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Finale thoughts!

-That fight scene was epic. EPIC. Kara with that extra ass flip on the ship though? MY GAY ASS WAS SHOOKETH. Kara beating THE Superman? SHOOKETH. S H O O K E T H.

-That scene with Lena & Lillian broke my heart 😭 Lena Luthor must be protected at all costs, she deserves the damn world

-J'onn & M'gann!!!! J'onn deserves to be happy too

-Cat Grant giving Kara advice (I missed that so much) & knowing that Kara is Supergirl?!? THAT WAS THE TRUE SLOWBURN

-Lena & Winn: my BROTP babies saving the world & shit 🙌🏽 also, Lena giving Supergirl the remote? TRUSTING SUPERGIRL?! A LUTHOR AND A SUPER WORKING TOGETHER? I CANT


-ABUSIVE FUCKBOII MON EL BEING YEETED INTO SPACE I LOVE IT!!!! I hated how devastated Kara looked but that scene would have been more heartbreaking if it was anyone else BUT Mon El. If Maxwell Lord was the one in that pod, I would have felt more sad than I did for Mon El (which wasn’t sad at fucking all buh bye)


-Maggie giving Alex a hug from behind, those lesbians

-Alex proposing to Maggie!!!! CAUGHT ME SO OFFGUARD OMG

-Lastly, THAT ENDING. Why is Krypton sending all the babies to earth though, what y'all doing?

