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TOP 50 CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers) - #18 Ron Weasley

“It sort of floated toward me,” said Ron, illustrating the movement with his free index finger, “right to my chest, and then — it just went straight through. It was here,” he touched a point close to his heart, “I could feel it, it was hot. And once it was inside me I knew what I was supposed to do, I knew it would take me where I needed to go. So I Disapparated and came out on the side of a hill. There was snow everywhere… .”

BTS REACTION to stranger pulling your bikini string


You were just standing there at the shore, holding Jin’s hand as you swung your hands together. You laughed as he made a weird face towards you, making you throw your head back. But just as you started to laugh, someone pulls at your bikini strap, making you gasp as you feel a slap on your ass. Jin’s whole entire face went red with anger as he pulled you towards him. He didn’t want to cause a whole scene, but when the stranger slapped your ass, it set a whole entire different aura in him. He tied your bikini strap back on you, before starting to yell and make a bigger scene than he intended. You would have to hold him back from attempting to punch someone.

“You think it’s funny?! Come on, I’ll show you what’s funny!”

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He wasn’t much for public affection, except for the times when you would kiss his cheek or softly rub his thigh as he sat there. It was rare for the both of you to leave the house for a date, but this time was different. Yoongi wanted to make your anniversary special and he knew how much you loved the beach. He nodded his head in approval when he saw your bikini, but just as you were about to walk towards him and get in the water with him, you felt your bikini strap come loose, making your eyes go even wider when you felt a slap on your ass. You heard a loud growl escape Yoongi’s mouth as you were quick to pick up your top from falling before anything showed. Yoongi wasn’t one to hold back during these kinds of things, and you immediately started to panic as you pushed at his chest, trying to make him calm down. You placed your hands on his cheeks, trying to distract him, as you kissed him roughly. He growled against your lips, pulling at your waist and kissing you deeper.

“You’re mine, and I’ll go through hell if I let him get away with that shit.”

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His eyes were transfixed on you the whole time, staring at you with admiration. The way you looked in front of him was almost unbelieveable. You were his, and he felt so special to be standing there with you. You caught eyes with him as he stood far away from you at shore while you stayed in the water. He smiled, chuckling softly as you tried to splash the water in his direction, begging for him to come in. But just as he was starting to walk in, a guy came up behind you in the water and loosened your bikini strap, making you squeak in surprise as you caught your bikini before it could fall. Namjoon’s eyes went wide, before they quickly turned angry. He was pissed, to say the least. You quickly strapped your bikini back up, watching as Namjoon started to march his way towards the man. You knew Namjoon would take things responsibly, but it still scared you shitless of what he would do if the stranger said the wrong thing to him.

“I think you just touched what’s mine.”

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It was sunset, and barely anyone was even at the beach. He decided it would be a romantic idea to take you out here late on the beach, as it wasn’t too hot nor too cold. He was currently slow dancing with you, lightly spinning you, making you chuckle as you spun around. His eyes shined with brightness, his sunshine features showing through. Your fingers laced with his own as you stared up at him again, making your heart jump down to your stomach. It was always the good kind of heart jump. Just as you were stepping away from Hoseok, a male stranger pulled at your bikini strap, quickly running away as you gasped in surprise. Hoseok’s eyes went wide along with your own, before his eyes grew dark. You knew just how protective he was over you, so you quickly tied back up your strap before going to calm him down.

“Y/N, I really don’t want to let him get away with that.”

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He was following you like a lost puppy all day, afraid that someone was going to take you away from him. You giggled, making his heart leap at the sound as he smiled sweetly at you. You smiled back in return, looking at him with love in your eyes. You didn’t want him to worry about someone taking you away from him, so you kissed his cheek, making sure everyone saw. His cheeks went red as his smile widened, making you chuckle once again. All of a sudden, Jimin’s arm snaked around your waist. You felt another pair of hands pull at your bikini strap, making you squeak, but thankfully Jimin’s body was flush against your own. You looked at Jimin, noticing that his honey brown eyes were filled with silent anger. You gulped, knowing how he got when someone messed with his girl. You reached behind you, tightening your straps again as he continued to glare at the man laughing while running.

“If I ever see him again, he’ll regret it.”

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His dark eyes searched yours, making your heart flip as you caught sight with him. It wasn’t everyday your boyfriend took you to the beach. It didn’t necessarily have anything to do with the beach itself, it just had to do with the fact that you wore that swimsuit that drove him crazy. And he could tell it drove every other person crazy as well, much to this man’s dismay. His cleared his throat, heading towards you to wrap his arm around your waist. Just before he reached you, some male stranger on a bike rode past the both of you while untying your bikini top. Your eyes went wide as Taehyung’s eyes grew angry and more terrifying by the second. You saw his shoulders tense as you quickly put yourself back together. You were quick to rush towards him, his eyes never once leaving the guy on the bike as you hugged him tightly to prevent him from doing something you knew he would regret.

“He’s going to pay for that, no one touches my girl but me.”

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His eyes were fixated on you the whole entire evening, making you sometimes wonder if you just looked wrong all together. You weren’t sure what it was until his eyes shot with jealousy whenever a guy walked past you both. You made an ‘o’ shape with your mouth before walking towards him to wrap your arms around his neck. His attention was immediately on you again as you smiled sweetly up at him. You ran your fingers through his hair, making him sigh as he stared at you with desperate eyes. He didn’t want anyone to steal you from him. Just as he was about to speak and tell his true feelings about his jealousy, a guy pulls at your strings while sneaking up on you before running away. Jungkook’s grip on your waist tightened, making you squeak softly as he started to shout at the male stranger. You could feel the large vibrations in his chest as he shouted, making you hug him closer to you as he starts to reach down and angrily tie your bikini back together after shouting.

“Hey! Don’t you dare touch my fucking girlfriend like that! I fucking dare you, asshole!”

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*jungkook’s gif has nothing to do with anything but hot damn*

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Stozier Best Friends Headcanon

Because Richie and Stan actually loved each other idiots

- Anyone who saw Richie and Stan from the outside assumed Stan hates Richie

- Which was complete bullshit by the way

- Stan met Richie when they were in

- Stan had been reading a book about birds when he met Richie

- Richie poked and prodded his Kippah of course

- Stan answered Richie’s question as to what his Kippah was

- They didn’t really say anything after that

- But Richie came by everyday after that and deemed Stan his best friend

- The two later met Bill and Eddie when they were about seven or eight

- And then Bev, Ben and Mike when they were thirteen

- Richie came out to Stan when he was thirteen and Stan had no problems with his sexuality

- They were each other’s first kiss

- Richie and Stan kissed when Richie came out to him

- It didn’t really mean anything romantically but it meant something anyway

- Stan loves Richie’s voices and jokes no matter how bad they are

- He pretends to hate them just to spite Richie though

- Years later Eddie and Richie got together

- Richie spent more time with Eddie but Richie still came over every week to Stan’s for their sleepover and family dinner

- Stan’s parents love Richie

- Richie doesn’t really like bird watching but goes to hang out with Stan and his dad

- Stan’s mom always baked and had a sweater for Richie every Christmas

- When Richie couldn’t go to Eddie or the other Losers about his problems, he always went to Stan

