i knew what i wanted him to look like from the start

Thought vs. Instinct (Nyx Ulric x Reader)

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You fumbled and fell. As you watched your dagger fall lifelessly in the distance, you thought back on what brought you to this moment.

“For once in your life, stop over thinking everything!”

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Better Than Oranges - Orange Quick-Blurb Sequel

I struggled with the ending of Orange, so I spun this out to kind of get that alternate ending in that I wanted the first time around. You can thank @stylesunchained for suggesting an ending to this that made it worse. ;) Happy reading! x

He likes your cunt better than oranges.

You’re sweeter, and juicier, and any other numbers of vulgar descriptions. You’re addicting, and if he thought he knew satisfaction from the success of filming a movie and signing a contract and keeping a photo shoot under wraps for months on end, he knew nothing before the breathless sounds of your moans mingling with his wet, sloppy sounding licks. But he’s not sloppy – unless you request it – because he knows you don’t like it, and he wants very, very much to give you exactly what you like.

It starts with a proper snog sometimes. He’d dared to kiss you one day when you’d snapped at him for looking at you – just leaned in and taken it – and since then all he has to do is grasp your chin and cover your mouth with his before you’re winding your arms around his neck and falling into the mood he insisted he was creating when you’d asked him, breathlessly, between kisses about what on earth the two of you were doing.

“S’just the mood, innit?” he’d mumbled the first few times you’d posed the question. “Feels good, yeah?” he’d breathed while pulling at your trousers.  “Makes m’job easier f’you’re wet, love.” Invariably, his fingers dip inside of you and you grip his shoulders mid-moan and his lips curl into a smirk while suggesting, “S’get these off yeh,” before pulling your shirt up and jeans down with his lips still locked to yours.

By now, he’s practiced his technique on you more times than he can count on his own two hands, and he’s gotten hard nearly as many times. You’re always breathless, and whimpering, and lying spread open and vulnerable on the bed after, and he ignores weak utterances of his name (“Harry… no… Harry, I…”) as he limps from the room and tells you, “S’fine” before he closes the door and does his damnedest to be quiet while he jerks into a wad of loo paper trying to pretend that he’s not sucking his lips between his teeth to keep the taste of you in his mouth and like he isn’t replaying your moans in his mind when he finally bursts with unbelievably thick spurts.

When he’s washing misfired cum off his hand in your sink with balls that still ache in his pants, he knows he has a problem.

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BTS Reaction to your favorite song being the Happy Days theme song

i had fun making this one! thank you and i hope you enjoy! <3 

link to the song on youtube : here!


“Sunday, Monday, Happy Days!” you started singing. 

“You want to know what’s my favorite song?” he asked you and you nodded. He stands up and unplugs the radio.

“It’s called silence.”

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*starts singing and dancing with you without hesitation*

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“i never knew you liked this song!” *starts dancing like a mom*


you show him the song from your computer while singing and dancing

*looks at you*

*looks back to the computer*

*then back at you*

“I’m too young for such confusion”

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*starts laughing when he hears you singing the song*

“Ahh jagi you’re so cute”

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“YEAHH..  i think i just found my new jam!”

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Rap Monster

*judges you but then joins*

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Ass Man

| Warnings: Smut. |


[Authors Note: This is inspired by Dan reblogging this - http://danisnotonfire.tumblr.com/post/147552330282]


“I saw that!”

She yelled from the other end of the flat, her footsteps nearing the office where Dan sat.

“I don’t know what you mean.” He grinned cheekily. He knew damn well she was talking about the gif he reblogged on tumblr.

[Y/N] slapped him on the arm playfully. “You’re such an ass man!”

Dan leaned up in his seat, placing a kiss on [Y/N]’s clothed stomach and placing his large hands on her bum. He looked up at her with a look that made her want to slap the shit out of him, but also shower him with kisses until he waved a white flag. She rolled her eyes and wove her fingers in his short, brown hair.

A wide grin stretched across Dan’s face, and with both hands, he started rubbing her ass just like the gif.

She leaned her head back, enjoying his touch. “I fucking hate you, Dan Howell.” He just laughed at her. “No you don’t.”

She sniggered. “You’re right, for once.”

He continued rubbing her ass, placing soft kisses on her stomach or arms as he did.

“Dan.” She moaned out softly.

“Yes, babe?”

“Please fuck me.”

Dan laughed into the fabric of her shirt. He stood up, picking [Y/N] up and throwing her over his shoulder.

“Your wish is my command, princess.”

He took her into their bedroom and laid her gently on the bed. Crawling onto her, he placed soft kisses on her lips.

His lips traveled down to her neck, leaving a trail of saliva down to her collarbones. He grasped at the hem of her shirt, and she leaned up just enough so he could remove it. Once it was off, he tossed it and removed her bra, unhooking it in one swift movement. As soon as it was gone, Dan attached his soft, pink lips to her breast, suckling on it slowly.

“Dan please get on with it, you’re killing me.”

He laughed against her breast, the vibrations making it jiggle under his lips. “Okay babygirl.”

He pulled his shirt off over his head. To tease her, he slowly unbuckled his belt, sliding it out of the loops on his pants completely, agonisingly slowly. [Y/N] leaned up on her elbows, enjoying the strip tease that he was putting on. Then removed his jeans. Slowly sliding them down his thin body, kicking them off and grinning at her. His bulge was prominent through his thin boxers.

She licked her lips, [E/C] eyes darting from his cock to his eyes. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, before standing back up and sliding down the last bit of clothing on his body. After they were gone, he worked on [Y/N]’s pants and underwear, pulling them down quickly, not wanting to keep his girl waiting any longer.

“Hey, babe?” [Y/N] whispered.

Dan looked up at her curiously. “Yes, [Y/N]? Is something wrong?”

She shook her head, and smirked at him. “I wanna top tonight.”

He grinned, and blushed softly, looking down at his feet in embarrassment, then meeting her eyes once more. “Whatever you want, princess.” He said with a smile.

