i kissed a dark sided person

They tell you how beautiful love can be. They tell you about holding hands, kissing each others lips, sleeping together and waking up next to the person you love the most. But they don’t tell you how ugly and hard love can be, because love isn’t always happiness. There will be fights in a relationship about so many things. I hate it when they don’t mention the sleepless nights, the break downs, the waiting, the doubts. Just everything. Because love isn’t just love. It’s trust, respect, patient, fights, arguments and a lot of crying.
—  And that’s what they call the dark side of love

A/N: This fic takes place right after the sheriff’s office scene and Papa Jones leaving Jughead. It was requested by @tsmiimitchie . I hope I did it justice, hun! <3 Thank you very much!

“Yeah. I believe you, dad.”

Jughead’s words flowed from his mouth without much subsistence, while he bobbed his head weakly. He could still feel his dad’s cold hands messily cupping his face, then the drag of his fingers down the sides of his head as if he was trying to remember every feature of his son. The Jones had one common feature – their eyes clinging to hope. His father did try, he did, or at least the teen let himself believe he was. His dad waited for his son’s approval before giving a faint smile and then his boots clunked against the pavement as he turned away. Jughead could feel his chest tighten, his heart begin to chip, his body hunching forward somewhat in attempt to keep himself from falling completely apart. The tears were beginning to pool in his eyes, but before he turned to face his friend and girlfriend, he wiped them away.

Feeling sadness, abandonment were something Jughead Jones was used to. The phone calls with his mother weren’t enough to make up for the fact she packed up, along with Jellybean, and moved in with his grandmother. The question that weighed on his mind was why didn’t she try harder? Why didn’t she try to keep their father from going down the liquor-comforting path? But once he learned about his father’s side job, after being fired from the construction gig, he couldn’t hold it against his mother. Jellybean needed stability, especially since she was still in a fragile age. Jughead was always wise beyond his years. He was ahead in classes and got bored easily. The teachers would gush to his mother about how brilliant he was, but his behavior was always questionable. Attempting to burn down a school wasn’t something parents would share with friends over tea.

Once the boy seemed to pull himself together in that moment, Jughead shuffled towards Betty’s direction. She was immediately by his side without missing a beat. Her warm hand, such a contrast to what he felt a few seconds ago, was pressed against affectionately against his cheek. The boy’s hand touched the middle of her back, ushering her slowly away from the sheriff’s office. The two teens meandered away from the mess, Betty’s arm tangled around his. They loosely intertwined their fingers as they continued down the path.

No words were spoken until they were a safe distance away from the building where Jughead was being accused of murder. It was ridiculous, Jughead thought, that the law enforcement believed he was capable of taking another life. The sheriff tried to paint a fictitious picture, motive, as to why Jughead was an ideal suspect in the case. The teen’s head couldn’t wrap around it. He had rage tendencies, but his family was drifting apart, he thought they were justified. Betty didn’t allow him to defend himself to her - she believed him. It was something he was in desperate need of. Someone who didn’t pass judgment on him because of his stupid file and where he grew up. Everyone in town knew his dad as the drunk. The last thing the teen wanted was that stigma floating over him like a dark cloud. He’d be damned if he was going to pay for his father’s sins.

“Juggie…” Betty’s voice was small and cautious. They had been walking for awhile, with no real destination in mind, just holding hands and keeping each other close. The raven-haired boy’s head was hanging downward and finally lifted when he heard her speak. Their eyes locked with one another and they held the gaze for a moment. The girl stood in front of him and held the side of his face, watching him lean into her comforting touch. Her smile wasn’t forced, but he could see she was fighting back a frown. Her red lips were stuck between showcasing felicity and utter woe. He turned his head and planted a sweet, tender kiss on her wrist. The over exaggerated smack of his lips echoed, but he kept his lips lingering against her soft skin, bumping his nose playfully against her palm. A tiny, breathy laugh left her chest as she pushed his face back towards her, raising her eyebrows as if silently saying ‘don’t.’

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Zach Dempsey - A to Z

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going): Well, that’s the thing, Zach can get turned on by almost everything, really. Like the way you’re biting your pen while looking at him, scratching his scalp during a small kiss or even just watching you train with the girls or even looking at you and finding you specially sexy that day. But his biggest, ever, turn on is when you’re sucking on his skin, just down his jawline, while gently scratching your fingernails on his nape. The boy loses his shit, a complete silence and embarrassed mess from being with the biggest boner in the middle of the bleachers during gym class or in the cafeteria.

You were still recovering from an ankle problem, acquired during the cheerleaders’ workouts, so that you were restricted in performing physical activities and released from PE class. Today was one of those days where the Coach was letting everyone be lazy, with only four groups taking turns playing volleyball. The rest of the students were either climbing the ropes in some sort of ridiculous competition or waiting their turn while walking around the gym. So it was in the bleachers you stood, calmly waiting for the end of the class, laying on your stomach with your backpack serving as a pillow. You were almost dozing off when someone decided to play in the bleachers, making the wood tremble. You were prepared to send the person to hell when someone leaned over you, soft and warm lips pressing into yours. You opened your eyes, shocked, until you relaxed with the familiar sight of your boyfriend’s dark, warm eyes.

- “Zach! You frightened me.” - You argued, pushing him lightly. He sent you one of those sweet smiles so characteristic of him in return. Moving to place a kiss on your cheek before sitting on your side.

- "Because? I just gave you a kiss.”- He shrugged as he sat on the bleachers.

- “Exactly. Someone kissed me by surprise and I have a boyfriend.” -  You tried to cast a disapproving look at him, but he had such a cute expression that you ended up smiling at him. His eyes seemed to burn for a second.

- “No one would dare steal a kiss from you. I would fight their asses. ”- Zach was a Big Guy, completely capable of actually doing some real damage in a fight, with all those muscles that being an athlete since he was a child had assured him, but the possibility of this happening was laughable in a way that even the way he spoke the words was funny. But you did not say anything, just sent another smile at him as you rose from the stands to sit beside him, standing with one leg on each side of him, and placed your head on his shoulder, giving a small kiss to the warm skin discovered by the sleeveless shirt and then leaning back at his side comfortably, her legs lovingly embracing his body.

- “I’m sure you would, babe. Don’t worry.”

But then Zach’s body was really hot, in that way that made cling to him in one hug one of the most delicious things and soon your arms came to wrap around his trunk, but giving up when you realized he was too big and you would be uncomfortable, setting by just closing your hands on his shirt. He gave a little laugh at the way you had wrapped around him, turning his face to kiss your forehead. You smiled and looked at him, quickly struck by the urge to kiss him.

- “You’re staring at my mouth.” - He accused, drawing your foreheads together to force you to look deeply into his eyes. There was a convinced smile on his lips and although the look on Zach’s face was carefree and confident, there was a nice blush tingling his cheeks.

- “Am I?” - You breathed, feigning ignorance though your eyes drifted to his delicious lips again. He smiled and you watched his lips part in that delicious smile, a line of perfectly white teeth appearing and suddenly you were thinking of wrong things. You smiled back, and then leaned up to kiss him, and though you had planned a chaste and caressing kiss, somehow your tongue traced his lower lip and you got lost in Zach’s mouth when he granted you passage.

