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i'm surprisingly... defensive... about doubles of my canonmate. i'll talk to someone who is doubles with my canonmate and they'll be like "aw i'm your [x relationship]!!" and it's like... no, you're not... and i'm not saying they aren't that character, it's just that i already KNOW my [x relationship], and they are a different person. i am not YOUR grandson, i am not YOUR horse, i am not YOUR canonmate. i like to talk to doubles of all kinds! but don't try to claim me. i'm spoken for.

i think andrew hussie is a master class case study in author anonymity

like, who even gives a shit about death of the author when the author barely exists metatextually anyway? his public friends are all people associated with or who worked at one point on homestuck, his social media reveals nothing about him personally, and the only pieces of personal information he discloses are pieces of disjointed, unrelated, or “is he joking?” type material. i know he’s a sagittarius but i don’t know if he has parents. i know he has a giant blue horse dildo somewhere in his home, but i don’t know which state he lives in. 

nobody within the past 500-600 years of literature has managed to write something as big as homestuck and remain as secretive as he has. most authors are tempted by the fame offered to them via their work and immediately flood their audience with personal disclosure, try to make themselves celebrities. not hussie. hussie wrote one of the biggest pieces of internet literature in history and stayed completely off the map for all of it.

hey friends :)

I’m gonna be real honest with you here, it’s been a long time since I’ve worked on the fake bf fic and writing is hard and life is just overwhelming as hell these days, so if y’all wouldn’t mind giving me just a liiiiittle bit of validation that my writing hasn’t turned to complete crap?? that’d be super cool??? please & thank you, here is what I have of ch. 6, it’s not a lot but hopefully there’s gonna be more soon now that I have some kind of flow???? idk man I love you all thank you for being so ridiculously patient

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so like 3 years ago this girl i knew had a horse that died and i didnt know what to say (i did feel very terrible for her, I knew this horse and her very well at the time!) so i got drunk and posted the lyrics of 5000 Candles in The Wind to her Facebook, leaving out the part about lil Sebastian, and I got all of these comments like “oh my god carly, this is so thoughtful, bless you!!” and she commented saying how amazing and thoughtful i was for writing this poem for him. they can never know the truth. i think this is my deepest secret. 

You cannot go out preaching love, peace, acceptance, and tolerance just to turn around and shout vulgar insults at people with differing beliefs than you.  In the real world you will ALWAYS find differences in belief systems and world views, and there will ALWAYS be something that people disagree on.  Disagreement is not an excuse to hate and to bully, REGARDLESS of the topic at hand.  It doesn’t matter.  We’re all human and we all deserve patience and respect.  No one person is any better than anyone else.  Get off your high horse.

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Okay, but what about this: Tangled AU where Mare is Flynn Rider and Cal is Rapunzel (and maybe Mother Gothel is Elara??? That wants to put his son Maven on the throne??? idk I just want Mare saying Flynn quotes)

Bangs fist on table: God dammit now you got me started on shit that I have been thinking about for a year since I finished glass sword. 

Headcanon Alert:

Cal is the son of Queen Coriane and King Tiberius, but Coriane fell ill while pregnant and everyone goes out to find this magic flower to save her and the baby. And there’s a witch named Elara that uses it and has been using it for hundreds of years to keep herself young. It is discovered and she watches in horror as they take it. Cal is born healthy and happy (I mean just imagine Mare being like: A healthy baby was born. I’ll give you a hint, that’s Cal). But then Elara shows up tries cut his hair (which is blond cause thats what the movie had), but then it turns black when she cuts it, and shes like aw hell no. So she takes Cal (I mean also imagine Mare telling the story like: Elara Merandus broke into the castle, stole the child and vanished.) And also we get Cal with obnoxiously long hair… like damn boy, serious man bun and man braid material. Then obviously mare is flynn rider (But she goes by Mareena Titanos), she works with two other thieves, Evangeline and Ptolemus Samos (cause I need people who canonically she ends up fighting against) and the horse is… uh.. I’m just go with…Maven here (cause he’s chasing Mare around everywhere). And Kilorn is the chameleon that is Cal’s like little side kick cause the personality similarities are too good to pass up on. All Cal want to do is go and see these lights that are in the sky on his birthday every year, and Elara’s like, bitch, no. Mother knows best, take it from you mother, it’s a scary world out there! (its also super funny imagining this cause Cal has at least a foot on Elara XD) But then Mare shows up in the tower (Something brought you here Mareena Titanos… be it fate destiny… A horse? *rolls eyes*). She agrees to take him to see the lights, they leave and set out on an adventure. (I mean imagine the Snuggly Duckling scene where they meet the scarlet guard and everyone’s singing and Farley is the hook man who hangs mare up on the coat hook. And then they surround mare who does an awkward jazz grape vine across the bar and is like “I have dreams like you no really, just much less touchy feely, they mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny, on an island that I own, tan and rested and alone!” And then Farley saving them with Maven and bunch of people show up, and then looking to Cal and saying, “Go live your dream”. And Mare going, “Thanks I will,” Follows by Falrye glaring at her and saying, “Your dream stinks, I was talking to him.” Then they get to the epic scene where they’re escaping (LETS JUST ASSUME THAT EVERYONE IN HERE DOESN’T LIKE ME!” Then them getting trapped. (My real name is Mare Molly Barrow, someone should at least know before I die… I have magic hair that glows when I sing. HIS HAIR GLOWS! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE! I MEAN- Mare, it does more than just glow.) (Also just impinge the mother knows best reprise with Elara just bleeding out of the smoke and shadow). And them singing Now I see the light. And then Cal thinking Mare betrayed him and going back with Elara and Mare like, “AH SHIT! WAIT!” and then the whole guard showing up to break her out. Then obvi we get the super sad part where Elara stabs mare in the fucking back, and Cal tries to heal her, but she cuts his hair out and all of it turns black. Then Elara dies, and we get the super epic scene where Cal heals Mare. (Did I even tell you have a thing for guys with dark hair?) Followed by Cal being returned to his family. (: I’m so happy and full of sunshine right now. time to go write some angst. 

  ‘ ‘ Imagine being betrothed to Robb Stark and meeting him
  for the first time / PART 2. ‘ ‘

Gif’s not mine, credits to the owner.
A/N: Here’s the second part of this imagine, as requested! You can find part one here. Requests are always open.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Robb Stark was a magnificent young man, just like your mother told you.
The night before was given a feast in your family’s honor and you met his brothers, sisters and parents. You spent all night talking to Robb, hearing the story of Winterfell, his family and about his childhood. Every time he had looked at you, you had felt like you were in heaven. With his piercing blue eyes, and that beautiful smile of his that made your heart flutter.
Now, just like promised the day before, you were riding with Robb in the woods. 

“ I really like Winterfell. “ you speaked after a quiet silence, smiling sweetly to your future husband. He looked at you curiously, returning the smile.

“ Do you? “

“ Yes. It is not like the South, actually it’s very cold. But I do enjoy being here. “

Robb didn’t say anything, he just laughed quietly. He couldn’t believe that you were gonna be his wife. When his father told him that he had to marry a girl he got angry and felt like all his freedom was soon to be gone. If he had to get married he had to think about his new family first, cherish his wife, have children, and he was way to young for that  or at least, that’s what he thought. After getting to knowing you, the only thing he wanted to do was kiss you, hold you againt his body and make you his. Was this what they called love? When you arrived at a little glade, you got down from your horses. Robb approached you, and you gently interlocked your arm with his.

“ You know, “ Robb started, looking at you. You had started walking beside the little creek that flowed in the woods. “ at first I thought you were just some ordinary lady, but yesterday night you proved me wrong. You are gentle, lady (Y/N), you are a beatiful person and you have a kind heart. Every time I look at you I think about all the beautiful years we will spend together. I… I never felt something like this. “

You stopped, looking at him with glistening eyes. So he felt it too. Now Robb was towering you, and he was looking at you like you were a goddess. His goddess. Your gloved hand went to his strong chest, covered with fur coats and leather. 

“ When my father told me I was going to marry you I was afraid. I thought you were an old lord who would use me. ” you confessed, and Robb laughed a little, shaking his head. His hand caressed gently you red, puffed cheek, sending goosebumps down your spine.

“ You thought I was some old lord, huh? Well, from your look yesterday I could say you were pretty satisfied when you saw me for the first time. ” he quirked a brow, causing you to laugh and hitting him gently.

“ Could you blame me? “

“ Not at all, my lady. “ 

And after these words, Robb leaned slowly and brushed his lips with yours. As like for asking permission, he stopped before you nodded. He kissed you, and oh, was this a kiss. You felt his soft lips moving slowly on yours, and it felt like those lips were made just for yours. The kiss was gentle, a little sloppy, and in that precise moment you knew that you were starting to fall in love with Robb Stark and there was no coming back.

