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Producer Jeff Bhasker faced a daunting task several months ago. After having worked with Kanye West and winning Grammy Awards for producing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” and Fun.’s 2012 album “Some Nights,” he had to decide whether to take on a new project: the debut solo album of One Direction member Harry Styles.

“I’d just had a baby, and I was kind of like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I’ll jump into this,‘” Bhasker tells Variety. He agreed to have Styles come over to “just talk,” and proceeded to put him through the Bhasker home sniff test. “My dog tends to bite people, and he was kind of scoping Harry out,” Bhasker explains. Styles “did this move — like a little shoot the gun with his finger, and my dog walked over and started licking his finger. That’s when I was, like, ‘This guy has something special.'”

Once music came into the mix, Bhasker was sold. “He started playing references of what he wanted to do, which sounded like a cool rock band. I got it, and could see where if we pulled this off, it would be one of the coolest things ever. But he needed a buddy who plays guitar like he’s Keith Richards.” The insinuation being: Styles is the Mick Jagger in this scenario.

Adds Bhasker: “I’m so proud of the album itself, and also of Harry for being so brave, and committing 100%, and writing the kind of vulnerable lyrics that he wrote, and not pandering to what people thought he would do. People have no idea that this is what Harry Styles is like. Just like I didn’t know. He’s obviously very famous and beloved, but people don’t know the depths of what an amazing personality and artist he is.”

Variety spoke with Bhasker about the recording of “Harry Styles” ahead of the album’s May 12 release: 

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Releasing “Sign of the Times,” a six-minute-long song as a single, was surprising as it breaks from pop radio norms. Who played a part in that decision?“
BHASKER: "That was kind of out there. And by the way, the song was made in four hours, from writing it to tracking it. That’s part of the reason why it’s so long because Harry just freestyled it towards the end. We tracked it like that and it was kind of awesome. Once we had it, we knew it was a winner. It starts out with Harry’s voice sounding so great and then you hit them with [the next verse] and you’ve got ’em. It is a hit in that sense, but it was so long that we weren’t sure if it could be the single. Thank God, [Sony Music CEO] Rob Stringer said, “I think you go with ‘Sign of the Times.‘” Then, we tried to do major surgery on it to try and make a radio edit and presented it to him and, he was, like, ‘That’s cool, but I think we should push the full-length.’ We were looking at each other, like, what planet are we on that the head of the label says, ‘Yeah, let’s release a six-minute single.
—  Variety

Hi everyone. It’s good to be back. Today I want to discuss something very interesting and important about a character I love, Lorna Dane. The discussion will focus on Lorna Dane from Deadpool and The Mercs for Money (I only picked this book up for Polaris) therefore, I’m only going to include panels about her. First I want to thank Bunn and Coello who did an excellent job in executing Lorna’s characterization and her beauty. Polaris was really well done both in terms of writing and pencils. I did enjoy it very much :)

Wow. Lorna left many of us speechless because something surprising and crazy happened. Here Marvel once again, made Lorna a badass, menacing and intelligent leader. I like how Lorna and Domino interacted. The debate between them was so perfect that even Lorna uses words precisely like her father. Polaris has vowed to carry on her late father Magneto’s work. Also, I am very pleased with Polaris’ new costume and this is her what……50’s costume? Can’t keep track that’s how many costumes she has. Marvel not only gave her so many costumes, but made her a fierce leader a number of times.

Artwork of the beautiful, strong, confident, badass, and brave Polaris. The depiction tells it all. I really LOVE the Magneto inspiration the artist utilized to create it, from the helmet/tiara, to the overall composition of it, really LOVE IT a lot. @whatadouche-bag  was right about her tiara. It does have a vibe of a warrior helm. Now, let’s take a look on few other panels.

And when the Inhumans showed up, Polaris was the first in battle. She took the first stand on everything just like a true leader. What a ferocious warrior type, I LOVE IT. Those deep shadows on her face remind me so much of her father and no one in this world can deny who is the Queen of Mutants :)

One thing I would like to clarify about this panel here is that the girl with the green Mohawk is not Storm. There were people confusing her with Storm because of her Mohawk, eyes and attitude. Even though I wouldn’t blame them because ironically, in the cover of this issue, it showed her with white hair and not green. I assume this was why they were thinking it was Storm. But what a surprised seeing a green Mohawk when we were expecting to be like the cover depicted. I wonder if Marvel did this on purpose lol. I wonder what Marvel is trying to say about a new girl named Sheath (who might show up sometime soon in the future) with green Mohawk. My only thought would be Marvel’s mocking Storm. “A girl with Storm hair’s style and Polaris’s hair color” Can this be an indication to show how Polaris might look like with a green Mohawk? A Sheath is cover for the blade of a knife or sword (pretty much that’s what she was wearing). She doesn’t show any abilities and/or never shows in description what her ability is. Only that she’s more of a combat/agility who fights with knives and nothing more.

Anyway, the next panel is even more amazing.

Every single one of them were matching their perfect combat. Polaris went to the powerhouse guy called, Lash. I guess she knew he was the hard one but Look at Lorna with her magnificent beauty and very Magneta. Reasons to believe Lash is the strongest (aside from karnak) was because of this

There was nothing negative that I can point out. Of course, some might find something trivial as usual but here you can’t deny the awesomeness of Lorna Dane. Nothing minor in either both issues #7 and #8 of Deadpool. The story is pretty solid, which is what I’ve come to expect from Cullen Bunn on anything he writes. I like the fact that Marvel’s Splash Page is proudly introducing the powered Lorna Dane in both issues :) Marvel left Bunn to depict Lorna as her father’s image to let everyone knows that whether we like it or not, she’s Magneto’s daughter. Also so new readers get to know the Powerful mutants that’s about to become something much bigger in the future. It’s one of the reason why Lorna was dragged in to one of the most popular comics. Marvel is giving us a hint of what a future Polaris might look like. Who took the opportunity to stand up for mutant rights.

Even though Negasonic went back and made sure the fight in the sewers, which would prove lethal to Deadpool (is that even possible), never happened, this issue still gives us a glimpse into a possible future for Lorna. Strong, confident, taking up her father’s mantle. She will pick up where her father left off, continue his wishes, and more than likely come into her own as a leader. Even though she has already led on several occasions.

