i knew i was going to love this show when i heard the opening theme song

I need to tell you something...

A/N - Last story of the night as my phone is having problems sorry! - Batboys telling their s/o’s they’re identities but they already know.


Bruce grinned as he watched your stunned expression gaze up at the Batsuit

“I don’t believe it.” You muttered as you looked over at your expression.

“You’re the Dark Knight?”

“You know I can tell when you’re lying.” He shook his head.

“Bruce. I don’t know what you’re talking about. But you’ll need to show me.”

“Show you?” He raised his eyebrow amused

“Yes, so get into the suit” you winked at him

“You might want to go wait in the bedroom.” He said huskily in your ear.“The boys will be swinging in here any minute.”


“Okay, open your eyes.” Tim said nervously standing infront of you.

“Red Robin!” You grinned “Quickly get out before my boyfriend finds you in here!”

“Y/N. It’s me.” Tim groaned

“Oh Red Robin are you trying to seduce me?” You said and you could almost see the lightbulb flick above his head.

“You knew didn’t you?”

“Uh huh.”


“Babe. You hit on me when you were in costume, and don’t forget the time you left your feathers all over the floor.”

“Oh shit - I thought I picked them all up.”

“Come here.” You grinned at him


“Babe..” Dick whispered while cuddling you.

“I need to tell you something.”

“Dick it’s 4am, please don’t tell me that we’re out of cereal. “

“It’s serious Y/N and I need to tell you.”

“Whats up?” You looked at him and stroked his face

“I’m Nightwing.” He said “I know it sounds crazy and I can show you but I can’t sleep knowing that I’m still hiding this from you.” he rambled

“Babe, I know.”


“Sweetie, you remember like a few months ago? You thought I was sleeping and you were trying to make a theme song for Nightwing? Well there was that and I found your suit stuffed in the couch cushions when I was looking for a tip for the pizza.”

“Damnit.” He said covering his face in his hands.

“Also you forget I get to see that ass everyday, you would expect me to recognise it in spandex.”

“I love you.” He grinned as you fell back onto your pillow.

“I love you too.”


Jason grinned over at you under his mask. You grinned back at him and feigned shock

“Oh no,  it’s the Red Hood!”

“So you’re fine with this?”

“Baby, I knew the minute I saw you in action, the way you yelled at the asshole. Mmm.” You grinned.

“Plus it totally gave it away that your boyfriend was with you calling you Jaybird.”  You winked at him.

“Oh you heard him?” You heard him cringe and you stroked his helmet.

“Are you sure you still want to be with me?” He continued in a serious tone.

“Of course Jason. I love you.”

“I love you too babe.”


Damian walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you as you read your book.

“I need to show you something.”

“What’s wrong Damian?” You asked as you placed your bookmark in place and looked at him

He expected you to freak out or gasp or something and frowned when you did no such thing.


“You’re not surprised?”

“I figured you would tell me when you’re ready.”  you kissed him and pulled him into the  next to you.

“I shouldn’t of underestimated your intelligence.” He grinned

“Yeah that was your first mistake.” You winked at him.


genre: cuddly fluff

member: nct’s jeno

word count: 1,298

a short cuddly jeno scenario for my char baby this might suck idk

Originally posted by welltakeitslow

Your boyfriend is very proud in his choice of movies. So proud that he picked out an abundance of his favorites to binge watch with you at the dorms.

School had worn you out today, and you were exhausted. But when you saw the way his eyes lit up when you agreed to this movie marathon, you couldn’t say no. You laid down on the sofa, and you could feel your eyes fluttering closed, the heavy pull of sleep resting on your eyelids. Suddenly you felt a lean frame bounce on top of you, head laying on your stomach.

“Y/N! You have to stay awake, you promised you’d watched movies with me!”You smiled, and let a hand sneak into his hair, running your fingers through his blonde locks as he laid his head on your tummy. “I know Jeno, I’m awake.”

It was night time, and the weather seemed to get worse and worse as time passed. It was raining hard, and you could hear the roars of thunder. Although, none of that mattered now. The sound of the storm only made the comfy atmosphere even more amazing, the feeling of your boyfriend laying on you, feeling his breathing and little giggles every time you ran your fingers through his hair. You started to giggle too.

“Why do you keep laughing?” You said through your chuckles.

“It tickles!” He said.

You stopped, and let a hand fall to his back to gently rub it, “Alright, let’s start the movie marathon.”Jeno looked up at you with his signature smile and along with the iconic eye smile. He made your heart melt, effortlessly.

Then you heard the boom of thunder, you felt Jeno jump a little at the sudden noise. After his jolt, he searched to find your eyes with a lost puppy dog expression. “Did you hear that?”
“It’s just thunder, we’re fine Jeno.” You said, rubbing the side of his face. He gave you a assuring smile, and hopped off you to go play with the TV.

That was only then the thunder returned even louder, taking the lights with it.

Then you were in the pitch black.

The power outage made your heart stop, but you felt better when you felt a hand grab yours, knowing exactly whose big hand it was, the same hands that always soothed you.

You then saw a light, it was Jeno holding his phone up to his face, you could see his tan skin and pretty brown eyes reflecting off the brightness emitting from his phone. “You’re okay?” He said, turning the flashlight ON on his phone. He shined it on you, and you squinted a little bit, nodding.

“Sorry.” He said giggling.

“Let’s go find some candles instead” You suggest.

Jeno held your hand gently, guiding you through the dorms to find any candles you could find. Only Jeno kept being picky, trying to find scents that would smell nice together, after he set down a candle, you lowkey picked it up afterwards because you knew there wasn’t enough candles in the house to make it smell like sugar cookies like he wanted.

“But the sweet smells will be romantic.”

“We can’t settle for just one watermelon candle? We need more candles Jeno.”

“You’re gonna throw off the theme pls.”

“Whatever you say.”

You returned to the living room, then you lit the candles and began placing them all over the room. The room was dim, and echoing with the sound of the storm.

“I guess that’s as bright as it gonna get.” You said, sighing.

“I kinda like it.” Jeno said. “It’s comforting.” Then his expression saddened.

“Awe, what’s wrong?” You said, cupping his face.

“We can’t watch the movies, I was really looking forward to showing them to you. I like sharing things I like with you.”

You smiled and laced your fingers behind his neck, bringing his face to yours, resting your forehead against his.
“Don’t worry, next time we’ll watch all the movies you want. I’m all yours.”

You heard his chuckle, and he leaned toward you, grabbing both your hands, and pecking your lips. You were shocked at first, but you soon fell into the kiss.

You and Jeno were really romantic and sentimental, all your time was surrounded around being close to one another and keeping one another laughing and smiling. You had never kissed before, the atmosphere was never so perfect. This storm was definitely on your side.

He backed away, the eye smile making a grand appearance again. He quickly hid his face and began laughing. “I can’t believe we kissed.” He groaned through his giggles. “I hope I didn’t suck.”

“You’re such a dork.” You said, then laid a chaste peck on the tip of his nose.
Jeno wrapped his arms around you, walked you backwards to where you both fell onto the couch. You both giggled, you laid on his stomach.

He raised his finger. “Wait here.” He said, hopping off the couch and running to his bedroom. He came back with his comforter and a bunch of pillows. He then laid with you, wrapping an arm around your waist and nuzzled his head in the crook of the neck.


“Hmm?” He hummed in response.

“Are you still upset we can’t watch the movies?”

“No. I think I like this a lot better.” He said, squeezing you tighter. You could feel him smiling into your skin.

“You’re such a baby.” You say, wrapping your arms around his neck. He then gets close enough to your face where his nose touches with yours

“Your baby.” He replies.

“Yes, my baby.”

He smiled and kissed your forehead, then returned to his favorite spot in the the crook your neck, holding you tight.

The hyper Jeno was the one to fall asleep first, you felt his slow breathing beside you. You kissed his temple. “Sweet dreams Jeno.”

In his sleep, his mouth tugged into a little smile. You laid you head next to him, and watched his peaceful sleeping form until your eyelids fell themselves.

Your dreams were interrupted by the giggles and chattering of the dreamies.

You opened your eyes to see all of Jeno’s roommates standing over you. You looked at your form, with Jeno practically holding onto you like a koala, snoozing soundly. You smiled at him, and directed your attention to Chenle, who was trying to take a picture of the sleeping Jeno, where you could see up his nose. But Chenle had the flash on, and Jeno jumped at the sudden light. He shot up as all his members were laughing at him.

“I didn’t know Y/N was spending the night.” Mark said.

“Jeno, you looked really happy.” Renjun said, chuckling.

“Awe, hyung loves Y/N!” Jisung said in a sing-song voice.

“I was wondering where you were. I had to sleep alone smh.” Jaemin said annoyed. Jaeno is shaking

“He better look happy, Jeno is so ugly, Y/N you’re so pretty you can do so much better.” flamechan

Jeno threw a pillow at Haechan, and then put his hands over his cheeks, smiling like an idiot.