- Stan never judged anything Richie had to say, he’d listen and help the best he could

- He knew about how neglectful Richie’s parents were

- He pretty much hates them, but thanks them for bringing Richie into the world

- When they were sixteen, Stan asked Richie how he knew he was gay

- Richie didn’t really have an answer

- He spoke about how he noticed things about guys that he didn’t notice in girls

- He explained that he noticed these things in Stan first and then Bill and then Eddie

- When Stan was quiet, Richie offered a kiss like Stan had years beforehand

- Again, it wasn’t romantic but it meant something

- They didn’t really have a word for it, they just knew it as each other

- Stan accepted it of course and cried when he knew he was gay

- Richie comforted him and went with him to come out to his parents

- When his parents weren’t really accepting at first, Richie held Stan has he cried again

- Richie gripped Stan’s hand when Stan’s parents came to him a few days later to accept their son

- Richie pep talked Stan when he needed the courage to ask out Bill

- Stan and Bill came out to the Losers a month after they started dating

- Richie just smiled, happy for his friends

- He, Eddie, Stan and Bill went out on double dates

- Eddie found out about Stan and Richie’s kiss when they were about 18, he wasn’t really bothered by it

- Long distance sucked when they went to college

- But at least they shared an apartment

- ‘I fucking hate this Stan, I can’t see any of the Losers until break or something. What am I gonna go without my precious Eddie Spaghetti?’

- ‘Richie shut the fuck up.’

- Richie would talk about marrying Eddie constantly and Stan would do the same about Bill

- When gay marriage was legalized they married their boyfriends

- Stan was Richie’s best man and Richie was Stan’s

- Richie went all out for Stan’s bachelor party

- He practically brought a whole bird exhibit

- He wanted strippers but decided against it

- Stan did get strippers for Richie’s bachelor party because he’s a good friend like that

- Richie did a ridiculous speech of course

- He rambled on and on about how he met Stan and Bill

- ‘Stan knew he was gay when he kissed me the first time, I’m just so hot that I can make straight guys gay.’

- Stan did a formal speech at Richie and Eddie’s wedding

- ‘I wish you the best of luck Eddie, there’s no backing out now, you’re stuck with this idiot.’

- You better believe that Richie cried like a little bitch at Stan’s wedding

- When Eddie & Richie adopted a child, Richie insisted that their son have the middle name ‘Stan’

- Bill and Stan didn’t really get a child, they got a dog though

- Stan named their dog ‘Richie’ despite it being a girl

- He said it was because ‘Richie’s a little bitch’

- You best believe that Richie still came over for his weekly sleepover with Stan too


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summary: spencer has a thing for you, a thing that often leaves him sexually frustrated. he takes matters into his own hands (literally).

words: 1367

warnings: pure fuckin smut y'all, masturbation, lots of swearing, etc.

a/n: TODAY IS MY 18th BIRTHDAY AND THIS IS HOW I’M CELEBRATING, BY POSTING MY FIRST SMUT. this is for mish( @spencerdamnreid)‘s challenge. my prompt was “oops you caught me masturbating, how bout we have sex instead?”. this can have a part 2 if y'all so desire. is this terrible? idk I wrote it in the middle of the night so let me know what you think.

read the sequel here

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Home Alone -- Billy Hargrove

Requested: “Can I have a smutty billy one? Like you open the door in your robe maybe like Mrs. Wheeler did but you’re his age😂 and he just can’t handle it. If it could be super smutty with like choking that would be good. Thank you ❤️” “I need me some rough billy smut man, just some pure fucking.” “hey, was wondering if you could do a really smutty imagine w/ billy x female reader. Maybe he pursues her for a while but she keeps teasing him and he’s not used to because he usually charming girls in an instant, in the end she reciprocates and maybe really passionate rough smut? Thanks!”

Warnings: Smut (16+). Rough sex. Unprotected sex.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: With your house empty, and your mind trained on Billy, you call him and tell him to come over.

Words: 1524

Listen to: Sexual by NEIKED and I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons

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VLD S4 in a nutshell:

-That’s fuckin Keith.








- this episode is making fun of the fandom I can physically feel the executives laughing at us








In conclusion:

What the fuck

She got hot!- Peter Parker

Author: raeswritings

Pairing: Peter x reader

Requested: Yes, by anon

Request: Can u write about Peter and reader being friends and she moves away around middle school and come back junior year and she glowed up alOT and Peter is too scared to talk to her thinking she changed but she’s still in love w him.

Warnings: angst? fluff

A/N: It feels good to be back writings!! This is my first peter imagine. Hope you guys enjoy it xx

Originally posted by tomhollandcouk

For as long as anyone could remember, Y/N, Peter and Ned have been the three musketeers. The best of friends who always caused mischief everywhere they go. Their friendship dates all the way back to first grade when six year old Y/N dissed Ned’s and Peter’s favorite movie, Star Wars, claiming that it was stupid and that Star Trek was way cooler than Star Wars. This caused an argument between the three. Ned and Peter telling Y/N why Star Wars is superior to Star Trek. Which led them to Peter’s apartment where they watched both Star Wars and Star Trek. The rest was history. 

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I Ship It

Y'all wanted more Barry x Reader fluff + them being cute in front of the league. I AM HERE TO DELIVER


“it’s fine, it’s okay!” You assured him with a sincere smile. Your hand soflty run through his short hair as you felt him groan at the sensation, letting his whole body go.

“No it’s not okay, you shouldn’t be here. It’s dangerous!” Barry whispered, his dark brown eyes staring into yours with desperation.

“It’s not okay being at Bruce Wayne’s Manor?”

“Plus, if this others walk in here and see us…”

His eyelids itched him with sleep, but the though of being into another awkward situation just like the last one kept him awake.

“Aw come on Barry, were just cuddling. Bruce said to get comfortable.”

In that, you were right. Bruce did say to get comfortable while he was out to collect the other members and as he also said, his sons.

Was this a bad time for Barry to be kinda jealous? Bruce’s older, adopted, son was his age and a walking god. His anxious mind could only think of a thousand scenarios in where you dumped him to pursue Gotham’s golden boy. Also was this a good time to remind himself he was an acrobat?

“Barry why are you sweating, baby? Your worried voice lingered in his brain as he nervously searched for an answer. He knew well that he was going to be vomiting words in any second, unable to even hide his true feelings away from you.

"You’re never going to chose someone over me right? I- I mean, I know I’m kinda… weird and I move too fast or too slow, I’m not even the most handsome person ever and maybe a bit of a nerd and I k-know I don’t deserve you. But don’t leave me.”

There it was! Of course he would do this to himself. Of course he couldn’t just say ‘baby, I’m good, it’s just hot in here’.

“Barry…” He’d never hear that tone from you. Great, for once again he had fucked up his whole life. Way to go Barry. “What even made you think I would do that?”

“No, I’m.. look, have you seen Bruce’s son?”

“What? Are we having this conversation right now?” You asked him, your eyes staring deeply into his. It never took long for you to read him and now Barry was desperate and nervous. How could you even start a fight when he stared back at you like a child who lost his mother at the Supermarket.