What? Me like you, Never! Ok maybe a little. E.D

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“Ok everyone Great class, I’ll see you all tomorrow.” Your 6th period teacher, Mrs. Moon spoke. “Hey “Y/L/N, Dolan. Come up to my desk before you exit please.” A little dumbfounded as you knew you did nothing wrong, and Ethan on the other hand. Well he probably did. “Ok so as you probably know miss Y/L/N, Ethan has been struggling pretty hard with history as of late. And with you being my star student, I would like you to push your differences aside, and tutor him.” As, Ethan and I both were about to protest, Mrs Moon interrupted the both of us. “Now that wasn’t a request was it, Now Y/N you and Ethan will be meeting up, ever day after school in the library to study, Starting tomorrow. Is that clear?” She spoke sternly to us both. “Yes” we both replied in unison. “You may both leave now.” She spoke. And with that we were gone, to go home. Ethan and I spoke no words in the walked out of the classroom. And honestly I wish we could keep it that way. You see Ethan and I have an interesting past. I’m actually friends with his brother, Grayson. And we actually hung out frequently. But Ethan? Not so much. We would often bicker any time we spoke even around each other, and usually avoided one another at all costs. I couldn’t even tell you why we hated each other. We just did. I cant even remember why, but its just gone on for so long I guess it’s become a ritual, to just hate each other. But whatever brought the two of you to hatred, really fucking worked. Because neither of you could stand to be within 100 feet of each other. You also had mutual friends, which caused you two to bicker, often. It could be over a simple pencil dropped onto the floor, and it would cause you both to argue. And I’m pretty sure everyone at school knew we couldn’t stand each other. As the day ended, and I walked onto the bus to return home. I couldn’t help but feel the dread, of seeing him every single day, well until he got a good grade. Which would hopefully be like in the next 24 hours, because I don’t know how long it’ll be before one of us kills the other to be honest. As your bus ride came to an end, you walked out with your friend. Heading towards your neighboring houses. The entire bus ride you were silent, as you were thinking about the hell of Ethan Dolan you were going to endure for god knows how long. Cursing your teacher every moment you could. Your friends were also curious to why you hated him so, because well he was quite the ladies man as well. Which not a bad thing, but made you hate him even more. As he would walk the halls thinking he could get anyone he wanted. And he could if he wanted to be honest. He wasn’t ugly, that is the only thing I will give him. He was quite the opposite to be honest, wait no y/n stop it you hate him. He just made you mad even if he entered your thoughts. You could probably list why you hated him, but cant pin point anything exact, it was just everything. As you and your friend walked towards your homes, she decided to ask “Hey y/n, what the hell is wrong? You’ve been in a shitty mood since Moon pulled you and whatever his name is to talk.” “Nothing, she’s just making me tutor him! Which I don’t see working out since we want to kill each other on the daily.” You vented. Making her laugh out as she could only picture the mess this would become. “Well good luck with that!” She yelled out as she walked towards the door of her house. Leaving you to walk alone to the short five minutes left to your house. As you continued walking, you saw a black BMW that could only belong to one person, Ethan. Which was weird because he lived nowhere near here. Thankfully he didn’t acknowledge your existence, only getting a simple wave and smile from Grayson. And his twin staring intently at the road making sure to ignore your presence. As the short five minute walk ended, you entered the house. Hoping you would just sleep the day away and wake up and find out this was all a dream, or more like a nightmare. But remembering you had homework, you spent the next what felt like twenty hours, writing and studying. And too tired to do anything else you decided it was time to pass out. Hoping this would disappear in the morning. As you woke up to the dark morning sky, not even five am yet. Having to get ready for what will probably be the beginning to one of the worst times of your whole life! As you laid in bed, ignoring the calls of your alarm. You decided to suck it up and get ready, it cant be that bad y/n. Your just thinking about it too much. Al you have to do is teach the kid, nothing else. Just strictly teaching. As you finished your morning routine, and saying your goodbye’s to your parents. It was go time. Grabbing your backpack, you headed out of the door, to your bus stop. As you walked to the bus stop. You saw your friend, she stared at you humorously as she knew the hell you had to endure at the end of the day. “I see you’re as chipper as ever.” She laughed out putting her arm around your shoulders, making you roll your eyes. “Shut up, Y/F/N!” You laughed out as well. You knew you couldn’t be mad at her. She was just trying to make humor out of an “unfortunate situation” It wasn’t unfortunate ok. But it was fucking inconvenient, ok. As your bus came, you both entered the smelly vehicle full of kids. The bus ride was exceptionally agonizing, as you knew the fortune of the day to come. At least it wasn’t until another eight hours away. Let’s hope they go by very slowly, wow. Never though I’d say that about school. As the bus came to a complete stop, you were the last person off, as you were completely trying to milk the moments without Ethan you had. As the day longed on, going by way too fast. It was finally last period, which was Mrs Moon. AKA the history class you had to tutor Ethan in afterwards. As the class went by slowly, thank you Jesus. As it ended, you tried to leave without notice, hopefully getting out of tutoring Ethan. To no hope, she pulled the both of you aside. Walking you both to the library so she knew you wouldn’t avoid the tutoring session. “Kid’s I’ll be checking on you every couple of minutes, no diddly daddling, or mayhem. Understood?” she spoke in that god awful stern voice. We both nodded and she was off. An hour and a half wasn’t that bad, right? No it’s going to be God awful. “So what do you need help with?” You asked, trying to be cordial, “Why do you even care?” he moodily argued. “Ethan just tell me what you’re struggling with. I hate you too it’s mutual, trust me. But you need help so just let me try, ok?” you argued. “Fine y/n just on the whole war thing I guess, there’s like a lot of them.” He spoke, finally helping you to tutor him. “Ok here, let’s look at the books. So the essay, which war do you want to write on.” “Um, the cold one I guess?” He replied. As the whole tutoring session continued, it wasn’t that bad to be honest. I thought it was going to be unbearable. But I guess we could be, well somewhat friendly. At least enough to get him a decent grade. As the session ended, thankfully as it wasn’t terrible. But you still did not enjoy. At all. As you were getting up, you heard him mumble something. “What was that?” You asked as he looked down. “Thanks, for helping me y/n, it wasn’t as shit as I thought it’d be.” He said. “You’re welcome, Dolan.” You replied as you walked out of the library to your bus. “So how was it?” Y/F/N asked walking through the bus doors as you followed. “Actually not too shabby.” You said as you sat down. “See, he’s not as bad as you thought. Who know, you might even have a new boyfriend?” she giggled as she knew the answer would be an automatic gag. “Ew what the hell? He’s still a dick dude.” You replied hitting her lightly with one of your books. You laughed along with her to shitty dad jokes and such, as you’ve actually not had that bad of a day. As your bus dropped the both of you off, you shared your goodbyes. And walked to your house. “Hey mom! I’m home!” you yelled throughout the building as you opened the door. “So how was it?” she asked. “Actually not as bad as I thought!” I spoke out. Honestly, I still hated him. But the session wasn’t like, kill me now. It was just well, tutoring. Following your routine, of homework, dinner it was now time to go to bed. Well not after binging Netflix, but well let’s see if tomorrow’s session a little more bearable than todays. The next day came, it was time to go to school. Dressing yourself, following your routine once again. Bus time once again, exiting the house you lived in. Walking to the bus stop. The rest of the day went by pretty fast, as yesterday’s did as well. And here it was, time to tutor your so called “enemy” once again. “So did you finish the essay last night?” you asked as you sat down on the chair that belonged to the library. “No! This shit’s hard. How do you have an A plus!” he groaned out. “Ethan did you even try.” You groaned out reading his essay, as you rolled your eyes at the half assed work. “Of course I did! It’s just hard.” He said as he rolled his eyes at your accusation. The rest of the session was filled with endless bickering over the essay. Making it a complete hell. Once the one hundred and twenty minutes