i knew it was homestuck

cthulhuoflongisland  asked:

I really hope u get famous so I can say " I FOLLOWED FAMOUS RICKY'S BLOG SINCE HOMESTUCK WAS STILL RELEVANT" And people will gasp in awe

yall dont realize how much i think about this,,,,

my future PR agent is going to HATE me and make me delete ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA

also there’s thousands of ppl out there who will be able to be like ‘I KNEW RICKY FROM HIS HOMESTUCK PORN BLOG’ and it will bring me.. Shame


okk here are those quick refs I mentioned, I never made this sort of refs before so I’m not sure exactly what you need to know, so there are some back/fronts

I also added some shoes and versions of outfits with less skin exposed in case you’re not comfortable with tha t

also in case of characters that are wearing more regular tshirts (like Roxy, Sollux and Jake) be free to add their “symbol” on them if you want!

you can find better views/different angles on some things on this tag!