The only thing you opted to do was wrap your arms around him, pulling him tight. You planted a kiss to his neck, to his jaw and even on his chin.

“You’re worried about a lot of stuff, Barry. You don’t need to be worried about me leaving you.” Barry nodded at that. This was one of the times he wondered what he had done to deserve someone as good as you. Did he really deserve to feel your lips leaving peck in his, and your nose against his?

“Yup! I want my money this time!”

Both your heads snapped mechanically to the source of voice. Victor stood there, with the biggest and most victorious face on Earth while the other members looked at him with disappointment.

“Yas! I told you Arthur! They werent going to have sex on Bruce’s couch!” At this you shrieked

“Wait what?”

“I fucking bet two hundred dollars on you fucking in that couch! And the whole league lost!”

Barry looked at Arthur with wide eyes, unable to process any thing that was actually happening at the moment. All members looked at him apologetically, and even Superman had guilt all over his face.

“I bet you two hundred more that if we were a bit more late we’d catch them naked again!” Arthur laughed the situation off as his head turn to look between you and Barry. You were still straddling Barry’s lap, and Barry’s hands were a bit too low on your back and to be honest Barry’s hair didn’t look that neat either. Great! Now they’re just going to keep making bets about the two of you.

“Arthur, please!”

“I ship it though!”

Feedback is always appreciated and makes me feel super confident

Fairgrounds and Ferris Wheels

Originally posted by loptrlaufey

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: 1st person POV, lots of fluffy fluffy Loki

Words: 2289

Prompt:  ‘I wanted to go on the ferris wheel but there has to be two people to a cart come on random person let’s go oh wait are we stuck at the top? Fuck’ Changed it a little but you get the idea! 

Not sure how I feel about 1st person…What do you guys prefer? 1st or 3rd POV? 

“Can we get cotton candy?” I asked, words slightly slurred from the toffee sticking my mouth together. Jane shook her head ahead of us and pulled herself tighter into Thor’s side, this was her idea really. Her and Thor had worked things out after their break up and were taking things slow again, they still weren’t quite there with being comfortable with each other again so Jane suggested that instead of a solo date, we make it a group thing. Enter me, Darcy and Loki.

The funfair was in town so 4 votes against Loki’s one meant that here I was, two scientists, two gods and me. “Okay who want’s to go into the haunted house?” I squealed in excitement as I bounced over to the entrance, “Come on Jane!” A smile broke out on her face as she held her hands up in defeat. “I’m not going in there Y/N.” Pouting I looked over to where Loki and Darcy were standing, something had caught Darcy’s attention but Loki stepped forward with a small mischievous smirk on his face.

“Sorry Y/N, Loki’s gonna win me a stuffed dog!” Darcy called over her shoulder as she pulled an unwilling Loki over to a stall. I crossed my arms over my chest as my heart dropped into my stomach. “I’ll go on my own then.” I huffed before handing the guy a dollar bill, pushing the fake spider webs out of the way.

“Lady Y/N wait,” I heard Thor behind me as an old corpse bride sprang from a fake grave to the left. “You didn’t have to come with me Thor I’m fine by myself.” He fell into step next to me as we turned a corner to darkness, save for glow in the dark murals. 

I bit my lip at his silence, “You could have waited outside with Jane, it’s lame in here anyway.” I mumbled as a skeleton fell from the ceiling in front of us. “You should go and win her a stuffed animal.” Thor turned to face me again with a small smile on his face.

“What’s the significance of a stuffed animal?” He asked as we came to a stop in front of a mirror maze. I looked at our difference in height and huffed, “Nothing. It’s just what couples do is all.” Fiddling with my scarf I walked into the maze with Thor behind. “It’s just one of those stupid things people in love do.”

“Then why are you upset?” I sighed as I heard him stop behind me. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. “I’m not.” I lied.

“I’m sure Darcy just wants a stuffed toy Y/N,”

“I don’t care Thor, it’s nothing to do with me anyway.” Stomping off I made for the exit in an even worse mood than I was already in when I entered the stupid haunted house. Darcy and Jane were stood sharing the responsibility of keeping a giant stuffed dog off of the muddy ground they were standing on. To the right of them was a very bored looking Loki.

“Y/N look what we won!” Darcy cheered. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help but smile at her childish joy from a stuffed dog. “He’s a bit small isn’t he?” I bit out, ignoring the pang of jealously I felt. 

“She wanted the big one.” Loki drawled from behind, walking over with Thor in hushed conversation. “I can see.” You whispered, following the two girls off to the next ride.

Thor and Loki were hanging back slightly looking like they were talking very intensely. The two brothers had arrived back on earth a few months ago and had been a part of daily life ever since, Loki especially. There was no real way of describing the relationship the two of you had, it started with hot chocolates that you would indulge yourselves with at your nightly 3am meetings when the two of you couldn’t sleep. You knew he had nightmares and you just couldn’t bear to leave him alone with them, so you started to set your alarm for 2:50am each night in order to meet the god dead on 3am.

“I’m going on the ferris wheel, I’ll catch up!” I shouted to the girls who had already began to make their way over to a hot dog stand. There wasn’t much of a que, mainly young couples who were waiting for a chance to have a seat and a snog. “Sorry, only two to a cart.” The operator coughed as I got to the front. “One of you will have to wait.”

Looking behind me I saw Loki and Thor had qued up too, Loki quickly glanced between me and his brother. “I’d better go and see if Jane is alright.” He spoke cheerfully as he clasped Loki on the back and turned away.

I turned to Loki who gestured for me to step in ahead of him. The carts were small with no step to rest your feet on, just a simple cushioned bench with a safety bar across it. There wasn’t much room once I’d squashed my hand bag into the side of the seat to prevent it falling out, this left me squashed arm to arm with the god of mischief.

“Sorry,” I mumbled as the operator pulled the bar down across us, struggling to secure it with Loki’s long legs. He shot me a questioning look. “You’re sorry?”

I nodded, “Yeah. You didn’t have to come on here with me you know, I can do things alone I don’t mind.” 

The cart started to move. “You’re independent to a fault but I don’t think even that would convince the old coot that you could ride in a cart alone.” I smirked, oddly proud that he thought I was independent.

“True.” Silence fell over the two of us as we climbed higher and higher. Loki shifted in his seat, his legs dangled and bumped into mine lightly. “Are you alright?” My breath hitched slightly as I realised just how close I was to the god. He nodded and wriggled his arms forwards over the bars, “Fine it’s just very compromising.”

I couldn’t help the giggle that rose at the sight of it. He turned to me with a quirked eyebrow, “Sorry, you’re just so tall really aren’t you?” Two hands rose to cover my mouth as I tried to hide the giggles as he fidgeted again only to lift his arms up into the air and place them over the back of the cart.

Suddenly the cold winter air had gotten much thicker. 

“Are you cold?” Loki asked just as the cart jolted to a stop. We were right at the top, peering out over the edge we could see our friends and the old man who owned the ride walk over to the generator.

“Did he just…” I mumbled as I squinted my eyes. “Kick the ride?” I turned to Loki in mild horror, “Did he just kick the ride? Why aren’t we moving?” He shrugged and relaxed back into his seat.

