i knew it would be hot

[Soulmate AU where there is a timer on your wrist counting down to the moment when you meet your soulmate] Will Poindexter was painfully aware of how little time was left on the clock on his wrist. He knew from the moment he saw “Meet the Team” on his schedule that he would meet his soulmate there as well- he’d done the math a long time ago. He figured that someone on the team would bring a female friend or sibling, or something like that. He got there early, anxious to find out who his soulmate was (even though he knew it would happen at the same time regardless). He saw a girl walk in and his heart skipped a beat- but no, there were still three minutes on the clock, and now she was kissing a guy with a moustache anyway. He kept looking around and fidgeting nervously until he heard a voice behind him say “Hey, I’m Derek.” Will turned around to see an unbelievably hot guy. And then he looked down at his wrist, which read 00:00:00.

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NINA OH MY GOD, YOUR TAGS IN THAT GIFSET FROM SEASON 2, I'M LAUGHING SO HARD but in all seriousness, do you think Hyde liked her for so long?

[This gifset]

No, not really. I mean– phisically, yeah. Hyde says it himself, if he didn’t knew her, he would totally think she’s hot. But at this point, he doesn’t like her as a person that much, so maybe is more like a physical thing.

But if we get into the Subtext™ and the psichology behind behavior, words, body language and actions, and of course in this case, story telling, maybe in a subconscious way he had started to form some kind of feelings towards her, and vise versa.

Don’t forget she told him, if he wanted to made out with her, there was a possibility she may say yes. “The answer is probably no” , which means there was a way to convince her otherwise. Even when she was already with Kelso and they were supposed to be “fine”.

Of course, when was she truly fine with Kelso?

And in a not so related note but also related note, the other day I read this fic written by the amazing MistyMontainHop in which Hyde admits he knows he first fell in love with Jackie when she asked him if he wanted her to meet his mom (Prom Night, season 1, episode 19).

It was an act her selfishness shouldn’t had allowed her to do, but she asked and she wasn’t being sarcastic or codescending to him. She genuinely wanted to do right by him. And he fell in love with that Jackie.

So I believe we can build a headcanon around that. That in a subconscious way, he starting liking and falling for her since that moment. And his pose™ in this episode is something he didn’t even realize.

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Thank you very much for NLL ch. 5, I love both parts. Seems like it took a lot of effort, so I really appreciate your work! The posing in the funeral chapter is great and Isabella is a very genuine and likeable character. I am glad to see that you show the perspective of all parties involved in this unfortunate love triangle. Would you mind if I keep leaving messages like this? Still no tumblr account (not the social media type), but I would like to comment on NLL. Have a nice day!

Thank u so much for reading & sending this sweet message!!!! Its no secret i love isabella so i wanted to give her a proper, hot send off this chpt esp bc we wont be seeing her again for like. 200 years. Since this is a prequel and we all kno how pat & con r gonna go i knew from the start even tho isabellas role was going to b small id try to make her more than someone “getting in the way of the main ship” and like someone that it’d be realistic for pat to be into/end up with so im v v glad to hear u liked that choice :D id write more about it but im in class ugh so thank u again and ofc i dont mind ppl leaving me messages/comments, i love hearing what u guys think ❤

top 16 ‘daddy characters’ of 2016

so @novocaine-sea and I are thirsty and wanted to compile a list of our favorite animated ‘daddy’ boys.  (this is definitely a joke.  please understand that).

16. Takajou Joujirou

He is a dweeb 90% of the time, but the other 10%… damn.

15. Katsuki Yuuri

Once he finds his eros, 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

14. Genos

I never knew robots could be hot.  Or have ear piercings.

13. Kunikida Doppo

Why he so angry?  I have a thing for glasses and I know you do too, Aja.

12. Ushijima Wakatoshi

Honestly with him, he’s either ‘I-must-protect-he-is-too-pure’ or ‘please-rip-me-to-shreds’ and there is no in between.

11. Dazai Osamu

Attractive goofball that is emo af.

10. Viktor Nikiforov

Who wouldn’t called an ass-naked man winking at you daddy?  I’m looking at you, Yuuri.

9. Miyuki Kazuya

Honestly, if he weren’t the same age as me, I would rank him like number 1.

8. Nanashima Nazomu

His “I’m gonna kill you” did, in fact, kill me.

7. Oikawa Tooru

He’s honestly a complete package.  Looks, smarts, shitty personality… I kid.

6. Kuroo Tetsurou

He looks pissy in this picture and I love it.  He can go from nerd to daddy real quick.