passed. You were free, from this dickhead. “I think I deserve a thanks?” You asked out. Making him roll his eyes. The next few sessions were like this. For around a week actually. Now was around the sixth meeting, and he has been acting weird the whole session. “Okay so here, you need to add more detail to the essay.” You said as you pointed. As you said that his hand brushed yours. Trying to pinpoint the part you were showing. Which was weird as he hadn’t even made contact with you in the past well, two years, you’ve known him. “So right here?” he asked his hand by yours. “Uh yea, right here.” You said, as he stared at the page. “Oh sorry!” He said yanking his hand from yours, breaking the tension. As the session continued, there was this kind of, chemistry? That had never, and I mean never. Been there before. Maybe it was just, I don’t know the library. Yea no you don’t like him y/n, remember how much you hate him. You hate, him still. Or do I? Ok yes you can’t fall for him. At all keep your chill. The next day followed, and so did the next session with Ethan. And the entire day, and last night. Was spent thinking about the fluffy haired boy. You didn’t like him though. Well, ok maybe a little bit. Ok no you still hate him. You have to. Maybe not. Ok y/n Stop arguing with yourself. It’s nothing! It’s just all of the time together. You don’t feel anything toward him. As you walked into the library, actually a little anxious. You see Ethan sitting down already. Wow he’s early? That’s a first, he’s usually at least five minutes early. As you neared the usual round table the both of you shared on the daily, something was different. No idea what was causing it. “So how’s the essay?” you asked hoping it wasn’t as half assed as the first. “Actually pretty good!” He smiled out. Wow a smile, that’s a ground breaking discovery. “Ok let’s see it.” You said, him instantly bringing it out. As you looked through it, you were honestly shocked it was this good. “Wow, this is actually really good!” you said enthusiastically causing him to smile once more. Wow, he actually has a pretty smile. I never noticed. “Thanks. I mean I do have a pretty good teacher.” He answered as he blushed down at the paper. I made him blush? Ok no, it’s probably from his accomplishment. “Okay, so I have to go to catch the bus. But do you think you’re ready to turn it in tomorrow along with the test after it?” you asked as he got up as well. “Yea! Thanks for all the help by the way, same time tomorrow right. To study for the midterm next week?” he proposed. “Oh yea sure!” I said walking out, shooting him a wave before exiting. Man was he nice today, the past two days actually. “What’s up!” you said to your best friend, taking a seat next to her on the bus. “Well someone’s awful chipper, after her study session with the stud himself.” She said, causing a slight blush to arise on your features. “Speaking of stud, isn’t that him coming on?” she asked. Wait, she was right. It was him. But Ethan, nor Grayson rode the bus. Also something to note, Grayson wasn’t with him. And he was rarely away from his twin after school. “Hey, do you mind if I sit here, sorry Y/F/N, I kind of need to talk to y/n. “Oh yeah sure, lovebirds” she sang out going to a seat near her boyfriend. “Ethan? What the hell are you doing on the bus?!” you asked, slightly annoyed. But on the inside, you were kind of happy. You may or may not have grown to develop a small crush on him, that I think he might share? At least I hope, so I don’t seem like a total loser. “So y/n, I have a small proposition.” He stated, as he sat in the window seat next you you. “And that is?” you asked. “Well, if I get a B or higher, will you go on a… Date maybe with me?” He proposed to you. “A date?” You asked trying to hold in your smile. Leaving him nervously sitting there waiting for a reply, you gave him one. “Yes I will, only if it’s a B or higher.”. “Ok thank God! I didn’t want to seem like an idiot. “Wait Ethan? Do you like me?” You asked poking his side a little bit. “What? Me, Like you. Never! Ok maybe a little. Or a lot which ever.” He nervously giggled out. “I think you do, it’s okay. I may or may not like you too. Why else would i agree to a date.” You stated. Causing that newly famous smile to break through his features. “Hey Ethan, you have a nice smile you know.” You said, causing him to blush. “Do not!” He shyly said. The rest of the bus ride was spent laughing, and basically well being friendly. Which I can verify had never been the case. Never in a million years would I think Ethan and I would be friendly, but time can change people to like each other I suppose. Man do I hope he get’s a B tomorrow. The next day followed, and you hadn’t seen your new crush, as you had only shared one period together. Which was last, and you were currently in third. Every single period you had that day, was spent wondering about him. If he was a good kisser, hugger even cuddler. I mean you priorities. Maybe this would work out if he passed the assignment. Possibly sprouting a new future for the both of you. I really, really hope you pass Ethan. Here it was, the tell all. You sat in the library, patiently waiting for Ethan, Ha, patiently. No, you were anxious as all get out. As Ethan entered the library, you waved him over to hear the results of the test. “So how did it go?” you asked preparing for the worst. “Well bad news y/n.” he spoke out, causing the pit of your stomach to instantaneously drop. “I got an A plus!” He joyously yelled out. “Quiet!” you heard from a librarian. “Ethan? Oh my god! Wow.” You replied in joy. “So, that date. Still on the table?” he asked. “Um, no sorry.” You answered. Causing his eyes to instantly drop to the ground. “Kidding! When and where?” you asked. “The diner by your place, let’s say around 6?” he asked. “See you there.” You said, patting his shoulder lightly. The time passed, and it was now time for your awaited date with Ethan, never thought I’d say that, ever. It was now nearing six and you were anxiously awaiting, finishing your outfit you headed down the stairs to go off with Ethan. “Bye mom, love you!” you yelled out as you walked outside for your date to pick you up. Right on time. Wow. As he pulled up to the house, he instantly, put the car in park and went to grab your hand. “So, do you do this with every girl.” You asked. As he opened the car door for you. “Actually, no. You’re special.” He said quietly as he entered the car himself, and began to drive. The car ride was filled with never answered before questions. Things you never thought he’d cared about. Like, a few things about your family and grades. He was a pretty nice guy believe it or not. Kind of wondering why we hated each other. As he pulled up to the diner, and parked. I was fixing to exit the car, but then was stopped as he yelled out “Wait! Let me y/n!” As he ran toward the door hastily opening it for you. Grabbing ahold of your hand, you walked side by side to the door of the diner. “M’lady.” He spoke as he opened the door for you. Man was he fond chivalry, not that I was complaining. “Table for two please.” He asked the waiter. Moments later you were seated. “So y/n, how was your day?” he asked smiling down at the empty space on the table. “Um it was pretty good, I mean this was a pretty nice addition to it.” You said making him smile, god was that a contagious smile. “Ethan, I actually have a question.” You stated. “Hmm, shoot.” He replied quickly. “Why do you hate each other, well did. Why were we always mean to each other, and now we’re well on a freaking date.” You asked, causing a quiet hum of amusement to come out of his plump lips. “Well, I don’t know about you. But honestly you just intimidated me. Because one you’re absolutely gorgeous. As well as the smartest person I’ve ever known to exist. So, I never really hated you. Actually I’ve had a crush on you. I just tried to like, push past it and be mean since, you obviously hated me.” He spoke out quietly. “What, so you never really hated me? Why didn’t you just I don’t know? Be nice to me?” you whisper yelled as you didn’t want to cause a scene. “Listen, I’m shy. I don’t seem it but around you. I’m as shy as it gets. Nervous, anxious everything. And do you know how hard it is to have someone you love hate you. And have to pretend you hate them back.” He spoke, instantly regretting using the word love. “Love?” you asked. “Damnit! I knew I shouldn’t of said that!” he embarrassedly spoke. “Ethan, listen. I may have had some hard feelings toward you, but I can reassure you. All of them are one hundred million percent gone. I mean look at how much of a gentlemen you’ve been.” You stated to him. Causing him to look up from his plate. “Wait, y/n, quick question.” He states. “Hmm, shoot” you said mocking him from once before. “Will you be my um, I don’t know, partner in crime. Possibly girlfriend?” he asked. “Well as long as there’s crime involved. Kidding, yes Ethan. I will be your girlfriend, I guess.” You said causing him to ask. “Okay thank god, because I almost peed my pants asking that” he laughed out once again with that smile. Maybe he wasn’t as bad as you thought. Maybe this was a new leaf to turn. Only time will tell. Hope you enjoyed, requests and ships still open as always.♥️

