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Modern HBO War Headcanons

So I had some people ask for more modern TP and BoB headcanons, which i’m more than happy to deliver! So without further ado: 

  • Chuckler has seen every episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. He can and will reference them and if you don’t get the reference he will be vaguely disappointed. 
  • Webster and Liebgott got snowed in together one time. Liebgott became bored enough that he actually agreed to play Scrabble with Web. Web kept trying to use big, pretentious words. Liebgott would call him out on it every time and they would just descend into another argument. What should have been a short game turned into four straight hours of bickering and Liebgott’s ultimate triumph. He, of course, will not let Webster live it down.
  • Luz throws a massive Halloween party every year where everyone is invited. One year Tab showed up with his face painted entirely pink. He was “Pink Floyd”.
  • Hoosier and Tab started a doggie rescue service that caters toward placing dogs with veterans. Nixon is one of their top donators. Joe Toye was one of their first participants. He saw this squatty, old English Bulldog with its tongue hanging out and he kinda fell in love.  Its name was originally Spike, but Joe calls him “Bud” so much that it essentially became his new name.
  • Webster was given two pairs of shark socks and a shark coloring book in the Easy Company Secret Santa last Christmas.  He’s almost certain it was a gag gift but he unabashedly loves them. One pair of socks has sharks all over them and the other looks like the sharks are eating his feet. He uses the coloring book to relax when he’s hit a mental roadblock while working on a story for his paper.
  •  Luz is the host of a pretty popular radio show. On the side he does voice acting, particularly for video games.  Sometimes one of the other guys will be playing a game and realize that the NPC they are talking to is Luz, which is both great and weird.
  • Babe has the absolute worst (or best, if it’s your thing I guess?) taste in alcoholic beverages. For instance, he loves mixing Kool-Aid with pretty much anything. What’s more, when he gets drunk he starts singing and doing some pretty terrible karaoke.
  •  Hoosier, similarly, enjoys really shitty, cheap beer. He drinks a lot, almost a concerning amount. But since he isn’t drinking hard liquor he always looks a lot more sober than some of the guys around him.
  • Snafu knows one of the guys on the show Swamp People. They both frequent the same bar. According to Sanf, “He’s alright.”
  • Snafu has also managed to thoroughly creep out all his neighbors. He’s one of those dudes that just sits on his porch for hours, just chillin’. But he stares at all the people that walk by with his big ol’bug eyes and just grunts when someone says hello.
  • Buck’s place is basically a frat house on Superbowl Sunday. Everybody comes to party, even those that don’t care about football at all. (I’m looking at you, Hoosier.)  
  • Actual local saint Shifty Powers does yard work and other little odd jobs for his elderly neighbors. Sometimes when he needs an extra set of hands for a job, Lipton or Randleman will come around and help.  The nice, elderly women will always bake them some kind of treats in return.
Coming Home (Snafu Shelton x Reader)

Summary: Reader thinks Merriel died in the war, but he surprises her by coming home. 


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               You sat in the chair, staring into space, while the kids charged above you, yelling at the top of their voices. Your sister’s kids always had you at wits ends with their constant screaming. You didn’t have much of a choice but to deal with it every single day. At least, until Merriell could come home, then we could finally get an apartment together again.

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Spring Seaon / First Impression

Ahh how much I waited for this spring season. There wasn’t any season so far I have been looking more forward to and I’m glad that it’s as great as expected. Doing a first impression on a season is like a tradition for me now and it’s always fun doing that. I just love it when a new season starts and everything is so fresh and new. New openings, new endings, new animation etc. Just like in every other season I try out every show. This way I’m able to find anime which are better then expected. But enough talking let’s start with the anime.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

This anime was one of those anime I have been waiting for. It’s clearly not the first anime to use this body switching story but the way it does that is quite funny. The manga runs in a Shounen Magazine but the mangaka is actually female which is why the character design kinda have bits of both styles be it shounen or shoujo. The first episode itself was pretty standard for a body switching story. Both are checking out there manly or womanly features when they change and they are both obviously trying to turn back. Still as mentioned it was a pretty entertaining episode and I really liked it. The opening was really nice and I liked the animation. Specially the expressions of the characters were funny mainly Ryu. Definetly going to be an enjoyable show.

