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Man I think you gotta chill a bit with the aquamarine. We dont even KNOW if the crew is using the native american culture as a base. They could just have took inspiration of one or various definitions. Or maybe they don't care. You gotta stop crying because your aquamarine isnt the chosen one, jeez

the fact you take me seriously deeply saddens me I am so sorry for the time you wasted typing this out and clicking that anonymous button

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Yooo I saw u today!! By 34th Street u were smoking a cigarette. U prob don't remember but I was with my friend and I stared at u like a freak cuz I knew I knew u from somewhere but couldn't remember from where until it was too late. Ur really tall!!

Hahaah yeah i was just there!

Chapter 62: Catch A Case


It started off with a quiet whisper, followed by little gentle kisses being placed all over my face. “Go on, kiss daddy” I heard her quietly prompt along, there was a small pause before another kiss followed, only this time it was wet, sloppy and full of what I could only imagine was dribble all down the side of my face. My eyes slowly fluttered open; I squinted as my eyes readjusted to the bright light and to the two identical faces that stared down peering at me.
“What y'all two up too?” My voice scratched my throat roughly as Jhene and Asia smiled cutely. I swear they were twins, Asia was sat up on my chest and like expected with a mouth full of dribble and Jhene was on her knees beside her.
“Morning sleepyhead, get up!” she giggled and then leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose. I couldn’t help but smile. Copying her mama, like she frequently would, Asia too leaned down this time putting her whole dribble mouth over my nose.
“Oh God damn Asia” I laughed pulling my head back
“Aww she’s giving you kisses” Jhene laughed clapping. Asia looked at Jhene and too clapped her hands together proudly. “Yay!” Jhene grabbed Asia playfully and then began kissing and tickling all over her body which resulted in Asia letting out loud, continuous heartfelt belly laughs. Her laughter was so contagious it was making me laugh, honestly I could get used to waking up to them everyday. It was perfect, just me, my girl and our daughter. What a way to start my morning. I was gonna make it my mission to start my morning waking up to them everyday

