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“Do you think it’s possible that you could be... pregnant?” - Steve Rogers x Reader

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038) “Do you think it’s possible you could be… pregnant?”

It was a waiting game you didn’t want to partake in, before you did anything like use a pregnancy test, you wanted to talk to Steve.

And it was just your luck that after discovering that you were late, he decided to go out on a mission. You tried your hardest not to think about it too much, you simply dressed yourself in one of his shirts that smelt most like him and concentrated on whatever was on TV. Obviously you avoided every show that involved something to do with babies, this left you with only Disney Channel shows to watch. Though the shows weren’t as good as they use to be, but they were at least good enough.

It was around eight O’clock when Vision suddenly rose up from the floor, causing you to jump and clutch your left boob. “Vision,” you huffed, “I thought Steve spoke to you about doing that!” 

He lowered his head slightly, “I’m sorry Miss Y/N, but you told me to let you know when Mr Rogers returns as soon as possible and this was the fastest way here,” he pointed down at the floor but you’d completely forgotten about how he’ scared you after he’d mentioned Steve.

“He’s here? Where?!” You were acting practically frantic as you rose up from your set on the bed and went to find some more appropriate pants to wear than your short shorts.

“He’s located in the infirmary, but I must tell you-”

You didn’t give Vision his chance to speak as you’d already set off to go see your boyfriend. You were running at such a great speed it would probably be difficult for even Quicksilver to keep up with you.

As you arrived at the infirmary you didn’t see what you’d expected. Everyone was in a mad panic, rushing around with different items in hand as machines beeped repeatedly; it still didn’t click that it was your super soldier was the cause for all this panic, not until you saw him being along on top of a stretcher. Bloodied and broken.

Everything that happened after that was a complete blur filled with you screaming and panicking all over the place. Tony was the one who talked to you and explained everything that had happened, though he did it very badly and that caused Pepper to have to come over and do damage control.

This was probably the worst state Steve had ever been in, even though he was a super soldier there was absolutely no guarantee that he’d make it through the week.

It became a new waiting game, one which made you desperate to go back to the other waiting game. 

The whole thing just wasn’t fair. For all you knew you could be pregnant, it wasn’t exactly planned but it wasn’t unwanted neither. In fact, you quite liked the idea of just the three of you (Steve, you and the baby) sat together being a silly family. And yet here you were, in the process of that life maybe getting taken away from you. It wasn’t fair.

You visited him everyday even though he was in a coma. On the third day you decided to do a pregnancy test, as you waited for the two lines to appear yous at beside him holding his hand. When the answer finally appeared, you were surprised, and decided it would be best to tell Steve once he was awake. If he ever did awake.

The next four days you sat beside him rehearsing what you’d say. At one point you even tried writing it down but quickly gave up on that; You made sure to throw the notes away in a bin that wasn’t in his room as he might wake up and find them while you weren’t there, though you don’t really know why he’d be going through the rubbish.

It was on the fifth day that you arrived and found him sitting upright in his bed. Steve didn’t even notice you were in the doorway until you charged towards him, pouncing onto him so that you could give him a hug.

“Ow,” he groaned, suddenly breathless as your body pressed onto him. His voice showed just how long he had been in that coma as it was rough and hoarse but he was speaking at least, that alone was enough to make you place your head in his shoulder and cry.

“I’m sorry.” You sobbed openly, not even ashamed that you’d begun to leave tear stains into his hospital gown. “I just really missed you.”

He slowly raised his arms around you waist so that he could pull you closer to him, “I’m sorry for scaring you.”

“So you should be,” you sniffled as you rose back up into an upright sitting position. His hands came to rest onto your thighs as yours pressed against his chest, “I need to tell you something, if you think you’re okay enough to do some serious chit chat right now?” Though Steve’s expression scrunched up, conveying his cautious curiosity, he nodded his head. “I was late for my period,” you finally confessed to him.

If he hadn’t looked so pale already you were sure the color would have drained from his face. “Do you think it’s possible that you could be… pregnant?”

This was it, the moment you finally tell him hat the pregnancy test said. “No,” you answered, your shoulders falling as you recalled that singular red line, “I did a test and it told me I wasn’t but…” You bit your lip, stopping yourself from speaking further as you wondered if he was really in the condition to hear all this.

“But?” He pushed you, raising a blonde eyebrow in your direction.

“But I want children, especially after all that’s just happened. I want to have a family with you Steve.” You continued to bite your lip nervously, putting all your concentration on his hospital gown so that you wouldn’t have to gouge his reaction.

His hands rose to your face, forcing you to look at his chiseled face. He didn’t have the energy to proudly grin at you, but it was there, in the way that his lips quirked upwards at the side slightly. With the smirk still placed on his lips he said to you, “were you thinking now or…?”

You rolled your eyes but you couldn’t hide how happy you felt to see that he was still there, on the inside. “We should probably leave it a bit, I feel like you should learn to walk before you… well, you know.”