i knit london


Sorry to all the people who are following my Crafting with a Conscience blog, but at the mo a few of my posts will be identicle on both blogs, not all, but a few, until I get some more followers on that one!  Plus, I didn’t want my FYC! Followers to miss this beauty!  Lovely project by I Knit London in conjunction with water aid.  From 2006-2007 knitters across the world were asked to send in blue knitted squares to go in this massive knitted river on the south bank in London, to promote Water Aid’s future events and educate people on the millions in the world living without sufficient clean water.

  • Mom: What did you get at the mall?
  • Me: Just some shirts and sweaters and stuff.
  • Mom: Everything in this bag is going to make you look like an English schoolboy.
  • Me: I fail to see the problem.

Look at this yarn.

I went to I Knit London (near Waterloo) today on recommendation of someone else… and it was like a knitting palace. I have been to yarn shops before but this one was so beautiful - I stroked so many different yarns (they were all very soft) and did not cry even a little bit.

I love you yarn.

Spoils of travel. Top left corner, 3 skeins from This is Knit, Dublin. Bottom left, 4 skeins from I Knit, London. Middle 7 skeins from a craft store in Winchester. Red skeins in bottom right corner are a gift from my Mom, who was in Ireland the same time I was. And the bag is from The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff! :-3 I have a few plans for this yarn, but I’m also on the prowl for new projects. I’m going to try Kool Aid dye for the skein of undyed there in the bottom left corner.