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Reyna knew Percy for about 2 hours from which she went from complete rage towards him at worst or blatant indifference at best to supposedly "making a move of on him" and her supposedly relationship with Jason could be completely imaginary for all we know given all the lack of development that got. Like using this "crushes" as cover up for all of Rick's shitty excuses is just... really fucking awful, especially as given as how fucking lame they are, they can perfectly be comp het

I knooowww god like he also admitted in that same Q+A that he blatantly disregards any and all semblance of a coherent time line but to say that Reyna had a crush on Percy after knowing him for like a day??? Come on!!!

And yeah, her and Jason got next to no time together, not a single chance to explore their past interactions or feelings for each other, it might as well have just not even been mentioned for all the impact it had on their characterisation and the plot.

Magical - part three

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 1k

A/N: a huuuuuge thanks to my Lele 💗 I love you so much. @golddaggers


Part one // Part two

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I explained my mother that I definitely wanted to stay in Beacon Hills and that I had faith in my pack and our ability to defend ourselves. I just knew that we would figure something out, like we always do. She respected my decision, even if she thought it would be better if we would leave town. After I was alone again, I took my phone out of my bag and called my best friend. He picked up immediately, obviously already waiting for my call.

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RJ leaves without looking back. Diosa leans against a wall, touches her fingers to her lips. His kiss had been sweet. She recalls the night she’d spent with him. It was still vivid in her mind. She loved sleeping with Nicky, but she knew deep down that Nicky was an expert at sex because he was so promiscuous. RJ was a good lover because he cared.

Diosa frustrated: I don’t need this right now. I have to get to Wind Island. I need to be with Nicky. I need him so badly. What I don’t need is Nicky finding out I ever had something to do with his cousin. Even if it was before we got together…he’d never accept it.

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Gifs of a Kaminari wedding? - shock stick sinner (we need some pure bean ♡)

How sweet 


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  • Of course he’s gonna pick you up and twirl you. He probably inisisted on not seeing each other for a few days before hand and he never knew just how much he would miss you.
  • Pays for the best photo shoots and makes sure your son (the dog) is in a lot of them. 
  • Makes a fool of himself on the dance floor because that’s his style. 
  • You know him and Kirishima have a routine worked out right? An interpretive dance of your love story. 
  • The kiss is so sweet, he just gets so excited and does it before the official has even finished declaring you wed. 
  • “This is it forever now. You and me… I promise we’ll always be happy, I’ll make sure of it.”

I’m halfway through The Defenders and I don’t know if it’s just because I’m still refusing to watch Iron Fist but ffs Danny is such a bad match to the other three??? like we already knew Jess and Luke were awesome together, and it was a dead giveaway that Jess and Matt were going to be the best of saltmates, with both of them being the right kind of cynicism against Luke’s more hopeful view on life but…

damn Danny is 50% whiny white boy and 50% “my chi” like some dude who just came back from two weeks in Thailand, and I can’t be the only one thinking that Colleen is 1808292891 more interesting than him (especially since she was doing most of the talking in the first episodes before he shut her down like wtf bro sit the fuck down the master is talking) and he’s basically just a snooze fest

like I can see the other three teaming up alright, they actually fit well together but wow can Danny step away already he’s just a nuisance at this point

f.r.i.e.n.d.s meet world

Friends / Girl Meets World Crossover: Rachel never got off the plane, instead she raises her daughter Emma Maya in Paris and sends her to the states for the summer, Ross’s son Ben Lucas moves in with him, Phoebe and Mike have a son named Farkle and all of them, of course, are best friends with Monica and Chandler’s twins Erica and Jack. Oh, and Joey ends up having a daughter he never knew about: Riley.
Previous Chapters: Prologue aka “The One Where Joey Has A Daughter”
Word Count: 4,890

❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆

[The One With The Results.]

“That’s…not possible.” Joey chokes out.  

The room grows silent and all eyes are on the brunette standing by the door. Riley tries to steady her breathing. The last thing she needs is to have a panic attack in front of a room full of strangers. It takes her a few seconds but she works up the courage to pull out the picture she found in her pocket and hand it over to the dark-haired man across from her.

“I found this picture of you and my mother.” She says softly, averting her eyes while he looks over the photo.

