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I know this is said a lot but pidge and keith are totally those weird conspiracy theory buddies. Like in the first week or so pidge hears keith say "I fuckin knew aliens were real" and pidge is just "I know right". I imagine them having a somewhat sibling like relationship. They probably pick at eachother every once in a while like pidge constantly making fun of keiths ever so slight southern accent

I really want more Pidge/ Keith bc HC’s like the conspiracy buddies thing highlights that legit they have a good canon relationship potential and like it’s one of the most unexplored relationships there is

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my url. its too long to type and im on mobile with autocorrect god help me

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my opinion on;

character in general: Although I haven’t watched Rick and Morty, I knew you were the real deal when I clicked onto your blog for the first time. At the time, I only read a small handful of your threads, but I already wanted to see how he and Aku would get along lmao. Rick is just so much fun, and your blog is too! I love those little clips from the show that you post. And the fanart. Quality content, my dude.
how they play them:
Hahaha like I said above, Rick is a treasure. I love his sense of humor, how you write his thoughts and actions, and all the little nuances you add to him that really make him come to life. You’re one of the few blogs that I always read your threads! Even the ones that don’t involve me!
the mun:
Steph, we haven’t known each other very long but I already consider you a good friend of mine and I feel like I can talk to you about anything if I needed to. :3

do i;

follow them: Yes, and honestly it was one of my better decisions I’ve made since venturing into tumblr RPing again.
rp with them: Yes!! And I feel privileged for it, too.
want to rp with them: Hell yes!
ship their character with mine:
B)c Maaaybe in the future. We have talked about it, after all.~

what is my;

overall opinion: Yours is one of my favorite blogs! How’s that for an overall summary? :3

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

You were my first kiss. Not my first actual kiss, like in second grade when you kiss someone and you get all giggly and grossed out. Not in freshman year when you kiss someone you fully believe you’ll last forever with, then a month later break up with. Not a drunken hook up that resulted in nothing but a blank vagueness of the persons tongue in your mouth. You were the the first person to make my legs shake. I think my heart dragged down my body and I swear there was an earthquake in my ribcage. You were the first to grab me so tenderly, and make me believe that this kiss was something special. I knew the first time I kissed you it was going to be the start of something. I knew in my gut that you were my first real kiss and my last.


At this point I’m telling everyone they should watch “Leverage” based solely on the need to keep up with the President-Elect.  Also, following John Rogers on Twitter has proven very educational over the past few months.  I highly recommend it.

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Oh big huge question. For the family AU does Shiro's twin, Kuro, exist there? Have he meet Keith and tries to flirt with him cause I love jealous Shiro lol.

[The Voltron Family] Shiro had a twin brother named Kuro, who was part of the airforce. He and Shiro were different but alike in some ways, especially with the fact that both of them were fond of Keith. 

The first time Kuro met Keith was when Shiro introduced Keith to the whole family during their first year of dating. After introductions, he took Shiro aside as Keith helped prepare dinner with their parents.

Kuro: You’re dating him? *frowns*
Shiro: *nervous* Yeah, I am. I realized that I don’t really care about gender when it comes to Keith and—
Kuro: *cuts him off* He’s so pretty.
Shiro: *blinks in confusion* *smiles* Well, yeah, I prefer to describe him as handsome but I do agree that he’s pretty physically. He’s really wonderful on the inside—
Kuro: *smirks* You really like him.
Shiro: *chuckles* *scratches his nape* Yeah, a little bit too much actually. 
Kuro: *stares at Shiro and then stares at Keith’s who was chatting with their parents* *smirks* I kinda get it. I mean, if I’d choose a guy too, it would probably look like him. He seems like the type who’d be good in bed and—
Shiro: *eyes widens* He’s asexual!
Kuro: *blinks in confusion as he looks at Shiro* A what?
Shiro: An asexual. He’s basically not into that. We don’t do that.
Kuro: Oh. Is it… by choice or?
Shiro: *shakes head* You don’t really choose to be ace, Kuro. Keith is just like that and I respect that. 
Kuro: Huh. Your first boyfriend and you can’t even touch him. What a pity.
Shiro: *shakes his head again* It really isn’t. *looks at Keith* If you get to know him, I’m sure you’ll get me. Keith is so much more than anyone I’ve slept with. So so so much more. *smiles fondly at Keith who’s very unaware*
Kuro: *eyes Shiro* You love him. You gonna marry him?
Shiro: *looks at Kuro* *shock* What? T-that’s too early! We just started dating!
Kuro: *snickers* But you DO wanna marry him.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Kuro, please.
Kuro: You owe me 500 bucks when I attend your wedding. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll try to get to know and bond with the future Mr. Shirogane. *winks*

Shiro paid Kuro 500 bucks on the day of their wedding and Kuro hadn’t laughed so hard in his life. Kuro got to know Keith and liked him an awful lot. He got to see what made Shiro choose him from all the other girls he had dated and why he stuck with Keith through all those years. 

Kuro had a crush on Shiro’s husband and Shiro knew that.

The kids loved their Uncle Kuro, so whenever he visited, the house turns into chaos because he would share “war stories” and the kids were always at awe that their great Uncle Kuro had defeated all the aliens.

Pidge: *sitting on Kuro’s lap* I knew aliens were real!!!!
Kuro: Of course they are, green bean. Who said they weren’t?!
Pidge: *pouts* Daddy Shiro said they weren’t real.
Kuro: Pffft. He’s a liar. They’re very real alright.
Lance: *sitting on Kuro’s other lap* Uncle Kuro! Can you tell us more when you piloted a warship?
Hunk: Yes!! And how you went BLAM BLAM BLAM!!! *giggles* 
Kuro: *laughs* Of course, so—

They got interrupted when the main door opened and Keith let himself in, finally home after a long day at work. The kids all ran towards him and gave him pecks on the lips as a greeting, welcoming him home.

Lance: Uncle Kuro’s here!! *points at Kuro in the living room*
Keith: *sees him* *smiles* Oh, you’re here early. I thought I was supposed to pick you up at 7pm?
Kuro: *stands up and walks towards Keith* Yeah. My br—
Shiro: *peeks out from the kitchen* I picked him up at the airport instead since I was free anyway.
Kuro: *rolls eyes* Yeah, that. 
Keith: *chuckles* Well, doesn’t matter. We’re preparing your favourite for dinner. So just gimme a few hours, I hope you’re not hungry yet?
Kuro: *smiles* *is touched* Awwww, Keith. *hugs Keith tight* You’ve always been my favourite person.

