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 (via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udd2rEJE0t0) K so I’m doing a camren breakdown of Camila Cabello’s New (Leaked) Song.

(Lauren Jauregui’s always been the sun, Camila the moon) Its easy to see Camren in this song, But lyric time 😉.

“Hello, How are you? How you been?” Lately I wonder how it feels to steal your kiss. “Nothing Much, Just fine, I’m doing well” You can read between the lines but god I fell” Pretty much that line can relate to anyone (Personal or Famous) But it could also be while she was in Fifth Harmony and Lauren asked her How she was, And Camila-while thinking something else-Replied with a lie, When she wanted to leave.

“I only told the moon, Tonight upon the roof. I told her all my thoughts they look like you” Camila -Who worships the fucking moon for whatever reason- Tells Lauren - Or anyone that she likes (No hate 😂😂)- That she only told the thing she could rely on most that she got scared, not accepting that she should think these things about her, or maybe even when they ‘were’ dating (when she couldn’t tell the press or their management about them so she reassures Lauren that she would say something she shouldn’t and that She ‘Only told the moon’

“I only told the moon, about the way you move. I told to please tell me if you tell things to her too.” She begged the moon to tell her if Lauren (or anyone) told her those same things too,

 “Silence. Too Loud. Say it, Not now.” The silence between her and Lauren was getting to her, and - even though they both knew it was coming - They weren’t ready to say it was done.

“So how are you? How you been?” Lately I wonder how it feels to taste your lips. “Nothing much, Just fine, I’m doing well” You can read between the lines but god i fell.” Possibly if they ran into each other, Lauren asked Camila how she was, how her life was going. Camila replied the same as last time.

“That I give it all to you, I give it all to you, I give it all to you. I only told the moon.” She tried to give Lauren the world, her love, maybe even more. and Said that she only told the moon that she had.

“Aahhh And another Loves song plays on the radio, You know, Aahhh And I’ll wait for the moon to lean in close and say. That he only told the moon, tonight upon the roof, He told me that he’s scared that all his thoughts they look like you, I only told the moon about the way you move.” (OBVIOUSLY SHE CANT SAY THAT IT WAS A LESBIAN THING GOING ON 😂😂) So, She waits for the moon to tell her that she was right, and that (she) he had only told her (The moon) too.

“I asked her to please tell tell me if you tell this to her too. That I give it all to you, I give it all to you, I give it all to you. He only told the moon, He only told the moon.” She wanted the moon to tell her if Lauren knew, if she knew she tried to give the world to her, and after the moon replies. She said that she only told the moon.


I. We are set alight, you and I, in the blinding clinical reflection of neon lights from the roadside. The sky and the sea never meet this far out.
II. We’re lying on your bed and you’re kind of crazy and I’m kind of awkward but that’s okay. I’m telling you about the way blood flows to the heart. You’re telling me about silk and cotton and money and hate.
III. I smile into your kiss.
IV. Good fortune never came easily to me but it is tangible now. Starlit skies and moonstruck horizons haven’t given me the fairy-lit happiness the motorway you live by has, and it is now that I realise you are the only person I’ve ever known who could make me see streetlamps like they were shooting stars.
—  #173- excerpts from the book I’ll never write

whats the word when you like only want to date boys/do sexual things with boys but ur still like !!!!girls are cute and im lov them! but u dont want to date them?? like im cool with kissing girls on the cheeks etc and snugglies and hugging and being probably a little more Gay than i should be to call myself straight but like.?

ive been calling it my utter fascination with the human body, male or female, and my completely affectionate nature and need-to-touch personality but honestly if theres a word for it idk what it is but id like to

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Ok I feel really weird now bc I haven't had my first kiss yet(except for an experimental one in kindergarten). Is that weird for a 16 year old? When did you have yours?

Oh sweetie no, not at all!!! Other folks have brought up this question on the blog before and we’ve gotta folks in their late 20s being like “same!!”, and that’s totally cool and okay!!! There’s no “weird” and there’s nothing that’s too slow!! You’re doing just fine, my darling, I promise! I was 16, but I was (personally, not saying this is the case with all folks who have their first kiss in that age range) a hella brash and impulsive kid, so like, don’t judge by me. You’re perfect, and you’re doing just perfectly, sweetie pie, I promise <3 <3 <3

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Lmao watch the media ignore the fact that Kendall was drunk and basically all over everyone at her party that night. Including that pic of her straddling a guy with Harry in the background on his phone. Bless my son.

