i know all of you needed it too

the reason i want Lance to be the black paladin is because it would be so good for him, and not JUST Lance, but the rest of the team too. say what you want about Allura being a better candidate, and while it would be logical to have her lead, she already has her leader traits fleshed out. but something she and the rest of the team really need to learn, is supporting each other.

we all know Lance is really insecure about himself, and suddenly being thrusted into the role of a leader would be very overwhelming for him. he will need support from his teammates to help him get through this and have him learn to believe in himself. this means the team will have no choice but to learn to support Lance and accept him as a leader figure. they will have no choice but to start taking him seriously and not brushing him off. they will have to learn to respect him more than the teammate that cracks jokes and flirts around with aliens. they will have to learn to respect his choices and follow his lead. everyone will have character development if Lance becomes the black paladin. he is the best option, he can make a wonderful leader if people would give him a chance and the time to develop. 

I want Hallmark to make a card that says:
“I’m sorry for how ashamed of me you must be; I really only want to be someone you could admire.”

I want them to make cards for the friends who don’t hold your hair back when you vomit, but only because you cut your hair so short;

The ones who clean you up and put you to bed after you’ve had too much to drink, and give you two blankets instead of just one.

I need a proper Thank You card for the sort of friends that are few and far between, because a lot of people would just let you fall asleep on the bathroom floor, you know.

A lot of people wouldn’t offer you a cigarette without you having to ask,

And a lot of people would just leave and stay gone after all that shit you tend to drag them into.

You could have spent that night alone;

You could have spent a lot more time bleeding and crying on the street.

You could have said Thank You with your voice and not a Hallmark card because honestly this is getting to be A Little Ridiculous,

But it’s so hard, you know, to say this all out loud, because then you’ll hear it just like it’s happening again, and you think if you let them down one more time that you will just drown and fall to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

And a Thank You card is neater and cleaner and prettier and easier to fit in a mailbox.

Pretty boys with greasy curly hair & wolf smiles buying me drinks

Raw girls who don’t know how to forgive their mother holding my hand

Fragile in their vulgarity with shimmering nail polish 

And eyes teary from too much vodka

They all make me feel

Bad about myself

You said my tenderness was your shelter

So everyday I find new ways

To burn it down to the fucking ground

I carry this grief in my bosom

Like a mother protecting her baby

While you’re bleeding into

Somebody else’s mattress

Stars glowing like claw marks in the sky

All this time

They were warning me about the danger of

Being the stranger nobody knows what to do with

I know that this world only takes

Supergirl Rant:

So I already know I’m going to piss people off with this post but I don’t care anymore because I’m so sick of all the hate that’s going on through the Supergirl fandom and I’m also sick and tired of sitting back and not saying anything. So if you want to hate me or unfollow me because you can’t be adult enough to respect one’s opinion and disagree with class and respect then goodbye! Read under the cut if you want!

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Hey, I was wondering, I don't know if you have done something like this but could you do the RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC caught attempting suicide/the aftermath of them attempting suicide? It's OK if that's too much tho

a message from me. if, at any point, you ever feel suicidal - please tell someone. whether its someone that you know, or don’t, please just talk to someone about it. listed here are suicide hotlines around the world. please if you ever need someone, call.

i love you all, despite not knowing a lot of you, so please if you ever need help and don’t have anyone to turn to, message me. i’ve been through this, sometimes this year i’ve gone through it, so i’m not completely oblivious.

i can say that talking does help; hell, talking has put me onto a list for therapy. so please do reach out if you need help.

anyway, this request is under a cut because it will contain suicidal thoughts, tendencies and self-harming.

Also I know I missed out V and Saeran. I’m writing them separately.

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superduperandyeah  asked:

Owari, try and remember what you told Souda: "We all did horrible things under despair. If you’re able to forgive us for that. Then we can forgive you for what you did. And we will all shoulder this guilt together." Your friends love you and are here for you.