Don’t Dismiss Indie Books

I hear the rumblings.

About how self-published books – and indie books in general – aren’t widely respected. They’re poorly edited. The covers suck. The writers don’t take their craft seriously and they just throw any old thing up on Amazon in the hopes of making a quick buck.

And while I’m sure someone does that, I’m here to tell you that in my experience, independently published authors are some of the hardest working, most dedicated writers I know. And they tell some damn good stories – sometimes, they tell stories traditional publishers would never touch.

Ignoring my own books for a moment, let me give you a sample of the sorts of books you’re missing out on if you automatically dismiss indie authors.

  • R.R. Virdi (urban fantasy: Grave Beginnings, Grave Measures, Dangerous Ways)
  • E.A. Copen (urban fantasy/mystery: Guilty by Association, Blood Debt, Chasing Ghosts)
  • Mary Head (romance/thriller: The Only One, No Safe Place)
  • Madeline Dyer (YA/dystopia: Untamed, Fragmented)
  • Rose Montague (fantasy: Jade, Jane, Jill)
  • Cait Ashwood (fantasy/dystopia: The Seekers, Order of the Lily)
  • S.E. Anderson (sci-fi: Starstruck)
  • Alex P. Berg (paranormal/mystery: the Daggers & Steele series)
  • Jason Luthor (horror: Floor 21, Floor 21: Descent)
  • Christy King (paranormal/mystery: Dirty Deeds)

This is far from an exhaustive list (and there are plenty of other indie authors on my TBR pile that I just haven’t gotten to yet), but these are some of my personal favorites from independently and self-published authors. They are some of the most talented, most inventive writers I’ve come across, and if you give even a few of them a chance, I promise you will be treated to some of the best books you’ve ever read.


You know what? Fuck beauty contests. Life is one fucking beauty contest after another. School, then college, then work… Fuck that. And fuck the Air Force Academy. If I want to fly, I’ll find a way to fly. You do what you love, and fuck the rest.

Little Miss Sunshine | 2006 | dir. Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

Vodka: When I want to come out of my shell and tell people I know the stories of how I miss you.

Cocaine: When I want to meet strangers and all I seem to do is talk about you.

Whiskey: When I sit alone and think about how sad it makes me that we aren’t together.

The jasmine garden: When I want to remember your scent that has escaped my pillow.

Cigarettes: When I want to feel you in my lungs and watch you disappear into smoke.

Poetry: When I want to write to you, despite knowing you shall never read the words.

—  Navin E. (my ingredients)

That’s actually how they first meet/the first time they start talking and Angie always brings this up during arguments to shut Peggy up (insp)

The New Day’s got your back Seth! Hopefully their power of positivity will help him have a speedy recovery! If not, they better wheel Seth to Wrestlemania so he can beat up Triple H with a crutch.

After they make a quick stop at Trip’s house though.

I’m  n e v e r  gonna finish thiiisssssss… o(╥﹏╥)o  I miss photoshop;;; this was all done with a mouse on a single layer on MS paint.

bad | 06

he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 06

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: future smut, romance, fluff, angst(?), badboy!au

WORDS: 5 125

WARNINGS: mature themes, language

| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon ↠ 

A/N: here IT IS! for all you children who are waiting for smut, do not worry, I know. just be patient ;) remember, everything happens for a reason. don’t kill me for this.