“Awe he’s blushing!” Mark said. “Let’s leave the love birds alone.” He said, shoo-ing away the dreamies.

You grabbed Jeno’s pink cheeks and kissed them, to earn his little giggle, aka your favorite sound in the entire world.

“Hey Jeno!” You said.

“Yes?” He said, staring lovingly at you beside him, running his long fingers through your hair.

“We can have the movie marathon now!” You said sitting up and holding his hand.

“You’re excited now?” He said.

“I got really good sleep last night..” You said. “I’m not tired anymore, I really want to watch the movies with you!”

He smiled and kissed your forehead.

“You’re so cute. No wonder I like you so much. ”

anonymous asked:

Your writing is amazing! I always enjoy and look forward when a new story comes out! I was wondering if you can do a story when Jellybean comes to Riverdale for the first time since her mom took her to Toledo. Thank you for reading this and keep up with the amazing work!

I’ll give it a try!
Betty tucked her hands deep into the pockets of her grey wind breaker. Winter was brutal in Riverdale and the tiny cheerleading uniform she had on did nothing to protect her against the harsh wind and slowly falling snow. With chapped cheeks and an unreasonably red nose Betty knew she must look a mess, her car was currently being occupied by Polly, her sister was pregnant and she wasn’t about to let her drive around in a car without four wheel drive, if sacrificing her own wheels for the safety of those baby’s was what she had to do, well she was gonna do it.


The sudden sharp sound had Betty whipping around, where had that sneeze come from? The chilly blonde scanned the park, there seemed to be no one around, it was too cold for the residents of Riverdale to be taking strolls.


Finally Betty’s eyes caught onto something huddled by the lamp post to her right, a bright blue parka and black snow boots were peeking out from behind the light.
“Excuse me.” The little voice whispered.

Betty nearly tripped over her own laces as she scurried to the little girl shivering in the corner. As Betty got closer she slowed her steps, she didn’t want to scare the clearly shaken dark haired child.

“Hi love, what are you doing out here in the cold all by yourself?” Betty’s soft voice carried over the wind as she reached out, slowly turning the little girl so she was face to face with her.
A gasp involuntarily escaped Betty’s lips.
“Jelly bean?”

The youngest Jones child looked up at the mention of her name.
“How..how do you know me? My mom said not to talk to strangers. Like I don’t know that. I’m ten not two, but I’m talking to you now so I guess I don’t really know. Dang it!”

Betty couldn’t keep the smile off of her face, she was so much like Jughead it physically made her heart hurt.

They were no longer together, it had been too much for him. She understood, he was busy and he had a new family, the Serpents. He was happy, that’s what mattered, no matter how much it hurt, how hard it was to wake up everyday and not be able to see his face or hear his voice. The delicate sneeze from the pretty ten year old in front of her shook her out of her thoughts.

“Well JellyBean, I’m a friend of your brothers my names Betty Cooper.”

Something like recognition appeared in the shivering little girls eyes.

“You’re even prettier in real life! Jughead used to talk about you all the time on the phone he even sent a picture. You can call me JB.” The little girl stood taller and grinned shakily.

Betty felt the familiar tug at her heart strings, back when he had loved her.
“Well why aren’t you with your brother?”

Jellybean looked down again
“He wasn’t there, my mom dropped me off and he wasn’t at the trailer, I heard some of the bigger men talking about a bar but I didn’t want to go there, I was scared… I guess.”
Betty nodded understanding clear in her weak smile, she knew all about how Jughead could forget dates and times when it came to the Serpents.

“Well since we’re friends now, why don’t you come with me. I’ll call Jughead and we can have some hot chocolate?”

The little girls sparkling blue eyes looked at Betty hesitantly before she slowly nodded and grabbed Betty’s extended hand.

Time flew quickly on the way to Betty’s home, her sister was at her weekly doctors appt and her parents were away for the weekend.

“And then I showed him my records and he didn’t even know what they were! Can you believe that? I was so..” the dark haired pre teen rambled on as Betty let her into her home, she flopped down on the couch and stared at Betty expectantly.

“Maybe we can have some popcorn?” She asked shyly.

Betty giggled, the jones appetite was a genetic thing apparently.

“Not without milkduds. I’ll go get that started you put a movie in okay love?”

The little girl flew to the movie shelf and Betty smiled, pulling out her phone and taking a deep breath, it had been months since she had texted Jughead.

BETTY: jellybean is at my place. She’s safe, I found her in the park, she said you weren’t at the trailer. I’ll keep her here until you pick her up.

Betty flipped her phone shut and made her way to the kitchen as the familiar theme song to “The Addams Family” filled her living room.

Five minutes later Betty placed two cups of hot chocolate on the table and a huge bowl of chocolatey popcorn in front of Jellybean, the ten year old digging in and pulling Betty down to sit beside her.
They watched the movie in silence for a few minutes Before Jellybeans voice broke the quiet.

“I don’t hear about you anymore.JugBug cries all the time to mom. I feel really sad but mom says he misses you. Where did you go?” She questioned.

Betty choked slightly, her eyes filling with unshed tears.

“I’ve been right here.”

Jellybean snuggled against Betty’s side and turned back to the tv.

“Okay good, I’m glad I found you. Jugheads gonna be so happy.”

Betty placed a kiss on her soft black hair.
“Thankyou jellybean.”

Both of the girls were cracking up at something on the screen when the door swung open abruptly, Jughead standing in the doorway, his eyes frantic as he searched for his sister, immediately letting out an exhale when he spotted her huddled in a blanket, face stuffed with popcorn as Betty braided her long dark hair.

“Juggie!” She called, jumping up and leaping into his arms. Jughead wrapped his long arms around her, squeezing her tight

“I’m so sorry JB. I am so sorry, I forgot. I had to do something at the bar but I should have.. i am so sorry.” His eyes caught Betty’s over his sisters shoulder, she was leaning against the arm of the couch, a soft smile on her lips.

“That’s okay! Hey Betts? Can i take a pee break?” She turned from Jughead and stared up at the blond.

Betty smiled and ruffled her hair
“Sure thing, just hurry back, this is the best part.” She winked.

The quick young Jones sprinted up the stairs leaving Jughead and Betty alone in the living room.

Jughead cleared his throat
“I can’t thank you enough, if you hadn’t found her.. I don’t even wanna think about it.. I just.. you saved me again.”

Betty rolled her eyes, flipping her hand out
“It’s no biggie, she’s a pleasure. You know.. you know I would do anything for you.” She whispered.

Jughead closed his eyes tight, almost as if he was in pain.

“Betty.. I..”

She shook her head, gripping the blanket in her palms
“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain anything to me.. it happens, people fall out of love.. it’s nothing personal.. you weren’t trying to hurt me.. I..”

Jughead rushed towards her, prying the blanket from her hands.

“No. never think that. I will never not love you Betty Cooper. I love you more than anything in this world. I just.. my life is so dangerous. I miss you everyday, I think about you every second of everyday. I just… I want you back. I want to be with you. But it’s not that easy.” His hands flew to his hair in frustration.

Betty’s hands covered his
“I don’t want easy. I want you. And if that means dangerous, we’ll than so be it. I love you Jughead Jones, every part of you. You’re not pushing me away again. I want to be with you and I’m going to be with you..”

Jugheads eyes softened and he reached out to cup her cheeks.
“I love you.” He whispered against her lips.

“And I love you.” Betty responded, seconds away from kissing when Jellybean rushed back into the room.

“Ew. Okay ew.”

Jughead laughed heartily, his arms tight around Betty’s waist as she giggled.

“So…What are we watching?”

RIP To My Youth Part 4


Previous chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 

Description: Two weeks after the dramatic events of Cheryl Blossom’s party Y/N is still trying to come back to reality, in the midst of it all she has an unexpected encounter with Reggie. Also, is there a real reason Jughead’s been avoiding her like the plague?

word count: 2440

warnings: A couple of swears

****2 weeks later****

Since the horrendous events of Cheryl Blossoms party a couple of weeks ago, several things had happened. First and foremost Jughead and I had not spoken at all, not once. I haven’t even received a text message. The first week I spent nearly every night in my room crying and eating ice cream. Veronica slept over three nights in a row to comfort me while I put on every Taylor Swift song and cried. It was ridiculous I know, I don’t even like Taylor Swift, that’s how messed up it all was.

Jughead and Betty stopped sitting with us in the student lounge and I’m sure they mostly stayed in the newsroom, I understood why. They were apparently official now and we’d exchanged many awkward passings in the hallway. It was like all the air was sucked out of my lungs every time they passed me, my own slice of hell daily.

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Love is... a concerto in A Major - K622

By: @thegirlfromoverthepond

My deepest thanks to @titaniasfics for her help in betaing this story :) thank you so much, lady :)

the awesome art is done by the so gifted @akai-echo.

She comes every Friday afternoon, taking the girl with curly hair to her flute lesson.

