i knew you were heartless

random song lyric starters

  • “am i in love with you? or am i in love with the feeling?”
  • “i can’t get you out of my head.”
  • “i must’ve called a thousand times.”
  • “i want you to know that i’m happy for you.”
  • “you’re just what i needed.”
  • “just hold on we’re going home.”
  • “if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.”
  • “i don’t have a choice but i’d still choose you.”
  • “there’s no where else i’d rather be.”
  • “i’m so proud of you.”
  • “don’t fuck with my love.”
  • “you didn’t love me, no, not really.”
  • “is there somewhere you can meet me?”
  • “tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.”
  • “if you don’t love me now, then you’ll never love me again.”
  • “for now let’s get away.”
  • “i’d like to know if we could start over from scratch.”
  • “i’ve got nothing left to lose.”
  • “i still get jealous.”
  • “i just wanna look good for you.”
  • “i’ll tell you all about it when i see you again.”
  • “how could you be so heartless?”
  • “i knew you were trouble when you walked in.”
  • “wish we could turn back time… to the good old days.”
  • “shut up and dance with me.”
  • “when i’m fucked up – that’s the real me.”
  • “i’m a little unsteady.”
  • “i want you to know that i’m all yours.”
  • “maybe i’m crazy.”
  • “where are you now that i need you?”
  • “all you had to do was stay…”
What’s In a Name? (RWBY Fanfic)

[[ An angsty one-shot revolving around the latest lore released in last weekend’s episode. Some light Qrowin for you lot, and some personal headcanon of my own. Enjoy! ]]

Qrow entered Ozpin’s grandiose office from the creaking elevator as soon as the doors swung open. The headmaster had called for him via scroll, saying that they needed everyone gathered together for an emergency meeting. With everything being so chaotic already with the Grimm and the unseen enemy within their territory, hearing the words ‘emergency’ were not very comforting. Ozpin for once wasn’t seated in his peculiar steel chair and took to gazing out the glass wall to the view all around them. Qrow instantly cocked a brow at the sight, knowing that Ozpin must have been pacing if he wasn’t sitting at the desk he was so comfortable with. As the crimson eyed huntsman neared Ozpin’s desk, he noticed General Ironwood and Glynda from the corner of his peripherals, but he advanced all the same toward the headmaster. His hands were shoved in his pockets as he strolled up with his usual slouched gait, clearly uneasy with the two set of eyes which were now bearing into him. He scoffed it off, now straightening his posture as he stood directly in front of Ozpin’s glass desk.

“Hey, what’s goin’ on?” He inquired flatly, finally turning on his heels a little and raising his arms up in large, swooping motions. “You tell me there’s an emergency meeting, I’m bound to come running, but it looks like we’re all just standing around like assholes with thumbs up our asses–and why are you two giving those looks? Did I piss off the Ice Queen again and now I’m being scolded by mommy and daddy?” He gestured to Ozpin and Glynda, and as he did his body went rigid at the sight of the pain present in the blonde instructor’s eyes. There was something tragic in Glynda’s expression, and as she shifted uncomfortably in place with her arm crossed, Ironwood took a bold step towards Qrow. He wore his usual steely expression, which he had to challenge with a burning red glare.

“A Maiden has died.”

The words nearly bounced off of Qrow, as if he could hear the sound but not the meaning to the statement. Any trace of alcohol in his system instantly vanished as he practically sobered up from shock. Qrow quickly shot a glance towards Ozpin, but the white-haired man hadn’t moved from his position at the window. “The hell you mean by that? Which one?” He hesitated before his eyes narrowed on Ironwood’s. “Autumn?” He asked after a moment, to which Ironwood shook his head firmly before turning to return to Glynda’s side. He glared after the taller Atlesian general with some scorn. The blonde professor took notice and cleared her throat.

“It was the Maiden of Winter. She had been in hiding for several years, proclaimed dead in an attack during the early days of the White Fang activity in Atlas. She was sick and never was able to recover…it’s sad to think that a woman blessed with such unfathomable potential could fall victim to something other than murder.” Glynda coughed quietly, as if to transition the subject. “She was aware of the protocol and it is on a trusted source that the powers were transferred successfully.”

“Wait, wait, wait, it can’t be that simple. While you are usually an ass hat,” Qrow began, motioning towards Ironwood who glared daggers into him. “I still can’t piece together why we’re all still on edge. If the new Maiden was selected and confirmed by this ‘trusted source’ of yours, then tell me, why are you all still so tense? Who the hell is the source of yours anyway? Who is the Maiden of Winter?”