The fact they re so gay together is everything. Is like they become even more gay together. I love 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:As a woman who is mostly attracted to other women I’d die to have kendall pose with me like that (she’s a shitty person, but damn she’s gorgeous). Harry is like… “These are female legs. Can’t relate.”

haha yeah, he’s folded hands say a lot 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Harry’s folded hands remind of that picture that came out long ago where he was ‘kissing’ that Paige chick and his feet were crossed HAHAHHA

Harry, the king of showing how important body language is 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:when your mom forces you to take pictures with relatives you don’t know at the christmas party


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:i’m harry scooted five feet away from her in his chair while she tries to make up for it by putting her foot on his lap. innovative! instead of hand holding we have kendall posing on him like if he were a prop lmao 

Five minutes after that Harry went home to his baby and Kendall was kissing her girlfriend Lauren - confirmed by my insider

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Monsta x Jooheon + fighting/arguing + 'kiss me' (pls n thnx x)

“Jagi, I’m bored. Wanna play with me?” Jooheon asked ______ who was laying across from him, her legs lazily propped on his lap.

“No, not really” ______ said disinterestedly.

“But jagi” Jooheon whined dragging out the word.

“Jooheon, no. You’re literally the worst person to play video games with. Especially Mario Kart” she tells him frankly.

“I’ll behave, I promise” Jooheon tells her with pleading eyes. “Don’t make me pull out the ageyo” he teases.

“I’ll play with but if you end up getting pissed because I beat you, you owe me a kiss” ______ told him with a smirk knowing full well Jooheon had a thing (quite a petty thing to be honest) about withholding kisses from her when he got angry.

Jooheon rolls his eyes and hands her a remote.

“Yah! ______! Stop throwing banana peals all over the place!” Jooheon exclaimed. He moved his entire body with his remote control as he tried to avoid the line of banana peals ______ had left.

“I have to, it’s part of the game” she told him calmly.

“Three times in a row?” Jooheon exclaims angrily.

______ giggles and shrugs carrying on playing.

“Stop hitting me with the shells!”

“Again? Are you kidding me?”

“Oh my god, ______ ! STOP WITH THE BANANAS!”

At this point, Jooheon has lost nine times in a row, and well he’s not happy at all.

It’s their last match and ______ has managed to get the first place but Jooheon is right behind her. He pulls ahead just as the hit a line of multicolored floating boxes.

______ yells happily as her box reveals a blue shell bomb.

“I swear to god, ______ if you use that!”

She waits until they’re closer to the finish line and presses down on the button to release the shell. Jooheon’s player gets hit just before hitting the finish line and ______ wins for the tenth time in a row.

“That’s not even fair? How is that even fair? You’re a filthy cheater! I can’t believe you” Jooheon yelled angrily.

“Kiss me” ______ demands.

Jooheon scoffs and sits back against the couch.

“Jooheon, kiss me. We had a deal” ______ singsongs.

“This isn’t even fair” he whines throwing his head back. ______ settles herself on his lap and cups his face making him look at her.

“Kiss. Me”

Jooheon rolls his eyes and pecks her chastely on the lips.

“That’s not a kiss and you know it” she smirks.

“You are such a pain” he grumbles before pushing her off of him and into the sofa. He follows after her hovering over her body before leaning down to capture her lips in a slightly bruising kiss.

“Mario Kart is banned in this household” ______ grins licking her lips.

“Just as well, who wants to play with a cheat like you”

“Don’t be bitter that I’m the superior gamer here” she teases before Jooheon shuts her up with another kiss, except this time it’s much softer.

“One more round, I think I can beat you” Jooheon whispers against her lips.

“I’m going to bed” ______ says pushing Jooheon away.

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I need that bellamy and clarke have a moment, they deserve it!!!! I don't want a sex scene. I just want them to know they love each other, through a kiss or a confession, and see their faces. I want to see Bellamy's face! like.... can you imagine his face? I'm- the girl he loves, loves him back, he's being loved and he deserves that love, and Clarke's not used to hear ily because is she the one who says it and only when that person is dying. What if bellamy tells her? Imagine her face too.

I know, they deserve it so bad. They deserve a confession, they should be able to kiss the other person in difficult moments like we know they want to. Bellamy deserves to let himself be loved and cared for and Clarke deserves to love someone without fear :’(

This Kid’s Kisses (Sweetest Candy)

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》 Sanha x Reader. (Gender Neutral)
》 Non-Idol AU.
》 2807 words.
》 Entirely Fluff.
No Warnings ^^
Cross-posted to AO3

AN: ((Requested by anon: “Could you please write a fic where the reader and Sanha(Astro) are alone and start to get cuddly then he starts to kiss their neck?“)) Like I said, I’m keeping this PG because he’s only 16. Also, the reader is gender neutral, but I do mention you wearing a dress in elementary school so take that as you may.  doesn’t actually involve kissing lmao

A faint whirring and five quiet beeps woke you in the early hours of Saturday morning. You roused, confused and frustrated, searching the dim room for the source of the noises. He beeping repeated itself, seeming to come from the window to your left, while the whirring you recognized as your roommate’s fan in the next room, the thin wall doing little if anything to hide the sounds. An unfortunate part of living in the university; thin walls and roommates with no regard to anyone but themselves. Lucky you.