Every Friday I watch as she passes before the windows of my class, talking to her daughter, laughing.

One day in September, I heard her laughter through the now-open windows, and I swear, i’ve never heard music so pure.

I know it’s pitiful. I know that i shouldn’t be completely infatuated with the mother of one of the kids we teach to, but I can’t help it.

Her husband is the luckiest man alive.

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Sisterly Love, LMM/Reader

Prompt: I told my family I was in a relationship/fake boyfriend + Lin-Manuel Miranda

Words: 1391 (WOW, so long!)

Author’s Note: The longest fic I’ve written so far! I honestly love writing for Lin so much, it’s so easy because he’s literally the love of my life???

Warnings: Like one curse word? Responsible drinking (don’t drink and drive, kids).

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

You had been independent your whole life - an occasional date here or there, maybe a relationship once in a blue moon. This led to a lot of nagging from your family, especially your older sister. She was lucky enough to find her girlfriend - now fiance - freshman year of high school.

This led her to believe it was her duty to set you up with your soulmate. You allowed her a few blind dates, but moved to New York when a job opportunity arose.

You were very grateful for the work and for the escape. That didn’t stop her from sending texts or calling you about a ‘special someone’.

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honeybuddhababie  asked:

i'm so so so sorry for bothering, i just absolutely ADORE YOUR BLOG. LIKE HOLY HELL, YOUR BLOG IS THE REASON WHY I GO ON TUMBLR. ITS MY FAVORITE BLOG, WHY AREN'T YOU FAMOUS FOR THIS BRAH. but i do have an ask! how about an RFA + V + Saeran reacting to the MC fluently playing an instrument? i understand if you can't but it would really make me happy if you could! 🖤

A/N: You totally aren’t bothering!!! Don’t ever think that!! ^^ BUT OMG WOWOWOW REALLY??? US?? THIS BLOG?? YOUR FAVOURITE?? ARE YOU SURE??? i am but a lowly 404;;;; ~Admin 404


               -He could hear this faint, whimsical sound through his headphones but he had no idea where it was coming from??

               -Until he took off his headphones to ask you about it and heard it 10x louder

               -It sounded.. magical! Soft and airy, he had no idea what it was though?

               -He found you sitting in the shower, holding some sort of long, metal thing in front of your mouth and his head tilted to the side like a confused pup

               -“MC? What is that? And why… are you sitting in the shower with it?”

               -You quickly got embarrassed and set down your instrument, trying to look busy with your sheet music

               -“I, um,” you started to turn bright red, knowing you’ve been found out. “It’s called a flute. Lame, I know, but I’ve been playing since I was younger and really liked it more than the others. I even got into a symphony with my playing… and as for sitting in here, well.. the acoustics are better in here. It sounds nicer to my ears than if I were to practice in the living room. Oh god, did I bother you? I’m sorry, I can just-”

               -He cut you off (and lowkey scared you) when he jumped into the shower next to you, excited as all hell

               -“Sorry? Sorry for what! When you play, it sounds just like the fairies in LOLOL! Wait, can you play music from LOLOL? MC! If you can, you’ve got to teach me! I want to play it too!! Look at it!!”

               -He picked up the flute incorrectly and you could feel yourself cringing, trying to pry the instrument from his hands before he broke a key or lost one of the pads. He turned it into a game and you had to chase him around the house just to get your pride and joy back from Mr. Destructive


               -You never told him where you were going later at night sometimes and it scared him to death

               -What in the world were you doing?? Seeing someone else?? What if you were out and about and something were to happen to you?!

               -So, he decided to wait up for you the next time you took off

               -You turned on the living room light and practically jumped out of your skin when you saw bright red eyes looking up at you from the arm chair

               -“Ah, hi MC! Would you like to tell me where you’ve been tonight?” he stood up and walked towards you as you stood there, trying to get your heartbeat to calm down. That’s when he noticed you were holding a large… and oddly shaped case

               -He pointed to it and looked at you quizzically, expecting an answer

               -You sighed, “It’s my saxophone. I’ve been going to this coffee shop Jaehee recommended to me so I could play some shows. I missed playing my baby and just had to get it out of my system!” you raised the case to your chest, rubbing it gently, giving him your best pair of puppy dog eyes hoping it would get you out of trouble

               -He looked at the ground and you couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but before you could ask, you hear his voice dip low and ask you, “Saxophone? You play… the saxophone…?”

               -You made a noise of agreement and jumped again when his head shot up to look at you, stars practically in his eyes. You’ve never seen him this excited for an instrument in your life and it was actually pretty cute?

               -“MC! The saxophone is one of the smoothest sounding instruments… so jazzy… so… sexy? Oh god, MC, you’ve got to show me how good you are. Right here, right now. Play a private show just for me- you might get one in return” wink wonk


               -The two of you decided to add a live musical element to your coffee shop!

               -But you also really… wanted to be a part of it. It had been so long since you picked up your ukulele and it had been killing you

               -The musicians who played your shop were really good, but you wanted a little kick! You wanted some upbeat music! Something that was soft but kickin’!

               -So, you signed yourself up on the list.

               -Jaehee looked down at your name and tried to find where you were hiding so she could ask you about it, until she saw you up on that small stage

               -You were strumming to your heart’s content, singing just as happily, your eyes closed and your face the brightest she’s ever seen it

               -People surrounded the stage, moving slightly to dance along, but nothing too extreme

               -She absolutely loved it! It was must softer than a guitar but had a strong enough sound to get people on their feet

               -From then on, you decided to follow her around with it, playing her own theme music whenever she felt stressed, because you knew it would make her happy, and you’d get to hear that precious laughter again

               -10/10 you play her Disney and Steven Universe songs because?? They’re short and cute?? And it makes her fall in love with you even more because you’re a total dork


               -He was already playing a complicated piece on his piano when you walked into the room and sat next to him, laying your head on his shoulder light enough he could still move his arm around

               -“Hello, love. What are you up to?” He asked, pulling his hands from the keys so he could grab your hand instead

               -“I was enjoying hearing you play. That piece requires a partner, right?” you asked, feeling him nod to agree with you

               -“Yes, but I’ve never played with a partner. I just play it as best as I can without one”

               -You sat up and stretched your fingers out, placing them on the keys as he raised an eyebrow, questioning you

               -“Well?” you prompted, “You need a partner, and now you’ve got one. Come on! You start, sweetheart.”

               -He shook his head to clear his confusion, as he started to re-play his piece

               -When you started to play the partnering piece flawlessly, he was so shocked that he kept messing up his own keys until he gave up and watched you dumbfounded

               -“I never knew you could play the piano… much less as flawlessly as you do. And here I was, trying to sway you with my skills- in the end, you have won me over with yours instead”

               -You felt your face turn a crimson red before he kissed the side of your head, smiling against it gently before turning back to his set of keys. “MC, I won’t let you distract me this time, shall we try again?”


               -He could hear banging and crashing from outside of his computer room and he immediately got concerned for you

               -What if you were trying to get a glass from the cupboard and everything else fell down on you??? That cupboard is unstable! Not.. saying that it… happened to him before, or anything…

               -He ran out towards the source of the noise to see Saeran sitting on the couch with his electric guitar in hand, and you banging on a set of drums

               -Skidding to a stop, he looked at you like he was a deer in the headlights

               -He watched as you smiled in determination, keeping the beat of the song loud and steady, passionate enough to get a little sweaty from it, but you didn’t let that stop you! He stood and stared as he took in every feature of your face and every little movement of your hands, arms, and upper body. You were shining in a way he’d never seen you- and he didn’t mean from the sweat of course

               -When the two of you finished your song, Saeyoung practically scream and both you and his brother jumped out of your skins


               -He laughed and apologized, but he explained how amazing you guys sounded! You were so in sync and the beat you created was amazing! Definitely the kind of beat to get someone up and raging

               -“OH! Wait!! You guys!!! I can play with you too! Wait right here!”

               -He ran back in and furiously started to play his small, shiny triangle until Saeran threw a couch pillow in his face and called him an idiot


               -He was relaxing, listening to a wonderful violin piece, waiting for you to join him

               -Until the song ended… and he could still hear the soothing sound of a violin?

               -As he was looking for the source, he stumbled upon you standing on the balcony, holding an almost pristine violin in your hand, playing it softly as you swayed back and forth, spinning along as you played as well

               -You looked like an angel to him, accompanied by your own heavenly music and he couldn’t look away

               -Hearing the shudder of a camera, you opened your eyes to find him just putting down his camera and smiling warmly at you

               -Without another word, he left the balcony and you in complete confusion. Where was he going? How could he leave the room like that and not say another word? “How rude!” you called, hearing his laughter approaching the door again

               -“I’m sorry,” he apologized, pulling his own violin into view, “Would you allow me to accompany you on another piece?”