It was a quiet voice, one that was a shell of its usual self. At first, Qrow thought he had imagined the voice, but the whistling of gears behind him set him off to the elevator doors shifting again. He was so lost in his tangent he hadn’t heard those mechanical gears whizzing a new member to their party until they spoke, no, until she spoke. The soft squeak of his leather soles echoed in the fairly large office, his body twisting around as he shot a conflicted gaze over her shoulder. There was disbelief, confusion, an admittedly the slightest bit of grief as his fears were confirmed by the familiar sight of the Atleasian specialist’s striking white appearance. Similar to her voice, Qrow could see how hollow Winter appeared. Hell, it looked like it had been days since she slept last. He frowned at her, his sanguine eyes searching for a spark of life in those cold glacier blues. Finding none, he quickly rushed over to her side and grabbed onto Winter by her upper arms, firmly holding on as if he might lose her forever if he dared let go.


“My mother was the previous Maiden of Winter. Everyone was led to believe that she was killed in action in a raid while I was young. I even attended the funeral where we laid the ‘body’ to rest. I was called last night just before the passing, that’s how I was informed, and that’s how I became the Maiden of Winter.”

“And as the Maiden of Winter, we must protect her at all cost.” Ironwood interrupted by turning towards the pair, his eyes resting on them though his eyes primarily focused onto Winter. Qrow hated how the General gazed upon her, like a butcher eyeing a fresh haunch of meat. It left him itching to punch the man square in the jaw. “We really ought to get her somewhere secure. We can worry about the logistics later, time is really–”

“The fuck you mean you’ll worry about the logistics later?” Qrow snapped, clearly enraged as he finally left Winter’s side to approach the taller Atlesian man. Qrow was fuming at this point, which left Glynda to shift closer–as if her being on standby could really deter Qrow from beating Ironwood to a pulp–and Ozpin, who finally came out from behind his desk. The man from Atlas quirked a brow at the Huntsman of Patch, as if he couldn’t understand his rage.

“She just lost her mother, and what? You want to just bull rush her into a life of solitude? Just like that? Let her grieve, for fuck’s sake. I knew you were a heartless oaf, but I didn’t realize just how on the mark I was with the assessment.”

“It’s important we act now while we have the time to do so, Qrow. Maybe if we can study Winter’s new abilities, we can even find a way to stabilize Autumn and–”

“No, fuck no. Don’t you dare say you plan to do any of those temperamental experiments on her. Is that seriously your plan? Is that all you can think about right now?!”

“If we don’t do something now, it gives the enemy more time to figure out the truth. By moving fast we lessen the risk of anyone even finding out the previous Maiden has passed. Hell, we may even be able to reverse the effects of what’s already happened to Amber.”

“Oh, and who fuckin’ died upstairs and decided to make you God? Or did you usurp that throne with your giant ass army?”

“Enough, both of you.” Ozpin finally spoke loudly, his voice on the borderline of a shout. The friction was high, and everyone had found themselves surrounding each other in an oblong circle. Everyone but Winter, who had stood by the elevator, motionless since Qrow had approached her. As the silence settled, the salt and pepper haired man noticed Winter’s choice to abstain her thoughts to the situation. It was important for her to speak her mind, now more than ever. This was her life on the line, how could she not have a thought or two to throw in. As he focused his gaze on her, he noticed how hesitant she was to glance towards Ironwood. It was likely that they had a conversation about the future of her life, and clearly it didn’t settle well with her.

“Ozpin, you can’t tell me you’re okay with this.”

“No, I’m not.” Ozpin admitted finally after a delayed sigh. “I think it’s best that we all go clear our heads and return here tomorrow to discuss our plans going forward. As long as we stay silent on all communication logs, we’ll have no fear of the information slipping in the span of one night. I suggest you all get a well night of rest, we’ll need to be sharp when we discuss what path we decide to go on with the new situation.”

Without a word, Qrow spun on his heels and began storming for the elevators. On his way out, a large calloused hand wrapped around Winter’s far more slender hand that had almost been forgotten this entire time. With his hold firm over her, he tugged her easily out of the room and into the elevator. A final sneer was shot towards Ironwood as he slammed the button against the steel panel, causing the doors to bolt shut and send them up the rail system. With a fatigued breath, Ironwood adjusted his tie and glanced towards the Beacon native teachers, clearly exasperated from Qrow’s behavior.

“Why is he choosing now to be so reckless? I’d imagine he more than anyone would understand how vital time is when a new Maiden is selected. We should be acting now, Ozpin.”

“Yes, one has to wonder why…” Ozpin trailed quietly in thought, his eyes flashing back towards Ironwood’s, as if challenging the man with the sudden edge to his words. “Though, one would have to be turning a blind eye or be truly inept to compassion to not realize why.”

