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In which Keith is more Galra than first meets the eye.

Keith:… well, that does explain a lot about the time I went to a strobe party.

Lance: You’ve been to a party???


LETS PLAY - Spot the Difference.

1x02 - Sherlock charming Molly to get her to let him look at the bodies by complimenting her hair.

3x01 - Sherlock thanking Molly for her help and wishing her happiness after helping her that day.

I was just struck by the parallels of the shots, even the clothes, and his smiles meant to charm her vs. his genuine smile of affection for her. I just really love the development here.

in my dream, trump tried to stop some famous musician from tweeting because he said something against him. he couldn’t actually do that, like he did with the national parks twitter, because the celebrity didnt work for the govt

so instead of stopping, he wrote a song and made a music video about how trump should suck his dick and fuck off, and tweeted that


Glow of Memories  

Marianne smiled at the glow of warmth staining the walls of the cavernous dining room, the soft pink calling to mind the memory of the that one fateful night and the Potion that had started it all. She sighed contentedly as she snuggled further into her lover’s scaly embrace. “Really adds to the ambiance, doesn’t it?” 

The dire and dreaded Bog King of the Dark Forest purred as he nuzzled his Fairy Paramour back, unabashed in both his relishing of her affection and the returning of it. His scales scratched softly over petal soft skin as he cradled her close, his smirk hinting at enough fangs to make it err on the side of wicked. “Gives a new meaning to rosy nostalgia, Ah would say.”  

Marianne snorted, rolling her eyes in a way that made the light of the fire refract in their amber-gold depths in a truly spectacular fashion, spangling through Bog’s heart like wildfire. “And here I was thinking fairies were the species known for floweriness.” 

She then rose to her toes and gave him kiss, leading Bog to sigh against her mouth, and when they parted, her whispered confession was as soft and sweet as her kiss. “It works for you, almighty Bog King.” 

Bog nuzzled her once more, his dark purr edging into a growl, and Marianne took a saucy nip at his lip before before speaking over her shoulder. “Thanks again for the decorations, Griselda.” 

The elderly Goblin snorted, looking up from the pile of torn and tattered banners and paper hearts she had so meticulously prepared for her boy and his sweetheart. “Like hells I’m doin’ it again for you two rabble rousers. Yer decoratin’ yer own damn dining room if you’re just gonna make a bonfire out of them.” 

“One must keep traditions alive,” Bog returned with an innocence that was utterly negated by the smirk he sported as he took in the wreckage he and his lover had wrought, bright blue eyes slitting in satisfaction. 

“And all couples should have at least one,” Marianne agreed, leaning back with a warrior’s grace to snatch up some more paper hearts from the table. Quickly crumpling them, she blithely tossed them into the fire, where they combusted in a smoldering of rosy sparks, making the room glow just a bit more. Marianne grinned up at Bog, her own voice as merry as the flames. “And how else are we supposed to celebrate that one fateful night?”  

Bog pulled her back to him, holding her tight as he touched his forehead to hers, his voice as low and heated at the crackle of the flames. “Ye wild thing…” 

Marianne, not to be outdone, dragged him down to her, and the two of them swiftly lost themselves to another sweet embrace, standing amongst the wreckage of the room. 

Griselda turned away before they could come up for air and see her triumphant smirk. If her precious boy and his sweetie still hadn’t figured out her true intentions with those decorations, well…

…she may not be hot anymore, but she was still plenty wily. 

Happy Two Year Anniversary, Strange Magic! 

Originally I was gonna do a sprawling fan art depicting Bog and Marianne commenting their two year anniversary with another gleeful destruction of some  oh-so-lovingly prepared decorations, but I hope this will suffice =) 

I know I’ve said this so many times before, but I have never loved a movie like I love Strange Magic, both because of its own wonderfulness and because of what it has given me: the spark of creation and writing once more, a passionately affectionate fandom and deeply treasured friendships. I love this movie, and I love all of you. You make my heart sing <3

I’m so sorry, it was going to be a single picture and then I got carried away and now I’m crying I don’t even know what’s happening here
In case you can’t read the words:
John, seeing Alex: f*ck
Laf also seeing Alex: Oh, he’s cute
John: I know right?!
Laf: dude get his attention so we can flirt
John: Okay. *walks over to Alex telling himself, ‘be cool John be casual’
John, next to Alex: *deep breath* YO YO YO
Alex: jfc
Laf: Why?

*throws at you then runs away*

Title: In The Early Hours
Pairing: Bodhi Rook x Reader
Genre: Comfort/Fluff
Warnings: Feels sad man, language
A/N: Thank you so much to my child @bodhi-imperial for the ideas/inspiration, ur a precious peach and I lov u. This one isn’t in first person but could easily be a sequel to Between the Sheets. I wrote both as stand-alones, but either way! It’s open to interpretation. I’m also putting all of my fics below the “read more” from now on, since it can be frustrating on the dash. :-)

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I’m seeing a lot of “stop rubbing it in people’s faces that you knew discourseprincesa was a bad person” like ??? she’s ALWAYS BEEN a bad person. she was a bully. she dox’ed, harassed, threatened, and sent several suicide baits and you guys excused it because she was on “your side” of the discourse. her lying about her identity was the final straw. so don’t be pissed at the people who recognized her as an abuser just because YOU felt like turning a blind eye. 

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when yer @ a bomb party at ur mates house but some skin heads turn up so you gotta quickly af scan their patches + pins to find out if they're neo nazis and u gotta shoo em off wi a baseball bat OR if they just chillin skin head lads come for some pizza lol just lil punx things innit

So, just so everyone knows where I’m at so far. I have about 82 requests……

It’s going to be a long February. XD

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I would also like to remind everyone that if your message is missing a number, or doesn’t have a specific ship typed in, it’s getting tossed. If you think you were vague on what ship you wanted, you might want to send it again while you still have time.

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Gahh!! Do you have any idea what the blazes ISYL are saying?? They seem very angry at GA for something and appear to be implying GA and DD broke up but won't actually say it.

Friends, Philes, Countrywomen, lend me your ears!

No one knows what the hell is going on. But, one thing is for certain:

Gillovny will never die. It is beyond.