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  • Lucius Fox: You miss Oswald, don't you?
  • Ed: Oswald? Pffff, no, what a traitorous friend, I'm totally over hi — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of Oswald photos spill out of suit jacket] What a - I don't know where these came from, t-these aren't mine, I'm just [gathering them up and frantically sweating] ok, ok, listen Foxy - I hate the guy, he killed Isabella, l-listen [thousands of Oswald photos and Oswald hallucinogenic drugs scatter across the floor] Oh my god, I-I was going to burn these photos, I swear, oK jUsT LIS T E N

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WANNA HEAR A FUN STORY okay its not fun at all i work in a reptile store and we also sell inverts and one woman was trying for what felt like 40 minutes to convince me that a giant african land snail was a baby tortoise hel p me p l e a se 'WHEN WILL IT GROW IT'S LEGS?' she asks . .. i jump into the void .. . 'it will not... it's a snail' ... 'EXCUSE ME MISS I KNOW WHAT A TORTOISE IS' .. . .

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Hey sorry do you know any ‘being a couple for a case’ fic ? Thank you'

I CERTAINLY DO. It’s one of my favourite tropes of ALL TIME. Like, I reread these fics ALL THE TIME. I am just SO SAD that there’s no long-fic really strictly from Sherlock’s POV. Like I would LOVE for a fic where we see Sherlock’s thought processes about trying to get John to be his date / partner / whatever. 


ANYWAY. I added a few onto this list here, but here’s a full list of the ones in my bookmarks.

  • Wars We Fought, Things We’re Not by blueink3 (M | 55,126 w.) Five months after John’s world has fallen apart, Mycroft sends the consulting detective and his doctor on a case that neither is prepared for. [[**FAVE. You have to check this one out!**]]
  • I can’t pretend by Salambo06 (E | 7,692 w.) - They had arrived more than a hour ago, and the moment they had walked inside the hotel reception, John had understood why Sherlock hadn’t wanted to come. Two men, posh suits and expensive watches on their wrists, had come to greet them with sharp remarks and badly hidden mockery, and John had seen red. Sherlock hadn’t said anything, mostly ignoring the two men entirely, and without thinking twice about it, John had slid an arm around Sherlock’s waist and introduced himself as his husband. [[AHHH so much pining John, I love it. Sherlock is so good to him!!]]
  • A Hundred Thousand Ways to Say the Name John by Jberry (E | 16,825 w.) John Watson and Sherlock Holmes must solve a case on a cruise ship. To get close to the crew and passengers, they must get married for the case on the Baetica. However, their relationship hits rocky seas both due to the case and internal conflicts. Part 1 of Baetica [[FAVE!!! MUST READ!!]]
  • Twelfth Night by yourdykeinshiningarmor (E | 15,139 w.) - John is invited to his aunt’s Twelfth Night ball. Sherlock offers to attend with him as a friendly face among strangers, but John’s family force him to address his true feelings for Sherlock. [[this one is cute]]
  • Till Death Do Us Part by prettysailorsoldier (M | 15,390 w.) - When Sherlock links a recent spree of murder-suicides to a psychologist who specializes in marriage counselling, there’s really only one thing to do: Go undercover as a couple in hopes of drawing the killer out. Faking a relationship seems easy enough, but things take a turn when their real issues start to creep into the sessions, and, all the while, a killer is watching, waiting in the shadows for their chance to strike. Part 12 of 25 Days of Johnlock [[OH GOD this one is lovely. Lots of pain but happy ending]]
  • That Partitioning of the Things of Youth by wearitcounts (Sher_locked_up) (E | 35,353 w.)Victor Trevor is in town, and nobody’s happy. [[I really like this one. Jealous John AND Sherlock and lots of Angst]].
  • What I Hide By My Language, My Body Utters by PixChuu22 (M | 9,047 w.) - Based on a prompt from Tumblr user thetwogaydetectives - “fake relationship that ends up being so real, they finally realize they are in love.” (I like this one. They end up together because of a case).
  • The Case of the Made-Up Case by DoubleNegative (T | 2,394) - Sherlock takes John to a club. For a “case.” Yes, John, a case. Part 1 of The (Secret) Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [[CUTE!]]
  • The Newlywed Game: Johnlock Edition by patternofdefiance (E | 9,020) - John and Sherlock pretend to be married in order to be contestants in a Newlywed Game. Of course it’s for a case. Of course it doesn’t stay that way. Part 8 of I Blame Tumblr [[LOVE THIS ONE. It’s so cute!]]
  • A Case of Identity by jkay1980 (T | 91,009 w.)John and Sherlock have succeeded in rebuilding their friendship after Sherlock’s fake suicide, but an unusual case puts their relationship to the test. They pretend to be engaged and attend a marriage counseling workshop. Under the pretext of the case, Sherlock turns out to be a master of seduction, and John finally learns he might like Sherlock more than he thought. Slowly, John discovers that he loves Sherlock not only in a friendly, brotherly way, but both men have to fight their own demons before they can think of taking their relationship to a new level… [[I love this fic. It’s a really great long-fic!]]
  • A Bit of Indulgence by beltainefaerie (NR | 3,364 w.) -  A case leads John and Sherlock to fake being boyfriends and John runs into an old acquaintance. [[This one is so domestic and cute GUH I love it.]]
  • The Norwood Love Builders by flawedamythyst (T | 47,798 w.) - Sherlock and John go undercover to solve the murder of Joanna Oldacre, but things are complicated by the many feelings John has been repressing in the wake of Sherlock’s faked death and return. [[OMG this is like my FAVOURITE fic in this genre ever. It’s SO good and well characterized]].
  • Hitting the Water at Sixty Miles an Hour by what_alchemy (E | 30,568 w.) “You love your mother, Sherlock?”John watched the muscles in Sherlock’s jaw jump. He nodded in one sharp jerk.“Then we’re going to her party and making her happy.” John let out a resigned sigh. “As a ruddy couple, you bastard.”
  • Once More, With Feeling by cellard00rs (T | 21,178 w.) - To put off his meddlesome, matchmaking mother, John convinces Sherlock to play the role of his significant other. Unparalleled awkwardness ensues. [[nice amount of fluff and pining!]]
  • Hope Springs Eternal by QuinnAnderson (T | 4,054 w.) - John Watson and Sherlock Holmes go on holiday, and Sherlock has romance on the brain. [[Another cute one!]]
  • Five Times They Kissed for a Case, and One Time They Kissed for Real by fleetwood_mouse (M | 32,406) - A stolen ring! An artful blogger! And many more adventures for your enjoyment.
  • Disguises are always a self-portrait by yellowteapots (NR | 6,223 w.) - They were headed to a Pride Fest for a case-triple suicide/murder- which, of course mean they had to pretend to be couple. John had a suspicion Mycroft took a fairly sadistic glee in booking them a (single king-sized bed) room at the most romantic B&B in town. (I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH)
  • A Silver Sixpence by doodle (E | 16,400 w. LIVEJOURNAL) - John and Sherlock have to get married for a case, and learn some things about each other. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story, though its only fault is that it’s on LiveJournal… (PITA to read on mobile)


