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Forbidden Love | Pt. 10

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

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“Is he my son, Y/N?”

Looking up with your pleading eyes, you tried to calm Jimin down.

“Jimin, please. Calm down a little bit, you’re going to wake up Jihyun-”

Ignoring your words, he hissed again. “Answer my question, Y/N! Is Jihyun my son?!”

Averting your eyes from him, you looked down at your lap. “Y-Yes.”

You heard how his breath hitched in his throat. Too scared to look at him, you closed your eyes and tried to fight back the tears.

“How could you?”

Flinching at his broken voice, you turned your head towards his crouched body, his head placed in his hands as his hot tears rolled down his face.

“I.. I had to.”

Hearing your answer, Jimin angrily stood up from his crouching position and yanked you up from the sofa, slamming your body against the wall. “You had to?! Are you fucking kidding me?! You took my child away from me, Y/N!”

“Jimin, listen-”

“I can’t believe it! How could you do this, Y/N!?”

“Please, listen to me-”

“You’re selfish, Y/N! You’re-”

“I could’ve died, Jimin!”

Jimin’s head snapped up at your words. Now it was you’re time to let go of your tears.

“W-What do you mean?”

↳ Flashback: Three years ago..

“Please, Dr. Jung! Save my baby! Please tell me that my baby is okay, I’m begging you..”

Looking away from the ultrasound monitor, he met your eyes with his hesitant ones and smiled. “You’re baby is absolutely fine, Y/N.”

Releasing the breath you were holding in, you covered your face with your hands and started sobbing because of the relief and happiness.

“But there is still a problem..”

When you heard the the doctor’s words, you felt like you were slammed against a wall. Removing your hands from your face, you asked. “W-What?”

Taking a deep breath, your doctor looked seriously into your scared and teary eyes. “Giving birth to your baby could kill you, Y/N..”

Frozen, you looked at your doctor’s face. “I.. W- Wha- Why?”

“There is a 50 percent chance that your heart won’t be able to handle the labour, Y/N.”

In that moment, you felt like your heart stopped beating. You watched how Dr. Jung wrapped his hand around yours, the somewhat comforting smile on his face making you feel even more sad.

“Think positive, Y/N! There is still a 50 percent chance that you both will be fine at the end! You have to be strong! For you and for your baby! And I will do whatever I can to heal your heart, I promise!”

Smiling slightly at him, you squeezed his hand thankfully. “Thank you so much, Dr. Jung..”

Smiling back at you, he stood up and gathered his belongings, ready to leave the hospital room.

Just before he stepped away from side, your grip around his hand tightened and he looked back at you with confused eyes.

“Could you please do me a favor, Dr. Jung?”

↳ End of Flashback

“I had no other choice, Jimin. I told him to tell Taehyung that the baby died..”

Looking up from your hands, you observed Jimin’s frozen face.

“Jimin, I couldn’t do that to you.. If I had told you this, you would’ve been very sad and I didn’t want to do that to you.. It destroyed me, and I didn’t want to destroy you too..”

“I would have been by your side, Y/N.. We could’ve fight trough this together..”

Leaning your head back against the wall, you closed your eyes and whispered in between your sobs. “I know.. I know..”

When you felt Jimin’s soft lips on your forehead, your crying intensified and you your weak knees gave up on you, making you fall on the ground.

Sitting down with you, Jimin wrapped his arms tightly around your body and mumbled in between his own sobs. “Please, don’t run away from me anymore, Y/N. I want to be by your side.. I want to be able to hug you, kiss you and hold you as much as I want. I want to be with my son, I want to make up those three years to him, tell him that I’m his father and live happily as a family.. Please don’t take this away from me again.. I wouldn’t be able to survive this pain for the second time..”

Reaching out for his face, you placed a soft and meaningful kiss on his forehead. Stroking his cheeks gently, you whispered. “I’m sorry, Jimin..”

Confused, Jimin leaned back. “W-What?”