               -You started to play one of the love songs you know, smiling as you heard the hum of his violin joining you in perfect time, matching note for note, harmonizing like it was heaven

               -The both of you seemed to open your eyes at the same time to look at each other, laughing at yourselves

               -The two of you took turns playing your favourite love songs, or songs that reminded you of each other until the sun started to set. “MC,” he started as he pulled you into his chest, kissing the top of your head, “I must say, this is definitely my favourite way to relax. Can we do this again?”


               -You ate the last bit of ice cream and now he wouldn’t even look at you

               -“You’re being a kid, Saeran! I can get you more ice cream!”

               -All he did was pull his 3DS closer to his face, signaling that he was ignoring you

               -Having enough of it, you decided you were going to get his attention one way or another

               -Pulling out your amplifier and your baby that he didn’t know about, you placed the amp on the table close to him, plugging in the guitar and turning it up as loud as it could go

               -Foot up on the table, guitar in hands, smirk on your face, you were ready to get his attention. You raised your arm and

               -You. Just. Started. SHREDDING.

               -He practically jumped 3 feet into the air off of the couch, scrambling to catch himself, he clutched his heart and stared at you with his eyes wide enough it’s a wonder they didn’t pop out of his head. You turned the amp off and put your hands on your hips, shifting to stick one side of them out, a blank emotion on your face

               -“Hi. Are you going to listen to me now?” You asked, taking your guitar off and placing it gently on the couch

               -The moment your hand left the guitar, he practically tackled you to the floor, attacking your lips and the side of your neck with kisses, no words exchanged for a solid 20 minutes. Who knew he was into guitarists?


The New Girl

Originally posted by barryirisallens

Request: (by @marvel-dc-trash) Hiya! Just wondering if you could do me a Barry Allen imagine where I’m a new forensic scientist brought into the CCPD and I’m an adorable nerd as well and we say stuff at the same time and Joe ships it!

Warnings: none really

Word count: 1360

Authors notes: So sorry that this took super long my schedule has been hectic recently. Sorry for the very awkward ending I couldn’t make one that I liked. Anyways I hope you like it! Also ask box is open!


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All of Me // Moon Taeil


the prompt: can I request a soulmate!au Taeil? Like you and him can listen to each others’ minds and when he hums to some random melodies, you will harmonize with him and vice versa.

words: 1323

category: soulmate au + fluff

author note: taeil is lovely pls give him love. i’m doyoung lol

- destinee

Originally posted by nctinfo


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Rooftop │a.i

credit to the original owner of gif
Requested: no
Pairing: Ashton x Reader


REMEMBER TO USE THE TAG #valentine!5sos blurb night w kat and catie

Description: Ashton takes his BFF out on a purely platonic date but how platonic is it actually?

“Can I take the blindfold off soon?” You murmured under the thick piece of black cloth covering pretty much your whole face.

“Just a few steps more,” Ashton whispered in your ear, his hands by your waist guiding you up a staircase. Your heart was pounding against your chest as Ashton stopped and let go of you.

“Ash, where are you?” You panicked as soon as you couldn’t feel his warm hands on your body anymore.

“I’m still here, just gotta open the door.” He mumbled, almost as if it was the biggest secret ever. You let out a heavy sigh as soon as he answered and with the click of a door being opened, he quickly walked back and guided you the last couple of steps.

You had never in your life thought that you would have gone out with Ashton Irwin, your best friend. Never had you ever thought that you would have stood blindfolded in front of him in any kind of way. But here you were, blindfolded and on a date with Ashton. Even though it was purely platonic.

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@chasingawaythefoosa asked for a rock star/manager au

*Added ao3/ff.net links*

Also on FF.NET/AO3

Killian Jones was such a cliche.

Black leather, brooding good looks, eyeliner. The works.

Emma Swan teased him about it constantly.

It was what had made him so popular on the Boston circuit. That and the fact that he was a hell of a singer.

Quite how Emma had ended up managing the roguish Brit was a bit of a convoluted tale involving mutual friends, low funds and too much vodka. Turned out though that she was good at it. So good, that every weekend Kilian was booked solid, playing to packed crowds with his small back up band. There were even enquiries coming from further afield, tentative requests from record companies and, yes, groupies.

Which was who she was fighting through at The Rabbit Hole one Friday night after a killer set that had lit up the room and left a small gaggle of ladies lingering by the door that led backstage.

“‘Xcuse me,” she huffed, wriggling through the mass of hairspray and cheap themed cocktails. Tiny, the bouncer, nodded her through the sacred door as the other women pouted and complained.

“More this week,” he observed as she passed by.

“Yep,” she quipped, side-eyeing the one trying to slip Tiny a ten to let her go through. “Same old, just more of.”

Backstage, the band members were packing up their equipment, but Killian was sat alone, his ever present hip-flask dangling between his fingers.

“That was a good show.”

He looked up as she approached, his smile warm and genuine.

“I messed up a few chords in that last song.” There was a frown as he took another drink.

“Like anyone noticed.” She pulled up one of those cheap orange plastic chairs that seemed to congregate in spaces like that, and sat beside him. “You have quite the group waiting for you.”

She nodded towards the door and he twisted his mouth. “Not tonight Swan.”

Emma raised her brows. He usually liked to spend the last hour or so in the bar, picking up a few numbers, or just women in general.

Come to think of it, it had been some time since she had actually seen him leave with someone.

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- Disintegration, 2nd May 1989 -

And here we are. The masterpiece, The Cure’s opera magna, Disintegration. It’s quite a weird name for an album, if you think about it. I consider it a jump to another level, leaving behind Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me like a few years before they had left behind Pornography. Robert actually said that they did KMKMKM to reach a level that would have allowed them “to be listened to”, even with an album like DIsintegration. Because, let’s say it, this is not an easy listening; out of 12 songs, maybe two could make it to a radio station. But its beauty is that once you fully understand it, once it gets inside your heart, you’ll never be the same person again.
All the themes are very intimate; Robert proposed his ideas to the others already determined to make the album, with or without them… he really wanted to pour everything out, and this need shows a lot, seen how honest and passionate are the songs. He was going through a deep crysis, and it showed also later, during the Prayer Tour (listen to Faith from those concerts, the extra lyrics and his general attitude will leave you without words.).
A thing I absolutely love in all the songs is Robert’s  voice, because it shows how intensely he felt every word. In some songs it sounds so fragile, in others it explodes in frustration… in the previous albums he often played with it, but here it’s just the listener and the lyrics, with no tricks. Every song speaks to my soul in a language I never thought I could understand, and that makes me feel safe, in some ways. He just sounds so honest about what he’s singing about that the lyrics become even more transparent and true, almost in a scary way, Yep, it scares me to feel so naked, face to face with my inner self, but I think it’s also a positive thing, especially when you’re confused about what you feel.

The chords are surrounded by majestic synths, every note seems to resonate in space, cristalline and pure. The most evident example of this feeling is Plainsong, the opening track. The windchimes before the song are pure genius, they give me goosebumps every time, filling the listener with anticipation. Despite the very few lyrics, this song is poetry… Simon’s bass is almost singing here. It’s this song that builds in me the idea of an impetuous wind blowing through all the album, not only for the lyrics (“and the wind is blowing like it’s the end of the world, you said”), but for the general atmosphere of the song. In some ways the whole album is like a thunderstorm, that builds up with songs like Prayers For Rain, Fascination Street, and the astonishing title track, and fades away with Homesick and Untitled. It’s the final thunderstorm, another feature that contributes to make Disintegration an emotional masterpiece. 
I could write about this album for hours, I’m not joking. The famous South Park line “Disintegration is the best album ever!” couldn’t be more true, and still, there’s so much more than that. The only reason why it could’ve been defined as a “commercial suicide” is because it was being released after Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, a totally different album. But this doesn’t mean Disintegration doesn’t have its big hits. Lovesong, that despite being the perfect lovesong fits perfecty in the general atmosphere of the album, and Pictures Of You, that as you might have noticed at this point, is (and will be) my favourite song EVER. For me it’s the enbodiment of three feelings at once: freedom, sadness, and happiness. (And also snow, a lot of snow!). 
Ok, this is getting way too long, I knew it… we’re all aware of huge singles like Lullaby and Lovesong. But I would love to just talk about the title track, Disintegration, it’s so powerful it really hurts. Robert pours everything out in this song, it’s like the ultimate rant before the disintegration of everything. All the album leaves you like everything disintegrated while listening to it… Untitled it’s a perfect frame for the sense of uncompleteness that fills you at the end of the story. Argh, this is getting so frustrating, I could fill PAGES about every single song on this album and I know I can’t…
Anyway. I must put this clear: this is definitely  NOT an easy listening. The first time I heard The Same Deep Water As You I stopped listening after the third minute, I found it almost boring. After the fourth listening, that song taught me what a good 9-minutes-song is. First listen to Lullaby, Lovesong, Pictures Of You, and I can assure you that when you’re ready to listen to it from start to finish you’ll know it deep down in your bones. At least, for me it’s been like that… I was completely lost and confused, and this album made me understand.