Music was playing in the kitchen as Jhene danced around and cooked breakfast. She really was in a good ass mood for some strange reason, but I weren’t complaining. I liked when she was happy; it beat her walking around with A. an attitude, B. Angry or C. Just straight up sad, I’d take happy, over active Jhene any day.“Ok, so what did you do to her last night why she’s so happy this morning?” Kyra asked as we watched her happy ass prancing around the kitchen. She couldn’t even hear us she was so in her zone. I said nothing, I just looked over at Kyra with a cheeky grin that said it all “Ugh forget it!” She laughed pushing me away. I shrugged chuckling
“You asked”
“I should’ve known” she murmured as she pointed towards my neck.
“What?”I picked up my phone and looked in the reflection at the two red bruise formed on my neck. “Oh damn, she’s wild”
“I see she likes to leave her mark huh? That’s my bitch!” Kyra quietly cheered. I just laughed rubbing the back of my neck. She damn sure left her mark alright.
“Sooo anyways, you know your 21st is coming up soon right? You thought about whatchu gonna do for it?” She asked changing the subject
. Yeah that’s right, My birthday was in less than two weeks away and so far I had no plans for it, I wasn’t much of a ‘birthday’ kind of guy. I didn’t like all that attention and fake happiness from other people. I preferred to just chill at home with the fam maybe have a couple people around, smoke some weed, maybe drink a little, but all in all just chill out. That was a perfect day for me, but I also knew I had friends that loved the ‘turn up’ and for my 21st I just knew they weren’t bout to let me do me.
“Nah I ain’t really thought about it” I answered Ky’s question.
“Well u know we throwing you a party or at least go to a club or something. Your 21 you gotta turn up and have fun!” She suggested.
“Nah I’m cool on that” I muttered like I said, I wasn’t much of a birthday guy person.
“Why you so boring!”
“I’m not boring. I’m just not tryna entertain niggas that’s all” I shrugged again. Kyra huffed. “But-”
“Baby, can you come get this for me please?” I heard Jhene ask halting our convo. Both Kyra and I looked over at her and she was on her tip toes, struggling to reach for the box of Grits that sat on the top shelf in the cupboard. I laughed watching her and then got up to go help her.
“Why you so short?” I chuckled as I got behind her and took the box down.
“Don’t laugh at me, it’s high” she playfully pouted taking the box “Thank you”
“Whatchu in here cooking up anyways?” I asked loosely wrapping my arms around her neck and kissing her cheek roughly.
“I can’t even say it without laughing” she giggled. I looked over at the stove and then chuckled myself.
“Ahh. Eggs, bacon, grits…” We both started laughing.
“Yo That song has just fucked everything up for me”
“Same here man”
“Nae please tell Chris we gotta turn up for his 21st!” Kyra shouted over to her, here she go bringing Jhene into the conversation.Jhene looked up at me and smirked knowingly. She knew me too well and she knew I weren’t interested in partying like that, it just wasn’t my thing. “I agree with you, but you know how he is” she replied
“Yeah boring” Kyra huffed and Jhene laughed
“Man I just ain’t got time for that shit” I replied in my defence.
“Time for what exactly? We’ll plan it, all You gotta do is show up Chris, come on!”
I looked at Kyra skeptically. She was going way too Hard to try and get me to do this party shit and it was leading me to be suspicious “Ohh I get it” I smirked at her.
“Get what?”
“Admit it, you just want a reason to fuck around, get drunk and then act like you ain’t know why you end up in Mijo’s bed again” I teased her with a smile on my face.
“Uh..Oh” Jhene burst out laughing. I squeezed her waist as we both cracked up even more as the look on Kyra’s face suddenly switched.
“You really tried it”
“Tell me I’m lying?” I smirked
“You lying”
“So y’all two not back fucking?” I laughed, she kept silent and rolled her eyes.
“Bye Chris, your so annoying” she waved me off
“You know Mijo my brother, he tell me everything”
“Babe stop teasing her, she know she luuhh her some Mijo” Jhene added.
“Jhene don’t your ass start over there!” Kyra warned her with a smile.
“Whaaaat? I’m just saying!” Jhene laughed.
“Yeah just saying my ass,, Cos you the queen of fronting on a nigga. Don’t play”
“I don’t front no more though” Jhene chuckled leaning the back of her head onto my chest.
“Yeah cause that nigga got you’re ass in check that’s why” Kyra pointed to me.
“I’m glad y'all know this” I chirped. Jhene looked up at me raising her left brow.
“Who you got in check?” Her attitude suddenly flipped. I smiled knowing she was bout to get all feisty nshit.
“Your little ass that’s who” I laughed
“Oh no you got me fucked up, ain’t no in check over here!”
“Yeah yeah, whatever everybody else knows what it is except you”
“.Exactly” Kyra chimed in smiling
“Wait, but how this turn onto me though? Kyra the one denying her boo.”
“I’m not denying him, I’m just not telling y'all nosey asses shit” she replied just as her phone began buzzing. Kyra looked down at it and then picked it up. “Hello?” She answered as she quickly got up and left the room. Both Jhene and I looked at each other. “Mijo” we said in unison and then began laughing. Of course it was.
“You seen the way she hauled ass”
“Definitely him” She chuckled. “But anyway, back to your birthday, you really don’t wanna do anything?” She asked as she began dishing out our plates.
I shrugged leaning on the counter as I watched her “Nah not really. I ain’t feeling a party I’d rather just do something alone with you. Take a trip somewhere or something”
“Aww baby, we can do that” she smiled and kissed my lips. “We can go to like Miami or somewhere”
“Nah I was thinking away, away. Like Cancun or something. Somewhere nice man. I think after all the shit we gone through we need a vacation”
“Ooh Cancun sounds really nice” she beamed “I can get all brown and come back cute” she chirped, she was so excited, I just laughed at her.