You wanted to blame the Gym and its structure or whatever, but it was Zach who had begun to make you hot. Your hands automatically clenched into fists on his shirt, and the hand in front of his body began to lightly trace his abs over his shirt, innocently but appreciatively.

Someone whistled from the court and you also heard some giggles approaching. You broke the kiss, annoyed, watching Justin on the edge of the court, hands around his mouth in encouraging shouts to Zach, while Jessica and Sherri were approaching. By your side, you felt Zach tightening up and quickly arranging something that you did not pay attention because you were busy flipping your friends. The Coach shouted at Justin and sent him back to the court and he rolled his eyes before obeying.

- “You seem to be healing well, Y/N.” - Jessica mocked, Sherri agreeing with her, while both sat on the bench below where you and Zach were, Sherri patting Zach’s back in approval.

- “I’m glad to see that Zach is taking good care of you.”

- “He was, and then you decided to interrupt my treatment.” - You joked, frowning at them. Jessica just shrugged and Sherri laughed.

- “You were surpassing the acceptable level of PDA in physical education. Soon I and Justin would had to make out or you would steal our Liberty High It Couple title.”

- "All yours.” - You spoke and raised your hands in mock surrender, but rolled your eyes to show that you did not give a shit about it. Beside you, Zach shifted, moving away from you.

- “Zach, are you ok?”

- “S-sure. I… I need to go, hm, my group is next.” – He was fidgeting, but you didn’t read much into it.

- “Oh, okay, babe. See you at lunch.”

- “Y-yeah.” – He barely answered it while getting up. As Zach got up and practically jumped the rest of the stands, you and your friends looked at each other.

- “Is it me or was he weird?” - Jessica and Sherri just shrugged, and started talking about the adaptations in the new routine to keep you from getting hurt again in any of the jumps.

The day passed quietly and you did not have any more classes with your boyfriend, so you really only saw him when you entered the Cafeteria. It even had been funny, because even in the hallways you had not found him. Your friends only commented that they had seen him rushing to the next class. You knew he had biology today at some point, so you  just shrugged thinking he was reviewing. You were probably very lost in your thoughts, because while waiting in line to buy your lunch, Monty thought it necessary to shout your name and wave so you finally looked at their table.

- “Relax Monty, I’m coming.” - You said as you approached the table, putting the tray in front of Zach and bending down to give a kiss to his lips. He looked surprised, because his body trembled slightly and he was turning red from nowhere. You smiled at him, nudging his shoulder in teasing as you sat down.

- “Guess, I’m not the only one who’s gonna hear that today.” - Monty joked, casting a suggestive glance at the two of you as you sat down at the table. You just told him to fuck off and Zach resumed to show his middle finger to him.

As Monty laughed and started talking to Justin, you took the opportunity to discreetly lean on Zach, your nose nudging his arm covered by a sweatshirt to get his attention. He gave you a wary look, but there was a smile on the corner of his lips. You tried to hold back the smile that threatened to burst through your face, but the way Zach looked at you had always warmed you up and wanting to approach him. So you took the opportunity to sneak your hand around his arm and murmur a “come here.” He bent down and you stole a small kiss on his lips again. You could keep track of how his blush spread quickly across his beautiful face, only getting worse when Monty started whistling and pointing at them. You sent him to hell again and then put one of your hands in your boyfriend’s hair, so as to pull it and hide your face in the curve of his neck.

But then as the teasing died and the boys started to focus on other things, the way you had taken in that position looked wonderfully comfortable, especially with the delicious scent of his flooding your senses and his warm skin so close to your lips… You started stroking it with the tip of your nose. You felt the way he trembled slightly and it only encouraged you to lightly rest your lips on the skin of his neck. Zach literally froze and you let out a giggle before landing three more kisses and then cast a small glance around, checking that no one was paying attention to you and risking a little hickey just below his jawline.

Someone called Zach and you watched as he literally stuttered an answer to whatever the question they asked. A small laugh came and you pulled away from him in a disguise. Luckily, the bell rang. You started to get up and straightened your backpack while everyone began to do the same.

- “Hey, you’re coming?” - Sherri asked, already close to the exit.

- “Sure. One moment.”  -You waved as you turned to see where Zach was. But he had not even got off the bench yet. In fact, he was not even looking up, just stared very hard at the table.

– “Sherri, I’ll see you at class. Have to talk to Zach.” - Her friend just nodded and continued on. You approached your boyfriend, realizing now how red he was.

- “Hey, babe. Something wrong?”

- “Yes.” - He hissed between clenched teeth, casting a nasty glare at you.

- “I did something wrong?”

- “Oh, yes. You know what you did.”

- “I don’t. What’s going on Zach?” - You were really surprised. You tried to review the events that had happened during the day to find out what you could have done to make him be like that. Probably foreseeing you were imagining too much, he sighed and reached for your hand. Then he pulled you on his lap and the bulge pressing on your ass made the whole situation a lot clearer.

You waited a few seconds, feeling like a deep blush was spreading across your face, and, at the same time, you had to contain with all your strength the smile that wanted to radiate on your face. Your chest seemed to swell, your skin immediately hot, the mere thought of getting Zach excited so easy made you feel like a goddess.

-“Oh. My. God. Did I…?” - You risked, trying to control the happiness and surprise in your tone.

- “Yes.” - He hissed again, a judgmental look and in equal parts hot and angry. You could not even be embarrassed by how satisfied you were to be able to leave him that way with almost no effort.

- “Oh babe, I’m so sorry.” - You forced yourself to say, a small laugh restrained in your lips. He narrowed his eyes at you, pushing your waist so that you rose from his lap and did not make things worse, which you followed.

- “No, you’re not. You’re fucking proud of yourself.“ - He knew her too well not to know that. You let out the laughter you were holding, then bent to murmur close to his lips, an expression that had every intention of provoking him.

- “Ok… I am. Does this make me a bad girl?” - You murmured, your gaze running over his lips before looking him in the eye again.

- “Oh my god, you’re not helping.” - He grunted, his tone warm and hard, mingled with clear frustration. You laughed and pulled away from him, beginning to walk backwards toward the door.

- “So… see you after class?” - You said as you walked away, your hand moving your hair in what you believed to be sexy.

- “Oh, you bet your pretty ass you’ll see me after class.” - She winked at him then, adding a more pronounced swag on her hips as she turned his back to him. You almost swore he had grunted again and your smile could tear your cheeks of so satisfied.

Political Animals-Part 8

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running  for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisors call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

As Sam and I left my mother’s townhouse, I felt lighter than I had in years.  The weight of having to hide my relationship with Sam had affected me more than I realized.  

Sam’s hand was warm and strong in mine as we walked away.  I paused for a moment and looked back at the only home I had ever known.  In my minds eye I replayed some happy memories of this place.  I saw Cas and I playing tag out front as kids, and my Dad teaching me how to ride a bike. 

But the happy memories were far outweighed by anger, anxiety and sadness after my Dad died.  I had wasted so much time trying to please my Mother. I realized now that no matter what I did, I would always be a living reminder of her lost love.

But that was all behind me now.  I saw my mother for who she really was, and I was done playing her games.  That part of my life was over. Never again would I let anyone make me feel inferior for being an Omega. 

 I looked over at Sam and he smiled as he leaned in and kissed me gently,  right out in the open.  “Are you ready to go?” He asked me.