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That was kind of out there. And by the way, the song was made in four hours, from writing it to tracking it. That’s part of the reason why it’s so long because Harry just freestyled it towards the end. We tracked it like that and it was kind of awesome. Once we had it, we knew it was a winner. It starts out with Harry’s voice sounding so great and then you hit them with [the next verse] and you’ve got ’em. It is a hit in that sense, but it was so long that we weren’t sure if it could be the single. Thank God, [Sony Music CEO] Rob Stringer said, “I think you go with ‘Sign of the Times.‘” Then, we tried to do major surgery on it to try and make a radio edit and presented it to him and, he was, like, ‘That’s cool, but I think we should push the full-length.’ We were looking at each other, like, what planet are we on that the head of the label says, ‘Yeah, let’s release a six-minute single.'
Not the Jealous Type

Request: I was wondering if you could do a Remus imagine where he heard guys talking about Y/N, his girlfriend, about how he doesn’t deserve her and he thinks it’s true but then he hears them talking about hot is she and how they imagine touching her body and he just gets so angry that he goes up to her and just kiss her so hard and it gets smut from here? And please can you make him so dominant and like in charge? You know, tying her to the bed and fistful of hair? Thanks Awesome writing btw, LOVE IT!!

A/N: So, I made the reader a bad-ass Hufflepuff, because I like to imagine I’m a bad-ass Hufflepuff. I’m not actually bad-ass, but I like to pretend to be bad-ass.  

Warnings: SMUT!!! And slight creepiness….


Remus Lupin was never the jealous type. Sure, he would get angry when someone was flirting with his girlfriend, but he knew that she would tell them off. They both trusted each other enough to know that they wouldn’t cheat. So, that never gave either of them reason to be jealous. Besides, most boys knew that she was off limits, just because of the sheer amount of times she had trouble walking and how there were certain days she would fold up her collar to hide the hickeys littered on her neck. So it came as a shock to her when he overheard something pertaining to his beautiful girl.


He was on Prefect duty when he overheard it happen the first time. 

“Yeah, so how are things going with asking (Y/L/N) out?” He heard a hushed voice. Remus gritted his teeth and clenched his hand into a fist.

“It’s fine, but then her ‘pwecious wittwe boyfwiend’ Lupin always shows up.” Another voice said mockingly.

“Yeah, he doesn’t fucking deserve her.” The first voiced growled out.

“Hey, Assholes!” A female voice shouted out. “I think I’ll decide who I deserve for myself, so why don’t you go fuck yourselves, because you obviously are too pathetic to get someone who would want to fuck you.”

Remus rounded the corner from where he was standing and you noticed and quickly walked past the two boys to your boyfriend. You placed a kiss on the side of his cheek. “Hey, Remus.” You said before grabbing his hand and pulling him around the corner and then you stopped. 

“Remus, are you okay?” You ask worriedly.

“Yeah.” He said distractedly, still not sure what happened.

“Don’t listen to them. They’re douchebags, okay?” You told him, cupping his face and forcing him to look at you.

He gulped a bit before nodding his head. 

You smiled at him brightly and he smiled back before grabbing your hands and lacing your fingers together.“I love you.” You said shyly, kissing him quickly.

“I love you more, my little badass Hufflepuff.” He said while nuzzling your nose.

“Somehow, I don’t think you could love me more than I love you.” You whispered to him, before placing another kiss on his lips. You pulled away, before un-lacing your fingers and starting to walk away. “I have to go to the library. See you later, Remy!” You yelled as you headed down the hallway to head to the library.

As you walked away, Remus chuckled before shaking his head slightly wondering how he was lucky enough to be dating you.

Little did he know that you were feeling the same way.


When he overheard it the second time, he was in the library studying for a Transfiguration exam.

“So, I heard that (Y/L/N) is good in bed.” One voice said.

“Yeah, I heard that she was going around giving blowjobs to anyone who asked.” Another voice said.

Remus clenched his teeth and tried to ignore it, trying to focus on his studying.

“Do you think she would give me one?” The first voice asked.

Remus’ hand formed a fist, and his quill broke in half. He felt his body stiffen with anger.

“Maybe, if she stopped hanging around that fucking Lupin.” The other voice said.

“Yeah, he doesn’t fucking deserve her.” The first voice agreed.

“Just imagine her moaning and writhing underneath you.”

“Yeah, and her screaming our name and she would finger herself.”

“And she would love her boobs being squeezed.”

Remus growled and stood up not being able to stand them hearing about defiling his girl anymore. He walked over to the table, not hearing anything but the blood pounding in his ears. He walked over and they were still engrossed in their conversation and he growled softly. His hand curled into a fist and he punched the table and glared at them. 

“I’d suggest you fuckers shut the hell about fucking my girl.” He snarled at them. “She’s my bloody girlfriend, not your plaything.” He seethed, his voice dangerously low. “And if you lay a hand on her, I’ll hunt you down and fucking murder you.” His voice was low and his green eyes had darkened to a gray.

“Hey, Remy.” Your cheerful voice cut through the air.

He turned on his heel and stared at you with his angry, intense eyes. He pushed you up to the nearest bookcase and smashed his lips to yours. His hands were everywhere, your hips, your waist, your shoulders. He had pinned your smaller frame up against the bookcase with no way of escaping. Not that you wanted to. This very possessive Remus excited you, if you were being completely honest. You melted into the kiss before he pulled away to stare down at you. Your cheeks were flushed, your eyes lidded and glazed and you were breathing heavily. He stared at your heaving chest making him go rock hard. 

“Remus.” You gasped out. “What’s gotten into you?” You ask, still breathing heavily. 

Instead of an answer, he kisses you again even more forcefully. He gripped your hips and ground into you, causing you to moan into his mouth. He took advantage of that and shoved his tongue into your mouth, and was completely dominating you. You loved it, though. But, you didn’t want to get caught. So, you brought your hands up to his shoulders to push him away from you.

“Not here, Remus.” You panted. Your protests faltered as he moved his face to your neck and started attacking the exposed skin there. 

“Remus.” You moaned out, trying your best to not give into his touch. “Remus, we have class.” You said, pushing him away, again.

“Fuck class.” He growled out. He stared at you with his smoldering gaze again, and you tried rubbing your thighs together to ease the tension building up inside of you. He grabbed you, and threw you over his shoulder, so that you were looking at his back, as he held onto your legs.

“Remus?” You question.

You felt a hand smack your backside. “Shut the hell up, unless you want to suffer.” Remus growled out. 

He stalked out of the library and before you knew it you were in his bedroom. He threw you onto his bed and you landed with an “oomph.”

“Remus, what’s going on?” You ask, slightly concerned, but thoroughly turned on. 

His eyes darkened even more, if that were possible. He pinned you down before growling into your ear. “You talked. Guess my girl is gonna have to suffer.” He nibbled on your earlobe causing a shiver to run up your body. He crashed his lips to your again and loosened your tie. He pinned your arms above your head and bound them with your tie. You moaned as his hand trailed down to your hip and gripped it bringing you closer. You lifted your leg and hooked it over his hip, grinding up into his crotch. He moaned into the kiss before his hand brought your other leg around his waist. His hands moved down to your ass, massaging and groping it causing you to moan even more and you moved your hips trying to create more friction. He smirked into the kiss before smacking your ass and pulling away to look down at you.

