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Is it true that Isayama said that Eren must follow Levi's shadow in order to grow/develop? In an interview?

Hello anon! Yup, this is true.

It happened on an interview about Levi, in the August 2014 FRaU magazine. I’m sure you guys have seen this cover around many times!:

This is the same magazine that gave us a lot of important info about Levi (he has insomnia and only sleeps 2-3 hours on his chair, he has good resistance to alcohol and doesn’t get drunk, he fears mold, he takes 3 minute showers, etc.) and about his relationship with other characters (this is the interview where he said Eren is the best at cleaning, too!). Honestly that magazine was so good, it even had character horoscopes, haha.

I am quoting you the translation for the part you asked for:

Isayama: I have also sensed Levi’s appeal, and he is a character that makes me happy whenever I get the chance to draw him. He truly plays a role that helps the main character(s) preserve stability. If Eren has to march forward in pursuit of Levi’s shadow…the entire series could also progress in a similar manner.

(Eren can become shaky whenever he is angry/emotional, but Levi wouldn’t budge in the least). Levi probably can’t express himself like this any longer… Convulsing means that your anger has reached some type of limit, but Levi has probably already evolved past that stage.
Levi is a character who existed since I was conceptualizing everything. His personality was settled upon way back then.

The source of this translation is this post by fuku-shuu. Since Isayama was a bit vague, she also clarified on this post what the meaning of his words could be:

1. How I’m interpreting this part from the Chinese is that Eren needs to continue chasing Levi’s shadow in order for the series (And himself) to evolve.

2. Yes, it’s definitely possible that Levi also used to have such emotions/react in such a way - but the nuance here is not that he simply “grew out of it” but has become rather desensitized. It’s meant to incite sympathy towards him, as far as I can tell from the language used.

I love this because it shows how important Eren and Levi’s relationship is for the story. I know that many times, when we get a lot of Eren and Levi official art, merchandise, etc., when they’re featured side by side in magazines, advertisements, and all that stuff, our first reaction is to think: “well this is because ereri is popular and they’re thinking on profit”. 

And yes, that might be correct, but it’s not the only reason. Their relationship is essential for the story. There’s always been paralels between them in the manga, which have been analyzed and discussed again and again, but this is great because this info is coming from Isayama himself, he’s saying it with his own words, and he’s showing us a little bit of his view on them.

He already knew when he was creating the concept of the story, that Levi was going to exist and was going to be a huge influence on the protagonist. And for the ones who read the manga, we have seen how Eren has evolved a lot already. I am really eager to see him after the timeskip!

I know many of you are sad and dissapointed because the lack of interaction between Eren and Levi lately. But Isayama’s story is huge, and has been expanded even more in the latest chapters. On top of that, this is a monthly manga, so things move really slow. But this here, is a real confirmation that Eren and Levi are very important to each other and to the whole story. This honestly makes me really happy and gives me hope that there still will be meaningful moments between them in the future.


Interview: Attack on Titan’s Trina Nishimura & Yui Ishikawa.

by Zac Bertschy - Anime News Network.

Anime News Network just published an interview with Trina Nishimura and Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa Ackerman’s english and japanese voice actresses) that took place at Anime Expo!

In this interview they talk, among other things, about their work in Season 2, their expectations regarding Season 3, and Mikasa’s relationship with Eren.

Here’s an excerpt of some of the most relevant questions: 

Season 3 is coming next year. Since the manga’s been out for a little while, are the two of you going in blind or have you spoiled yourself for what’s coming next?

Trina: I don’t actually read the manga until after we finish recording because I don’t want to mess anything up and I like to go into each season and each episode fresh, not knowing what’s happened. And it’s awful. (laughs) Because I’m dying to know, and I know she reads the manga so I want to ask her questions, but I don’t want to spoil it. But I’m really excited.

Yui: Yes, I’ve read what happens in the manga in the future.

Is there a moment coming up that you’re the most excited to perform?