And to everyone’s shock, Kuro cupped Keith’s face and leaned in to give Keith a peck on the lips. The kids were just delighted that their Uncle Kuro gave their Daddy Keith a welcome home kiss too. Shiro, however, was just in complete utter shock.

Shiro: KURO!!!!!! *very very scandalized*
Kuro: *laughs* What? 
Shiro: That’s my husband that you just kissed on the lips!
Kuro: It was a dry welcome home peck on the lips, Shiro. Merely innocent. *rolls eyes fondly* The kids did it too! So I’m pretty sure Keith doesn’t mind. *looks at Keith with a huge smile*
Shiro: Well, that’s true I guess, but—
Keith: *laughs* *shakes his head as he looks at his husband* It’s fine, Shiro. No harm done. Plus, Kuro’s family.
Kuro: See? *smirks* *gives Keith another peck on the lips*
Shiro: KURO!!!!!
Kuro: *laughs even harder as he hugged Keith really tight* Ah, damn. My brother is so so so lucky to have you.
Keith: *hugs back* *chuckles* Don’t tell him that or his head is going to get big.
Kuro: *leans away to look at Keith fondly* I always knew you’d be so good to him, that’s why you’re my favourite. *kisses Keith’s forehead*
Shiro: *separates them* Alright, alright. Enough bonding time. We’ll have to prepare dinner now while you babysit the kids.

Shiro took Keith’s hand and they went to the kitchen.

Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: *turns around to face Keith and pouts*
Keith: *pulls Shiro in and kisses him passionately* 
Shiro: *kisses back as he runs his hand through Keith’s hair*
Keith: *pulls away* You’re the only one who’s allowed to kiss me like that.
Shiro: *smiles and turns really red*
Keith: So relax will you? *smirks* Pecks are innocent kisses that can be shared within family, so no need to be jealous, big guy.
Shiro: *sighs* Okay. But that’s Kuro and he’s had a crush on you since then.
Keith: Yeah, I know. 
Shiro: *gapes* YOU KNEW?!!
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. It’s not a secret. He told me way back then.
Shiro: And you didn’t do anything about it?
Keith: It’s just a crush, Takashi. I told him I was in love with you and he even made fun of me how sappy we both are. *laughs* I paid him 500 bucks at the day of our wedding because he knew back then that we were going to get married after three weeks of dating.
Shiro: HE WHAT??!!!!!!!! HE DID THAT TO YOU TOO?!

Kuro gave Keith a third peck that night as a goodnight kiss and Shiro just rolled his eyes as he interlaced his fingers with Keith as they walked towards their bedroom. 

Kuro: *shouts from his room* USE PROTECTION, KIDS!!!!
Shiro: *smirks* Better wear earmuffs tonight, brother. The walls aren’t soundproof. *winks*
Kuro: *eyes widens in fear* *gasp* Kids these days!! Have you no shame?!! You have children on the same floor! Have some consideration! *closes his door*
Keith: *glares at Shiro* Really? You just had to do that? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *laughs* Have you seen his face? 
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* You silly goob. 

  • me getting crushes on girls as a kid: what haha im not gay! why would you even think that! im **normal**
  • me getting crushes on girls now: wife me the FUCK up 👭👀👭👀👭👀👭👀👭👀 gay shit gⓐy sHit👭 thats 💍 some gay👭👭shit right👭👭th 👭 ere👭👭👭 right💍there 💍💍if i do ƽaү so my self 💒 i say so 💒 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💒 👭👭 👭НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👭 👭👭 👭 💒 👭 👀 👀 👀 👭👭Gay shit
Of Old Memories And Future Moments

Surprise! A wild phanfic has appeared! I was watching PINOF8 when suddenly I had a moment of inspiration so I wrote this oneshot. Hope you like it!

summary: “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer‘‘ it said. Oh no. What would have happened if Dan had found something more interesting than a lip-balm inside Phil’s bedside drawer?

word count: 2.6k

no trigger warnings

They had been filming Phil Is Not On Fire 8 for some time when…

’‘Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Dan said, pulling Phil aside so he could read the screen better “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer, okay!” he exclaimed, rapidly moving towards it while Phil repeatedly saying “no” and trying to stop his friend.

Dan opened it and found a lip-balm which he picked up and exageratedly spoke to Phil, “How pale are you?”

Phil didn’t even have time to respond before Dan threw the lip-balm inside the drawer again and searched for something more he could show to the camera.

The black haired boy was still, not even daring to move a muscle. He wanted to stop Dan before he found something he didn’t really want him to see but it was too late.

“Phil, why…?” Dan looked at him, two pieces of a ripped photo on his hands, which he slowly put together to properly see the picture.

It was a photo of them back in 2012, before everything went down. It was a selfie of both of them, happily smiling at the camera while Dan’s hand squeezed both of their faces together. He remembers it well.

They had been a surprisingly warm Autumn day and they had been sightseeing London for hours when they stopped in Hyde Park for a rest, the sun was setting and not many people where there, only a few birds tweets could be heard. They sat under a tree, their thights touching while their backs were resting against the tree trunk, a pile of orange and red leaves around them.

“Let’s take a selfie to remember this day…” Dan said, taking the pocket size digital camera they had been carrying around all day.

Phil leaned a bit closer so he could fit into the frame, not really wanting to invade Dan’s personal space. Even though they had been together for a few years, he knew Dan didn’t like getting his personal space invaded, and he respected it.

“Phil, don’t be silly, get closer!” Dan laughed at him, one of his hands reaching his cheek to squish their faces together, not a centimetre left between them. Phil felt relieved and he finally allowed himself to smile properly before a flashing light blinded him.

He didn’t even have time to change his pose when he saw another flash of light, this time Dan’s lips on his cheek, giving him a peck.

“I really want to print these two, I really like them… what do you think Phil?” Dan’s voice brough him back to earth, shaking his head a bit and looking at the camera screen. They really were good photos.