“Dirty girl.” He whispered into your ear. “So needy.” His voice was husky sending shivers down your spine.

“I’m the needy one?” You ask, arching your eyebrow.

He smacked your ass again, harder this time, and growled at you. “I told you not to talk.” 

“Make me.” You challenge. 

He took off his tie and pulled your hair forcing your head up. “Open your mouth.” He commands. You obey. With your mouth open he uses his tie as a gag and still grabbing your hair he whispers into your ear, “You’re only allowed to move when I tell you you can. You can only moan when I want you to, and most importantly you can’t come until I give you permission. Understand?” He growls seductively. 

You nod furiously and he releases your hair letting you fall back into the mattress. He stares down at you; your (H/C) locks spread wildly, your (E/C) orbs dark, your cheeks flushed, your chest heaving and your arms above your head making him want nothing more than to drill you into the mattress. He quickly rips your shirt off, buttons flying everywhere. When he sees your bra he growled frustratedly and just quickly rips it off. 

You try to protest, but not only were you gagged, but he was furiously rubbing your core through your panties. You push your hips into his hand, eager and wanting.

He shook his head. “Not yet, baby. You’ve gotta suffer.” He says, with a smirk. 

Your eyes widen because you just needed the relief. You tried to talk through the restraints, but only managed to make a series of pleading noises. 

He smirked down at you before pulling your skirt off your legs. He lifted one of your legs over his shoulder and started placing kisses on the inside of your thigh. He slowly works his way to your pulsating core, his slow nibbling driving you insane. He tortures your other leg the same way before he finally kisses you through your underwear. You (try to) moan loudly, your hips bucking into his face. He chuckles against your core, the vibrations driving you insane. You move your hips even more, but he pushes your hips down with one of his arms. 

He slowly pulled your underwear off before staring at your dripping core. He sticks a finger inside you without warning and start pumping furiously. He adds another finger and another and within moments you are ready to release, but before you can, he pulls his fingers out of you.

Your eyes which were closed, with the expectancy of ecstasy opened immediately and you felt so angry. But soon you were moaning through your restraints as Remus was eating you out. You were reaching your peak again, and you were ready to hit cloud nine when he pulled away. Again.

At this point you were beyond frustrated, because you couldn’t speak, couldn’t move and you couldn’t release. Remus released your gag and started to kiss you furiously. He moved away from your lips placing kisses down your jaw and neck.

“You can talk now, baby.” He said, while nibbling on your earlobe.

“Remus. Clothes. Off. Now.” You panted out, moaning lewdly as he moved on to sucking and nibbling at your perky nipples.

He chuckled against your breast before muttering out, “Needy, much?” 

“Remus.” You whined.He chuckles again and wastes no time in pulling off his shirt, pants and boxers. He pumped into you quickly and unexpectedly causing you to moan even louder. He thrusts into you relentlessly. You thrust your hips up to meet his, but couldn’t keep up, so you gave up, preferring to be dominated. 

You felt your high coming up. “Remus, please don’t stop.” You begged. “Please.” 

He gave no response, except plunging into you harder. You released all over him and screamed his name. He didn’t slow down, in fact he flipped you over and started fucking you from behind. He hit much deeper, and you moaned much louder. He started thrusting harder, the bed hitting the wall. He pounded into you relentlessly and you came again. He didn’t stop and he flipped you over again, placing your legs on his shoulders. 

“Please, don’t stop.” You moan out, your breath shaking.

“Don’t worry baby. I’m close too.” He reached up and undid your restraints and arms flew to his shoulders, your nails leaving red marks.

Within moments you both came, screaming each others name.

Needless to say, you couldn’t walk properly for a week afterwards and no boy ever talked about you again.


There you go! Hope you enjoyed it!! Please send me more requests!!!

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7 w/ evan and connor (idk the ship name)

i think it’s most commonly called tree bros. and of course! this is a really interesting prompt! these are gonna be quite short bc i’m horrible and hate myself


7. “Are you okay?” “Why do you ask?” “You’re wearing two different shoes.”

Evan ran in the front door, just as the bell rang. He had been up all night, stressing about a million and one things, causing him to sleep in. Jared, being the guy he is, decided that he would let Evan sleep. He, of course, didn’t take into consideration that Evan’s body clock would wake him up around about the time he normally woke up on a school day, making him realise he was going to be late. This subsequently had Evan running around his room, quickly getting ready, masking his ‘teenage boy’ smell with deodorant and grabbing his bike. He managed to get to school with literal seconds to spare. He didn’t manage to get through his morning routine, so he was fidgeting more than usual, the horrible feeling he had forgotten something weighing on his shoulders all throughout his first three periods. 

It was when he walked into English he realised what he had forgotten. He had a goddamn essay due. He had spent that last two weeks stressing over it, rewriting parts, making sure it was perfect. It was one of the many things plaguing his mind the previous night. And he forgot to pick it up before leaving the house because he was in such a rush. He wanted to cry. When the teacher got to his name on the register, asking if he had his essay with him, he looked like a deer int he headlights, all he could manage was a shake of his head before the teacher sighed and told him to bring it, next class. He nodded, lowering his head and blinking back tears. Luckily, the class was too caught up in hating the class to notice, so he avoided a panic attack. 

When it finally came to lunch, he sat at his usual table, where Connor joined him. He smelled slightly of weed, but Evan wasn’t going to say anything because last time he did it caused an argument and all he needs right now is Connor love. He smiled softly as Connor sat down. He was taking a bite of his sandwich when Connor spoke up. “Are you okay?”

Evan looked up in slight panic before nodding. “Yeah, of course! I’m okay, I’m good actually. Great, in fact.” He had to stop himself from rambling so he coughed slightly before asking, “Why do you ask?”

Connor couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow at Evan’s antics. “You’re wearing two different shoes.” 

Looking down at his feet, Evan noticed that Connor was right. He went beet red. “I was, uh, in a b-bit of a rush this morning. I overslept and Jared didn’t pick me up so.”

Connor clenched his jaw. “He left you? But he gives you a ride every day, what could have possibly convinced that dick that you didn’t need a ride?” Connor was getting worked up before Evan placed his hand on his giving him a pointed look that conveyed ‘I’m good’. Connor sighed. “You seemed kinda upset. Anything happened that I need to know about.”

Shrugging, Evan took another bite of his sandwich to stop himself rambling uncontrollably about what had happened in English. He was planning to tell Connor, just not in school. “Can I come over to yours tonight?”