“D’you really think you can spend a whole week just with me alone?” I asked her as I took the bowl she had in her hand out and put it on the counter. I then pulled her body around so that she was now standing directly in front of me. I then pulled her arms up around my neck and held her waist.
“Uhh of course I can!” she replied in a’duh ’sort of tone answering my question.
“You realise we ain’t never really done that though right”
“Done what, spent time together?”
“I mean spent a whole week together alone, just us with nobody else around”
“That’s crazy, we definitely need to get away then”
“Yeah. I can have mama look after Asia for the week were away”
“Right well I’m down for whatever, wherever you wanna go baby it’s up to you, it’s your birthday”
“Word. You’re a girl so you know how to do all that planning shit. Go online and look for trips to Cancun or whatever place you wanna go and book whatever hotel or resort you wanna stay at I’ll give you how ever much you need for it”
“Ok” she smiled “Your gonna be 21 like, what do you even want for it?” She asked me.
“I only ever want one thing for my birthday Jhene”
“Yeah, what’s that?”
“Your ass…” I laughed.
“Really? You can get that everyday though” she screwed up her face.
“Wordd? EVERY day?” I beamed.
“Well yeah, if I feel like it” she shrugged
“Bet, well that’s all I want. I’m a simple man” I chuckled.
“Hmm. I gotta come up with a better plan for your 21st”
“Well You can wear something sexy with that ass” I suggested.
“Uhh Chris no that’s basic”
“Not really”
“Yes it is. I need something that’s gonna blow your mind” she laughed.
“Hmm blow my mind huh?”
“Yep something that’s gonna have you like damn! I’ll figure it out” she shrugged.
“As long as it comes with you naked ion really care” I said playfully. Jhene huffed looking up at me causing me to just laugh
“That’s all you think about yo, sex!”
“That’s not true” I chortled
“It really is that’s the sad thing”
“Don’t be acting like you don’t be thinking about the same shit I do”
“Yes but I’m moderate with it though”
“No sneaky. At least my shit be out on the table”
“Too damn much I think you got a problem” she shook her head as she tried to walk away but I moved my hand from her waist and put my hand in the back of her sweats pulling her back in towards me before she could “you see this shit” she laughed pointing at me “This is exactly the shit I’m talking about”
“Pull away then”
“Nah” she giggled
“See, you not tryna do anything about it though. You like it when I’m all up on you like this” I laughed kissing her neck. She weren’t slick, she low key loved it when I was all over her, she would never admit it though.
“Guys Mijo’s coming over here” Kyra revealed as she walked back into the kitchen interrupting us before anything could even start. Jhene pulled away from me just in time and quickly went back to dishing out food like nothing happened. I laughed at her and she playfully rolled her eyes knowing exactly why I was laughing.
“Aye, why you walk out the room though?” I smirked as I turned to look at Ky, she looked over at me with a straight face.
“Christopher fuck off”
“Damn that’s how you feel?”
“Straight like that, your cheesing me” She rolled her eyes
“Mijo coming right now Ky?” Jhene turned to look at her.
“He said the next half hour. He come to speak to angry bird over here” she looked at me.
“About what?”
“About last night, And you whiling, the whole reason I’m here!” Avoiding the conversation, Jhene turned back around and continued what she was doing.
“I spoke to that nigga yesterday. Ain’t nothing to talk about. The nigga put his hand on my girl so I handled it” I shrugged
“Chris please stop” Jhene pleaded before the conversation could go any further. I knew this whole conversation made her feel uncomfortable so I respected her wishes and put an end to the convo Ky did the same. She dished out some food for Kyra and I and then gave Asia who she went and got from watching her cartoons, in her high chair with a small bowl of scrambled Eggs and a spoon to feed herself. She was at that age now where she didn’t want anyone feeding her, she thought she could feed herself even if that meant the food going everywhere but in her mouth. Most of the time we just let her do her because weren’t nobody tryna hear her big mouth screaming cause you tried to help her. Once she’d set Asia up, Jhene walked over to me with a drink and then placed it on the counter top in front of me. “That taste good?” She asked looking at me as I ate. I looked at her Skeptically and I began chewing slower “yeah…it taste real good” I muttered with a mouth full. She smiled “Let me try a little bit” she asked as she sat on my left leg and took my fork from out of my hand and begun eating some of my eggs. I watched her closely. One mouthful turned into two, turned into three until I was damn near sure she was bout to eat up all my shit on my plate.
“Jhene why don’t you just dish yourself out some food? You steady eating off my plate” I complained as she cut into my sausage. There dead ass was a whole stove of food still left yet she wanna eat my shit up
“Because I don’t want a lot” she said with a mouthful. “Why you put so much syrup on your pancakes tho?” She complained cutting a piece.
“Because it’s MY food!”
“Yeah but all that syrup ruins the taste baby, you can’t even taste what kind they were now”she huffed, I could hear Kyra laughing under her breath at her, this girl was ridiculous. I grabbed the fork from out her hands before she had a chance to steal anymore food from my plate as I did this, shock rained her face .“Babe shareeee!” She pushed out her bottom lip pouting.
“Nah man you’ve had enough” I mumbled as I looked down at my plate which was now half finished.
“But I just want a little bit more” she went to grab my fork but I moved my hand again.
“Nah man. You eating up all my shit and complaining about it!”
“Fine be mean then” she cut her eyes and then got up.
“Jhene why don’t you just dish yourself some food!” Kyra laughed
“Because she wants to eat mine and then go eat hers! Greedy ass” I answered for her. Jhene started laughing and flipped me off.
“You should be happy I even made your fat ass anything!”
“Yeah yeah I’m very happy that’s why I wanna eat!”
Jhene rolled her eyes and went and dished herself a plate. Something she should’ve done from the beginning!