“I’m calling the fire brigade!” A voice yelled from the ground. I glanced at Loki who was already watching me with a curious look on his face. “Looks like we’re stuck here for a while.” I mumbled as a cold wind blew, making the cart rock a little too much. Instinctively I grabbed onto Loki as the cart continued to rock in the wind.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all…” I mumbled with my eyes squeezed shut. Loki hummed beside me and wrapped a hand around my shoulder. “This is the most fun I’ve had all night.” He chuckled from beside me.

Opening one eye I peeked up at him from underneath my lashes, “Seriously? You get dragged along on a ‘group event’ and the most fun you have is getting stuck in a cart at the top of a ferris wheel with your brothers girlfriends best friend?” I lightly teased, still tense next to him from the wind. 

He hummed and pulled me closer into him, “Yes I suppose.”

Struggling to manoeuvre my bag from the seat beside me I pulled out a hat and looked at Loki. “Are you cold?”

He shook his head slowly, “Frost giant’s don’t really mind the cold.”

Feeling more than a little embarrassed at forgetting Loki’s heritage I quickly stuffed the hat back where it belonged and stared out at the skyline. “Are you cold?” Loki asked into the silence, tilting my head I looked up at him staring out at the skyline too.

“You already asked me that,” I reminded him with a smile, “I’m alright. Though if we stay up here forever then my toes might slowly start to drop off.” He didn’t laugh with me, instead he kept watching the world go by. “You don’t have to worry about that you know.” I spoke quietly, eyeing my hands in my lap.

I felt his gaze fall to me without looking. “Making me cold I mean, I know Darcy and Jane always comment on it but it’s never really bothered me…” Mentioning Darcy again made the jealous pang return to my chest. “Is Darcy even ok with you being up here? With me I mean?”

His head snapped down to mine with scrunched brows. “I - I don’t follow,” He paused and glanced at the ground. “Why would Darcy care where I go?”

I snorted, “Aren’t you two…You know?” I clasped my hands together and motioned for him to get the idea. Instead he just stared at my hands blankly and shrugged. “No I don’t follow,”

“Together?” I laughed bitterly, “She’s been dragging you off on rides or to stalls at every chance she’s gotten tonight so I just assumed -”

Are you jealous?” He smirked, turning his body as much as he could towards mine. I could feel my cheeks heating up under his gaze. “No.” I choked out, “No I was just curious is all.” 

We both stared at the other for a moment longer before looking back out at the world surrounding us. “I was rather hoping you’d be jealous.” He commented quietly.

I stilled under his arm as the world seemed to stop revolving. What did he mean by that? Was there a hidden meaning or was he just being his usual teasing Loki? I mean, yes there had been those nights where the two of you flirted a little but it had always been playful and nothing had ever come from it. And yes you two may have fallen asleep on the sofa in Jane’s apartment one too many times but you always slept better when you were tucked under the lanky god’s legs and -

“Y/N?” He squeezed my shoulder with a nervous laugh, “Did I accidentally charm you into a coma?” He teased lightly as he pulled me closer into him and away from my thoughts.

“Quite possibly. You do always like a good flirt.” As quickly as the moment had come it was gone again. Do you ever flirt like this with Darcy? 

Loki seemed to sense the shift in atmosphere. “Perhaps if I were to flirt with Darcy she wouldn’t be as dense as you.” He huffed quietly.

I whipped my head up to see him smirking down at me once again, “Did you just call me dense?” I seethed, sitting up further in my seat. “I am not dense Loki! I -”

He cut me off my placing his lips on mine with a quiet urgency that was only too quickly returned. I tried to turn my body towards his but was confined by the safety bar, instead I pulled his neck further down and wound my fingers ever so slightly in his long hair. In return his hand pressed into my back, pulling me as close into him as possible. His lips were softer than I’d imagined and cool like the rest of him which only added to the rush that we both felt. His other hand grabbed at my waist eagerly as we both explored the other with teeth and tongue, time seemed to have stopped completely just for a moment.

The sound of someone clearing their throat behind us caused the two of us to break apart quickly.

Thor stood holding the cart still with a stupid grin plastered on his rosy face. “If you two are quite finished, I think the other passengers would like to get off.” Fumbling with the safety bar Loki helped guide us both with shaking legs back onto solid ground. 

Looking around for Jane and Darcy I opened my mouth and looked up at a beaming Thor, though he seemed preoccupied by staring at his brother. “Uh, Thor?” His beaming face shot to yours, “Where’s Jane and Darcy?” Looking around again I made sure I hadn’t missed them.

Thor began walking and we followed, Loki’s hand burning on my waist the entire time. “They got bored so carried on,” I glanced up at Loki and smiled feeling suddenly very shy around the tall god. “ - I think they may have made their way to the dodgems?” 

Loki chuckled beside me and squeezed me lightly, “I’m not sure I’ll be able to kiss you as much as I’d like too on that.” He whispered huskily, low enough for me to hear. I blushed and thought quickly.

“Thor!” I called as I pulled a confused Loki to a stop beside me, “I’m just going to show Loki that scary haunted house we went in earlier!” Pulling Loki behind me in a run I caught the knowing gaze he sent our way.

“About damn time.” Thor smiled to himself, making his way towards the next ride.

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include (Part 2):

Summary: Just dating Peter… and being Tony’s daughter.

Authors Note: This was highly requested in the comments and I really enjoyed making the last one, so here ya  go! <3

Warning(s): swearing and deadpool (again)

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker Would Include (Part 2):

•y'all “tis about to get wilD

•you and peter have a stable relationship™

-y'all don’t really fight

-if you do it’s something stupid


-“ I’m lactose intolerant Peter”

-“YOU ARE A TERRIBLE- wait you are?!?!”

-“HAHAHA SIKE” *cue you running away with the last brownie*

•Tony usually mediates your fights.

-he doesn’t want his spiderlings to be sad.

-not good for his representation in the ‘approving dad’ world

-“(Y/N) I suggest you give Peter back his brownie”

-“I ate it”

-*tony giving you the scolding parent look*

-“what do you want me to do? Shit it out?”

-*cap bursts through the door* “LANGUAGE (Y/N)

•peter still uses pickup lines on you

-“my Spidey sense isn’t the only thing that’s tingling”

-“peter do you know what that means?

-“yes it means I feel all tingly and happy when I’m around you”


-he clearly gets these from Wade

•peter going on dad dates with Tony

-“I can’t believe you remembered our anniversary”

-“I could never forget it Mr Stark”

-“um Peter…you’re dating me?”

-“This is an A B conversation (Y/N) leave”

-your dad and Peter have probably been on more dates with each other than Peter has with you.

•you and peter are always together

-the avengers freak out when you aren’t.


-“Thor chill… he went to the bathroom”

•Peter always has his hands on you

-whether it’s holding hands, or he’s touching your shoulder, wrapping his arms around your waist.

-he likes to know that you’re always there.

•hUgS frOm BehInD

-y'all this is the only time Peter feels like he’s the big spoon

-he’ll rest his chin on your head and your back will be pressed to his chest


•peter using his height to his advantage

-he’ll hide your things in high places

-so you call for help

-usually ends in you standing on him to get what you want.