“Yeah, I like them too. We look so happy, you make me so happy…” Phil whispered, giving Dan a peck on the cheek as the brown haired had done a few moments ago.

“You make me happy too…” Dan told him before kissing him hard against the tree trunk. Their kiss only ended when the last sun rays soaking their faces faded away, letting them know that the day was over even if they didn’t want it to end.

“Dan…” Phil’s timid voice brought him back to the moment they were now. Dan looked at him and then back at the picture which he still had in his hands, sad and hurtful memories clouding his mind now. His eyes were starting to water, not really wanting to recall the horrible argument that lead them to their break-up back in 2012, and how Dan had ripped that picture…

It was to much. The pressure was to much. After the “Valentine’s Video” had leaked a few days ago Dan couldn’t handle the comments he was receiving. He couldn’t imagine this was happening. And yes, in his mind it was all Phil’s fault, even though deep down he knew it wasn’t but he didn’t have anyone else to blame that’s why he was screaming at him right now. 

“Why did you even film that stupid video?” his voice sounded around the living room while he paced around.

Phil didn’t even respond, to scared to confront Dan, so he just shrugged his shoulders, making him smaller in the sofa seat.

“You knew I wasn’t ready to come out, and yet you outed us with that video! What made you think you had the right to do that, eh?” Dan’s face was red, he was angrier that he had ever been.

This time Phil tried to defend himself, “Because you are my boyfriend and I wanted to thank you and show how much I love you, that’s why I made the video and it leaked because of a YouTube glitch, it wasn’t my fault!”

Dan wasn’t listening as he was too angry to think clearly, he was still conviced Phil had made this all happen.

“Well, it’s a strange way to show how much you love me, making a video of pure bullshit so everyone can know what a happy couple we are when we aren’t!” Dan said, grabbing the photo of them squeezing their faces together that was resting in the bookshelf and shoving it into Phil’s face before ripping it in half and throwing the pieces onto the floor.

Phil’s face fell as soon as he saw Dan ripping the picture. He looked at the pieces that were now lying on the floor before speaking up “Are you not happy with me?”

“What?” Phil’s question took him surprisedly, he didn’t expect to hear that from the blue eyed.  

“Are you not happy with me? I don’t want to be the one who makes unhappy, you don’t deserve that…” Phil spoke, his timid voice was loud enough so Dan could hear it.

“Damnit Phil! No, I’m not happy! I told you I was but no, I’m not and I don’t think I have ever been” Dan lied, still angered about the video thing, wanting to hurt Phil as much as he had hurt him, even though it was not the same.

Phil let a tear slide down his cheek and quickly cleaned it with his hand, hoping Dan didn’t notice. And he was right, because Dan keept screaming at him.

“I tried to be happy but you just keep doing things that made me wonder why do I like you! This was the last straw Phil… We should break up.” Dan’s last words were almost quiet, he didn’t meant to voice those word. They were a lie. But his brain  and his anger weren’t cooperating.

Phil lifted his head and looked at his brown eyes, “let me fix this, you are my best friend too, I cannot lose you Dan…” he pleaded him, taking a few steps forward and trying to grab his hands, but thinking it twice about it Phil retracted them to he side.

Dan considered what Phil was asking him. He didn’t really want to lose his best friend either. So he took a deep breath and responded “let me think about it, and yes, you are gonna fix this because if you don’t we are done.”

And with that Dan left the room, letting Phil sat back down on the sofa with his head buried in his hands before picking up the ripped picture and saving it in his bedside drawer, where he knew Dan would never find it.

Dan remembers now how Phil had stayed days and nights trying to take down every single video and hurtful comment that he could find, trying to fix it. To fix them. He also recalls Phil’s voice, asking for forgiveness and trying to get back together, but Dan couldn’t handle it. Not anymore. He was still angry at Phil, angry at himself, for being insecure, for not trusting him enough  .So, not really wanting to lose Phil he agreed to stay as friends until today.

“Dan…” the blue eyed’s voice brought him back to reality, fixing his gaze in the clear blue orbs that were watering. Oh no.

“Why did you save it? After I hurt you so much why did you?” Dan questioned him. Phil didn’t know that he had lied all those years ago and he decided he was going to tell him, but he needed to hear Phil’s statement first.

“Yeah, you are right, you hurt me with your words but I hurt you too. You said I made you unhappy, but I kept staring at that picture and I knew our smiles were real. We were happy. I didn’t know what I did to make you so miserable so I’m sorry for whatever I did…” Phil took a breath before continuing, “I saved the picture because deep down I knew I had made you happy at some point in our relationship, the laughs and smiles of that day couldn’t be fake, I know they weren’t. So that’s why it was in my bedside drawer, because everytime I feel down, even though it hurts, I look at and compare it to many of the photos I see of you on Tumblr to see if you have the same smile as you did. And you have it. You have the same smile and I realized that even though we are not together you are happy and that’s what matters.”

Dan was crying, he didn’t expect those words from Phil. He hadn’t done anything wrong, and he still was beating himself up because Dan had lied all those years ago. He just wanted Dan to be happy, and Dan hadn’t done anything to thank him.

“Phil no,” Dan said, leaving the picture on the bed and hugging his friend, who circled his arms around his waist, bringing him in a much needed hug. “Phil, I’m sorry and you are gonna hate me for this but I lied to you all those years ago.”

“What?” Phil whispered, trying to untangle from the hug but Dan didn’t let him.

“I lied to you. I was happy with you. You made me happy. I lied because I was hurt. After the video leaked and I read all those comments I was angry and I wanted to hurt you too. I knew it wasn’t your fault but I was still a kid and I didn’t know how to react… I was in such a bad place with uni and then this, it had been all too much to handle and I eneded up balming you and hurting you. I’m sorry Phil, I’m so sorry.” Dan was fully sobbing now, his face buried on Phil’s neck, whiskers smugged.

Phil was silently crying too, not really making any noise so Dan wouldn’t have to worry about him either. Dan was right. He had been a kid when all of that happened, and even though their relationship had been strong the pressure of fame and the comments had hurt, leading Dan to break their relationship so he didn’t had to deal with all of it. He had been in a bad place then, but Phil understood everything now.

