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Ireland vs Storm Ophelia

Okay so thought I’d let you tumblr guys know some stuff/warnings about Storm Ophelia

  • It’s due to hit Monday 16th (aka tomorrow). Apparently Kerry will face it around 6am.
  • There is a red weather warning for Galway, Mayo, Clare, Cork and Kerry, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford.
  • The rest of the country has an Orange weather warning but that can probably change so be aware
  • There is a high chance of power cuts so remember to get lots of bottled water, torches, candles etc.
  • Charge your phone to 100% and if there are power outages DO NOT use your phone in case you need it for an emergency. Read a book instead or something.
  • In case of floods protect all important documents and stuff. Put all valuable items in high presses.
  • Stock up on food too (Last time we had a storm this bad we forgot to buy food for the house and it was awful)
  • For people who have anxiety about the storm remember that this is only temporary weather and do whatever you can to keep yourself calm. Whether that is reading, drawing or keeping yourself busy by cleaning the house. The storm won’t last forever and I promise you’ll be safe.
  • Check whether or not your school/work has been cancelled to avoid any unnecessary travel

Okay that’s all I can think of at the moment but if anyone wants to add anything to the list feel free to write away. Stay safe Xx

Not My Dean

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A/N: For my darling nugget @impala-dreamer and her One Prompt 4 All Challenge. The prompt is bolded. Beta’d by actual angel @amanda-teaches. I tried something a little different (for me at least) let me know what you think! Please? No seriously I die for feedback I’m trying to get better at this racket and I can’t without it okthanksloveyoubye. ;) Enjoy kiddos! (ps if you feel like subjecting yourself more often, tag lists are open)

Words: 1,650

Warnings: Few swears, monster-related hostage type situations, smidgen of angst. Nothing crazy though, it’s all pretty PG-13.


“What the hell?” You were groggy and sore. Why the hell were you groggy and sore?

“Y/N? Hey, are you alright?”

“Sam?” You tried opening your eyes, only to find darkness. Scrunching your nose, you realized you had a blindfold on. That would explain the dark. As you slowly started to come to, you realized your soreness came from your hands being tied behind your back and your ankles to the legs of a chair. Not to mention your pounding head. Best guess was you were hit with something. Hard.

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you hurt? Like hurt, hurt?”

“Uh, no. No, I don’t think so. My head might be bleeding or maybe was bleeding? But it’s not bad. Where are we? I have a blindfold on. Do you have a blindfold on?”

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So, I guess I’ll introduce you guys to my other Squidbob Fanchild: Polly! (aka Octavios older sister)

She’s one of the first ocs I’ve ever created, I remember showing her first design to @gidankuroki some summers ago, but only now I have the courage to post her here ;v;

(also just so you know their names are based both based on the word “octopus” in english and in italian!)

I hope you’ll like her! :D

(for now on the posts with my fanchildren are gonna be tagged Family au ;v;)

Um, so, I dunno how obsessive you all are, but I’ve literally found every song Patrick Stump’s voice has ever been on (and there’s a lot). And I listed the ones that are particularly awesome, in case anyone wants to listen to something new

  • Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack (2006). I literally adore this song, so much. Patrick sings backing vocals, and then a prominent bit right after the instrumental part towards the end. Also, Mark Hoppus is in the video.
  • Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes (2005/2007). This song is awesome, and Patrick does the chorus, and is in both of the vids. I think most of you guys have heard it, but it’s still a great song, even if you’re not a fan of hip hop.
  •  One and Only by Timbaland (2007). I fucking adore this song. It’s so good. It’s mostly Patrick singing, and he says ‘fucking’, and nghh, love this song. To be despised…
  • Clothes Off! by Gym Class Heroes (2007). Again, P. Steezy (Travie McCoy’s nickname for him, eheh) did the chorus. He’s not in the video :c But pre-split Panic! is! In animal suits! (Patrick is good friends with these guys, and he also did a cover of Billionaire with Travie before, as well as The Fighter and Stereo Hearts, all popular songs you probably heard on the radio at some point. Look those up if you want.)
  • Jock Powerviolence by Weekend Nachos (2011). Okay, so this is Soul Punk!Patrick screaming, and it’s fucking hot. Look it up. Please.
  • Second Chances by October Fall (2006). I honestly love this song; it’s really good and Patrick has his own part towards the end right before the awesome banjo part.
  • Don’t Wake Me Up by The Hush Sound (2006). Patrick produced this album. It’s really good - they’ve got a really unique sound that I really like. If you like it too, I suggest Lighthouse. Anyway, this is the only song Patrick’s on; his vocals are apparent right after the breakdown.
  • Everyday by Buddy Holly (cover) (2011). This was for some tribute album but the song is cute and Patrick is flawless and there’s a vid and yeah.
  • One of THOSE Nights (2008). This song is perfect. Brendon’s on it too. Pete’s in the video. It’s just kinda awesome. I listen to it all the time.
  • King of Wishful Thinking by New Found Glory (2007). This is like a duet, and it’s fabulous.
  • Bounce by The Cab (2008). Patrick’s in the video (oh my God, watch it right now; he’s so fabulous), and he does backing vocals, so.
  • I’m a Wonder by The Cab (2008). Patrick produced this album too. This song is swaggy, and Stumpman’s voice is distinct near the end. The backing vocals should never outshine the lead singer, but they kinda do. Really do.
  • Dancing With the Devil by Krewella (2013). This song is awesome, I love it. It’s techno-y and stuff.
  • I Stand Alone by Robert Glasper (2013). The piano on this is awesome, and I love the Common feature too. Patrick’s cute in the video and the making of. 
  • Open Happiness by -read description- (2009). This is for Pepsi or Coca-Cola or something, but it’s so catchy and happy, and the video is adorable, and Brendon and Travie are in it, and Janelle Monae and Cee-Lo Green, and yeahh, this song is cool. Patrick also did the famous Coca-Cola whistle; isn’t that cool?
  • Like, every song on ¡Viva La Cobra! by Cobra Starship (2007). Patrick produced the album, and did backing vocals on every track, and I literally love this album so much. I own it. I recommend Guilty Pleasure (Patrick’s voice is hella distinct and you can hear it near the end), Scandalous (he’s on the last chorus - s c a n d to the a to the l o u s), Smile for the Paparazzi (the gRUNTY PART IS PATRICK AND MY GOD IT’S EAR SEX AHH), and My Moves are White (the whole last minute is Patrick alone, and I love that last minute more than anything, ever). 

There’s other songs, but I don’t like them as much. I’ll put them anyway, ‘cause maybe you have slightly different taste than me.

  • One Day I’ll Stay Home by Misery Signals (2006). If you’re into that screamo shit, this is for you, and Pete’s on there too, I think. Patrick’s singing though.
  • You’re Not in on the Joke by Cobra Starship (2009). Apparently, all these bandom people are on this song, but I don’t hear them. I guess during the group singing part?
  • Feet Don’t Fail by Claude Kelly (2010). This is some pop shit I really don’t like. But eh. And y'know that one post that says ‘you can literally hear the sideburns when you listen to old fob’? Yeah, well, this is the last time you can hear the sideburns, I think. 'Trick does the hook.
  • The Last Hero by XV (2011). Some rapper I’ve never heard of, and I know most every rapper. Cute hobbit man does chorus. 
  • Bummed Out Blues by Murs (2011). I like the soul sound of this but idk. Rap again, guys. Patrick really liked hip hop in '11, I guess.
  • All Your Heart by Transit (2011). Yeah, I don’t like this. Patrick’s at the end. Pretty distinct.
  • If You Could Remember by Damnation A. D. (2007). More screamo shit, with Pete again. I love Patrick’s part in here though.
  • Birthday Girl by The Roots (2008). Not a big fan of this song, but 'Trick does the chorus.
  • Don’t Regret it Now by Tyga (2008). This fucker is a disgrace to rap - I had no idea he was signed to Pete’s label when he was a teenager until recently. Now he’s on Lil Wayne’s. But you-know-who produced his debut, and he did vocals on this song. The chorus is hella catchy, I’ll give it that, but only because it’s delivered by Patrick.
  • Est. (80’s Baby) by Tyga (2008). This shit’s annoying. Patrick’s on the last chorus but it’s kinda not worth it.
  • That’s What It Takes, Dear by Kristeen Young (2008). This song is a mess, but Patrick’s voice sounds so fucking smooth and soothing.
  • Blinded by the Sun by Gym Class Heroes (2008). This has a reggae feel, and I actually like it a little. Patrick’s in the last minute, doing backing vocals.