The other adults lean in as well, realization crossing their face. “Hey, that’s Erin!” Rachel is the first to speak. “You remember her right, Mon? She was the one girl of Joeys’ that we actually loved.”

Riley smiles at that, happy to know that her mom left a lasting impression on them. It didn’t at all surprise her. Everyone loved her mother. How could they not?

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Levi didn’t say anything, just sat back in his chair and gritted his teeth. He knew she didn’t mean what she said, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt- especially considering it was a sentiment he heard often from people. Oh wow, photography, so cool!- but.. that’s not what you’re going to do for a living, right?

Thalia looked from her boyfriend to her best friend, quickly trying to think of a way to remedy the situation.

“Uhm.. you know what I think you need, girl?”

Violet looked at her with tired eyes, “What?”

“A way to let off some steam…. Word is out that Jamie is throwing a party this weekend.. And, you know, my parents are still on their honeymoon.. You can say you’re staying at my place, Levi can say he’s staying with Wes. It’ll work like a charm.”

Violet considered this for a moment, before shrugging, a small smile appearing on her face, “Yeah okay… getting all dressed up and going out.. that does sound kind of fun. Deal. Hey, speaking of Wes, you still on to go to his place tonight to hang out? He said he got something he wants to show all of us….”

“Great, sounds sketchy.”

“It’s Wes- of course it’s sketchy.”

Dating Bobby Singer Would Include:

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Author’s Note: Y’all, I’m hitting you up with another one of these! Hope you like it! - Haley xx

  • Knowing him for years
  • Bobby was the first person who got you into hunting

  • He helped you when your mom was possessed

  • Bobby knew the hardship of losing a loved one to the supernatural

  • He didn’t want that to happen to you

  • You and Bobby drinking together after long hunts

  • Knowing Sam and Dean their entire lives

  • Sam and Dean thinking of you like another parent

  • You and Bobby living together on Singer’s Salvage

  • Being best friends with Rufus Turner

  • Helping out Rufus when Bobby didn’t want too

  • Taking long trips together when Bobby didn’t want to be bothered

  • Helping out the boys whenever they were stuck on a job

  • You and Bobby having long weekends in Rufus cabin

  • Bobby being himself and taking a long time to say I love you

  • You being in shock when he does

  • But softly saying it back

  • Not a lot of PDA

  • But occasionally hand holding

  • You and Bobby treating the boys like they were your own

  • Bobby holding you tight after a dragging and frightening hunt

  • You giving Bobby quick cheek kisses before he goes on hunts without you

  • Bobby calling you baby and darling

  • Only in private though

  • You and Bobby being together forever
Lay It On Me

So I wrote this Daphne Greengrass x Neville Longbottom flower shop AU last night so here? Enjoy?? Idk why my brain does this tbh.

Thanks as always to @hexmionegranger for being an absolutely terrible influence and the best beta reader/screamer and friend

and tagging in case you wanna read it: @flintwoodandco @olivieblake 

The first time she walked into the greenhouse shop Neville thought she looked like she might be trouble. By the time she left, he knew for a fact that she was.

“I need flowers,” she said, stumbling into the store just after nine in the morning, wearing last night’s dress and heels, mascara streaks running down from her green eyes. Her dark blond hair was piled up in a messy bun on her head and her lipstick was smeared across her cheek. She looked positively deranged. Beautiful, for sure, but completely unstable.

“Okay,” Neville said, noting that she was going to be one of those customers; the customers who refuse to tell you what they are looking for and expect you to read their minds. It was like pulling teeth some days. “What kind of flowers are you looking for?” Neville asked, picking up his mug of tea and settling in for what he was sure was going to be a much longer interaction than he had hoped for this early on in the work day.

“I want to send a message. Flowers, they can mean different things, can’t they?” She walked over to the shop counter and started unloading the contents of her purse onto it: keys, lipstick, gum, another lipstick, a day planner, yet another lipstick, mascara, a small toiletry bag, and finally the wallet she was apparently searching for.

“Yeah, there’s a whole language of flowers. It was popularized in Victorian times, actually-” Neville began, excited at the prospect of this situation taking an entirely different turn than he had anticipated.

“Great, I need flowers that say “I hope your dick falls off and you get hit by a bus”. Do you have anything like that?” She looked up, meeting Neville’s eyes for the first time since she walked in. He was struck for a moment by how truly pretty she was, aside from the fact that she was clearly completely unhinged.