“Dan, shhh Dan… I don’t hate you. I could never hate you.” Phil tried to calm him down, but it didn’t seem to be doing much. “I understand now why you did what you did. I understand. I’m sorry too.”

“But Phil you have nothing to be sor…” Dan tried to explain himself but the blue eyed didn’t let him.

“No, Dan, don’t try to excuse me” Phil grabbed Dan’s head and made him look into his eyes, “you have grown so much since that happened, we both have. I made mistakes too, I hurt you too, and we have learnt from them…”

“I’m glad our friendship was strong enough so I wouldn’t lose you.” Dan whispered to Phil, hanging his head down and picking the discarded photo again, putting the pieces together to look at the picture again. He wasn’t crying anymore, but some of the tears left fell onto the picture.

“You will never lose me. I promise you that,” Phil said, picking up one of the photo’s pieces and lookng at it, “Even if neither of us would want to admit it we needed each other, even as friends, even if we eneded up not speaking for weeks I was reassured that you were still in the flat.” the blue eyed said, knowing Dan felt the same.

Even if they hadn’t spoken for weeks he was glad Dan was in the other room, it was a sign that neither of them was ready to let the other go, that they still needed each other, even if it was a few feet away.

“Wait here…” Phil stood up, leaving Dan confusedly sitting on the bed, but before he could say anything Phil came back with a roll of sticky tape.

Without a word, Phil took the two ripped pieces of the photo and tapped them together, making it whole again. He lifted it and gave it to Dan, “here, for you.”

Dan was deeply touched by Phil’s gesture, but he couldn’t accept it, he had damaged that photo and with that their relationship and Phil had fixed it again for him. He wanted to bitterly laugh at the metaphor, to be honest.

“Phil, I can’t… I ripped it in the first place, I don’t deserve to have it back.” Dan told him, handing it back to him but Phil put his hands behind his back making it impossible to give it to him.

“No, no, it is a ’'no return” gift, now you will have to keep it forever!“ Phil said, a smile on his face.

The blue eyed’s silly antics made Dan laugh and even though he could leave the picture just there, he couldn’t bare himself  to do that.

’'Thank you” Dan sincerely said, looking onto Phil’s eyes and triying to communicate with his gaze what he couldn’t with his words, hoping Phil would understand. Not just for the picture, but for understanding, for forgiving him, for being such a good friend… even if Dan still loved him like he had done years back. He never stopped to be honest.

“No need to thank me, there is nothing sticky tape and a truthful conversation cannot fix.” And with that Phil winked at him, grabbing the sharpie from the nightstand and drawing the whiskers back again in Dan’s face, who smiled widely at him at the gesture.

“Now c'mon, we still have a few questions to answer.” Phil said trying to grab the phone that was on the other side but before he could do it Dan tackled him onto the bed, landing on top of him, grabbing the sharpie from his hand and lifting it to Phil’s face, “yours are smudged too, you spork!”

They both laughed and Dan started his work. Phil didn’t even realize he had his eyes closed when instead of a sharpie he felt a pair of chapped lips on his, making slowly move them, enjoying and remembering the sweet sensation of Dan’s lips he had missed so much.

Once the kiss ended, Dan looked at him, scared of his reaction.

“You know? You laugh at me for having lip-balm on the bedside drawer, but if you plan on kissing me again I suggest you start using some!” Phil told him jokingly, making Dan release a breath he had been holding before hitting him on the chest before burying his head on the crook of Phil’s neck.

“I hate you.” Dan whispered into his ear.

“I hate you too.” Phil responded, before hugging Dan a bit closer, just the sound of their breaths in the room.

Phil Is Not On Fire 8 could wait.

Ice Queen and Cake - Jason Todd Imagine

Woo! Lord its been a while, I apologize for that! 

This imagine was requested here.

I hope everyone enjoys! 

~Mod Jaybird 

Warnings: Slight swearing

Word Count: 1,808 (Boy howdy is this a long one)

“Y/N! Come on babe we’re gunna be late! Bruce’s cake won’t make itself and Alfred’s already texted twice!”

“Gotcha,” you mumble as you extinguish a small flame from your hand, and climb out of the lower cupboard where you keep all of your baking supplies. “I’m coming don’t get your panties in a twist.”

You walk down the hallway from the kitchen and stop by the door to grab your jacket.

“What were you doing in there anyway? Sounded like an avalanche at one point,” Jason said as he held the front door open.

“My offset spatula fell out of my decorating bag and into the black depths of the cupboard,” You say as you walk through the threshold. “I had to go on a lifesaving mission.”

“Well it looks like it was successful.”



You head through the garage door and into the kitchen of Wayne Manor, stopping to place your decorating bag on the table and shed your coat.

“Miss Y/N, Master Jason. Glad to see you could join us!”

“The Chef does not enjoy the sass coming from her sous, Pennyworth, but I think I can forgive you,” you say as you pull your hair into a ponytail while walking over to give him a playful kiss on the cheek. “Jason, I love you, but get out of my kitchen, I have a masterpiece in the making.”

“Yes, Chef!” He said with a mock salute and a laugh. “I’ll go see what everyone else is up to.”

“All right Al, this double chocolate, Oreo truffle cake isn’t going to make itself. You start with the Oreos and I’ll start on the batter.”

“Oui, Chef,” the butler says with a smile.

You shake your head and sigh in response.

After a while of prepping and chatting with Alfred, Damian walks through the door.

“Hey Dami, whatcha up to?”

“Hello, Y/N. Todd and Drake are being insufferable so I decided to take a break up here, if it’s no bother to you.”  

“Go right ahead. You’re no bother to me and Alfred.”

The timer for the oven dings, and without a thought you reach in and take the pans straight from the oven.

“Y/N, did you just take those from the oven without mitts?”

You have a moment of enteral panic. Damn Y/N you really should be more careful with your powers around here.  “What? Uh…yeah I did, it’s not really I problem, I’ve burned myself so much over the past few years, it’s kind of like I’m immune,” you say with a chuckle, hopefully passing off the lie.

Damian gives you a look but lets the comment slide.

What you fail to notice is that he’s now watching you subtly from behind his book.

You come back to the cakes and slowly place your hand over the top of each one, using your powers to cool them down at a faster rate. The temperature of the air around you has gotten a bit chilly as a result of using your power so your breath comes out as a puff of fog. You glance quickly over to Damian to see if he noticed anything. He looks to be still engrossed in his book, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

“Hey Alfred do we have anymore sugar? I need just a touch more of the ganache.”

