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After scrolling through your blog and realizing I've missed two chapters of Masquerade because my email wasn't syncing updates for three weeks, I'm a nervous w r e c k to hear that you not only have a current cliffhanger but also an upcoming one and I don't think I can handle this, how can you be so calm and know what's going to happen?? Bless u im dead

Oh nooooo sbsjsjsjjsnsbs never trust Ao3 haha sorry you missed them but least you get to read a big chunk :) and yeah I’m not actually that calm about this one only cos yeah :( everyone will see why. Now I just have to write the thing haha.

Boy howdy was this weekend interesting or what. I’m pretty sure everyone who is everyone– and then some was at this party and knows about the fact that the entire damn school had to be locked down temporarily but what’s more interesting is what happened afterwards so here’s a little in case you missed it. Now, forgive me because I might have mixed some details up but those will of course be minor when has my gossip been anything less than spot on?

So I’m sure y'all are wondering what started it all, hm? Well, a little birdie told me that our little old Danny Knight got caught selling something to messy little Lux Morgan and even messier Chaol King found out and well I don’t like to use the term hulked out but let’s be honest here, he hulked out. Not sure how much damage Danny’s brain is suffering considering that his brain was already suffering but he landed himself in the hospital and was not looking pretty.

So of course campus security and the board freaked out and honestly I’m surprised the real police wasn’t involved, some head honcho must have connections somewhere but loads of people got in trouble including some that you wouldn’t even expect and because I’m not the sort of person to keep news from my people let’s talk about who got busted, huh?

We’ve all already heard direct from the source itself that Chloe Prince got busted with alcohol in her room, she’s dealing with some consequences that include social probation and what I consider a pretty hefty fine but she seems to think its hilarious, never gonna take anything seriously until it comes and bites you in the ass, huh Chloe? What does mommy think?

Unsurprisingly Bex Collins was found with some paraphernalia though I guess what she’s really upset about is the fact that she was keeping a wild animal in her bedroom. Why rich people seem to think this is okay I’ll never understand, have we learned nothing from Siegfried & Roy? Also on that list was Alyssa Thomas and sometimes sweet, sometimes sour(like a sour patch kid) Bethany Harmon, Blue Rockwell and in an interesting turn of events, roommates Etta Aldrich and Ruby Montgomery. Gasp, say it ain’t so girls. Lucky for them they’re only on probation for three weeks, could have been a lot worse.

Now on to the juicy part apparently newbie Byron Niram was already making a name for himself as he was caught growing pot with Miles Gray, I guess it’s true what they say about those artsy types, huh? These boys got it pretty bad, according to my sources they’re forced to pay a thousand bucks and are on probation for nine weeks. And that includes weekly drug tests, something tells me that they’re going to be on edge for the next two or so months huh?

A less harsh but still tough punishment came to those caught with apparently smaller amounts of substances though they still face a fine, social probation and community service, most of the names don’t surprise me: Bianca Vargas, Bruno Kepler-Fairchild, Rayne Montgomery, Rocky Fairchild and the one that shocks me–Hayden Kennedy. Thought you were clean, girl.

And of course some real surprising names for those busted with over 25 grams of controlled substances, facing biweekly drug testing with the Greek board, community service a fine and social probation, Bradley Wingate Jr, our student council president himself, honestly though aren’t all politicians into shady things? Waverly Hart, Ezekiel Evont, Wyn Morgan(papa no) and of course we aren’t surprised Alex James. If you ask me y'all are lucky you weren’t arrested.

Finally a few students were found with some controlled substances and I don’t want to throw them under the bus or anything–who am I kidding I do– but apparently Davis Greene has a medical marijuana card and that makes me curious as to why he even needs it and Sam Frost may have had reason to worry, too, don’t worry my friends when I find out more I’ll keep y'all updated and of course if you hear any whispers make sure you keep me in the loop.


Hey hey hey, @lanceweek​ Day 1 is here !  Inner Space/Outer Space.

Well i bet now you know how weak I am ? I couldn’t miss an occasion to draw Blue with her paladin 💙 


“I spoke to my agent and said, ‘you know, they’ve done everything in the world [on Dynasty], they haven’t missed a thing. Incest, homosexuality, they’ve done it all, I think now it’s time for them to integrate.’ My agent called Aaron Spelling and they asked for ideas, ‘what would you like to do, what character would you like to be?’ And I said ‘just like all the other characters, ridiculous, beautiful, rich. I would like to be the first Black Bitch on Television.’”