Before you could say anything, you heard the opening sound of your apartment door and the voice that belonged to the person who supported you for the past three years.

“Jagiya, I’m home!”

A/N: Dun dun dun! Ahh, what have I done.. Please don’t hate me guys! It’s just.. I really like cliffhangers.. I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it!~ And thank you so much for all the support and love you’re showing this series! I really appreciate it! <3

Moments and Memories- Chapter Six

I actually wanted to wait a while before I did this, but considering the timeline and the fact that I still don’t actually have a plan for this… Eh, why not. Also… I’m so sorry, guys.

Warning: Angst

A/N: I’m so sorry…

I smile as Chris kisses me again, leaning into his touch as he tenderly explores my mouth. I love when he holds me like this- our bodies pressed against each other, his arm around my shoulders and down my back to cradle me, and our legs tangled together comfortably. I curl my leg around his, smiling more when he does, and he peppers my neck with kisses, making me giggle and squirm.

“Where are you going, princess?” He growls, keeping me pinned as I giggle, beard tickling me even more.

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I have a long rant to send bc of the anons hating on C. But, after writing it all out I feel better. Instead I will say this 1) The girls wanted C to stay, that should tell you something about her talent & how they feel about her. 2) Mani clearly stated it was a difficult, sad time (when C left!) 3) C wouldn't be trying to climb on Mani & get kisses from N if she was l racist. 4) Ppl, especially teenagers can change. 5) Hating someone is like drinking poison & expecting the other person to die.

#5 is such a good analogy!!! 👏🏻👏🏻

And I’m glad that you have calmed down… It’s better that way. Haters feed on people getting riled up.

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okay so i saw someone talking about season 13 and how they could bring destiel up more to slowly make it more obvious and. oh my god they said "cas falling on dean" or something and i thoguht like,,,, do you think close to the end of the season dean might say he LOVES him (not to his face) and so the viewers will know and season 14 will be bringing them closer and just oh my this means more cas and ahhhh mittens it's happening! i could kiss dabb


But Dean has now said it to Mary. The only person he’s ever said I love you to in canon, in a memory of himself saying it when he was four years old.

He’s finally healed that huge wound.

That opens up EVERYTHING ELSE in his life to be addressed with that same sort of honesty and vulnerability. It’s not like saying those words to Mary have magically fixed everything else, and it’s still going to take some doing for Dean to get there, but yeah. It’s definitely something that CAN happen now. Especially since Cas has already said those words to Dean… 

There’s still a lot of work they need to go through before they get there, but there’s the hope they can and will get there now. :)

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Got any advice for an upcoming college freshmen? I'm actually going to a super conservative Christian college in the fall. And I'm super nervous I won't be able to make friends or that I'm not religious enough. Do you think religiousness affected friendships you've had? I'd like to know your thought since you said you were an atheist 😁

I’ve got tons of advice for college freshman but here’s like my first five things I wish I’d known when I went to college:

  • Don’t get too hung up on your major, don’t get hung up on life after college, don’t get hung up period. Relax. It’s just college. You’ll look back on high school now that you’ve graduated and realize how ridiculous some of the stuff that gave you the most stress was. When you graduate college, you’ll feel the same. Enjoy the ride.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Go dancing. Kiss the person you think is out of your league. Write your actual opinion for the school paper. Apologize when you’re wrong. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Work a shitty job. Learn the value of money and then don’t worry about it too much. Go to the school musical. Then learn to take care of yourself as well. Go wild but always come back to your roots. Meditate. Hydrate. Believe in yourself. 
  • Man who cares if you fail your final?  You’ll never remember that. It’ll be the biggest deal in the world until it’s not. 
  • Get. work. experience. Work an internship. Kick ass at it. Give it your all. 
  • School spirit. Love the ever living shit out of your school. I went to the third best state school in my home state and I fucking act like I went to the best school in the country. Because I did. It was the best school for me. I love it, I bleed my schools colors, I scream my face off for my team. That’s my home. That’s where I became a person. And I’ll be proud of that time in my life until the day I die. I want that for you too. 