He laid down on the bed, pulling her on top of him, resting his hands on her hips as she rested on his thighs.

She slowly lowered herself onto his member, her hands resting on his lower stomach. Dan was self conscious of his stomach because he felt he was pudgy, but [Y/N] loved Dan’s little pudgy tummy.

Her hands moved from his stomach to his hands, moving them from her hips to her ass. He grinned and griped her ass roughly as she rode him, helping her move her hips faster.

[Y/N] places her hands on his upper chest, riding him as fast as she could, his grip on her ass only fuelling her to make him cum first.

He lulled his head back, eyes sealed shut and his mouth open, moans and profanities constantly slipping out, his Adam’s apple popping in his neck as he did. She leaned down, locking her lips onto his neck, only causing him to moan more. The sounds of his moans and the feeling of his Adam’s apple under her lips and tongue making her want to cum right there, but she held through.

He was going to cum first.

[Y/N] moved her hips faster, somehow, and starting sucking on Dan’s neck. And he came. She came right afterwards, collapsing on his chest, both of them panting. Dan released his grip on her ass, but left one hand cupping her protectively, the other slid up to her shoulders, pulling her closer to him, kissing her head.

“Thank you, baby, that was wonderful.” He said into her hair, smiling tiredly.

“Thank you, Dan, for reblogging that gif.”

“Oh shut up.”

“Why did you let her go?” I asked my father.

“She was a young female.” My father started his story. “She was born in a good household” I watched my father took a seat near us. Every now and then, he would tell us about a girl named Martha. “Many loved her as she was beautiful, brave and smart. She wore kindness like diamonds around her neck and always wanted the best for people. She believed in justice and hope, though there were times when she would forgot her own luck.”

My father looked out of the window near the sofa. It was evening and the stars filled the sky as it was painted on a canvas. “She forgot how lucky she was and reached for something that was even beyond the stars.” He said. “She was so curious about what life could offer her. She knew she had a purpose in life, but she had no clue what it was. She was happy and grateful for her family, but they didn’t complete her heart. She was looking for something that could fill the empty spaces in her heart.“ 

“She left to look for her happiness, to find something that could make her happy again. Though she was safe, it felt like a cage for her. She was like a bird, she couldn’t stay at a place for a long time. She wanted to use her wings and fly across the sky. She wanted to taste freedom and smell the gift of nature. Watching stars from her bedroom was her temporarily escape. I knew sooner or later she wanted to be one of the them." 

"What happened after that?” My younger brother asked him. My father closed his eyes and sighed. 

“Many years have passed by but she never returned home. I think it was because somewhere, along the way, she found her new home. Though she may never know, she was someone that I wished upon the stars for. Her biggest wish was to be one of them, but to me, she was the moon. Part of her was always hidden and yet, she was always the brightest during the darkest days." 

"Why did you let her go?”  I asked. My father looked at me.

“A star is the most beautiful when you let her shine on her own.”

—  The Moon, The Star And The Lover


“FUCK YES!” Simon screamed as he scored one last goal causing him to win the game of fifa.

You see Simon and I are pretty good friends and we made a bet that whoever won gets to make the loser do one thing and I mean anything. Once the timer went off I pouted as Simon was laughing. I rolled my eyes and waited till his laughter calmed down and spoke.

“Let’s get this over with Simon.” I mumbled in an angry tone of voice.

“Come on Y/N don’t be like that.”

I rolled my eyes once more and spoke, “Tell me what my punishment is.”

“Close your eyes.” He demanded.

I closed my eyes and waited for him to do what he wanted to do. Next thing I knew his lips were on mine causing my eyes to bolt open and him to step back from me. I looked at him and saw that he was starting to regret doing that. I stepped towards him and planted my lips back onto his causing him to kiss back. We kept our lips connected as we walked over to his bed. Once me knees collided with the edge of his bed I fell backwards onto it and moved so my whole body was on the mattress and he followed in pursuit and he was laying on top of me with his arms holding him up. He then disconnected our lips letting us both have some air than started kissing my neck trying to find my sweet spot which he found pretty easily.

“Fuck Simon.” I moaned as I twisted my head which allowed him more room.

He kept kissing and biting my neck creating different sized hickeys all over my neck. He then took his lips off my neck and pulled off both of our shirts and my bra. While he was looking at my breasts I took my legs rapped them around his waist and flipped us over so I was on top. I could tell this took him by surprise by the look on his face so I just smirked and got to work. I started kissing his neck then I started to kiss down stomach and to his pants. I quickly took his pants off leaving him in just his boxers that outlined his hard member. I then pulled off his boxers and kissed the tip of his hard cock causing him so whimper and grip onto my hair. I then took him all into my mouth causing him so moan loudly, throw his head, and grip my hair tighter.

“Fuck Y/N!” Simon moaned as I started to move my head up and down his member.

After a couple minutes his cock twitched telling me he was close to cumming. I than took him out of my mouth causing him to growl. I smirked at his reaction and took off the rest of my clothing and aligned my core with his cock before lowering myself on to his erection causing us to both let out a moan. After I adjusted to his size I started to move up and down slowly causing him to growl and me to smirk.  After a couple seconds he had got tired of the pace I was going at and flipped us so he was on top. He then started to gain speed thrusting into me faster and harder than ever hitting my g-spot with every thrust.

“SIMON!” I screamed as I came.

He thrusted one more time before cumming. We rode out our highs then he pulled out of me and laid beside me. After a couple minutes of silence he was the one that broke it.

“Y/N what just happened?” He questioned as he turned to face me.

I looked him in the eyes giggling and said, “I believe we just had sex Simon.”

He rolled his eyes at me and said, “Y/N I’ve liked you for a while and I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date sometime?”

“I would love to Simon.” I giggled as I got up and found all of my clothes and got dressed.

He got up and did the same thing while giggling. I then fixed my hair and we both walked out of Simon’s room and into the sidemen living room to see something I wasn’t expecting. The rest of the sidemen and the Cal’s were in the living room and by the looks on their faces they heard the whole thing.