Connor nodded, smiling. “Course. Mom just turned vegan and I am not prepared for the monstrosity of a meal she is gonna serve. So we can swing by somewhere and get some takeout on the way.” Evan smiled. The bell soon rang, signalling that they had to go back to class. Connor quickly left a kiss on Evan’s cheek before heading to class. Evan knew the only reason he was so quick to head off was that he had woodshop. He had a strange fascination with sawing wood. 

Later, in Connor’s room, Evan decided to tell Connor about what had happened in English. To anyone else, what happened would have been a very minor thing, but Connor understood it wasn’t like that with Evan. So when he started to get worked up and emotional, Connor simply pulled him in for a hug, kissing his temple and telling him that everything would be alright. 


awesome! i hoped you liked that! feel free to send in any more ideas you have from the prompt list. thy will be quite short because i don’t really get much inspiration from simple prompts. also, if you think of a vague prompt yourself, send it in! i’d be happy to have a crack at it, even if it’s just headcannons. 


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Why is Touka proposing sex to Kaneki?

Do you think that Touka is being serious about her question at the end of 121?

Well, I mean, I think there’s one very obvious reason.

Originally posted by ensalada-de-lengua-de-pajaritos

I’ve got to say, that chapter totally made my Easter. Several awesome character moments packed into one chapter with one hell of a finale. Like, we all knew the Touken talk was coming, but some of us weren’t sure if the talk was even going to be about romance. Ishida blew those doubts up with a rocket launcher. I think it’s pretty clear to everyone now that Plato will be playing no part in their relationship. It’s a wonderful time to be a Touken shipper, my friend.

However, rather than suggesting sex right off the bat, I think this is Touka’s fumbling way of asking whether Kaneki’s got someone else in his life, given all the time they spent apart. She probably suspects Akira a little bit considering Kaneki’s devotion to her safety. Touka considered this question after Kaneki gave her a desk job for the latest mission - she might be thinking that Kaneki is avoiding her like you would your ex (despite never having actually dated) rather than trying to protect her. So I think that she’s trying to clarify Kaneki’s intentions…but I also think that there are most definitely dirtier matters on her mind that Freudian slipped out of her mouth before she could try to phrase the question more delicately.

Or maybe she’s just really horny and dgaf anymore idk lol

Thank you Running Man

Today, same as Wednesday, is not a good day. I woke up, read the news and well….Running man, my favorite show for like 7 years is going to be cancelled. Honestly, I preferred that over Kang Ho Dong joining. I’m not really fond of him, you see, but somehow deep down I didn’t want Running Man to end ever. After family outing was over, it was a bit empty, I kept on looking for similar shows, but none caught my eye and suddenly RM started, I would come home Monday thinking about the new Running Man episode. My mondays were never boring, because of Running Man and to see that suddenly it’s gonna stop, it breaks my heart. But the only thing I can do is to thank all the cast and the staff for these amazing years of laughter.

Thank you Yoo Jae Suk for being who you are. An awesome MC, a jokester, Yoo hyuk, Grasshopper, for your rivalry with Jong kook which was always funny, for your “outburst” with Haha and Kwangsoo, for being Ji suk jin’s sunflower, for your finger hearts or however is named, an overall honest person. You are one of the reasons why I started watching RM. Coming from Family outing and already knowing you was like a plus and you grew on me. I now know why people call you Yooneunim. Sincerely thank you.

Thank you Kim Joog Kook for being the Tiger and Mr. Capable. I also knew you from Family outing but man, you started to be more talkative with some time XD. Thanks for being the capable one, the scary chaser XD, the guy who would glare to his hyungs with no problem, the hyung with the kids who would get scolded every now and the, for being Coach kim and try to teach athletes how to do their jobs, for being the muscle guy and more.

Thank you Song Ji hyo for being the kind of actress who is not afraid to get dirty just because she has an image to maintain as other actresses or idols. Thanks for being a woman who can stand its own against all the males in the cast, let’s all remember one of the latest episodes where they had to piggyback the girls and neither Gary nor Kwang soo could move because Jihyo would squeeze them (I was cracking up,for real) ; thanks for being Meong ji, the girl who can fall sleep almost anywhere, worth mentioning the Jenga tower. Thanks for being part of one of the longest love-line out there, the monday couple, thanks for being part of the candy alliance, the kwang-mong siblings that I seriously love, the song-song couple, spartace and so on. Thanks for being such an ace.

Thank you Kang Gary for being Gary-ssi and Random Mr, Capable. When you appear for the first time…I didn’t know who you were, I just didn’t know about Leesang or the hip-hop scene in south korea but by far, I could tell you would fit well in the show. You always had the most normal and humane reactions ever, your speech with -seumdwa was always something that I don’t know why, it made me smil. Thank you for being oblivious Gary, peaceful Gary, Random Mr. Capable, part of the monday couple that most people love. Thank you for being the amazing person you are.

Thank you HaHa for being the kid of the show, for being the schemer and cool person that you are. I already knew you from Infinite Challenge and although the characters on both shows are similar, they are not the same. I could always tell Haha is a smart cookie. He’s clever and witty and I have always laughed whenever he got annoyed either by Yoo Jae suk, Ji hyo or the guests. Also, thank you for being the “dongsaeng” to “uri hyung”, Time controller, Haroro, Haha the playboy or the kid who wants to be the villain. And as your stage name, thank you for the laughs.

Thank you Ji suk Jin for being the old ambitious guy of the show. At first, I admit that I didn’t like him, I always felt he was annoying and was craving for attention but as time passed by, well, I saw he was trying to be funny and honestly for a person his age, it must’ve been difficult to be running around with no problem. Thank you for being the race starter, the impala, Jaesuk’s sunflower, the only cast member who always was ready to face the female guests with no problem, the old guy with the cheesy lines. Thank you for being in the traitors club with Kwang Soo and in particular, thank you for being Wangko ahahahha

Thank you Lee kwang soo. What can I say about him? Similar to Ji suk jin, at first I didn’t like him, the whole framing and betraying simply wasn’t my style but over the time, his character gew on me. He is like a gem for the variety show scene of south korea and an awesome actor too. Thank you for being the giraffe, framer Kwangsoo, avatar Kwangsoo, traitor Kwangsoo,kwangtoad,  unlucky Kwangsoo and a million of other nicknames. Thank you Kwangsoo for being the gem that the show needed.

Last but not least. Thank you Joong Ki. When running man started I was relatively new to dramas so I didn’t know what types of drama he starred in, but guys, he’s such a good actor. You all know him now because of Descendants of the Sun, but what made say that he is an awesome actor, was the movie “a werewolf boy”. Honestly, he was the flower boy of the bunch, I always loved how he seemed so close with everyone. Thank you for being active Joong Ki and the guy who cannot draw well. Thank you for the time you spent with Running man and all of us until you parted ways.

