i know a gastly

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YOUR HINATA IN THAT OUTFIT GOT ME LIKE 😛💦🍆💯💯!! I NEED M O R E!!!!!!! Sorry, your art is beautiful!♥️

HEH HEH HEY ANON peep deeper into the fact that…..hinata had a taste for tobi in gothic wear and spikey collars….and tobio choosing that preppy cheerleader outfit for hina..

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Don't you think it's weird all Pokemon breed with eggs? It strikes me as bizarre to imagine a Rapidash lay an egg large enough to contain a foal. How does a foal emerge from a tiny egg? I would think it made more sense for the egg to be incubated and hatched inside the body, going through a gestation period before it is birthed. Perhaps the 'egg' rule differs for certain Pokemon? Thoughts?

To be fair, the platypus exists.

In all seriousness, anonymous, all of these are good questions, but it’s worth it to note that eggs work very similarly to poké balls. For example, a ponyta can emerge from a small egg because it exists as a half-solid, half-energy form until it hatches. This is why you often see a burst of light as the pokémon emerges: because upon hatching, it shifts into a completely solid form (or … you know what I mean, when it comes to pokémon such as gastly). Some pokémon tech researchers even theorize that poké balls were inspired by this process, as ancient poké ball craftsmen witnessed pokémon hatching and used apricorns and other devices to trigger a pokémon’s reversion back to this energy-based state.

Ultimately, however, which reproductive method an organism uses depends a lot on energy efficiency, and live birth is, in general, a very costly thing. That’s why pokémon lay eggs instead: as creatures whose lives focus on battling (another high-energy activity), it’s just easier for them to lay eggs than it is to undergo pregnancy. So I must say I respectfully disagree with your proposal, although it’s certainly an interesting thought nonetheless.

Me: I just caught a Gastly today..

My brother: uh… okay. Not bad….

I leave the room.

My brother: I can’t believe she caught a Gastly! Do you know how long I’ve been trying to catch a Gastly? *continues to rant about what a Gastly evolves into and why he wants it*

Haunted Hunting

Jill was excited! She didn’t even wait to find out if it was alright to go up to the lab, she just whizzed in right toward the elevator and never looked back.

At least it wasn’t in the middle of the night. The sun was still out and it couldn’t have been any later than maybe 2 or 3. Which for the ghost loving young woman, was strange.

“Professor!” As the elevator doors opened to his office she excitedly hurried in. “I’ve got a brilliant idea! It’ll help both your studies and mine! I just had to tell you as soon as it came to mind. It was just going to try me nuts and eat away at my mind until I did. You know how those thoughts can be, they’re absolutely gastly.”