5. Shirogane “Shiro” Takashi

He is so amazing and I LOVE HIM.

4. Mitsuboshi Takeru

L I T E R A L L Y.

3. Sawamura Daichi

Who do you think I am?  Of course Daichi is in my top 3.  I would honestly give him everything in the world, he is the reason I live.

2. Sangwoo

If he weren’t a FUCKING PSYCHOPATH he would be number one.  Holy.  FUCK.

1. Musumi Kazuma

I first laid eyes on him and was like “he is the one.”  He is SO PERFECT AND AMAZING AND I FUCKING LOVE HIM OKAY.  He is the ultimate.  daddy.

thank you for sticking with me through my thirst, and you too Aja since i literally scream with you whenever we find new daddies.


Chill, disheveled Toby. (✿ ◡‿◡)


She knew it would be strange and lonely to study abroad. She knew she’d feel lost, bewildered. It even had a name - culture shock. Like something benign, almost. Like jumping into a cold stream on a hot day, her mother said, it almost blanks your mind out to start with, but if you tough it out and stay in it, you adjust.

But she didn’t adjust, was the thing. It wasn’t just the distance, staying up late or getting up early to put fuzzy, stuttering skype calls through to her family, writing letters and postcards when that stopped working so well. It wasn’t the differences in language, the big and small adjustments she had to make for culture. (Why did Americans have to smile so wide, talk so loud?)

The place was weird was the thing. There were a thousand better words maybe - unsettling, abnormal, offset - but it all just boiled down to weird.

Home - England - could be weird too, but that was home weird, a right and natural weird. A weird of small tree copses and unloved council estates, of dark shadows traipsing the motorways and black dogs in the fog. She knew that magic. She’d tasted it already, knew the poisoned honey taste of it on her tongue. Merlin and Arthur sleeping until a prophesised time of great need, The Beast of Bodmin roaming wild, the sun behind the stones at Avebury.

Oh, she saw them, the gentry of Elsewhere University, she saw them in shadows and from the corners of her eyes and reflected in smooth surfaces. She knew them for legend and myth, she knew them - but she didn’t know them, either. They were different here, like the people were. She avoided eye contact, and never listened to the music from the lake no matter how beautiful it was, and when that pretty couple at the bar asked her home she didn’t go, because they smelled like chamomile flowers and poppies and blood.

It might have been fun, though.

She got fewer and fewer responses to her letters. Skype didn’t work at all any more. She made no friends, and none of her teachers remembered her name for more than three minutes. (she counted, on a stopwatch.)

She was disappearing, bit by bit from life, and no-one would care, no-one would remember. Nothing left of her.

She thought, in sharp jagged moments, of forcing some kind of remembrance. Of some kind of destructive public display - But she didn’t want to hurt herself, didn’t want to bring herself back into the world through destroying herself.

There was another option, her reflection said to her, when she looked into it too long. You’re vanishing anyway, what does it matter? It’s beautiful, you know, it’s beautiful.

She spent days, weeks, centuries in her room, letting the dust gather over her, hands pressed to her face. Or maybe it was just days, and there was no dust.

Once, as a child, she’d had a friend who wasn’t there. An invisible friend, as so many children do, only - only - she knew. She knew the way magic felt on her skin, tangled up in her heart. She’d never even known she missed it so intently, like some organ in her that had been torn out and only now started aching.

It wasn’t so hard, in the end, to make the choice. To walk out on a cold clear night, when the moon was a thin crescent, and to say Yes.


And in the end it got boiled down, reduced to a new legend. The international student who couldn’t handle the change any more, who got stressed and gave herself away.

No-one even remembers her name.


Hi… my pet just died and I was wondering how Newt, Draco, and the Weasley Twins would comfort/cheer up their s/o.. Thanks.

Originally posted by caryfry

Newt has sadly dealt with this a lot over the years, he probably understands better than anybody just how close you and your pet were. He’d bring you a hot cup of sweet tea, with your favourite biscuits, before bundling you up and letting you cry into his shirt front, murmuring softly about the silly and sweet things that your pet used to do. 

Originally posted by imagine-everything41

Draco never really knew the joy of having a pet, but he understood how much you loved yours. He’d sit with your head on his chest, quietly stroking your hair, humming lightly, until you drifted off to sleep.

Originally posted by theraddivision

Fred would bring you a bar honeydukes chocolate, trying to cheer you up by reminding you of all of the funny memories you and pet had together.