Special thanks to Kwon Ryeol VJ, Dong wan FD and Lizzy. These guys were always such a laugh. I was planning to write more, but I’m started to tear up and my heart feels so heavy

Running Man family, you’ve worked hard. Thank you for all the laughter these 7 years. You will always be in our hearts.

In Harry Styles’ World, Led Zeppelin Is Weird, Bukowski Is Cool: Inside the Album With Producer Jeff Bhasker (EXCLUSIVE)
“Maybe we’ll bring fathers and daughters together.”
By Shirley Halperin

Producer Jeff Bhasker faced a daunting task several months ago. After having worked with Kanye West and winning Grammy Awards for producing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” and Fun.’s 2012 album “Some Nights,” he had to decide whether to take on a new project: the debut solo album of One Direction member Harry Styles.

“I’d just had a baby, and I was kind of like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I’ll jump into this,‘” Bhasker tells Variety. He agreed to have Styles come over to “just talk,” and proceeded to put him through the Bhasker home sniff test. “My dog tends to bite people, and he was kind of scoping Harry out,” Bhasker explains. Styles “did this move — like a little shoot the gun with his finger, and my dog walked over and started licking his finger. That’s when I was, like, ‘This guy has something special.'”

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Omg I’m so terribly excited! This week I started a new class at uni, and it’s literally all about fan studies, fandoms and fan fiction. On Monday we were talking about ships (professor: “Who knows what a ‘ship’ is?” me: *trying not to explode*) and he started on some HP ships and I almost shat my pants, because I knew for sure that, if he would take snamione as an example, I would actually explode. It’s so weird because I don’t want anyone to know about my obsession with snamione, but at the same time for some reason I want to shout from the rooftops how freakin’ awesome the ship is. The best part of the class is the fact we actually have to write or draw some fanfic/fanart as an assignment! I really need to keep it together during the seminars (like, no screaming and talking about HP and Snape for three whole hours), but I’m probably already the crazy fangirl of the class. Why do I even care? I don’t.

I had a ChanBaek dream. It was awesome!!!

Basically EXO had a new reality show. So Chanyeol and Baekhyun were in their room. Chanyeol was dressing him up for some reason. He already chose clothes for Kyungsoo. Baekhyun looked annoyed. He was wearing a red plaid flannel and Chanyeol put on a big leather jacket on him.

To which Baekhyun didn’t say anything, he just complied. Then Chanyeol said something. I forgot what he said. I knew he said something and what he said made Baekhyun blush, and gave him a shy, yet touched smile.

Baekhyun stared at him for quite some time as Chanyeol was rambling of about something else. He was choosing I think shoes for Baekhyun this time? I’m not sure. He was looking for something. The way Baekhyun was staring at Chanyeol. It was so deep and lovingly that everyone who watching the reality show thought they were going to kiss. I was thinking “Are they gonna kiss? No way.” That’s what I thought because it’s a reality show. They wouldn’t do something so controversial in South Korea. But I was fucking wrong.

Baekhyun moves slowly to Chanyeol. At this point, I’m like “No way…”

They were also standing up that this point. Chanyeol who’s oblivious is still looking for something. Baekhyun walks closer to him and finally kissed Chanyeol on the side of his mouth. It was so gentle and soft. It was so chaste. It even replayed like 3 times. At this point, it became big news in South Korea. The fact that Baekhyun kissed Chanyeol on live television shocked everyone. Cause no one expected that.

I was shook in a good way. It’s not everyday you see Baekhyun and Chanyeol kiss. I was whaling and crying tears of happiness​. “God is real” I thought. Remember people, at this point. I’m still not aware this is a dream. It felt too real to be a dream. It felt like I was at home, watching and EXO reality show. Like I saw what happened but I didn’t like make a cameo in my dream.

Now, back to the dream, Chanyeol was so shook. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open. He kept staring at Baekhyun. He cupped Baekhyun’s cheeks and brought him in for another kiss. It was another gentle and slow kiss. It was so romantic the way Chanyeol was holding Baekhyun and the way Baekhyun just melted into the kiss. They finally pulled apart.

Baekhyun grinned. He looked so happy. At this point, South Korea is freaking out. EXO-ls are freaking out in a good way. People who don’t even like EXO are freaking out in a supportive way The fact that two idols who are also of the same gender publicly kissed on national television shook everyone. I’m pretty sure I was fist bumping in my mind. I was screaming and dancing in my mind even though I wasn’t physically in the dream.

There is still one thing bothering me. What the fuck did Park Chanyeol say? I remembered it like two minutes after I woke up, but I fucking went back to sleep and woke up again like 30 minutes and I don’t remember.

At least the good thing is that now I have the image of Baekhyun and Chanyeol kissing imprinted in my mind, like a gif.

anonymous asked:

This might be alittle strange, but I adore hearing about the meanings behind people's tattoos, so, if it's not uncomfortable for you to talk about, could you talk about each of your really awesome tattoos and their meanings?

It’s not strange at all! I love talking about them :)

The Swallow: okay so that was my first tattoo ever, and it was my present for graduating high school. took 4 hours but it was so worth it. I hadn’t thought about what I wanted but I knew that I wanted something meaningful that represented overcoming something difficult (self-harm in my case) and, while digging, I found swallows:

It seemed only fitting that I get it for that specific reason, and it will forever be the most meaningful to me. It’s also the beginning of a sleeve but that’s besides the point lmao

The feather: Basically my boyfriend at the time stopped talking to me because I chose not to go to college right after high school, but he said we were still dating and literally, on the day he started ignoring me, my mom randomly told me to get in the car and it was her way of trying to cheer me up. While it hurt knowing that it happened all because of one trivial thing, I was essentially freed. I just didn’t recognize it at the time. That represents the freedom I gained.

The smol voodoo doll. TBH there isn’t really a meaning to that one. It was Friday 13th and my tattoo parlor was doing this thing where any tattoo they designed for that day was $40 lmao. It was the cutest one out of all of them though :D

The quote. It’s no secret that I love vampires, and they are a huge part of who I am, so that quote came from a film. Dracula, specifically. The second I heard it I KNEW I had to get it. Like the swallow, it’s the start of another sleeve…A vampire sleeve fuck yes

The mustache. It covers up scars as well, actually. So basically in December of 2015 I suffered the worst anxiety attack I’ve ever had. I’ve been watching Mark since 400K and his channel had always like, helped me when I needed it..But I kind of fell out of watching him for a bit. Mainly bc of school and stuff. I went to his channel that night as I was crying and shaking too see if I could calm down…And I did. Within minutes. He was the only thing that helped me get to the point where I didnt feel like I was suffocating, which led me to start posting in the tag and ultimately led to me knowing you guys! It’s a reminder of how much he helped me, and it also helps remind me that I have people who care. I cried when I got it done :)

MY SEPTICEYE! Literally the same as my Mark one, just without the scar cover-up. My friend @selhukka drew it for me so I always think of her when I see it

He doesn’t get it all.