Hey guys,

I know the game’s release has been delayed and a lot of you guys are bummed. Some of you may be more than bummed, and we understand. However, just remember that your other dads just want the best for you. If that means waiting a little longer, then so be it. 

Good things come to those who wait, and this is coming from me, who is impatient when your father is setting up D&D, or when I have a case of writer’s block. 

It’s so normal to be impatient, but just remember how happy you’re going to be when the game is actually released. Don’t go to bed upset, okay? Go to bed excited and optimistic. Very soon you’re going to meet the other dads in the cul-de-sac!

We love you. Sleep sweet, kiddos.

- Dad Michalis.

My Girl

Pairing: Slight Young!James Potter x Reader

Note: Short drabble/fic! I don’t know if I’ll finish this or not , but if you want a continuation, let me know and we’ll see from there! :D  Part II

Other  stories: Beautiful | Ask You Out I II III IV

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Potterverse!

First time doing a Marauders!imagine, I hope you guys like it! 


You were stuck in a storm since day one. You knew that, but somehow you didn’t want to find a way to leave.

You remembered dragging your large trunk behind you as you walked between compartments, your black cat striding beside you, trying to peek into some for a place to sit and as you approached one that a black haired boy disappeared into earlier. You found yourself face to face with a girl with striking green eyes and dark red hair. The black haired boy from earlier was behind her and they huddled out of the compartment as someone inside yelled “Snivellus!” The pair walked pass you and you stood by the entrance of their compartment.

“Hi, can I sit here? Everywhere else is full.” You sheepishly asked the two boys who looked at you in mild surprise.

“Sure, I guess.” The boy with the glasses replied with a small smile and the other one just shrugged. So with that, you pulled your trunk through the door, hitting glasses boy’s feet, you later learned his name was James Potter.

Four years later and here you were seated in-between the boys you met at the train, James and Sirius Black, and two more other guys in front of you, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, in the Great Hall. You were sorted into Gryffindor along with them and the redheaded girl, Lily Evans, whom James had a huge crush on. You let out a oh-so-small frown that no one noticed.

The boys called themselves The Marauders, and soon enough the entire school did as well. Where did you fit into all of this? They said you were their favorite girl, or at least James and Sirius did. So that was your title, The Marauders’ Favorite Girl. They kept on dragging you into their stunts despite your protests. You weren’t a troublemaker, but somehow you always ended up in detention with them, spending your Friday nights either locked up in the Trophy Room, polishing the school’s many silver without magic, or cleaning out the bedpans in the hospital wing, also without magic.

“Y/N, hey, listen to me.” Sirius waved a hand in front of you to catch your attention, your thoughts slipping back into reality as you turned to look at him, a brow raised in question. He rolled his storm-gray eyes at you. “I said that maybe you should try acting like James’ girl-” he was about to say but you cut him off, “No. I am not going to play girlfriend for James so that he could catch Lily’s attention, it’s not going to work.” You stated as you continued to eat your breakfast. You vaguely felt the boys’ eyes on you and you groaned inwardly.

“Then be my real girlfriend.”

You almost spat your food out when the words left James’ mouth. The same couldn’t be said for Sirius though, his food was sprayed all over poor Peter’s face while Remus’ goblet filled with pumpkin juice was toppled over, spilling its contents on the table. You gasped and grabbed your wand, returning the goblet upright and its contents back before it could get near any of your paperwork that was sprawled out before you. You turned to James, your face red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment to find him smirking at you.