Religiousness has not really affected too many relationships in my life because I’m pretty relaxed about my atheism and most of my religious friends are relaxed about their faith. 

Join a club in college. That’s where I made all my friends. And then go to the meeting every week. Never miss a meeting. Never miss an outing. You’ll make friends, I promise. 

i started game of thrones abstractly shipping jonerys but now if jonerys happens i will be so upset because i’ve spent so many hours writing jonsa fanfic and reading jonsa fanfic and talking to fellow jonsa shippers that the only person jon should be kissing is sansa. 

News flash: I’m taken!

I’m going to need y’all to sit down for this.

For about 9 months, I identified myself as an Aro/Ace. Aromantic Asexual. But that was because I never knew what love felt like. Today, I find out. Today, my feelings begin to tell me what love is. Love isn’t intense friendship, although it may sometimes feel like it. It’s not platonic hugs and kisses. Sometimes it feels as if it’s not real. Like you’re saying this to yourself to boost your self esteem when really it’s her that’s boosting it for you. Her that’s giving you the will to live. To love. To fight.

And I mean her as in @sub-tumb. I never knew she felt the same way and I felt so scared. But it turns out it was true and now we’re together. A big question you may be asking is ‘kitt, what are you now?’. And all I can say is I don’t know. A lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, or whatever. I could be anything at this point. But the label demipansexual is what I feel most at home with. And that’s what I am for now at least. 

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i have a personal headcanon that zoras dont know what kissing is but their equivalent is to press the front of their teeth against their partner and breath in their scent (i also headcanon that the have scent glands on the roof of their mouths and their sence of smell is super strong)


OOOOOOH I LIKE THIS IDEA A LOT!!!! All poor Link can smell is just a fishy scent, but Sidon….Sidon can pick up every single nuance in Link’s body. All his hormones, if he’s too hot or cold, the last thing he ate. I imagine it’s very intimate and personal! So it could very well be the equivalent of their kissus ;D

I really shouldn’t be surprised by the things people ship. Especially since crackships are a thing.

And yet I still experience those occasional moments like today where I stumbled across a pairing tag and was left standing in my kitchen, staring at my phone, verbally exclaiming “REALLY?!”

The reason I was googling them in the first place was because I needed to look up references in order to write interactions between these two characters that have never met in-universe - and my first reaction when seeing this prompt was “oh man, those two would HATE each other.” Not because of things like personality or annoying habits, but on a deep, ideological level.

I’m just… I was caught off guard and can’t help but giggle at the idea. My brain can’t even wrap around the concept of one of them going in for a kiss without the other giving them a solid fist to the jaw.

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HI HELLO BONJOUR HALLA HOLA CIAO OKAY OKAY BUT DO YOU THINK EVEN TALKS ABOUT ISAK NON-STOP TO HIS COLLEAGUES AT WORK ?? Like, I need to calm down but I'm sure Even talks about Isak to every person he meets ? (cf. The hotel scene) like how he's the best person ever and the most charming guy on Earth ? How he can't wait to get back home and kiss, cuddle him ? I'm sure he does !!!

You forgot how us Aussies say hello my angel G’DAY mate (I can feel all of you cringing as you read this) haahahha <3 

100% oh my god

Even’s co-workers absolutely hate Isak just because they have to hear about him 24/7 

those poor poor people

they know everything, all the stupid silly things Isak does, all of the things Even loves about him, hell they even know all his subjects and his dreams and what he is doing in this second

it is nauseating

oh and don’t think they don’t have to hear all those messages he sends during his entire shift 

“omg you guys Isak just said the cutest thing” 

“you would not believe what just happened to Isak”

“ahhh my boyfriend is so funny, look at this meme”

working with Even must be a nightmare just because he is so god damn in love with our golden angelic snake <3

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Nicknames Nah (although sometimes people call me Sar-bear, just randomly)