One of the most annoying parts of any break-up is all the stupid little everyday things that remind you of him afterwards. Inevitably, the longer you date, the more of these things there are.

It can be haunting at first. Turning on the radio in the car is no longer safe, because who knows what traumatizing song the DJs might play. You see his favorite kind of pre-packaged cookie at the grocery store. Someone else orders iced tea at the restaurant, and of course, that makes you think of him. He didn’t even like wine, (really, that should’ve been a clue things weren’t going to work out) but somehow, despite that, the wine section of the liquor store manages to remind you of him. And then it reminds you of that other boy you spent years splitting bottle of Italian reds with, and the thought spiral continues.

The list can go on and on and on. That great breakfast sandwich places you always went to together on Sundays, maybe the entire city where you reunited for a weekend once, maybe the neighborhood he said you two should settle down in, or the park where he told you that he loved you for the first time. Any roads you once drove down together, any of the places you went together, the places you were going to go together… They’re all fair game when it’s haunting season. 

But see, I knew it was time to call a closing on this haunting season when I was weirdly losing it at Chipotle the other night. I went to Chipotle for the first time in high school. It has nothing to do with him. Okay, maybe I went there with him a few times, but c’mon girl. Pull it together.

He can’t have this one. Somehow, that crossed the line. I’ve had at least three very serious boyfriends since the first time I went to a Chipotle. And I’m not going to even try to count how many other people I’ve casually dated and possibly gone to Chipotle with in the past decade. Not that it’s any of your business anyway, but I’m no floozy, and I’d still guess I’ve been to Chipotle with more than 10 boys I’ve been varying levels of romantically interested in.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The real point is, he doesn’t get Chipotle. I’m just not going to let him have it. And I went to that breakfast sandwich place long before I knew him, so I’m claiming that one as my own too. And you know what, that other boy might have been part of the reason I learned to like coffee, but I think I’ve proudly taken over that habit as my own now. I’m claiming that one as mine too. He does’t get it all. None of them do.

That breakfast sandwich place? I went there this morning. The sandwiches are still awesome. Best in the city, if you ask me.

The Honey House, Chapter 21


Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

Negan rolled over in the bed, his voice thick with sleep as he mumbled “wrap me up in those long legs baby doll.”

Rae pressed herself against the warmth of him, happy to oblige as he eased her leg around his waist and her cheek found a home on his shoulder. She liked being the big spoon, squeezing Negan tight and hiding under the covers as a new day crept into the room. It was the morning after the night before and it felt good, better than she’d expected.

She brushed her fingertips through the soft hair of his chest, letting her breathing fall in sync with the rise and fall of Negan’s body. It was like any lazy Sunday with a new boyfriend, the only thing missing was breakfast in bed and a broadsheet she could pretend to be interested in while the radio hummed in the background.

“You hungry baby?” he said, as if reading her mind but more likely hearing the gurgling of her stomach. Last night Negan’s body had seemed to satisfy her every craving, this morning she needed fuel for that fire that had burned for him.

“Starving,” her teeth grazed his shoulder like she might eat him up and he moaned happily at the attention before rolling over to face her.

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86 + kc

And we’ve reached the final part of this short series! Thank you for all these prompts Maf! It was awesome to write, and I hope you enjoyed them.
| Part one | Part two | Part threePart four |

KC + “Am I scaring you?”

Caroline hadn’t seen Klaus since the bonfire party. At this point, she wasn’t certain who was avoiding who exactly, just that they hadn’t spend more than ten seconds in the same room since that night.

She knew her reasons for avoiding him -tall, brunette, gorgeous- but what were his? He had clearly moved on and was over his infatuation with her. She groaned. Why couldn’t she have just fallen for some random kid in her history class or something? Did it really have to be her best friends brother?

Because she had. Fallen for him. She had discovered that weeks ago. The day that she had realized that Klaus Mikaelson had the power to break her heart, he had. And he never looked back.

But now she wasn’t so sure anymore. At the bonfire he had been quick to rush to her, helping her when she tripped and looking downright ready to hurt anyone that had done so to her. She shivered when she thought back to the intensity of his eyes.She sighed, maybe she was just seeing what she had wanted to see?

He always did have the perfect words, but the girl didn’t lie. Katherine Pierce. She knew the girl from reputation only, but it was enough.


“Rebekah?” she called out while she entered the Mikaelson’s living room, “Where are you?”

“She’s upstairs,” an unfamiliar voice answered, and Caroline looked up in surprise at the sight of Katherine Pierce in the house. Of course. Caroline should have prepared herself for the possibility. Klaus didn’t need to hide this one. She regretted the thought instantaneously. It had been her idea to keep their ‘thing’ a secret after all.

“Oh hi,” she waved awkwardly at the intimidating girl, “I’m sorry what are you doing here?”

“Just waiting for my boyfriend,” Katherine told her before she looked back at her phone. “Rebekah is in her room.”

Caroline felt dismissed and without another word walked up towards Rebekah’s room. Boyfriend. The word tore through her hard. Of course, Klaus would date this girl. She was gorgeous, daring, sexy, confident. Everything she wasn’t. She walked up to Rebekah’s room and sighed one last time, masking her feelings before she faced her friend.

“Well you took your time,” Rebekah joked when Caroline entered the room.

“Yeah sorry, I was held up by Katherine for a minute.”

“Oh yeah- my brother’s lovely new girlfriend,” Rebekah said, rolling her eyes. The sarcasm was evident and Caroline was relieved that she wasn’t the only one disliking the girl. Her reasons were a lot more selfish than Rebekah’s though.

“You don’t like her?” Caroline inquired, hoping she didn’t sound too eager for information.

“I don’t know her, and she’s certainly not trying to get known. I mean she’s been over a couple of times in the past two months and all I know is her name and that she has a younger sister. She’s not the kind of girl I would have thought my brother to come home with.”

Caroline processed the words. Two months. She had still been with Klaus at the time. She couldn’t believe he had someone he took home with him, while he was still stringing her along. Anger overcame her and she stood up.

“I’m sorry,” she told Rebekah while she grabbed her purse, “I need to- I totally forgot that I had to- I’ll call you later, okay?” she asked while she ran out of Rebekah’s room.

She had to find Klaus. This couldn’t continue like this. Not while he had some other girl that probably never knew about her either. He couldn’t hurt another girl like he had hurt her. Not that Katherine seemed like the type to break easily…


She had tried his room but it had been empty, looked around the house but hadn’t succeeded. She was pleased to note that Katherine was no longer in the living room, but that brought up the fear that she was gone, because they were somewhere together. Would her heart be able to take it if she found them like that?