“Try the pantry Miss Y/N”

You head into the small room and begin to look around. While you’re doing this Damian raises from his seat and quickly makes his way to the cakes. His eye goes wide when he feels that they are completely cool even though they came out of the oven moments ago.  

You make your way out of the pantry as he begins to sit back down. You notice the look on his face, as if wheels are turning in his mind, you guess he must have read something intriguing in his book.

You head back to the counter to begin the final steps of the cake, being careful to not use any more of your powers during the process.

The cake was finally finished as you placed the last truffle on top. You take a step back and look at the masterpiece.

“Done,” you say wiping your hands on a dish rag.

“It looks fabulous Miss Y/N, I shall gather the troops into the living room and we’ll begin the celebration.”

“Okey dokey Al. I’ll start bringing everything in.”

You grab the plates, stick them under your arm and grab the cake stand. Right after you set everything down on the table, the boys enter the living room from wherever they were.

“Wow, Y/N, that looks amazing!” Dick said with a whistle.

“Thanks Dick! It was an idea I got from a friend with a few tweaks. It’s Bruce’s favorite, my double chocolate cake recipe filled with chocolate cookies and cream buttercream, covered in a chocolate ganache and decorated with cookies and cream buttercream florets and Oreo Truffles.”

“In other words…heart attack and clogged arteries with a side of diabetic coma,” Tim said with a smirk.

“Yupp,” you replied, popping the p at the end.

“It’s a special occasion,” Bruce said. “So a little sugar won’t hurt. Thank you, Y/N” He walked over and gave you a side hug with a thank you kiss to the temple. “I’m sure it’s wonderful as always.”

“Well. I think we should cut into this sucker. I want cake.”

“Hold your horses, Jay,” you said with a huff. You reach down to pass out the plates and realize that something was missing.

“Darn it, I forgot the forks. I’ll be right back.”

You head into the kitchen and grab the stack along with some napkins.

As you head out the door something feels off in the air around you, and then you place it. You feel the batarang make waves through the air as it soars toward your head. Instantly the cutlery in your hands falls to the floor and your instincts take over before you can stop them. A wall of ice erupts from your hands extending out in front of you successfully trapping the batarang a few inches from your face as well as the boy that launched the projectile at you.  

After a second you recover from what happened. “Well. Shit,” you sigh and head toward Damian. You stop about a foot away from his body. You take a breath and place your hands on the wall. As you begin to focus you can feel the heat starting to radiate out from your hands. The giant ice wall melts into a puddle that spans the ballroom.

You blow the patio doors open with a small push of your hands, and then begin to heat up the room so the water would turn to steam. As the last bits of fog dissipate through the door, you sigh and bend down to pick up the forks from the floor. When you come back up, you’re met with six stunned faces.

Jason is the first one to snap out of the stupefied gaze. “What in the ever-living hell was that, Y/N?” You could tell that he was getting slightly angry because his voice went a squeaky towards the end of his sentence.

“Um…. if you will hear me out for like five minutes this would be explained a lot better downstairs,” you say a nervous smile plastered on you face.

Bruce is the first one to speak, for some reason you feel like he already knows the story you’re about to tell. “By all means, then, Y/N. Lead the way.”


Once you reach the Batcomputer, you turn to face the boys and are met with another glaring silence. Those should really stop happening.

The chair turns and you start pulling up everything about your past life.

“The Elementalist? I remember her,” Dick said as he leaned against the chair. “Pretty sure she’s my age and worked with The Flash for a good chunk of time. She declined the invitation to join the Titans and the League, and then kinda fell off the grid.”

You sigh. “I didn’t fall off the grid, I left. I couldn’t take the life anymore, Barry started to get reckless and I knew nothing good would come of it. I wanted to start over. I left my day job as a geologist at STAR Labs and my night job as The Elementalist. I packed up, moved to Gotham, and went to pastry school. I always loved baking as a kid, so I tried it out.”

You get up out of the chair to look all the boys in the eye.

“Six months after I graduated I met Jason, six months after that I opened the bakery, and six months after than I found out about all this when he came through my window bleeding out at 3 in the morning. You guys are like my family, along with everyone in Central City. Just because I chose not to tell you about this doesn’t mean I lied about anything else.”

No one could meet your eyes after you finished speaking.

“Well…I’ll take that as a not so great sign. I’ll just be going, then. You don’t have to worry about anything. The secret is safe with me. Bye, guys.”

You turn and head to the stairs. Your foot lands on the bottom step when you feel a pressure on your wrist. You turn and almost slam you face into Jason’s. His hands move to grasp your face.

“I’m not going to lie, this is pretty crazy. And I’m only slightly-no-so-angry that you didn’t say anything, but that doesn’t mean I want you to leave. You’re my girlfriend and I love you whether you’re a Meta or not.”

He gave you a quick peck on the lips.

“Yeah, Y/N. You’re awesome and we don’t want you to leave either. You the next best computer person, besides me, of course,” Tim said with a chuckle. “I think its pretty cool that you can control all of the elements, it’s like Avatar, in real life!”

“I knew you were a cougar!” Dick said slapping you on the back as he walks up the stairs. “Let go eat some cake!”

The rest of the crew filed up the stairs, but Damian trailed behind. Jason gave you a look, and you motioned for him to head up the stairs.

After a few seconds the young boy spoke. “I apologize for acting odd to you today, Y/N. I just couldn’t shake a hunch that you were hiding something. I should have just asked instead of throwing projectiles.”

“You really should have, Dami. I would have had no problems telling you outright. But your apology is accepted. Let’s go eat some cake.”

“Very well,” he said as he began up the stairs. “I would like to request, if at all possible, that you not freeze me anymore. It was an uncomfortable experience.” 

You chuckle and rough up his hair as you pass by. “Only if you deserve it.”