“SIMON!” JJ screamed reenacting what he heard not even 10 minutes ago.

“Fuck Y/N!” Harry moaned.

“Shut up!” I moaned.

“Come on Y/N, you know you love us but you may love Simon more than the rest of us.” Tobi stated sending the guys into a laughing fit.

Simon wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck causing me to blush. The guys saw this and laughed even more. I just rolled my eyes, flipped them off, turned and kissed Simon on the lips.

So yea this happened. I’m gonna work on the other requests tomorrow or later tonight. But in still taking request on: 5sos, bvb, asking alexandria, the creatures, the sidemen, johnnie guilbert, criminal minds, danisnotonfire, amazingphil and Calfreezy. There is smut,fluff,or regular imagines. BoyxBoy and GirlxGirl is aloud. (Please try to stick to these people cuz if someone requests others then I feel bad if I do not know who they are)


You looked the plans infront of you over again and tried to memorize all the details. This mission was important and you didn’t wanted to mess it up. Surrounded by your friends, you felt good even though you all knew that it was more of a suizide mission. Anything could happen.

Jace was pretty quiet. You didn’t knew him that well but maybe he thought about the risks too. What if you didn’t made it back?

“I love you, (y/n)”, he blurred out in the next second.
Nobody expected that, pretty sure not even himself as you could see how his face started to become red.

All the others starred at him but when Magnus and Lydia switched from looking to you, you just realized what Jace really said.

He loves you. You. From all the people.

You couldn’t resist and started smiling shyly while looking up into his eyes.
“Good to know, because I love you too.”

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Parties Can Hurt Sometimes Part5 (Dan Howell)

This chapter hits me in the domestic feels between Dan and (y/n)! 

“You kissed him!?” Exclaimed Zoe a bit too loud for my liking

“Shh Zoe” I said pulling her away from a group of girls near us so they couldn’t hear “Please don’t be so loud what if someone hears you?”

“I’m sorry but I’m just shocked” She said as we kept looking around the shop “You guys kissed and you’re telling me this just now. I mean why didn’t you told us on Sunday?” She asked referring to herself and Tanya

“Because I knew you would both freak out and start asking not only me but Joe as well for the details and I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.” I said shrugging as I took hold of a cute flowery bowl “It’s bad enough I pretty much rejected him, I didn’t want him to also feel uncomfortable with you guys asking him about it. Do you like this one?” I asked Zoe still holding the bowl

“It’s adorable and you’re right. He doesn’t need that not after you rejected him” Zoe said chuckling

“Zoe it’s not funny” I whined letting out a small chuckle myself “I feel really bad about it but still I couldn’t just lie and tell him I felt the same besides he knew it would have been a lie”

“I know, don’t worry too much about it. But you sure you guys didn’t do anything more than kiss?” She teased

“Oh my.. I shouldn’t have told you anything I knew this would happen” I said as we both laughed, looked around a little more and then went to pay for the things we got

It had been exactly a week since the Gleam party and I was currently staying at the Zalfie house hold. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell Zoe about my kiss with Joe but I had been so busy and focused on other things that I kind of forgot to tell her. It was good to talk about this with Zoe because apart from her I really didn’t know who to talk about it with. Phil was off the list by a long run because if he knew that meant eventually Dan would too and I wasn’t sure I wanted Dan to find out at least not right now. Not to mention that Phil would go crazy on me because of it, asking if it had anything to with me trying to forget about Dan and much more in the lines of that which really wasn’t. Kissing Joe felt great, I don’t regret kissing him for a second but I did feel bad about rejecting him after all he is a really good guy and an amazing friend. Things would be much easier with me liking Joe instead of Dan and I wouldn’t be stuck in all this mess and would have lost one of my best friends because of it.

“We’ve never been to this place before” I said as we sat down on a table near one of the windows

“I know, Mark and I came here the other day and he said you would probably love the place” She said as we opened up our menus

“Of course he did. Speaking of I’m yet to buy the last few presents of him for Christmas” I said looking through the menu and seeing what sounded like a really good meal

“Have you finished buying everyone their presents or is it just Mark?” Zoe asked laughing a bit

“I have the main presents for most people but I’m yet to buy other presents. I mean how am I supposed to know what to buy Alfie?” I asked her shaking my head

“I know, I still find it hard to get him something for Christmas every year” She said to which we both laughed, putting down our menus our waiter made his way to us taking our orders and going to get us our drinks “You’ll know what to get him, he even likes silly gifts”

“Good to know” I said as our waiter came with our drinks

“So who else is left then?” She asked taking a sip of her drink

“Well there’s Phil, Anna.. Umm Dodie, oh and Dan..” I said looking at my drink

“Have you talked to at all?” She asked looking at me with a half smile “I mean you guys were going to spend Christmas together weren’t you?” She questioned

“We were supposed to, it was the plan but things change, plans change. I mean I could always go to Dodie’s, she’d invited me before” I said remembering the small party Dodie and a few of our friends did at her place

“It’s not the same (y/n), this was a big deal. I mean you were going to spend Christmas with his family” She said with a bit of a frown

“We were but it wasn’t a big deal Zo, really. We were friends and that’s all we ever were. I mean I have known him for nearly three years now if he had feelings for me he would have told me” I said shrugging

“Yeah just like you told him how you love him” She said with a raised eyebrow making me squint my eyes

“Touché but things are different now. He has a girlfriend that I believe he really really likes, we are no longer friends and to tell you the truth I don’t think we’ll ever be friends again” I said dabbing the inner corners of my eyes to stop the tears from falling

“Don’t say that. You just have to give him some time to calm down” She suggested

“I have given him time. Two weeks to be precise and he’s yet to talk to me. Zoe I think it’s time we just accept the the truth and know that Dan and I are no longer friends and probably never will be again” Sitting straight I cleared my throat and looked at her “Now could we please just talk about something else?” I asked hoping she would stop asking about Dan

Thankfully she changed the subject and we talked about everything and anything. She mentioned there was a video idea she wanted us to do later today if not tomorrow to which I said yes and loved the idea. Soon after our food arrived and Mark was right I did ended up loving the place and wanting to come back whenever I had the chance.

