i klained the shit out of her

Episode 6x08 Reaction Fic

Description: Just some drunk mama Anderson and a little bit of hurt/comfort husband Klaine!

During “Our Day Will Come” Blaine looked out into the audience and was surprised when he saw his mother dancing with Puck. He was so surprised that he almost singing. Then, he recognized the familiar wine glass that hadn’t left his mother’s hand all night. “Shit…” he thought. “She’s wasted.” When the song was over, Blaine pressed a kiss on Kurt’s forehead, before handing him his microphone. “Hey, I need to go and talk to my mom.” he told his husband…husband, wow Kurt was right. That was weird.

“Oh sure. I haven’t talked to her all night either. I’ll go with you.” Kurt replied, a smile on his face.

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.” Blaine began to say before he felt a heavy hand his shoulder and almost pull him down. He turned around to find his mother, clearly drunk off her ass, hanging on him.

“Hi honey! You sounded wonderful! You too Kurt!” She said enthusiastically as she tried to step up onto the steps where they were. Unfortunately, she lost her footing and ended up falling into her son’s arms.

“Whoa…okay Mama. We’ve got to stand up here.” Blaine coaxed trying to hold his mother’s weight. “And…how about I take this?” he suggested trying to get the half full glass of champagne out of his mother’s hands.

“No, I’m still drinking it.” Pamela replied, pulling it back as she leaned heavily on her son. “And I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not drunk, I promise.” she slurred.

“Oh really?” Blaine mused, laughing to himself.

“Yup. I’m just so happy!” She announced. “My baby boy got married and I got to dance with a handsome soldier.”

“Mama, I think it’s time we get you back to your hotel.” Blaine suggested.

“No way! The party’s still going on!” She replied, taking another swig of champagne. “Where can I get more of this?” she asked.

“Here, let me take that.” Kurt said, trying not to laugh. “I’ll get you some really good stuff.”

“Oh that’s so sweet! Blainey, you married such a sweetheart!” She replied. Kurt took the glass and gave his husband a wink to let him know that she wouldn’t be seeing that glass again.

“Mama, let’s go get some air okay?” Blaine said, leading his very drunk mother out of the barn and having to practically hold her up. He knew his mother was not a drunk. She actually hardly even drank, which explained why she was such a lightweight. He knew that today was hard for her. Unfortunately, his dad had left them a few months ago.

All throughout Blaine’s childhood, he remembered hearing his parents fights. When he asked them about it, he never got a clear response, just a “adults fight Blaine, it’s natural.” It wasn’t until he came back to Lima, heartbroken that he learned the truth.

He went into his house, suitcases in hand. “Mama! Dad!” he called, but got no response. He ventured further into the house and swore he could hear something coming from down the hall. He walked until he got in front of his parents bedroom and knocked before going inside. On the bed was his mother, dressed in a large hoodie and sweatpants sobbing into her pillow, a white piece of paper in her hands. “Mama?” he said cautiously.

“Blainey?” She asked in confusion. “W-what are you doing home?” she asked sitting up in bed. Just seeing his mother made Blaine fall to pieces and he rushed over to her, throwing himself into her arms and beginning to sob. “Oh my sweet boy…” she cooed, holding her son. “Come on. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Kurt called off the engagement. W-we’re done.” He sobbed.

“Oh honey… I’m so sorry.” Pamela replied, pressing kisses to her son’s forehead.

“W-why are you crying?” Blaine asked his mother, looking up at her with his big sad eyes.

“Blaine, sweetheart, there’s something I need to tell you…” She began. “Y-your Dad left me. H-he wrote this note and just l-left.”

“W-what?” Blaine asked. “I-I don’t understand. W-why?”

“T-things have been bad for a while honey.” Pamela replied. “We didn’t want to worry you.”

“I f-feel like my whole life is falling apart.” Blaine sobbed. “Nothing makes sense anymore.”

