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I hope this isn't too angst (I wanted to ask this yesterday, but was scared) but what if Sammy got some music deal and he has to be away from Susie for a year or two would he take it?


I’m gonna assume its some Hollywood deal because your ask implies he’d physically be far away rather than just not working in the studio. The studios on the east coast, Hollywood’s on the west, makes enough sense. Anyway he’d spend as long thinking about it as possible, and if he were an instinctive person he would have taken it immediately. When he finally gives his answer he’d decline it, because he’s got a pretty good thing going with the studio (as much as he hates to admit it) and he doesn’t want to leave everything he’s ever known, as well as Susie and his… “friends”, behind. It wouldn’t be an easy decision by any means, and he might find himself regretting it some days when Bendy drops a bucket of ink over his head or when he’s stressed over Joey’s expectations, but he’s honestly glad he stayed.))

Survive the Wasteland: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

In the end, planning for a trip as long and uncertain as a journey to the Vault was no small task. Though they began right away, neither Kageyama nor Shouyou knew what they might find, on the road or in the Vault itself. They would need to be prepared.

But Shouyou had to prepare himself in other ways that didn’t involve packing, sorting through supplies, taking inventory of their ammunition stock. He needed to steel himself, mentally, for the journey ahead.

He was doing better than expected. Every time his thoughts wandered to that shrouded, unsure part of his memories, they were replaced by newer, better ones. Meals at the cramped table in the hospital, running through the trees under rainy skies, the callouses on Kageyama’s palms and the way his fingers were a bit too large for Shouyou to wind through his own, though he always did it anyway.

Still, he wasn’t entirely himself. Sometimes, he would become unfocused, as the two halves of his thoughts collided. It was during one of these times, on the evening before they departed, that Yamaguchi caught his strangeness.

“Shouyou, are you done with that?”

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  • Gavin: Does Millie like you still?
  • Geoff: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh...
  • Ryan: Ohhhhh...
  • Jeremy: Tough call.
  • Ryan: Changes day to day. Up in the air.
  • Jack: He's taking his time.
  • Geoff: I...
  • Jack: You understand that Millie is a small version of you, right. Like, she is as close to a doppelganger as you have.
  • Gavin: I feel like if Geoff knew Geoff, he wouldn't like him.
  • Jack: That's true.
  • Jeremy: I feel that way about Jeremy a lot.
  • Gavin: I mean, they'd make each other laugh, but they'd hate each other.
  • Geoff: Yeah, I think she... tolerates me. For sure.
  • Ryan: That's positive.
  • Gavin: What about your kids, Ryan?
  • Ryan: Ah... Yeah. Most of the time.
  • Geoff: That'll change.
  • Gavin: I really want Michael to hurry up and have a kid just so I can, like, witness it.
  • Michael: Witness... The child?
  • Ryan: The birth. He wants to be in the room with you.
  • Gavin: Like, basically, Denise made you, and that turned out phenomenally, but what are you going to make?
  • Antis: Dylan has never shipped Stalia!!!!
  • Dylan: I feel pretty confident in them and I feel like they could survive most tests, you know what I mean? I feel like that's where their going right now, at least, I feel like their LOVE is really real. Mostly unconditional, I mean their high school kids, you have to give them some leeway, I guess. I feel like they just adorable each other and it's adorable. They're both so sweet, their really funny. I don't know, I love their relationship. It's great.
  • Me: Hahahahahahahahaha *cries* Thank you Dylan. (btw, this was about season five A, meaning he had knew they'd break up, but probably thought they'd rekindle it!)

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This may sound odd, but can I request a scenario where the reader got a scar on their back protecting Izuku (like awhile back, so it's healed enough that bandages aren't needed) and Izuku finally gets a good look at it, but the reader assures him that it's okay and from now on they'd protect each other? P.S., I love this blog~

Midoriya Izuku

You’re quiet as Midoriya traces the scar on your back, picturing the kicked puppy dog look he was most likely wearing while looking at it. 

He had been wary about leaving your side while you were in the hospital getting treated for your wound, asking the doctors all sorts of questions that your brain was too fogged to process. You knew he felt guilty about it, he had been the ‘cause’ of it after all. You didn’t want to place blame of your injury on anyone but yourself, though, because you had been the one to dive into the action. Your reflexes had gone into overdrive as you protected Midoriya from an attack that could’ve rendered him immobile and destroyed any chances of winning against the enemy. 