“More than ready.” I whispered.

This place was my past, and Sam Winchester was my future.

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 10: The Date part 2

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1450 Words

Chapter Summary: Your date with Jensen Ackles continues.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Your P.O.V.

With your third glass of wine warming your insides, you felt your tongue growing looser by the minute. It seemed to have the same effect on Jensen, his shoulders were less rigid, and his cheeks had a nice flush to them that only added to his allure.

“Are you kidding me? You seriously pranked Misha with two pies in the same day?” You reiterated, laughing hard at the thought. “I wish I had been working on set then. Poor Misha.”

Jensen was chuckling too, enjoying the memory just as much as you were enjoying his telling of it. “The first time, I was pretty sure Jar had broken the man’s nose. He swung the pie tin so hard, pie went flying ten feet away. We gave him a couple of hours to clean up, relax, before it was my turn.”

“Please tell me you don’t pull any stunts on the make up artists. I’m not sure I could handle a prank from the two of you.” You said, finishing off the last of your wonderful italian dinner. No matter what happened after this date, you had just found your new favorite restaurant.

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“Stalker” (Jonathan Crane x Reader x Jason Todd) Part 2.

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Part1 Part2 (here)  Jay’s ending  Jon’s ending

Hope you enjoy!

Its been a week since The scarecrow had taken Gotham. The villains ran wild while the civilians tried to escape, but being intercepted and captured by any villain to serve as the playthings. The worse one could get was being captured by the Joker, as death came slow and torturous.

You looked out of the windows at the burning city, the screams of panic hurting your ears as you hugged yourself. Your white nightgown did nothing to stop the piercing coldness of the once city Gotham.

Your back was to the door as Jonathan came in, sitting behind you in the windows and hugging your waist. His head laid on your shoulder and he gave you little, sweet kisses.

“Good night my beautiful” He whispered before kissing your ear.

“…” Since he had kidnapped you, his words were answered with silence.

“My love, come to bed. You are freezing. Come, we shall warm you “ He got up and carried you bridal style to bed, he laid you on the right side and then he laid next to you. His hand caressed your naked legs slowly as he kissed your neck.

“I love you so, my (y/n) …” He whispered before kissing your lips. You didn’t move, to scared of him. “You love me too….” He cuddled you and fell asleep. You silently cried until the darkness overcame your senses.


Jason Todd wasn’t the most patient man.

Nor the most peaceful

Batman’s shit was pissing him off greatly

He seriously didn’t expect him, Jason Peter Todd to not go save the only person on the world he truly trusted and loved.

Fuck you bats.

So in order to destroy the villains he had the best group in mind.

“ Hello, ladies gentlemen. I’m thankful you all came to this hideout, and decide to defy Batman” Jason smirked as he looked at his companions.

His team

Damian Wayne aka Robin

Roy Harper aka Arsenal

Koriand'r aka Starfire

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman

Clark Kent aka Superman

Barry Allen aka Flash

“ We are all here because Bats plan isn’t gonna work. There is people, kids, babies dying…and he’s taking to much time to act!”

“I normally don’t agree with Todd. But you are right this time.”

“ We can’t let more people die! I can’t take his pleas and pained screams of terror anymore!” Said Superman, holding his head. Wonder Woman patted his shoulder amicably.

“ This is the plan, we enter the city on-“

“That’s not going to work Jason” Barbara welled to the middle of the circle. “I’ll help you…we all help you “ Dick and Tim entered with Cass behind them. “ I’ll plan everything, she’s going to be okay…everybody is” Barbara opened her laptop, where a map of Gotham sewers was displayed.

“This is the plan, Jason, Dick and Cass will enter Gotham sewers and fight Killer croc, then walk to the scarecrows hideout in Wayne Labs.

Superman, wonder woman and starfire will fight Ivy, Quinn and Mr. Freeze. While Robin, Red Robin and Arsenal take penguin, riddler and catwoman.

The joker presumably is with Scarecrow, trying to ask for …expand their territory…”

“Well, those fuckers are mine!”

“The rest will take Twoface and Clayface”

“OK” Everyone said, and they prepared to march to Gotham. Jason looked down at a locker with a photo of you and clutched it in his hand.

“I’m coming (y/n)… I’m saving you” Jason kissed the locker and hided it under his shirt.

“ LET’S GO!”


Jonathan waked up with his beautiful fiancée next to him, he kissed her shoulder and then all his bite marks.

“Wake, my dear “Jonathan kissed his lover lips…those lips he haven’t seen laugh or smile since his jail time on Arkham. “My dear… today is you day! Joker will get another experiment for you to investigate! Aren’t you happy?! You can write another thesis!! Any editor will publish it!!! ” Jonathan smile was wide and crazy and you couldn’t look at him. “ My love…please look at me” You still didn’t look, he got angry and turned you around harshly “LOOK AT ME!” You looked at him with wide, scared eyes and whimpered. His harsh look softened and he smiled kissing your lips over and over. “ shhh, my love…I’m sorry….you just-made me angry! I’m sorry! I love you!” He kissed you passionately “ Now dress…your test subject is getting loud….Joker is getting antsy. “He opened the door to exit the room as a woman’s pleas and a child’s cries made you feel light headed and nauseous.

You let yourself fall to the ground of the shower, the cold water clashed with the hotness of your tears. You hugged yourself and whimpered.



“ Nightwing to Oracle, fase one of the plan done” Dick talked to his com.

“Great, now you had to be careful…Bane has disappeared of my radar… You just have to follow my voice. Now, right and go on!”

The team followed Oracles orders but just before the exit to the hideout of the Scarecrow a big, burly, shadow blocked their way.

“Birdies came to play” Said the Bane.


Jonathan waited for you outside your room, he was getting worried when you took too long and when he was about to enter the room you came out in the black, short dress he bought (robbed) for you.

“Beautiful, my darling….” Jonathan smiled “As beautiful as your mind! “a deeper voice said, but it still came from Crane.

You bowed your head in acknowledgment and Crane smiled lovesickly.

“I have a present for you!” He searched on his pants smiling wildly, his tongue sticking out a bit until he found it. “Here!” He kneeled on the ground “My beautiful fiancée. It would be my honor if you had this ring! This belonged to my mother! It would be my pleasure if you had it!” His smile was so bright you couldn’t say no.

“It’s…. beautiful…” You half smiled.

“Let me your hand?” He grabbed your hand and put the ring on. Then he kissed the ring. “I love you, (y/N) (y/l)! Now come! Your subjects are waiting!”

He dragged you to a room were a woman and a child here hugging desperately, with a few bruises. The joker laughing menacingly next to them.

“We had to…convince them to stop screaming…” Jonathan gave you a paper and a pencil. He then pushed a button to open the mic.

“Joker out, the experiment is on” The joker laughed and got out of the room. The woman and the child screamed and pleaded. Crane smiled and let the button go.

“Now, my love! We have improved my toxin! Now it’s worse! Hahaha! You will be the first one to see my beautiful princess of fear!” Jonathan pushed another button and a weird lilac gas was pushed in the room. The screams got worse, the woman started hitting her head on the wall and the child was hiding in a corner. You let the notepad go and started trembling.

