i know

I hate reblogging that picture of my weed with prices where I live because people always tell me they feel sorry for me or they brag about how little they pay like, that’s cool, I know how much weed costs in legal states, thanks, I know, everyone in California pays .05 cents a gram and it’s grows wild in fields and I’m getting reemed on pricing, okay, I KNOW.

Things I love about fanfiction:

-When I am not quite through with the story, but the book is over- there is fanfiction.

-When I am desperate for some mushy gushy fluffy stuff- there is fanfiction

-When I want a good story, but reading a new book would mean I have to introduce myself to new characters I may not like- there is fanfiction

-When I want smut, between my OTP- there is fanfiction

-And when I’ve read and re-read fanfiction, I get to come to Tumblr and meet some of those fabulous authors.

Thank you fanfiction writers! You fill a void that no one else can.


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