“It’s not funny, James.” You glared at him.

“Yeah mate, Y/N is off-limits. She’s our girl!” Sirius said.

James rolled his eyes heavenward. “Well, maybe I want her to be my girl.” He uttered with emphasis.

You whirled your attention away from Sirius towards James, your e/c blazing. “Excuse me but I’m not going to be anyone’s girl!” You cry out and stand up, flustered and mad. “Now until you guys stop being obnoxious pricks, don’t bother talking to me!” You told them and grabbed your papers and stuffed them inside your bag.

“Now look what you did!” You heard Sirius shout to James as you exited the Hall and headed towards the Library, the tint on your cheeks won’t be disappearing any time soon.

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Your art is AMAZING!! I was just talking to a friend abt your recent Leo art and the feels!! Dude!!! Do you remember the part in HoH when he's having a nightmare, the being who destroys fire is chasing him through his mom's darkened warehouse and he can't outrun the guy?? That would be soooo terrifying!! Don't know if that gives you any inspiration! Whatever art you show us will for sure be a treat :D

Omg yesss!!! i remember that! and he see’s a wall filled with his crayon drawings! and i just wanted to thank you! i noticed you re-blogging some of my art and leaving really nice comments about it, so thank you so much for your nice comments! XD

and thank you for the inspiration!!!


red vibez w my mans (ik my shirt looks orange in this pic but trust me, iT’S R E D)

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tagging a few of my equally amazing mutuals (who i really want to get to know more of bc i love yall too😭😭😭) @97hoseok @lvckysvn @illicitblue @sweaterpawsyoongz @resi-lient-e @bts-delusional-times @inkpeach @dreamyjh @cypherygi @soft-taehyung @cloudy-kg @je0n @goddammitsuga @jiminslipgloss @namkxooks @pansugah @lucidjimin @jungkooksweetheart @busanjk @philophobia999 @yugy @jitaos @baeni @1oveyoon

also excuse the fact that i look like the devils incarnate compared to a man w a jawline crafted by the gods

intro: girl meets languages

hello there!

i’ve just made this langblr so i can keep track of my progress in my languages studies~!

so, i’m delphine, i’m 16, and i speak english and mandarin fluently. my target languages are french, latin and korean, and aside from languages, i love exo and listen to blackpink, akmu, some bts, rv, snsd…

i’ll be posting vocab lists i guess, and grammar checkpoints, mostly so i can remember those tricky rules… and maybe and hopefully, they’ll help you too? i’d love to get to know you guys, and if there are any willing native french speakers out there, please practise with me — send me a message anytime!

here are some langblrs/studyblrs i think are absolutely gorgeous and inspire me: @littlestudyblrblog@miharusblog, @studylustre, @latinandlattes, @latinlangblr, @frenchaise, @kuroristudies

if you post things to do with french, latin or korean, please reblog and i’ll definitely follow you ♡

thanks and have a good day!

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Can I request some fluff of like the RFA boys reacting to MC after doing the frick frack (/.\) it doesn't have to be their first time but like just more mini fics like you did before. Also, I love your blog :D

AHHH THIS IS SO CAYOOT. Omg. We’re leaving Jaehee out AGAIN. GUYS COME ON. But yes yes your wish is my command my lovely anon. You shall have your daily dose of fluff AND THEN SOME. Mainly bc I don’t post as frequently as I would like to D:

      BUT to everyone following the Jumin Han fic with the fiesty MC, there shall be a new installment out this week, so please catch up if you haven’t read the previous chapters :D

      There will also be a Seven fic released this week as well with the neighbor AU thanks to popular demand so keep ya eyes peeled kiddies <3

Please remember to show this post and me some love & REBLOG/LIKE/FOLLOW (/.\)

Jumin Han Fic: Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5 I


     He had finally done it, he had hit that huge milestone in your guys relationship. He made love to you. He was a ball of nerves, not knowing what to do but he went purely off of instinct, trying to be as gentle as possible for both of your first times. He couldn’t seem to contain himself, he craved you. After the deed was done, he laid down, you using his arm as a pillow, both of you trying to catch your breath.
     You had snuggled into him, and he felt his face flush. He glanced over at you, trying to sneak a peek when he saw you had fallen asleep on him. His heart swelled with emotion and he felt like crying. He couldn’t believe how much he loved you. He thanked god every day, that you had come into the RFA, that he had the opportunity to meet him and he had the chance to fall in love with you.       