“stop please. Jon please!! STOP!!! STOP THIS! I HATE THIS!” You started crying “ STOP THIS ! NOW ! PLEASE!” Jonathan pushed a button and all the gas disappeared, letting the woman and child breath. The child ran to the woman who hugged him back.

“YOU MONSTER!” You yelled at him, running in the room with blankets. “I HATE YOU!”

You put the blanket around the both of them and hugged them, saying sorry, over and over again.

“Buhh, I wanted to see the show!” Laughed the joker.

Jonathan didn’t answer, his eyes where put on you. His eyes started feeling hot and hurted as his head only remembered your words, the first words you said to him…

I hate you.

I         hate    you

You monster…


“out” Cranes eyes didn’t look away from you.

“What?” the joker said.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” Scarecrow yelled.

Joker laughed as he went out “Oh? So jonny boy’s heart is brooookeeen hahahaha!” Joker ran out as Scarecrow punched the wall angrily.

“I see…we will….need it in the end” Crane smile was wicked and vicious as he saw you carry the women and child out.


Jason smirked as Bane body fell to the ground.

“Peachy, now let’s follow!”

The three of them exited the sewers, arriving on the parking lot of the labs.

“Great, now what?” Nightwing said.

“You and cass take the guards, I’ll go get (y/N).” Jason said and cass noded.



After you helped the woman and child out of here and gave them a safe map out of gotham.

“Be safe” You smiled.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!!” The woman said.

“It’s nothing…just go! And be safe!” The woman carried the child.

“Thanks!” The child smiled.

You smiled as the both ran away.

But while you weren’t watching, someone knocked you out.


When you waked up you were tied to your bed. Scared, you tried to untie yourself nut the bonds were too tight.

“HEELP! SOMEONE HEELP!!!” You screamed as Jonathan came in.

“Jonathan???” you smiled.

“Yes, my dear.” Crane smiled as he caressed your cheek. “I’m sorry my dear…I didn’t want this to come to this.”

“What? Jonathan?? What?” You said, afraid.

“ I wished this hadn’t come to this….but you didn’t gave me options.”

“What- are you talking about?”

“You…said you hated me…that I was a monster…I love you…I need you to love me back…. i hope you aren’t afraid of needles my dear… This will hurt me more than you.” Crane smiled crazily.

“Jonathan?’ no please! Im-im sorry!!” You cried as Crane injected you a tranquilizer.

“now sleep.”


Jason punched the last crony before entering the labs.

“Babs im in! How are the others?” Jason said

“It’s Oracle, and Dick and Cass have took all the cronies and  Superman, wonder woman and starfire took care of  Ivy, Quinn and Mr. Freeze. While Robin, Red Robin and Arsenal beat penguin, riddler and catwoman. They are now taking them to BlackGate.”

  “Okay, Thanks Oracle”

“Did just Red hood said thanks to me??”

“Red hood out!”

“Wait i-”

Jason turned off his com and smiled looking at the picture again.

Now it’s a matter of finding you.

And he wasn’t going to give up”

“I’ll save you, (y/N)… I love you” He kissed the picture before puting it near his heart.

Jason entered the labs and  walked around opening the doors, finding scared civilians who ran away.

But there was no trace of you.

He went up, closer to the main labs. He knew his way around, this was Wayne’s, and even if he said no. He’s still was a wayne.

“HEY YOU! YOU CANT BE HERE!!!” a armed crony shot at Jason. He smirked and trew his gun at the cronie’s face, the gun bounced and returned to Todd’s hand, then he jumped above the crony and shot him four time.

“Oh, but i can. “ Jason smirled and went up the stairs. When he was about to enter the room you were on…

“well well well! A birdie fell from the nest!” Tha joker laughed.

Red hood smirked.

This was going to be fun.


Crane was sitting next to you unconscious form, caressing your hair lovingly. He smiled ar the little smile you gave him when he kissed you cheek.

“Soon, (y/n)… very soon the process will be over and you will love me back! We  will then fly this scum place and live together! We’ll go to Europe! I’ll be a teacher! And you will be a brilliant psychologist! Oh and our child! Our child will be beautiful and smart!!” Jonathan kissed you lips

“I love you, (y/n)…” Scarecrow smiled. “you are the only one for me.,,”

“I just hope Stockholm syndrome is enough….i don’t want to hurt you more…” He kissed your lips and fell asleep next to you.


“Well birdie…looks like you are about to lose hahahahaha!!! This gives me so many memories! Ahh! To bad the big bad bat won’t come! ☹ But anyway…im sure you came for your little princess??? Ohhh you did hahahahaha!! The little robin is alone again!! Poor youuu! Too bad she doesn’t love you anyway!! Hahahahahaha” The joker laughed, over the blodies body of Red hood.

“ Fuck …you” Jason said.

“Good night!” The joker prepared for the last strike.


Jason Todd Ending     (here)

Jonathan Crane Ending.   (here)

Fool For You (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt:  “Could you do an imagine where the reader si being self-conscious and Jasper gets a little mad and the Major comes out but later he makes her feel better please?” (requested)

Word Count: 889

Warnings: swearing/insecure thoughts (not sure if it’s a real warning, but whatever, just in case some doesn’t like this)

A/N: I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been having trouble with my internet and it’s hard to fix it because my internet provider is shit and everyone working there are incompetents that I hate so much. So please, be patient if you requested something, I’m trying really hard to find moments where the internet works to upload something. I really hope I can fix this bc I’m going insane without being able to watch youtube videos a.k.a my drug. Without any more to say, enjoy!

Feedback is always appreciated. Don’t be shy if you want to leave an ask or just want to talk to me, I’m always here!

No matter how many times (Y/N) looked at herself in the mirror she could never find anything that she liked, even when everyone around her told her countless times how beautiful she looks or how they envy her for her looks she couldn’t bring herself to feel the same.

She thought all of her problems would be gone as soon as she was a vampire, but, oh how wrong she was, when she looked at herself in the mirror the first time as an immortal being all of her insecurities came back crashing onto her like a furious wave, making her feel insecure about every little thing in her life.

Why was she like this? Why did Jasper even put up with her? What if he found someone better than her? That wouldn’t be so difficult, though; there are countless better-looking women than me.

All of her thoughts were running on her head like crazy and she wasn’t able to stop them, she knew if she was able to cry she would be a mess right now.

She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the door open and Jasper coming through it, slightly concerned about all of the emotions that his mate was feeling, he could sense them all and it made him uneasy to think that (Y/N) was upset and he wasn’t doing anything.

He knew something was wrong the moment he saw her standing in front of the mirror looking intensely at the reflection on it, also, the fact that she didn’t even flinch when he opened the door made him more nervous than ever. He made his way slowly from the door to her and in a second his arms were wrapped around her waist, but she didn’t even say anything, she just kept staring at the mirror.

“Jasper, why are you with me? You could do so much better” she whispered with her soft voice and if his hearing wasn’t as good he knew he wouldn’t even be able to hear her.

He frowned not really sure what she meant, he loved her so much like he never loved anyone before, to him, she was everything.

“What do you mean, love?” he asked looking at her eyes that were reflected in the mirror “I do not wish to be with anyone but you, (Y/N)”

(Y/N) felt a little bit better just but hearing how sure he was by the tone in his voice, but her mind started to play tricks on her again, reminding her how useless she was and how everything on her was wrong.