“Er, not exactly that sentiment,” Neville said carefully. “Would you settle for simple hatred?”

She froze, “Wait, are you actually giving me an answer?”

“Yes? Was I not supposed to?” Neville stepped back a little, putting the counter between them in case her rage was being redirected at him. It was times like this he almost wished he had a panic button.

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I noticed the girl put her arm on Hana. It sent me reeling into my jealousy, I decided to get the truth out of Salim. I knew Hana would never tell me, especially not today. 

“Hey, oh-Nia! What-”
I gently shoved him back towards the hall and shut the door behind me. 
He started laughing nervously. 
“I-, uh….sup?”
“Do you know all of Hana’s friends?”
He scratched his head and looked up at the ceiling. I knew he was stalling.
“Okay, uh yeah I guess I do. I mean I’m her best friend, I know everything.”
“Yes, that’s why I’m asking.”
“Oh….no, no, no Nia, I can’t. I’m her friend, friendship means trust. I can’t-”
“I only have one question. Who’s the girl with the pink hair?”
“P-P-Pink, uh, hair? Hm, that that’s…”
He was frowning in feigned concentration but I could tell he was extremely nervous. He wasn’t going to tell me the truth either. 

“Sh-She’s, uh….”
“Take a deep breath. I only asked a simple question. Unless there’s more to her-”
“No! No! She’s my friend. I met her in the city, we uh chill most of the time. Then her and Charlie are like best friends now, so yeah Hana is friends too. I mean obviously. You know, I’m friends with Hana. Charlie’s friends with Hana. K-uh, the girl was, she was, she was-”
“What’s her name again?”
“Her name? Oh uh, it’s, did I say ‘K’? Yeah, her name is uh, K-Kim! Kim, her name is Kim.”
“She introduced herself as ‘Sam’.”
“Oh right, right, Sam. That pink haired girl. Yeah, right, uh K-Kim, is her first name? Or middle, I forget, anyway she asks us to call her Sam.”
“Then why do you call her Kim?”
“Uh, you know me! I like to mess with people.”
“Right. So when did you meet?”
“Nia, come on. I don’t remember details. When did you meet Hana?”
“Mid March of her Junior year.”
“Wait, okay that’s not fair you love her. Uh, when did you meet me?”
“I met you when Hana was moving out-”
“Okay shit Nia. Look, I don’t remember things like you do. Don’t worry about her, nothing to worry about.”
“Did I say I was worrying?”
“No! Uh, look, Hana loves you all right. More than her fucking frogs, and that’s a lot. More than me. Sometimes I think more than Tommy and Julie, and that’s her family. So chill please. Can I go inside now?”
I nodded. “Salim? Can you, well….I know you’ll tell her anyway but I’m sorry for my behavior, okay?”
“Oh wow, uh yeah apology accepted!” 
He was grinning widely, I completely understood why he and Hana were best friends. 

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Hello dear~ Aone is a minor character right?? May I request a scenario where he tries to comfort his gf who is agitated/upset that people keep telling her to smile and to not look so cranky, when in fact she basically just has resting bitch face? (She actually hates when people tell her to smile) *also this is totally not based on real life events, nope nope~* please make extra fluffy :)

Oh my dear, I love this gentle souled giant SO MUCH! Thank you for requesting and I hope this makes you smile!

“_____-chan, why don’t you smile more? You know you’d look so much prettier if you do.” You knew your best friend was just trying to help, but how could that not be taken as a backhanded compliment?

“Really, ______, you have so much to be happy about, why do you always look so glum?” If your mother was trying to encourage you, she failed miserably only adding to your feelings of frustration.

“Geez, bad day?” a random classmate asks as you take your seat.

That was it. “No! It’s not a bad day, or a bad life, or a bad anything!” you shout before you can think better of it. “Maybe I just have a bad face!” There’s stunned silence around you but before anyone can say anything else you run out of the room, Aone looking after you with a concerned frown. He gets up, trailing behind you quickly and easily covering the distance thanks to his long limbs.

He takes your hand, tugging you down a flight of stairs and under it. You’re trying not to cry but failing miserably and he knows you’re embarrassed so he sits on the ground and tugs you into his lap, allowing your arms to wrap around him, your face buried in the crook of his neck.