     He couldn’t believe his luck when you returned his feeling, seeing that there were so many better candidates in the RFA, he was awestruck.
      He stroked your hair lovingly, promising that he would never make you regret choosing him. He would provide and love you for all eternity. He would be your rock and support you at every turn. He promised to never break your heart and never be the cause of your tears. He wanted you to be proud of your boyfriend because he knew damn well that he was proud for having you by his side. He kissed your hair lovingly and pulled you in close, feeling the weight of his eyes become increasingly heavy. He fell asleep, smiling, holding the love of his life and hoping that every night could be filled with this much happiness.


      You always fell asleep after a night of intimacy. Quite honestly, Zen preferred it, unfortunately for him, you always woke up before him in the morning. But right now, he could peacefully and shamelessly watch you sleep. He was captivated by your beauty. Every day, you seemed to only blossom more. He delicately grazed his finger over the contours of your face, over your soft lips that he found himself yearning for. He was so incredibly lucky. He conflicted. He wanted to show you off to the world, but he also wanted to be the only person able to relish in your beauty.
      He watched you sleep so peacefully, curled into him and he felt his heart beat increase rapidly. He wanted to protect you from the world, from himself. He always showered you with affection and love, but honestly, it was because he was terrified. What if one day, you did not want him? What if one day he was not good enough for you? Not attractive enough? Not manly enough? He could feel his heart clench at the mere thought of it.
      He brought his face to the top of your head, kissing your forehead deeply, wanting to convey the emotions that he had. He swore that he would love you and that you would never once doubt his love for you. Feeling exhausting take hold of him, he slowly fell asleep. Your scent comforting him and his worries slowly vanishing as he felt your warm body against his.


     He always felt you wake up before him, it made him wonder, had he not done a good job the previous night if you were still walking around. He watched you peeking out of half-open eyes, pretending that he was still asleep. You ran your fingers through his hair, peppering his face with kisses, he had to resist the urge to get up and passionately kiss you.
     Before he could give in to his urge, you shifted moving off the bed, the sun hitting your naked body and his breath was caught in this throat. He had never seen someone so beautiful before. You always deflected the compliments when he showered you with them, but he genuinely meant it every time. You were the epitome of perfection. He eyes roamed over every curve, every contour of your body, devouring you over and over again. It rendered him speechless how beautiful you were, little moments like this always made him incredibly grateful that you stumbled into his life.
     He was grateful that he did not scare you away when Elizabeth the 3rd had gone missing and he had become a little possessive, okay maybe more than a little. He was grateful to have such a beautiful soul beside him, his partner in life, waiting for him every day with a smile. He always had a house, but finally, he understood that he has a home now.
     He shifted and you turned to look at him. A deep blush covering your face as you dived back into bed trying to cover yourself from his hungry eyes. This made him laugh, how on earth could you be this cute. “Darling, you are aware, that I have seen you completely naked before, right? On many occasions” he said teasingly, kissing her gently. She simply covered her face and reached down to put on his dress shirt.
     He felt his heart swell again with emotion. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply, feeling her smile into the kiss. Slowly nuzzling her, he whispered how much he loved her. She was irreplaceable to him, he was beyond lucky to have her in his life and he promised her to never take her for granted or hurt her. He told her that only she had the power to completely destroy him, leave him completely broken. With that she grabbed his face, peppering it with kisses, saying that the feeling was mutual and to be careful, because he held the power to destroy her as well.