(If you want to open a discussion over it, feel free to send an ask ;))

Zig x MC - A Playlist

Background Info: In the spirit of slowly returning to sharing things with the world, I thought I’d post the playlist that I’ve spent approximately one month procrastinating on diligently working on. 

Started as a 30 song playlist, and cut down to 8 tracks. All the highs and lows of our entire The Freshman Book 3 relationship with Zig, with lots of angst and introspection. Some songs pertain to Zig x MC; others to each individual character.

Photos taken from Pexels, and edited by me in Photoshop. Hope you enjoy listening! 💕 Click on each song title for the link. I highly recommend listening to each song while looking at the visuals, lyrics, and analysis. 😉

1) “Heart Out” The 1975  
An upbeat, atmospheric alt rock anthem to teenage love, personal issues, and monotony.

And once we started having friends round
You created a television of your mouth
You got something to say
Why don’t you speak it aloud, instead of living in your head?
It’s always the same
Why don’t you take your heart out, instead of living in your head?
It’s just you and I tonight
Why don’t you figure your heart out?

We are reeling from suitemate drama and uncertainty when we stumble upon the enigmatic barista at the Hartfeld coffee shop. He shoots us knowing smirks, flirtatious remarks, and oh, it is working.

The curve of his half smile, the curl of his deep hair, the heat of his toffee-warm skin washes over us. Risk is nothing when there’s endless possibilities in his gaze.

The start of the quarter is the perfect time to step away from the televisions (or books) inside our minds and take risks, to ground ourselves in new realities. Zig is something new, and very real.

2) “Smoke Filled Room” Mako
A tropical, uplifting EDM track about the unstoppable girl who walks into chaos with her chin held high.

Isn’t it a little late?
Shouldn’t you fly away?
Take a step around the room
And every head keeps turning too
Little dove, you fight ‘em back
Show ‘em you’re so much more than that
Walk into a smoke filled room.
Oh no one could keep their eyes off you.
Have a little drink or two
Oh how could you be that girl I knew?

Soaring vocals brim with adrenaline, courage, and tenderness. That night, we head out into a strange world of dusky romances and dangerous people. Yet somehow, we always prove our past selves wrong.

Fragile. We walk into the Gutter Kitten’s crowded show only to be met with icy stares (and ice queens). We stand our ground, telling off the rude band members and turning up the charm to an 11 with our coffeeshop cutie. We fight ‘em all back.

Magnetic. In our “little black dress” at Madison’s birthday party, Zig is transfixed. He craves complexity, the satisfaction of stripping apart a problem layer by layer. Our fire, our loyalty, our three dimensionality captivates this lover of permutations, logic. In the smoky magic of our late night bar escapade, he takes us apart. Slowly. Tenderly.

3) “Livewire” Oh Wonder
A poignant, sparse piano and beat-driven ballad, contemplating two individuals who have become intertwined.

Counting my losses as I let them go.
Heavy the water as I sink below.
I’ve been pretending all my shots are blown.
Cover my heart up, never let it show.
I’m shaking it off to find a higher low.
So hold me when I fall away from the lines.
When I’m losing it all, when I’m wasting the light.
And hold me when I put my heart in your hands.
Oh, won’t you be my livewire?
Make me feel like I’m set on fire.

Covering up hearts, igniting fires, and letting walls down: how fitting that the themes here tie in with those of the other songs. As the relentless yearning to explore one another in dimly lit rooms and memorize each other’s complexities simmers down, our relationship spins into something deeper.

Grazing touches and gentle murmurs become even more fleeting, soft. When we hold each other tightly, slight frame on top of strong, sturdy, in the backseat of his old car, we realize that somehow within the span of weeks, we’ve become inseparable. 

His confessions topple our own walls. As the night goes on, we mold ourselves into each other. Our dependence on one another is intoxicating.

4) “Breaking the Habit” Linkin Park
A hypnotic, downtempo rock song that depicts the gritty reality of addiction, dangerous habits, and resentment.

Memories consume
Like opening the wound
I’m picking me apart again
Clutching my cure
I tightly lock the door
I try to catch my breath again
I’ll paint it on the walls
Cause I’m the one at fault
I don’t know what’s worth fighting for
So, I’m breaking the habit tonight

Things begin to spin out of control. One moment, he’s brittle, too quick to snap, to accuse others of false play, to push them away. In a split second, he’s soft again, murmuring gentle reassurances and apologies.

We cannot understand his volatility. Fresh from the burn of an unfair, one-sided fight, we crack under the pressure. Everything gushes out.

The last thing we see is his back, taut with hard-earned, unwanted strength, tense with years of the strain of helplessness as his loved ones are damaged permanently. He has been cornered for so much of his life that running is a luxury.

For him, the anger gnaws and carves away at his insides. All his adrenaline, his sadness, his quick temper feeds the addictive kick. He knows no existence without it. For us, everything dries up. What hurts more, his leaving, or the ease, the relief, with which he leaves? We sink into the deep, because we don’t know if he’ll be coming back. If he even wants to.

What we don’t know if that he’s the one tearing himself apart again.

5) “Nothing” The Script
A stricken, pop rock ballad lamenting a damaged relationship and one man’s anguish.

Oh, sometimes love’s intoxicating.
Oh, you’re coming down, your hands are shaking.
When you realize there’s no one waiting.
Cause I’m shouting your name all over town.
I’m swearing if I go there now.
I could change her mind turn it all around.
So I, dialed her number and confessed to her
I’m still in love, but all I heard
Was nothing.
I wanted words, but all I heard was nothing.

We did not get the chance to see Zig’s perspective after MC leaves for California. For me, this song fills in the blank spaces. I wonder what emotions must have been running through his mind. Resentment? Regret? I imagine him playing the fight over and over again, and beating himself up for lashing out.

We know that whatever he felt, it was strong enough to compel him to dial MC’s number–and, to be completely crushed when she ignored his call. It was the final straw: the confirmation that MC did not care about him. Her silence hurt infinitely more than a punch in the face. And so, the walls go up. He hunkers himself down behind defensiveness once again.

But to finally find someone who loved him for who he was, and to lose her in an instant, stings. He knows that things could have gone differently.

6) “Poison” luhx.
A stirring, indie and electronica track about apprehension, toxic relationships and choices, and the road to self-forgiveness.

I’ve been on either side of letting someone down and
I don’t know which one is worse
Your toxin takes its time to settle in
When you said how much my skin reminded of home
Time seemed to numb my sins
I laid down all my walls so you could lay here next to me
I know now…
Too much of anything is poison
And it’s laced upon your lips
But the cure is in the venom, so I keep on coming back
My soul is stained with your poison

Admittedly, this toxic relationship is a bit too dark for our reunion. Yet, there is something promising about the song’s raw honesty.  It speaks of newfound wisdom, awareness, all qualities that make for a future of healing. “Poison” then captures Zig’s relationship with his past, his demons, and his journey to self acceptance.

Anger was Zig’s poison. It gave him what justification he needed to hate the world that dealt him this hand, to fight back against bullies, to have tasted and now expect rejection, and to avoid disappointment by putting up barriers around all of his relationships. In time, his numbness to his own aspirations became part of him.

Too much anger, however, and everything crashed. Inside, all he wanted was to be free. To believe in himself and his dreams once again. When he first met us in the coffee shop, he caught a glimpse of that brimming courage he once had, many years ago.

He fears that he is broken beyond repair. Perhaps this anger is now laced within his veins, toxic vines twisting around his heart, skin stained with bitter rejection.

There is beauty in his fear and newfound awareness. We are hopeful.

7) “Love Somebody” Ta-Ku ft. Wafia
An evocative, soulful indie-edm ballad and duet whose lyrics speak of a relationship on the mend.

Darling understand, my faith wavers when I can’t see the end
And I know you truly believe that our love will keep us from the edge
I know we’ll never get it right
We only ever seem to fight
Anyone else would walk away
When you love somebody then you stay

The end-of-the-quarter dance dazzles with the promise of new beginnings. To our joy, Zig is about to embark on his college journey! And, amid blushing and stammering confessions, he’ll do so with us–his favorite girl–by his side.

Under the blossoms of the fairy light-strung cherry trees, we twirl about on the dance floor, hearts light and gazes warm. He can’t stop staring at us, but this time, he knows that we’re his. And he, ours.

The future can come with all that it brings. As his hands make their home on our waist, we are content to press our face into his broad shoulder and just breathe. His hope is sweet as the air.

8) “Arrest Me” Shy Girls ft. Tei Shi
A sultry, electronica ode to the battle for dominance and waves of pleasure.

You got me tripping on my walk like I’m a novice.
Something about you on the top, if I’m honest
Running in circles around me, cuz you know I love it
I’m gonna let you tie me up tonight
And you can read my rights, if that’s alright
I’ll loosen up your ropes and let you bite
I wanna feel your touch
Arrest me

Surrendering and asserting have never tasted so perfectly together. Zig makes us crave something deeper, and we can’t control the hitch of our breath when he crumbles under our touch.