Originally posted by victorianstory

George would bring you a mug of hot chocolate, and snuggle you into him, letting you sob or just lay there with him in the peaceful quiet, when you were ready to talk he was there to lend his ear.


Have a great day and be safe

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The Fourth of Feelings

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May I request a Mark drabble where, being the only two Americans, decide to celebrate the Fourth of July together and he ends up confessing his feelings to you

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

This had been a bad idea from the beginning, and you knew it.

Jackson decided it would be a good idea, and alarm bells should have been ringing from that very moment because anything that Jackson classed as a ‘good idea’ is a curse from the very start.

Lights of red, white and blue lined the garden with various American flags and bunting hangs on the fences underneath the hot, summer sky that is starting to fall to dusk now time is ticking on.

You’d never been so saddened to call yourself American, because really, you didn’t want to celebrate this evening. Not when there would be fireworks exploding in the sky. It wasn’t that you hated fireworks because they’re beautiful, like sprinkles of glitter in the sky, but the noise - you can’t handle the noise.

“Feels like we’re back in America right now, right?” Mark speaks, and that’s when you realise he’d stepped up beside you at some point while you’d been lost in thought.

“It does, yeah.” You agree, “Jackson’s outdone himself this time.”

Mark laughed, and it sounded like angels descended. “Any excuse for a party, you know what he’s like.”

“Such a wild party with eight of us.” You replied sarcastically, but grinning playfully, your worries disappearing for the most part.

“Seven, actually. Yugyeom has gone home for the weekend.” Mark adds on, laughing at your remark.

“There almost no point, we should wait for him to come back.” You slip in, hoping Mark wouldn’t catch on that you feared the fireworks.

“Yeah but it won’t be the fourth then.” Mark smiled at you, “Anyway, it’ll be fun.”

“Yeah.” You reply, sliding your foot on the grass, lightly kicking it in a heart sinking feeling. How are you supposed to have a cool exterior in front of these guys and your crush when you can’t handle a few fireworks? You find yourself feeling anxious as your mind slips back into worrying about the fireworks.

“Are you alright, {y/n}, you’re looking a little bit pale.” Mark frowns, his hand resting on your back as he watches you with concern.

You look up, forcing a smile to your lips. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry, just a little tired, I suppose.”

Mark doesn’t seem entirely convinced, but he nods in response anyway. “Come on, I’ll get us something to drink.” He says, motioning for you to sit and wait for him.

Your heart didn’t stop racing until the sun had fully gone down, and as Jackson set up the fireworks, you felt your fists clenching harshly against your sides. Your knuckles had turned white from the pressure, and your nails were digging into your palms slightly more harshly than perhaps they should.

“Happy Fourth of July!” Jackson shouts, then the firework swooshes past him and into the sky, you brace yourself as it bangs, your ears begin to ring as your eyes squeeze shut.

“Are you alright {y/n}?” You vaguely hear Mark’s voice, but you’re frozen in fear, and tears are welling up in your eyes.

You don’t respond, but Mark grabs you from around the waist and lifts you into his arms, carrying you back into the house. No one else notices, not while they watch the bright colours in awe that explode in the sky. You don’t speak again until you’re back inside, your arms hugging Mark’s neck as tears spill onto his shirt.

He sits down on the sofa, cradling you in his lap as he hold your tight.  

“You should have said you didn’t like fireworks you muppet.” Mark says sweetly, rubbing your back as you pull away, just enough to look up at him.

“I’m sorry. I know I should have, now I just look pathetic.” You sighed, shaking your head.

“Hey, hey. Don’t worry about it.” He soothed, running his fingers through your hair to place the loose strands behind your ears. Then moving his thumbs across your face to remove the drops of sadness off your face, all the while looking calm and content. That was the best thing about Mark, he always had such a calming influence of you.

“I am though, because I spend so much time trying to impress you and now I’ve ruined-” You stopped, realising what words were tumbling from your mouth. Your eyes widened, your hand jumping to your mouth to cover it in astonishment.

Mark laughed, “Impress me? {y/n}, you don’t even need to try.”

“Shit, I wasn’t supposed- you weren’t- I shouldn’t have said-”

None of your words seemed to create a sentence, you trailed off, feeling more and more like you wanted to curl up in a ball and never emerge again. But Mark seemed happier than ever, his smile proved that.

He pulled you in closer, holding you close to his chest as he pressed a kiss to forehead.

“I’m taking that as a confession, so I suppose I should man up and tell you that I like you too.”

