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🌼 🌼 waiting for the mission to start, teaching the son important things  🌼 🌼

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Do you ship Az & Elain?

No friend I do not, not at all I am sorry!! I’m just…too invested in Moriel and Elucien and…Mor and Lucien as characters and I just..don’t really see it in a romantic sense? I can’t make it work for me?? 

HOWEVER!!!! I totally love them being a sweet little brotp together? Like I love it, it’s precious. They just have chill time alone away from everything every now and then that consists of them sitting together in Elain’s garden, relaxing and knitting. (Elain teaches Azriel how to knit and he loves it. It’s very soothing and he practices so hard all the time. When people start having smols he very dutifully makes them tiny little baby clothes. (personalised, of course) He’s very proud of them.) 



I’m allergic or at least very sensitive to natural fibres so I rarely handle vintage knit wear like this vintage Ideal Tammy’s family sweater. But for some reason or other it ended up in my laundry pile and of course since all of my stuff is preshrunk or whatever so this sweater shrunk down and it’s smaller than my other one. However shrinking it did make it more elastic and generally nicer looking so I might shrink the other one down and repair it accordingly.

Twofer Tuesday

I had 2 days without the kids and supposedly without Wolf (who went out Sunday morning), and I was going to process some wool, and spin (which I haven’t gotten to do in 3 months), and finish the sock I’m knitting.  But Wolf’s load trailer Sunday had something wrong with it and by the time it was fixed, they had to give it to a driver who had more drive time than he did to get it where it was going.  So I had to go get him.  He ended up not going out until this morning.  We spent Sunday evening after we got back from taking the kids North, getting our plumbing fixed (the good news is, after 10 days with no hot water again, we now can shower at our own house!  hallelujah!).  Monday we ran errands.  Today I took him to the yard and cleaned out the chicken box (we lost the runt of the chicks) and made phone calls. Then drove up to get the kids and took groceries to a friend and drove back.  Run, run, run.  I got 2 rows of my sock knitted since Sunday.

I’m glad to be back home, the kids are here, the dog is happy, and tomorrow I’M TAKING A FRIGGING DAY OFF.

Yes Lance. Knit him a sweater. Knit them ALL sweaters.

Knit them… Ugly Christmas sweaters.