Zodiac sign Gemini

Height Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … . Maybe like, 5,4″? idk

Last thing googled Hak x reader lemon (I mean come on why wouldn’t I want to read a lemon fic about this guy XD aaaaaaan its only just now occurring to me that I could write one myself)

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I dont have an obsession or anything …

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Favorite music artist OK, so I dont really have a favorite music artist, I just have one or two songs from like everybody  

Song stuck in your head Kiss kiss fall in love XD

Last movie watched Oh gosh, uh? I think is was like when I was babysitting or something? It was some like really cheesy kids movie XD Yeah I dont watch movies all that much, more of a TV/Anime person

What are you wearing right now Sweats and a T


Do you have any other blogs Yeah, a side art blog for my OC’s. Its @the-oc-bar

What did your last relationship teach you My last relationship taught me that we always need to be respectful of others boundaries and- Oh wait wait wait, were we talking about none otome relationships? Well then. I guess I’ll just skip over this one -_- 

Religious or spiritual Both

Favorite color Picture the most deep passionate red you can imagine and that’s my favorite color has nothing to do with Shingen … Maybe

Average hours of sleep Oh God, sometimes it can range from four hours to ten o.o my sleeping pattern is so screwed up, and yes, it is all because of anime

Lucky number 44 is coming at me real strong idk why

Favorite characters Oh god I hate this question Well, Shingen is defiantly one. Zuko from Avatar: The Last Air Bender (if you haven’t seen this show you need to). I gotta say that Hak from Yona of the Dawn has defiantly made it onto my anime crush list. Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss (GOD WHY ARE ALL MY FAVORITE GUYS MOODY SARCASTIC SEXY BEASTS LOL)

How many blankets you sleep with Two. One to cover me and then I bunch up the other one and hug it (I need a body pillow)

Dream job I dont have one :D Right now all I want to do is draw and write so that’s what I doin

Lipstick or chopstick Chapstick. I’m not a big makeup person. The only time I have makeup on my face is cause my friends wanted to do it at a sleep over or something 

Last song you listened to The second ending theme for Yona of The Dawn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmEWjXHPjqA

Top three shows I also hate this question Yona of The Dawn (or Akatsuki No Yona), Yuri On Ice, Black Butler, Snow White With The Red Hair, Ouran High School Host Club, Hakuouki, Kamisama Kiss, Fairy Tail, Diabolic Lovers, Free- Ah you know what just check out my account on MyAnimeList, my Username is McTaffy  

I have no Idea who has been tagged, so sorry if you already got this :)

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It’s that time of year where I take stock of the state of all my OTPs following the season finales. As is usually the case, it’s a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, my OTPs are all in a very good place emotionally in terms of their feelings for each other. With the exception of one, all my ships are CANON now! And that one is as canon as you can get without actually being canon. 

SO MANY FEELS! There was lots of KISSING

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On the other hand, half of my OTPs are physically separated and/or one or both of the characters thinks that the other person is dead. The last three days have also given me these heartbreaking moments:


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My shipper heart can’t take all of this emotion! I’m going to need lots of fanfic to survive this hiatus!

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I can see Oscar wearing the most beautiful dress on your guys' wedding day.

*Sighs happily getting lost in his imagination* Yeah…I can see him now. Walking down the isle with her mom. His dress long enough to drag across the ground. It’s covered in frills and fluff. Just like he’s always wanted. He’s veil covering his face. I know he’ll be smiling though. Probably blushing too. *Chuckles* I’ll just be standing there trying to get my brain working again after seeing my angel looking so pure. I wouldn’t help but think that he’s the most beautiful person ever created and thanking the lord that I ever meet him. As the service starts and we read our vows and are told to kiss I’ll reach over and lift the veil over his face. I’d probably look like and idiot because I’d just be staring into his eyes trying to memorize every moment of it. When I finally get my sense back I would lean down hoping against all hope that he’s leaning in to. *Snaps out of it with a warm smile* But that’s just a fantasy….for now. *He smiles and pats his pocket*

Something real

I don’t care about distance, or looks, or if others don’t agree. I want a girl to call mine. Someone I can love and care for and laugh with and cry with and fall so madly in love with each other that all the bullcrap we deal with wouldn’t matter because we have each other. She’d not only be my love but my best friend and my go to person when I just need to talk and I would always promise the same for her. Now tell me please is there anyone out there wanting that aswell? Because It seems I only talk to girls who want to just see me naked or mess around. I would just like someone with good intentions for once…is anyone like?