Here are a couple where either John or Sherlock have amnesia and they think that they are each other’s husband or partner.

  • Among the Secret Things by Kate_Lear (E | 26,073 w.) - Sherlock would be the last person to describe himself as given to flights of fancy, but at the look on Lestrade’s face he could swear that something inside him curls up and dies. Part 1 of Among the Secret Things
  • What Meets the Eye by worldaccordingtofangirls (M | 8,251 w.) Amnesia is just another case to solve. Piece together unfamiliar faces, reconstruct the old identity, the lost reality. A challenge that Sherlock could even enjoy. He can read people like books. The man with the silver hair is his boss. The tottering old woman, his landlady. The girl with the worried look in her eyes…infatuated. And as for John Watson? His husband. Obviously.


So these aren’t necessarily relationships, or weren’t tagged as such, but contains some other “for a case” fics!

  • Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction (E | 151,907w.) - When Sherlock infiltrates a club in order to track down a serial killer, his altered appearance is enough to make John question his assumption that Sherlock is beyond his reach. However, is he the only one who appreciates his flatmate’s charms, or is Sherlock at risk of becoming the next victim? [[THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVE FICS OF ALL TIME. tw for gore-ish type things near the end.]]
  • It Isn’t Strange Until You Think About It by ivyblossom (T | 4,596 w.) - John tells the truth about how it happened. For some reason, “it’s for a case” always seems to do the trick.
  • The Case of the Vanishing Pants by SwissMiss (E | 44,025 w.) - Five times John and Sherlock lost their pants for a case. [[there are some angsty bits in this, but I did giggle at a few scenes]]


Here are a few that aren’t REALLY “for a case” but they end up together or the Johnlock is strong in it because of cases or because of situations.

  • Rescue by missilemuse (T | 2,574 w.) - If this was the way Sherlock Holmes loved, it was no wonder why he had avoided the damned emotion for over half of his life. Part 6 of Reichenbach To Return [[this isn’t really Johnlock, but it is… it’s non-ad10ck ad10ck. You have to read it to understand. It’s SO good and painful, trust me. Sherlock!Whump and pining]].
  • Five Times John Noticed But Didn’t Really by ScandalousMinds (T| 6,383 w.) 5 times John (thought) he noticed something peculiar about his and Sherlock’s relationship but really missed the obvious.
  • A Need To Know Basis by mattsloved1 (K+| 964 w., FFNet) - As the cab door shut firmly, the DI had yelled out they were to make an appearance at Scotland Yard the next day. It was while John watched London pass by that it happened. (short and sweet!! I love it!!)
  • Hallowed Eve by EventHorizon (T | 14,750 w.) - It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to let Sherlock choose the costumes for Halloween, but John never considered himself the smartest man in the room, anyway. (It’s a couple’s costume thing!)
  • Equine Arse Anonymity by Kayjaykayme (E | 3,834 w.) - Sherlock needs to speak with suspects at a fancy dress ball. He chooses a couple’s costume for himself and John. It is logical, practical and well thought out. John doesn’t agree and exacts sweet revenge.
  • Maybe This Christmas by feverishsea for leopardwrites (T | 6,021 w.) Anthea has given up her life, her own desires, even her name in service of something greater than herself. But that doesn’t mean she can’t see when someone else wants something – even if she doesn’t happen to care overmuch for that person. And it doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to help. (Anthea gets the boys together)
  • You Can Imagine the Christmas Dinners by ardenteurophile  (T | 23,584 w.) Sherlock takes John along for Christmas dinner with Mycroft and Mummy (And “Anthea”, too). Over the course of the evening, John realises that everyone in the room - apart from him - seems to think that he and Sherlock are a couple. Part 2 of Xmas Dinners Verse (I LOVE THIS ONE)
  • The Sexual Awakening of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson by suitesamba (M | 24,579 w.) Sherlock owes Mycroft a favor. Mycroft calls in that favor by offering Sherlock’s consulting services in a charity auction. Sherlock and John soon find themselves at the country manor of Mrs. Ives-Patton Smarmington III - not very coincidentally a long-time friend of Sherlock’s mother - where they are reluctant participants in her Murder Mystery Weekend. It’s a play within a play for Sherlock and John, and their roles for the weekend event bleed over into their real lives, waking the sleeping dragons within. Or In which John learns that Sherlock owing Mycroft a favor is very suspect, and Sherlock has a very bad idea.

