i know flamingos

   “Y’know, the cameras still work pretty well in here,” He muttered to the small, unassuming woman beside him. Glitch, who had an observant eye, watched her pocket something from the shelves with mild ANNOYANCE. “I don’t usually give a rat’s ass about who goes in an out of here with what– everybody’s got t’ eat– but my boss, he’s been hard up my ass for weeks now, and I really would like not to hear him WHEEZE and COUGH up a lung while tryin’ t’ lecture me, so–”

      He gestured back to the shelf. “If you’d please.”


i don’t draw liam often. i thought i’d change that. please click for more detail

I actually did this for my drawing class. I submitted fan art for a grade at a respectable art institution. Follow your dreams, kids.