They are right, you know. You were there for me and I will be there for you too. And I’m not the only one, every one want to help you.

I know how you feel. You don’t want to be forgiven, right? And sure, we can’t be the one who will forgive you. But we still accept you. And we will help you. So just know that we are here if you need to talk.

….Thank you.

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I had a (slightly) similar coming out story and it kind of felt like a punch to the gut when Maggie said it. Still don't know what to feel about it. But yes, it's a conversation that definitely needs to be continued. <3 to all

hey nonnie. First of all, i’m so sorry you had a similar situation. It’s such an unfortunate reality for TOO many LGBT youth these days and I wish i could just give you a hug. I just want more for the community. Like its great to have someone to relate to but I think, more than anything, the community needs storylines that show supportive relationships when this happens. Like Alex for sure would have been a bit thrown off by how Maggie reacted but as soon as she revealed that, i find it hard to believe that Alex wouldn’t try to go and be there for Maggie. Hear her out. Support her in any way she can. 

I just feel like, as writers, if you are going to have Maggie have such a relatable and rather horrifying backstory you have to be willing to develop it. Expand upon it. I felt like they just made Maggie feel bad for being traumatized by what she went through and all of a sudden it’s okay because her and Alex get a cute romantic ending. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they get those cute moments but it’s not realistic. Like let them hash it out. Let Maggie mourn what she lost as a child. Let her hurt for what happened. And let Alex support her and be someone she can lean on. THATS what the community needs; that things can really suck but being open, honest, and vulnerable in relationships can mend those cracks from your past. 

Anon, i know this felt like a punch in the gut because you have a character you can relate to and they didn’t really expand on it, BUT there is a huge community that loves you and cares for you and wants to help you. I’m always here if you need to be heard. Vent. Cry. Anything. Im here for you and for all of you that follow me (or don’t follow me for that matter). I’m sorry that the representation on television isn’t completely telling your story. But eventually it will have to get better, right? Until then, there are a ton of people waiting to help you with open arms. 

Earth 38 [Barry Allen Imagine]

You are a hero from Earth 38, the same as Supergirl, and work with her frequently due to your similar powers. One day a speedster shows up to National City and takes off with Kara. You, being the great friend that you are, have to go and save her…

Warnings: None

I hope y’all enjoy reading my FIRST FREAKING WRITING! I know it’s not much… and doesn’t seem too much like an imagine… but there will be more parts! I promise! Don’t be mads!

btw (S/H/N) stands for superhero name ;)


The window shatters as Kara Danvers, otherwise known as the infamous Supergirl, plummets to the ground 20 floors below. I feel the need to jump through and save her with my own powers, but I can’t with everyone watching. Within about one second, a red blur goes up the side of the building, takes Kara, and leaves towards the desert just outside the city. I nod to Winn, as he helps frequently with our superhero endeavors, and head up to the roof. I quickly strip out of my work clothes and into my superhero suit. I leap from the building in the direction of the kidnapper. My white cape flows in the wind as I spot a man in red standing next to Kara.

I look closer to see that Kara is, on fire? The man in red tries to motion to put it out but decides not to touch Kara as the fire had spread to her upper chest. Kara sighs at the inconvenience and leaps into the air joining my side. Leaving her civilian clothes behind

“(Y/N)! Did you see that?” Kara stares in disbelief.

“Yeah, everything happened so quick! Even for me!” I say this because I have been training with Kara. About a year ago, I found out that the DEO was the home operations for all things Supergirl. Naturally, I went to them to try and contain and control my powers. They were very similar to Kara’s so getting along with her wasn’t very hard to do. I just wasn’t a Kryptonian and my power supply was unknown.

We decide to head back into the city. Just as we go I spot the blur on the ground, somehow keeping up with our speed. I pull Kara down to the ground with me as we stop right in the man’s path.

He stops with a slide and looks towards the both of us with confusion. His scarlet red suit covers him from head to toe with gold accents in the seams. A lighting bolt plastered in the center of his chest.

