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Crush - Zach

Request: can you do an imagine where the reader is Justin’s little sister and has a crush on Zach bc they’re close but can feel that he likes her back but when she tells him, he takes it a different way and tells his friends and they begin to make fun of her for it and so does Zach but doesn’t realize he likes her until he saves her from a bad situation? (You can change anything) Thanks!

Changed to third person POV because it’s easier for me to write in 3rd. I changed the prompt a bit because I hate writing Zach (my bby) as someone who would purposely hurt others.

Warnings: I think some cussing? Bryce mention

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Crush- Zach 

She took a deep breath trying to decide if this was the right choice. She had had a crush on Zach for most of her life and the idea of asking him out was both terrifying and exciting. Trying to calm her nerves she leaned against the wall outside of the locker room. Zach was her ride since Justin skipped that day so she had no choice but to face him and she just wanted to get it over with. When he walked out and gave her that signature smile her nerves were gone. Nothing mattered when he was with her because she knew he cared about her as much as she cared about him.

“You ready?” He asked throwing his gym bag on his shoulder and running a hand through his wet hair. She was very aware of how his arms flexed when he did that. She nodded in response and let him lead his way to the car even though he was her ride that morning and she knew where he was parked.

She took a deep breath to ready herself as they started to reach the car, “Zach, would you maybe want to go to the dance with me?”

“Ha get it Dempsey!” Monty yelled jogging up to the car they had stopped in front of. Her eyes widened and she tried not to feel embarrassed but she knew Monty would be making fun of her for a while.

“I’m just not into you like that Y/N, I mean you’re Justin’s little sister, and I have a date anyways.” Zach explained away with a shrug she nodded as a response and tried to hide the pain she felt. She was sure he liked her back. Weeks of flirting, going out of his way to do things for her, she thought he cared but it was obvious he was only nice because of Justin. All the guys saw her as just Justin’s little sister, hell that’s how half the school saw her. No one ever really seemed to like her for her.

“Right. I forgot I have to stay after for Chemistry I’ll get a ride from Jess. I’ll see you later.” She blurted out and ran off into the building before Zach could say anything. Leaving him in shock wishing he could’ve just told her how he felt. As much as he refused to admit it, he had feelings for her. He always had and knew he always would.

Monty laughed and leaned against Zach’s car, “What the hell was that? Y/N is hot you should be hitting that.”

“Justin would kill me. You know he has that no dating his sister rule. I can’t break the bro code.” He explained and got in the car, “do you want a ride or not?”

As soon as she was sure Zach left the parking lot she left the school and went straight to the parking lot where Jess agreed to meet her. Luckily cheer practice had ran a little late otherwise she knew she wouldn’t even have a ride. Gratefully she took her seat in the passenger’s side

“Thanks Jess. I just couldn’t ride with Zach today.” She explained softly while wiping away the tears.

“Y/N what happened?” Jess asked as she started backing out of the parking lot.

“Well I asked him out and he shot me down. I know I shouldn’t be such a baby about this but it’s Zach. I’ve liked him for years and I just thought I had a chance.” She explained before groaning and leaning against the window.

“Wait he shot you down?” Jess asked surprised. She knew Zach, and she also knew he had liked Y/N since middle school. Pretty much everyone knew other than Y/N.

“Yeah.” She said softly with her eyes closed. Jess sighed and took the turn towards Bryce’s house rather than dropping Y/N off like they had planned.

“Jess where are you going?” She asked looking around as she realized that wasn’t the right direction.

“I forgot I need to detour to Bryce’s I let him borrow a book that I need back tonight. Don’t worry he’s not far.” Jess explained hoping there wouldn’t be any more questions. After a few more minutes of driving in silence she pulled up to Bryce’s house and Y/N immediately knew someone was wrong. She saw Zach’s car and just knew Jess was up to something. Jess practically dragged her to the door and burst in without knocking to see all of the guys there. When Y/N saw Justin she froze, afraid that he might know she asked Zach out. He had told her before that his friends were off limits and she had easily respected that in the past.

“Hey Zach, Justin can I speak to you?” Jess asked in a tone that showed they didn’t have a choice. Without waiting for a response, she stomped up to them and dragged Zach out of the room with one hand while dragging Justin with the other leaving Y/N standing by the door avoiding everyone’s gazes.

“Hey,” Bryce said flashing a smile as he stood up and walked closer to her, “Zach may have passed you up but I definitely wouldn’t.”

She stayed silent and backed up a bit trying to put more distance between them but he grabbed her arm, “I know I’m not Dempsey but give me a chance.”

She was about to make up an excuse to leave when the door opened and Jess, Justin, and Zach entered the room making Bryce release his grip.

“Y/N are you okay?” Zach asked immediately coming to her side pulling her closer to him and further from Bryce.

“I’m fine.” She said shrugging away his touch.

“Well she’s definitely fine.” Bryce muttered very obviously checking her out.

“Bryce leave her alone.” Justin warned from behind him making him shrug and go back to the kitchen to grab some food.