Yui: I’ve read what’s available so far, but I try not to reread too much ahead before the production of a season, because if I knew too much of the story, that could get in my way of performing for the story that’s being presented right now. I think that season 3’s going to take us to a certain part of the storyline where we can perhaps expect to see more struggles within humankind than humankind against titans. That story development will probably be very interesting in season 3 and would bring in more mystery to be resolved with some more clarifications on some mysteries. So I’m very excited and looking forward to taking part in season 3.

Season 2 ended with a big moment for Mikasa, when she finally confessed her feelings for Eren. In your opinion, do you think they make a good couple? Some fans say Mikasa needs someone more mature than Eren. What do you think of that?

Yui: Eren is not really reciprocating her feelings right now. So I’m not sure if they’re going to make a good couple at this time. For Mikasa it’s probably a little bit—it’s not enough for her, maybe? But hopefully. At the end, Eren did say to Mikasa “Yes, I’ll put this scarf on you over and over again.” Until that point, Mikasa’s always been chasing after Eren, but that was the first time Eren actually turned to her and said something like that to her instead. So maybe there is hope that they could make it.

Trina: I mean, I hope that they end up together, I hope that he—I don’t want to say “mans up” because that’s inappropriate—but I hope that he calms down a little and they ride off into the sunset together. That moment where she’s not straight-out saying “I love you!” obviously, she’s just kind of expressing how important he is to her and all of her motivation has been to keep him alive. For him, that moment says “I will always be there.” That’s such a touching moment, after the mental anguish of the scene prior, and then turning around and seeing her for the first time was so beautiful, and I hope that it works out, but he’s not the most reliable guy, so who knows?

Okay last question. Is the wait between seasons as hard for you as it is for the fans? Do you wish that it was a little bit more often than a year between twelve episode chunks?

Trina: Every day. I only know what the fans go through from what they tell me, and they’re very excited, and some even angry. Like, it’s not my fault! But it’s awful. It’s like the worst. I’ll talk to the English dub director, Mike McFarland, and I’m like “Is it here yet? Do we have it yet? Is it next month?” And he’s like “I don’t know, stop asking.” I’ll text him randomly, “Hey happy Tuesday. When’s it coming?” I’m very excited, very excited.

Yui: Yes, there were four years between season 1 and 2, however during that four years, the cast of Attack on Titan in Japan worked on a lot of different projects, games and various events and various collaborations, and also there was Attack on Titan: Junior High, so it didn’t feel like there was actually four years of waiting, because we were always involved somewhat. So it felt like when season 2 was decided it was like “oh finally!” but it also didn’t feel like it took four years. And within that four years, we had a deepened understanding of the characters, and I think we were able to bring that to season two and make it better, hopefully.

You can read the full interview here at Anime News Network.

Doukyuusei’s comings out

Yes I know it was Hara-sensei that KNEW first…but I’m not counting that because it wasn’t told by Kusakabe or Sajou themselves.

First coming out or more like first confessing for dating a guy made Kusakabe with his friend Tani. We don’t know nothing about Kusakabe’s family except that his sister read BL mangas. So first person for Kusakabe was his childhood friend who was part of their band ZGOG. He actually showed his interest befour in Kusakabe’s relationship with Sajou…so I think he probably just wanted to confirm that he was predicting.

His reaction was really interesting. I’m glad it was not “too much happy” reaction or like “disgusted” kind of reaction…it was very simple accepting it (more of a comfirming his expectation)…and Kusakabe’s : Are you uncomfortable? 

That made me think…a lot of guys (including my brother) said to me that it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t pleasant either to be in a company of a gay. I will truthfully never understand that…are they afraid of them? Of course not all men are like that but almost all males that I know said that they’d be uncomfortable… I know 2 lesbians myself but it doesn’t make me uncomfortable in any way. It makes no difference to me, they are the same person that they are, it’s just their sexual orientation which should not be the reason for exposing them and then isolate them…

That’s why I love Tani’s reaction…he even pointed out that he noticed that Kusakabe never showed interest in girls…or romantic feelings in any way whatsoever..

He actually expose to Kusakabe who’s his first love.

For the Sajou on the other hand his first person to know was his mother. His family. It really touched me how he apologized first. We know that a lot of countries don’t have legalized gay marriage (that count for Japan too) or more accepting enviroment for gay people. Yes it becoming better and better but in really slow motion (let it be because of the religion or because of the people traditional characters). 