-it happened when you first showed Peter your room

-Tony told you to leave the door open but y'all didn’t let that bother you ;)


-“ father why do you not express this concern for me”

-“it’s because you’re the devils spawn”

•finally perfecting that spiderman kiss



-“how do I get down?”

- *cue peter’s web snapping*

•stealing Peter’s clothes

-old and new

-he leaves a sweater at your place?

-BAM it’s yours

-buys a new shirt?

-BaM It’s yours

-he eventually runs out of clothes

-Tony buys him a new wardrobe

•having a meme group chat with Ned

-sending memes about spiderman

-peter regrets introducing you to Ned

•going on dates to the zoo

-Peter taking pictures of you admiring things

-a passerby reports Peter to the security guard for looking like a creep

-your dad has to bail peter out

•whenever peter loses you in a large group of people he always knows how to find you.

-“yo Pete where’s your girlfriend?”

-“hold on one sec” *shakes wallet*


-“found her”

•spoiling peter bc you’re filthy rich and he deserves the world

-“happy birthday baby!!”

-“(Y/N) is that a car???”

-*you smiling uncontrollably*

-”(Y/N) I can’t drive’’

-’’Its a keepsake’’ 

•convincing your dad to take peter on missions.

-instantly regretting it bc peter is a soft boi who needs protection.

-“If you die on this mission, I will kill you”

-updating the suit bc you must protec™

-“I’ve added extra padding to your suit to soften any falls”

-he literally cannot breathe now

•accidentally admitting that Tom Holland is your celebrity crush.

-“but we look exactly alike??”

-“don’t be ridiculous Peter, you look nothing alike”

•dates to museums and science exhibitions

-watching peter nerd out

-v cute™

•going out with Liz and Michelle for girls nights

-peter dropping in on you as part of ‘patrol’

-almost activating ‘instant kill mode’ when a guy talks to you

•you putting on the suit just to talk to Karan

-“am I the only one that thinks Peter smells like avocado? Like does he even eat avocado?”

-“I too have detected this unusual scent Ms Stark”

•Peter freaks tf out when you get sick

-like mental break down freak out

-he googles your symptoms

-which means he always thinks your dying.


-he brought like 50 tins of soup

-will not let you leave his sight

-“Peter I need to take a dump”

-“I’ll come with you”

•Wade is always crashing your dates

-he thinks you guys are friends

-“Wade will you ever leave us alone?”

-“Of course Peetie! When (Y/N)’s father accepts my adoption papers”

-“Why would a grown ass man need adopting?”

-“It’s to fund my expensive lifestyle”

-Wade also steals Peter’s wallet so he has an excuse to come along.

-eventually getting a restraining order on Wade.

•Star Wars marathons

-you thinking Luke Skywalker is hot

-Peter getting jealous

-he dresses up like Luke the next day.

•he finds your old spiderman fan account on tumblr

-when he does he just stares at you smugly from across the room.


-“oh nothing” ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

-he starts texting you the ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) face.

-“so you bet spiderman is one sexy specimen under that mask?“ ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

-you want to die

-"I will delete you from my life”

•going to Starbucks for your anniversary dates

•peter insisting you have him on speed dial just incase anything happens

-you mostly use it to get food


-“(Y/N)??? Are you okay??”

-“I’ll have a double cheeseburger and fries please.”

-“(Y/N) pls”

-“what? I’m hungry”

-“may I remind you that I am  not supposed to be used for ordering take out”

-“then what the fuck are you supposed to be?”

-“your boyfriend”

-“oh yes that too”

•you wear matching outfits to school sometimes

-you are the power couple of the school

•taking Tony’s car for a joy ride

-crashing it bc peter gets nervous and webs up the windscreen

-it’s all good tho

-you use his card to buy a new one

-and blame it on Wade

•cute goodmorning texts

-“make sure to brush your teeth, you have terrible morning breath xox ~ (Y/N)

-"please brush your hair today, yesterday you looked like a yeti that had been run over and drowned in toilet water <3 Peter”

•everyone noticing how whipped Peter is for you

-except you

-peter doesn’t even know what that means he’s so outdated

•Peter has coffee mornings with Steve

-you’re never invited

•sending each other selfies

-your ugliest ones usually end up as your lock screens

-“who’s that horrendous looking creature?”

-“my fucking boyfriend bish”

•you die when peter speaks Spanish

-“pan caliente”

-“ I don’t know what you just said but please let it be the only thing you say at my funeral”

-he said hot bread

•Peter worries about your wellbeing

-he sets up daily reminders on your phone to drink water

-irl it’s just him texting you h20 puns and jokes

•you are very territorial

-if a girl so much as looks at Peter

-you will snatch the weave

-one time you actually pulled out some girls hair

-Peter thought it was hot™

-Steve and Tony did not ™

•stony are your parents tbh

•like your dad you have a lot of issues

-you’re scared peter will leave

-but he never does

-he always comes back

•arcade dates

-Peter gives you a promise ring from a vending machine

-the avengers freak out and think it’s an engagement ring.

-Steve gives you a lecture about patience and how you should wait.

-Tony on the other hand…


-“Uh Mr Stark, we’re 17 and it’s just a promise ring”

-“You are both disappointments and disgraces to the Stark name”

•caring for him after missions


-back rubs

-Peter is very clingy at this point.

•knowing exactly what calms each other down.

•Training with Peter

-having a run on the treadmill whilst he does weights.

-you trip and hit your head

-Peter drops a weight on his foot bc he’s shook.

-you both go to hospital and agree never to workout together again.

•carnival dates

-peter sees a game and insists he wins a price for you

-he loses

-3 times

-you end up having a go and you win a fish

-peter has the fish for 4 days of the week and you have him for 3

-the fish is your son™

-his name is ‘the fish™’

•stargazing and talking about a future together

•you both trust and love each other a lot

•you love peter a lot

-although you don’t say it often

-you show it though

- but he already knows it

The Heart - Roman Godfrey

(Nerd!Reader X Roman Godfrey)

You tutor Roman Godfrey in Anatomy, the Cardiovascular System to be exact.

A/N : This is one of my first tries when writing for Roman so I’m going to say sorry in advance! Give me some time to master writing for him! Enjoy!

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Hemlock Grove High School was unwelcoming to say the least. Despite having lived in the sleepy town for all of your life, you couldn’t help but feel apart from your peers. While they gossiped, you were studying. While they went out with their friends, you were home alone. One thing that came from this was your good grades. You were soon recommended to be a tutor.

Hardly anyone ever came up to the Peer Tutoring lab. If they did, they would seek help from someone more affable, approachable instead of yourself. It didn’t matter how smart you were, your personality off put so many people, they refused to get the help they truly needed. Part of you liked it that way; you had grown used to the cold shoulders after a few years. However, deep down, it hurt you.

It hurt that no one wanted to talk to you, ask you a question about the Algebra homework or number forty-five on that History assignment. It hurt that, while you sat alone at a table, all the other tutors were explaining to their friends what the difference between a covalent and an ionic bond were. So, instead of thinking about how much it hurt, you busied yourself with a book.