To my love;
I used to look at other people in relationships and not understand how it was so easy for them to like someone and know that they were the person that they wanted to stand by and give themselves to. I never understood how their emotions just developed and they knew they loved the person, but you, you made it so easy for me. It was like right from the very beginning I knew, but I thought I was being stupid and overreacting because I liked the way you were treating me. As soon as I started to show you all the craziness of what goes on in my head and the stupid things I say and the shitty things I think about myself and you didn’t run, you didn’t say whatever, you stood by me and made sure that I knew I wasn’t fucked up and that I would stop blaming myself, that’s when I knew that you were the real deal. I have never felt any of these things towards anyone but you. I have never wanted to be next to to someone as much as I want to be close to you. I have never craved the presence of anyone as much I do you. I am so utterly in love with you that my mind can’t ever leave the thought of you. I love looking into your eyes on a different day to see what colour they are this time. I love how are hands fit perfectly together. I love seeing your eyes light up when you smile because you’re truly happy. I love the way you laugh at something really funny and then go “what was that laugh” because you thought it was ridiculous when I thought it was adorable. I love when you catch me looking at you and you have a small shy smirk pulling at your lips. I love when we finish eating dinner and you come up behind me and give me a massage. I love the way you smell. I love how even when you’re sad or upset you’re still so considerate. I love the concentrated look you have on your face when you’re playing piano and your little remarks when you mess up. I love singing with you at the piano. I love the little thing you do when you lick your lips. I love the way your eyes follow me when I’m coming towards you from across the room. I love the way you touch me; so delicate and gentle or desperate and passionate. I love the way you hold me like the way you did in church that day. I love the way our lips fit and work perfectly in sync with mine. I am so desperately in love with you I don’t know what to do with myself. You are my everything and I never want you to forget how much you mean to me, how much it would crush me if anything ever happened to you. You are my lifeline, so please don’t ever let me go. Because losing you would mean losing everything good in my life and I know I could never handle that. You have my heart and soul, baby. I love you. xx
—  (Your hopelessly in love girl)

Did anyone notice the symbolism, almost as if the show was trying to nicely put to rest k@rol3n and 5up3rcorp in a nice, respectful way?

Kara visited both James and Lena and as she left them, she hugged them both in a kind, friendly way. By the second hug, I knew it meant karamel was for real and we were getting it this episode.

And then bam, we had assertive, brave, driven Kara ready to go for what she wanted.

Pure perfection.

But damn you Mr. Mxyzptlk.

hey there friendos

do u love rvb? are you mad that roosterteeth decided that people should be punished if they can’t pay for sponsorship OR that they went about unveiling this change in like straight up the shadiest way possible?

yeah, same.

(you will need a cc to do this, but it won’t be charged if u do everything right, promise <3)

You see, RT gives first-time sponsors a FREE month of all the sponsorship perks!!! All you gotta do is sign up for the FIRST sponsorship with an account that has never been a sponsor before, then go into your settings and turn off the “auto-renew” option. You’re not allowed to try to become a FIRST member without giving up your CC info, but as long as you turn off that “auto-renew” you shouldn’t ever be charged. If nothing with this system changes during this season of RvB, you can use a temp email to open up a new account every 30 days and then take advantage of the free month all over again!!! Repeat ad nauseum until u get sick of doing it or forget.

To turn off the auto-renew function for your shiny free sponsorship, you can just hover over the little area where your icon should be, and click “My Settings”. It’ll take you to a few boxes and one of them is “manage first membership” and you click that, then it’ll take you to a page that has a button that says “disable auto-renew”. click that, check to make sure it’s gone through, then enjoy.



Why doesnt SOMEONE do something aobut ALL THESE FUCKING BOTS ON social MEDIA ???????????????
  • Co-Worker: *internally* The new guy is so cool. Well, I guess he's not the new guy anymore because he has been working here for months now, but he's still great. I look up to him so much. He's funny, and outgoing. He even gave me a cute nickname. He never recognizes my affection for him, but I think today is the day. Today is the day he'll realize how cool and cute I am.
  • Co-Worker: H-Hi!
  • New Guy: Hey, braids.
  • Co-Worker: Do you like music?
  • New Guy: Yeah, I mean everyone likes music. Kinda weird if you don't. You're friends with that rep, right?
  • Co-Worker: Huh?
  • New Guy: You know, the mopey one. Dark hair. Does she like me?
  • Co-Worker: Everyone likes you. I like you.
  • New Guy: Yeah, but that rep. That rep doesn't talk to me.
  • Co-Worker: I'm sure she likes you. You're so cool and kind and... uh, Britney Spears followed me on twitter!
  • New Guy: Whoa, what!? Britney Spears!? You're fucking joking!
  • Co-Worker: I'm serious. I guess, I'm really cool now. Hahahahahahahaha.
  • New Guy: Lemme see.
  • Co-Worker: Huh?
  • New Guy: Lemme see your phone. I wanna see Britney following you. Can you like DM her?
  • Co-Worker: You're not allowed to take your phone out at work.
  • New Guy: Come on, no one cares.
  • Co-Worker: Uh, here you go, I guess. *hands new guy her phone*
  • New Guy: *checks twitter* ...This is a bot.
  • Co-Worker: Huh?
  • New Guy: It's not the real Britney Spears, this is very obviously a bot.
  • Co-Worker: No, it's totally her. How can you even tell?
  • New Guy: First off, she only has two followers. One of which is you and the other is another Britney Spears bot. Secondly, her twitter name is Brittany Spear. Third, all of her posts are about discount fishing rods.
  • Co-Worker: Oh... I guess I didn't notice.
  • New Guy: You're fucking with me aren't you?
  • Co-Worker: *sweats* Sure, yeah.
  • New Guy: *laughs* I love you, braids. You're funny as shit.
  • Co-Worker: You love me!?
  • New Guy: Yeah, as a minor work acquaintance. Hey, if you talk to that rep later on, tell her to hit me up some time.
  • Co-Worker: Sure... yeah.
  • *later*
  • Co-Worker: *checking phone* It can't be a bot. It's definitely not a bot. Why would a Britney Spears bot follow me. I'm not even interested in fishing. It has to be the real Britney. *DMs the bot* Hey, hello Britney.
  • Brittany Spear: hi what're up :)
  • Co-Worker: Britney, I knew you were real!
  • Brittany Spear: lol hey ! :) :P
  • Co-Worker: Britney, you have to prove to this guy at my job that you're real. He's so cute and I love him so much and I want him to notice me.
  • Brittany Spear: wow hey did you kno that u can decrease you're morrtgrage rate by up to 20% check it out at www.extra.savings.ca/riwuWqoaQ/ref/100200
  • Co-Worker: Britney, this is serious.
  • Brittany Spear: Hi :)
  • Co-Worker: Britney PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Brittany Spear: do U want boys to like U 🤔
  • Co-Worker: Yes, Britney! Show me the way!
  • Brittany Spear: is verry easy just follow this link and find your way https://find.your.way.jp/4wfwf42435753g$single/trinity/
  • Co-Worker: *clicks link*
  • Co-Worker: *pupils dilate*
  • *later*
  • New Guy: *working halfheartedly*
  • Co-Worker: *stumbles into new guy's cubicle* Greeting.
  • New Guy: Hey, braids.
  • Co-Worker: Does your like fishing?
  • New Guy: Nah. Never been much of an outdoorsman unless it involves extreme sports.
  • Co-Worker: Cooooooool. Go to www DOT amazone DOT co DOT de FORWARDSLASH promo FORWARDSLASH yourdiscountnow FORWARDSLASH for 90% discount code on premium fishing rods.
  • New Guy: You alright, braids? You sound kinda complete weird, and your eyes are a little completely black.
  • Co-Worker: Actavis, sizzurup, lean, drank. I've low prices completely legal real prescription email me at colombiaeastdrugstore AT gmail.com w FORWARDSLASH offers 100% secure line. Encrypted currencies accepted: BTC, Dogecoin.
  • New Guy: Uh... yeah. *leads co-worker out of his cubicle* I'm kinda completely busy at the moment. So I'll talk to you later braids. You should probably get back to work too.
  • Co-Worker: Been rejected? I can help you. Popular girls are on hand to chat 24/7 with advice at www DOT ez DASH chat DOT co DOT nz FORWARDSLASH promo FORWARDSLASH res575929682
  • *later*
  • Brittany Spear: *tweets* Why is it so dark? Why am I so numb?

