i knew she was going to be the supreme

bisexualandhungry) Cordelia gulped as she looked over at her mother. She had to tell her mother because she knew Misty probably was afraid or at least that’s what she thought. “Our wedding.” She gripped the Cajun witches hand tightly and the handrail too. She was extremly excited for the wedding and even though she just told Fiona she was sure that this good moment wasnt going to be ruined. “Misty and I are getting married, soon.” The Supreme added and smiled, dimples showing and her plump lips curved up. She was squeezing Misty’s hand tightly as she spoke softly to her mother.

Sometimes when life in in supreme suckage mode, I look up at this, which is posted up above my computer, and smile about what a complete dork this man is. This was done back in April, just after my birthday, one of my GISHWHES teammates (@jackhawksmoor) was at DCCon and she knew I was going through a horrible breakup and having just… a really rough time coming back from it, and surprised me by asking him to write me a little note and then texting me with this. Yes I sobbed like a baby and I am eternally indebted to her.