After eating I got up to go take a shower and get dressed to go and meet my P.O for this meeting I had at 1pm. It was every Thursday and had been for the past year and a half, lord knows I couldn’t fucking wait to get off these papers.


“Mhmm now I finally see why your ass is always so giggly around Chris" Kyra stated randomly out of the blue. We’d just finished up eating and were still sat in the kitchen chilling. Chris had gone to get ready for this meeting with his probation officer at 1 so it was just me her and Asia left. I looked at her with confusion waiting for her to elaborate. “Y'all real cutesy with each other, I peeped it when I left the room” she chuckled
“Girl stop it” I laughed embarrassed
“Yeah, yeah y'all ain’t slick. What’s up with you guys anyway, you back together now or what?” she smirked leaning forward for the tea. I laughed again and wiped Asia’s hands free of the food she was eating with a wet wipe “I dunno, were just chillin that’s all” I shrugged it off putting the wet wipe in the trash and then grabbing some apple juice from the fridge.
“Y'all ain’t put a label on it yet?”
“Nah, but I think it’s pretty obvious what it is” I walked over to the counter and grabbed Asia’s sippy cup and poured a decent amount of juice into it for her.
“Jhene now you know your my girl, and Chris is like my brother but I do think you need to demand more out of it. You know how these niggas be, they don’t understand nothing unless it’s written out for them. I ain’t saying it’s gonna happen but I would hate for you to get hurt cause Chris don’t understand what y'all are” she replied. I looked over at her and frowned slightly.
“What you mean like cheating?” I handed Asia her sippy cup.
“Chris ain’t really like that though. I can’t see him just going and fucking some next bitch just because. Not when he’s worked so much to get me to this point with him again in the first place”
“So you don’t think he could cheat on you?”
“No, I know he could believe me. I’m just saying I don’t think he would, not this time around, I have a little faith in my baby that’s all” I laughed shortly.
“Aw That’s cute girl. But just take on board what I’m saying though. I never thought Mijo would cheat on me and then look what happened. He was cheating for months and I had no idea. Just demand more from him ok, don’t settle to being cool without a title for too long Jhene, your worth more than that”
I understood what Ky was saying, and she was right, I should demand more but right now Chris and I were building ourselves to he back on track again. I wasn’t worried about a title because we both knew what we had and understood that it was special and we didn’t wanna loose it again. And as for the whole cheating thing maybe I was a little naïve but I just don’t think Chris would do that to me again. He’d be crazy to have wasted all this time trying to be with me again just to throw it away for some random sex with some random hoe.
“Yeah I feel you” I mumbled anyway .
“But don’t think I’m saying this to make you paranoid or anything babe, I know Chris really does love you Jhene, despite what I’m saying I just don’t want you to get hurt again”
“I know, but I love him too, soo much Ky, sometimes I think it’s unhealthy actually” I admitted
“Unhealthy? Why?” She inquired
“Because I’ve never felt this way about anyone before Kyra, like he literally is the only person I’ve ever given 100 percent of me to; he has all of me and he doesn’t even realise it and it’s like the more I’m with him, the more I can slowly feel myself drifting back into the old me and that scares me more than anything cause I know once I reach that point there ain’t no going back. He has that much of a hold on me, it scares me…”
“Your just deep in love Jhene, I get it. That’s how I feel when it comes to Mijo. As much as I may front like I don’t, I love that man so much it’s sick”
“Awww she finally admits it” I giggled teasing her. Kyra rolled her eyes jokingly laughing a little .
“We both caught up soo..”
“Word. I don’t even know when I let myself get to this point to be honest”
“When you got that D again that’s when!” Kyra said jokingly. I began laughing with her
“It might have been actually. Cause before then I really weren’t fucking with him” I admitted.
“Damn Jhene! I was Just joking!”
“Shit girl I’m not! I went 2 years without him I couldn’t stand him, I came back and he reminded me why I fell in love with his ass; I been caught up ever since ”
“Yo that’s the realist thing I think you’ve ever said to me!” Kyra was cracking up and, I just laughed along
“You know what I mean though! You ain’t fucking back with Mijo for no reason!”
“Girl I have not slept with Mijo since we been kicking it I’ll have you know” she revealed. Instantly, I gave her the bitch please face. “You are a bold face liar Kyra!” Who was she kidding?
“I swear to God” she put her hands up
“So you just chilling with him again for no reason huh?” I challenged
“Pretty much” she smirked. That smirk let me know everything! This bitch was lying!
“Mhmm! Well if y'all ain’t sealed the deal he done or is doing something to your ass that’s keeping you sweet”
“I ain’t saying all that, I’m just saying” we both began laughing again. For about half n hour we sat there and just discussed the details of our relationships, Kyra told me about her and Mijo working on building their relationship again and I told her about the conversation me and Chris had. All that. I could tell Kyra about things like this because she didn’t judge me or my decisions when it came to him, and plus she was Chris’ friend also so she stayed neutral most of the time, she also was going through the same thing with Mijo that I went through with Chris; the whole trying to make it work with an Ex again thing so she could relate. I could gush to her about him and tell her my true feelings and she just understood. Her and Rob were actually the only 2 friends I could do this with, I couldn’t do it with Tae or Alana cause they were way too extra at times and with Tikira she just didn’t like him so she didn’t really wanna know nor did she understand why I was still even bothering with him. Sometimes I wish things could be different because she was my best friend and there was things I only wanted to tell her but I just felt like I couldn’t. But for now I had Kyra so I was grateful that she understood where I was coming from, she understood it wasn’t easy letting go of someone who you had history with, especially not when you were still in love with them.
“Your really in love ain’t you"she gleamed once I got finished telling her everything.
"Yeah” i smiled. I couldn’t even deny it. “I know we go through a lot, and I know were literally up and down, up and down all the time but he just makes me so happy Ky despite it all”
“Well then that’s all that matters, as long as your happy”
“So what’s the deal with him and Jennifer then? They done for good cause the last time we spoke,you said they were still together?” She asked me, I just shrugged not caring which made Kyralook at me crazy. “Girl whatchu mean you don’t know?” she asked in disbelief.
“Well he says that their done and I don’t be seeing her around…”
“But you don’t know that for sure?”she questioned.
“I know he don’t want that girl!” I said defensively
“But you don’t know if their still together…?” She looked at me with the ‘really?’ Face. I sighed and just looked away. .
“I sound stupid don’t I”
“I mean if they are still together, he don’t be acting like it” I tried to justify, Kyra just shook her head at me.
“Jhene Carter. Now I know you better than that, I know his ass ain’t got you that damn open you turning stupid. You need to find out what’s really good! You just got done telling me how much you love him but you don’t know if he’s still in a relationship with another woman? Come on a Jhene!”
“I just don’t wanna ask him about that girl Ky it just makes everything go left all the time”
“Well You ain’t always gotta verbalise it” she hinted. I frowned my brows at her waiting for her to elaborate. Kyra picked up her phone and shook it. “Sometimes you just gotta go check for yourself”
“You go through Mijo’s phone?” I said so that only she could hear.
“Now I do. Listen I gotta know I ain’t the one outside of the loop. I played the fool before I can’t do that again”
“But I just feel like that’s me going to look for trouble if I do that” I said
“That means you think there’s trouble to be found. Your scared. If you know Chris ain’t out here playing, you should have no worries checking” Kyra replied
I sighed looking down. I guess she was right in a sense. I trusted Chris, I knew he wasn’t playing me but the whole going through his phone behind his back just didn’t sit too well with me. I just felt like it was me trying to find something and as the saying goes if you look hard enough sooner or later your going to find something.
“I guess your right…”
“Look Nae I’m not trying to force you into doing anything, I’m just speaking from an outside perspective. The fact that you ain’t really sure about what it is y'all got going on and the fact that you don’t know if him and Jen are still together doesn’t sit well with me; as a friend.. I just want you to go into this this with your eyes wide open okay. Don’t get your heartbroken again just because you wanna believe in his words”
“Nah I get it. Thanks for looking out for me Kyra I really do appreciate it…”