Then it depends just on a people believes or people characters how will they react. Here we see the shocking face of course…it’s the japanese community and her only son /child. So I was expecting some disagreeing from her prospective, but on the contrary we got a meeting mother-in-law, son-in-law. 

The last look in her eyes gives me belief that she’s happy for her son and that she in that moment accept Sajou & Kusakabe completely. I just noticed that they were careful around dad so I assume that father doesn’t know. 

I would love to see more of a this interactions…well, yes with Tani they did go eat out together. Just I’m glad we have opportunity to see some good confessions & reactions. Hopefully Kusakabe and Sajou have still good connections with Sajou’s mom :D :D 


How did touken canonize?
I will not read tgre for two weeks, and when will I be back…
Congratulations to Touken’s shippers, I’m really happy. I will still love Shuuneki because I have remained faithful to them to this day and will continue.
Ah, my children growing up, my God! Well, even if deep down I knew that touken was canonizing, I’m surprised. Congratulations!
And to the Shuuneki shippers, well, they may not have been canonized in the manga or come to that possibility, but let us remain faithful to both; Tsukiyama and Kaneki have grown and evolved very well and, although sad, I am satisfied with that.

Now, waiting for Ishida-sensei to favor AyaHina lol

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who is this nonmaxie glasses man and why do you love him?? from whence does he come

so like

my daily group chat posse has been talking about my hero academia a lot recently, and I was like, that’s cool I guess, the anime x-men would of been a dream, etc, etc, i’ll get into it one day

and then my darling @bakaccha was like “haha this guy is cool look” and DANGLED A SPINDLY CARROT BEFORE ME BECAUSE SHE KNEW. SHE KNE W

And I was in a Worry Prison for Various Raisins anyway so I shotgunned the entire manga in like two days and YES SUSPICIONS WERE CORRECT AND DONUT IS VERY EASY TO READ and this unfortunate sadsack glasses man has been welcomed into a donet’s heart

(and then An Actual Angel gave me his name as a url so i can be That Level of embarrassing)

I still love 🌋🌋🌋Maxie🌋🌋🌋 with all my heart I mean god I have an expensive custom sukajan basically about him but also these two glasses mans are kind of Very Same and my heart is Very Bigge ;; ; ;; ; ; ;


Week four: Smile/Sun
“Why do you love Miyuki?”

Behind that overwhelmingly perfect persona, there’s warmth and fragility of a human being.


Once again I remade my old draft because after that “Seiko thingy” aired on the anime, I feel the need to add some angst. I knew this was coming all along from the manga, but the anime… it just gave a deeper and no less intense feeling to it, if that’s possible at all. Ugh, Miyuki’s just awesome and I want to see everyone around him appreciate his presence more and not just the “team captain and star player” but as “just Miyuki”. Yea.

Okay I just really want to say this about the new SIH chapter

I don’t keep up with most manga because I’m always really lazy when it comes to reading manga. And usually with SIH, I only keep up with Erotica’s chapters as they are my favorite of the couples. But when I saw there was a new chapter, I didn’t care who it was, I just knew I wanted to read it.

So I read it and OH MY GOD IS IT AMAZING but one panel really stood out to me

I’m not really sure why I adore this panel but I really really do. And because I don’t keep up with this manga very well, as in I haven’t read all of the Nostalgia couple’s chapters, I don’t know how often this kind of thing happens. But Ritsu isn’t objecting at all. Not once did I read him saying to stop. And this moment is just extremely intimate to me. Idk I just really loved this panel because I feel like it shows a gentler side to them and it shows how far we’ve come with this couple.

So I’m re reading the manga because of ALA as well as a funny post that will be uploaded as soon as I’m done

But I think it’s really ironic that I’m reading it now given the recent stuff and I come across this panel right here

I know this may sound dumb but it didn’t really occur to me that Katsuki was also a perfectionist as well. I knew he had inflated ego, I knew that he always wanted to be Number 1 hero, I knew he had high aspirations that we all still kind of face palm at but being a perfectionist was something that I had skimmed over. However, given the manga events, especially with recent stuff, this also so much explains Katsuki’s behaviors and why he behaves certain ways towards those events. 