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OOOH JIMON: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" (make it a love declaration scene and i'll love you forever)


Simon is gonna be late to class, he just knows it. Three months being exclusively nocturnal have really ruined him for normal things like timetables, public transportation and traffic. He gets off on the next station and decides to walk the rest of the way.

Still. Despite his racing thoughts and irrational fear that his professor will hate him forever for being a few minutes late, he’s excited. He’s going back to school! He’ll take classes again and be bored beyond relief over static lectures and be looked down upon by much cooler classmates. Things will go back to something resembling normal.

Simon checks his phone again. Twelve minutes until his class begins. He could use his vampire speed, but the streets are busy and swarming with people. That’d be a little hard to explain. He takes a deep breath and takes wider steps.

Someone bumps into him. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

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My Lady Gaga Theory

This is something that is on my mind since Lady Gaga released her new video clip, John Wayne, and I just want to write it down so I won’t forget.

So, everyone knows that all the clips she released from Joanne are connected to which other. They all start were the last one finished. But John Wayne looks quite different from Perfect Illusion and Million Reasons… The clip reminds me of old Gaga videos, with a frantic pace and lots of color. So how does this one connect with the others? I read a comment saying the Gaga realized that the first videos were not good and decided that it was time to go back to what she did before. Not only I don’t agree with this (to me, Joanne is more mature than her previous albums) I also think this is bullshit. There’s no way Gaga didn’t know what she was doing. This is not a random change of pace.

In July 2016, Gaga and Taylor Kinney ended their 5 year relationship. In September, she released Joanne’s first single, Perfect Illusion. The song talks about a heartbreak, about a relationship that wasn’t as good as the song’s character thought it was. The videoclipe shows Gaga in a sort of journey, trying to deal with her new situation and trying to understand what went wrong. She dances with strangers and runs in desert, as if she was lost.

Then, she released Million Reason (to me, the best song in the album). This song is about a person trying to rebuild a broken relationship; she begs for a reason to stay even though she knows it’s not a great relationship. The clip is very melancholic and she seems, again, very lonely. She’s trying everything she cans to bring him back, but she knows is all in vain.

John Wayne, like I said before, is frenetic. It starts with Gaga talking in a calm tone that becomes a shout. She rides horses and motorbikes; she hurts herself without noticing or caring about it; she gets a ride with a stranger and runs over a dog; she shoots a gun; she kills herself. She’s angry and she says “I crave a real wild man” because every guy she knows is “just the same”. In the end, everything is just a day dream.

So, this is my theory: Lady Gaga will release 7 video clips, each one representing a stage of grief. We already have Perfect Illusion as SHOCK, with Gaga trying to cope it the break-up; Million Reason as DENIAL, with her trying in vain to save something that is already dead; and John Wayne as ANGER, for obvious reasons.

After that, we have BARGAINING, GUILT, DEPRESSION and ACCEPTANCE. I think Dancin’ in Circles will be the next video, since it talks about masturbating to fill a void someone left in our lives. Maybe this is the way she found to keep him next to her. Or maybe Sinner’s Prayer, which also can be GUILT. I think Just Another Day could be ACCEPTANCE and Hey Girl DEPRESSION.

Ok, so this is it. My theory that doesn’t change the world. I wrote it because I didn’t saw anyone talking about this and what I read was quite stupid, so that’s it. Sorry for my English :)

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I agree with your post and I also agree with the "He agreed to that anyways". However, the "relax", I can't take it when people tell me that like ok he agreed but I will not relax about one of the members not getting any line

tbh. The whole thing about Hoseok isn’t that he didn’t get lines in Spring Day. All BTS songs have been unfair to Hoseok so far, besides BS&T. Fans have been unfair to Hoseok, it’s just TOO UNFAIR for him. How many people know Hoseok can sing? Even though he really did sing a couple of times and showed off his vocal skills. How many people know he doesn’t like being called a horse ? How many people know he doesn’t feel loved by ARMY ? How many people know he’s been talking about his mixtape since 2014 ? How many people know he isn’t just a loud person and is actually the mom TM of bts ??? Only Hobi’s stans know those, he’s just so UNDERAPPRECIATED. 