Hope those satisfy! Alex also has a list that has some ACD Holmes on the list too!

Talks Machina Highlights: Episode 94
  • Everybody will be in next week’s ep for the continuation of Liam’s one-shot!
  • If Pike had been in the Nine Hells, Percy probably would’ve signed the contract secretly as opposed to up-front. She’s the only one who can actually evoke shame in them at this point.
  • Taliesin was planning the entire time to scry on Scanlan and has been trying to make an excuse to steal the Scrying Eye for weeks.
  • Pike’s moment with the earring, talking to Scanlan, was 100% improv.
  • Laura suspects Sam wouldn’t have been able to pull off Scanlan’s departure if Pike had been there. As it was, after the show went on break, Sam felt so bad that he ran over and gave a hug to everyone. If he’d made Pike cry, according to Laura: “he’d be UNFORGIVABLE.”
  • Taliesin semi-bullshitted the Grey Hunt stuff and Matt rolled with it. Taliesin gave him a ride to the airport the next day and they talked about how much they enjoyed how it worked out.
  • Laura points out that she’s the type of gamer who reloaded the game 20 times in ME3 to try to find a way to get a resolution that would be good for everyone when one didn’t exist, and she had that same sense of frustration when she got home after the game. She was really upset over the resolution of the Grey Hunt, but is feeling a bit better knowing it at least wasn’t failure.
  • Ashley and Travis both briefly thought the Grey Hunt was gonna be a weird proposal. Taliesin: “I feel like in our friends group the proposals have been getting more and more ridiculous. That would be the meta-continuation.”
  • Taliesin points out that Percy has a problem with abandonment and the whole thing with Scanlan is hitting his “really serious anger management issues.” Percy was hoping to get Vex’s vague permission/help over the Scanlan thing, and when it wasn’t forthcoming, he changed his plans to be less extreme. Percy’s also dealing with guilt over not feeling useful in the underwater fight, and is displacing that as anger over Scanlan not being there to mitigate that issue.
  • Pike’s got a lot of lingering resentment over Scanlan leaving.
  • Vex would’ve approached the Hunt differently if she’d known more about the creature ahead of time. Everyone decides that it probably killed a lot of small, cute woodland creatures when it threw the tree at Vex.
  • Percy’s most angry about Scanlan leaving the group and abandoning his responsibilities. Everyone else has to deal with the horrible shit going on, but he’s the one who gets to fall apart.
  • Ashley was disappointed not to be in the Hells—she was wondering if she might’ve had a permanent shift in her personality as a result of staying there. Ashley really struggled with playing Pike as a good character early in the home game.
  • Vex was at 10 HP at the end of the Hunt. Taliesin didn’t think there was a real chance of death there, because Matt’s great at building tests that are terribly difficult but not fatal, but was more worried that she was gonna fail. Laura: “God, I would’ve felt like a loser!”
  • Ashley and Laura have both kept themselves from watching the scene that was just Taliesin and Sam and Matt in the room.
  • The idea of leaving with Scanlan crossed Ashley’s mind when she watched the episode, but it’s tough to tell what would’ve happened if she’d been there, because so much of the show is in-the-moment.
  • Vex thinks of Whitestone as home, more than Greyskull.
  • Pike feels some guilt over Scanlan’s departure because of the pranking. “I never thought he would be mad at something like that, of all people.” Percy didn’t feel bad about it, because that’s not where Scanlan’s anger really came from. Pike still feels bad, knowing that.
  • Poor Brian has food poisoning and had to run off-set midway through the show. Ashley jumps in to take over. “Okay, Laura and Ashley. Uh. Me.”
  • Taliesin says Percy and Cassandra don’t really talk about personal things—she probably doesn’t know about Vex, although she suspects. They love each other and all, but they’re not a very warm family. “It’s cold and we live in a castle, for god’s sake.” Laura sums it up: “Cassandra is no Vax.” Percy and Cassandra weren’t super close as kids. “She was a brat.”
  • Brian judges Ashley for not coming up with a funnier excuse for his running off-screen.
  • Vex and Vax have been growing into their own people over the past few months, but Laura doesn’t know how Vex will deal with being in Whitestone without having Vax around, without the comfort of knowing the person she loves most is nearby.
  • Percy has come up with contingency plans for if the other party members go rogue. Brian: “Tell me about it.” Taliesin: “No. They’re in the room.”
  • Vex has an affinity for nature, and while she’s growing accustomed to Whitestone, she’s more comfortable not being around people, because it lets her keep from putting on an act.
  • Before Pike died, her hair was black (with a purple streak), and after she died, her hair turned white.
  • Ashley gets asked about Pike’s parents and grandparents, and there is a story there, but she refuses to answer in case it comes up in the game.
  • Someone asks about Percy breaking his "honesty streak.” Taliesin: “It’s not an honesty streak, it’s just a period of not being caught lying.” Laura: “People think [Percy]’s much better than he is.” 
  • Blurbs on the back of Tary’s book. Percy: “A fascinating addition to the Audubon chronicles of Emon.” Vex: “Don’t believe the lies.” Pike: “I enjoyed the artwork in particular. Great read, but the artwork is fantastic. By the late and great artist, Doty(e), someone whom we used to know.”