You were already in deep within the pages when the rapping of knuckles against the table frightened you. You looked up and your eyes locked with none other than Roman Godfrey. You had known him since grade school, liked him since grade six. So of course it was him that came up to you. The boy offered you a soft smile, as if in apology; but Roman never apologizes.

“I need help with something,” he said coldly, “you’re a tutor right?” You nodded, peering at him as you closed your book.

“You care about your grades?” You countered, without missing a beat. Roman actually smiled, taking the seat next to you at your empty table.

“I need to pass,” he said, “my mom’s been riding my ass all week about it.” He reached down into his bag, pulling out a binder. His lips were pursed as he moved, his jaw tight with agitation. He flopped the binder on the table with a smacking sound that drew the attention of people in the room.

“Anatomy,” you said, opening the binder. “You’re covering the body systems…” Roman only nodded, watching you as you looked over his notes. You suppressed a smile as your eyes skimmed over his handwriting. It was fanciful, not the childish font most males scribbled in. Little sketches also caught your attention. A wolf’s face and a few snakes littered the margins on his notebook.

“We have a test soon,” Roman said, bringing your eyes to meet his own. “On the Cardiovascular system, I think. I’m not good with-”

“The heart? Does blood make you queasy?” You asked, leaning over the binder. Roman scoffed at your words, rolling his eyes. You noticed the quirking of his lips a little, making your heart flutter. He looked good when he smiled.

“You ask a lot of questions,” he said blatantly. While his original annoyance lingered in his expression, mischief glimmered in his eyes too.  

“I don’t see many people asking me for help,” you explained.

“Maybe ‘cause you ask so many questions,” Roman said, the hints of a grin forming on his lips. You had heard about those lips. Girls of Hemlock High raved about the magic Roman Godfrey could work. You yourself had wondered, but never dared to entertain the thoughts of him any further. If you did, you wouldn’t be able to focus.

“I can help you,” you said, flipping through his notebook to find the notes on the heart. When you found the pages, you looked back up at Roman whose gaze was glued on you. You swallowed hard under his gaze, shifting in your seat. It wasn’t just his lips, it was his eyes. You felt your heartbeat start to quicken as you mentally cursed yourself.  

“So-uh, where should we begin? The circulatory system?” You asked, clearing your throat. When Roman didn’t respond, you looked up at him.

“I was thinking, maybe the inner workings of the heart.” You nearly melted at the tone of his voice. The heart, of course. His green eyes were bright, a full grin on his face now. He knew exactly what he was doing. You felt a red-hot blush creep onto your features and you knew it would be a long study session.

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BTS scenario: you take care of him after a bad day

BTS SCENARIOS: You take care of him after a bad day


REQUESTED: YES! Thanks for requesting


A/N: sorry if this sucks, I’m in the middle of exams and couldn’t focus on studying so instead decided to write this now. Also, I couldn’t focus on this either and drifted away from the subject, sorry.


Jin would come home in a really bad mood, he wasn’t angry but more like sad. Using only small words to you, and you felt as if you had been talking to Yoongi even. But you didn’t know what had been going on and it all worried you even more when he didn’t want to eat anymore.

About 30 minutes after he walked in, you decided to ask him about his day so that you could find out what had been wrong. It didn’t take long before he had told you: “I can’t sing, I can’t dance. I don’t have any talent.”

The words shocked you and you knew he had probably read some hate on Twitter, though hate was made of pure lies. Your boyfriend was able to sing and was able to dance: he wasn’t the best dancer but still comparing to many other people in the world, he could dance.

That evening you decided to have dinner together and then head to your shared bedroom. Both of you decided to cuddle in bed, completely naked. You began to give small compliments, genuine compliments. Those compliments made him smile a little bit more every time he saw your lips moving to say another compliment.

The compliment spam lasted the entire night, even turned into “one million reasons why I love you”. Your Jin had changed his mood at the end, you noticed it when he fell asleep with a smile on his lips.

He didn’t care about hate, he only cared about love, your love.

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Yoongi was more talkative when he came home, talkative but even more negative than other times. He had nothing good to say and rambled on about everything, yet not about what actually bothered him. 

You left him alone though, knew he wanted to be alone after his rant so that he could calm down a bit. Though after an hour of space, you decided to check up on him and found him looking at pictures. Pictures of his family, pictures of Holly, pictures of you and of him.

“the songs I write suck, right?” he asked as if it was the most normal thing to ask, it made you frown and immediately sit on the edge of the bed to look at him. His songs didn’t suck, he was great and you knew he loved it.

You gently wrapped your arms around him and decided to lay down with him, still looking at the pictures but now together. Sometimes he spoke about a memory, but you knew he was still stuck with his mind.

Yoongi looked at you when you sat up and smiled down at him, you suddenly thought of something. Something that often made you smile or even laugh, and you hoped that it would make your Yoongi laugh too. “min yoongi genius jjang jjang man boong boong” you then said, trying to actually sound like your boyfriend.

First it made Yoongi roll his eyes but soon he was laughing at your cuteness, then you got your smiley Yoongi back. As both of you started to say questionable things, but things that made you two laugh.

And that’s how you got him back, with some questionable things and of course him cuddling in your arms.

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“I sing and rap like a child”

he said suddenly, no one asked him what was wrong but it was the first thing he said when he came home. Immediately catching your attention as you got up from the couch to listen.

He claimed how he didn’t like his own voice, or was it what the haters had been telling him? All that you knew was that it made him extra sad today, your sunshine was replaced by rainy clouds.

“You don’t, what are you talking about?” you claimed which made him sigh deeply in return and shake his head. He didn’t even feel like talking anymore because of the way his voice sounded but soon began to cry.

He was an emotional human being, and even if he usually was happy, he sometimes cried when feelings were overwhelming or when his mind was full of thoughts. 

Thus you took your beautiful boyfriend for a walk outside, it was nearing Christmas so you knew that it would be decorated outside. That and all of the distractions would calm his mind.

During the walk you two talked and admired the christmas lights and decorations at other places around, you saw him turn into that little sunshine again, but knew his mind was still filled with clouds. On the way you decided to stop at a small cafe: getting some muffins and hot chocolate for the both of you to enjoy.

You let out a happy sigh once you saw Hobi smiling and taking a sip of his hot chocolate, this was better than his sadness. “Hey! I should make a christmas rap and yes….Hobi’s x-mixtape” he said and laughed at his own joke, then pressed a kiss to your cheek.

You always knew what was best for him.

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He broke nearly everything in his reach, and not on purpose but just because he didn’t know how to touch it anymore or paid little attention to it. This continued for a while: he had now broken a vase, a glass, a few pencils, one of his decorations for in the studio and probably his own heart. He thought he was a failure, not for a specific reason but he just thought he was a failure and a loser.

Around the evening you decided to hold his hands on the couch, so that he wouldn’t break anything but also so that he would be in a better mood. He was sad and just stared at nothing with that empty look in his eyes, he would try to hide it from you though but you knew him well enough.

