me, I’ll become an Inuyasha none of you can stray your eyes away from <3


Admin Devlyn’s mock up on this post an hour later:
Zen… barged into the office dressed as Inuyasha and demanded me to make him ramen… what… and even went face down on the floor when I got annoyed and said ‘sit’.. (and this went on for an hour)

I admit, he was a convincing Inuyasha despite his default personality which kinda gets… tiring… Now if only Jumin would play Sesshomaru… and express their brotherly love for each other.. *nosebleeds*

Anyways! look like there’s a second chance for the ticket purchasing! YAY! I hope I get it this time ><” (Zen was upset I still did not give up on going)

Are any of you an Inuyasha fan too?! I love love love it to death >w<

wrasslin-rollins  asked:

11 with Seth!

No. ;) 

#11: “Being your girlfriend is exhausting.”

You wiped the tears from under your eyes for what felt like the hundredth time that night. You had been fighting with your boyfriend all night and you were getting so tired.

“I’m sorry that I have a busy schedule and that I can’t always come home on time, I’m sorry that I have other things to do. Things that will help my career!” Seth yelled as he paced back and forth, he had been doing that the whole time and honestly you stopped trying to follow him with your eyes. 

You stared blankly ahead of you as you nodded slowly, “You’re right. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” You mumbled and finally he stopped walking and looked right at you. 

“Don’t do that,” He said angrily, “Don’t just stop and give up, you were the one that started this fight remember?” 

“I know I did Seth, and I’m sorry for doing that too. I’m sorry that I asked if you would be coming home for my birthday, it was selfish of me to want to spend it with my boyfriend.” You snapped, looking back at him with piercing anger in your eyes. 

“God, why does it have to be about you all the time?” Seth said in exasperation.

“Are you kidding me?” You practically yelled as you finally stood from your spot on the couch, “Are you asking why my birthday has to be about me?” 

“You know that’s not what I meant!” Seth argued back, “I just mean you know how important my career is. I don’t see why I have to celebrate your birthday with you on the day of your birthday. Why can’t we just do it on the weekend?” 

“Oh my god, I don’t care when we celebrate it! I don’t, I don’t give a shit about it anymore Seth! Do whatever you want, I was just asking if you were coming home for it! That’s all, you were the one who went off on a rant about me putting you in a tough spot because you didn’t want to miss a promo opportunity!” You finally cracked, “You’re always making me feel bad for wanting to spend time with you! I’m always there for you, I’m always supportive. I always do what you want, but I never get that in return! I get nothing from you, but I give you everything and I am so sick of it! I’m done, Seth.” 

Seth’s face softened, but at this point you didn’t care. You shook your head and started to walk towards the door. You were too tired to continue this tonight.

“Y/N, please wait!” Seth pleaded, “Let’s just talk about this!”

“Seth, I can’t do this anymore…. being your girlfriend is exhausting.” You whispered before turning you back to him and making your way to the door. 

“So is that it then? We’re done?” Seth asked, his voice broken as he took a few steps towards you, trying to will you to stay. 

You couldn’t look at him as you grabbed the door handle, “I guess so.” Your voice broke on the last word as you stepped outside of his apartment and let the tears fall as you made your way to your car. 


So, I didn’t end up having time to do one of these for the past episode, but I’m doing it for this episode, thank goodness. Anything Betty/Jughead related will go last, in case non-fans of the ship want to read my analysis on everything else.


I’ll be the first to admit - I don’t care about Fred/Hermione’s storyline all that much. Having gone through my parent’s own divorce, I’ve handled the emotions that come with seeing your parent with a new significant other. I understand that their storyline is obviously going to cause some future beef between Hiram / Fred and Veronica / Archie. Because, I don’t know about you, but it seems kind of obvious that the show is setting up Veronica and Archie to be endgame in season one. Anyways. I’m not totally interested in Fred/Hermione’s storyline - don’t care too much about them specifically, but it definitely set up some head-butting between Veronica and Hermione. Veronica is at a prime age for rebellion and add to the fact that she’s just moved, hasn’t seen her father in three months and has just spotted her mother technically having an affair and forging her signature on official papers out of anger? Those two are going to have a major blow up, and I just know some harsh words will probably be said. In the end – I do think Veronica won’t tell her father what’s going on, but I do think her resentment towards Fred might effect whatever uture relationship she has with Archie. Which leads me into…


So, this was interesting. This was really interesting. We have a blossoming relationship between Archie and Valerie. Val’s willing to put up with Archie’s…self-centered thoughts and Jughead and Betty’s thoughts on the murder of him. And in swoops Veronica, sitting directly between the two of them, forcing them apart. If that isn’t imagery at it’s finest….y’all are blind. And then, with Veronica already resentful towards her mother and Fred – Valerie and Archie hook up musically. I don’t feel too bad for Val - she’s clearly stuck in the middle, and she’s not yet dating Archie, hell, neither is Veronica. This entire scene was clearly about their parents, but the underlying tension between Valerie/Archie/Veronica was super interesting. But I’m going to be real interested in who Archie ends up “choosing” at the end of the season (Note - I do not believe it will be Betty at all. Not just because I ship her with Jughead, since I’m a multishipper, but because it’s not apparently written that way. I actually kind of believe Archie might be a little jealous at a future relationship but Betty shuts that down fast). Anyways. I do believe, as mentioned above, that Archie will end up choosing (I hate that word) Veronica.

As for the Pussycat’s - it was super great seeing Josie’s family and some of her backstory (why do the parents suck in this show, though) and I really hope we see some of Val and Mel’s backstory, too. I think Josie is going to be super disappointed and betrayed when she learns that her Mom took dirty money, though. 


So, this was super interesting. While I knew about the pregnancy, not because of spoilers (c’mon now, she’s “sick”? Super obvious, writers), I was absolutely surprised that the show decided to not have her actually know about Jason’s death. And my heart broke for her in this moment because holy shit, she was probably surviving on the idea of meeting up with Jason again.

So, who killed Jason? A lot of people are in with the theory that Jason was killed by accident and the victim should have been Archie because of his affair with Grundy. I, personally, don’t believe this, since the affair started at the beginning of the summer and Jason was planning on running away with Polly. Polly mentioned that someone had told her parents what was going on. And that someone clearly had to know what was going on, and to be honest, the only one who truly fits that is Nana Blossom. I have no idea why, but – she knew about the whole thing (calling Betty, ‘Polly’ and talking about the ring; Cheryl saying the knowledge of who the murderer is can ruin her life).

I also don’t believe it’s the Coopers anymore (though the Mother, I do believe, is very capable of murder). I felt some sympathy towards Hal Cooper, since he looked so betrayed over Betty thinking he was capable of murder (theft, sure,) and Alice…well, she’s definitely an emotional abuser and, in my opinion, actually capable of it, spoilers make me believe it isn’t a Cooper.

And now, some good ol’ Bughead under the ‘read more’.


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