It didn’t matter. This was about more than just her.


She found him in the backyard. Before she could second guess herself she ran towards him and pushed him into the direction of the shed, closing the door behind them.

“Caroline-” he said in surprise, glancing around unsurely. He had missed the girl terribly, but he knew they had to keep their distance before he did something they would regret. She deserved so much better than him.

“No. I talk. You listen. I thought I made it clear at the bonfire how you hurt me. How you broke me. I thought by telling you, that I took back the power that made you be able to do so. But I was wrong,” she swallowed deeply and took a step back from him. “You’re ruining me. How could you?”

“Caroline,” he came closer to her, a hand raised in concern. He wanted to keep her at a distance, but she was never supposed to get hurt. He had never imagined she would care enough to get hurt. “I never wanted to-”

“No I don’t need your excuses!” she slapped away his hand. “I have enough of those. I need answers. I need the truth!”

“I’ve given you all I can,” he answered dejectedly. “I’ve tried- I tried to do right by you, and I failed. I don’t know what else to do!”

“Right by me?!? You call breaking up with me when I tell you I’m okay going public doing right by me? You call dumping me over text! Doing right by?” she was seething and started articulating slower, emphasizing her last words, “You call having a girlfriend! Doing. Right. By. Me?” She swallowed back the sobs that were threatening to break free. She knew that no explanations would ever relieve her of her pain.

“Girlfriend? I don’t-” Klaus looked around unsurely, “Who the hell are you talking about?”

She shook her head in anger, “Don’t try to act like you don’t know. I’ve met her. It was one thing to hear that you moved on, but discovering that you’ve been seeing each other while we were together? How could you do that to me? Or if you care about me so little, how could you do that to Katherine?”

“Katherine?” Klaus chuckled and shook his head. “Caroline this is all one big misunderstanding! I’m not dating Katherine. Elijah is.”

“You’re… you’re not?” she was stunned. She was so convinced Klaus had moved on and found himself a new and better girl… but he hadn’t. She wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed. A different girlfriend at least explained their sudden break-up.

“I don’t even like her. We were only talking at the bonfire because we were both waiting for my brother. Ugh Katherine and me,” he made a disgusted face at the thought. “I thought you knew me better than that.”

She bristled, how dare he be offended by her assumption. “Well, what was I supposed to think! You broke up with me out of nowhere. Clearly, I didn’t know you as well as I ever thought I did.”

“At the very least I would expect you to know my type,” Klaus moved closer to Caroline. Now that she had moved past some of her anger, he felt himself relax more. It started to feel like it had before he had ruined it all.

“What is that? Naive and easy?” Caroline sniped back, taking in a harsh breath when she could feel his chest brush hers. Damn, she hadn’t thought this confronting Klaus in a quiet tiny space thing through. Her body still reacted to him, like it had before.

Klaus chuckled. “No. Strong, beautiful, full of light,” he pressed a small kiss at her jaw, “Bossy. Stubborn.” He places a kiss at the corner of her mouth, smiling when he didn’t feel her pull away. “Sexy.”

She shivered and automatically took a step back. Her mind screamed at her not to fall for his pretty words again, but her senses, her heart, they all screamed Klaus.

“Am I scaring you?” he asked when he realized she had flinched away from him. He didn’t want to do anything that Caroline didn’t want to. It was just so easy to get distracted by the blonde beauty. To get lost in her.

“No,” she breathed out. She needed a minute to sort out her thoughts. Her body was screaming at her to lean forward, to have his lips roam over every bit of her skin but she knew she had to be stronger than that. Clearly, he was still interested in her. A lack of physical attraction was never their issue. Communication was. “We can’t,” she whispered at the unspoken question.

“I can’t be the girl that meets you in empty places, Klaus. I deserve more than that.” Before he could interject she continued. “And yes I know the secrecy was my idea, and it was fun at first. But that was when I was still discovering what we were. What I wanted. And I realized that sneaking around? That wasn’t it. If that’s all you want? That’s fine. But it won’t be with me.”

Klaus took the last step forward, his body pressing against Caroline while her back was against the door. “I don’t want anyone else,” he told her, looking at her in disbelief at the suggestion. “All I’ve ever wanted was be with you. Be someone worthy of you. But I’m not-” his voice broke and Caroline looked up in surprise.

“Someone worthy- Klaus!” she hit his arm, “You can’t decide who is or isn’t worthy of me. I chose you. I-” she inhaled sharply, “I choose you.”

“Even after I hurt you?” his voice sounded raspy and she knew she hit an emotional snare. “Caroline I’m not good for you.”

“Why? Because your father made you believe you would never be worth a damn? Don’t forget I’ve known you for years. I never had any illusions about who you were or weren’t. You’ve never hurt me. Not until you told me to leave you.”

“So what are you saying?” he asked, telling himself not to hope. If he was lucky, after today he and Caroline would continue being friends. He wouldn’t have her, but at least she would still be in his life.

“I’m saying,” she pressed against him, and lifted her arms around his neck, “Don’t ever tell to leave again.” With those last words, she pressed her lips against his. She could feel Klaus push her against the wall and moaned at the feeling of his body against hers.

He had made a mistake. Acted badly. But she know realized it came from a place of caring. Where Caroline had wanted to show her feelings by telling people, he had thought setting her free was the right decision. What was that saying? If you love somebody, let them go. If they return they’re yours forever? She didn’t know about forever. But for now? This was who she wanted to be with.

She reached for the hem of his shirt, wanting to remove the pieces of clothing that separated them, but Klaus’ hands on her stopped her. “We can’t,” he gasped against her lips. “There’s something else we have to do first.”

“What’s that?” she asked dazedly. She couldn’t imagine there was anything more important in that moment.

“I believe there’s something we have to tell my sister.”

“You’re serious?” she asked with a grin on her face.

“About you? Always.” He pecked her lips and she captured them in another heated kiss. They were going to make it this time. She was sure of it.

And so the miniseries has concluded. Hope you enjoyed it!

If you want me to write another prompt, take a look here and send me the number and ship! 

Not Like The Others (End)

Request: “Can you mix asshole reader, manupilation powers!reader, bff pietro!reader, jealous!bucky, bucky being sooo in love, reader mayyybe loves him back but she is soo good at hiding that, idk summary of all this is reader is an asshole and such a smartass (tony vibes) bucky loves her cause she is different than all other girls. she is the only person makes him laugh and he just fells for her aand the avengers finds out about that and tease him and her yayy! multiple parts would be amazing as fuck”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: probs swearin’, flufffffff


“Y/N.” Steve calls from the couch but you keep rolling around with your hands covering your face.

“You okay?” Sam questioned but you don’t answer him either.

Bucky smiles down at you, chuckling because you’re just so cute. Tony makes a joke causing you to throw your shoe at him and Bucky stands up, walking around the couch and over to you.