“I always wanted to think that I was an alien. I used to think when I was young that I was adopted by my mother, because they found me in a spaceship… And every night I used to talk to my real parents or my real family in the skies. I knew that there were thousands of other alien babies dropped off and they’re all over the place, and I’ve met quite a few of them. It’s just something that I’ve always liked to toy with in my mind, it was really fun to pretend that, you know, there was some special reason for me to be here, and I feel really homesick all the time… And so do the other aliens, and I only have the chance to come across, like, a handful of other aliens throughout the rest of my life.”

passengers (2820)

one week before hyperion reaches habitat 7, the pathfinder team is brought out of cryogenic stasis. their first obstacle: shouldering the weight of what they’ve left behind.

scott ryder/liam kosta. 5886 words, sfw, falling in love over improper use of the tempest group chat. written for fun 15 days before andromeda’s launch so everything is Probably Very Wrong

DISCLAIMER: this fic is not based explicitly on the andromeda gameplay that’s been revealed so far, but there are still a few canon bits hidden here and there. if you don’t want to read spoilers then please don’t read.

The first thing Liam Kosta thinks after six-hundred years of cryogenic stasis is: Am I awake?

And then, when it’s apparent that he is: We made it, right? Did we make it?

And after that he isn’t thinking much of anything but thank God, thank God– are the others–? Oh my God, thank God, because no amount of experience in the field could really prepare anybody for something like this, and they’d known that going in.

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The Younger Marner Part Three - Auston Matthews Imagine

People asked for part three of this imagine which is now a fic ??? idk. I’m just putting this here so I don’t break my aesthetic. Thaaankkksssss.

It isn’t long, we warned lol. Also people asked for part three but this is being posted with 0 warning but eh, can only do so much lol. Anyway, love you all, I hope you like it! Also don’t be afraid to give feedback! -Accius

Part One  Part Two

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Fix You || Conor (pt 2)

Request: Could you do a Conor prompt? 20 xx

(part 1)


What was supposed to be a week at your sister’s turned into two, which turned into three, which turned into a month and eventually, you lost track of time. Your sister told you it had been too long, but you had stopped noticing the sunsets and rises. To you, it was still the day you left.

It was true, you had commitment issues. You tried and tried to get over them, but you couldn’t. And while you and Conor could usually just talk through you worries, this time was different. This time, these insecurities and fears weren’t just coming from your head, they felt real. His fans had attacked you. He didn’t notice, and you didn’t expect him to, but you didn’t want to bring it up yourself. On your latest Instagram picture with him, the comments were outrageous. Finding a kind comment in the sea of insults was, for lack of better terms, like searching for a needle in a haystack. You didn’t know what had gone wrong. His fans usually had no problems with you. Or maybe they always hated you and you were just too blind to see it. Regardless, it was the moment where you thought, this is it. He’s going to leave me.

You were too dependent on him. The idea of him leaving you scared you so much, which only caused you to freak out more. You couldn’t get attached to him because he would leave, it was inevitable. So, you had to get out before he had the chance to get out first.

You had your sister go to Conor’s to get all your things and you ignored all of his calls and texts and any message from the buttercream boys. You couldn’t remember the last time you left the house except for work. You even asked your boss to change your hours because you knew Conor would just stop by work and force you to talk to him.

One day you were laying in bed, still in your pajamas even though it was 2:00 in the afternoon. You noticed your phone buzz with a text message so you picked it up to see who it was from. It was Jack. He hadn’t attempted to contact you in almost a month, so you were curious as to what he wanted. The text read Please listen to this with a voice message attached. You were scared to listen to the message. A huge part of you was planning on ignoring the message, maybe deleting it altogether, but you pressed play before you had the chance.

“Mate, I need you to get up,” Jack said. “It smells rank in here.”

“Get out,” Conor grumbled back, his voice barely audible.

“I’m not going to let you keep rotting in here!” Jack said a little louder. “You’ve got to get up, take a shower, and do something. You’re killing me.”

“I don’t know what to do,” Conor said back, sounding weak, almost ill. “She won’t answer my calls, she’s never at her work when I go, and I’ve stopped by her sister’s twice and she won’t let me see her. Says (Y/N) would have her head if she let me in.”

