i knew they'd like each other

         {Reading the wiki for the BOS  and the Outcasts makes me feel so sad. It implies that Owyn Lyons and Casdin knew each other for a very long time prior to the split between them. If you ask Lyon’s he even speaks very positively about Casdin in a way that to me comes across like he still in some way has a certain sentiment towards Casdin (and the Outcasts) even if they’re now not on the same side. 

Casdin was probably his friend but their disagreements separated them permanently, It must have been hard for Owyn knowing Casdin was literally a half a day’s walk from him in D.C and yet he could never, ever see him again. Also the Outcasts didn’t rejoin the Brotherhood until after Elder Lyon’s passing. Meaning Casdin and Owyn never got the chance to reconcile. T^T} 

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"Life is not what you want to do; it's about what must be done." - rememberinginespanol

Raphael nodded in agreement. Abuela Claudia was Felipe’s neighbour, and like everyone else in the barrio, they knew Raphael as Felipe’s grandson who sometimes visited in the evenings. The woman had no idea that Raphael was in fact Felipe’s elder brother, and came to America around the same time Claudia did.

The sentiment was familiar, though. It was what his mother said, too. It was ironic that dying actually gave Raphael a chance to do what he wanted. “As long as you live, there’s always a chance for things to change, though. Can I bring you anything else, Abuela?”