Talks Machine in the Dark:

  • If Pike had a companion along the lines of Trinket, it would be a baby snow owl.
  • Taliesin wants fanart of Strawberry Shortcake-esque little animal pets for all of them.
  • Taliesin hasn’t thought about what Grog’s title would entail. “Now that you’ve said it, I’m having thoughts, and they’re all ridiculous and a little mean.”
  • Favorite spells outside their class: all agree that Chromatic Spray is cool. Taliesin misses using Prestidigitation. Brian: “I don’t have that spell because I can’t pronounce it.”
  • Percy smells like sandalwood and gunpowder.
  • After a long debate over which character would win in a Survivor AU, they eventually decide everyone would survive and they’d all do just fine together.
  • Ashley and Laura have matching compass tattoos, along with two more of their friends—they each have a direction.
  • High-school superlatives. Pike: “Best legs.” Percy would have a series along the lines of “President of chess club, president of yearbook club. Most likely to help make the yearbook.” 

to sum up the video: they played sms roulette. at one point elias got Vilde and has going to text her asking for nudes. Vilde replied with “you first” at first, but was all “I have a boyfriend” later on. Then it was Mikael’s turn and he was supposed to text the last person starting with the letter E in his contacts. Mikael was then “that’s Even” and the whole atmosphere changed and I don’t know what happened. I think that some of the guys were like “Even is/was” but that part was edited out. And then Mikael left the room, and Yousef was all sad/upset and Adam was trying to cheer him up.

And that’s what you missed on Glee….I meant Skam.

Fake Dating Fic Rec

the last fic list went over well so I decided to turn it into a week event~

room to grow (kyouhaba) - G, 50k

Kyoutani and Yahaba have enough on their minds in third year, as ace and captain of the volleyball team, butting heads both on and off the court while trying to improve their game so the team has a shot of winning this year. When they find a puppy abandoned in a park, their lives only get even more complicated. 

Not Until Monday (kurodai) - T, 4.7k

“Sawamura, do you trust me?” Kuroo asks.

“This feels like a trap.”

In which Kuroo just needs Sawamura to be his fake boyfriend for like, 5 minutes.

if kisses were fishes, then i’d be an ocean (bokuaka) - G, 4.6k

Akaashi needs a fake date partner, so he grabs the first person he sees.

the art of pretending (tananoya) - E, 37k

the nishinoya family is having a reunion, and noya lies to his mom about being in a relationship to get her off his back. when ryuu gets a call from noya asking him to go to the reunion with him as his fake boyfriend, he’s torn―he’s just starting to get over how in love he is with his best friend, and he’s not sure that pretending to be his boyfriend is going to help with that. he agrees nonetheless, because he’s nothing if not a good friend, which leads to a week of denial, confusion and awkwardness. it doesn’t help that noya is sending really mixed signals.

but even when everything else seems unsure, one thing remains constant―they’re best friends, and that’s not going to change.

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Car Troubles

Mechanic!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,120

Warnings: nothing….just yucky fluff lol

A/N: This is for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge!! My funny quote was “Are you having a stroke? Do you smell toast?”
Hope you guys (especially Lau!!) enjoy it, thanks to @mamapeterson for the beta and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

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Then he sent me some weird pictures… I’m like all man that’s Andre Hayworth… this dude been missing for 6 months.Right? So I do all my research you know cause as a TSA agent… you know, you guys are detectives, you know, I got the same training. We might know more than y'all sometimes, you know cause we are dealing with some terrorist shit, so… but that’s a totally different story. So look I, I go do my… my detective work, right? And I start putting pieces together. And see this is what I came up with. Their probably abducting black people, brain washing them and making them slaves. Or sex slaves. not just regular slaves, but sex slaves and shit. See?

anonymous asked:

Fav sterek fics?

I have 402 bookmarks on AO3, how do I choose favorites?! I guess I can try ; ; here’s my pathetic attempt at a sterek rec list (fics added as I find them in my bookmarks, not by favorites):

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (dsudis) [116k, M]

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

Safety in Silence by Survivah [66k, M]

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Easy Trouble by Survivah [55k, M]

Derek+Stiles+fairies = love spell

“Make love to me,” Derek demands.


Where The Inevitable Isn’t by Survivah [41, M]

Stiles has a magical thingamajig that’s supposed to get him out of danger. Trouble is, it took him really, really far out of danger. Like, to the point where he isn’t in the same universe anymore.

“A part of Stiles had been thinking that he’d come home, and just go, ‘hey, Derek, are we mates and you just haven’t said anything about it?’ and Derek would reply, ‘now you mention it, we are indeed! Now come to my bedchamber, where we will have super hot sex and then cuddle after!’”

A Simple Life by Survivah [13k, T]

Derek plans to spend the rest of his life holed up in the woods after Laura dies. Then he meets a stubborn young fox, and the stubborn young fox meets an urn of Deaton’s magic powder, and his plans change.

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