How is it that we render him speechless anywhere we end up? There is heat everywhere. His gaze smolders, sends one quake after another shuddering through our pinned frame. 

After, we lay together, nestled together among the bedsheets, his arm still draped over us. His hands feel rough, but his caresses gentle. As much as we love the storm, we relish the calm. The steady rising of his chest, his soft snore, almost childlike, as we drift away.

Whenever I make playlists for characters or stories, I always try to base the songs off of the feeling, rather than the actual lyrics. “Smoke Filled Room” and “Poison” felt the most ‘Zig’ to me; “Heart Out”  the least. Regardless, I hope you liked my rambling musics and sound bites! Now back to my exam preparation… 😭

Welcome to the Family

Relationship: Jensen x Daughter

Words: 2,270

Summary: When the reader receives upsetting news from home at a Supernatural convention, Jensen steps in to save the day.

A/N: I realized after I wrote a bunch of this that 1) it doesn’t fit with actual convention stuff and 2) it’s totally and completely unrealistic but bear with me kids. Besides, even if it would never happen in real life, I think we all kinda wish it would, right?

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Your name: submit What is this?

There was an excited buzz about the convention hall. Any minute now, Louden Swain would come out on stage for the Saturday Night Special Concert, and you couldn’t wait. Your first convention had already been incredible so far, and you knew it could only get better. Sure, you might not have gotten an autograph or a photo op, or had the best ticket in the world. But just being around people you had something in common with and who loved Supernatural as much as you did made your first experience magical.

Suddenly, a roaring cheer erupted from the crowd as Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas filtered into the hall through the speakers. The noise level was so deafening you could hardly hear yourself think, and yet you sang along anyway. It felt as if everyone at the convention had joined together to jam out to the official unofficial theme song of Supernatural, and the thought made you smile.

Tumultuous applause rose from the fans as Richard, Rob, Matt, Mark, and the rest of Louden Swain came bounding up onto the stage. The boys hammed it up for the audience in between songs, and even brought out some special guests from the show to perform with the band. In your opinion, the best part was when Jensen came out and performed Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” Your smile never wavered the entire time, and you laughed and clapped along with everyone else.

You should have known it was too good to last.

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Tour Surprises

Genre: Fluff/Smut
Pairing: Vernon x Reader
Summary: You decide to give Vernon a little surprise while he is on tour.

Today was the day. You steeped on the plane, ready to go. Your stomach was full of butterflies….what if he got mad? Oh well. You hadn’t come this far to chicken out. Today you were flying to Japan to surprise your wonderful other half, Vernon. You had been dating for 2 years, so you had gotten used to his tight schedule and tour times. But for some reason, you really missed him on this round of tours. So you decided to drop a paycheck’s worth of money on a plane ticket and a hotel room. You had told the other members about your little plan, just to get them in the loop so they could give you two some space. They were like your brothers, the bond that you and the group had was out of this world. And the bond that you had with Vernon blossomed into something more than a friendship. 

It was a pretty entertaining (and uncomfortable) flight, in the two hours it took to get from Seoul to Tokyo you went on your Tumblr, played some Rolling Sky, (have yall played that game yet?? Harder than Jimin’s dick.) and listened to some music. When you finally touched down, it was about 9am. You got your luggage and made your way to the hotel room you rented out, occasionally stopping to go into a store or take pictures. The city was beautiful, it was full of colors and unique buildings. It seemed as if each tower had it’s own personality, some tall, dark and blended in, others oddly shaped and popping with color. The sidewalks were so crowded and lively, you were being pushed along in the long river of people. From across the street, you could see the hotel you were staying at. You broke away from the busy sidewalk and crossed the street, entering the doors of the magnificent building. The inside was styled beautifully, they obviously had a theme of white and gold going on. You walked up to the check-in desk, prepared to say the line you had been practicing two weeks prior. 

“こんにちは、私は日本語を話せません。私は英語と韓国語を話すことができます。これらの言語を話す労働者はいますか?” (Hello, I do not speak Japanese. I can speak English and Korean, are there any workers who can speak these languages?) The woman at the desk nodded and went into the back room to fetch a worker who you could talk to. She came back shortly, a girl with red hair and blue eyes following her. 

“Hello, welcome to the Tokyo Inn. What can I help you with today?” She asked. 

“Hi, I’d like to check into my room. My name is _____ ________.” You said. She typed something into the computer and looked back up at you. 

“Alright, room 170 on the 7th floor. If you need anything, please call. Enjoy your stay.” She said, smiling while handing you your key card. You took it and began walking towards the elevator. 

It was night 2 in Tokyo, and tonight was the night that you would surprise Vernon. You opened your suitcase to try to find something rather….sexy. Not so sexy that you would give the other members a hard on, but sexy enough to get Vernon going. You picked out some high waisted cut off shorts (that made your ass look amazing) and a flowy white crop top that had some corset style lacing at the top. It showed off just a hint of your cleavage, Vernon would be absolutely mad by the time he got back from the concert. You put on some mascara to accentuate your eyelashes. You knew Hansol loved your bare face so you were going for a very minimalistic look with your makeup tonight. You popped on your shoes and walked out of your room, ready to see his reaction. 

You walked into the Tokyo Dome. The place was huge, the stage was huge, and the amount of screaming fans was amazing. You walked in as they were performing Mansae, you stood still for a second to watch all the members dance. They were so in sync, it was absolutely mesmerizing. Slowly, you made your way back stage. Their body guard let you in- seeing as you were a familiar face to him- and you walked towards the stage to get a front row view of the performance. As soon as Mansae ended, the lights went out and you heard them scurrying into formation to perform 아주 NICE. The beat started and they began their routine of singing and dancing. 

The song promptly ended, it was half time. They all came back stage to dry their hair and touch up their makeup. 

“Noona!!” Dino screamed as he came running towards you. You warmly waved, and all the other members followed, in a hurry to greet you. The last one in was Vernon. You could see the look of confusion sweeping his face when he saw all his fellow members huddled together, but when he saw your face, his eyes lit up with joy. He came running towards you, you ran towards him, and as soon as your bodies collided you were swept into a passionate kiss. You didn’t care that he was soaked in his own sweat, you didn’t care that it was messing up his hair when you effortlessly ran your fingers through it, all that you cared about was the fact that you were with him. 

“Hyung!” Dino shouted at Vernon in attempt to separate the two of you. He broke the kiss, pulling back to look at you. His eyes absolutely devoured you. As he looked you up and down, you noticed his eyes lingering longer in some parts- just what you wanted. When he finally looked you in the eye again, you could tell that your plan had worked. He was hungry for you; he wanted you.

“_____, you came! How did you get here?”

“Via plane.” You said, chuckling at the end of your sentence. You smiled and bit your lip seductivley, he looked you in the eye, cautioning you to take it down a notch. After all, the other members were around, and your body language was just screaming “I’m horny!” You slipped him your extra key card and winked.

“Hansol, get your shit together we gotta go back out there in 5.” Seungcheol said. Hansol rolled his eyes as he was dragged way my his hyung, he looked back and gave you a wink before being pulled into the makeup artist’s chair. 

You were back in your hotel room, he would be here soon. You changed into some simple yet sexy lingere that you had bought just for this occasion. How the hell were you going to do this?Just lay on the bed in a sexy position? Wait for him to walk into the room then jump out from somewhere? As you were pacing around the room trying to think of a way to surprise him, you heard the door unlock. 

“____? Are you here?” Hansol said, peeking his head in. At that moment, all thoughts of laying on the bed all seductive-like had vanished. 

“Hansol!” You screamed, running towards the door. He swiftly entered the room, shutting and locking the door behind him. You ran and jumped up onto him, your legs wrapping around his waist and your arms on his shoulders. He put one hand under your ass and one on your back to hold you up. He broke the hug and pulled you into a passionate kiss while walking towards the bed. When he arrived at his destination, he threw you onto the bed. You looked into his eyes, they were still as dark and lust-filled as earlier. 

“Damn, ____. You don’t know how much I missed you.” He said, taking off his jacket. He began to crawl over your body, his muscles making his shirt (and pants) sinfully tight. 

“I missed you too baby. I was so lonely without you.” You said as his face neared yours.

“You have no fucking idea how much I have wanted you princess.” Hansol said, staring deep into your eyes.

“You have no idea how uncomfortable that plane ride was. All I could think about was you fucking me all night long. I was so horny, but I knew your dick would be 10x better if I waited.” You said, grinding up onto his bulge. 

“You are too good to me, princess.” He said, connecting his lips with yours. He ripped off his shirt, buttons went flying. 

Every morsel of clothing was soon scattered around the  room, leaving the two of you in your naked skin. Vernon began to trail wet, sloppy kisses along your jaw and down your neck. He sucked and bit down on the skin, his tongue soothing it immediately after. His large hands grabbed both of your breasts, kneading them with hunger. He kissed down your stomach, approaching your heated core.  