I mean it explains this scene:

It really explains why he couldn’t handle winning the Sports Festival:

Skipping ahead, it also explains his behavior towards not getting his license:

 And even when he wanted to know about Izuku’s quirk and to compare his aspirations with his: 

Of course, I’m missing some moments because it has been a while since I’ve read the manga and I don’t really focus on Katsuki as much as other characters but it still drives my point home. So many “analyses” talk about his motivations and his past behaviors (including my own) but I haven’t seen too many talk about this perfectionist attitude that Katsuki has and I really think people should also consider that when discussing attitudes that Katsuki has towards certain situations. It partially explains his need to be the absolute best and the number 1 hero and the guy who will break records. It partially explains why he wanted to keep this certain image up as he grew up and it partially explains why he could never stand Deku. Of course, it’s not all the picture, I mean that ego of his and his “popularity” was most definitely syringed in that as well but him being a perfectionist explains why, even though he might have won or done nothing really anything that describes losing, he doesn’t accept it and continuously pushes himself to do better until he gets it right. And of course, with his recent deconstruction, that most definitely hasn’t been helpful towards his perfectionist attitude, definitely breaking his ego and everything around that even further than before. 

TLDR; Katsuki = perfectionist and I think people need to talk about that more.  

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Did you read the new chapter of Fairy Tail?

Oh~ I did read chapter 509 and it will also be my last to read it, because I’m going to drop the Fairy Tail manga for the meantime. I still love Fairy Tail but let’s be honest here, the story is really getting shitty in every chapter. Here are the reasons why:

  • So many character deaths but didn’t end up dying like Gajeel, Juvia and Mirajane.
  • We all knew that Makarov’s death will come but the chapter was so fast-paced that it didn’t really leave an impact for me.
  • Mashima trying to hype the Gray vs Natsu fight but it dies down like in a swoop.
  • And then there’s chapter 509 which how the hell Mavis and Zeref even have a child and also it’s obvious that Mavis is totally not aware of it.

So dropping/on-hold Fairy Tail is a good idea because if I didn’t, I might end up hating the series just because of one arc and that’s the Alvarez arc. Maybe I’ll just read the chapters I miss whenever I buy the English volumes of Fairy Tail (since kodansha already caught up with the volumes like in Japan).

Again, I still love Fairy Tail but it’s better to drop it, plus I need to stay away from the fandom as well because some fans are way too worked up with their ships than the actual story. Cause in the first place, the reason why I got into Fairy Tail is because of how awesome the story is (First arc until Grand Magic Games arc), but it doesn’t stop me to keep translating Gruvia comics so you don’t need to worry about that ^^

Weeaboos Are Very Offensive

So I live in SouthEast Asia here in the Philippines and I come from a Jap-Fil descent. I’m very proud of it and while I watch anime and read manga, I don’t take it to the extent to that of weeaboos because I know my limits whenever I’m around people who don’t like anime and manga, but many of my schoolmates still respect me and I have many friends within my batch.

Now, I remember being approached by this girl from my batch while I was practicing my strokes and reading about sentence construction in Japanese (I’ve been studying with my dad for 5 months, at the moment I’ve already memorized Hiragana so I’m moving on to Katakana) and she was this girl who I knew was a huge weeaboo. She tried so hard to get close to me just because I was part Japanese, and this really offended me. She would always say, “Oh my gosh, you know this anime!?” and I would just wave her off saying, “I’ve heard of it.” and continue reading or drawing, whichever I was doing at the time she would come to me.

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Cracked Name


I’ve written a couple Noragmi theories before (mostly around Yukine because he is the bae), but what happened in Chapter 52 is driving me crazy. Not because of the incident with Bishamon, but the incident that happened 2 chapters ago. I don’t know if this counts as a theory (it’s just my gathered thoughts), but I absolutely had to share the connection; however obvious it may be.

This theory is also very Yukine-centric, so I won’t be talking much about Yato and Hiyori :U

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