Ironwood stiffened and looked away, clearly displeased with the answer given. He paced over to the nearby set of glass panes and began glancing out to the approaching dusk, deciding best to dwell on his thoughts in peace. Glynda turned to face her headmaster, concern welling up in her eyes from behind her thin-rimmed glasses.

“Ozpin, do you truly think they’ll be alright on their own tonight?”

“Physically, yes, I think they’ll be just fine.” He paused, giving a thought some time to fester before speaking again. “I do doubt that they’ll leave tonight unscathed emotionally however.”

Lost Together

This was supposed to have been for han-leia-solo’s Han & Leia appreciation week, but I went away for the weekend and didn’t get the chance to post this :( Oh well, better late than never. 

“I hope you realize that this is entirely your fault.”

“My fault!”


My fault!”


Han threw his hands up in frustration. They’d been trekking through the jungle for hours, and their speeder was nowhere in sight. The terrain where they’d needed to set up the atmospheric sensors had required them to leave the speeder behind and travel a few miles on foot, and they were supposed to have headed straight back to base afterwards.

“You’re the one who suggested we veer south, Your Holiness,” he snapped, swiping at a bead of sweat running down his temple and swatting a large, leafy branch out of their path. The air was so heavy and humid that he couldn’t even tell whether or not the moisture he felt all over his body was a result of the mist or of perspiration.

“I only said that because you lost the navicalculator,” Leia said from behind him. She was panting; he figured her significantly shorter legs were having more trouble with the terrain than his were.

“I didn’t lose it,” Han huffed. “I just forgot to bring it.”

It was a damn shame that he had to walk in front and clear a path, he lamented, because about an hour ago the princess had been so hot and sweaty in the stifling jungle air that she’d stripped off her shirt and was traipsing behind him in her form-fitting, sleeveless undershirt, her coiled braids damp and disheveled.

“Why am I not surprised?”

Han scowled and continued barreling through the foliage. They’d tried to comm for help numerous times, but there seemed to be some kind of atmospheric interference with the signal; they couldn’t get anything other than static, and without the navigational positioning calculator, they were completely and utterly lost. Under ordinary circumstances he might’ve been a little more optimistic at the prospect of so much time alone with the princess, but she’d not taken well to his attempts to small talk her, and he was getting nervous as dusk approached. The jungle planet was crawling with large predators, and he didn’t like the idea of blundering around at night with some carnivorous beast on the loose. He was beginning to think they’d be better off finding cover until morning; making it back to base before nightfall was looking increasingly less likely.

“I say we give it another hour and then we stop,” he said, using his vibroblade to slash through a particularly dense wall of vines. “Unless you wanna wander around and wait for a modrol to find us. It’d go for you first, y’know—easier target, and all.”

Han smirked to himself, waiting for her cry of indignation behind him, but was perturbed when it never came.


Concerned, he wheeled around, one hand dropping to the blaster holstered at his side, half-expecting to find her in the hands of some monstrous alien creature. What he found, though, was nothing of that nature. Leia stood as still as a statue a few yards behind him, staring unmoving into the jungle. He could see her face only in profile, but it was enough for him to catch that her eyes were wide and that her expression was grim. Frowning—and slightly irritated that she’d stopped without telling him and that she hadn’t even been paying attention to his teasing—he backtracked and moved to stand at her side.

It was immediately clear what had drawn her attention. Lying in a lifeless heap against the mossy floor was a dead animal. Its mottled black fur—clearly meant to camouflage it against the black tree trunks of its habitat—shone scarlet with spilt blood. A massive piece of flesh was taken out of its left flank, leaving a gruesome wound that had clearly ended the animal’s life. Judging by the bloodstains all over the surrounding foliage, the poor creature had staggered and suffered for a while before collapsing.

Han winced and looked down at Leia, who seemed to be transfixed by the tragic sight.

“It’s a rixx cat,” he grunted, unsure what else to say. The feline’s large paws, stubby tail, and white-streaked belly were unmistakable. “There’s a lotta big animals in this jungle. Must’ve crossed paths with something.”

Leia nodded, still looking profoundly sad. Han realized that he’d never seen Leia interact with an animal before. Did she have a thing for big cats or something? He found the idea strange, but twilight was beginning to cast long shadows in the trees, and he didn’t want to linger around while it got dark. He cleared his throat.

“C’mon. We should find a place to make camp.”

Leia nodded and turned, seeming to have finally snapped out of her trance, but just as Han thought they would be on their way again, she abruptly spun back around and took a few sharp steps towards the dead rixx.