“Vernon….I wanted to pleasure you tonight…” You whined, squirming under him, “I had this whole thing planned out where I give you the best night ever. Please?” You asked. He sat up and looked at you. You begged him to let you with your eyes. 

“If that’s what you want, babygirl.” He said with a smirk. You let him lay down, then you kissed the line of hair from his belly button down to his shaft. You looked at the tip; it was red and leaking precum. You slowly took his length into your mouth, he grunted in pleasure and wove his hands through your hair. You began to bob your head, his hands lightly pulling your hair. Suddenly he pulled you off with a pop. He looked at your face, your lips were red and swollen, hair a mess….oh god how he would love to fuck you hard and rough. 

“Ride me baby.” He said, voice deep and raspy.

You crawled over him and hovered your entrance over his tip. You ground on him slowly before sinking down on his length with a gasp. 

“Fuck….Vernon….your cock feels so good…” You said with a sigh. He let out a low grunt and you began to ride him. 

You started out with slow little hip movements, but it grew and grew until you were bouncing rapidly on his member. You could feel him push deeper and deeper inside of you as he thrusted up to match your rhythm. 

“Vernon….I’m close…” You whimpered. 

“Hold on a little longer babygirl, I need you to come with me.” He said, looking you straight in the eyes. You returned the eye contact followed by a loud moan as he hit your g-spot. It was so hard for you not to come, but you knew you had to wait for him to finish. 

“Come with me babygirl.” He said under his breath. Your walls clenched around his shaft and his hot seed shot up into you. You both came with a moan, and you both rode out your orgasms. 

“Thanks for that ____. I really needed it.” He said as you hopped off of him. 

“I needed it too, Vernnie. So thank you too.” You said with a chuckle. You collapsed next to him in the messy hotel bed and he wrapped his arms around you. 

“____, I missed you so much. It was so hard being away from you. I’m so glad you are here now.” He said in almost a whisper.

“I missed you too.” You replied. You your eyelids growing heavy and they began to slowly close.

“I love you, ____.” Vernon said.

“I love you too.” You whispered back as you fell into a deep sleep. 

wOW I got carried away

Everybody´s got somebody but me.

Requested: No

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: With the broken heart that Y/N has, she’s sure she’s not going to be able to put up with Valentine’s Day and she does not think of anyone else. Soon she will realize that maybe the world does not revolve around her ex boyfriend.

Warnings: No one…?

Word Count: 1316

A/N: Hello! So this is my first imagine, and I really hope you like it and feel free to request something! Also this was inspired by the song Everybody’s got somebody but me, by Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz 💕
You can listen to the song here.

Dedicated to @lil-spidey, my first reader ever ❤️

Since you woke up, you knew it was not going to be just another day.

Why? It was Valentines’ Day. And you couldn’t stop thinking about how Sam, your ex boyfriend, broke up with you.

Yesterday morning you were wondering what it would be like today. If Sam would make you a special gift since today was your first anniversary. Exactly a year ago, he was standing outside your door with a bouquet of roses along with a note with the big question.

And yesterday evening, he was breaking up with you, with the notice that he didn’t feel the same way as he felt months ago.

And he left you, not caring how the tears fell on your cheeks as you felt your heart snapped a little while everyone was looking at you.

You leave your flat and as soon as you saw how you neighbor shared spit with his girlfriend you knew it was going to be a long day.

Walking through the hallways of Midtown High and looking at every couple giving gifts to each other made you feel unbelievably upset.

You entered to the studies hall and you took out some homework to distract yourself, you thought any sign of love or affection will be showed, but in the moment when a guy appeared with flowers and a big teddy bear going straight to a blonde girl, you left out a growl and you quickly started picking up your stuff to get out of there.

“I’d love to take a pin to a heart shaped balloon” you thought as you rolled your eyes.

You opened your locker and you found all the photos of you and Sam. It was hard  remember all the good times and all the memories came back. You weren’t going to lie, you miss him. And very much.

You suddenly felt a knot growing in your throat, and you couldn’t help but drop a tear. The bell rang and you came back to reality, you closed your locker and you ran to your next class.

Not noticing how a brown haired boy was watching from afar and wondering he knew why were you crying.

“Dude, you really have to talk to her” Ned said, making Peter startle.

Before you went out to your classroom, Peter approached the moment to give his reason to Ned.

“Okay, so look at her” Peter started turning around to you along Ned “Then look at me” he asked “She’s a ten, I’m a six” he explained, making Ned confused.

“Come on man! You know Y/N is not a superficial girl” Ned argued.

Peter left out a sigh. He decided to leave the theme and grab his books and start walking to the lab.

“And for the record, she has a boyfriend” Peter insisted.

“Actually, she just broke up with Sam” Michelle said out of nowhere with a book on his hand and the same selfless expression as always, scaring the boys.

Peter widened not believing what he had heard.

“W-What?” he stammered “Is s-she single now?” he saw the excited expression in Ned’s face.

“Which part of ‘she just broke up with Sam’ you didn’t get, dumbass?” Michelle said sarcastically “So? Are you going to finally ask her out? Or are you going to be a coward and watch how someone else does it?”

Peter was in shock.

Apparently, Michelle’s sermons made Peter realize that it was the truth. And although Peter really wanted to go out with the girl who had been admiring in secret but he doubted that someone like you would like someone like him.

“Go ahead, Peter” Ned said again “What’s the worst thing could happen?”

He looked at you hopelessly, asking himself the probabilities he had.

You were at you favorite ice cream shop, after school and all this thing about Sam, you decided to go and spent a little time there.

You were in the queue behind of a tall brown haired boy with a squared shirt and blue sweater.

“Hello there, Y/N!” the worker greeted. When he said your name the boy in front of you seemed to tense and began to rub his hands in his pants “Same order?”

“Yes, please. It’s been a hard day” you snorted trying to catch the face of this guy, but he looked away avoiding any eye contact.

The guy received his order, he was willing to leave when you saw how a ten-dollar bill felt out of his pocket.

“Hey!” you called, the boy couldn’t do anything but stop.

He turned to you, and you finally saw his face.

The boy, looked pretty nervous. You saw his face (or more specifically) his cheeks turning red as he smiled shyly. In comparison to you, he was a few inches taller. Also, you can see how his eyes had a little sparkle. You couldn’t stop looking at those eyes. It wasn’t like he had red eyes, but there was something special about them. His hands were on the back of his pants making it more obvious how he slightly swung from front to back.

He was very cute. And very familiar too.

You stopped your watching before it gets weird.

“Uhm, I-I think this is yours” you said as you handle him the bill. When he heard your words, Peter reacted and began to nod awkwardly “Do we know?”

“Y-Yes, well I k-know who you are but…” Peter stammered, he composed himself quickly “We share a couple of classes”

You squinted, trying to remember his name, you were sure you knew.

“Parker” you said happily “Peter Parker”

He looked very surprised, even though excited.

“Of course! You are the best in chem” you continued “Sam told me someth-”

You cut yourself, and the little smile  you had disappeared quickly.
From one moment to another, you did not look so lively anymore. And Peter didn’t know what to do.

He hated seeing you sad, even though you didn’t know that. He was sure that a break up wasn’t that simply, and watching how the cute and lively girl was turning off the amazing personality he loved, made him feel worried.

“I-I heard about… you two. I’m sorry” he began, but you didn’t seemed to be better “You know, I don’t even understand why he left you”

That caught your attention.

“I mean look at you, you are funny, kind, intelligent and a magnificent student!” he talked more to himself “And have he seen you!? Have he seen how gorgeous you are!? My god he is so blind!” he exclaimed incredulously.

For your part you couldn’t believe what was he saying. He continued saying this things you thought anyone knew. That little actions anyone notice.

But he did. You barely know him and he knew everything.

You were drinking in his words, and you felt how your heart melted to that sweet and dorky words he clumsily and unconsciously had said.

Some second later he stopped talking and he realized of what he just said. His eyes widened and he was doing the same he did on the queue.

“Did I said it out loud?” you grinned while nodding “Well… shit”

As you saw how nervous he was, you suggested that you two sit at one of the tables in the shop.

And from then, neither of you could describe what happened.

You couldn’t describe all the laughs, all that dorky jokes, the cute smiles, the way he looked like there was nobody except you.

Peter couldn’t describe all the looks, the talks, the feeling of finally being understood.

After all, it had not been such a bad Valentine’s Day. On the contrary, you made sure that you were never going to be able to have another day like that.

And that there was no one so unique and irreplaceable as Peter Parker.


dad!Scott Lang/Peter Parker x Reader

Assumed female reader

Word Count: 1324

“At it again, Sherlock?” your dad commented, smiling at you from the doorway of your room.

Startled, you put your violin down. He’d been doing this to you since you started playing when you were in fourth grade, but it never failed to give you a minor heart attack.