She pushed him away with more force than she wanted to but didn’t say anything, just turned to face him, his face was as confused as she thought it would be, but she didn’t care, she stopped caring.

“Don’t lie to me Jasper, I’m nothing, I’m useless, there’s nothing that I can do right, plus I’m not even good looking, I could continue but you probably already know all of this” she spat at him and he was taken aback by her words; he didn’t think that the love of his life was feeling like this. Not really waiting for an answer she continued.

“I can’t do this anymore, Jasper, I can’t hold you back and tie you to me” the disgust on her tone that he sensed and how she emphasized the last word made him shudder and he felt the anger coming to him.

“You are not tying me to anything, (Y/N)” his voice came harsher that he intended to, but something in him clicked and he didn’t felt like himself anymore. He moved closer to her and when he was close enough he grabbed her by the waist pulling her closer to his body “You really think you can tie me?” the grip on her waist got tighter  “No, love, I tied myself to you the moment I saw you and knew that I wanted you by my side forever”

He heard her gasp slightly, causing a smirk to appear on his face, he slowly brought his mouth to her ear and whispered.

“You are the most beautiful person I ever saw, you are everything I ever asked for and I don’t care if I have to say it to you a thousand times if that’s what you need to believe it” he felt her hands on around his torso and he brought her closer to his body, the two of them so close that not even air was able to pass through their bodies. “I’m a fool for you, (Y/N) , and I can’t stop myself from loving you the way I do, with everything that you have, insecure or not, I wouldn’t dare to choose another person to live forever with” he kissed her neck lovingly and let his lips linger on her soft skin for a while holding her and leaving kisses along her neck, trying to show her how much she meant to him.

And (Y/N) knew in that moment that all that she needed to feel good was Jasper, she knew that her insecurities wouldn’t go away so easily but she knew that with Jasper by her side her dark thoughts could start getting a little bit lighter every day, and just by thinking that, she smiled.

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i got some angst here for y'all... ok so everyone lives but the chocobros' s/o doesn't... a few years after the ending they see someone who looks exactly, to a t, like their passed s/o but isn't and maybe in a happy and stable relationship with someone else (maybe they have a family or something)? (bonus if the s/o's body was never recovered so the bros might think there's a chance their s/o could still be alive)

Oh man, why do you guys do this to me? You’re all so freaking clever with these prompts that my tragic-loving self eats right up.

Okay, anon, remember that you asked for this sadness— so the angst queen delivered. Giving these series of drabbles a title like my “The Day Insomnia Saw the Dawn” because it’s gunna be epic.

Note: [I’ll be uploading each guy in parts (and linking them together) as I finish them, but right now I only have Noctis done— in which everyone but him has died and the s/o somehow traded her life for his]

Read at your own risk. Ow.

{1,603 words}

                           A World in Which You Don’t Exist

Part 1


“I’ve… I’ve never been good at these things. Moving on.”

It was cold. Eos had experienced its first snowfall in ten years. Noctis shuffled his feet as he stood beneath the willow tree that marked your grave. It was just on the outskirts of Duscae, near the lake that the catoblepai frequented. You had loved it here. It was your favorite place to visit during your travels, always begging Ignis to stop the car when you drove near, if only for a moment to appreciate its beauty.

“I can’t help but think that you… that you would know what to do, how to make this easier—“ Noctis’ voice failed him as he pursed his lips and tried desperately to swallow his grief. He shoved his hand into his coat pocket, procuring a ratted carbuncle doll. The one he had given to you as children. The one you had held on to after all these years.

“I brought you something. I found it at Hammerhead after…” he crouched down beneath the willow’s weeping leaves. They stirred around him, icy with snow crystals. He bowed his head as he carefully laid the torn doll upon the frozen ground. He ran an idle hand along the granite that was used as your headstone for a body that was never found.

“You left it behind,” he croaked as the tears finally fell. “You left it behind— all alone.”

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alright let’s talk about Niall ‘i love showing love’ horan and how he is a very [harry styles voice] generous person

now there are mutiple instances where niall does things and you’re like ??? 

like he didn’t have to kiss these wonderful men?? but he did?? anyway?? cause like he has so much love to give?? and he’s about to show it??

and then how can we forget his infamous birthday party #tb to 2014 in vegas

like why so close niall?? so up close nialL??? i’M SCREAMING LOOK AT HIS MOUTH NEXT TO BEN’S. i digress i digress. 

and then there is the infamous kisses lets start out with #ned

Like ok?? thought y’all hated each other but guess not cause who can hate niall fucking horan?? like look at this??

and of course he’s always affectionate with his band mates




but like we all know niall is super private about his #personal relationships. never letting anyone know who he is dating. always tryna be subtle.

SUBTLE. okay neil you’re totally subtle.

don’t think i don’t see you heart eyeing harry

like ok? what was that hip thing? like did we ask? like why are you smiling like that? you tryna hide something but ??

like this ain’t your bedroom kid why you pushing his jacket to the sides?? like okay?/

ok now you think he’s funny. he ain’t even THAT funny but you look like yo herad the best joke of the century???

oh and you wish i could unsee this now don’t ya

but alas here we are totally ‘clueless’ as to who niall horan is ACTUALLY dating because ya know he’s all personal doesn’t like people knowing who he likes and that’s why doesn’t kiss them in public but…..

His Heat || Youngbin

Group/Member: Sf9 Youngbin

Genre: smut, werewolf!Youngbin, knotting, 

Word Count: 1.6K

Request:Anon Can I get a youngbin smut pleaseee where you pleasure him and make him go crazy that he grabs you and goes wildddd thankyouu xxx

kingaegyo said:Hi! I would like to ask a smut fluffy scenario with Youngbin. Sorry for the bad english

a/n: this was hard since I got two Youngbin smut request so I added a small werewolf twist onto it. Hope its not to weird or bad!! I sent a lot of time doing this. 

Originally posted by armurx

You smiled giving a pose with the pair of fake dog ears on your head, fluffing them up at a bit to make them look cute.With a lace underwear looking rather cute and nice. Was Youngbin going to like it? you thought staring at yourself reflection. 

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Siths reaction to being told they are the most important person in someone's life, either platonically or romantically


I’m going to combine this with “response to ‘I love you’” since they are very similar. Also no Sidious because he has no friends ;O

vader: He is distraught, even angered by the revelation (”I won’t lose you, Padme–”), insisting they aren’t aware of what they are saying. Eventually the anger fades away, and he finds himself quietly weeping. To be cared for again, to have someone so close…it’s painful to think about. Still, he tells them he feels the same, and lets them embrace him. Vader is terrified—sick, even— but…

It’s not like he could be in any more pain than he already is.

maul: “Truly?..” Maul is silent for a long time, trying to stop the thoughts racing around in his head. Old memories flash by, of a little boy that used to have a family, a great Sith lord fighting by his brother’s side.. and a future self, guiding a young boy. Fleeting, failing moments of happiness. And yet…

He doesn’t want to be alone—never wanted to be alone—and he is prepared to fight death itself to have this. Nobody will take anything from him ever again. Not this time. He turns to his companion, returning their statement with a genuine smile or a tender kiss. “I… yes. I feel the same way. Promise me you will never leave.”