Bewildered, Han watched her keen gaze focus on the animal, and she crouched down on her haunches in front of it.

“Leia,” he huffed—exasperated, concerned, and wary. “Don’t go near it—”

Just as quickly as she crouched, however, Leia was upright and walking towards him once more, and in her arms, cradled against her chest, was a fuzzy, grey thing with large pointed ears.

Han gaped at her. It was clearly a rixx cub, only a few weeks old, by the looks of it. The thing squirmed, yowled plaintively, kicked out a paw that seemed way too big for its tiny little body, and then settled against Leia’s breast in resignation.

“It’s a baby,” Leia blinked, staring down at the rixx cub like she wasn’t quite sure what she was seeing.

Han shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

“Uh, yeah, that’s—that’s too bad,” he said gruffly. He really wasn’t sure what to make of whatever was happening. The rixx mewled in distress, and, to his consternation, Leia began to gently rock it in her arms. This was too much for him.

“Listen—c’mon, Leia, put that thing down. We gotta keep moving—”

“What, just leave it here?” she demanded, head snapping up to glare at him in disbelief. Her eyes flashed, and he noticed that she angled the animal away from him.

Bewildered, Han stared.

“Well, we can’t take it with us,” he pointed out, eyeing both Leia and the rixx warily. He wasn’t sure what the hell had gotten into the princess, but his priority was to get her somewhere safe before sunset.

Leia retreated a step.

“This rixx cat,” she said icily, “is an orphan.”

Ah, hell. Han winced and rubbed at the back of his neck. So that’s what this was about.

“Princess,” he said carefully. He knew the situation called for more tact than he could manage. “Look, this stuff happens in the jungle. Nature’s not pretty, but it’s getting dark—”

“If we leave her, she’ll die.”

She? Now it’s a she?

“I’m taking her with me.”

“No, you’re not! C’mon, put it back. I’m sure it’ll be fine—”

“This rixx cat is coming with us, and that’s final,” she snapped, pushing past him and striding off into the jungle. She disappeared through a screen of white and purple leaves, and, incredulous, Han hurried after her.

“No, it sure as hell is not final. We’re gonna have a hard enough time looking after ourselves tonight without worrying about a helpless baby animal!”

“Oh, so you’d rather leave her—a helpless baby—to starve all alone? You want to abandon her to a gruesome death at the mercy of some vicious predator? I knew you were selfish and arrogant, but I never thought you were heartless, Han Solo.”

Han grit his teeth.

“That’s not what I said,” he growled.

Leia stopped and regarded him with a heated, haughty expression on her face.

“Fortunately, it really doesn’t matter what you said, because I’m in charge and I say that she’s coming with us.”

She started walking again, still holding the rixx cub close to her heart. Han blinked after her for a second before he stormed in her wake, getting hit in the face by a low-hanging branch that Leia had been able to pass under without a problem but which was at his eye level and which he hadn’t noticed because he was too busy glaring at the back of her head. Swearing, he batted the thing away, spitting leaves from his mouth and cursing every rixx cat and every princess in existence.

“Let me get this straight,” he griped. “You’re gonna keep that thing?”

“Isn’t that what I just said?”

“For how long?” he asked. He knew that Leia was so passionate about the rebellion because she couldn’t bear injustice and suffering where it was avoidable, but he felt that it was completely irrational of her to run around adopting rixx cats when she had so many responsibilities as it was.


“Well in case you forgot, Your Highness, that’s a wild animal. It belongs in the wild. You can’t just keep it. It’ll bite your arm off.”

“You know perfectly well that rescued rixx cats are an easily domesticated animal. And they’re an endangered species; this must be one of the last planets to have a rixx population at all. I couldn’t possibly leave her to die.”

The two of them stepped over a large log, slippery with a thick layer of moss. It bugged the hell out of him that she was able to gracefully manage it with her miniscule little legs and her arms full of baby rixx.

“Oh, so you’re just planning on strolling into base with a rixx cub? Isn’t there some kinda rule that says you rebels can’t have any pets on base?” he pressed. “Huh? How about that?”

This, finally, gave the princess pause. Han wanted to feel smug about it, knowing that he was right, but instead all he could come up with was an unpleasant twinge in his chest as he caught sight of the princess’s stricken expression. She bit her lip, gazing down at the grey ball of fur in her arms.

“Well,” she said slowly. She picked up her pace and stared straight ahead. “I suppose I couldn’t keep her with me… But the Alliance can’t prevent an independent, free-lance pilot from keeping an animal on his own ship…”

It took him a few moments to determine that she had indeed suggested what he thought she had. Han felt his entire face turn red.