Everytime I look at the lines distribution it makes me sick to see Hoseok and Seokjin getting the LESS POSSIBLE, and they just hit the bottom giving Jin ONE line (shared with Jimin) in BS&T and 0 LINES AT ALL to Hoseok in Spring Day. BTS is a 7 members group, not 5 members with 2 background vocals. And the fact that they agreed to not have lines at all is ???? Making me feel even more sad ??? Why did they agree to this, do they really feel like they don’t deserve to be heard in THEIR group’s songs ????? Do they really think THEIR voices doesn’t fit the music THEIR group produces ???? It’s not like they are featuring someone’s solo album and they aren’t in all songs, it’s THEIR OWN GROUP songs !?!?

Fire was really a blessing, Seokjin finally had some lines and I was so excited to see him sing TWO times in the same song !? And BS&T was half of a blessing, since Hoseok got so many lines !!!! (but seokjin didn’t :-///).

And the lack of reactions from fans, that, that really hurts me. People telling me to chill, telling others that it’s okay if he didn’t get lines since he had some in BS&T…. following that logic, it’ll be ENTIRELY okay if Jungkook didn’t get any lines at all in a full album since he gets most of the lines in all bts songs ???? But no, of course, if we say that, we get screamed at that Jungkook is the main vocal so that wouldn’t make sense.

Well then, Hoseok is the lead dancer, and where is he during the dance ? in the back. Hoseok is one of the rapper in BST, and where is he in Spring day? Background vocal, harmonizing with the vocal line.

 > BTW, anyone who says he got a whole intro can already stfu, have you already forgotten about What Am I to you and Nevermind ? It’s a rapper line thing, it was just Hoseok’s turn. <

People telling me that Hoseok is just beginning in rapping so he would prefer to focus on dance ??? He’s an idol he doesn’t JUST dance??? If he went for an idol career instead of a background dancer IT MUST BE because he likes to sing and rap ???? Never thought about that ??

And to be honest, the fact that people excuses the fact that he didn’t get lines because he said he’s okay with it, I just think it’s dumb ??? He’s J-HOPE <<<< do you think an idol with the name HOPE in it, who forces himself to always smile even when he’s the saddest, who does everything to never make others worry, would COMPLAIN because he didn’t get lines ???

I’m just-.. wow you know.

I still love the song though, I love how it sounds it’s even my fave of their new tracks. I love every member and I’m glad maknae line gets lots of attention. But as a hyung line stan, I think it’s disgusting that they get that treatment. And I’m 100% sure Spring Day would be better if Hoseok did get lines, and I’m looking forward to see the live performance, having heard that he’ll get some lines.

I’ll stop there since it’s taking so long.

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If you had a stranded alien stuck on Earth in First Contact l scenario, who is sick or appears unwell (e.g. trauma injuries, unsteadiness, lethargy), would you think it better to try your chances with a doctor or the local vet? As a modern vet, if you were presented with an alien patient you up until that moment couldn't fathom existing, what would be the first steps you would take in trying to treat them quickly and with reasonable secrecy?

There are a few things to consider when choosing either a vet clinic or the doctor’s office for your extra-terrestrial visitor.

A vet clinic might:

  • Be set up for smaller than human or larger than human sized patients
  • May have facilities for ‘exotic’ patients, i.e. non-mammals
  • Usually has a surgical suite, Xray, blood/urine analyzers and sometimes ultrasound on-site
  • Has medications on site, and a wide variety
  • Usually a non-specialist, generalist type clinic for their type of species.
  • Is set up to admit and hospitalize their patients.
  • May have a portable ‘home-visit kit’ already packed with lots of stuff
  • Is usually not staffed 24 hours.
  • Staff are used to dealing with uncommunicative and uncooperative patients

A doctor’s office:

  • Has almost zero medications on site, mostly vaccines
  • Only basic equipment
  • Is set up for only one species
  • Is not set up to hospitalize patients
  • Often refer elsewhere for imaging, blood tests, etc.

A human hospital:

  • has very nice surgical suites for human-sized patients
  • An extensive pharmacy
  • lots of entries and exits
  • Lots of people/witnesses
  • staffed 24 hours
  • security cameras
  • Long distances between different facilities, eg Xray, blood analyzers, treatment rooms.

So if you want to be secretive and have as few people know about your alien as possible, choose the vet clinic. If your alien is not really human shaped, chose a vet clinic. If you want as much stuff in one place as possible, use a vet clinic.

Couldn’t fathom existing? My friend I think you underestimate just how many of us are sci-fi nerds. Does it exist in three dimensional space and is it made of matter? If yes, let’s give this a go!

For how I, or most vets, would approach a species of which we have no prior knowledge and no published knowledge is available, the thought process would look a lot like this post: First Principles.