     Surprisingly, he was always up after a long night of lovemaking. Despite being extremely sleep deprived, he looked forward to what took place after the deed was done. Not that he didn’t look forward to making love to you, but he felt that the moments afterward were so tender and precious. You were quite the night owl as well, and he had very deep conversations with you. Naturally, he was not much of a talker but you always seemed to squeeze it out of him.
He felt like crying, never in his life did he have someone ask about himself and care for him the way you did. He regretted every single second that he pushed you away and hated himself for putting you through any of that. You and he talked about life, about his childhood, about how much you loved him. Even to this day, he couldn’t believe how he managed to get so lucky. He had you by his side.
     He knew he should stay away from you, he was so incredibly dangerous and honestly, you could simply do better. But you always saw through it, you saw through his mask, whenever he tried to hide his emotions or if he was feeling sad and trying to be happy for your sake, you would just hug him. You just whispered that you knew, and he did not need to talk about it if he didn’t want to but you were always going to be there for him.
     You had a heart of gold. You were an angel, a gift from god, and him? He was a demon, so bad for you but he couldn’t help but feel the draw. You were life the forbidden fruit, so tempting, so sweet; once he had a bite he could not help himself.
     After talking to him you curled up on his arm, he watched as your breath tickled his bare arm. You were a beauty, every day he was shocked that you had chosen him, someone as beautiful as you could have anyone, but time and time again you chose him.
     He shifted, moving his arm from under you, facing you as well, his breathing matching yours. He breathed you in, and you breathed him in. He felt his tears well up, as you two kept passing the same breath to each other. He silently promised to never ever hurt you, all the pain that he had caused you before, he would return tenfold in the form of love. He may not deserve it, but he knew damn well that he would protect you. He would love you endlessly because you had chosen him.

WHOO. Okie dokes kiddies I hope you like that. If any of you have any types of critques or requests, please send them in I would love to read them :) But again I want to thank all the people that have been showing me love and support, I sincerely appreciate it. It’s so hard to express it over the computer but I really really do. You guys rock :) Love you babes MUAH XOXO. 

Quick question for fans of Nameless…

Some of you probably remember this post.

A surprising amount of you rather liked seeing NL in a dress. You know this booger, being an enderman means that he doesn’t exactly have to adhere to gender norms, he get to dress up how he like and the bae look good in whatever, it’s great.

So… guess what I’m trying to ask is this: who’d like to see him in a dress again? Because a certain Thing™ popped in mind and… well, yeah.


zelda: you don’t seem like you’re having fun..

emily: really? but it’s so entertaining listening to zoey sound incredibly ignorant every time she opens her mouth ;)

zelda: ha.. sarcasm?

emily: maybe a bit.. don’t worry about me zel. if i was having a terrible time i’d leave. plus it’s nice to see you so happy, you know?

zelda: thanks em :’)

troy: hey, look who it is. zelda right? remember me?

zelda: um.. oh y-yeah. the guy from the bookstore.

troy: well some people call me troy. i guess i didn’t leave a big impression on you since you didn’t even remember my name? that stings a bit.. this is my friend angel by the way.

angel: ..

troy: so who’s your friend?

emily: i’m emily. 

troy: pretty name, almost as pretty as your face.

emily: wow.. smooth.

troy: yeah that’s what i was going for ;)

zelda: i’m.. gonna use the bathroom em.

So You Have a Girlfriend?

A few years ago, I was dating some guy for a few months. Let’s refer to him as D-Bag. D-Bag had a quiet demeanor, but enjoyed making me laugh and spending time with me. There was something sweet about him, however there were times when I felt like Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny when she was dating Lil’ Kevin and couldn’t quite figure out if he had mental handicap. (D-Bag wasn’t the brightest. He once texted me that ‘he has a lot of PATIENTS for me.’ I asked if he was a doctor. He said 'no, I have so much PATIENTS for you, that I will wait for you.’ Le sigh. Not to mention D-Bag also had a slight stutter and some serious shifty eyes.)