- Diahann Carroll on her role as Dominique Deveraux on “Dynasty” (1984-1987)


[ENG] 170113 Seungkwan’s Twitter Update

[17’S 승관] 날이 많이 춥네요 ~ 우리 캐럿들 제가 안아줄게요~ 이리 와요!
매일 보다 못 보니까 너무 보고 싶어요 언제 또 찾아올지 모르니 긴장 타고 있어요~
내일 골든 디스크에서 만나요♡♡

[17’S Seungkwan] The weather’s really cold ~ I will hug our CARATs~ Come here!
Because I can’t see you everyday anymore, I miss you a lot. I don’t know when you will come and find me again, so I’m nervous~
See you at Golden Disk tomorrow♡♡

cr: jia @ what17says
© take out only with credits

The New Day’s got your back Seth! Hopefully their power of positivity will help him have a speedy recovery! If not, they better wheel Seth to Wrestlemania so he can beat up Triple H with a crutch.

After they make a quick stop at Trip’s house though.

Mid-Year Meme Timeline

so i’ve mentioned a few times that i’ve been keeping a running log of memes in 2016 and briefly documenting them in the interest of meme documentation and shitpost record keeping. 

as promised, here is the mid year update of the memes i’ve noted so far in somewhat chronological order (as in by month, but not necessarily in the order they appeared within that month). 

please feel free to add any that i may have missed, because it’s very possible that i’ve missed some big ones. 


  • “you fucked up a perfectly good ______ is what you did. look at it. it’s got anxiety.”
  • cumslutscootaloo
  • are the a (noun) x or a (other noun) x? (i.e.: are you a turtleneck bisexual or a crew neck bisexual? mostly lgbtq oriented in this iteration)
  • jared leto joker + director (“jared you’re scaring me” / “i don’t know where the joker ends and jared begins”)
  • tag yourself
  • half a-press
  • a buddy of mine saw kylo ren take his shirt off in the shower and he said that kylo ren had an eight pack. that kylo ren was shredded.
  • flat earth


  • fine bros React™
  • pacha “just right”
  • “i’m you but stronger”
  • papaw’s burgers
  • jeans meme (jants, jorts, etc.)
  • squidward dab
  • Bernie vs. Hillary; Issue: ______ (ex-issue: first things first. Bernie-i’ll eat ya brains/ Hillary-i’m the realest)
  • marge krumping
  • kazoo kid
  • damn daniel
  • if young metro don’t trust you
  • ted cruz is the zodiac killer
  • leo won the oscar/death of no oscar for leo meme (which itself becomes a meme)


  • meme history
  • sausage party
  • history of japan
  • fresh avocado (freesh ah—vah-kah-doo)
  • get a man who can do both
  • breaking news
  • boy he bout to do it


  • decision 2016
  • miitomo
  • dark [x] show me the forbidden [y] (specific variant of a meme that may have origins as early as 2014, dark net/"dark google/net, show me the illegal [blank]”
  • he ruined my dream journal
  • skai jackson
  • mr. krabs confusion


  • dat boi
  • say no to hydra cap/cap hydra meme
  • jojo’s bizarre adventure “to be continued”
  • dicks out for harambe


  • caveman spongebob
  • brexit
  • are you an [x] or a [y] person? (possible simplified variant of earlier meme)

july (as of 7/15)

  • pokemon go (meme revival)
  • tumblr fucked up all the themes

so that’s what i’ve got so far. feel free to add some i might have missed (as long as they were popular on tumblr beginning this year and they’re not fandom specific memes that never took off outside of that fandom). 

Okay, but can we talk about Lapis?

So the diamons were cool and all, and we’re all freaking out about this new information that we came to with all the leaks and stuff… BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT KNOWING THE PURPOSE OF LAPIS?

Just in case you missed it, this is what Yellow Diamond sings and I AM FREAKING OUT

An army has a use, they can go and fight a war
A Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it’s for
An Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms



This means she can shape planets! 

We thought that she could only move water - and, let’s face it, that would be rather unuseful in planets that don’t have water. But what if WHAT IF different Lapis can move different elements? Or even one Lapis can do it all?

If she can terraform, she can make the colonies suitable for gems to reside or for gem production. 

And think of THE POWER these gems have! 

Lapis raised THE OCEAN all the way to the stratosphere! 