As for ‘treating in secrecy’, depends on how sick or injured they are. If they’re not too bad, then bringing equipment to them might be the more prudent thing to do. If they are severely unwell, bringing them to the clinic at night (on on a public holiday) might be more effective, but you then need to move the cars so the general public doesn’t think anyone is there. I have frequently been stuck at the clinic when it is closed, feeding boarding cats or treating a patient, when somebody knocks on the door looking for pet food, just on the off chance we were open.

Clinics with security cameras may be an issue. More and more clinics these days have an alarm, but not every camera system will be monitored all the time.

Treating in the clinic is risky if more than one person has keys, but unless they see horses the Xray machine wont be portable, and who knows which car that might have been left in. Some ultrasound machines are portable with power. You may be able to bring some fluids back for analysis, though it’s anybody’s guess how useful that may be.

You can take a whole load of stuff to set up a makeshift hospital in someone’s house, providing you have a relatively cooperative patient. There’s less risk of an accidental observer on private property, but you are more limited in what you can do. The anesthetic machine and gas bottles are not portable, and expensive equipment will be quickly missed on days the clinic is open.

Some clinics, particularly mixed animal practices with branch clinics or a home visit component, will equip their vets with work vehicles which contain a huge variety of basic stuff for any potential call out, just not huge amounts of anything, nothing that needs refrigeration and no controlled drugs.

It’s worth mentioning that any clued in veterinarian treating an alien species is going to have two particular concerns sooner or later:

  • What diseases can I catch from this alien?
  • Is this the start of a world wide epidemic?

The thought will occur that maybe they should be recording or reporting this alien. At the least they will record what treatments have been used, what worked and what didn’t. This is part of medical record keeping and you need to know what you’ve already used to figure things out. It may be recorded as “Treatment for Squiddy the dog” instead of “Treatment for alien”. The knowledge may be useful at some point in the future, and at the very least helps prevent repeating mistakes.

A veterinarian may also decide to report this to the government. This is complicated and personal, and will depend on your character but it will boil down to “Obligation to the protection of Earth” versus “Obligation to your patient.“ How they resolve this conflict is up to you as the author. 


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Ivar’s point of view.
My arms hurt, my palms hurt, my back hurts, my wrists hurt, my neck hurts, my shoulders hurt - everything hurts. All I want to do is lie down and sleep for half the day, but Floki is already in my ear about the next strategy, Bjorn’s already going off about what we did wrong and that, though it was half way decent, it still wasn’t good enough. Ubbe already has the look of annoyance and disapproval by everyone. Hvitserk and Sigurd would soon be passed out in a pile of horse dung by the rate they’re drinking, and all of this doesn’t matter, because two simple words was enough for me to hold my tongue and walk away.
‘Y/N’s hurt.’
I didn’t even throw a ‘shut up’ over my shoulder as I crawled passed Sigurd and he smirked to himself. He wouldn’t know the difference between ignoring him and being the bigger person. Although I would like to say that I’m being the ‘bigger’ person, I’m not. I’ll think of something witty to say to him next time.
The tent stood strongly in the middle of the camp where it would be guarded most. Shields lined the outside of it, most of them covered in blood and splintered by axe or sword marks.
I ignored the woman at the entrance, as she told me where to go. I didn’t need a guide, I can already see her. Lying on the bed, eyes closed, sleeves ripped and dried blood covering her side and head. She would’ve fallen from the abdomen wound and then either been kicked or stood on in the process.
“We thought she dead when we did our rounds.” A woman peered down at me. “She still breathes, but I don’t know for how long. She’ll be with the gods in no time if she doesn’t get any better.”
“Then shouldn’t you do your job and make her better?” I snap. “Or are you too stupid to do that? Get out of my sight.” The woman rolls her eyes and shakes her head as steps around me. If you tell me she will be with the gods if she doesn’t get better, than should you fix her? I hoist myself to sit her as she lays on the ground, and take hold of her hand. “You will be alright, Y/N. I’ll protect you.”

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If you could rewrite/restyle loz's major gerudo characters, but while still keeping to important plot elements, how would you?

First of all, their entire race needs a new makeover. I guess, depending on my resources, I would base them off Arab or South Asian clothing (I default to South Asian bc I can write that culture easier, if I had some people to help me, I’d probably go with Arab since that’s what they’re “supposed” to be and a proper representation of a fantasy Arab race is sorely needed). Preferably, I’d probably split the Gerudo into various tribes and each of them would represent a different culture (ex. 1 is Arab, 1 Kurdish, 1 Indian, etc, etc). What they wear in canon is 1) ugly 2) racist and 3) impractical. (They’d still have some black coding, too tho, since those identities are not mutually exclusive)

I’d probably add actual body diversity instead of, “there are only 6 ft tall body builders in our entire race” So there would be short Gerudo, skinny and fat Gerudo. 

