i knew it would probably be between slytherin and gryffindor

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4 ideas: i don't know if you will be interested by this one because it's not with the golden trio. The captain of each team of quidditch meet and talk and rant on their players. I would like to see the other captains like the captain of the slytherin because they understand that they play like that. Perhaps they can rant on the players.

I do like this prompt because I’m going to turn it into one of my favorite rare pairings in HP. Also gossiping about their players sounds like fun.

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What Was Yet to Come: Ch 3

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Fic Summary: Nico isn’t happy with his life at the moment. He’s stuck in a house he doesn’t feel like he belongs in with a hopeless crush he never asked for. He doesn’t feel accepted at school or at home and just wishes to get away. Will is scared for his life. Tensions are rising in the Wizarding World and, as a muggleborn, he doesn’t know what his future will entail. The only thing he knows for certain is that he’s very in love and highly annoyed with his friends. Their lives are thrown for a loop when the Wizarding World falls into turmoil and it’s all they can do to hope that the next day will be better than the last.

FINALLY, here’s chapter three. I’m incredibly sorry that I didn’t update last week and that this update is rather short. I don’t have a very good excuse, but the good news is that I’ve admitted to my parents that I’m depressed so we’re going to get me the help that I need so that hopefully this doesn’t happen again. Also: I’m sorry if this chapter isn’t up to par, I didn’t have time to rewrite it at all, I only edited it, so I hope it turned out okay.

Word Count: 2386

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Nico had come to the decision that he was not going to leave his bed for a long, long time.

“Nico, it’s officially past noon,” came Jason’s voice from outside of Nico’s duvet. Nico had cocooned himself deep within the bed, facing a small gap between the mattress and the blanket so that he had access to the minimal amount of air necessary to breathe. “You’re going to get up now, either willingly or by force.”

Nico didn’t respond.

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