She held a JASPER in a fusion for THE LONGEST OF TIMES!!!



If I had done all of that for all my life for Homeworld, I would also be angry if I was just tossed inside a mirror like I was nothing! 






dunkirk || part four

(part one)

(part two) 

(part three) 


y/n’s always been there for harry, so why does he want to take little miss kendall jenner as his date for dunkirk’s premier?


“You’re being ridiculous, Y/N.” A huff slipped past your lips as you crossed your arms and slumped even further down the bench, refusing to meet Niall’s gaze. 

“I’m not being ridiculous. Just because I refuse to go home if Harry’s there doesn’t mean I’m being ridiculous.” 


“How did you even find me?”

“You and I both know you’d never stray too far away from home. Plus, you always come t’ t’e park whenever you’re stressed. And, uh - Y’know. T’e fans are like detectives.” Niall gestured for you to scoot over a tiny bit before sitting himself down next to you. “I know Harry’s being a prick, but I hate seein’ t’e two of you bein’ mad at each other. Not t’ mention, it’s never blown up t’is much before. And I know you’re really mad at Harry cos he wants t’ take Kendall to the premier, but if you could just come back and I’ll get him to-” 

“It’s not helping that you’re the one who came to find me instead of Harry.” You murmured, wrapping the coat tighter around yourself as you shivered slightly. 

“If you won’t come home for Harry, will ya at least come home for some hot cocoa? Just t’ warm ya up. Your nose is all red and your fingers look blue.”


“Thanks very much. Have a nice day.” Harry smiled, taking the bouquet of roses from the storeowner as he placed a couple notes in her hand. 

If he was going to get you to forgive him, he was going to do it right. With flowers, chocolates, and a big ol’ speech at the end. Thanks to the boys, he finally understood why you were mad at him. (Besides the part where he kicked you out of the house. He had a lot to apologize for.) He had been ungrateful, and yes, maybe he took advantage of you sometimes. He felt extremely guilty after his little chat with the boys, and he would have understood if you didn’t want to speak to him anymore. 

You had done so much for him, and supported him with everything, so now it was his turn to do something for you. Harry had already planned out exactly what was going to go down. He had gotten Niall to go and fetch you, so that would give him time to prepare. First, he would be there on his knees when you open the door. At this point, he really didn’t mind if he looked pathetic or not - All he wanted was his Y/N back. Afterwards, he get up from his knees and hand you the flowers. And then he’d go on with his speech, and then, he’d take you out for a nice dinner. Not to mention, he had also bought a couple gifts for you. Now, he knew he wasn’t going to win you back with just presents, but it was worth a shot. 

“This’ll work. This’ll work.” Harry muttered to himself as he dug through his pockets for the house key, being careful not to drop the flowers. He’d dress up in that tux you liked on him, and everything would be fine - God, he had fucked up really badly, didn’t he? Harry just wanted this to work out.


“Now, are you ready to go?” Niall rolled his eyes, watching as you picked the remaining sprinkles off your plate and popped your finger into your mouth. You guys were on your way back until you had gotten distracted by the donut store. You hadn’t eaten anything all night, but a donut probably wasn’t the most nutritious choice. You dragged Niall in there not only for a donut, but.. Well, you were nervous. What if things were just plain awkward with Harry now? You certainly hadn’t planned out what you were going to say to him. Should you apologize? Maybe you were the one who was being dramatic. It was just a premier, after all. But it was Harry’s premier - That was a big deal. 

“Can’t we get another one?” You smiled sheepishly, trying your best to stall as much as possible. 

“I know what you’re doin’, Y/N. I wasn’t born yesterday.” Niall snorted, reaching over and pulling the plate away from you. “I promise nothing bad is going t’ happen.” 

“But what if.. What if I made things weird? He probably knows I like him and, ugh, this is just.. I’ve never been in this situation before.. We should google it! Ask YahooAnswers or something.” You offered, Niall laughing lightly before shaking his head and pushing his chair back to stand up. 

“C’mon. Let’s go solve t’is problem. Are you coming or not?” 

“I’m sorry for not realizing how much of an idiot I was. I’m sorry for being an arse in general. I know I’ve been a shitty friend lately, and I really wanna make it up to yeh..” Harry trailed off, rubbing his hands together nervously as he paced back and forth by the front door. Where was Niall?? Or more importantly, where were you?? The confidence he had earlier was beginning to dissolve into nothing but doubt. This wasn’t going to work - You were a smart girl, a speech and a couple presents wasn’t going to woo you. On the other hand.. You were Y/N. Sweet, forgiving Y/N. 

