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Old Devil’s Moon

Dean Winchester x Reader

1000 Words

Story Summary: An unexpected drive in the moonlight brings you and Dean closer.

Author’s Note: This is written for @just-another-busy-fangirl and her 1K Follower Musical Celebration!! Congrats on the followers, you deserve every one of them!! Much love!! My song is Old Devil’s Moon from Finean’s Rainbow. I probably didn’t do the song justice, but I tried my best!!

“No warnings, except it’s fluff!

You weren’t sure how it all started. One moment you were riding shotgun with Dean, laughing at his extremely lame jokes, feeling like you had the world by it’s tail. Then with one glance over at him, that’s when you felt it. The tell tale signs of your heart becoming attached. Knowing that your hunting friendship was growing into something more. Something that scared you, but exhilarated you at the same time.

I look at you and suddenly
Something in your eyes I see
Soon begins bewitching me
It’s that old devil moon
That you stole from the skies
It’s that old devil moon in your eyes

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Hey guys ^_^ so i recently hit a 100 followers which is incredible, I don’t even know how that happened tbh but thanks to everyone who did follow me, I love you all lots <3

In these few months I’ve been on tumblr I’ve met lots of wonderful people and I’m grateful for all of them. They make me smile on a daily and I love them so so so much!!! The following peeps are all of those amazing people, my friends are in bold and the blogs I especially enjoy having on my dash are italicized 

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for some of you, who aren’t my mutuals: hi, ily

anonymous asked:

hey nadia! just dropping by to say your art is amazing and cute and the way you draw your characters makes me want to hug everyone and watch them be happy forever (especially their faces they're so beautiful and just seeing them makes me smile) :D you have great taste in fandoms from yoi (came in with a bang with that first post) to night in the woods (so rare to find all my likes on one blog). Keep up the good work!

OKLEWGFMDS,; THANK YOU SO SO MUCH AHHH FRIENDO!! <33333 ;O; And thank you for thinking I have great taste in fandoms ahaha omg, I’m glad to know I have followers who likes NITW too!!! ANON come talk to me about NITW, I could write a novel on how much I love Gregg and Angus iepwjdo;aslk

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Hey I've been following you for awhile and I've noticed that you befriended a lot of bigger blogs because you wanted to be popular and now you don't talk to them or you don't give them feedback on their fics

Excuse me?

Never once did I befriend someone to be popular. I’m not popular, I don’t think of myself that way and to be quite honest, my friends aren’t super popular blogs either. They’re all fucking amazing writers, but they have about the same follower count as I do.

That being said, being on tumblr and writing on tumblr was never about being popular for me. It’s a number and it intimidates me to know that there are so many people who like me and follow me and like my fics and I love them for that. I love every follower I have. I don’t know how to express it but I try to thank people constantly. I try to thank my new followers when I reach goals and I try to remind them that I love them and that I’m so damn happy they follow me.

And, I don’t know if you know this, but I’ve been doing a thing called Read It Wednesday at least every other week where I give feedback to the people who have tagged me in their works. That includes all the “popular blogs” who I “befriended” who helped me become “popular.” 

Don’t you dare come in my inbox and accuse me of making friends just to give myself a name. I didn’t just get all this handed to me on a silver platter. That’s not how writing works, whether I was friends with popular blogs or not. 

It’s not your business either who I’m friends with and who I’m not, because in the end, why the hell does it matter? If I like what I’m doing, why should I care if others like it too? If I’m having fun, why should I worry if other people like something that makes me happy?

I have every right to be friends with whoever I want to be friends with or not be friends with, whether they are “popular” or not. And can we stop putting the popular label on people? We’re all writers. We’re all here for one reason and that’s to write. And it’s an honor when people decide they want to follow you for your writing and support you. That’s something that’s earned though, that doesn’t just get handed to you.

So if you want to come off anon, and talk about this like adults, I’d be happy to give you some tips on writing and how to get yourself out there, but right now, it just seems like you’re jealous and you’re lashing out at me because of it.

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Hey, what's your favorite blogs? I need more people to follow :3

Oh my looooooord.
I have so many favorite blogs! So I won’t be able to list them all!