After a while you began to gently run your nails or fingertips over his skin, which made his eyebrows furrow first. But then felt how it felt nice, almost like a tickling feeling but in the nice way that always made someone relax and just smile at it. Like a mini massage.

But you noticed how he liked it and gently started to continue, going from the skin of his hand to his arm. His eyes closing as he began to hum, unknowingly humming a BTS song. 

Without asking he turned on a movie you both enjoyed and crawled under a blanket with you, still letting you work your magic fingertips over the skin of his arm. Until he happily drifted off to sleep 

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Jimin was staring in the mirror, he told you not to go in the bathroom but you could see him from the bedroom anyways. He was staring in the mirror at his reflection.

Korean words falling from his lips in small mumbles, and it wasn’t hard to understand that he was talking about his own body. Everyone expected so much from him, or at least he thought so: ARMYs didn’t mind about his body, he was perfect the way he was but he felt the need to look perfect for them and for the rest of the world. 

You understood that it was a part of him and that you couldn’t change it, no matter how many times you would compliment him about his cuter chubby cheeks. 

But you decided to get up from the bed and walk towards your boyfriend, wrapping your arms around his waist from behind. “Complaining won’t help, tomorrow we will both do some light jogging and made a healthy salad” you whispered to him. He didn’t want help but he could use all of the support. 

“That seems like a good idea, gorgeous” he said and turned around to press a soft kiss to your lips. He knew he couldn’t cross the limit, that he had to eat every day every meal, that you would always have his back.

You would always love him, and he was grateful.

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Ever since some people laughed at his fashion he was lost, he loved his clothes and thought they were unique, different and nice. But not everyone seemed to think that way.

He began to steal clothes from the others and wear them, but wasn’t himself if he did so. Because he missed being unique and himself, which then ended in him staying inside the place all the time: no one would have to see him in his weird clothes!

You noticed it all and decided of an idea, you wanted to cheer him up. And decided to start your plan as soon as he was forced to go out with the boys: creating a small stage in your room from pillows and printed out the Gucci logo together with some fitting music.

As he came home and into his room, he noticed it all but didn’t know what was going on. Until you appeared in his outfit and began to walk over the selfmade pillow catwalk.

Taehyung was confused but started to smile soon, he knew you liked him and his sense of fashion. It was also adorable to see how you were doing this, walking in his clothes and making a fashion show for him to smile again. And as your old Tae got back, he couldn’t help but join, singing along to the music as he walked on the pillows like a model, shining with his own clothes. 

He was unique, and unique shouldn’t be flawless, unique was more beautiful than perfect

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He always had to be everything and always had to be able to do anything, he didn’t want this anymore. He was golden but wanted to be silver in something: learn and see how to get better at things.

It wasn’t nice to receive compliments without the effort of making himself shine, it all went with a snap of his fingers as if it was a spell that made him good at everything.

Over a few weeks you noticed his behaviour, how he began to lose interest because he was just able to do things that others found hard. He would lose interest and give up on finding new hobbies or things to do. 

One day he came home from filming an episode for ‘Run’ and saw you writing things down on a paper. He was focused on the small decorations you printed out and glued to the paper.

“Y/N, what’s that?” he asked but as soon as you showed him the paper, he smiled a little. You had spent your day making a bucket list of things you two could do and figure out together, they weren’t special things but they’d challenge him and make him go from bronze, to silver and to gold like he wanted. “You want me to fix a Rubik’s cube in 60 seconds?!” he asked with a laugh of surprise.

He liked the ideas you had written down, and liked how you always made sure that he was feeling good or that he was himself. And surely you two would make little challenges out of them.

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Pleaseeee do Rap Monster as a boyfriend

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-very thought out dates
-terrible singing competitions
“baby, please.. bring me a cup of coffee”
-smooches. smooches ALL the time
-sitting in the studio, looking through his books while he works
-lazy mornings where he’s propped up on a pillow and you’re lying on his chest while he reads to you
-also. silent, relaxing mornings where you both don’t say a word while drinking coffee, just enjoying each other’s presence
-two seater bike rides
-matching hoodies
-going to book stores and taking the books you bought to a park to read
-late night makeout sessions when you can’t sleep that lead to spooning sex
-him falling asleep on your shoulder while you ride the bus
“Y/N, so i was reading about zodiacs and I know i­t­ says we get into arguments about small things sometimes, but clearly they’re wrong because look at how compatible we are.”
“Y/N will you tickle my arm again…”
-back hugs, especially when you wear his t shirt and nothing else
-buying replacements for broken things
him getting super philosophical about something that shouldn’t be, like the way you put your socks on.
“Y/N don’t you think it’s kinda funny how…”
-paragraph text messages about how much you mean to him
-picking flowers together
-making a daisy chain with him, but he keeps breaking his
-sexual songs getting to his head and him busting in and suddenly you’re pinned to a wall
-really, really .. weird snapchats
-i think he doesn’t know what he’s doing
-admiring you while you do something you’re passionate at
-sex following a heated argument just because
“Y/N, you really knew what you were talking about.. you’re so hot”
-him, who we all believe to be a sex god, almost putting i­t­ in the wrong hole
“Y/N .. i’m sorry i’m sorry! … but could we try that sometime?”
-you see something you like, he notices this, i­t­ ends up on your bed the next day
“Y/N.. Do you think your parents would like me?”
-really long conversations after seeing a new movie, discussing every aspect of i­t­
-one of his favorite songs plays, you both dance in the most … obscene ways .. but laugh the entire time
-him being super impressed with how witty you are
-him, literally JIZZING his pants anytime you bend down to grab something
-also.. him “dropping” things just so you can pick them up
-very very intimate sex
-you coming home to find six different lingerie choices on your bed.
“Namjoon, I’m on my period.”
“O-oh.. .”
-speaking of towels, everytime you come out of the shower he is completely flabbergasted as to how you got the towel on your head to do that.
“Y/N.. you’re a witch aren’t you?”
-waking up to him mumbling in his sleep, mouth WIDE open.
-his pet names get a bit…
“honey bunch!”
“Namjoon, that’s a cereal.”
“honey bunch!”
-the small things you do, causing him to pull you tight and kiss your head over and over.
“I love you.”


prompt response to: andreil trapped in a small space scenario

As much as all these late night practices aided Neil in strengthening his form, some nights he felt so incredibly drained of energy that by the end of them he almost cursed his own resolve. 

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There’s a little detail that makes everything a million times better worse in that page with Lillie and Lusamine.

Yes, Lillie’s clearly in her Z-powered outfit, but isn’t there something familiar about the way she’s holding up her hands…?

Lillie was trying to pump up her confidence in front of the mirror and Lusamine just went NOPE.

EXO reacting to another member kissing or touching you

this took me so long I don’t know why ugh 



  • to be very very honest, i would be afraid of him
  • Minseok’s not the type who gets easily jealous 
  • and he would never yell at you because he’s jealous 
  • it was just a normal movie night with the boys at the dorm 
  • but when Jongdae scoots closer to you, his head on your lap and his fingers playing with your hair, Minseok would be alarmed 
  • he trusts you
  • and his members 
  • but he doesn’t like it when another man’s touching you
  • he’s the only one allowed to touch you
  • his precious little babygirl 
  • Jongdae’s fingers would start to tickle you
  • but suddenly his fingers would reach the red zone like touching or brushing your boob 
  • your cheeks would turn red, now realizing it’s not fun anymore, it get’s too dangerous and inappropriate 
  • your eyes would catch Minseok’s look 
  • he’s not amused to say the least
  • Jongdae-ah, find another place to sit. Now.”