************ ************************

Three months later

Three months, I still couldn’t believe it’s been three months since we’ve stopped being friends. It definitely felt weird to say the least, I tried so hard not to be in a place were I knew he would be. Phil and I had come with a system when it came for me to being at their apartment, he knew I wouldn’t want to be there when Dan was so I would only be there on times he would be out or at Samantha’s apartment. Throughout the months I had to slightly interact with Dan about 5 times just normal things like when I was about to leave and he got home earlier than expected but nothing more than that. That was until today, I was currently on my way to their house trying my hardest to get there as fast as possible. Getting woken up at 2 am with a phone call is always annoying but hearing Phil’s worried voice I was more than awake and ready for anything he had to say. The fans knew about Dan’s existential crisis but never to what extend they would go, there were times like this one were it was too much to handle for him. It wouldn’t be a funny ‘oh you’re having another existential crisis’ it would turn into him curled up in a corner crying his eyes out over everything that went through his head. It would usually take Phil hours to finally calm Dan out, a few months after we’d become friends Dan had one of his crisis and I was so worried I tried to help in anyway possible, at the end I’d managed to calm him down. Kneeling in front of him and making him look me in the eyes would calm him down a bit after that I would hug him on the floor as he made our limbs intertwine in every way possible so I was as close as humanly possible to him. That I learned was the only way I could calm him down and I would do it for as long as needed because I hated seen him like that. So naturally when Phil called me about half an hour ago asking if I could come help because Dan was having an existential crisis I didn’t hesitate as I got out of bed and got sort of ready, by that putting on a onesie and getting into my car. I didn’t care that we had stopped being friends, I still loved him and cared deeply for him no matter what.

After a few minutes of  finding somewhere to park and a few more of going up the stairs I finally made it to their front door taking deep breaths as I knocked on the door. Soon after Phil opened the door letting me in as he guided me to where Dan was, getting inside Dan’s room I saw him in the right corner near his bed letting out sobs as he hugged his legs making my heart break seen him that way. Phil smiled and nodded at me as he left to probably the kitchen to get some water for Dan. Slowly I made my way over and knelled down making him acknowledge my presence.

“Are you okay?” I asked with a sad look on my face

“No..” He breathed out as I noticed how much he was shaking

“You’ll be okay. I’m here now and you’ll be okay love” I said putting my hands on either side of his face so he could look me in the eyes “I’m here now, okay?”

Looking me in the eyes for a bit he then slowly nodded as he opened up his arms and got himself into a sitting position so I would sit on his lap. Getting closer I straddled him and hugged his neck as he hugged my waist as tight as possible but not to the were I couldn’t breath.

“Do-Don’t leave ple-please” He stuttered out between a sob making me pull away slightly so I could look at him

“I’m not going anywhere Dan” I said caressing his cheek “I promise okay?”

“Okay..” He said pulling me closer again so my head was next to his

“Please stop crying, you I hate to see you cry” I said hugging him a bit tighter

We stayed like that for probably two hours, as I was starting to fall asleep I heard Phil talking to someone making me straighten up and pull away from Dan who was confused as someway along the time he had fallen asleep. Getting off of him just as Samantha came into view making me frown as to why she was here at this time of night.

“Hey Danny” She said walking toward where we were sat as I got up I saw Phil near the doorway “Hi (Y/N)” She said smiling at me then looking back at Dan

“Hi.. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but what are you doing here? I would’ve thought you’d be asleep at this time of night” I said getting up and starting to walk over to Phil

“Oh I know but Phil had called me but I didn’t get the missed call until later” She sitting down on the bed as Dan got up

“You called her?” Dan and I said in unison

“I was desperate. Dan was bad again and I didn’t know what to do” He said shrugging

“Well now that you’re here there’s no need for me to stay. Besides you’re better now, right?” I asked Dan as he just looked at me

“I am better but you don’t have to go” He said as he walk over to where I was completely ignoring Sam

“I really should go.” I told him once he got in front of me “Besides remember what you said? To you, we’re no longer friends..” I said looking down at the floor then back at him “I’m glad you’re better now. Goodnight” I said to him and Sam as well

I got out of the room with Phil behind me as we walked towards the door. Saying our good nights I started walking down the stairs and headed back home as I could still smell Dan’s cologne on my onesie. If I missed Dan before I definitely would miss him even more after spending the last few hours cuddled up to him. Once home and in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about a few things one of them being the thought of what would happen for Christmas after all. What would I do now that I wasn’t going to Dan’s parents? Would I spend it alone getting drunk and being sad of myself or would I go to Dodie’s and have a fun evening? Had Dan told his parents Samantha would be going instead of me? I felt bad because I loved Dan’s parents and was really looking forward to spending Christmas with them but now I couldn’t no matter how much I tried.

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Lee Seung Hyun/Seungri X Reader

Seungri wasn’t a bad guy, he just wasn’t a traditional type of guy. Where his hyung’s took joy in looking forward to starting a family in the future, he took joy in doing what he pleased in the present. Sure, he wanted to fall in love and have children someday but he was young, and he wanted to play while he could get away with it.

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The City Part 5

Genre: Angst

Summary: Your two year long relationship has ended. With a new apartment and job you’re ready to move on from your relationship. But The City seems to have other plans for you.

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings/Triggers: none

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 5

It had felt like you had barely just closed your eyes when it started. Both of your phones were thrown across the floor during your reunion and the sound of their constant vibrating was radiating across the floor boards. You rolled over to look at him because you both knew what those calls and texts and probably e-mails meant. He looked at you with comforting eyes and reached over to gently stroke your cheek.

“Are you ready?” he asked you quietly.

“Can’t we just smash our phones? Or flush them down the toilet? I don’t want to leave this bed. I don’t want to leave you. You can’t make me”, you whined. You knew that you eventually had to pick up your phone, but once you did everything was going to change.