“Now, wait a minute!” he yelled, balling his hands into fists. “I didn’t even wanna take it with us for the night! Now you want me to keep it on my ship?!”

“I’ll take care of her. She’ll just sleep onboard.”

She spoke so calmly and with such finality that Han saw red. It was like the matter was already decided, like she was so sure that the thing was going to be his newest, permanent passenger.

“No way, Princess! You think I want that thing scratching all my stuff and chewing on power cords and shedding everywhere?”

“Oh, please! As if you’d even notice a few extra scratched panels or frayed wires on that hunk of junk! Besides, she couldn’t possibly shed worse than Chewie!”

“Hey!” he snapped. “Watch it, sweetheart!” He wasn’t even sure what he was reacting to, but insulting his ship and his best friend weren’t helping her case. He scowled down at her. Typical princess, he grumbled to himself.

“I’ll feed her and brush her and clean up after her. You won’t have to do anything.”

“Yeah, except live with it! Answer’s no, Princess! I mean it! You might think you can pull rank on me and order me around out here, but not on my damn ship!”

Leia stopped walking again and stepped into his path. The ground they stood on was momentarily level, so the top of her head was about even with his shoulders, and she craned her head back to look up at him. He was expecting a tart response—some type of sarcastic, bossy remark—but what he got instead was a display of such softness that he was taken aback.

“Han, please,” she said softly. She held out the rixx cub towards him. “Look at her. She’s all alone. I can’t leave her. I can’t.”

As she spoke, the rixx shifted and opened its eyes. They were yellow and huge, and the thing seemed to understand completely what was going on, judging by the way it was desperately staring up at him, all small and pitiful and fluffy. Han grimaced. It was kind of cute, he admitted grudgingly to himself. Fuzzy and frazzled, but cute.

With a sigh, he looked back up at Leia. Her eyes, if it were possible, seemed even bigger and more vulnerable than the rixx cat’s. His stomach twisted, and with a growing sense of dread, he knew that he no longer stood a chance. Maybe if she’d been glaring at him, giving him that enraging look of superiority, he could’ve resisted. But not like this. He knew deep down that he could never have refused her when she was looking at him the way she was.

“It’ll only be for a little while,” she was saying. “We’ll figure something out. I’ll look into finding a wildlife reserve for her—I think there might be a rixx cat sanctuary on—”

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled, waving his hand dismissively. “Quit talking before I change my mind.”

Leia blinked at him, and then, as she realized what he’d said, her lovely face broke into a beautiful smile that he was irritated and resigned to note warmed his entire body.

“Thank you, Han,” she murmured. “I promise she won’t be any trouble.” She ran a hand gently over the rixx cub’s little head and looked down at the tiny animal. “Will you, Roxi?”

“Roxi?” Han snorted, shaking his head. “Roxi the rixx cat?”

Her answering glare made him grin.

“I suppose you have a better idea?” she asked with a quirk of her eyebrows.

He smirked and shook his head. “How do you even know it’s a girl? Could be a Rokko the rixx cat.”

The two of them together made their way through the jungle.

To his surprise, Leia simply shook her head and gazed affectionately down at the rixx.

“She’s a girl,” she told him firmly. “I can tell.”

His skeptical expression was lost on her, however, when a sudden sound blared from both their comms.

“Han? Leia? Do you copy?”

The words were muffled and interspersed with heavy static, but clear enough that they could both distinguish the speaker with ease. Shooting a grin at the princess, whose hands were still full, Han reached for his comm.

“Yeah, kid, where are you? We could use a lift.”

Luke’s voice was immensely relieved.

“Send up a flare. I can’t pick up a homing signal. Did you two turn off the satellite transmission on your navicalculator?”

Leia rolled her eyes while Han glared at his comm.

“Why the hell would we do that? And hurry up, it’s getting dark out here and the bugs are eating me alive.”

Luke laughed while Han rummaged through his pack for the flare and Leia stood holding Roxi. His hands faltered as he looked up at her, her big brown eyes fixed on the rixx’s face with a look of such tender affection that his chest hurt. She ran one finger carefully over the rixx’s snout and smiled a little when Roxi made a little noise that sounded alarmingly close to a purr. This rixx cat is an orphan, Leia had snarled at him, and although she never spoke to him about her parents, he knew that she was thinking of her own devastation in losing her family when she had reacted so strongly regarding the rixx. As Luke’s voice once again sounded on the comm, Han resumed his search for the flare. They were all orphans—all three of them. Maybe it was right for them to take the damn rixx cub, after all. She’d fit right in.