I’d also add like hints of their history and culture. How do they view other races in Hyrule? What is their associated history with them? What is their take on Hylia, on the other goddesses? On the mythos surrounding Demise’s curse and the Chosen Hero? Urbosa mentioned this briefly, but it would be nice if we had some NPCs who had opinions on Ganon being the incarnation of evil.

This right here is my Gerudo reproduction theory. It takes away the racist notion that their “one male” has a giant harem, the idea that brown women must travel to the ends of the earth to find their Chosen White Male. But it still keeps the idea of “one male born a century”. It’s just presented as a translation error. 

I would totally get rid of that whole “men aren’t allowed” thing. It makes absolutely no sense. Also, any NPC thirsting after the Gerudo would get immediately smote by a meteor strike (I’m half-joking).

I think I would generally get rid of the whole allure and voyeurism involved with the Gerudo. They’d just be presented plainly like any other race.

I also hate how the LoZ is so obsessed with bloodlines (there’s a fuckin’ “royal horse” in the game, “oh this horse must be the descendant of that beautiful royal horse” like are u fuckin’ serious, even the horse is chosen by the gods apparently). So with the Gerudo tribe, I’d probably make them elect their own leaders. And they wouldn’t have just one “leader”. They’d have one person for diplomatic affairs, one chief of their military, one religious leader and one person who looks over daily affairs. 

Another thing that bothers me is how all the Gerudo wear (tacky) makeup and jewelry. If they added classes (I know that’s too advanced for a zelda game lol) I’ d probably only have the upper class waltzing around in jewelry, with the lower classes chilling in long, simple clothing.


Above is the signing poster I made for this year, to celebrate the 10 years this Avatar universe has been out there in the world. Below is our schedule, once again:

Friday, 10-11 AM, Room 25ABC:  Dark Horse Comics panel with Mike & me

Friday, 12-2 PM, Dark Horse booth: signing with Mike & me (and maybe a special guest too, I’m not sure yet)

Friday, 4-5 PM, Oni Press booth: Invader Zim comic signing with Jhonen Vasquez & me

Saturday, 3-5 PM, Nickelodeon booth: signing with Mike & me (again, and maybe a special guest too, I’m not sure yet)

Ticket info for the Saturday Nickelodeon booth signing: Nick folk are handing out tickets on both Friday AND Saturday morning at the booth between 9:30 – 10:30am. Only 125 tickets will be handed out each day.

I know the overwhelming majority of people out there can’t make it to the increasingly-difficult-to-attend-and-prohibitively-expensive San Diego Comic Con. In addition to this, Mike and I haven’t had and don’t have the schedules to allow for us to attend the many great, smaller conventions all over the globe throughout the year. San Diego is very close to where we both live, so it is quick and easy for us to get down there. Being such a big convention, it is also one that companies like Nick and Dark Horse put a lot of their focus on and marketing resources towards. I just wanted to explain those factors, as I know it is probably frustrating for people who see all the SDCC chatter online and can’t participate in person. We appreciate that many of you ATLA/LOK fans out there would love for us to come to an event or hold a signing closer to your stomping grounds. During the productions of those series, we were mostly chained to our desks trying to meet an endless procession of deadlines and could only carve out a long weekend or two a year for conventions. Now we are busy with new endeavors and the ATLA/LOK events will taper to a large degree. But perhaps our respective new publishing projects will bring us on book tours and to other conventions around the world in the future, allowing us to meet more people we haven’t had a chance to yet. We love you folks! Thanks for your continued support!


#i wonder Eliot actually needs glasses 

I know I only just got into this fandom, but yeah I might have gone a little overboard with my research on Eliot’s glasses because I have a Thing for them 

so personally I think, yes he needs them - he wore them outside of cons in season 1 a couple times (definitely in The Nigerian Job and The Two-Horse Job), then there’s the “New glasses” comment in The Jailhouse Job, and I think one of the creators answered some questions from the fans at some point and said that, while Christian apparently doesn’t need glasses, Eliot does. 

Also someone (possibly the same creator, possibly another one - I’d have to look for it again and I don’t know all their names yet) said that, while they pretty much treated them like reading glasses, if they had to pick they’d say Eliot is probably a bit near-sighted.