Namjoon wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you in close. You couldn’t help but bury your face and breathe him in. He still smelled like mint and cedar. “Y/N, you’re not going to lose me. I promise. We are in this together. I’m not going anywhere and neither are you”, he said as he kissed your forehead. As he got up out of bed you let out a small whine.

“It’ll be okay, Y/N,” he tried to comfort you but you knew he was nervous. He reached down and grabbed both of your phones and sat back down on the bed.

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College AU part 2

(part one)


“I need coffee again.”

Their walk had ended where the night started, back in their dorm with a pile of French worksheets between them.

“You’re glasses are crooked.” Baz said dully.

Simon pushed them up with his index finger and set Baz with a hard stare. Three years of being roommates and he hadn’t quite figured him out. He knew somethings, though. Like that Baz  loved poetry, probably wrote his own (and it was probably brilliant), he was literally good at everything (particularly sarcasm and giving mixed signals), and Simon was convinced he owed him a thousand quid for coffee by now.

Simon stifled a yawn. “I want to sleep.”

“What’s stopping you?” Baz looked up from a notebook he was scribbling in. His dark hair fell in a silky curtain around his face. Simon realized that he had really nice cheekbones.

“French grammar.” Simon nudged a few papers aside with his foot absentmindedly and huffed. “I might as well give up on film and change my major to French.”

“We can just finish it in the morning,” Baz mumbled. He rose to his feet and stretched.

Simon nodded and climbed into bed, taking a moment to pull his glasses off and setting them neatly on the nightstand. He reached over and turned the lamp off.

A slant of moonlight fell into their room from their window, highlighting the work scattered between their beds in a soft glow. Simon couldn’t help but think about how close they really were, and how easy it would be to push their beds together.

“Hey, Snow.”


“You almost look cute without your glasses on.”

[2:04am] PENNY. MAYDAY.

[Penny, 2:13am] Jesus Christ, Simon. I have a chemistry test tomorrow.


[Penny, 2:17] I’m blocking you, goodnight.


Simon looked exhausted the next day.

There was music blasting from the room when Baz got back, his hands heavy with crates of beer. It almost sounded like Taylor Swift.

In your wildest dreams

It was Taylor Swift.

Baz precariously balanced the beer in the crook of one arm and unlocked the door. He wasn’t expecting to find a puffy eyed, sobbing mess-of-a-roommate lying on the floor surrounded by a gross mix of crumpled tissues and tearstained papers.

“Crowley, what the hell, Snow?” Baz screamed over the music, letting the beer tumble into his bed.

Simon sat up and dragged a hand down  his face while drawing in a shaky breath. “Sorry.” Taylor Swift’s voice abruptly cut off.

“Are you drunk?”

“No.” Simon sniffled. He had a tissue stuck to his cheek, and Baz reached out to pluck it off before tossing it aside with a scowl. “I just figured out I have a D in my film class. French has been taking up too much of my time.”

“Do you want to be drunk?”

“I don’t drink.”

“You do now.”

“That’s against campus policy,” Simon mumbled.

Baz pulled a beer from the case and held it out to Simon, who grabbed it eagerly. “There’s a lot I do that’s against campus policy. Like smoke.”


“Remember when you called me cute?” Simon’s voice was slurred and he pointed at Baz with the mouth of his (fourth) beer.

“I didn’t call you cute, I said you were almost cute, and that’s only without your glasses.”

They were sitting on the tiny square of floor between the beds, legs tangled together, cheeks rosy, and lips turned into lopsided grins.

“What’s wrong with my glasses?” Simon’s eyebrows furrowed together and he struggled to keep a straight face.

“They make it harder to see your eyes.” Baz tipped his beer up and took a long drink. “They remind me of the sky.”

“Baz, read me some poetry,” Simon blurted.


“Read me poetry. I like your voice.” He giggled. “Don’t tell me the pretentious English major doesn’t have a thousand different poems memorized.”

Baz set his beer on the floor and cleared his throat before breaking into a fit of laughter. “I only know poems about love.”

“Tell me one.”

“Love is more thicker than forget

More thinner than recall

More seldom than a wave is wet

More frequent than to fail.”

Baz recited it perfectly. It was his favorite, reminding him of nothing other than blue eyes and bronze curls.

“Love is less always than to win

Less never than alive

Less bigger than the least begin

Less littler than forgive.”

He was suddenly aware of how close they were, of how close Simon was. Something was drawing them nearer, and then their lips brushed, and they were kissing.


“We were drunk,” Simon said idly. His eyes were cast on his notebook.

“I know.”

“We kissed.”

“I know.”

“Do you think it was a mistake?”

Baz ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “No, I don’t.”

Simon glanced up from his work and looked at Baz. His cheeks were flushed. “Does it count though? We were drunk, Baz.”

Baz bit his lip. Did it count? It sure as hell felt like it counted. “Let’s try again”


Baz’s lips were soft.


They pulled apart, and this time there was no drunken laughter following. There were only sheepish smiles and hot cheeks.

“It counted.”

(The poem that Baz recited is called ‘love is more thicker than forget’ by E.E Cummings)


John Shepard // Earthborn // teenage years

“I was an angry kid - angry at the world, angry at myself. I dunno if I tried to prove something, the only thing I liked to prove was that I was stronger. Mother Nature gave me a gift so I used it, in a wrong way of course. I was street trash - dealing with drugs, going to nightclubs, getting drunk and getting into street fights. The only reason I was doing that was to escape the reality that I was just a fragile little boy who never knew what’s it like to have a family and compassion. So I let others use me as a weapon - as long as I got food, money, bed and a distraction from my real problems, it worked for me. Until my 18th birthday was getting closer and I was starting to wonder if that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. The anger never really left though, it’s still there.”