Now D-Bag was sweet, but at the same time there was something sketch about him. There were a few times when one of us would spend the night, he’d creep into the bathroom some time in the wee hours of the morning to make a hush phone call to somebody. Now I am not an insecure little bitch who will quickly start throwing accusations, I need concrete proof first so these weren’t exactly red flags for me. But there was this one instance I heard him yelling over the phone at somebody from my bathroom. The yelling was a little muffled, but it sounded like he was trying to reassure someone that he wasn’t doing anything bad or so that’s what the premise of the conversation seemed to be. I let that instance go and forgot about it a few days later.

Fast forward to a few days before D-Bag’s birthday, I am out with one of my BFFs for her birthday. We go to a local bar with a few friends and happen to see all of D-Bag’s friends there, but no D-Bag in sight. I’m a little distracted while out at the bar wondering why D-Bag’s friends are all there, but no D-Bag. I obviously drink these feelings away and get super pissed drunk that I randomly end up making friends with one of my BFF’s friends. Let’s refer to this friend as Accomplice. Accomplice and I drunkenly hit it off. It also happens that Accomplice lived closed by to me at the time so my BFF suggests Accomplice hitches a ride with us back. During the car ride, Accomplice and I are both spewing a bunch of sorrowful drunken statements on why is it that all the friends of the guy we are seeing was at the bar, but the actual guy was not there? As we both come to the realization that the guy we are seeing could potential be the same guy, we discover this is not the case. Saved. Although the air is clear of potentially dating the same guy, Accomplice asks which friend is it I’m dating. I drunkenly yell “D-BAG! D-BAG! It’s D-BAG” repeatedly, followed by “Is that bad?” She seems shocked by this, but is reluctant to say what she knows about him. I end up dropping her home without finding any information regarding D-Bag, however Accomplice and me exchange numbers.

The next day, I have plans to take D-Bag for an early birthday celebration. Some time in the afternoon I receive a text from Accomplice asking if I have time to talk over the phone because she has something important to discuss. I’m not busy so she quickly phones in. The conversation goes a little something like this:

A: So… remember last night how you said you were seeing D-Bag? Me: Yeah…..? A: How long have you guys been seeing each other? Me: A little over 3 months or so. A: Oh… Me: Is that bad? A: Well… Okay. I’m just going to come out and say this up front, but D-Bag has a girlfriend. They’ve been together for over a year. Me: …son of a bitch

Turns out Accomplice’s BFF is D-Bag’s girlfriend. This son of a bitch had me as the other woman. Being someone’s “option” has never been my style so I am quite furious. Accomplice and I devise a grand master scheme to expose D-Bag’s cheating ways to his girlfriend that very night during the birthday celebration dinner I planned out. I make the arrangements that I will drive D-Bag and me to dinner so in the end of the grand master scheme, he will be stranded. But the grand master scheme itself? Accomplice and I plan for D-Bag’s GF to show up at the end of dinner.

At 7:30 I pick up D-Bag from his house. My insides are crying with delight at the very thought of exposing this motherfucker, but I must remain cool, calm, and collected while being in his presence. We get to the restaurant and have a great time. I am being extra nice and sweet to him, asking him what does he want for his birthday, and promising to take him out to a fancier restaurant on his actual birthday. Then we go on to talking about other things and we make this silly bet on how he’s never going to kiss me ever again and I say let’s bet on it because I know I’m never going to kiss him again. He’s so clueless and is laughing about it, like why wouldn’t I ever kiss him and that he bets I will by the end of the night. I let out a laugh and say to him “After dinner I have a surprise for you and it’s the reason why I can’t kiss you.” We go on conversing about punishment and karma. He talks about how he believes he’ll get punished for bad things he’s done and will get his karma eventually. So I say, “You believe in karma? Do you think you’ll get karma for cheating on your previous girlfriend?” (because he once told me he made the mistake long time ago of cheating on one, but he wasn’t referring to current GF) and he says “yeah” with no sadness to his face, all innocence as if he’s been a real good guy since then. So I laugh… and laugh… and laugh some more. We get the bill and since I told him I’ll take him out on his actual birthday, he covers our dinner. I text Accomplice and let her know dinner is over. As a matter of fact, I’ve been texting Accomplice throughout the entire night telling her my status and the silly things D-Bag has been saying to me. At one point D-Bag steps out for a phone call and when he gets back he tells me “his sister called because she was wanted to know where her MacBook charger is.” Accomplice texts me back saying “He just called his GF to tell her that he’s out with his cousin buying shoes.” Sneaky right? Or better yet, ultimate douche bag liar, right? So after he pays the bill, I text Accomplice, saying be outside NOW.