“I know baby, I know.” Blaine’s mother cooed. “But, we’ll get through this together. Come on get under the covers with me.” she said, patting the other side of the bed. Blaine nodded and crawled under the covers and snuggled up next to his mom, just like he did when he was a kid. He spent the night sobbing into her chest until he drifted off. And, just before he fell asleep, Blaine heard his mother start to sob herself, not wanting to completely fall apart in front of her son.

As Blaine made his way outside, his mother resisted almost every step. “I don’t want to leave!” She said defiantly. “It’s so much fun here. Where’s that soldier man? I want him back.”

“No Mama. No more soldier man for you.” Blaine replied, awkwardly. “Time to go home.”

“But Kurt said he was getting me good stuff and I want the soldier man!” She demanded. Blaine rolled his eyes and pushed his mother further towards his car, her legs wobbling every step of the way. As he did this, Kurt came out of the barn, and unfortunately for Blaine’s mother, he did not have a champagne glass.

“Kurt!” She exclaimed. “You’re back. Where’s my drink?” she asked confused.

“Of you’ll never believe this….they are all out of alcohol!” Kurt said, hold his hands in the air. “And everyone’s heading home since the party’s over.”

“Aww man…” Pamela sighed. “Well this was the most fun I’ve had in so long….ever since your good for nothing father left me.” she replied and Blaine froze. He had yet to tell Kurt about his father leaving…and by the look on his husband’s face, he had some explaining to do.

“Okay Mama, time to get into the car.” Blaine replied, practically pushing his mother inside. While he did this Burt and Carole walked over, Carole a bit tipsy herself.

“Hey Blaine, catch!” Burt yelled throwing car keys his way. “You and Kurt take those. I’ll make sure your mom get’s home safe and sound.”

“Oh Burt, I can’t ask you to do that.” Blaine replied. “It won’t take long. I promise honey, it’ll be quick.” he added turning to Kurt.

“Nonsense!” Burt exclaimed. “It’s your wedding night. Go with your husband and be happy. I’ve got these two.” he added point to Pam and Carole who sat in the car laughing loudly at something that most likely only made sense in their drunk minds.

“I-” Blaine began, before Kurt took his hand and cut in.

“Thanks Dad.” Kurt interjected. “We’ll come by the hotel tomorrow to switch back cars.” After that they headed to Burt and Carole’s car and climbed inside, Blaine still a bit nervous about his very drunk mother. They drove a few miles before seeing a Holiday Inn. They parked the car and then went inside and checked into a room.

“Here you go sir.” The front desk employee said as he handed Kurt two key cards. Kurt smiled and then took Blaine’s hand and they went upstairs. After sliding the keycard in the door, Kurt and Blaine went into their hotel room and flopped down on top of the bed. “We’re married.” Kurt said simply. “I-I can’t believe it. We’re really married.” he added turning towards his husband.

“You’re my husband.” Blaine replied, grabbing Kurt’s hand and giving him a huge smile.

“The wedding was so perfect.” Kurt replied.

“Yeah. It was amazing.” Blaine replied. “I am sorry about my mom though….she got a bit out of hand.”

“Honey, almost everyone was drunk. I thought Carole was gonna kill herself on the dance floor tonight.” Kurt replied. “Although, there was something your mom said that worried me…why didn’t you tell me your Dad left?” he asked. Instantly, Blaine’s heart fell from his chest.

“I-it was right after we broke up.” Blaine replied. “He left her and only left a note. It broke her heart and I know today was hard for her. I promise she doesn’t drink that much normally.”

“Why did he leave?” Kurt asked, nestling himself into his husband’s side.

“I d-don’t even know.” Blaine admitted. “I don’t think even she knows. His letter was so brief. They’ve been fighting for years…and I-I always thought it was my fault. He didn’t like I was gay and Mama’s the ultimate “Mama Bear” and would always fight for me. I can’t help but feel he just didn’t want a gay son anymore and left.”

“Oh B…if that’s why he did leave, then you don’t need him anyway.” Kurt replied. “Whether you’re gay or straight, you are an amazing son and husband.” he added with a smile. “You’re kind and talented and so much more.  If he doesn’t see that, it’s his loss. But I just want you to know, I’ll never leave. You’re stuck with me for life, Mr. Blaine Anderson-Hummel.” he added.