“Wait? Who are you two?” The mysterious man asks.

“We could be asking you the same question,” I say with a hint of sass. He turns his head with a small smirk on his face and a glimmer in his eyes.

“I’m the Flash.” Kara and I turn to each other in confusion. The Flash? “I’m the fastest man alive?”

“The who now?” Kara blurts out. The corner of my lip turns up into a smirk. Oh, Kara. The Flash just shakes it off and speaks again.

“Now that I introduced myself, why don’t you two do the same?”

“I’m Supergirl and this is (S/H/N)!” She points to herself and I and puts on a signature smile and rests her hands on her hips.

“The who now?” The Flash retorts. I try to stifle a laugh as Kara’s face shows the crinkle between her brows that she absolutely hates. He shoots off more questions regarding weird names neither of us had heard before. Green Arrow? Black Canary? Firestorm? Each question answered with a no. The Flash then sighs and takes off his mask revealing his tousled brunette hair and bright emerald eyes. A sudden look of distress spreads across his face.

“I’m Barry Allen, and I think I’m on the wrong Earth.”

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hey just asking for some advice, basically my boyfriend of 10 months has said within convo he doesn't know how long he will want to be with me for, he said that he wants to be with me but "i don't know know for how long" and when i said why can't you commit to me his reply was simply "i don't know" too. i don't know what to do, i don't feel appreciated anymore and i feel like a chore but i love him to bits. i don't know whether to suck it up but it's constantly playing on my mind :( xx

You need to be the bigger one and leave. I know it hurts I’ve been through it countless times Hun, but eventually it works out for the best and you find someone who loves you properly. You can’t have that playing on your mind all the time it’s not fair on you 💖


I feel like Jack could use all the community’s support and love at this time, even if he’s gonna be away for a little bit! He’s always there for us, so let’s be there for him! Send him positive messages and support and lots of hugs!!!

This is directly for @therealjacksepticeye :
I know you probably won’t see this but, please, don’t take what people say to heart too much! Don’t stress your self out and take all the time you need away! Just know that the community has your back and are here for you! Hang in there Jack!

Remus & Sirius talk

Remus: *Steps into dormitory and spots Sirius sitting on his bed looking sad*

Remus: Sirius?

Sirius: Are you talking to me?

Remus: I don’t know anyone else with that god-awful name.

Sirius: *Wipes tears from eyes* 

Remus: *Sits down on bed next to him*

Remus: I’m so sorry about what happened with Regulus.  

Sirius: Me too.  I’ve lost him forever.

Remus: Maybe not forever… you’ve just upset him.  Just like you’ve upset me.  You haven’t lost me forever.  I just need time.  I’m sure that’s all he needs too.  He’s your brother.  He looks up to you, and you’re probably the only person in your family that he actually loves.  Trust me, Sirius, give it time.

Sirius: But what if he never forgives me for this?

Remus: You’re family.  He’ll forgive you.

Sirius: Some siblings don’t talk.  Look at Lily and her sister… they hate each other.

Remus: Actually they forgave each other and now they’re on great terms.  I know that can be you and Regulus one day.  Once you’ve gotten over him romantically and once he’s forgiven you for hurting his boyfriend.  

Sirius: Remus, I’m so so sorry about how I’ve treated you.

Remus: I know you are *smiles sadly*.  But as I said, I need some time.  And so do you.  You’re not in a good place right now.

Sirius: I feel like I’m going to be sad forever.

Remus: *Sighs*

Remus: I promise you won’t be…

bi-bambi  asked:

How much worldbuilding (for fantasy) do u think is too much? Because i love doing it, but im not sure on how much is useful/can be effectively put into the story.

gr8writingtips here hope it’s okay for me to answer this :*

no amount of worldbuilding is too much for reference! (although be careful of procrastinating by worldbuilding instead of writing, i’ve been there) you should know as much about your world as you need to effectively write it. 

however, not all of your worldbuilding will fit into the story, and that’s okay. as a rule, you should probably know much more than what you put in. it’s pretty hard to get the right balance first time, so just put as much as feels right into your draft and let your beta readers help you work out what to add/cut later on.