“Why can’t people just leave me alone?” you mumble. “It’s not like I’m doing it on purpose! This is just…my face!” As you cry harder, his embrace tightens, a deep rumble of disapproval at your predicament emanating from his chest. Aone has never been one to speak a lot of words and can only hope you understand how he feels through his actions.

After a few minutes, you quiet down with the only evidence of your emotional outburst being tear streaks on your cheeks and the damp spots on his shirt.

“Why are people so judgmental?” you mutter.

Aone shrugs. He’s no stranger to people’s misplaced perceptions. Truthfully, he’d been a little intimated by you himself when you first met but he’d quickly learned how kind and compassionate a person you are, especially when you were willing to sit next to him when no one else word. Over time, you’d coaxed him out of his shell, never pushing him but rather waiting for him to open up on his own. It’s one of the many things he loves and admires about you.

You inhale a deep breath, finally looking up at him, lips curling into a soft smile at the look of concern on his face. “Sorry,” you whisper, “I guess I’m just being a big baby.”

“Don’t apologize for how you feel,” he replies, large hand cupping your cheek. “Just remember that you’re beautiful in every way, no matter what anyone else says.”

You always bottle up Aone’s words like gifted treasure and these sparkle like so many diamonds and rubies. A wider smile erupts on your face and you lean up, kissing him gently. Locking lips with you never fails to bring a blush to Aone’s cheeks but he bears the weight of possible embarrassment for the privilege of your intimacy.

“I love you,” you say softly and he offers a small smile of his own before he’s the one kissing a blush onto your cheeks.

The road trip (part 2)

FANFICTION : chapter 2
characters : Jungkook x reader
genre : romantic, fluff
word count : 605
summary : you go on a road trip with BTS. The trip helps you get closer to Jungkook and take your relationship to another level as he confesses to you. This is my first time writing and I’m not a very good writer. I’ll try my best to improve my writing skills.

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~sorcerer au~ I KNEW I COULD COUNT ON MY FELLOW MARVIN LOVERS FOR IDEAS! Here me out, this is how Rob is implemented into this AU. Many people who search in the woods for Marvin fail, but a handful do succumb to the monsters in the forest. Rob was one of those people. Rob actually came close to seeing Marvin, but unfortunately was attacked as he neared his cabin. Marvin and Chase, hearing the noise, rush outside only to see Rob being attacked. Marvin and Chase fight the monster off, but (1/2)

Rob was already dying and bleeding out, and despite their best efforts, Marvin and Chase are unable to keep him alive. Marvin decides to take Rob’s dead body into his cabin and bring him back to life, a magic trick that was even tricky for him. It works successfully, but Rob was limited in doing things. He now serves as another one of Marvin’s assistants, who wanders the forest in search of people in need. He’ll even bring back an ingredient or two for Marvin. (2/2)


 006  .  josh’s  prank  plan  was  very  specific  ,      with  each  persons  role  carefully  laid  out  .  bit  by  bit  ,  it  was  all  about  the  end  result  .  the  final  product  .  as  the  whole  prank  was  meant  to  be  edited  and  released  as  a  film  of  sorts  ,  set  to  become  the  next  big  internet  sensation  .  thus  ,  josh  knew  exactly  what  he  had  to  do  and  did  his  best  to  leave  no  stone  left  unturned  .

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Hi! I've scrolled through your blog for the past 2 hours and it's amazing, your imagines are some of the best out there! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
I was wondering if you could do one about this: how would Jesse, Reaper and Soldier:76 react if they knew their male s/o has been bullied because of his sexuality?

Ahhhhh thank you so much! I hope you like these!


- He’s not happy, but he’s good at hiding it

- Pulls you in close and gives you a bear hug, kissing the top of your head

- He murmurs comforting words, trying to ease the pain of the past

- If anything happens in front of him, oh boi

- He’s gonna punch them. Nothing will stop him, he is going to punch them

- It’s more than likely that he’ll break their nose

- No regrets. It was totally worth it


- Death comes for your bullies

- Seriously, he’s going to at least think about killing them. It the bullying is ongoing, it’s going to be hard to talk him out of it

- At the very least he’s going to scare the living daylight out of them so they never do it again

- He’ll do this by waiting until you’re heading somewhere you’re going to see them and waiting for them to say something. Then he’ll wraith-step behind you and threaten them.