As we step outside, I stop D-Bag for a second and say “Remember how I said I have a surprise for you after dinner?” He says yes… and as we hit the corner BOOM his girlfriend is there cursing the shit out of him on what a sneaky cheating bastard he is. Accomplice and I sit down and watch the entire fight while D-Bag has no way of denying me since I am there in the flesh. And as the fight comes to an end, Accomplice and GF go their separate way, I go my separate way, and sad little D-Bag is left at the restaurant with no ride home (mind you, this is way before Uber/Lyft days. And sure, D-Bag could’ve easily taken public transportation or called one of his boys to pick him up, but D-Bag is a prideful person who wouldn’t want to be seen taking the bus AND with the grand master scheme, we also planned it on a day that all his boys went out to a city that was an hour away to hit up some club.)

Jack’s Drumming

As a musician, can I just say how much I love @therealjacksepticeye‘s drumming? I honestly think he’s amazing! I wish we could jam together, we’d make some awesome music XD

Speaking of music, I don’t know if you guys remember a while back I posted a song which I wrote for Jack (and my sister)? Well, I now have a studio recorded version!!! It’s called I Can Be Me and you can hear the whole thing on Spotify (it’s under the name Laura Sinead - yes, I have an Irish middle name!) :D

AU blog!!

//So i finally made blog for all my AUs, i’ll start slowly adding stuff there but if you guys are interested you could check it out..? Its @btsaumess

kingcrownsart  asked:

Trying to upload a drawing of anti and remembered the ask you answered about Tumblrs upload limit being 3MB and the drawing is 9,28MB T_T Am I screwed Marielo? Is there another way to upload it?

Oh god I actually don’t know D: I’m terrible with this stuff, I don’t know how to help you!! 

Maybe you guys have some ideas?

Hi friends!

For those of you who don’t know, I just moved across the country! It’s been tough getting everything settled in, but I should be a bit more active now. :)

What does this mean? Well, I’ll have a brand new set of anime conventions to check out! Hopefully I’ll have more time to cosplay in some cool locations with my fiancee. 

Once we’re more settled in, I’d love to try producing more content for the blog. Remember waaaaaaay back in the day when I did Death Note themed recipes for the MelloZine? I’d love to do more recipes for other characters, too! What would you guys think of that?

Keep being awesome, everyone. :)


Second Night


You groaned at the weight he was putting around your shoulder and stopped to take a breath before pulling his arm that was around your shoulder making sure he won’t fall. You complained to yourself as you helped him to walk to his house. You had no one to blame other than yourself really. You brought this onto yourself and deserve every burden he was putting on you.

‘Hey.’ Someone brought you out of your thoughts.

You looked up from the ground and was graced by a beautifully familiar face. ‘Hey.’ You answered back slightly caught off guard by his sudden appearance. The both of you just stood there staring at each other but it wasn’t nerve-wrecking or awkward. You were just really surprised and you were sure he was too. It was not like this was the first time you two met each other after what happened.

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Before we had El Tigre on tv, we had…

Mucha Lucha!!!!!! :D

If some of you guys don’t know or remember this, mucha lucha is a 2003 warmer brothers/cartoon network animated series that’s about kids who are masked wrestlers and study about Mexican wrestling in a wrestling school.

This was part of my childhood! And I just loved watching it every time I came home from school back in 2003 ^_________^

Fun fact! mexopolis was part of the series’ team that worked on making mucha lucha :3