“I know,” Jack sighed, his voice calm again. “But you’re really freaking me out, man. This isn’t healthy. It’s been months. When was the last time you ate something?” Conor mumbled something inaudible. “Two weeks? Conor, you’re actually starving yourself. You’re gonna kill yourself.”

“You know, sometimes I feel like she’s still at my side,” Conor said, ignoring his younger brother’s concerns. “Like I wake up and I reach out for her and she’s not there. If I could just know what happened, I could try and move on. I just feel so fucking empty, like I’m waiting for her to come back even though she probably never will.”

“I’m so sorry, Conor,” Jack said gently. “I don’t know how to help you.”

“Just leave me alone,” Conor said, his voice cracking a bit.

That was when the message ended. You had tears falling steadily from your eyes and you were shaking violently. It was clear Jack had recorded the conversation without Conor knowing, and hearing him speak made your heart break.

Suddenly, you stood up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom. Your sister was home from work as it was a Saturday and was shocked to see you out of bed. “How’s it going?” she asked, trying to hide her astonishment.

“I’m going out,” you said, slipping on a pair of Toms. You were sure you looked ridiculous- leggings and a t-shirt that said I’d rather be sleeping that was about two sizes too big on you- but you had to go. If you didn’t leave now, you would change your mind and never leave at all.

“Are you okay?” your sister said. “Do you want me to-”

“I’ll be back later,” you said, cutting her off completely. “I’m fine, just gotta go do something.”

Not waiting to hear your sister’s response, you grabbed your keys and your wallet and rushed out the door. It didn’t take long for you to get to Conor’s flat and you rushed up to his door, taking the stairs two at a time instead of waiting impatiently for the elevator. Finally, once you stood in front of his door, your brain had time to catch up to you. You took a deep breath, holding back any tears that were threatening to fall. You raised your hand to their door and knocked on it three times.

Seconds later, Jack came to the door. “Oh my god,” he said, his voice quiet. “You actually-”

“Please,” you said shakily. “Is he in his room?” Jack nodded and stepped aside so you could rush in. Josh and Caspar were there, both staring at you with dropped jaws as you rushed past them towards Conor’s door. Very gently, you knocked on the door frame.

“Go away,” Conor mumbled, clearly sounding like he had said those two words a million times. You closed your eyes, took another deep breath, and opened the door.

Jack was right, it smelled awful. It was pitch black because the lights were off and the blinds were closed. There were clothes scattered all over the ground and his trash was overflowing with tissues. Conor was laying in bed, wrapped up in his blankets with his back to the door. “I fucking said go away!” he said sternly.

“Conor,” you breathed out. He immediately sat up and looked at you. When it registered to him that you were actually standing there, he put his face in his hands and broke down. You had never seen him like this. He looked sickly thin and pale and his whole body was shaking. “Conor,” you said again, tears falling from your own eyes. You walked over to him and sat by him on the bed, throwing your arms around him and holding him close to you. He continued to cry into your chest, hardly taking any time to breathe.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said, finally attempting to stop his own sobs. “Why? You just shut me out. I tried and tried and tried to fix this and you just shut me out. I don’t understand.”

“I’m sorry,” you said, crying now as well. “I just, it got too much Conor. It was too much.”

“You could’ve talked to me,” he said. “We always talk about it when you’re feeling overwhelmed or like we’re moving too fast. Why was this any different?” You didn’t say anything, just bit your lip and looked down at your lap. “What are you not telling me?” You just shook your head, not wanting to speak. “(Y/N) you need to tell me,” he begged. “You’ve left me like this for months and I deserve to know why.”

“Your fans just attacked me!” you said, putting your forehead in your hands. “It sounds so stupid when I say it now, but I couldn’t do it! Every fear I’ve ever had they wrote out for me, and it felt so real. I just knew you were going to leave. I could feel myself getting attached to you which was so bad because I knew you were going to leave. I didn’t want you to leave so I left before you could. I just, I didn’t know it would hurt so bad, Conor. I didn’t know it would hurt you this bad and I didn’t know it would hurt me this bad. I’m so sorry.” You were crying again, tears falling from your eyes and sliding down your arms. “I know you won’t forgive me because I really just fucked everything up but I’m so sorry. I was just so scared and I didn’t know what else to do. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.”

Conor wasn’t saying anything which only made you feel worse. You willed yourself to look up at him and you once again realized how ill he looked. “Conor you look so sick,” you said, placing your hand on his forehead. “You’re boiling too. You look like you haven’t slept in days. I’m so sorry.”

“Stop,” he said, shaking his head. “Stop apologizing.”

“It’s all my fault,” you protested.

He sighed, “I just wish you had told me. I could’ve told the fans to lay off. We could’ve talked this out.”

“I know,” you said. “I just fucked everything up.”

“Well, not everything I guess.”

You looked up at him again to see that he was already staring at you. “I don’t want this to be it,” he said, reaching out to wipe some tears from your eyes. “I want to work this out so bad, and if you want it too, we can move past this and fix everything.” You nodded vigorously, but he spoke again, “But that means you have to stop being so afraid. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Ignore what everyone else says and you just gotta trust that everything is going to be okay. I can’t have you shut me out like this again. I physically cannot do it.”

“I know,” you said quietly. “I won’t. I mean, I’ll try. I’ll talk to you more. I won’t run away. I won’t leave. I can’t do that again either.”

Conor leaned closer to you, pressing your lips together gently. You laid a hand on his cheek, having missed the feeling of being close to him so much. “I missed you so fucking much,” Conor said when he pulled away.

“I missed you too.”

anonymous asked:

Hi i really love your blog and I just wanted to share the moment that i kinda knew they were real(you talked about this a while ago). Do you know the day Exo went to a radio show and kaisoo were sitting together and kai just casually reaches for soo's hand under the table but you could clearly see that they had their fingers interlocked? It was really sweet and you coul see that DO got really flustered and yeah... I was dead. I just wanted to know what you think of this :) Thanks and sorry!

Hi anon! Thank you very much~ ^o^ 

And omg yes T___T I think I included the moment in my longer “kaisoo is real spam”, it’s definitely one of my favorite kd moments, and very significant ;;; 

the fact that soo worries about the camera catching them 👀

look at that hand… we see you nini  

and then nini lets his hand slide all over soo’s leg, I’m- x’D