You know we don’t have to go until later

Can you do an imagine where Daryl meets a girl (the reader) in Alexandria and she’s really shy and doesn’t really open up to anybody but he eventually gets her to open up to him and they end up kissing and falling for each other (feel free to add whatever you want lol)

Looking over at him I wondered what it was like to talk to him. What it would be like to not be shy and have the guts to walk over there and say something. He looked up and right at me, turning I walked into my house. My face red from the nerves of him. I knew that I would have to have someone at some point. Maybe today would be my chance, since someone made dinner for everyone.

I changed clothes and started to walk over to Carol’s house. She seemed like a very neat person, but a very sad person. She lost her family and is alone. Walking to Carol’s house I saw Daryl starting to walk over to me. Feeling myself blush I looked away, only to feel his hand on my shoulder.

“Hey you heading over to Carol’s?” I nodded he looked like he’d been through alot. His arms covered in old and healing scars. But even though he looked like this he had the softest eyes.

“Are you going?” I softly asked.

“Yea, dont know how long I’ll be stayin though.”

“Do you need some company.” My palms sweating from saying that. To only realize how it could have been interpreted. He laughed a little, which made me feel alot better.

“You know we don’t have to go until later. She won’t mind and anyways she told me that a lot of these things tend to go on for hours.”

“Sure” We walked back to my house. I had no idea what the hell we are going to do, I never really thought that there would be any interaction between me and Daryl.

“Want anything?” I asked, he shook his head and sat on the couch. I sat on the opposite side of him.

“Tell me about yourself.”

“I don’t have a lot to tell you.”

“Everyone has something to say, we live with the walking dead.” I laughed a little.

“I was basically alone. I started out alone, some groups tried shit with me. But when I found this place I could only think it’s a dream. I was so underweight I looked like a walking skeleton. And when your group came it reminded me of what it was like. Part of me forgot about what it was like to be out there. They are in denial, they don’t understand what’s it like to be surviving.” I looked up at him and I could almost see all that he’s been through.

“Have any family?”


“Did you?”

“Had a brother.”

“You know Y/N I noticed you ever since I got here. Every time that I would try to talk to you, you would walk away or look the other way. I think that you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen.” I started to blush, only to see him take my face and start to kiss me. Automatically I started to kiss him back. His kiss was so gentle, it was full of passion. My hand went through his hair.

“Follow me” I whispered, taking his hand. Opening the door to the bathroom I could tell that he knew what I was thinking. He started to shower and started to undress. I looked at him and did the same. Only to get to my pants and have him do the rest. Him kissing my neck and collarbone, he was so gentle to me.

When we entered the shower he started to kiss me, under the water. His hair covering part of his face, we paused for a second to look at each other. He looked at my entire body but to only kiss me again.

“Y/N do you want…”

“Yea” I whispered.

Turning me around I felt his fingers enter me. Arching them to where I could feel myself wrap around them. Moaning I heard him say something. He starting playing with my clit, to make me moan louder. He stopped to only have him enter me. His hips bucking against my ass, I started to moan louder and louder.

“Come on you wanna say my name.”


“That all?” He put more force into it. Making me moan.

“FUCK YOU DARYL DIXON!” He left me to finish. His hands ran through his hair, pushing back his hair out of his face.

“You know for a shy girl like you, sure make a lot of noise.” I laughed a little.

“Then we must do this again.” I said winking at him.

“You one horny woman.”


“Hell no. Guess we wont be making it Carols.”

“I don’t think she will mind.”

Who was your hero as a boy?

When I was younger I looked at the Portuguese players like Figo and Rui Costa, and saw how they were performing on the biggest stage – and I knew I wanted to reach that level.

How did your parents help you get started on a career in football?

They let me leave Madeira at age 12 to join Sporting Lisbon. I remember crying, but only now I have my son do I understand how hard it must have been for them to let me go. They did the right thing for my career, but it would not have been easy for them.

Who has been your biggest supporter through your career?

My mother, she always has been and is a constant support to me.

Was there anyone who made a special effort to help you at the start of your career?

Aurelio Pereira [chief scout at Sporting Lisbon – the man who discovered him] has always been a very important man in my life from a young age. He believed in me, and he is a very special man.

What do you feel you learned about yourself from the Euro 2016 final?

I knew that I couldn’t influence the game on the field [after going off injured in the 25th minute], but I could play a big role. I gave a speech at half-time and was giving all the directions and encouragement I could from the side. It taught me about the importance of being one. Football is not about 11 on the field, it is so much more than that.

What’s the most important lesson football taught you?

To use negative people and experiences to motivate you. I actually need my haters – they have helped me achieve all I have achieved.

Which manager/coach has had the greatest effect on you as a player?

I do see Sir Alex Ferguson as a father figure. All my coaches have been important, but when I arrived at Real Madrid I was a man, when I arrived at Manchester United I was a boy. All of a sudden you are at one of the biggest clubs in the world, and at that time I needed somebody like Sir Alex.

What manager or player has been the best in raising the spirits of a despondent dressing room?

Zinedine Zidane was a perfect example of that last season. We had not started well, but then he arrived and was the catalyst for one of my best-ever seasons. We went on a great run in La Liga, won the Champions League, and then I won the European Championships with Portugal. It was a great season for me and Real Madrid, and the right coach can be that inspiration.

Who is the toughest opponent you ever faced?

Over the years I had some great battles with Ashley Cole – he doesn’t give you a second to breathe. He was such a tenacious player, quick, tough in the tackle – when he was at his peak. You knew it would never be an easy game.

Which opposing player do you most admire?

There is a big mutual respect between myself and Lionel Messi. The media like to make out like we have this big rivalry, but we don’t. It is not like we are good friends, but there is a mutual respect on both sides.

Who has been the most generous team-mate, in terms of helping others or being generous with his time and money?

Where I have played both the clubs and players have taken their charitable works seriously. We do have a responsibility to help, we know how fortunate we are, it’s something we need to be doing and continue to do.

Which team-mate would you want next to you in a war?

Pepe – not only is he a fantastic defender, he leaves nothing on the field. He gives everything.

Which of your colleagues or former managers is the deepest thinker about football?