YOU KNOW WHAT?!!!!?!?!

I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS STUPIDITY!!,Andy and the rest of the band as well as his dumbass of a father need too all get together and talk their shit through like NORMAL REASONABLE ADULTS instead of acting like rejected butthurt brainless teenagers whom dont even think! all they are doing is making asses of them selves and make excuses.

Hey Andy if you want people to back the fire fuck off of you do us a favor BE AN ADULT AND NOT  A COCK SLINGING DOUCHEBAG! grow the fuck up okay!! okay GROW…UP..ANDY!! you are 26 years old ACT LIKE IT.Just because some 12+ year old person calls you “mean” names doesnt mean you can throw a tantrum you are not 4 years old MY NIECE HAS MORE MENTAL MATURITY THAN YOU DO AND SHE IS 4!! and too add more salt too this bloody open wound you calling your fanbase “sociopaths” just because of your dickflop of a wife beat the ever loving shit out of you on a plane and some random person caught it on tape WHILE A WOMAN TOLD THE INTERVIEWER WHAT HAPPENED and then the fucking fans whom had bad expierenses with abuse or juliet or both finally pieced it together and now KNOW if not ALWAYS KNOWN that she was an abusive piece of fuckerie!!. FOR…FUCK..SAKES…ANDY. if we were sociopaths we wouldnt give a RAT’S ASS ABOUT YOUR LIFESTATE ONLY OURSELVES GET.IT.RIGHT.YOU UNEDUCATED SWINE!!! 

Chris… buddy friend chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella brother fella amigo buddy friend chummy chum chum pal,I don’t mean to be rude my friend pal home slice bread slice dog I don’t mean to be rude but buddy pal chum friend friendly friend friend if you don’t cut your bullshit with pissanting about your son’s bullshit career and shoving your head up juliet’s ass and THEN TELLING FANS TO DIE your ass will eventually end up in a not so nice and pleasent situation *cough* slapped by karma *cough* so stop being an idiot and look and see what your dumbass son and his dipshit “Wife” has been doing


Jake honey I HAVE ALOT OF REPECT FOR YOU BUT DAMMIT ALL ya don’t need to post your bullshit with Ashley on the internet JUST TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT TOO HIS FACE DON’T PULL AN ANDY AND BE A MORONIC ASSHAT!!!

A/N: Damn. -N

Getting Ready – Part Four

Simon: I think it’s your turn to pick up Willow.

Peter: Okay. You look comfortable. I’m sure my mom wants to talk to me anyway. She’s been texting me about every 5 minutes about wedding stuff. I can imagine how many Rose is getting.

Simon: Yeah. She probably turned her phone off though.

Peter laughed: She was always in the habit of losing her phone. I don’t know how true that was.

Simon: Probably not at all.

Peter: Yeah, that’s my theory too… I hope Willow picked an outfit this time.

Simon: Hopefully.

David: Hey, Pete-

Willow: DADDY, LOOK!

Peter: Oooh, look at you in that fancy suit! Is that your wedding suit?

Willow: Yes. I want a hat though. A pirate hat! You need to find me one!

Katy: Yes, a nice one, of course. I might know where to get one. I’ll call tomorrow and let you know if you can pick it up, Peter.

Willow: A hat fit for a captain! No less, thank you.

Katy laughed: Of course! I wouldn’t dream of less. I hope you never do either!

Willow: Nope. Captain or bust! One of the fancy busts made of gold.

Peter giggled: Good one! You ready to go home and go to bed, Captain?

Willow: Yup! I just need to change.

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I've thought about it for a long time, and I think there's a good chance for shard-colored Gods (but maybe not the shards as we know them from Alara)! What do you think about that?

ehhh…. not a fan. 

Im not too huge of 3 colored cards being randomly supplemented into a set. 