As if on cue, your phone buzzed at your side and you groaned, rubbing your sore eyes. Reluctantly, you unlocked the screen, seeing a familiar name flash across the screen.

Sanhaha!~: [6:42 a.m.] 1st day of spring break~~ wt u up to?(づ。‿‿)

You couldn’t help the smirk that curled on your lips, the younger boy never failing on making you feel better, even with only one message.

You: [6:43 a.m.] Being woken up too early by the neighbors () wbu? Mine’s not for another two weeks. T_T

Sanhaha!~: [6:45 a.m.] o no D: well you could try to get more sleep… then movie date? its been like 5 ever since ive seen you!

You: [6:45 a.m.] Three months went by really quickly at least! Sure sure! What time/movie you thinking? (˘⌣˘)

Sanhaha!~: [6:46 a.m.] dunno ;; u pick? We can meet @ my place n ill make dinner~

You: [6:46 a.m.] omg! You learned to cook????? Waa~~ my little Sannie is growing up so fast!

Sanhaha!~: [6:46 a.m.] (‘̀-'́) u know i can cook, i only burnt the toast ONE TIME. Myungjun-hyung distracted me it wasnt even my fauuuult!

You chuckled quietly to yourself into the blankets that you had cocooned around your body, admiring how easily he fell into your trap every time.

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Ok, guys, this went too far. On the beginning I expected that maybe some of you want to know me better personally and it was the reason I decided to do this honesty night. But these questions got more and more personal and intimidating and I decided to see how far it would go and to be REALLY HONEST, it seems that some people just would like to know if somebody cheat on his gf or if did something more than kissing with fangirls.
So my answers about Welli was a prank, sorry for that. It was rather dis-honesty night and I think it would be better to stop it here.
Sorry one more time. I’m the same skijumpingcrushes as I was before that evening.
And I will answer for all not intimidating questions soon.

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It's me again, the creepy person who likes literally everything you post hahahaha I'm so annoying anywhore I just wanted to say that you are gorgeous and I'm in love with you so please keep on doing this good shit you are amazing *blows kiss from my plebian district*

Oh my god you’re NOT ANNOYING DOLL you are wonderful and I so appreciate your love and support it just makes me want to keep writing and creating things and 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ilysm thANK YOU SO MUCH

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I just,, have never liked it ?? I like a little bit of stubble but I don’t like anything more than that. It’s weird ? when I was little my dad used to kiss me on the cheek and his beard would scratch me and I’d yell at him

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on ur comments about w/w seeing male gaze, how do you change that? i dont know where to start to chabge what i have learned

honestly it’s hard and i can only really speak on personal experience here.. you just have to realise that whatever you’re doing is for you and you only and to not care how men are going to see you because you obviously cannot change them. whether you’re out w a girl, holding hands, kissing, or in private with her.. try to just focus on her and you and what it means for you both and that it makes you happy and remember that no male could even come close to imagining what that feels like. in fact, don’t remember males at all. don’t think about them. just get lost in your own experience

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Unpopular Opinion: I'm kinda mad that this Blue/Henry/Gansey ship is a thing. People get mad at me when I say I don't ship it, I actually didn't even grow to love Henry because I felt he was kinda randomly thrown in for a plot point. I've shipped Bluesey for far too long to add another person to that ship. I don't want to sound immature, but it's not fair. Maggie gave Pynch the perfect ending and Bluesey didn't even get a post-curse kiss and now they have a "third" person in the relationship. :/

I actually totally get what you mean. First of all Henry becoming a main character in trk seemed a bit forced and random. It felt as though maggie changed the way it was all going to end and put it in a different direction for the last book which didn’t quite work because yeah, Henry??? I like him, but I didn’t really bond with him as well as I might have done if he’d been more prevalent in the other books. I tend not to write about him because of this?

As for sarchengsey… I can hardly write that either for the same reason. I’m just not inspired by it. And I know exactly what you mean about shipping bluesey and never really getting it in the end. I love bluesey so much and the slow burn of it throughout the first 3 books is perfect and paced just right… but we never got a kiss or anything. I think because it’s such a big deal that blue ended up liking Henry because it seemed so unlikely at first and the fact that Henry has this sort of fixation on gansey, it gives a bit of a prompt towards some kind of romance? I’m not sure. I’m all for threesomes and whatever the hell else, but for me a relationship in that manner… I just can’t get my head around it enough to do anything with it.

Thanks for this, I love unpopular opinions!

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The only person you've ever touched is your mother because you had connected Adams, you were physically a part of her, which means every one else you said you've hugged or kissed or even highfived you lied to them because you never touched them, what's your opinion on that

It’s quite beautiful and sad at the same time. I feel like mothers have a much more deeper connection with their child. The strongest person in the world is a mom. I’m actually quite surprised that my mom fed up with me. I am truly lucky to have her but, well I never got so close with her like I did with my dad. So, it makes me feel sad knowing that I may have lied to him. And I already have enough Daddy issues lol.

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.