I have played for so many great coaches, but José Mourinho was a big thinker analytically, he went into everything in great detail.

Who was the biggest influence on your career?

I was.

Which team-mate, either at club or international level, has been the biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration has always been myself; nobody puts bigger demands on me than me. I said I admired Figo and Rui Costa, but I never wanted to emulate anybody – I have just always focused on being the best me I can.

So I’m at that scene in book 2 when Neil is going off on Andrew at Exites for not caring about himself or wanting to save himself, you know, right before The Moment of Intense UST? Anyway that triggered the memory of Andrew’s ‘this could be a problem’ moment from Nora’s extra content so I went to look for it and this is what it says: “The first time Andrew saw Neil without his medication blurring his judgment, he thought, This could be a problem, but he did not take it seriously then.” And so I had my normal reaction to it (nioce, nioce) until I realized something. I’ve assumed this whole time she meant this at the start of Kings Men but it says 'THE FIRST TIME Andrew saw Neil without his medication…’ The FIRST time. Do you guys know when that was? Chapter 2. Of The Foxhole Court. Book 1. I want you to imagine Andrew Minyard waiting in that airport for Neil and seeing him for only the SECOND TIME and thinking 'this could be a problem’ Just think about the level of frustration he felt being attracted to this mysterious guy while also being incredibly suspicious of him. P L E A S E THINK ABOUT HOW NEIL WAS INTERESTING TO HIM WHEN ON THE MEDICATION AS WELL. So what I’m saying is, Andrew wanted Neil wether on the drugs or not, he found him endlessly frustrating and incredibly stupid and he liked him oh so very much and he really hated that. He never stood a chance.

Kakashi's mask

Tbh I never really cared WHAT Kakashi looked like under the mask because we knew from day one he was probably drop-dead handsome (as we saw from Teuchi and Ayame’s reactions), I only care about WHY he wears it, like Kishimoto pls give me some closure what is the in-plot reason this beautiful man hiding half of his face from the world????

My responses to common theories/answers:

“Kishimoto wanted him to look mysterious” - but that doesn’t explain why the CHARACTER chooses to wear the mask

“He was ashamed of his association with his father” - he’s seen wearing the mask before Sakumo’s death, when he had started at the Academy

“He doesn’t want to give anything away from his expression in battle” - but he’s seen wearing it in baths and hotsprings. WHY?!

“He’s self-conscious about his mole” - to me, he seems like the kind of person who gives zero shits about his appearance and would rather focus on the more important parts of being a ninja

“To hide his nosebleeds” - this one did actually make me LOL at first. Oh Kakashi, you pervert…

If anyone has a better explanation than the above, PLEASE enlighten me 🙏🏼

@wiishu hit 200000 subs! Yay!
I just want to get my thoughts out about that “being labled as Jack’s girlfriend” thingy.
You moved in with Jack shortly before I started to watch him, so you were part of Jack’s life from the beginning for me. When I learned about him having a girlfriend I googled as much as I could to learn who you are. My head was full with questions like “How did they meet?” “What does she look like?” but I knew right from the start that you had to be a super nice person, considering how happy Jack is all the time.
That’s the story how I got to know about you. When I saw what beautiful art you make I watched one of your speedpaints and loved it. Then there was this Revelmode charity event where you joined Jack and some others for Overwatch and I fell in love with your voice and your attitude.
Seeing you upload your first thumbnail here I was sooo exited to finally see and hear more of you! And I’m so happy with your videos. Thanks for making them!

So yeah you started out as Jack’s girlfriend but now you’re the beautiful, talented Wiishu from one of the coolest countries in the world (I love Scandinavia, even though I’m from germany xD).
I think now that you really do something publicly people will see you for who you are, not only what you are. :)

Real Love//Part Four

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A/N: Here’s part four! There’s only two parts left of this (: Hope you like it and enjoy!!

Warnings: swearing, mentions of smut, mentions of anxiety

  Part One   Part Two   Part Three

“So production is looking like it’s going to start in September. That means we gotta go look for a place for you to live because no client of mine is going to be living out of a hotel for five months.” Josh was all business at your lunch.

But one thing you could always count on him for, was to take care of you. He was like an older brother you never got to have.  

“Five months? That’s such a long time, I didn’t even think this role was that big Josh.”

Josh’s deep green eyes don’t even stray from his laptop when he says his next words.

“I know what you’re doing and I also know that you’re going to be just fine. Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?”

In your heart you knew this is exactly what you wanted but your mind was making you thinking that you weren’t ready for all of this. After going on countless of auditions and callbacks for the past two years and hearing ‘no’ most of time how could you be ready for such a huge change in your life.

You shrug, “I mean yes but I just don’t know if I’m ready for everything to change.”

Josh sets his iPad down on the table focuses on you.

“You know I’ll always be here for you no matter what. To encourage you or to give you a kick in the ass when you need it.”

His large hand encompasses yours, “You’re always talking about how differently you would’ve portrayed this role or that role. You’re always stressing about wanting an opportunity. Y/N this is it. This is the opportunity you’ve been wanting and you better fucking take it. I believe in you and I know you can do this.” His words resonated deep with you and you knew that he wasn’t going to let you just walk away from this because of a petty thing called fear. However, you also discovered that you weren’t easily going to give up either. The doubts and the fears had plagued you throughout your journey but throughout the process you learned to let them go.

At the same time Josh gets a phone call and excuses himself to leave, your phone is buzzing with a new text message notification.

“Can’t wait for tonight.”

The text did little to ease your anxiety about the party tonight. You didn’t know where you and Justin stood. All you two did was kiss twice, there hadn’t been much conversation about it. But you needed that to change, you needed to know what this ‘thing’ with Justin was or if it’s even a thing at all.

“Me too!(:” You  sent back a few moments later. 

Deciding on not to think about it, you finished your sandwich on your plate as you patiently waited for Josh to get off of the phone.

After, throwing every outfit you had in your closet on your floor, you came to the conclusion that you had nothing to wear to Justin’s listening party that was literally about to start in an hour.