@prettylittlepixelsss, @basicpixels, @thewalkingsimmer, @wonderstruck-babies, @simplyimaginarypeople, @candydandysims, @runwiththewolfes, @littlequeenny, @thehungrymarshmallow, @minimoriyamas, @mimisapje, @tinybigdreams, @wholelotofimagination, @candytrotter, @simjoritysims, @myamazingsims, @marshmallowsims!
I’m so sorry if I didn’t list your name! I hope you know I still love every simblr and mumblr in this community!

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Hiya. I know you don't like to look at or talk about the twin's snapchats but Dais snapped pics of their quote plaques and they are wonderful. So just imagine it's the older girls or even Louis snapping them instead. "All of me loves all of you". "Just be you" and my favourite, "Prove them wrong"

Awn, it’s really sweet. Prove them wrong must be one of Louis mottos for sure! 

“Lord of Shadows” Challenge Update

Hello lovely followers! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the enthusiastic participation in the “Lord of Shadows” Challenge this week! @carstairsdaily and I had such a hard time trying to choose a winner that we decided to select three! Each winner falls into one of the following categories:

  • Tiberius Blackthorn ONLY
  • Livvy Blackthorn ONLY
  • Both Ty and Livvy

Once again, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all of your lovely submissions. I want you guys to know that I do see them, and I do like them all. However, as this is a secondary blog, they are liked by my personal (@thatravenclawgirl12). Please just know that I am so, so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life; I have had a really hard time this year, and I am so glad to have you all as a positive source of light amongst the darkness. I love you all so much, and thanks again for being the best followers a girl could ask for <3


NEW VIDEO: “Juicy Gossip & Dirty Laundry with Carrie Underwood- to celebrate her new single, “Dirty Laundry” - we’re revealing our secrets to each other!! Did you know a pop star once saved her life?? And you’ll never guess where she met her husband!! Reblog if you loved it, I’m following people who do!!

shinee goes to the mall


  • drives the crew over (onew: for the last time jong we can’t all fit in your lambo / jong: WELL TAEMIN CAN JUST SIT ON SOMEONE’S LAP OK / tae: hard pass)
  • says “bye kids” and immediately heads to brookstone 
  • stays in the massage chair the entire time 
  • comes out clutching a mini helicopter 
  • gets free samples at the food court
  • wants to go home soon


  • “we would have looked so cool rolling up in my lambo” 
  • easily distracted 
  • large sweaters 
  • sticks with key because he has no sense of direction and he’ll get lost if he doesn’t follow anyone 
  • buys earphones every time because he forgets where he put them (he literally has a pair in every sweater pocket) 


  • loves all the clothes all the time but doesn’t buy something unless he thinks he absolutely can’t go on without it 
  • buys random shit tho 
  • he got this super weird looking humidifier once? he agonized over buying it bc it was on the pricier side but it was super ~*aesthetic*~ so he treated himself
  • makes jong carry his bags when he’s trying something on (jong: why must i suffer like this) 
  • consoles himself with froyo when he leaves something he likes but not enough to buy it 


  • cannot pass auntie annie’s without getting a pretzel 
  • complains v loudly around jong that it’s soooo hard to find pants that’ll fit properly bc his legs are too long, gets smacked immediately 
  • passed the piercing place on more than one occasion wondering if today is the day 
  • “i bought a zen garden guys” 


  • must be supervised at all times
  • key had an aneurysm when he saw THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!! 
  • he mostly goes with the flow - sometimes he hangs out with onew at brookstone 
  • that weird kinetic sand?? love that weird shit 
  • asks employees v specific questions about their products that they don’t know
  • visits the apple store a lot bc he lost his phone again 
  • shinee left him at the mall once 
Supernatural-Connecting people

Please reblog this if:
Your blog is mostly Supernatural
You love the characters and the actors
Your blog is hate free
You are SPN positive
You ship someone or not, I don’t really care
You are active, post stuff or just reblog it
You don’t mind ships
You are looking for new friends
I can message you or send you asks
I am trying to find all the supernatural fans in here. If you know other great blogs, recommend them to me. I love you all, my beautiful family!