(okay I think I need to correct myself here - I went A LOT overboard with my “research” XD)


Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy

Prompt Theme: Line Quotes (TV) Claudia Donovan Warehouse 13

Prompt: “What I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with the horse.”

No Voldemort AU


“That’s funny Granger. You know she’s never misbehaved until now. I’m starting to think you’re a bad influence.” Draco glared wiping the spit off his face and watching his once rival offer his horse an apple. The chestnut mare took it happily, biting through the red flesh and crunching happily. Hermione looked up at him and smiled, the picture of innocence. But he knew better.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Malfoy. Perhaps she’s simply a better judge of character than you’ve given her credit for.” she replied with a saucy little smirk.

“Oh I know she’s an excellent judge of character. Which is why she chose me over every other person in the stable all those years ago. What I can’t, however, figure out is how you managed to turn my horse against me.”

Hermione shrugged.

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andrewsneils  asked:

hello! i love your writing and your andrew is so very in character that i need to ask for your help! i just got into tfc and andreil, and my fingers are itching to write fanfic. the problem, tho, is that i'm not sure how to write andrew properly. so i'm asking: can you give me a few tips, pointers, and any help possible? thank you so much!!!

ahhh thank you so much!! this really means a lot, i’ve actually spent a bunch of time trying to figure out how to write andrew because he’s such a unique character and i don’t think i’m 100% accurate but it’s really flattering to hear people think i’m good at writing him ahah <3 i’ve also written a bit on andrew here, which doesn’t quite answer your question but honestly i just spent ages on it and it has a lot of my thoughts on Understanding Andrew so

the number one tip is obviously to reread the books and just pay close attention to him. we see him through neil’s eyes, so until the last book neil does not have an accurate read on andrew, so you’ve got to be aware of that in trying to get an objective idea of who andrew is.

then i have a few things that i try to keep in mind when writing andrew. the first is that he has a really strict moral code - to me, he’s a lawful neutral (that doesn’t all fit perfectly; essentially it just means to me that he has a strong sense of what should and should not happen, but it does not really align with anyone else’s morals). for instance, he doesn’t lie. he doesn’t necessarily tell the truth, and he avoids it whenever possible, and when he’s medicated he makes a lot of jokes that dance around the truth. so he isn’t an honest person, but he does not lie. and he’ll bend any rule or moral in order to fulfill his promises and protect his people. 

when it comes down to it, andrew’s actions are relatively easy to predict - he will do what it takes to follow his own rules. he will protect kevin, aaron, and eventually neil, and he has his hierarchy of people. he has his topics to avoid. and then beyond that, he’s pretty much just in pursuit of a reason to keep going. he wants things to be interesting. so outside of his promises, he’s pretty fucking chaotic just because that’s more interesting. exy is more interesting when he’s fucking it up; kevin’s more interesting when he’s pissed off; and then neil’s just plain interesting. 

actions-wise in writing, while on medication he moves a lot and grins a lot and it’s all very sharp imagery. post-medication, he’s still. that’s pretty much the only guidelines. he always has a flat tone, though. he’s not an expressive person and that’s intentional. this is similar to how he talks - on the medication, he’ll joke and make references and it’s very jarringly larger than life. off medication, he doesn’t really spare words or movement. he does and says as little as possible and he’s a lot more likely to stare at someone who doesn’t get it (because they should be able to put it together, it’s not his problem if they don’t) than explain himself. a lot of this adds up to the general person seeing him as super standoffish and a dick and dishonest, when in actuality he just isn’t going to guide a horse to water.

i don’t know. this isn’t by any means comprehensive, because andrew is a really really complex character, and i’m definitely no expert. these are just the things i try to keep in mind when writing him? like it’s important to remember that he literally does not care. it’s important to remember his trauma and how it’s affected him (but obviously we don’t know all the details of it so there’s only so far that goes). it’s important to notice the differences from him being on meds and after. there are lots of intricacies so i really do suggest just doing a reread of the books and trying to pick out certain scenes - especially in the early books when neil’s just ???? about him - and trying to pick apart his motivations. that’s what i found helped me get to grips with him best. 

hope this helps <3

Laurent with a pet!!

I know we all know Laurent loves horses. And his dogs. And collectively, as a fandom, we decided he’s a cat person. But what if! What if!!! He also had a falcon?? Not just any falcon. A Gyrfalcon. (Do you remember Shan Yu’s flacon in Mulan? So it’s a similar one, only the gyrfalcon is bigger. Google it.) 