A loud knock sounded from your front door and sent you walking out of your bedroom and to the newly installed cherrywood door Justin paid for.

After two more loud knocks, you’re yanking the door open, “Yes!”

Your voice is loud and heavy with irritation.

One of your only friends in LA you befriended other than Justin and a couple of coworkers stood in front of you with a smug smile.

“Girl why are you hitting my door so hard?! I thought you were the police.” I glared at Laila.

She shrugged her shoulders, “Stop it, I didn’t knock that hard. Anyway, I wannna go out!” Her full lips were stuck out in a pout.

Your eyes immediately lit up, an idea popping up into your head.

“You know my neighbor across the hall?” You explained to your friend.

“Yea the hottie tottie. When you gonna finally hit it? Because if you won’t then let me take him off your hands.”

“His name is Justin and he’s having a listening party at Nice tonight. You wanna go?”

“Bitch you should’ve said that when I first walked through the door. Yes I’m down!”

“Alright help me find an outfit!”

You two hurry into your room once again and look through the piles of clothes. You knew having Laila around would help with any awkwardness you may feel at the party.

Laila and you finally make it to Nice after trying on multiple outfits. While in the uber you’re telling Laila everything that’s happened between you two and her reaction is perfect. She’s so happy and excited than you’re interested in someone. She’s tried to set you up multiple times and you turned her down each time wanting to focus on yourself and career. But Justin had come along and disrupted your life.

By the time you walked into Nice, the party was in full swing. The place was packed with people in club attire and there were lots of servers walking around with silver trays with drinks perched on top of them. You were offered a glass of champagne but politely refused, focused on looking for Justin. Your eyes scanned the venue but there was no sign. A screech from your left caused you to stop mid-step, “What Laila?”

Her eyes welled up and she covered her mouth with her hand, “Drake is literally right there Y/N.”

You followed her finger to where she pointed out Drake talking to Justin at the DJ booth. Before you could walk up to the booth, you also spotted Trey Songz and Rihanna at the bar.

Whoa, you didn’t know all of these celebs would be here. How did Justin know all of them?

“Y/N!” Your name is being called and you turn to see Justin frantically waving his arms to try and get your attention.

You wave back and loop your arm through Laila’s as you two walk the short distance to Justin.

He looks so good tonight. His hair is covered by an all black hat, he’s wearing dark wash jeans, a long sleeved black thermal and a pale blue/white checkered flannel shirt.

Justin bounds down the steps to you and your friend, immediately hugging you.

“I’m so happy you’re here.” He’s whispering into your ear.

His voice dropping a couple of octaves making you want to bring him back to your apartment and have your way with him.

Before you get completely lost in the moment with Justin, you remember Laila.

“Justin this is my friend Laila. Laila this is my neighbor Justin.”

The two exchange smiles and shake each other’s hands before Za is butting into the conversation.

“What about me Y/N? You’re not gonna introduce me to your beautiful friend.” His eyes are trained on Laila and when you turn to introduce them, you can see that she’s definitely liking what she’s seeing. Her eyes were checking him out from head to toe.

You laugh, “Za this is—-“

Za goes for Laila’s hand and brings it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss to the outside of her palm, “I’m Za.” His eyes looking up at her.

Laila is completely in a trance and you don’t think you’ve ever seen her speechless because of a guy before.  

“Laila.” She finally is able to speak.

You and Justin stare at the two of your friends before Justin is pulling you away.

“Come on I’m about to start the mixtape.” His hand is grasping for yours and tugging you towards to the DJ booth.

And as the first song starts to play, you take a moment to look around your surroundings and everyone is nodding there head along to the beat. Laila and Za made themselves comfortable in a booth in VIP and you spot Lenny Valentine with you assume Khalil, his son and Justin’s other best friend. Then you’re looking at Justin who is also taking this moment in. His eyes are looking to gauge people’s reactions to his songs but then he’s looking down at you with a huge smile on his face.

“What do ya think?”

“I love it. Like I’m kinda pissed at you for never letting me listen to your music.”

He places an arm around your shoulder and pulls you in, “Sorry. I’m just really guarded when it comes to my music.”

You lean back into his chest and bring your hands up to his forearm that’s holding you securely to him, “It’s fine, I get it. Justin you’re gonna be huge.”

He pulls you in even closer to him, your back is to his chest and kisses you lightly just beneath your earlobe, “You really think so?”

The kiss does something to you, since he unknowingly just kissed your sweet spot.

You nod, “Yea I really do.”

As each song is played, the crowd is cheering even harder for him and Justin’s chest is swelling with pride. This mixtape was something he worked closely on for two years, he learned how to mix and work the soundboard just so that he could get his music to the point where he absolutely loved it.

Now both arms are circled around your upper body and to a stranger ya’ll would’ve looked like a young couple in love, something you were now wanting to be true.

As the last song ends, Justin peppers more kisses along your neck.

“Justin, you need to stop before you start something you won’t be able to finish.” You turn your head to smirk.

He groans, the sound making your whole body go rigid because you can just imagine that’s how he sounds when he’s deep inside of you, on the brink of cumming.

“You don’t know how much I want that but I want to take you out on a date first babygirl.”

You turn around in his arms, placing yours around his neck causing his to fall to your waist, “I’d like that.” You kiss him fully on the lips, his hand coming up to cup your jaw.

Before the kiss can go any further, a large hand is coming to Justin’s shoulder shaking him out of his trance.

“Yo the mixtape is dope. Is it cool if I have a minute with this guy sweetheart?” Drake is sweetly smiling down at you.

Whoa, you never thought you’d be clockblocked by Drake but hey it’s not a bad way to meet the rapper.

Justin kisses you one last time before following Drake to his table.

heart and hips

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something flickered deep inside him, something different from this faint jealousy he’d become accustomed to. he didn’t quite know what to do with it, but he knew he didn’t want jon looking at tyler like that. only he wasn’t sure why.

or, jon is charming and josh is unreasonably stubborn

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