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every pairing i love: [20/?] jim & pam (the office)

“for a really long time that’s all i had. little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. and a lot of people told me i was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who i worked with, but i think, even then i knew, i was waiting for my wife.

You know whats one thing that is absolutely fucking horrible about mp100? The fact that its given me such fucking high standards for other animated shows.

Like, i cant even sit down and watch some other cartoon/anime without picking apart every little aspect of the animation quality. I cant help but feel disappointed when i realize that no, this show isnt going to have amazing multi media that doesnt feel out of place or forced. No, this show isnt going to have great camera angles that capture every aspect of the scene perfectly. No, this isnt going to be animated so fluidly and near faultlessly.

Seriously, am i just watching all the shows with bad animation? Or is mp100 as out of the ball park as i feel that it is? Because from now on i know for a fact that, no matter what im watching, i’ll ask myself ‘is this animation as beautiful as mob psycho 100?’

The day i can, in all complete honesty, answer that question with 'yes’, will be the day that my soul ascends to the heavenly plains.


For my fellow theatre geeks: bootlegs. Lots of ‘em. Unless stated otherwise, these are original casts. I did not record any of these. Enjoy, my dears!


But what is intolerable is that the creature being should be thus violently stripped of its own precious personality. The violence is none the less odious to the creator for the ingratiating smirk with which it is offered. Nor is the offense any more excusable when it takes the form of endowing the creature with qualities, however amiable, which run contrary to the law of its being:

“I am sure Lord Peter will end up as a convinced Christian.”
“From what I know of him, nothing is more unlikely.”
“But as a Christian yourself, you must want him to be one.”
“He would be horribly embarrassed by any such suggestion.”
“But he’s far too intelligent and far too nice, not to be a Christian.”
“My dear lady, Peter is not the Ideal Man; he is an eighteenth-century Whig gentleman, born a little out of his time, and doubtful whether any claim to possess a soul is not a rather vulgar piece of presumption.”
“I am disappointed.”
“I’m afraid I can’t help that.”

(No; you shall not impose either your will or mine upon my creature. He is what he is, I will work no irrelevant miracles upon him, either for propaganda, or to curry favour, or to establish the consistency of my own principles. He exists in his own right and not to please you. Hands off.)

—  Dorothy L. Sayers, The Mind of the Maker

I don’t have a scanner and the paper kept curling and I took 65 photos before I got this, which is barely passable

This is fanart from Coffee Stains and Cigarettes, by cellard00rs (I don’t feel comfortable tagging em in this horrible quality post, it’s embarrassing) 
This is my favorite scene or at least one of them… I had to draw it! 
I’m hard to convince with fanfics, especially AU fanfics so you know it’s good if *I* like it!  
 Plan to shade/semi color this and then somehow get a better scan.. it’s really big paper too..  is there a place that will scan stuff for you?  Like Office Max or something… Idk 


I needed to contribute to this fandom a long time ago, but right now with the release of Demon War, I did it !! I don’t know how to thank @thebunnyofevil & all the crew for this wonderful game.

If the quality looks horrible, click on it, it could be better ? ;-;”


Your bangs are cute. 
Thank you .

Unwritten’s On-The-Go Bottle Spell.

Please excuse the horrible quality of my picture, but I made a spell bottle today! 

I’ve been going through some financial issues that are starting to clear, but I want to make sure that I can keep things in the clear. That was my main motivation for this spell, but as I started working on it, I realized that I could do so much more. Essentially, this on-the-go bottle spell is meant to be worn on your person, or with you when you go out and you know you’re going to be spending money. It’s meant to help you stick to your budget, but it also acts as a magnet for luck and positive energy while you’re out and about. 

You’ll Need; 

- Himalayan Pink Salt (Love, positive energy and success) 

- Rosemary (Protection and energy) 

- Bay Leaf (Luck) 

- (optional) Rose Quartz (either shards or a small stone) (Love, healing and self-esteem boost.) 

- A preferably small bottle/jar that you can either wear as a necklace like I did, or carry in a purse or a pocket. 

- (optional) A very small piece of paper that you can roll up and hide inside with a sigil of whatever you choose on it. I used a sigil for saving money and responsible spending. 

I started out just focusing on my intent, concentrating on keeping to my budget while out and keeping myself surrounded by as much positive energies as I could. I first took a tiny slip of paper and drew two sigils on it. I charged it then rolled it into a tiny scroll, and slipped it in. I then added a layer of the Himalayan Salt, focusing this time on positivity, love, and just generally wanting to feel good about myself in public. 

I then added a layer of Rosemary for protection and energy, focusing on what kind of protection I wanted while I was out and etc. Once that layer was done, I added a second layer of the Himalayan Salt, focusing on the same things as before, then I took one dried Bay Leaf and slipped it in for general luck and abundance. Since my bottle was fairly small, I had to crush the leaf up for it to fit. That’s perfectly fine. 

So there you go! Whenever you feel tempted to spend, or nervous in public or just need a little bit of luck, either rub the top of the bottle or shake it. I found that it actually helped me today a lot! Also, If you choose to seal it with wax, green, purple or pink is recommended! 


Saw the leaks of Storm in The Room

As far as the images go, I’ve sort of been waiting for this ever since we heard Rose’s voice for the first time from Tiny Floating Space Whale. It seemed pretty obvious that there was some connection between Rose’s room and Rose’s consciousness, whether it’s whatever remains of Rose in her gem speaking through it or it’s some sort of copy/imprint of her personality programmed into the room itself (I say programmed since it seems to function like a computer, capable glitching and forced to lower the quality of details or the “resolution” when over worked).

As far as the preview goes, aside from being curious and a bit worried about where Connie’s mom is, it was cute. I actually got a chuckle out of a couple moments, like Steven thanking Connie for keeping his bed warm (I know, I have a horrible dirty mind) and Priyanka’s voice mail message. I wonder if she’s had patients try to contact her personal phone before, maybe because they were enamored with her? I could see that happening. I find her pretty attractive myself, to be honest.