Damn. They didn’t know but I could hear every word of their conversation. I heard all of it, from her telling Kyra about how much she was in love with me to her not knowing what me and her were. I even heard the bit about her not thinking I’d ever fuck around on her again. I won’t lie, it felt good knowing that she trusted me and that she wanted to believe in me, but it felt shit at the same time because if she knew what happened with Jen only a few nights ago; I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t feel that way about me at all, in fact I knew she wouldn’t! Like I said before me fucking Jen was a big mistake! I regretted it like mutha but shit happens sometimes, shit we can’t change. I knew I had to tell her, I couldn’t allow her to just find Out on her own later on down the line cause consequence would be much worse, at least if I told her there was a chance that she would respect my honesty. Or maybe I was just wishful thinking.
After hearing their conversation I was planning on telling her everything tonight, the guilt was too much for me to try and brush under the carpet. I was gonna tell her, just after I took her and Asia out. I wanted to at least keep her happy and smiling for the day and at least get a chance to spend time with them as a family before I dropped a load on her tonight; cause I know telling her about Jennifer wasn’t gonna be an easy pill for her to swallow, not after I basically told her me and Jen were done and after I told her this I probably could kiss goodbye to the idea of us being a family together for a couple months if not forever.
In the mist of their conversation, I heard Kyra say something about demanding a tittle out of us, baddest thing about it was, Kyra was right. The reason I hadn’t actually asked Jhene to be my girl again was because putting a title on us when Jen was still in the picture just complicated things for me, so I just was kinda rocking with whatever it was that we were and plus she didn’t seem to mind. We both knew what it was and I was cool with it being that way. I was cool with me and her being together without me actually having to confirm it officially. Titles just complicated shit anyway. Jhene knew she was the only one for me, she knew my heart and that I loved her. I didn’t need to tell her that she was my girlfriend for her to know she was my girl, my actions and feelings for her should’ve already confirmed that. I didn’t want no other girl but her and that was the truth. I just hope after I told her this, she still believed me.
I pulled out my phone from my back pocket and text Jen. I needed to speak to her about the other night and make sure she didn’t go running her mouth out of spite or go running her mouth to Danielle before I could tell Jhene myself. Because I knew if Danielle found out, some way somehow it would eventually get back to her. Danielle was cool with Krissy and Krissy was best friends with Kyra and judging by their conversation Kyra would definitely tell Jhene if she ever found out some shit, it was that whole girl code bullshit. So I had to put a stop to anyone else telling Jhene anything. If she was gonna find out it needed to be me telling her. Period.