First we had sarkhan which saw no play cuz there was no good temur-support.
Second there was Tamiyo, which didn’t see play cuz the bant deck that did exist didn’t need her. 
And now Third is Dark imitations which obvsly see no play at all.

If they’d make 3 colored gods, they would need to make more support that allows that ( like shard-lands )

Late Nights [Part Three]

Originally posted by bruciare-al-suolo

A/N: I’m finally starting to get the ball rolling here. I already have so much of this story line already planned out that I want to make sure I get all the little details I can in here before I start torturing you all with cliffhangers. I know I said that I would do this on weekends, but it might just be every night instead. I have so much in mind for this that I’m too excited to wait. Feedback is always welcome and maybe even some suggestions. Where do you all want to see this story go? Let me know and as always.. Enjoy! xo

Read Part Two Here

It had been a week since everything happened. The boys decided to call some other people on the hunt. They thought they needed to keep an eye on me.
I make my way around the bunker, putting all the cleaning supplies in the closet first. Then going from room to room changing out all the candles, everyone having their favorite scents. I even made sure there was one in the little guest bedroom I made up for Cas in case he ever stayed the night.
My mind started to wander to the conversation Sam and I had. He knew everything that was happening between my ex and I. Thinking further to a few weeks ago after a date, I found myself in his room. 

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It’s President’s Day and I’m listening to a Chad Valley 12" and chilling the fuck out because life is terrifying. Plan lately has been to spend time with the things I love in order to ward off the Great Shitty Evil Eye that is Trump’s America. It’s almost too obvious to say that if you do nothing but fight you’ll burn out, and we all know that healing up in the downtime means you’ll fight harder next round. Regardless, a lot of people I know don’t hit Pause enough. (Maybe they think it’s lazy or indulgent. Sometimes I want to grab my friends by the collar and yell, “READ A FUCKING NOVEL! GO SEE A DUMB SCI-FI MOVIE! YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT!”)

I feel like we should make a list of the things we love and stick it on the ‘fridge as a reminder. I’m not talking about loving friends and family. What I mean is all the various and disparate elements of our lives that give us identity and shore us up against the wind. You lose track of those things and you lose track of yourself. You have to assemble them around you like a safety ring you can step inside when you need a break.

My list would have homemade breaded cauliflower tacos, X songs, Vicente Fernandez, John Steinbeck, old country records, a good fire outside, pozole. It would have sturdy cowboy boots, Louise Erdrich, the Paris Review, Three One G vinyl,  La Bamba, Roberto Bolaño. You’d see horses in fields, García Márquez, refried beans from Rudy’s refritos recipe, wide open spaces, Big Diamond zines, big western skies. Add all that up and you would have a strand of my DNA, frayed but strong enough to clone.

Life in America can be utter dogshit. Worry comes down like a great rotting bird, undead and fire-eyed, blotting out the light and all the things you believe in and hold true. The state of the world will scare you and you’ll want to fight it (and you should) but we’re not ourselves without enjoyment. Don’t lose sight of that. Fight but stick close to the things you love. So, happy President’s Day. Tear it all down.

And make your own list:
Your name here

Listen, I’m rewatching Touch and like…David Mazouz is such a talent though. Like he’s so young but he’s so brilliant.

He’s such an unproblematic fave too like…I know he’s only 16 so it’ll probably happen eventually, but he never does anything. He just posts selfies and cute pictures of his dogs, and he promotes animals in shelters that need homes on his Facebook page and he supports all his cast mates like

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I just wanna say that......i am so happy ur a jarchie qp supporter ..... i personally prefer kevin+jug qp (so rare there isnt even a ship name i know of. I havent seen Riverdale so this ship is based off the new comics), but im so happy u exist and ur making me like jarchie qp a little more all the time

this is so cute thank u!!!!!! i personally REALLY love kevin and jug too and their friendship in the comics is honestly to die for!!! so i feel you on that, they honestly need more attention!!