i know almost all the words to this movie omg

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Yo yo. My favorite movie is Nighmare Before Christmas (cliche but my mom and i watch it every year for Halloween and Christmas) and my best childhood costume was when i dressed as a gnome from WoW when i was 7. This year is gonna be lit tho bc im going as Harley Quinn from Arkham City and im hyped. 🎃🎃👻

omg I watch The Nightmare Before Christmas every year too omg. it’s one of my all time favourite movies, I know all the songs, I can almost recite the whole thing word for word (if you didn’t see my post from last year I dressed up as Sally. it was one of my favourite costumes ever) 

and okay HARLEY that’s so amazing 

I’m excited for you. Harley has become a bit tired with all the suicide squad costumes out there but Arkham City hasn’t been done in a while - a rare beauty. plus she’s a hottie so you’ll be a hottie too ;)

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