i kissed your stiles

“Derek, pizzas here,” Stiles called from the kitchen, setting the boxes on the counter.

Derek didn’t reply and didn’t join him, so Stiles poked his head into the living room. Derek was sitting stock still with Stiles’ cat Purrito on his lap and Stiles’ dog Oreo on his feet.

“I can’t move,” Derek whispered, like speaking would scare them off. 

“I’ll bring your food here,” Stiles said with a laugh, kissing Derek on the top of the head before going to grab the pizza. 

At least the cat had stopped trying to bite Derek’s face off every time he came over, they were making progress. 

The importance of subtext

(I’m not in the Teen Wolf fandom but I wanted to share my views on the recently canon ship Stydia)

Let’s discuss the infamous panic attack kiss from TW - episode 3x11.

On surface, text says that Stiles was NOT into the kiss (him having a panic attack and all) and Lydia was just helping out a friend (kinda like giving them CPR). On top of that, the dialogue that followed wasn’t very romantic either: 

Stiles: How’d you do that?
Lydia: I read once that… Holding your breath could stop a panic attack. So when I kissed you… You held your breath.
Stiles: I did?
Lydia: Yeah. You did.
Stiles: Thanks. Really smart.

The writers too insisted that the scene wasn’t intended to come across as romantic nor written with any shippers in mind:

BUT beneath the surface, subtext says that Lydia was developing feelings for Stiles. This was confirmed much later in episode 6x09 when Lydia finally admitted the truth - “When I kissed him, that’s when it all changed.”

Subtext was in the lighting.

Subtext was in the shared intense looks right after… 

Subtext was in the romantic music playing the second their lips connected. The song lyrics were as follows:

There’s a ghost upon the moor tonight
Now it’s in our house
When you walked into the room just then
It’s like the sun came out

I’m an atom in a sea of nothing
Looking for another to combine
Maybe we could be the start of something

- “Start of Time” by Gabrielle Aplin

So in the end, it didn’t matter that the writers denied the blatant subtext cuz 3 freakin seasons later, Stydia did become canon when they kissed for real.

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In conclusion, subtext should not be dismissed simply because PR doesn’t acknowledge it.

If this isn’t their theme song, what is..

I’m in love with a girl I hate

She enjoys pointing out every bad thing about me

I’m in love with a critic and a skeptic, a traitor

I’d trade her in a second

She’s a backseat driver

A drama provider

An instant update of the world

She’s a first-class liar

A constant forgetter

She’s attractive but bitter

Did you scream enough to make her cry?

It’s a turn around
Turn around
Baby, don’t return to me

If you think that I’m not worth your time

She’s a lady
And ladies shouldn’t be messed with

She’s a lady
And ladies shouldn’t be messed with

Take off your shoes
Come in the room
And baby, let’s try not to argue

Turn out the lights
Turn on the radio
How can we fight when I’m too busy loving you?

I’m too busy loving you

I’m too busy loving you

Did you scream enough to make her cry?

It’s a turn around
Turn around
Baby, don’t return to me

If you think that I’m not worth your time

She’s a lady
And ladies shouldn’t be messed with

She’s a lady
And ladies shouldn’t be messed with

Here I am
There you go again, again

And we will not ever be 18 again

And I’m worn out of fighting

And every night you leave crying 

And I could use some time
Here I am

There you go again

So here I am, and I’m dying

And I’m waiting for you
Waiting for you

Come back, come back to me
And I’ll take you gladly

And I’ll take you in again

Did you scream enough to make her cry?

It’s a turn around
Turn around
Baby, don’t return to me

If you think that I’m not worth your time

She’s a lady
And ladies shouldn’t be messed with

She’s a lady
And ladies shouldn’t be messed with

YOU GUYS THIS IS THE LOOK OF LOVE. When Stiles tells Lydia that she has been smart (kissing him) and when he tells her that he loves her (right before being kidnapped and maybe forgotten forever) he has the EXACT SAME LOOK on his face and HE LOOKS AT HER LIPS LIKE HE WANTS TO KISS HER (again) SO BAD. I love this parallel so much I can’t even breathe. Pls give me season 6 RN.

Stiles moved his hands in rhythm. You had both created a sign language for fun. You used it since way back when you were kids in middle school. It had become like a tradition.

Stiles didn’t have anything to lose. He moved his hands in rhythm to your secret language. You darted your eyes from his hands to his expressions on his face. “Y/N come back please.” He said over and over again. It surprisingly worked. The nogitsune within you gave you a heart ache as it was fading away from you causing you to black out.

You woke up at a very bright room. “Y/N.” You heard Stiles whisper with tear stains on his cheeks. He cupped your cheek and kissed your forehead. “I’m back Stiles.” You said and kissed the back of his hand, bringing it back to your cheek.

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“ Can I have a kiss? Please? ” Stiles begged. You shook your head no.

“ I sorry, ” he said like a child for the fifth time.

     He had took the last drink of your milkshake, so you were now giving him the silent treatment. It was getting harder as he started giving you his puppy dog eyes and that extremely irresistible pout. You held your ground and continued to stay silent. Then he just walked away. 

     Confused, you looked around, trying to discover where he ran off to. Starting to think he had left, you decided to text him. Before it sent, you saw a giggly Stiles skipping towards you with five milkshakes in his arms.

“ Can I have a kiss now? ” he asked.

     You finally said yes, making him jump. In result, he dropped all the milkshakes. You looked up at your boyfriend who was now covered in pink milkshake and kissed him quickly. You started running but he came and grabbed you from behind.

“ I love you, ” he mumbled, kissing you on the neck.

“ I love - milkshakes, ” you replied.

With Lines Like:

- “If you die I will literally go out of my freaking mind”
- “He still likes her”, “Yeah but it’s different now”
- “If we don’t save her, Stiles will never be the same“
- “Someone that has a strong connection to you. A kind of emotional tether… Lydia you go with Stiles”
- "You’ve been right every time something like this has happened. Okay? So, don’t start doubting yourself now. You know it, you felt it.”
- “You’re the one who always figures it out”
- “When I kissed you, you held your breath”
- “"Stiles, look at me. Shh, look at me..“ "Lydia, look at me. Just focus on my voice, alright?”
- Maybe you can wake up and explain it to me?”

And so much more, how can Stydia not be endgame? You don’t create a dynamic like theirs and keep building on it, if the plan wasn’t to showcase a beautiful story of a school boy crush turning into an adult love.


“I’ve dealt with werewolves, I’m pretty sure I can handle your kiss of death.”
“Stiles, don’t be stupid, if you kiss me you’ll die and I’m not having that happen.”
“If Rogue can find away around her powers so can you. I have an idea, hold on,” he said running off to get some plastic wrap. Without consulting with you, he placed the wrap in between the two of you kissing you through the wrap.
“Stiles you could have gotten yourself killed!”
“But I didn’t, I told you I’d find a way to make it work.”


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Her hands were grasped around your neck, sending shooting pain down your spine as you tried hopelessly to steady yourself above the water. 

Don’t breathe, do not breathe. You thought to yourself. You were running out of time. 

You could faintly hear commotion above the water, and a sudden splash as the attacker’s hands were moved away from your back. 

“Jesus christ! Y/N!?” You could hear Stiles’ voice as he pulled you out of the water, sopping wet. 

“Oh my god. Y/N. It’s okay. I’m here now.” Stiles kissed your forehead as you grasped onto his soaked t-shirt while coughing slightly. 

He had saved your life, the boy you loved had saved your life.