“Does it… still hurt?” He asks quietly, after finally pulling his hand away. 

“There’s tingles, but it’s ghost pain. It doesn’t really bother me much anymore…” You pull your shirt back down and turn to face him, but find he won’t look you in the eye. 

“The whole point of me being a hero is to keep you safe… The fact that I let this happen to you…” 

“Izuku.” You smack his cheeks, then squeeze them and force him to look directly in your eyes. “It’s not your fault, and you know it. I just wanted to be a hero for you, you know? It’s something I know you would’ve done for me.” 


“No buts! Now start practicing that All Might smile, and reassure me!” 

“It’s fine now…” He sounded a bit weak, his smile half-assed, but another smack from you keeps him to perk up. He plasters a huge grin on his face, smiling with all his might to show you that he’s trying. 


“It’s fine now! Why? Because I am here!” 

Good lord, I’d give a lot to know more into their history together. That last line of Endeavor’s indicates that they knew each other, and not just in the context of superheroes.

Also, Jesus, Endeavor, All Might’s paying you a compliment here! He’s asking for your advice, and you dislike him so much that you can’t even see it? Even if you’re jealous of his standing compared to yours, I’d think that’d be an ego trip nonetheless.

I like to think isshin would gift rukia a giant orange plush rabbit with a little tuf of orange hair, so she can cuddle with it when his idiot son is in the dog house or when he’s on a mission and she’s alone.

He also gives one to ichigo, a white one with violet eyes, so he won’t be loney*eyebrow wiggle*. Ichigo proceeds to kick his dad in the face. He doesn’t need to cuddle a freaking stuffed animal stupid perverted goat chin. Doesn’t stop him from keeping it though.

Ichigo says he hates the giant things taking up room in their bedroom but he makes sure (when rukia isn’t looking) that they always sit neatly next to each other, never separated or to far from each other.

Sometimes ichigo did come home from missions to find rukia asleep hugging that horribly orange bunny.

They stay in their corner for the most part until their first baby comes. Then they are moved into the babies room.

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Okay but worse what if during the Script concert they walked right by each other... like with so many people around what if they brushed shoulders and never knew, what if they tripped a bit in the crowd and steadied themselves for a second on a stranger's arm and then looked around to see who they'd bumped into but whoever it was was already gone what if they sang along to their favorite lines at the top of their lungs in perfect harmony but hundreds of feet apart what if I EVER SLEPT AT NIGHT


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Ok but a LOT of the Voltron staff like shieth and seem to be encouraging the fans to ship it?? I'd say if it's popular enough there's a really good chance they'd make it canon

dude when i saw that compilation post w/ sheith stuff from like voice actors, directos i McFuckin Lost It. it really lifted my hopes up for it being canon!!! like WAY too up

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I feel like if Peter Parker and the Recruit knew each other they'd have a big sister little brother type of relationship because he's so young the Recruit would always worry about him being Spider-Man but he would reassure her and take her advice

He’d be a lil shit is what he would be. Sorry if this drabble is OOC, I actually know very, very, very little about Spider-Man *sob*

“Can you not look at me like that?”

“Like what?” You huffed and crossed your arms.

“Like that! The whole ’I-disapprove-of-you-protecting-NYC’ look.” Peter frantically waved his hand in your direction. “I’ve done this plenty of times before.” He pulled his mask over his face and adjusted it so it would sit properly.

“I don’t disapprove of you protecting NYC. I disapprove of you protecting the city on your own while you are suspended way in the air with only string.” You pointed an accusing finger in his direction and waggled it. “Not only suspended, you are swinging around up there! You cannot fly, young man, you know you can’t.”

“What are you, my mother?” The young superhero shook his head and shrugged. “And excuse you, it’s not string, its webbing. My biology is not so primitive.”

“You were bitten by a radioactive spider, you dork. What part of that implies you would have primitive biology anymore?”

The teen was grinning under his mask. You could feel it. “Glad we agree. Anyway, gotta go, Sis. People to save, buildings to swing from, you know how it is.”

Your lip quirked. “Get out of my sight, you cretin, and be careful out there.”