Kyoukai no Rinne

I love Rumiko Takahashi. I loved every work of her so far be it Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½ or Inuyasha. When I heard that Rin-Ne is getting an adaption I was really looking forward to it and after watching the first 2 eps it seems like a fun show. The story here is also pretty basic. It’s about a highschooler who can see spirits. During the story she meets the “shinigami” (of sorts) Rinne who she is helping with some cases. It seems like this show will be overall a lighthearted show with nothing standing out. I’m actually suprised that this will be 25 episodes as I don’t see that this anime could get that popular. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t liked Rin-Ne. I love Rumiko’s eccentric style and characters and it’s always fun seeing there interactions. The character design are typical Rumiko too which I love a lot and the opening is really good too.Overall this seems like another enjoyable show from Rumiko and I’m looking forward to more.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

This was one of those shows the most people were waiting for. Of course it is the novel is really popular after all which got a popular manga daption and now it’s back with Arakawas style. What else could you need to build up hype. And after seeing the first episode (haven’t seen the second yet) I do think that this could be one of the best anime of this season. The plot is pretty interesting and I like the setting too. Someone did their research even though I find that problematic with bombarding us with information since the most of us are going to forget anyway which rank who has etc. The animation of this show is quite good even though they do use CGI at times. The character designs are something I really like to. It reminds me of FMA and it’s obvious that Arakawa is behind the designs. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing that the characters look so similair though. The opening was okay not really my style to be honest but I’m definetly waiting for more Arslan and I hope it won’t dissapoint me.

Fate/stay night Unlimited Bladeworks Season 2

Everyone’s favorite Fate/stay is back too and as some of you know I’m not really the biggest fan of this show. I just don’t understand why people worship this anime so much. This being said I don’t dislike the anime. The animation is too good to dislike it. It seems like this season could be more interesting then the last one so let’s see what will happen.

Plastic Memories

Remember how I said that I watch every show since I could find good series I would never think I would like. Plastic Memories really suprised me. After watching the first 2 episodes I can say for sure that I really enjoy watching this. The plot is rather unique and I like the characters. Tsukasa our main character is new at the android production conglomerate Sai’s Terminal Service Department. They are responsible for the retrieval of expiring specimens. The androids this company builds only live for 9 years then the company have to get them back. For each retrieval there is a team of two peoples responsible. Tsukasa is in a team with the android Isla. I think you can pretty much guess where this is leading too. Despite starting light hearted the first episode ended really sad. Obviously the people are having a relationship with the android after 9 years so we can expect a lot of emotions. Also Isla is a very interesting character. Not the typical moe and clumsy character (she kinda have both sides but it’s potrayed differently then it normally gets) but very likeable in her own way. So what can I say ? Great beginning, good animation, interesting plot and good characters. This show couldn’t start better and is easily one of the best show this season so far.

Owari no Seraph

Two episodes are out but I have only watched one so far. This anime is about Vampire. Vampire are difficult for me. Since Twilight exist Vampires started to suck. Ahem. Anyway this show started the most typical way it could. Like seriously it couldn’t get more typical. Angry young man aka Eren Jäger is very mad since the Vampires are evil and treating the kids in a bad way. But where do the Vampires come from you ask ? In the world of Owari no Seraph a virus is killing everyone older then 13. A good opportunity for the Vampires to appear and enslave mankind. The kids have to work for the Vampires and our angry young man is obviously not happy with that. So what happens ? As emo and mad he is he is trying to run away from there together with his happy little family. But can they do that ? That’s the question. To be honest with all the things I said I found this anime pretty entertaining and actually liked it. It’s nothing new and it’s so freaking obvious that all the anime fans will love this since this has all those things that makes an anime popular. Emo hero, blood and tragic back story. But even with all that it’s certainly not a bad show and I guess I will like this overall. Such a mainstream fan I am ts ts.


Oh look ! Another girl who can see spirits. Japan sure do like characters who can see spirits. The first episode of this anime pretty much gave me the same feeling as Rin-Ne. Lighthearted show which is fun to watch but nothing more.

Shokugeki no Souma

Ever had an orgasm while eating ? Flying clothes while you enjoy your steak ? Did you felt like you’re getting raped by an octopus while you enjoy your meal ? No ?This is the main dish in Food Wars. Ecchi and Food that’s how we can sum up Food Wars. I actually read like 10 chapters before this anime so I knew what was going to happen. Even then some fanservice scenes suprised me here and made me question my life. While I think that the first episode really sucked since it was way too much the second episode was quite funny and enjoyable. I guess as long as you don’t take this show too seriously it won’t hurt watching it.

Is It Wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon ?

Hell yes it is. You don’t do that. Dungeons are evil and so are the girls in it. But who aren’t evil are our two main characters. Bell and Hestia are the names of our two main characters and I really have to say that I like the interactions between them. It’s another anime which has this online game vibe but I found it quite enjoyable. The first episode was rather okayish but specially the second episode changed my opinion about this anime and made me like it. Definetly not a show for everyone but I like it.