  • did he really just saw what he thinks that he saw
  • is he dreaming ???
  • but no, he still see the scene in front of him 
  • Sehun’s lips on yours, holding your shoulders, pulled against his chest 
  • neither of you saw him standing there, watching in silence
  • he would be angry, very angry 
  • his first instinct would be taking a deep breath 
  • just as he wants to interrupt all this, he sees you struggling and pushing Sehun away
  • “Y/N, I’m sorry, okay? I-I just had to! I love you!” 
  • “But I don’t love you! I’m the girlfriend of your best friend! And you know damn well that I only love Junmyeon!” 
  • Suho would feel so relieved 
  • hearing you saying those words, he would calm down a little bit 
  • you didn’t enjoyed the kiss
  • you didn’t cheat on him like he thought 
  • of course you wouldn’t, you would never do such a thing 
  • but he’s still angry and wants to clarify this 
  • “Maknae, I’ll give you exact 10 seconds to explain this!” 


  • look at him 
  • his look explains it all 
  • wtf
  • why is Chanyeol’s hand laying on your bare thigh, slowly caressing the soft skin 
  • he would feel betrayed by his band member
  • his look breaks my heart omg 
  • he’s not the jealous type of man
  • but right know he’s very worried 
  • would Chanyeol’s flirting affect you?  
  • and then his eyes would catch your look 
  • you shift uncomfortable in your seat, pushing Chanyeol’s hand away 
  • “What are you doing, Chan?”  
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you look so hot in that skirt…” 
  • “That doesn’t justify your actions! Stop it or I’ll tell Yixing about that!” 
  • Lay’s heart would swell
  • he loves you so so much, he can trust you 
  • that’s the most important thing for him 
  • “No need to tell me, I saw it! And now move away from her before I’ll lose myself.” 


  • he wouldn’t be jealous 
  • why should he
  • he knows that you only love him, you would never cheat 
  • but he felt betrayed by Suho 
  • the leader’s hand laying on your butt 
  • you tried to push him away but he’s too strong
  • “Junmyeon! Could you please stop that?” 
  • “Make me” he would say, smiling cockily 
  • “I’ll make you” Baek would answer and you two turn around finding his intense glare
  • “Baek I-” you started but he would just nod his head 
  • “I know, baby. C’mere” 
  • he instantly pulls you closer to him, his arm provokingly around your hips 
  • “I really hope the thought of her getting fucked by me every night, keeps you awake.” you two would slowly walk away when Baek turns around one more time 
  • “Oh and her throat will be sore tomorrow from screaming my name tonight” 


  • he would be so hurt 
  • not jealous or angry
  • just very very hurt 
  • he never thought that another member would do that to him 
  • that Baekhyun kissed you in the club last night 
  • “Dae, I’m really sorry, but I had to tell you!” 
  • he was relieved that you told him what happened the next morning 
  • but still
  • muchy hurt 
  • “Why did he do that?” he would ask, his voice only a whisper 
  • “He was very drunk, Dae. He didn’t knew what he was doing, right after he kissed another girl he just met.” 
  • ok, that was a little consolation at least
  • “Did you… did you kiss him back?” 
  • “What?! Of course not! I pushed him away! Chanyeol stood next to me, even he looked furious! I would never kiss another man, I only want you!” 
  • “Thanks for telling me, Y/N. I love you so much” 
  • “I love you too” 


  • jealous but insecure pup
  • he saw you and Kai dancing together in the practice room when the younger one showed you the newest choreography 
  • you looked so damn hot, your hips moving perfectly to the rhythm 
  • but Kai’s hands on your hips?
  • not so much 
  • you were so fixated on the dance, you didn’t even notice his hands 
  • or his smirk in the mirror 
  • suddenly he pulled you closer to him and you nearly tripped 
  • “Jongin! Watch out!” 
  • “Sorry Y/N” 
  • “And move your hands, I can dance very well on my own without your annoying touches” 
  • Chanyeol would feel so proud
  • heck yes, his girl’s putting his dongsaeng in place 
  • later that evening you would lay next to each other in bed, heavy panting after you showed Chanyeol how much you love and adore him 
  • *wink wink* 


  • No. Just no. 
  • dear band member who’s going to touch or kiss you 
  • for the sake of your own life
  • don’t do it 
  • Xiumin would test your waters by flirting with you during that company dinner
  • later he touches your hand or arm 
  • or caressing your cheek while licking his lips 
  • Satansoo activated
  • Kyungsoo would watch you closely and is walking right over to you 
  • “Minseok, don’t do that! It’s weird…” you say 
  • “Don’t touch her ever again!” he growls
  • your hand softly against his chest would relax him a little bit
  • “It’s okay Soo, Minseok wanted to leave anyway” 
  • “He better does” 
  • maybe he’s grumpy the whole evening 
  • but you would kiss him by every chance, interlace your hand with his and tell him how handsome he looked in that suit 
  • and then a little smile would appear on his lips and you knew, everything was okay again 


  • similar to Chen and Yeol 
  • he feels insecure and hurt 
  • Kyungsoo was just holding your hand, not a big deal maybe 
  • but he did it public while all of you headed home after the restaurant 
  • why would he do that 
  • he knew damn well you were Kai’s girlfriend 
  • luckily you yanked your hand away after a few seconds 
  • “What is it” Kyungsoo asked
  • “People will think we’re dating and I don’t want that. I’m dating Jongin, and only him.” 
  • Kyungsoo would continue walking while you stopped, waiting for Jongin who was walking a little bit behind the group 
  • “Thanks” he would whisper and kiss your lips “I know I can trust you”
  • “Of course you can Nini”


  • similar to Baek 
  • you only love him
  • he’s the only one who can make you moan, or touch you, kiss you 
  • you know it, he knows it 
  • but apparently Lay didn’t knew it 
  • his dancer hips grind against you on the dance floor of that club 
  • to provocative and especially too erotically
  • you didn’t noticed Lay’s attempts towards you, you just danced and wanted to have some fun 
  • “Excuse me hyung, but I think your dick grind enough against my girlfriends ass.” 
  • Sehun would pull you away, now dancing with you 
  • “Is Sehunnie jealous?” you smirked 
  • “Nah, I know you would never fuck him or anyone else because there’s only one who can own this pussy, right?” 
  • you moaned, his lips against your neck, nipping on that sensitive skin
  • “Y-Yes” 
  • “Who is it? Say it”
  • “Only you!”
  • “That’s right, babygirl” 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Barton!Reader


Can I get a request where the reader is Clint’s Daughter and it’s reader x Peter?            

Peter has created a chatroom: hello my beautiful girlfriend that i love so much

Peter has added Y/N.


Peter: Me last night when you wanted me to help you design your new suit.


You: Me last night when you showed me designs you made just for me.

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