To Jenny:
Yo we need 2 talk.
I sent her a message.. Not even Moments later her reply came through.

From Jen

To Jen:
The otha night…

From Jen:
What about it?
We fucked.
It’s over.

To Jen:
Yeah well that shit can’t happen again Jenny.

From Jen:
Urm… You pursued me that night Chris. So u need to tell yourself that.

I sighed. She was right about that.

To Jen:
I know but it was a mistake.

From Jen:
Your talking like I ain’t your girlfriend. I still am even if u’ve forgotten Chris so sex is a normal thing for us to do. It’s not normal for you to be fucking Jhene Chris, cause I know that’s why u feeling some type of way right now. But don’t worry your bitch won’t have to find out just tell her keep it cute when she sees me and it won’t be a problem.

To Jen:
Why u gotta do all that?!

From Jen:
Fuck you. I told u the other night to just leave me alone. Unless it’s about our DAUGHTER do not text my phone no more Chris!

And with that the conversation was over. A part of me felt like calling her but I knew me calling her would magnify the tension. I could tell Jen was still in her feelings from what I said to her the other day about Jhene and that wasn’t a good thing. Jen in her feelings was liable to say some ruthless ass shit, she didn’t care either. When Jen was hurt she felt like everybody else should too. I was just hoping she didn’t run her mouth before I had a chance to tell Jhene myself cause that’s when shit would really pop off. Jen telling Jhene what happened would only result in one thing, and we know how Jhene get down when she’s mad I weren’t tryna bail her out for beating that girls ass for a second time.