You, still shaken from the fireworks and the confession, held him tightly, hugging his chest, barely speaking but keeping him close to your heart.

Dating S.Coups would include:

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Choi Seungcheol

-a complete fool for you

-grants your every wish, even if he has to cross the oceans for it

-sometimes he gets you stuff you didn’t even tell him about, he just kinda knew

-and you’re just like

-……what kind of sorcery

-loves to show you off

-yet gets jealous/defensive when other men start checking you out

-“Y/N’s bod is so hot. Like she is BANGIN y'all. Look at her. I’m so lucky.”

-“Yeah, Y/N is really pre-”


-yeah he’s just the jealous type

-but you find it endearing

-such a great person with kids

-LOVES to visit your younger siblings/cousins because he could play with them for hours

-and you just love to watch him be a model father

-he’ll wrestle around with them all day, then watch a movie with some snacks

-and halfway through the ants on a log you made them you look over to find the kids passed out on papa coups’s chest

-and he’s snoring as well

-but he’s a different kind of daddy when you two get to be alone 😏😏

-them thighs……. how could he not be incredible in bed

-the boy got buns too let us not forget

-he thicc

-he loves when you praise his body because he always felt kinda insecure about his shape and his looks

-and that’s just a major confidence booster for him

-sharing with Jeonghan

-literally 24/7

-“Let’s go see the new Marvel movie, babe”

-“But me and Hannie are having a coffee date this afternoon”

-“I can’t believe you’re cheating on me like this”

-“But jagi-”


-a very big “It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination” type of person

-lots of road trips

-takes you to random truck stops and touristy photo ops like the World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn™

-because “there’s so much to see out there, jagi. We can’t afford to leave out the details”

-he knows how much you love music so he lets you pick

-you play tons of Nicki and he just watches in awe as you go tf off while rapping along in the middle of driving down a busy interstate

-but when svt songs come on you just sing really badly until he begs for you to stop

-but he secretly loves the fact that you know all the lyrics

-ice cream out of the tub HGTV marathon on a Saturday evening type of guy

-loves to stay in with you

-because he’s not huge on skinship in public

-but when he stays in with you, he loves to snuggle up to you with all the pillows and blankets in the house covering you both

-L O V E S to hug you

-it’s like his favorite pastime

-he’ll just wrap his arms around you real tight and bury his head in your neck

-and whisper what he loves most about you

-kissing isn’t everything to him, but he definitely likes doing it

-you hate to use a stupid anime trope, but his lips really do feel like petals

-they’re so s o f t

-and the way he holds you when he kisses you makes you feel like you’re in a kdrama

-he straight up whisks you off your feet or dips you before brushing your hair from your face and staring into your eyes

-just to give you a lil peck

-his number one favorite thing is torturing you with his looks on stage

-he always finds you in the crowd and refuses to take his eyes off of you while he does…… all of that

-you know what I’m talking about

-the tongue

-the lip biting

-the million dollar smiles

-the smirks

-E N O U G H

-but then he meets you after the show and acts all innocent

-“You look so beautiful today, Y/N. Thanks for coming to the show”

-“Don’t think you’re being sly, coups. I just hope you saved some energy up for when we get home”

-and then he becomes the human embodiment of the “😳” emoji

-and then you’re just like

-“You’re gonna need the energy to clean the house when you get home since you left me alone there all day”


-“Too late, pretty boy”

-in summation: Papa Coups would be an ideal bf who’s always acting a fool, but he’s your fool

Slippery Slopes

Characters: Dean, Reader & Sam

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, talks of being nude.

Summary: Reader slips because the floor’s wet and it’s super embarrassing but then it’s not.

A/N: This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean​‘s Do it like Dean challenge. I choose one of my favorite Dean lines, “Nipples?”.  Congrats on your Milestone Heather!! This was super fun to write and I hope it is enjoyed as much as I liked it. You like ? Let me know because I love feedback. Have a fantastic Friday Y’all!

Originally posted by lookprettyliveclassyplaydirty

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Got7 Reaction To A MC Saying Something Inappropriate About Their Foreign S/O

Request: “Got7 reaction to an mc bringing up their foreign girlfriend and saying something inappropriate”

A/N: I ended up not really detailing about the s/o being foreign, but I hope you can enjoy :) I actually really liked imagining this side of them so thanks for the request!!!


Originally posted by etherealjackson

Even though he is shy he would still defend his s/o and would make sure the Mc knew how disrespectful, just so they could apologize, I don’t think that he would take the discussion backstage, because he knows that it’s not worth it, but would definitely leave the studio pissed.