savage: He was the most important person to another once, a protector and a brother. It was a good feeling.. Hearing that he is cared for and loved is wonderful, but he feels that twinge of fear and doubt pierce his chest (“S-Savage–!”). He wants nothing more than to say yes, yes he will protect this person with his life.. But Savage is terrified of what could happen to them. What he could do to them. Tears fall down his cheek as he turns to his partner and makes them promise that, should he ever not be in control of himself, to kill him before he hurts them.

asajj: She loved someone once, and the only thing it brought her was pain. Asajj doesn’t want to go through that again, that despair at the hands of cruel, heartless fate. Her first instinct is to turn away from them, angrily insisting that perhaps it was better they never met. The wavering in her voice betrays her, though, and when her companion pulls her into a hug she finds herself clutching on for dear life.

dooku: One of the many things Dooku hated about the Jedi code was the detachment from others—yet in a sick twist of irony he lived with that same attitude. Count Dooku, cold and cruel as a leader should. But…are the Sith not about passion? Giving into feeling? He is a man who is above childish things such as love and compassion, yet… has he made a mistake, distancing himself from friendship/relationships?

Perhaps there is still much for an older man to learn about the dark side. He simply replies “And I, you,” and touches their shoulder/kisses them.

kylo: Ren isn’t supposed to have compassion. Or adoration. Or attraction. Or, stars forbid, love. He is an instrument of hate and destruction, far from the pathetic little boy he used to be—-and here he is, chest pounding from the confession just given to him. No, no, he’s not supposed to feel this way, it’s not right. Snoke will be mad. His powers will grow weak, just as he has.

But kriff, he doesn’t care anymore. Kylo loves this feeling, loves this person. He answers with either a tight hug or a deeply passionate kiss. “Thank you..”

nihilus: His hands start to tremble, the energy around him pulsating faster and faster. Oh he knew it, he knew he felt the same way all along, but hearing those words officially cemented it in reality. Now he had something to lose again, something that could be wrenched from his hands at any moment. Nihilus doesn’t know if he can do it all over again—then his companion suddenly latches on, holding him tightly until the shudders go away. Right now, there is only one thing he desires.

Sheyzum pak

(Stay with me)

grievous: He has never been close with anyone, not for…a long time. The way he looked, the fear he instilled in others, he knew it wouldn’t be possible—and he was fine with it. But now, he remembers too vividly why Qymaen is dead and Grievous took his place. (“Great gods, please, bring Ronderu back! I cannot live…I…can’t..) The general stares wide-eyed at his companion, then shakes his head violently. “No! No, this… I have let this relationship go on too long, I…” His words die off, and when he feels their hand on his he can’t help but squeeze it back.

“You are not allowed to die.”

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62 with Dark please?

62: “ I want to protect you. ”

The banging on your door was deafening. You were backed into the corner of your room, clutching a blanket around your shoulders as tears flowed down your cheeks. 
Some days it was fine. Everything was normal and almost relaxing. You could breath properly. Sit without flinching every time they passed your chair.
Or concentrate on your hobbies without feeling like a failure for not doing what they wanted.
But tonight, like so many others, were nights where you wanted everything to disappear. You wanted a blackness to swallow you up and keep you from whatever horror was trying to get through your door.
Each fist, each rattling bang caused you to flinch. In the dim lighting, you could faintly see an outline step out of the shadows.
Dark glanced at the door. His expression unreadable as he considered the threat.
But when his gaze fell back on you, he crossed the room to sit beside you.
He wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you against his side. More tears washed down your face. More so from relief than fear now.
Dark watched the shadow beneath the door shift, now throwing it’s weight against the wooden door.
But their attempts were pathetic. Even to you, they seemed less than before. Like they were losing energy.
“They won’t get in.” Dark assured you. “Their perception is off. In their mind they’re throwing everything they have at your door. But in reality, it’s no more than a fly’s attempt.” 
You sensed the slight edge to his voice. And you leaned more closely into his side. Curling up into him as to hide yourself from the world. 
“Why did you come here?” You asked softly. “I thought we were in a disagreement.” 
Dark looked down at you. His gaze softer than before. 
“Though we may be arguing, I still don’t enjoy knowing you experience this.” He gestured with a nod to the person outside your door.  “I want to protect you. Is that so terrible?”
A small smile graced your lips and you shook your head. “No. Just a little surprising.” 
Dark sighed and kissed the top of your head. “Come. You’ll spend the night at my place.” He took your hand and dragged you to his feet. With one last look at the door, you followed him through a wall of shadows. 

Inside Out

Originally posted by geezerwench

Request: Jax Imagine based on ‘Inside Out’ by the Chainsmokers
Request: Imagine when you come home to find Jax on the floor mid panic attack cause he thinks he’s making a mistake.

NOTE: I wrote this where Tara had died, but it was the Chinese that killed her, and everything else never happened lol. I hope thats okayyyyy xo.


Wind blew your hair out behind you from beneath the helmet, and the streets blurred as the bike sped along.
Your arms wrapped around his waist and your cheek pressed against the leather, the strong scent filling your lungs.
The night was cool and the street lights shone down on you and the bike roared beneath you as it moved down the street.
It had been a long day, waiting for the boys to return and the lockdown to be lifted.
The second the boys had rode back into the lot you knew something was wrong.
Jax’s face was hard and your heart had filled with worry.
But the friends and family of SAMCRO had flowed out of the clubhouse and you had put on a brave face and walked towards the row of bikes.
Jax sat on his bike while his brothers got off, embracing their friends and family. You walked slowly towards him as he puffed on a cigarette.
“Hey.” You said quietly.
He had lifted his head and looked at you, his eyes filled with sadness and you frowned as you moved closer ad wrapped your hands around his neck.
He tilted his head up and you kissed him deeply, running your hands through his blonde hair.
You could taste the cigarette on his tongue and you breathed him in deeply, hoping that whatever was bothering you could both handle together.
Your lips had parted and you had stared into those blue eyes, deeper than any ocean and more distant than the sky. You had been dating him for a few months now, and you had learnt that no matter how close you got to the president of SAMCRO, he was too damaged, too broken, too distant to love you the way you deserved. He had seen too much, felt too much, but that didn’t stop you from falling in love with Jackson Teller.
And so you had swung your leg over the bike and he had handed you his helmet before he brought the bike to life. Your arms had wrapped around his waist and he had turned to look at you before he moved the bike out of the lot.
You had watched as you rode past the rest of the club, all of them taking notice in the sudden departure of their president but you had only squeezed him tighter, and pressed your cheek to his back.
And now here you were, speeding along the streets of Charming, the wind cool on your skin, and you couldn’t help but think Jax was taking the corners a little faster than normal, driving a little more dangerous, as if he didn’t care whether he lived or died.