Jhene walked in the room with Asia on her hip just as I was staring at the message from Jennifer. She walked over to the bed where she sat Asia down and then handed her, her phone to keep her occupied. “What girl got you so occupied on that phone?” she asked jokingly as she hugged my waist standing behind me.
“Huh?!” I looked back at her. She looked at me weird scrunching her brows. “Who you texting?”
“Oh um, Ty” I quickly lied locking my phone, I didn’t wanna lie to her but I couldn’t really tell her that I was actually texting Jennifer, I weren’t tryna have her in her feelings this morning about it. “He wanted to know what happened last night”
"Oh” She mumbled laying her head on my back.
“You good?” I chuckled at her.
“Mmhm” she nodded her head
“Where Kyra?”
“She’s gone to freshen up, I like this fit you got going on, you look sexy” she said smirking at me through the mirror in front of us. She pulled my shirt up slightly, peeked underneath it and then smiled pulling it back down. I laughed and unwrapped her arms from me bringing her around so that she was now facing me instead.
“So after this probation meeting I gotta take real quick I wanna take you and Asia out somewhere aight”
“Out? Like where?”
“I dunno maybe like the aquarium or zoo or some shit for Asia something she’ll enjoy in the day”
“Aww do you wanna have a family day babe?” She smiled cutely up at me. I swear I must’ve been a sucker cause just her little smile did something to me inside, I couldn’t help but smile back at her myself.
“Yeah. I wanna spend time with y'all. I promise you, I’m trying to make this thing work between us again”
“I believe you babe” she tiptoed to kiss me.
“Good. So where do you wanna go?”
“I don’t mind, uh anywhere is cool with me” she shrugged.
“Zoo then? Babies like animals nshit”
Jhene laughed “Animals and shit Chris? and Yeah okay, The Zoo is perfect. She’ll love that” she smiled looking back at Asia.
“Cool, you know Jaz works at a daycare so she got them 2 for 1 adult discount tickets as well we can stop by hers and pick em up” I explained
“Aight that’s cool" she mumbled walking back over to the bed. She laid back on it and then Asia went and crawled right on top of her. I smiled through the mirror as i watched them playfully interact with each other for a while. I loved my little family right here. It was perfect just the three of us. I wish it could be this way all the time
“She’s starting to look a lot like you now man” I said looking at Asia playing on Jhene’s phone. She was a splitting image of her mama it was crazy. Everything about Asia screamed Jhene, even down to her face expressions and temperament she was like a miniature version of her. Jhene looked up at me briefly and then back down at Asia and smiled. “Do you think so? I think she still looks like you”
“Yeah but she’s starting to get your features, like her eyes, hair and stuff that’s all you”
“Aw you starting to look like mommy baby?” Jhene cooed pinching her cheeks. Asia moved Jhene’s hand from her face as she continued to play with her phone.
“You see that attitude? That’s you” I laughed
“Ugh, that is” she giggled
“Don’t get excited though, she’s still my twin”
“Whatever, she’s like the perfect blend of us two” she added. I walked over to the bed where they were and then laid down beside them.



Chris had his PO meeting to attend at 1pm this afternoon so whilst he was gone I was gonna go back to my place and pack a few of mine and Asias things to bring back over here since Chris made it clear I Was gonna be staying with him for a while. I didn’t mind this time though, if I’m honest staying at my place was the furthest thing I wanted to do right now, not when Marlon could pop up at any moment. At least staying here he, A. Didn’t know where Chris lived and B. I felt much safer with Chris and plus I don’t think Marlon was crazy enough to even try anything after what happened last night. It was something that was still playing heavily on my mind but I was just trying my best to block it out and try and not let it affect me. I hadn’t even mentioned anything about it to Chris and neither had he to me. I guess we both knew it was something eventually we had to discuss but as of right now we were kind of avoiding it, well at least I was.