Hey guys! I’m about to reach 2k followers and i’m really excited omfg. Have a doodle of my fursona in a binder! (They/Them)

I’d like to ask y’all to send me asks! Ask me about anything really, confess stuff, send me memes, WHATEVER! (As long as it’s PG 13 :”D)

Thank you all for your support! I know i’m not as active as i should be on tumblr, but i try!

Much love and good vibes <3


Given how pretty much everybody I follow here (with only a couple exceptions) are either huge fans of games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, or falling into the Critical Role rabbit hole, or BOTH, I’m a little astonished that I haven’t seen one sliver of information pass my screen about the SAG-AFTRA Strike.

We all love Jonny Rees and Matt Mercer and Jen. Fucking. Hale. 

Why don’t we support them making a living wage?

I know it says they make $800 a day but remember when Liam’s voice was wrecked on CR because he’d spent all day making monster noises and he was going on vocal rest? They aren’t making $800 a day every day, five days a week. Like Matt Mercer said, that might be once every 2-3 weeks. That’s $1600 a month. In LA? For titles that make billions?

Is that what we think they’re worth? The voice of Garrus got no bonuses for the series exploding? Really?

They don’t have health insurance? They don’t have stunt support when they do motion capture? Really

And the contract expired in 2014! They’ve been trying to negotiate a new contract for two stinking years and EA won’t even come to the table?

Why isn’t everybody going insane over this?

I follow @galactibun and I absolutely love them but there has been some hate on them because they’re agender. You aren’t too young to question or know your gender or sexuality. I was 12 when I started realizing I was asexual and by 13 I knew. And no matter if it changes in the future, that doesn’t diminish how anyone feels RIGHT NOW. So please let’s all respect each other and have some cake.


hello !! im abby & i hope u all have a wonderful beautiful valentine’s day doing things u lov ☺️💝🎁💘🎈💗 

 also gigantic thank u to my beautiful bud @philliester for doing this w/ me n also being an overall angel on this very Earth ! !!

hoh holster

so a few days ago, I read this post except i did not read it very well bc this does not follow that plot at all. BUT it does have hoh holster!

(disclaimer i did do some research but i am not hoh so if any of these headcanons are offensive in any way, please let me know. OR just tell me to delete them and I shall no questions asked. tis not your job to educate me!)

  • holster, fucking loving when shows come on Netflix because Netflix generally has closed captions and shitty rigged it so their TV has closed captions but sometimes those are really shitty and he misses jokes
  • holster watches most shows twice; once so he can focus on the words, once so he can focus on the facial features of everyone
  • for some reason, holster is still always in charge of playlists. he just knows good music. and if he blares it too loudly, well, you cant say anything because he is just trying to hear. and if you notice he is has taken his hearing aids out and is smirking, well, oh well.
  • holster is very used to ducking to talk to people (even when wearing his hearing aids) so he can get as close to them as possible. he jokingly says this is why he is best friends with ransom. because ransom is tall enough that he can actually hear him. sometimes it is easier for him to talk to lardo but just picking her up and walking around with her on his hip. to date, he is the only person alive with express permission to pick lardo up whenever he wants.
  • losing his glasses is actually not funny for holster. it is a source of severe stress because he can’t really hear so he needs to be able to see and his eyes are so fucking bad and he tends to panic if it takes him more than a few moments even if it is his own fault because he’s always so careless with them but ransom always, always knows where they are
  • look, holster generally wears hearing aids and can sort of read people’s lips (but that is never 100% accurate at all) so really, he loves ASL. it’s easier for him and he kinda loves that he can gossip about people behind their back but in front of their face. 
  • holster hates signed english. he gets that sometimes the boys have to use it at first to communicate and he appreciate that they are sort of trying but he hates it. it is not correct and no, he does not want to see your direct translations of christmas songs. 
  • the boys all learning ASL. Ransom studies like he has never studied before for anything in his life. He won’t tell Holster what he’s working on because he wants it to be a surprise but he works himself into four “i am sitting on the floor rocking” stages. (Also, he got a B minus on his first ever bio test because he was too busy learning but Holster never found out about that)
  • shitty is fucking terrible at signing. not because he don’t know it, but because he talks too loud and fast and uses his hands to talk so he forgets. luckily ransom usually signs along so holster can follow.
  • lardo took to signing like a fish to water. she is faster than even ransom and can keep her signs small and contained and she and holster loooove signing behind people’s backs together
  • Jack takes the longest to learn and holster at first thinks that jack isn’t bothering to learn because holster is some kind of liability on the ice but then jack starts signing to him absolutely perfectly and then reveals that he’s also made a pretty elaborate system of signs that one can see while wearing hockey gloves. 
  • bitty is not very good at signing and at first was incredibly stressed because not only is his often wearing baking mitts and holster told him his accent did crazy things to his mouth so he was hard to lip read as well but luckily, holster got used to it and it turns out jacks ‘hockey glove friendly’ signs could also be used with baking mitts so its okay. bitty still gets very stressed about it though. he tried to learn ASL approximately 100% more seriously then he bothers with french. (still most of his attempts end up with flour everywhere because bitty does this thing where he waves his hands in the air as he struggles to remember the sign and then when he gets them, he does this in these huge exaggerated motions and ends up spilling things.)