“Y/N.” Bucky murmurs softly and you stop rolling around. You sneak a look from your hands, seeing Bucky standing above you along with everyone’s wondering eyes watching you. “C’mon get up.”

You shake your head and roll on your side with a huff. As you trace the designs in the tile of the floor, you feel a pair of strong arms pick you up and you’re met with the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen.

You look over at Natasha who was smirking at you and you glare at her. “You’re a dead woman.”

She chuckles. “You’ll be thanking me later.”

Instead of responding you just glare at her some more before placing your head on Bucky’s chest. You breathe in and close your eyes as he starts walking away from everyone. You hear a door open and you open your eyes.

Bucky’s jaw clenched when he saw Pietro in your room. He kept his eyes on him as he walked over to your bed and set you down. Pietro looked at you and took a step towards your bed.

Bucky was too focused on Pietro that he didn’t even see Wanda in there as well. “What happened? Is she okay?” Pietro asks in a worried tone.

You just stared at the ceiling, the blush still on your cheeks. “She’s fine.” Bucky responds firmly.

Pietro looked up at him and smirked when he saw that Bucky was beginning to get a tad bit jealous. “I’ll take it from here big guy, my love needs me.”

You roll your eyes at Pietro’s words. You know what he’s doing, he’s trying to rile Bucky up even more. Pietro reaches over to take your hand in his but Bucky pushes it away.

“Actually Y/N and I need to talk.” he says.

“I love talks.” Pietro smiles. “What are we going to talk about?”

Wanda smirks from her spot in the room and walks up to her brother. “Come on Piet. I heard Tony ordered take out from that place that you like.” she grabs his arm and pulls him to the door.

Before she exits the room, she throws a wink Bucky’s way. When they were both gone he shuts the door and kneels down beside you. “Y/N.”

You turn your head to look at him and the blush creeps back up your face.

“What Natasha said,” he starts off, his gaze falling to his socks as he smiled. “Was it true? Do you love me?”

“I believe in love with you is the correct term for what I feel.” you respond.

Bucky’s smile grows even more but he has yet to look at you. “So you do feel the same way as I do with you.” he states.

“Yeah.” you nod.

“Then why didn’t you just tell me that the day we were at the park?” he finally lifts his head, giving you a pursed smile.

“Because I-” you sigh and sit up. “I’m not.. good with expressing my feelings. Never have been. I hardly ever told my parents that I loved them, not because I hated them or anything but because I’m not much of an affectionate person. I just assumed they knew I loved them because I did. I’m more of an ‘I’ll show you’ type of girl rather than an ‘I’ll tell you’.

“That day at the park, I wanted to tell you that I felt the same way but I froze and my first instinct was to just change the subject. You put me on blast that day. Warn a girl, will ya?” you joke and he chuckles.

“Yeah I know. I’m sorry. I just wanted to know if I had a chance with you.” he responds.

“Well you do.” you nod.

“Can I - what’s going on between you and Pietro?” Bucky questions and your eyebrows knit together.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“It’s just - you two are really close. Like really really close and I thought that-”

“We have a thing going on?” you finish for him and he nods. “Bucky no, that’s gross.” you giggle. “Pietro is like a brother to me just like Wanda is a sister to me. When Hydra captured me and experimented on me, they were the only one’s who were there with me. They were the only people I had. I act that way with Pietro because we’ve known each other for so long. He protected me and Wanda. I would never date him though, too much speed for me.”

Bucky chuckles at your words. “So I got jealous for no reason.”

“Yup.” you smile.

“Awesome.” he laughs. “Who knew?”

You tilt your head in confusion. “About you being jealous?”

“No,” he chuckled as he shook his head. “About your feelings for me.”

“Wanda and Pietro.” you respond and looks up at the ceiling.

“Oh my god.” he groaned before looking at you again. “No wonder Pietro would smirk at me every time you were around him. He knew I loved you and you felt the same way. It was like he was taunting me.”

“Yeah, Pietro can be an asshole.” you laugh.

“Wait, if only Pietro and Wanda knew then how did Nat know?” he questioned and you sigh.

“The little shit overheard me saying it earlier. Wanda told me that you were jealous of me and Pietro because you love me an all and I told here that I obviously felt the same way but I’m shit at communicating my feelings and Nat came by to tell us that you guys were gonna watch a movie and yeah.” you say. “She said she was gonna tell you and I tried to stop her which led to me chasing her into the living room and tackling her but she still told you.”

“You didn’t want to tell me?”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just - Bucky you’re asking too many questions for my little brain to process.” you say and he laughs.

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop with the questions.” he says.

“Thank you.”

“Just one more thing.” he holds a finger up. “Do you still love me?”

“Yes, you gigantic dork.” you playfully roll your eyes.

“How about now?”




“What about now?”

You laugh and throw yourself at him, causing the two of you to fall to the floor. You look at him and smile before pressing your lips to his in a sweet kiss while his hands find their way to your hips. “Yes, you idiot. Now stop asking me questions and kiss me again.”

Bucky chuckles but leans in, closing the small gap between the two of you as your lips meet in a long overdue kiss.

A/N: Was this all too quick or?? Oh whale, I hope you guys liked this :) drop a request in my ask if you have one, I’m tired so I’m gonna go to sleep, it’s 1 in the morning, peace out homies.


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Luke and Jason

when i saw my friend’s go look up @seventhdemigod he’s fucking awesome fanart of Jason and Luke they look the same


blonde hair
blue eyes
scar on the face

and it made me think about Thalia

it made me think of Thalia missing her baby brother who is literally the only reason she put up with their mom
and when he was gone Thalia knew that that wasn’t her home anymore.

it made me think of Thalia meeting this boy
who must’ve reminded her so much of her lost brother. 
how she found home in a different but familiar face

it made me think of Thalia waking up and finding out Luke turned against them
how Luke is trying to destroy the home Thalia sacrificed her life for them to get to. and she is just so lost that she cant help but blame herself for not being there for Luke. Maybe she could’ve talked this out with him before it grew into complete hatred towards the gods

it made me think of Thalia thinking about how her heart breaks when she heard about Luke dying, and how prod she was that in the end he did the right thing. but she just cant help but feel shattered by how broken her home is

it also made me think of Thalia finding Jason. How she forgot about being a huntress for a moment because this is Jason. Her Jason. Her little brother. who once was her only home. But looking at him hurt. looking at him strikes an arrow at her heart. She can’t help but see how he looks so much like Luke but lighter. how he didnt carry a chip on his shoulder. how this could’ve been Luke i only thalia was there

it just really made me think of how Thalia has gone through a lot of shit and all she ever wanted was to have a home.

im not crying
im just sweating through my eyes