“My Y/N.” Harry whispered to himself, his head whipping towards the door when he heard the doorbell ring. Odd. Didn’t Niall have the house keys? Oh, whatever. He snatched the bouquet of roses off the countertop and checked himself out in the mirror one more time before walking over to the door. His hand froze to the handle as he stared down at it. It was now or never, right? “Let’s do this.” He breathed out, clearing his throat before opening the door. 

“Before you say anything, I-” Harry immediately cut himself off when he realized it wasn’t you who was at the front door, it was- “Kendall?” 

“I should apologize, right? I mean, I was a little mean. And I didn’t explain everything to Harry. Maybe I should have hinted more instead of completely shutting off.” You shrugged, sticking your hands in your pockets again as you and Niall walked through the neighbourhood to the house. 

“I’m not going t’ interject. I give terrible advice, love.” Niall snorted, waving you off. The both of you rounded the corner, closer to the house. “I’m not going to say much, but I know for sure Harry’s got somethin’ planned fer ya. A big surprise, he said.” 

“A big surprise, huh? The last time he said that he came back with short hair.” You laughed lightly, walking into the driveway and- “…?” 

You froze as you saw someone none other than Kendall pulling Harry into a tight hug and planting a kiss on his cheek before chattering about something. Harry was holding a bouquet of roses, and he was wearing a tux, and- This was what you came home for? To see Harry and Kendall, and rub it in your face to confirm that yes, he was definitely taking Kendall Jenner to the premier. 

“Certainly a surprise.” You snapped, immediately u-turning and heading back to the park. You knew it was a bad decision to come back. 

Y/N- Y/N, wait!” 


i’ve only been here for … 2 weeks now, i think. i’ve already hit 200+ followers, which is amazing ( to me, at least ) – i honestly didn’t expect that many people would follow me, never mind throw so much love at me in such a short space of time. needless to say, i’m incredibly grateful. i feel like it’s a recurring thing for a lot of cloud role-players, but i’ve really & truly loved him since i was about … 5 years old. ff7 may be the most notoriously - ( & stereo-typically ) - over-rated rpg ever, but it’s the game closest to my heart.


👉 @ofrhapsodos​​ ; you’re almost certainly the first person here i got close to, and you’re still probably the person i’m closest to now. i don’t think i’ve ever connected with someone ( through tumblr, at least ) as quickly as i have with you ?? it never feels awkward or forced communicating with you ooc or ic, and i can appreciate that a lot. your writing is beautiful & so are u, but no homo ……

👉 @xnvictus ; yet again, you’re another person i never feel awkward talking to ic or ooc. i’m glad i’m able to throw songs & fanart at you without you getting - ( outwardly ) - pissed off, and you’ve really helped me with a few things, whether you realised that you have or not. you’re just really great. ;v;

👉 @jjillekkot ; i know we don’t talk as much as i’d like us to, but you’re honestly such a bean. you’re one of the most genuinely kind people i’ve met ?? and i’m mostly including you in this part just to quietly yell about how nice you are and how i admire you & your yuffie a lot. keep being u.

👉 @eruditorem ; [inhales]. your writing still is & always will be goals. i think one of the things i’ve come to admire most about your writing is the fact that i was so indifferent to quistis beforehand, but now i actually - ( surprisingly ) - enjoy her as a character ?? you’re another rly sweet person, too.


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The scariest part about falling for someone is that they can say they’re falling for you, too, but you never really know until only one of you lands.
—  g.e. // February 17th

okay, so, you know how chat is just so over-the-top with his flirting? i was thinking about this and what if — and i know this has been disproved by the webisodes but shhhh — what if ladybug honestly didn’t realize chat was serious?

like, at all? like, she honestly thought he was 100% joking in all his lines?