We were both laying on his bed with Asia just playing around with her when Chris’ buzzer rang interrupting us. "Don’t worry y'all I got it, it’s Mijo!” We heard Kyra shout to us and then her feet running along the hall way.
“This nigga here early” Chris said looking over at the time. It was only just turning 11am.
“He came to get her that’s why. You think their gonna get back together?” I asked him.
“Hell yeah! I know for a fact that nigga’s up to something” he laughed
“How do you know?”
“I just do. Certain things he does for her you only do for A. your girl or B. Your girl when you tryna get back with her” Chris smirked at me and winked his eye.
“Oh whatever” I giggled.
“It’s true, trust me I know” interrupting us again, Kyra knocked on the door and then peeped her head around before Chris could say anything.
“Umm Chris, you might wanna come to the door” she said with a worried expression edged on to her face.
Chris sat up and looked at her confused, I did the same. “Who dat, Mijo?” He asked getting up.
“Nah it’s the cops” she said lowly. Before any of us could respond, the door knocked again…louder this time. I swear in that moments it’s like I could physically see the colour draining from Chris face.
“Chris what’s going on?"I asked him
“I dunno, wait here” he said and then went to go get the door. I looked over at Kyra and she looked at me, both us holding worried but confused face expressions. What the fuck was the cops doing here!
I quickly got up when I heard the door pull open and then rushed out into the hallway past Kyra. "Christopher Brown?” Two middle-aged cops stood at the door. One was dressed in a black pin striped smart suit and the other wore a regular policeman uniform.
“Yeah, can I help you?” Chris replied blankly looking between the two hefty men.
“Christopher Brown, I’m DC Wallace, that’s Officer Grimms” they flashed their badges “Can we have a word?” DC Wallace spoke. Chris stared them down for a moment before he moved aside for the two men to walk in. “Good morning Ma’am” the officer in the suit greeted me with a gentle smile. Chris looked back realising I was standing out in the hallway with him our eyes meeting briefly before he turned his attention back to the cops. “What’s this about?” His voice was rough as he spoke.
“Mr Brown a warrant has been taken out for your arrest involving an alleged Battery and Assault case on a Mr Marlon Brooks, can you confirm that you know of this person?” DC Wallace asked. Chris tightened his jaw in the moment as he nodded but remained silent. My mind began racing at an uncontrollable speed, no way had that punk bitch really gone to the cops after he was the one that caused all of this; he could never have been such a pussy, if anyone should be screaming to the police about assault it should be me not him!
“Well a report was given from a young lady earlier this morning detailing a story of how you broke into Mr Brooks home early hours of this morning and assaulted him” DC Wallace explained as he read off of a small tablet. Chris quickly looked back at me with the exact expression I looked at him with. Young lady? What fucking young lady?
“As a part of the investigation it’s vital that we get both sides of the story and as a result a warrant has been issued for your arrest” he concluded
“So your arresting me over some alleged crime on a nigga who ain’t even file a report but some bitch?” Chris questioned
“Mr Brown I would like to just remind you that anything you do say may be held against you in the court of law. You do have the right to remain silent” the other Officer Grimms spoke.
“This is some bullshit” Chris shook his head and turned as if he was about to walk towards me but before he could move, Officer Grimms forcefully grabbed a hold if Chris arm preventing him from moving. “Man at least let me go and fucking say bye to my girl since y'all wanna arrest me over some bullshit allegations!” Chris snapped rudely as he snatched his arm away from Officer Grimms. Grimms looked back at DC and DC Wallace nodded his head giving him the it’s fine nod. He let his guard down and let Chris go. Kissing his teeth Chris made his way over to where I was standing.
“Baby please don’t have an attitude with them” I mumbled quietly to him once he approached me. I was crying and the last thing I needed was for anything fucked up to happen to Chris on his way to the station. I knew how Chris was and I knew his temper was something that could possibly land him in a detrimental situation if he allowed it to get the better of him. This already was a bad situation, it didn’t need to be any worse.
“I’m not. Do you remember where I showed you my money was at?” He spoke quietly so that only I could hear. Sniffing I nodded yeah. “It’s still there, go and get some of it and then come bail me out aight” he mumbled
“Don’t bother telling my moms anything though. I ain’t tryna have her worrying” he mentioned.
“I won't” I mumbled, with that he pulled me by my waist into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tightly not wanting to let him go. It wasn’t fair that he was possibly about to land in a load of trouble all because he was trying to protect me. That pussy Marlon needed to pay for what he did to me and I was sure if Chris went down for this I wasn’t going to stop until that coward was behind bars for what he did to me. I had evidence and I had hospital reports. If anything happened to Chris, Marlon was going down!
“Go get ready, I’m still gonna take you and Asia out today” he said to me with a little smile. He knew like I knew that wasn’t going to happen today but the fact he still was being hopeful made me smile a little. “I love you aight” He kissed me
“I love you too” my voice was shaky.
“Okay Brown that’s enough time, we gotta go” DC Wallace announced. Chris sighed resting his forehead against mine briefly before he kissed me one last time and finally let go of me and went back over to the cops. I watched as they handcuffed his two wrists in front of him and then they escorted him out through the front door. DC Grimms shutting it behind him.
Soon I felt Kyra’s arms come and wrap around my shoulder and I just broke down and cried; one moment we were laying in bed discussing our day ahead, the next moment he was being taken away in hand cuffs! When was we gonna catch a fucking break! Every time we felt we was going to be alright, something was right around the corner ready to tear us back down! I was so tired of this bull, when was this roller coaster ride going to just end.