i know alot of people did this gif


I think this is the ending shot of the season.

Why? One, because every ending has a close up shot.

Season 1: Dany hatching eggs
Season 2: Night King close up commanding army
Season 3: Close up of Dany being carried through the crowd.
Season 4: Close up of Arya sailing to Braavos.
Season 5: Close up of Jon dying.
Season 6: Close up of Dany sailing.

Now, many people have said that some of the leaks aren’t accurate, one being James Hibberd, who works with EW, who does know ALOT about this season.

D&D themselves.

So, why the ending?

I think an EVENT will happen that will put Jon back in Winterfell at the end of the season. There, he will find out about his parents. Bran will talk to him, and tell him, and leave, knowing Jon will need a moment. Sansa will come out and probably talk to him, and he’ll get emotional. He may send her off, OR he may tell her he did SOMETHING with his aunt..,

Sansa will leave the Weirwood, and the camera will pan in on her face..seeing her crying…she’ll struggle with not looking back…and..

End shot.

Leaves on a big cliffhanger. Jon knows his parentage, and is taking it in, ‘someone’ has died, and castle black will probably be shown before this with the White Walkers at the wall. Maybe the wall will fall during this moment as well. Or crack?

I’m not 100% sold on the wall falling this season. Seems a little early. Cause as soon as it falls, castle black will be overrun.

Idk, just my theory though.

And Maisie did say the cliffhanger would be intense.