The rest of the week he had been silent, barely speaking and you rarely saw him. He had left the house by the time you woke up and despite waiting up for him you fell asleep with an empty space next to you everynight.
You knew things with the club weren’t great, but you thought after lockdown being lifted things would be better. Yet Jax was more distant than ever before and you couldn’t help but wonder if you were losing the man you loved.
Gemma was worried too, and she was constantly asking you questions you couldn’t answer.
And so you did the only thing you could do, you carried on.
You looked after the boys and cleaned the house. You helped Gemma whenever she needed it and you made sure the cupboards were fully stocked.
It was midday when you sat at the table in the kitchen, twiddling your thumbs and chewing at your lip.
Gemma had taken the boys for the afternoon, figuring you needed a break from looking after them alone.
You weren’t sure what to do, but you knew you had to talk to him.
You sighed and stood, grabbing your keys off the bench and heading to your car.
The drive to TM was a blur, and you didn’t even remember pulling into the lot or getting out of the car.
You marched across the pavement and stormed into the clubhouse, determined to find him and get answers.
Chibs had seen you come in and you walked straight to him.
“Where is he?” You asked.
Chibs paused before pointing to the dorm and you stormed down the hallway.
Images flashed before your eyes, imagining what would be on the other side of that door.
You imagined him with another girl, with a crow eater, but nothing could have prepared you for the reality.
You swung the door open and stood frozen in your tracks, your eyes widening.
Jax sat on the floor, his back leant against the bed and tears streaming down his face.

Your heart sunk and you closed the door quietly behind you.
He had lifted his head to look at you, only to lower it again as sobs took over his body.
You moved silently across the room and sunk down next to him.
Your arms wrapped around him and he leant into you, letting you comfort him and run your hands through his hair.
His body shook and you fought back your own tears, determined to stay strong for him.
“Shhh, baby, its okay.” You cooed.
Your heart broke, seeing him so fragile, so broken. He had been born with tragedy in his bones and he had always done a good job of hiding his pain and putting on a brave face that you had almost forgotten all the pain he had seen in his life.
You rocked him gently, pressing soft kisses to his head as you stroked his back.
Slowly, his sobs began to fade and he lifted his head and looked at the ceiling, rubbing his hands over his face.
“Im sorry, (y/n).” He said quietly,his voice shaking.
You ran your hands through his hair soothingly.
“Dont apologise, Jackson.” You whispered.
He turned to look at you and your heart ached when you looked into his blue eyes, still sparkling with tears.
“I dont know what Im doing.” He told you.
You didn’t answer, you knew he needed to speak his mind.
“My father wrote a manuscript, he wanted the club to change. I wanted the club to change, to move away from guns.”
You stroked his hair and squeezed his hand with your free hand, rubbing your thumb across the cool metal of his rings.
“I dont know how to direct this club. All the choices Ive made, have been selfish. I have led the club the wrong way for my own revenge. Everything I do is leading us further and further into a hole that I don’t know how to get us out of.”
You squeezed his hand and he leant against your chest as he spoke.
“Every move i make, people get hurt. My brothers get hurt. Everything with Donna, Opie, everything with Clay and my father. Everything with Tara. All of it is just.. inside me. And I cant get away from it. I see them all. They don’t leave me.” His voice began to shake.
“I dont know where to go from here.” He said.
His body began to shake as he began to sob again and you clutched him to you, rocking him gently side to side.

“You wanna know what I think?” You said quietly.
Jax nodded and you wiped tears of his cheeks.
“Those guys love you, Jackson. They would follow you to hell if you led them there. Thats why you should tell them, tell them how your feeling.” You said slowly.
“You’ve been strong for long enough, Jax. Its time to let people in.”
Jax nodded slowly but you continued.
“The things you’ve seen, the things you’ve been through, its more than anyone should ever have to go through. And you are so strong, baby, but you need to let us help you.”
“Things are settled with the Chinese. Chibs can handle the rest. You cant do it all yourself, Jax.”
“But you’ve got to let go. The things that have happened to you don’t make you a bad person, its how you move on from them. You can let go, Jax, I know you can, you just have to let me help you.”
You finally stopped and looked at him.
His blue eyes were on you, studying you closely.
“Why do you want to help me, (y/n)?” He asked softly.
You smiled warmly at him.
“Because I love you, Jackson. I love every part of you, inside and out. And i love your dark side as well as the bright. The things that have happened to you don’t make you who you are, but it shows me how much you care, how much you love, for everyone around you. Your a good person Jax. Im gonna love you, no matter what.”
Jax watched you speak.
“You know I love you, (y/n).” He whispered.
“I know.” You said and kissed his lips softly.
You didn’t need him to say it, you already knew. He loved you, with all that was left of his shattered heart. But you would never be her, and after all the pain he had felt you both knew he could never love you the way you loved him.
But that was okay. It was enough.
“Plus, Im kinda stuck with you now.” You said lightly.
Jax looked at you questioningly and you took a deep breath before speaking.
“Im pregnant.”
Jax looked at you, his eyes wide.
“Are you sure?” He asked.
You nodded, beginning to wonder if maybe this was the wrong time to tell him.
But his face broke into a smile and he pressed his hands to your tummy, even though there was no bump yet.
“Im gonna love you. Im gonna love you so much.” He whispered and a tear escaped your eye.
And slowly, Jax’s heart began to heal, and he began to love you more than either of you thought possible.

"I would be happy forever." Grayson Dolan

Some light flickers in through the drawn curtains making the room glow in the morning hours. It’s Saturday so that means no commitments today. I wrack my brain for information, I get so groggy when I first wake up. I’m in Grayson’s room, yes. I turn over and gaze behind my shoulder where there lays another person. Grayson still sleeps soundly, and the room is so quiet that I can hear his serene breathing. He lays on his back with one hand over his bare stomach and the other at his side. His hair is messy, some parts coming down to lay on his forehead. The sunlight flickering in illuminates some of his blonde highlights. I reach my hand over quietly and run my fingers through the couple wild strands of hair. His long dark eyelashes rest against his soft skin. His plump lips tempt me to kiss them. So I glance over at the clock that reads ‘9:34am’. It wouldn’t be too inhuman to wake him up now. So I lean over and align our lips for a soft good morning kiss. He only slightly stirs, adjusting his body deeper into the tangled up sheets. I smile as I bring them further up our bodies and cuddle into his side. He inhales deeply, which indicates he’s waking up. I know him too well. His eyes slowly flutter open and land on my face. His lips open and he shows off his perfect smile, his arms waking up and encircling around my waist. “Good morning.” He whispers, his voice slightly cracking from the last of use. My hand comes up to rest against his warm chest, my fingers absentmindedly tracing invisible lines across his skin. He turns his head and rests his lips against my temple and smiles. “Today’s off to a pretty good start.” He says, his voice deep and gravely from sleep. “Why’s that?” I ask. I prop myself up on his chest to look into his eyes. “If every morning were like this I would be happy forever.” He smiles. Our lips entangle themselves together, meshing together over and over again. They start out soft, then slowly get more deep and intense. I feel the sudden and urgent need to be as close to him as possible, wrapping my arms around his neck and crushing his mouth to mine. He reciprocates, his hands glued to my waist and his body almost completely lying on top of mine. His tongue completely governs my mouth, making me moan as I almost shake under him. I can feel the muscles in his arms tensing, hopefully for a good reason. I scratch my nails down his forearm, and it’s him who shivers this time. I smile against his lips and he takes this time to take my bottom lip between his teeth. I giggle which makes his smile like a fool. Yeah… If everyday were like this I would be happy forever too.

If You Could See Me

After 1.06 what if Betty and Jughead decided to keep their relationship a secret, or rather attempted to. 