“Well good, Mr. Kurt Anderson-Hummel because you’re stick with me forever too.’ Blaine replied. “…until my dying day. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Kurt replied, leaning in to kiss his husband. Even in the bad times, they’d always have each other and that couldn’t have made either of them any happier than they already were.

fancyfestivalfox  asked:

i dont even care if she wants to tease fandom with something stupid. I do care about being told again and again that the only thing that matters is the end. no, it isn't. especially when getting there ruins everything you loved in the first place.

Television isn’t about the ending or the anticipation, it’s about the journey. That’s why there are many, many episodes showing us the journey. It’s unbelievable that this crew believes that the five minutes at the end are going to make up for

  •  the 18 episodes where they were broken up in season 4
  • the wait until the season’s over and you’ll see during season 4
  • the 4 episodes after 4x15 where they didn’t even mention the other’s name barely, if at all
  • the engagement ring scene where Sam kept saying Blaine wants to do me
  • the fact that they got together and engaged in the same episode
  • the 12 episodes after the engagement where they didn’t live in the same city and barely interacted when they were
  • the next 7 episodes where they weren’t allowed to live together and just fought constantly
  • they broke up over hiatus.
  • Blaine and Rachel holding hands
  • Blaine and Karofsky
  • Blaine and KAROFSKY
  • Kurt and Walter
  • Kurt and Walter in the wedding episode
  • Kurt and Blaine getting back together and married in the same episode
  • Blaine and Karofsky having a better breakup conversation than Kurt and Blaine’s make up conversation
  • Kurt and Walter having a better breakup conversation that Kurt and Blaine’s make up conversation
  • A shared wedding with people that bullied Kurt and Blaine
  • Santana’s rant towards Kurt
  • the fact that Kurt and Blaine didn’t pick out their own suits
  • the fact that Kurt and Blaine didn’t pick out their own rings
  • We never got to see what convinced Kurt to go through with the wedding
  • We weren’t told where the were the episode after the wedding.
  • When they came back we weren’t told they were on their honeymoon
  • They got 37 seconds together in an episode where Dalton burned down
  • Dalton burned to the ground
  • Rachel acting as if Kurt is her boyfriend

There’s probably more in season 3 but I think you get my drift.

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Fuck, cloud! I would rather have them written off on 100 than having them together but not together at all. I know this whole crap is recent but damn, I'm so pissed. (I guess I should stop swearin, but then again SO PISSED)

Oh Anon; I think the fandom is doing what it does best during times like these- jumping to extreme conclusions. We have no fucking clue why Naya isn’t in the finale. She could, as Skye said, have legitimate health problems. She could, as TMZ said, have flipped out on Lea. She could just be really fucking sad that her relationship didn’t work out and she has to rethink her entire career and glee gave her some time off to get her shit together (like they did for Cory last year for the finale, remember?)

We don’t know, and honestly, does it matter? I don’t think Naya is gone for good. It’s upsetting she is gone from the finale, but we weren’t going to get a Brittana plot anyway, as it focuses on Klaine and Samcedes. So we are only really being saved from having to endure that hour of awful for glances of what would have been background Brittana with one musical number.

There’s no doubt in my mind Naya will be back for season six, so until then, I’ll be enjoying my hiatus from Glee, writing fanfiction (SUMOSMU anyone…?) and avoiding the Summer of Lies, biding my time until August when Brittana may be back on our screens.

They are not gonna break Brittana up. Brittany is pretty useless without Santana now that she left MIT to be with her in NY. Glee has backed themselves into a corner in that they have to keep Brittana together or either of them being there without the other doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Writing them off the show is a possibility, but honestly, what better ending can you hope for? There’s only one season left of Glee anyway, so knowing they are happy and together is good enough for me.

But honestly? I think Naya will be back, Anon. :)

Because Brittana is always on. I mean- they are confirmed endgame. They are like the North Star- they’re always going back to each other.