i kissed it


You know that Selina likes you when she steals from you… ;P

@myinnermostapocalypse  and @blueiceegirl
I hope you like it :D

I tried another style for this one, more rough and traditional :) (even if takes me sooooo long to do this x) )

Anyway, see you soon ;)


Speaking of kisses, you know who is the best kisser on the team? Demoman, hands down (not spy do not be fooled). Tavish is by faaaar the best smoocher, mainly because he is versatile!
You want a soft, gentle kiss? Demo has very soft lips and can be incredibly tender.
You want a rough kiss? Oh he’s a master at that, you will not be disappointed. You want a goofy, scruffy kiss that leaves you laughing and shoving his face away for being the big DORK he is? Well, that’s his specialty. Demo kisses are the best kisses

Not sure when I’ll have time to finish this, so I’m just gonna post this Soriel sketch that I used for warmup last week.

Fun fact #1: My design for Sans is literally half of my Toriel’s height. He just about reaches her hips :)

Fun fact #2: Toriel’s purple line art is the same purple I use for nearly all my digital sketching. I love purples and pinks, but I think I’ll go for a brown/golden/blue palette once I can make this a full illustration. 

I always think it’s such a shame Robert had to delete that photo of him and Aaron on Katie’s phone at Wylie’s. Was such a lovely picture of them 😍😚❤

HELLO FRIENDS i wrote a new fic!

this new one is called A Place and A Feeling and it’s a ~23k realtor!Cas/house-hunting!Dean schmoopy-emotions-with-porn domestic feels splurge!!!! AU

it’ll be up later this week (wednesday or thursday depending on your timezone)~

in the meantime, here’s an old one about Dean teaching Cas how to brush his teeth in a motel (8k) if you want something fluffy to improve your day

(and I’ve written like 65 other Dean/Cas fics subscribe if you want idk)