Originally posted by umma-jy

He would be trying to control himself to not hit the guy’s face. Knowing that he has a hot temper he would try to stay calm even though his expression shows his true feeling, but at the same time would give a subtle answer to the Mc so he realizes that he shouldn’t be talking about Jaebum’s s/o that way.


Originally posted by got7official

He would be very straightforward that he doesn’t like the way the Mc is talking about his s/o. Of course he would say it in a nice way, maybe even making fun of the Mc to break the ice, but he would be make it clear that he doesn’t want people talking about s/o that way again.


Originally posted by igot7-love

Savage. Honestly he would be hella pissed and would make sure the Mc knew he had crossed the line and should apologize. I think he wouldn’t care to act like that in front of the cameras specially because he can do it in a calm and assertive way.


Originally posted by yjarssunshine

Youngjae would be the kind to politely ask the Mc to not talk about his s/o that way, and would probably stay quiet until they finish filming. Later I think he would come to the Mc and tell him how disrespectful his words were and that even though this little sunshine is polite he will not tolerate this kind of thing.


Originally posted by j-miki

It would be similar to the “How do you know I’m not big?” situation, when the Mc says something Bambam doesn’t like he would quickly respond not really caring about the consequences, I mean if he disrespected Bambam’s s/o he wouldn’t care who the person is, he would just let them know they shouldn’t say something like that.


Originally posted by got7arrival

At first he wouldn’t believe what he just heard. I feel like he wouldn’t want to answer the inappropriate question the man just asked. He would be similar to Youngjae, just politely ask the Mc to respect his s/o and his relationship and then would probably stay quiet until they finish filming.

My Husband's Girlfriend

My husband has a slutty girlfriend. This sexy blonde that works with him. I knew they’ve played around at work, but just recently he started fucking her. She came by the other night but my husband wasn’t home…yet. She was bringing by some papers that he forgot at work. She said she would wait for him and then told me to get her a glass of wine. Of course, I did as she told. Damn she was hot! She was wearing a tight, short dress and sexy heels. When I came back with the glass, she was sitting on the sofa, with her legs slightly spread apart. And, yes, she was not wearing any panties!! I stood there for a second and stared. She then told me that besides dropping off papers she was here to fuck my husband. He had invited her over and told her that I would get her nice and ready for when he gets home. She lifted her dress some more. Her pussy looked beautiful! “Your husband will be home soon. Be the good little bitch and get over her,” she said. I had to do as she told because she was my husband’s girlfriend. So I went over and dropped to my knees, right in front of where she was sitting. She said, “Oh, I love it. What a good girl. Just like a fucking dog.” She had me take my ratty clothes off. “What are you waiting for, you fucking lesbo,” she asked as she grabbed my hair and pulled me closer to her pussy. I heard my husband come in at this point. He immediately walked over to her and kissed her. Then he looked at me, smiled and said, “Hurry up and get her nice and wet. I’m ready to fuck her!” As I was eating her pussy, I watched him take his clothes off, his cock was rock hard. He pulled the dress off of her and her big, fake tits looked amazing! I watched her sucking my husband’s cock with such desire, something I’ve never felt when sucking his cock! But her pussy definitely made me so fucking wet! I spread her lips, sucking on her clit, finger fucking her! And her beautiful tight asshole was begging for that huge cock! Eventually, my husband told me to get the fuck out of the way. I sat on the floor watching them fuck. Oh, he was pounding her pussy as she kept begging him to go harder. I tried rubbing my clit, but he told me no. Shit! I loved watching my husband shoot his load into her pussy. He then told me to lick her clean and make her cum. When they were done they headed to the shower but first we all went outside, naked, where he had me sit on the grass while the two of them pissed on me. That was something she wanted to do and my husband was very willing. I’ve never been pissed on before, but watching them do it while laughing at me, made me so incredibly wet! Afterwards, she told me to stay in the grass, like the dog that I am, and play with my pussy while they go take a shower. After they were done, they let me in and I cleaned up and she ended up spending the night. Damn, I like this one!

Okay so I’ve always had fantasies about Dazai with his hair brushed back. Like I’ve always knew he would be sexy but damnn!!!! Like all of them are just and the shirt open and the loose tie. Someone catch me before I fall! Why are they so hot?!!!!!! But

*Internally screams like the fangirl I am*I always wanted to do this thing where  Atsushi and Dazai have to go undercover in some really fancy ball or party and Dazai would be dressed in like a really nice suit with his hair slick back and to draw less attention they dress Atsushi up as a girl ( which by the way he could pass for easily with a wig and some clothes). Slick back hair Dazai should be drawn more often and Ranpo and Chuuya you know what lets just get every relevant hot male in the BSD universe and strip them half naked!