“Look Y/N I like you a lot. Justin didn’t want his friends to go after you so I’ve never made a move but I want to be with you.” Zach admitted softly.

I Was Made for Loving You (SehunXReaderXLay) Pt. 7

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Pt.1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5, Pt.6 , Pt.8

It’s been a few weeks since Chen asked me to help him, and I have to admit that he is getting a bit better with my help. However, he does tend to play around most of the practices, instead of doing actual work. I don’t mind that much though. He has kept his promise on helping me stay away from Sehun, I do have to say though, I feel bad for ignoring him like this, but it’s better than cheating on Lay with him. 

“Okay, so let’s go over that again.” I say, getting ready to do the dance again. Chen sighed, and grabbed my wrist, turning me to face him.

“Or, we can take a break and not worry about specific moves.” He said, panting a little from the last run through. 

“You’re the one who asked me to help.” I say, poking at his chest.

“Yeah, but I didn’t think you’d be this hard core. We’ve been at this for weeks, I think we deserve a little break. Let loose a bit.” He grabbed both my hands, and started dancing around.

“I thought you were feeling tired?” I asked, laughing a bit. 

“Exactly.” He said, continuing to dance around like an idiot.

I looked at him weirdly, due to his answer. 

“Dancing around like this will give me more energy.” He said. 

I shrugged, and decided to join him, dancing around the practice room. Of course, me being the clutz I am, both me and Chen fell to the ground. We were both laughing, until we noticed how close we were. His nose was practically touching mine. 

“Uh, sorry.” He said, quickly getting up. 

“How about we go home? I think we’ve worked hard enough today.” I say, pushing myself off the ground. When we went to the entrance of the building, we noticed it was pouring rain. 

“Guess we’re going to have to make a run for it?” Chen said, looking out the windows. 

“I knew we should have brought the car. It’s a nice day, he says. Let’s walk today, it’ll be fun, he says.” I say, giving a look as I mocked him. 

“Well, it was a nice day out.” He shrugged. “Come on.” He opened the door, ready to walk out, but I stopped him. 

“We’re just going to walk out in the rain? We could get sick, the dorm is like at least fifteen minutes away.” I say.

“We’ll be fine, it’s just water. Let’s go.” He smiled, and grabbed my hand, pulling me out in the rain.


When we made it back to the dorm, we were soaked. Laughing, we walked through the front door, being met by someone who I wasn’t expecting for another month. 

“Yixing.” I say, looking away from Chen to my boyfriend. 

“You’re home!” He said, happily throwing his arms around me, but quickly pulling me away. “And you’re soaked.” He laughed.

“What are you doing home?” Chen asked, taking the words from me that I wanted to ask.

“I came home for the Lotto recordings. I’m only here for a week.” He explained, looking Chen up and down.

“Where have the two of you been?” He asked. 

“Oh, Uh, we went out for a walk, and it just started pouring rain.” Chen explained, quickly.

“I see.” Lay said, looking at Chen as though he was trying to read him .

“My carpet! You guys are dripping water everywhere!” Suho came rushing to the door, with towels in his hands.

“Calm down, Suho. It’s just water.” I say, laughing at how frantic he’s being. 

“This carpet is expensive, Go get a hot shower and take off those wet clothes, before you catch a cold.” He said, bending down and putting the towels below our feet. 

“Yes, mom.” Chen said, sarcastically. He glanced at me and Yixing, then left, going into one of the bathrooms.

“Come on, let’s get you out of those wet clothes.” Lay said, grabbing a hold of my hand and pulling me to our shared room. 

“Have you and Sehun been hanging out these past few weeks.” Lay asked as soon as we got into the room.

“No,actually. I’ve been helping Chen with some things.” I say, taking off my clothes and grabbing new ones, walking into the bathroom. Yixing followed behind.

“What kind of things?” He asked, leaning against the wall. 

“I don’t think he wants to me say.” I shrug, turning on the shower, and stepping in.

“Well, that doesn’t sound suspicious.” He said, sarcastically.

“Because it’s not?” I say.

“Well if it’s not then tell me.” 

I sigh and decide to tell him. “He feels like he’s falling behind with the dances ya’ll do.” I say.

“So what does that have to do with you?” He asked.

“I danced all throughout high school, so he asked me to help, but he didn’t want the guys to know, so we kept it a secret.” I explain, turning off the water and getting out, drying myself off and putting on new clothes.

“Oh.” Was all he said. He looked at the ground, like he was contemplating something, so I decided to change the subject.

“So, what’s your schedule like this week?” I ask, drying off my hair with a towel.

“Tomorrow, I have to record my part of the vocals, then after that we all have dance practice, and then I have a conference.” He says, looking up at the ceiling, remembering everything he has to do this week.

“So you’re pretty much booked?” I sighed, walking back into our room.

“Yeah, I’m sorry.” He said, sitting on the bed, and pulling me down with him.

I yawned, and cuddled close to him. Chen and I have been dancing all day, it’s getting pretty late. My eyes were getting heavy, and once I felt Yixing’s lips on my forehead, I fell asleep.