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2k is so much numbers for me , that means a lot to me.

Thanks for support my arts until now 
I really love you guys 💙

not gif –> (X)


🎉 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 ! 🎉
I wish this year will be a good year for you all 

I know there’re many problems and bad things in 2016 , but let’s throw them to a trashcan and may 2017 be the beginning of your joys :-)

ps. Anyone interest if I do commission ?

3000 Follower Forever! (^▽^)

I’ve reached 3000 followers! A huge thank you to all of my followers every last one of them, and all of my lovely mutuals, I’m doing another follower forever because I think that it’s a nice way of showing my appreciation to the blogs that I have followed and made my tumblr experience so much more better <3 so here’s another follower forever of all of the blogs that are all really cool and are worth checking out:

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Thank you again to everyone who has followed me so far <3

For only having 42 followers, I’ve received an absurd amount of backlash for all of my manuary reblogs.

Hey, I don’t swear often, but FUCK you guys. Those of you who say it is a non-issue and those of you who try to insult me for giving men the love they deserve are deplorable. Don’t fucking tell me I have “internalized misogyny” because I’m appreciating guys and everything they do for the world. For supporting them and acknowledging their strifes.

Fuck you.

Don’t tell me I can’t post manuary-related things. I personally know how “illegitimate” our boys’ struggles are to society. When you have to watch your grown brother stumble into your home, sobbing and disheveled, because he was raped and given an STD, come talk to me. When you have another brother who is stuck in an abusive relationship for his daughter’s sake because the state prioritizes women as guardians, come talk to me. When you are forced to open your eyes to the horrific things men face EVERY DAY, I’ll have a conversation with you. But until the time comes when my brother is no longer judged and teased and belittled for being RAPED and my eldest brother for being ABUSED - I will reblog EVERY #Manuary post that graces my dash.

so apparently lilliepokemonsunandmoon has hit 1000 followers so i wanna post to make sure everybody knows that you should not be following them or reblogging their posts; ALL of the artwork they have posted is stolen.

their blog hits a lot of art thief red flags - extremely inconsistent art style; way too many tags, none of which allude to a ‘my art’ tag; all captions are basically the same, boiling down to ‘i love this character!’ and never anything about the art itself; terrible jpeg qualities; none of the artwork has a signature on it, hinting at cropping; and none of it is sourced in any way.

please never, ever reblog fanart unless it was made by the original poster, OR they received explicit permission from the original artist to post it here. if it is neither by the op or there was no permission received, sourced or not, it is art thievery. do not support people like this.

i’m sure that lilliepokemonsunandmoon means well, but they are stealing all the artwork they post and you should not be following them or reblogging their posts, and i have no other way of contacting them to let them or everyone else know that what they are doing is wrong.

please reblog this so that more people know