Zen and MC in a fight
  • MC: Zen, I want to say sorry but I can't! I had to! It's what I've been wanting to do for a while and I don't regret it!
  • Zen: How could you?!
  • MC: It bothered me okay! Your hair being longer than mine?
  • Zen: *holding his pony tail, with eyes full of tears* you didn't have to cut her off in my sleep
  • MC: You look hot babe... it's okay.
  • Zen: *tearing up still* my baby
Capabilities- A Remus Lupin Imagine

A/N: I just can’t seem to stop writing as of late. I guess I have a surge of new blog inspiration. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this slightly angsty, slightly fluffy Remus imagine that I have been working on. I don’t know if I am too keen on the middle bit but I think this is as good as it’s gonna get. Enjoy! 

Originally posted by nellaey

You always enjoyed breakfast. Maybe it was the hot coffee that would warm your hands, or the sweet smell of jam on toast that you’d have every morning. Something about it seemed so refreshing. You loved how you could get up early and make your way down to the Great Hall with a book, or newspaper and read in a little bubble of solitude. No matter what was going on, you always knew that you’d have a little happy moment to enjoy every morning.

And he ruined it.

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▪A/N: I guess this is a part two to how you meet sirius black 

Originally posted by sweet-earthquaker

▪hating him at first but liking him later on

▪even tho he seemed cocky and arrogant you knew that it was just an act

▪you were the only person that saw the real sirius black

▪which was the caring, sweet, guy that he was

▪lots of make out sessions

▪that would get out of hand some of the time ;)

▪lots of “baaabeee” mainly coming from him

▪a whole lotta jealousy

▪like he would just growl when a guy would try to make a move on you

▪then in the end of the night he kisses you and puts a hand on your cheek uttering “mine”

▪wearing his shirt most of the time

▪and him spanking you saying “GOD you’re so hot wearing my clothes”

▪the marauders all shipping you

▪most girls being absolutely jealous of you since you are dating the sirius black

▪sirius noticing the hateful glances the girls give you

▪well you guys are the perfect couple

▪sometimes even prongs would yell across the grand hall “relationship goals!” to the both of you

▪McGonagall telling him off while the two of you are just busting out laughing

▪inside jokes where you just glance at each other from across the room and stiffle a laugh

▪sneaking into his room at night when you have a nightmare and slip into his bed

▪him immediately making room for you, wrapping an arm around your waist kissing your cheek to give you a comforting feeling

▪waking up like that and you turn around to face him then notice he’s asleep

▪tracing your finger across his face

▪eventually him waking up adorably, fluttering his long eyelashes at you and smiling at the sight of you


▪the both of you hate pet names so you keep it simple to either babe or baby

▪moving into an apartment once you graduated Hogwarts

▪so that means double the morning voice, double the wearing his shirt around the house, and double the I love yous

*Crossing Paths* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Can I get an Newt Scamander in the modern day, is in CA studying any cool creature, and meets the reader at college (specifically CSUSM because I go there 😁) and it’s just full of fluff and whatnot 😝 I adore this man💙

I hope you enjoy, sweet Anon! Sorry it took a few days to finally get done! I hope it’s all you dreamed it would be! ^_^ Enjoy some modern day Newt Scamander!

Dropping your books on the table, you opened up your laptop and took a sip of the steaming hot coffee you had bought and settled in for an afternoon of serious paper writing. You knew you shouldn’t have procrastinated, but the past few weeks the weather had been so perfect you just had to go to the beach with your friends. 

“Come one…” You pressed the keyboard multiple times, but your stupid screen kept freezing. Letting out a sigh, you pressed the restart button and waited for your laptop to reboot. 

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Took you Long Enough- Sebastian Aho

Originally posted by faulker

Congrats! You guys get three today! I love Sepe. SO MUCH! He’s so shy I just want to wrap him in blankets and bake him cookies! Anyway… sidetracked! Ok! So this turned out cute I thought! Enjoy!

Warning: None!

Anon Request: a Sebastian aho imagine where you guys have your first kiss? Thanks:)


              You knew Sepe was shy, like super shy, when you asked him out, but you didn’t imagine it would take this long for him to make his move.

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