Throughout history the Gyrfalcon has been considered as a royal bird. They’re smart, loyal, sharp and dangerous. They were rare and beautiful and quite expensive. They hail from northern Europe, but Vere is cold so we can pretend. 

Maybe, when Auguste was ten the king gifted him with a male and a female bird  “every king needs symbol”. And Auguste adored his birds and cared for them and trained them and they loved him back. But they never had babies. And then Laurent was born. And would you look at that - that spring, a little baby bird hatched. So Auguste decided to give it to Laurent  “to watch over you, when I can’t” he’d say to a tiny Laurent who didn’t understand. 

Laurent was too young to train her, so Auguste did it for him. He’d take Laurent with him tho, so bird and boy could get to know each other. When Laurent was maybe five, Auguste said he could name the bird - he named her Aliria.  As Laurent grows up and grows stronger and smarter, so does Aliria. Eventually he takes over her training from Auguste, and they really bond. She becomes an extension of his body. She lives on his shoulder, or she flies ahead of him to make sure it’s safe, but she’s never out of sight. 

Aliria is smart. Smarter than you could ever imagine. And she’s elusive and cunning and very human like almost? She really is part of Laurent. She hates Damen at first, like she also knows who he is. Always on high alert when he’s around, ready to attack him should he try and hurt Laurent. Very very slowly, slower than Laurent, she does begin to trust him. She’ll let him feed her, and she stops flying over his head menacingly. She very very rarely allows Damen to touch her tho. 

Damen often wakes up in the morning, throwing an arm across the bed to try and pull Laurent close to him, only to find his side of the bed empty. When he looks up, Laurent is petting or feeing Aliria on her little tree-plant thing they have in their bedchamber (not a cage, never a cage.) 

“Sometimes I think you love that bird more than you love me.” 

“Sometimes I do.” 

And Aliria hoots like she understands, and then takes off for a while. Never gone for too long. 

(This got very long I am very sorry.)

Vikings 4x20 review:

  • omg it’s the end? I survived 20 episodes of this shit?
  • Aethelwulf cosplaying Jon Snow circa Battle of the Bastards
  • Ubbe happily waving a dude’s severed head around…same, bro, same
  • Little Bros: “YAY WE WON!!” Bjorn: “NOT YET you FOoLS”
  • I guess Aethelwulf stopped to take a bath between Repton and Not Winchester
  • is Ecbert in a straitjacket
  • warp-speed coronation! And mad props to Moe Dunford for rocking that tacky Adventure Time crown
  • “thank you for loving me” he literally had your ear cut off and blackmailed you into sleeping with him in s3 but w/e this season is all about men not being held responsible for their actions and retconning dubcon sex into romance so
  • I love how Ecbert gives Alfred all this sage advice on how to be a good king and then turns to Aethelred (who should be the fucking aetheling) and is like “try not to get your dick caught in your zipper”
  • did Ecbert…did he….did he just….did he make out with his son
  • “no I’m going to stay with you and get shitfaced” aw Bishop is such a cute friend <3
  • a battering ram? Sure, why the hell not, they already have crossbows
  • Little Bros: “YAY WE WON!!!” Bjorn: “NOT YET you FoOLS”
  • aw yisss it’s Plundering Time™
  • Sigurd, Hvitserk and Floki gleefully setting scrolls on fire CUZ READING’S FOR LOSERS
  • I’m glad Hirst showed them doing that, though, because barbarian groups like the Vikings, Goths, and pagan Franks before them were responsible for the loss of so much knowledge of classical antiquity (like how to build a bridge the way the Romans did) after the disintegration of the Empire.
  • Floki took Helga with him everywhere: to Frankia, to Spain, to a fucking warzone…but I guess he just REALLY needed that manpain push to get him to Iceland, huh, Hirst?
  • at least her burial was beautiful and Gustaf was fantastic. I got so emotional when Floki began laying out her personal items (that fucking comb, man)
  • lol Harald looked so hurt when his bro decided to go cruise the Med with Bjorn
  • Ivar working the crowd like a pro
  • “it looks like revenge was the only thing keeping the sons of Ragnar together” wow no shit
  • it’s just a scratch, Sigs, you’re fine…Rollo survived being trampled by 30 horses…just walk it off bb
  • my heart hurts
  • oh, but it’s not over…here comes JRM’s debut
  • well that was quite the climactic ending *ba dum tss*