Nisekoi Season 2

I’m being honest I didn’t liked the first episode. i found it dissapointing. This has many reasons. First Chitoge is my least favorite character of Nisekoi (even though I found some of the faces hilarious in this episode) and second it was just plain boring. The whole episode Chitoge was trying to make Raku notice her and it almost felt like some filler or something. Yeah and there is not really much else to say. The animation improved a bit and I like the Opening. I really hope the next episode of Nisekoi is going to be better.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

Hell yes it’s back. I already showed my love in a blog before where I talk about the first episode. But the second episode made me love it even more. It’s so great to see that this anime is still as good as the first season and I’m loving the new animation and character designs. Both girls are looking fantastic and Hikigaya’s new design fits perfectly. Also I’m already liking the opening and ending a lot and I can’t wait for the full releases. If you haven’t watched it yet then go and watch season 1.


Do I actually need to say something ? Favorite anime. Is. Back. After. I . Waited. For. Almost. 2. Years. Nuff. Said. (and I showed my love in the other blog already)

Ore Monogatari !!

Madhouse I love you. I need to say this in every season. I would like to stop but the problem is that they always give me the reason to love them in each season. Ore Monogatari had such a great and enjoyable start that I’m sure that this anime will end up being on of my favorite anime overall. So likeable characters and it seems like this is going to be a very enjoyable romance story. The animation is as expected from Madhouse fantastic. It’s so colorful and detailed that I don’t even feel like moving my eyes away for a second. So give me more Madhouse I can’t wait for the next episode.

Hibike! Euphonium

Talking about good animation. We shouldn’t forget about Kyoani. I’m a big fan of Kyoani anime and this seems to be no expection. It’s interesting to finally see different instruments in a music anime then just piano, guitar etc. I also was suprised by the main character as I expected her to be this typical moe character but I’m glad that she is so blunt lol. The story is pretty simple actually and the pacing of it is.. well what pacing ? We see everything the way Kumiko does (our main character) and the lightness and pacing of this anime wouldn’t work for every animation studio. But Kyoto Animation is not just some animation studio and they can make every so unimportant scene entertaining. Apart from the character and the story I have to talk about the animation again. The high quality animation of Kyoani is really amazing. And not only because it’s so fluid or detailed but also the filmic directions is soo good that every second of this show is enjoyable. So bring it on Kyoani .

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying Second Season

Well not much to say actually. If you loved the first season you will love this too.

It’s short and quite funny.

Few anime where I have watched the first episode but no opinion so far:

-Kekkai Sensen

-Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic


-Houkago no Pleiades (TV)

-Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku


-Urawa no Usagi-chan

Dropped without any questions

-Show by Rock

-Vampire Holmes

-Triage X

Angel Guides - Michael

This is part of a series on how to work with angels if you’re demon-associated (or just generally skittish of angels). The introduction to that series is here. In the introduction you’ll find an explanation of why people such as demonolators, demon-appreciators, demonkin, and the non-Abrahamic-religious are able to work with angels, and why they would want to. It also gives a basic explanation of why angels and demons aren’t always completely opposed, what I mean by the term “angels,” what angels do, and also what research sources I tend to use for these articles.

If you want to work with Michael after reading this article, please read the article I wrote for how to mentally prepare yourself and then how to proceed with the meeting. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2. This article is part of a follow-up series of articles about specific angels I think are good for anyone to start with.

There is a great deal of material out there on Michael, so this article mostly covers Tif and I’s personal experiences with them and our own analysis of their history and known traits. I suggest researching them after this article since there’s so much about them to learn. Also, I use the pronoun “they” for these angel articles, but most accounts have witnessed Michael as being male. Your experience may still differ.

Michael is a leader, especially a leader of armies, and is very close to the Creator. They are probably most well-known for leading the armies of Heaven against the rebel angels during the Fall. Michael is an entity associated strongly with justice, retribution, and battle. If you are having a problem with an entity harassing you, Michael is a good angel to call on. They are excellent to call on for protection or home defense, especially if you need an emergency guardian to keep you safe while you’re setting up more permanent arrangements.

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Regarding: Daniel, Jack, and Character Growth

I rewatched the episode tonight. This will be time number three, for those who are keeping track (which I’m sure is no one). And, of course, now that it’s not two o'clock in the morning, my thoughts will hopefully be more coherent than my ‘Agent Carter Finale Thoughts’ post.

Under a read more because… long, very long. Also, fair warning: Cartson, anti peggysous (though not anti Daniel).

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zany-brainy  asked:

Prompt: Several months after the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. all the remaining agents are trying to secretly rebuild it from the ground up. Maria Hill, new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. has tasked everyone with looking for new agents and assets for the organization. Cue Skye and Simmons being sent to try and convince Bruce Banner to join up featuring Simmons freaking out about talking to the brilliant Dr. Banner and Skye trying to keep her all professional (despite finding it cute beyond belief).

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