“No, no, no!” Scott protested. “Keep playing! I’ll leave, if it helps.”

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“Hola Mami.”

Requested by an anon. This beautiful man, I just can’t.

Originally posted by ukwno

Yu Kwon in enjoyed everything about you. From head to toe. Inside and out. You were just so perfect. It was very obvious he had the biggest crush on you. You could spot it a mile away. Of course you didn’t listen at all when his members were trying to tell about his little crush on you. 

Even their manager saw how Yu Kwon would act around you. It made it worse since you were assigned to him as his makeup artist. 

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Shoot to Thrill

Originally posted by multifandomfantasychild

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 4,396 (w/o lyrics)

Warnings: drinking (excessively, lots of shots), heavy AF flirting, some swear words, naughty-ish thoughts, implied naughty actions later maybe….so kinda like smut?

Summary: After a successful hunt, you and the Winchesters head to the bar for the usual celebration ritual. You get absolutely hammered, making your desire for Dean come to the forefront of your mind. Dean thinks you’ve had enough alcohol, but you’re not done, so you strike a deal: you win a game of pool, you stay and he shuts his mouth, but what if he wins?

A/N: I actually got pointed (by @bewithme-forevermore) in the direction of a writing challenge to write a Marvel character with the theme of an AC/DC song. I didn’t do the challenge but it sparked this idea - except for Dean. Of course Dean. If this was a Marvel thing, I would’ve gone Bucky, or Steve for some sinful-ish Stevie boy *rubs hands together evilly* But this is my first attempt at writing anything REMOTELY smutty because I just don’t do smut at all - it isn’t my thing so I’m sorry for the quality of it. But it just felt like it HAD to happen. I don’t even think I could call it smut at all but I don’t know what else to call it

Y/N/N = your nickname

You practically crawled into the back of the impala, laying your back against the leather seat, careful to avoid getting too much blood everywhere. What you had thought were two werewolves turned out to be five, but the three of you had managed in the end to take care of the problem with no broken bones. That’s not to say you won’t have wicked bruises in the morning if they weren’t forming already, and you didn’t even want to think about the aching muscles. That was morning (Y/N)’s problem.

“Hey, you still alive back there?”

His emerald eyes ducked below the roof of the impala, brows knitted together.

“As if I’d leave all the fun to you two asshats, without me you’d be dead!”

You waved him off, not missing the defiant snort at your words, laying your arm over your forehead.

“Sweetheart, I hate to tell you this but Sammy and I were quite capable hunters before you came along. We would’ve been fine.”

“Doubt it pretty boy, I made you better.” You winked at him, puckering your lips together and blowing him a kiss.

“Pretty boy huh? I’m an asshat and a pretty boy…” Of course that’s all he’d take from that. Either he was a total moron who couldn’t see the hints you had been dropping since forever, or he wasn’t interested but didn’t have the heart to stop flirting with you anyway. You let out a sigh, closing your eyes while you waited for Sammy to get back to the impala.

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blacksmithgendry  asked:

sis tell me about your top 5 Arya moments and quotes pls. your wisdom is much needed in these trying times :D

alright lets do this: 

“The wolf blood.” Arya remembered now. “I’ll be as strong as Robb. I said I would.” She took a deep breath, then lifted the broomstick in both hands and brought it down across her knee. It broke with a loud crack, and she threw the pieces aside. I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth.”

I feel like such a cliche with this one but its a classic for a reason lol. theres nothing about this scene i don’t love. all the nature imagery for starters: the sound of the wind and the water. the eyes of the gods peering into arya as she kneels before the heart tree, asking for their help. and then! “ from somewhere out in the world, came the long lonely howl of a wolf” and arya feels lightheaded. i don’t think she’s actually hearing nymeria either. she’s warging her wolf. the best part is the old gods actually communicating with arya, obviously. i will never stop stressing this because ?? it literally never happens in any other scene?? this is the most northern thing ever too and it happens in the middle of the riverlands. it has huge significance for arya’s identity arc as well. she starts to doubt herself here. after hearing the news that winterfell has been burned and her little brothers are dead but the gods intervene and with ned’s voice reminding arya of who she is and where she belongs she finds the strength to carry on. its just an intense and beautiful scene.

She looked at their filthy hair and scraggly beards and reddened eyes, at their dry, cracked, bleeding lips. Wolves, she thought again. Like me. Was this her pack? How could they be Robb’s men? She wanted to hit them. She wanted to hurt them. She wanted to cry. They all seemed to be looking at her, the living and the dead alike.

this moment is so important to me. its so important to the story. arya has seen so much of the war. she’s fought in the battles. she’s seen the dead bodies and burned villages. she’s seen all this death and destruction. and its mostly from the lannisters. but then she starts too see a lot of the evil the northmen are doing too. and it breaks arya’s heart. she’s so ashamed. but its an inevitable truth of war, unfortunately. i like to harp on this a lot but the truth is very important in arya’s story so this is something she has to see. she hates these men for what they’ve done. they’re supposed to be her people but they have betrayed everything she stands for. but all the same, she shows them mercy. the villagers yell at her to stop but she fills her own cup until its brimming over with water. while standing on gendrys shoulders (yes this detail is important) she pours it over the first man. and she does it all again for the other two. these men are criminals. they’re in disgusting shape, naked and filthy. but arya is still able to do and watch as they’re given mercy via anguy’s arrows without flinching. she feels duty bound to give them one last drink of water but she doesn’t make excuses for these men. this shows the huge potential in arya to become a great leader. the experience is so valuable as well. all these lessons the war taught her will effect how she rules in the future.

Arya put her lips to his ear. “It’s Jaqen H'ghar.”
Even in the burning barn, with walls of flame towering all around and him in chains, he had not seemed so distraught as he did now. “A girl … she makes a jest.”
“You swore. The gods heard you swear.”

she 👏 did 👏 that 👏 arya played a faceless man like it was nothing. she is the damn champ. and this is only in the second book. now that she’s had faceless men training herself arya going to be a an even bigger force to be reckoned with. but yeah this is just one of the best tricks in asoiaf. jaqen really thought he had the power and arya just switched it up before he knew what was happening. i love how the three wishes trope is used with all the power of names business. its very old school. the entire “only death may pay for life” stuff is my favorite too. i even like all the weasel soup stuff that follows even though its horrifying. “a girl should be bloody too. this is her work” but like my last point, thats a lesson arya learns from. she’s cunning and clever and a very quick study. i love her.

“I’m sorry, my lady.” Arya suddenly felt bad for her, and ashamed. “I’m sorry I tore the acorn dress too. It was pretty.”
“Yes, child. And so are you. Be brave.”

when i started this i said i wasn’t going to include any arya/gendry moments but i lied to my damn self. kinda. this is only partially about the otp. i love this entire chapter because its pretty different from a lot of arya’s. the theme of love and romance is really strong (i wonder why?) her interactions with lady smallwood are beautiful. the dialogue between them is great and this woman treats her so kindly. arya’s so responsive to that. we see her open up to lady smallwood. unlike with the highborn women she grew up with. she even says the acorn dress is pretty in the end. the “be brave” just destroys me. and arya even remembers the lady who said she was pretty at acorn hall. theres the wrestling and the song :) i mean what can i say that i havent said a hundred times before? arya and gendry are gonna fall in love. another fave bit is when harwin says “arya was much the same at winterfell” after her and gendry play fight. which shows that she can be her true self with him. he even says just arya when asking if she wants to see the forge with him. she’s not in survival mode or hiding her identity. she’s just arya. and he’s gendry. and they’re beautiful.

… but it wasn’t.
Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. Needle was Winterfell’s grey walls, and the laughter of its people. Needle was the summer snows, Old Nan’s stories, the heart tree with its red leaves and scary face, the warm earthy smell of the glass gardens, the sound of the north wind rattling the shutters of her room. Needle was Jon Snow’s smile. He used to mess my hair and call me "little sister,” she remembered, and suddenly there were tears in her eyes.

ah, needle. i couldn’t not include this scene, ya know? i tear up every time i read it. i love the dark, watery atmosphere of braavos. its the perfect backdrop for this scene which is essentially a rebirth. arya is told by the kindly man she must rid herself of her possessions. thats the first step. the next will be her body and her feelings and, ultimately, her future. so she takes everything out into the night and stands at the waters edge and throws it all in; her little trinkets and even her clothes. everything except needle. she can’t part with it. that sword is a symbol of everything that makes arya stark. its such a profound moment for an identity arc. when we’re stripped bare, what makes us who we are? and this is what makes arya: her mother and her father. her brothers and her sister. old nan’s stories. her home and its people. jon snow’s smile. (and i am actually tearing up now as i type this lmao) thats who she is and arya cannot give that up. she thinks the old gods wanted her to have needle. the many faced god can’t have it. so arya hides needle. she conceals it from the faceless men and buries those memories deep in her heart. with a promise that one day she’ll be back for them all. and that day will be the day i die.