I dreamt last night that I had the best family life. I was married, and we had two little kids. My son was a toddler, and just learning to talk, and every single thing he did just absolutely blew my mind and amazed me, because he was such a kind and loving child. My daughter was a baby, just learning how to crawl, and how to get the dog to give her kisses. My heart was so full of love – I can’t remember it ever being like that.

One thing that really struck me was that in my dream, my Catholic parents were coming to terms with me marrying a woman and starting a family with her. And one evening, they were over at my house for dinner. After that, I went to put the kids to bed, and coming back into the living room, I remember that I could hear my wife saying to my parents, “Steph is such a good and happy mom.”

For once, my mother was proud of me for who I am, and accepting of this. She loved her grandchildren, and she was actively working to look past her homophobia to be a part of their lives. It was so good, for once.
All I want is to have that one day.


Have you ever met someone at the wrong time in your life but then the right time came around and somehow now you’ve been given the chance to finally make each other happy?

Thank you for loving me @ktorr19 ❤️

Is Kara in love with Mon-El?

So, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that she is not. And it’s not just wishful thinking and/or because I can’t stand him. There are actual clues in canon that show that Kara is not in love with her boyfriend. Here’s why:

Exhibit A

The way Kara acts around her love interests. She gets flustered, blushes a lot, acts awkward around them. 

around James:

around Adam:

around Mon-El: error 404 example not found. I can’t recall a single Karamel scene where Kara acts like this.

Bonus: around Lena:

Exhibit B

The trope that a love interest watches and looks at their crush dreamily as they leave.


I know that Mon-El looked at Kara like this at least once too, but I’m really not in the mood to gif him so I’m gonna skip that since that’s not the point of this post. The point is to show that Kara is not in love with Mon-El, not vice versa.

But another person also looked at her like this, and even received this look from Kara herself in the latest Supergirl episode…

Exhibit C

These are actual quotes that Kara said about/to Mon-El:

  • “You are so selfish!”
  • “You are still the same macho egotistical Daxamite!”
  • “It’s not just the jealousy. It’s the patronizing ego thing.”
  • “Well, the first bit about your infuriating male ego, that part I meant.”
  • “More like you’re an arrogant dude-bro.”
  • “I can handle Mxyzptlk, but it’s Mon-El who’s infuriating.”

She’s never said things like these to James, and definitely not as excessively as she’s complaining about Mon-El. On the contrary, she said “You make me better.”

Another bonus; things she said about/to Lena:

  • “Kara Danvers believes in you.”
  • “I believe in her.”
  • “You are too good and too smart to follow in her path.”
  • “Now you have someone that will stand up for you, always.”

Exhibit D

This is Kara’s reaction when Mon-El first tells her about his feelings for her:

Exhibit E

This is Kara’s reaction when Mon-El says “I love you” for the first time:

In conclusion: I honestly don’t believe for a second that Kara has feelings for Mon-El. The most logical explanation is that she felt obligated to give Mon-El a chance because that’s what everyone told her to do or that she felt lonely and Mon-El knew what it’s like to lose a planet.
We know how Kara behaves around the person she’s crushing on. There are patterns. And we can’t see any of these patterns when Kara is around Mon-El. Besides the occasional kiss and “I’m happy” she doesn’t show any signs of having feelings for him. They haven’t even gone on any dates, not counting the one she took him on to “save” Lena.

Meanwhile @ CatCo:

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Feel free to comment and/or add more.