now consider: an inverse marichat scenario

  • ladybug, in her well-meaning wish to bond with her partner, asks chat who he likes
  • he, thinking she’s joking (because honestly how could she miss it), responds that ‘it’s her,’ kind of lightly, kind of jokingly, etc etc etc of course she knows it’s her
  • except maybe she doesn’t, because she laughs, girly-giggly-bright, and bumps his shoulder, saying, “No, really, I mean it! Who do you like?”
  • he tries to set her straight, but the damage is already done: “C’mon, Chat. I know you’re a huge flirt but there’s gotta be somebody who’s captured your heart~ I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”
  • the boy, quite reasonably, is crushed
  • after a bit more pressing, a much sadder cat confesses (a bit pointedly lbr) that there’s this amazing, amazing girl who hung the stars in the sky, who he doesn’t know nearly as well as he’d like, who’s incredibly brave, (etc etc etc) and who doesn’t take him seriously at all
  • ladybug is h o r r i f i e d
  • she knows her partner is a silly dork but how dare this girl! didn’t she see what she had? didn’t she see what she could have?
  • ladybug is going to have Words
  • or, better yet, she’s going to help chat get the girl of his dreams
  • first, she just needs to figure out who that girl is
  • Ladybug’s Thought Process: dismiss all superlatives > ‘chat doesn’t know her that well’ (”not true,” chat would insist if he could hear that. “just not as well as I want to!”) + ‘doesn’t take him seriously’ = ??? > does she know anyone like that…? > …oh shit > oh shit
  • does he like marinette?
  • “Chat… that girl you like… is she Marinette?”
  • chat’s jaw drops
  • “H—… How…?”
  • HOW DID YOU GET MARINETTE FROM T H A T ? he wants to scream.
  • he’s spoken with her like three times! (as chat)
  • ((he’s spoken with her three times while flirting like the wind and making a giant fool of himself, just fyi))
  • ((it’s not that big of a leap))
  • Ladybug Finds Herself in a Quandary, headlines at six
  • 1) it’s her! she’s the girl who dared to not know what she had!
  • 2) chat likes marinette, whom he’s spoken with three times, but not ladybug, whom he talks to every few days at least? (she doesn’t blame him for that — he knows full well how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless ladybug can get — but it’s a little saddening, nonetheless)
  • 3) she’d sworn to herself she’d help out, but helping chat get together with herself?
  • “Women’s intuition,” she says, brushing it off. “She’s cute! You should ask her out!”
  • Ladybug’s Logic™: chat likes marinette > chat doesn’t like ladybug > ladybug is marinette > marinette is ladybug > if she spends enough time with chat as marinette, he’ll see just how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless she is (how much like ladybug she is) and fall out of love with her > this will free him up to like someone who isn’t her > a strangely sad thought, but better than him pining over someone he doesn’t truly know… right?
  • it takes a bit more pressing, but eventually, an oddly depressed chat agrees to let her set up a date between the two
  • ladybug’s Got This
  • do you see where this is going?
  • with a drooping tail and a hundred apologies on his tongue, chat shows up at the bakery
  • “I’m so sorry you got dragged this,” he tries to apologize when Marinette opens the door. “Ladybug forgets to listen sometimes, and—”
  • marinette grabs him by the arm and just about takes off running
  • it is the first date of many
  • and, the thing is, it works
  • ladybug’s plan works
  • chat sees exactly how bullheaded, cocky, and thoughtless marinette is
  • that is, he sees exactly how much like ladybug she is
  • shit, thinks chat “so stubborn and so irresistible” noir, watching marinette scramble up to the top of some very high place on her wit alone and grin down at him in the evening light
  • shit, thinks chat “she’s crazy awesome” noir, watching marinette come up with a plan to get them both out of trouble in mere minutes and relay it to him with a mischievous giggle that would make anyone’s heart trip
  • s h i t, thinks adrien “whoever she is, I love that girl” agreste, watching as marinette wraps their whole class around her finger with a speech, animated and fearless and powerful, promises of stars in her eyes and the gravity of supernovas in her voice
  • (“I think I have a type,” Adrien ‘I did not ask for this boner’ Agreste confesses to his close friend, Nino, after that particular spectacle.
  • Nino pats his shoulder in pure empathy.
  • From somewhere behind them, Alya sighs, “Don’t we all.”)

imagine an inverse ‘imma help my best friend out with their crush’ au

blue night radio ♡ 170216
translation: cosmicsticks

jonghyun: my company definitely gives rest days. once every few months. so when my manager goes missing i know he went for a break. he feels sorry towards me and the others so he doesn’t say anything. our company has this rule where every employee has to take leave once every few once so when he has to go and just goes without telling he feels apologetic.


For my fellow theatre geeks: bootlegs. Lots of ‘em. Unless stated otherwise, these are original casts. I did not record any of these. Enjoy, my dears!