- He will not be nice, or gentle

- After, he will be uncharacteristically affectionate towards you, kissing you gently and assuring you that he’ll name sure no one hurts you again

Soldier 76

- Scoffs. “Who cares what they think?” is all he says

- He stopped caring what other people think years ago

- But he can see that it’s bothering you, so he grabs you and pulls you into a hug

- “I’m here, and I love you. Who cares what losers like that think?”

- If anything happens in front of him, he won’t be as likely to punch them as Jesse

- But if they’re especially rude or cruel then he probably will

- A swift punch to gut to make them keel over and then he’ll grab them by the back of the collar and haul them up to look straight in their eye. He’ll tell them that if they ever say anything like that again to you, he won’t be as kind as he’s being right now

- They don’t bother you again


When Crystal came downstairs she was wearing a dress that Trevor had given her. All of the guests surprised Crystal and she was extremely happy.

Crystal: Dad! You’re here! I thought you guys were away on vacation?

Sam: We are, but I decided to stop by and congratulate my wonderful daughter, Your mother got caught up with her massage appointment, she doesn’t know I drove over here!

Crystal: Thank you, dad. You’re the best.

Lucas had invited Yasmine but a part of him knew she’d most likely not be able to attend. He was surprised when he saw her.

Lucas: Yasmine! You made it? How’d you-

Yasmine: I’ll just have to leave early. Told my mom I was going to the library!

Leon was talking to his grandfather while Leila sat down in the corner and read her book.

Leon: Hey, Grandpa! Tag! You’re it!

Sam: FML.

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OK LAST ONE I NEED TO SLEEP ITS 3:50AM. I just thought of nerdy harry like before he knew he was a smexy m'f. He casually turned on 'lemme smang it' by yung humma and seduced you and it worked AHAHAHAH or if he turned it on while you were just laying in bed together and he gets on the bed and starts moving his hips how he's gonna fuck you. YESSSS. playful and fun harry I love it!!!!!!!!!!!


He’d be snickering as you shove his shoulder, trying to hide your blush as you watch the way his hips swivel against the mattress.

“What is it, love? Am I getting you all hot n’ bothered?”

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(Omegaverse question) I'm really curious about what will happen to Satoru post heat. Would it be like Reconciliation? And what if Satoru tried shutting him out again?

It would be like Reconciliation, in the sense that Yashiro wouldn’t let him leave. But I think that’s probably where the comparisons end!

Omegaverse!Yashiro is actually in love with Satoru and acknowledges it. That short time he was bonded to Satoru while he was awake as a child filled the hole in his heart, and then he lost it. Knew he found something precious and then ripped it apart with his own hands. How Yashiro coped with that emptiness and guilt was by hyper-focusing on what would be best for Satoru when he woke up. It’s like: “When Satoru wakes up, I’ll do better. I’ll make sure he’s happy and safe, this time.” 

And that’s fueled everything he’s done, basically! In this AU, Yashiro was gaining power and money so that he could give Satoru everything he wanted or needed when he woke up, basically. That he’d be able to keep him safe. He’s spent 15 years preparing to do better for Satoru’s sake. Which is why it was so crushing to Yashiro when Satoru tried to break the bond, and shut him out.

Yashiro came and kidnapped Satoru because Satoru was in heat, and was struggling and calling out for him – leaving his mate alone in those circumstances was unthinkable, so he came for him.

After the heat, Yashiro isn’t going to let him leave because of how dangerous the world is for Satoru as a male omega – those statistics don’t lie – especially when he’s so weak. And he wants the chance to prove to Satoru how he’s changed. So, at least on that side, Yashiro is going to be very attentive and caring, trying to make Satoru comfortable and happy. 

Which – Satoru would not be receptive to lol. At all. You’re right that he’s probably going to snap the bond shut again, but when he’s isolated with no one but Yashiro, and they’ve bonded and Yashiro saw him through his heat… it’s going to be hard not to give in to opening it, at least a little. His body and instincts had long accepted Yashiro as his mate, so it’s just his mind trying to fight that alone. And Yashiro would be trying to coax him back out too, of course.