A fic about Betty and Jughead working out the facts of their new relationship and cute, fluffy moments… also how the group finds out about bughead. 

Slight AU does not follow the events of 1.07 onward

———————————— Chapter 2 —————————————– 

It all felt like a dream. Two weeks had passed and it never stopped blowing Jughead’s mind when Betty’s hands so naturally held his own, or how their lips fit together perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle.

The young pair had agreed that keeping their relationship a secret was in both of their best interests. With everything else going on it seemed nice to have something just for the two of them. A place of comfort that truly no one else knew about, something no one could push them out of.

What the two didn’t expect was how difficult it actually was to keep their budding relationship a secret. The little movements, the small things that began to change as their relationship moved forward that threatened to blow their cover.

They sat in the student lounge, Jughead talking relentlessly about how their English teacher was hindering his creativity. Betty couldn’t take her eyes off of the dark haired boy, and as a few strands of hair fell forward onto his face. Betty felt the urge to draw them back carefully with her hand. Little moments like that made their secret difficult. If everyone knew not only could Betty brush his hair back, but lean into his side and hold his hand in her own. But they didn’t know… so she could, as much as she wished she could.

“Betty?” She heard Jughead ask, breaking her out of the internal fight in her head.

“Sorry, what was that?” She replies, looking dumbfounded as Jughead laughs next to her.

“I asked if you agreed that we should be given full creative freedom when writing for our English class,” he explains. “We’re asked to do creative writing but we can’t actually write creatively.”

“I guess, but it’s not like out teachers are looking for our own version of A Modest Proposal,” Betty smiles at him understanding his frustration. She’d most likely hear more about it later.

Jughead continued his rant that if he were given the freedom he desired maybe he could write something like A Modest Proposal. Honestly, Betty just wanted him to stop, to make an excuse to get him to go with her to the Blue and Gold just to have even a few moments to be them, be together.

Without thinking, Betty rested her hand on Jughead’s lower thigh, a subtle message that he almost instantly understood to slow down and take a breath. He figured it meant that she understood, and he could breathe and take a break.

Jughead closed his eyes and put his hands up in defeat. The two recovered quickly remembering where they were. Recovering not before Veronica noticed something change between the two.


The pair thought they got away scot-free as they worked together in the Blue and Gold office later that same afternoon. They had been working for just over thirty minutes before the conversation they had almost every day began. “This is getting more and more difficult each day. The hiding.” Jughead states, turning swiftly in his chair to face Betty sitting comfortably on the couch.

“We could just tell people,” Betty stated, half joking.

“I guess, but I have to say, I love having this all to ourselves,” Jughead smirked as he pulled his knee up to his chest.

“You know Juggie,” Betty started, getting up slowly to stand infant of Jughead. She put one hand on either side of Jughead, resting them the table behind him to lean in closer. “I’ve never had a secret like this before,” she whispers.

Jughead put a hand to his chest in faux shock. “Is that all I am to you, Betty Cooper? The dirty little secret to launch your impending teenage rebellion? I’m hurt.” Betty laughed, playfully slapping Jughead’s shoulder. She leaned in quickly capturing his lips with her own.

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Imagine being Jacob’s imprint that he rejected for Bella and he sees you again at Bella’s wedding to Edward.

You were the opposite of Bella Swan, now Cullen. You have blonde hair and aren’t afraid to speak up for yourself. Your opinion was stated by yourself and never anyone else. You never gave the appearance of submission of stuttered when you spoke. You are decisive and coordinated. Outgoing and adventurous. Calculated and outright determined. Maybe that is why Jacob truly broke his imprint with you. You didn’t bend to his decisions or go along with the crowd. You weren’t a submissive doormat that believed everything that came out of a persons mouth. Maybe he couldn’t handle how strong you are as a person. Maybe he couldn’t handle that you were all the things Bella wasn’t. Maybe he couldn’t handle that you weren’t Bella.

But he never expected to see you again after the four months you had been broken up. Least of all at Bella’s wedding to the man Jacob had spent nearly a year trying to win her from. Bu what took the cake was how different you now looked. Your blonde hair shined brightly and your clothes had to have cost more than Jacob’s home and Rabbit together. He thought you must’ve bought it with your parents money, but it was so unconservative and bold that he couldn’t look away. Words finally came to his mind and they slipped out of his mouth instantly.

“Why is she dressed like that?”

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You looked gorgeous. If he couldn’t smell your scent, he’d have mistaken you for a vampire. Seth was by his side and his jaw was dropped. 

 "Looks like she came up in life after you broke the imprint.“ 

 Though the comment was in awe of you, Jacob felt a sting. It was like Seth said that he wouldn’t have been able to make you happy like you are now. That’s when he saw a man who was most definitely a vampire come to your side and kiss your temple as you laughed with Alice Cullen about something. The man whispers something in your ear and you glace at Jacob, all humor gone from your face. Jacob swallows thickly as he read the message in your face. 

 You broke things off with me for no good reason so you don’t get a say in what I wear or be with 

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She turned to the man and kissed his cheek and whispering in his ear before walking off to the food table where a human girl I didn’t recognize stood. Without hesitation, you kissed the girl on the lips and place your arm to her side. Jacob was genuinely confused. You couldn’t possibly be with a human and a vampire. You weren’t that kind of person, but then he realized that you must’ve changed. He surely had. He no longer smiled or joked around like he used to. You no longer smiled playfully. Your smile was know a knowing one, like you knew secrets and had a dark plan in mind about something. One thought ran through Jacob’s mind now: Look what I’ve done.

My Opinion Profile On: Nam Joo Hyuk ~ Relationship/Personality

Request: You write for Nam joo hyuk? Would you do things like, his ideal type or what you think would be compatible to him. His ideal relationship, how he would be in a relationship. Again your view on it? And can you do like a what he is like, his personality? It is really hard to find something about it :-|

~hopefully I understood your request right!!~

~This is all based off of MY opinion..~

Ideal type: I believe his ideal type (based off some things I’ve read) would be someone who is very supportive or him, encourages him to do the best that he can, and would be by his side no matter what. He doesn’t remind me of someone who focuses on appearances too much, so he could just love the person for the mental reasons instead of the physical.

Ideal relationship: I see him in a relationship where he knows its going to last. Someone he spent more time getting to know on the friend level then getting courage to ask out. I think a very trusting person should date him, he is an actor so he does have scenes where he has to kiss an actress. I don’t think a person who’s easily jealous should be with him at all. Like his ideal type the two of them would have to support each other be there (if possible) for the other or at least send them so sort of moral support. I see him as someone who would be the kind of guy to go out on a food run with in the middle of the night. Or someone who would randomly bring something home for his girlfriend that she didn’t even ask for.

Him in the relationship: I can see him as a rather open guy. He would bring sweet little gifts every now and again as a cute little surprise for his partner. He’d be playful sometimes maybe ‘challenge’ his partner to play with him in a cute basketball match or something like that. But he wouldn’t initiate things often times, so if his partner would want to do something, they would have to be the to ask him to do it. I don’t see him as a rough man either, I can’t see him being too dominate within the relationship but I don’t see him as someone who would let his girlfriend wear the pants in the relationship either. It would be mostly neutral. I think he would make his opinions on situations clear and would want his partner to share their’s as well. He would straight up kiss his partner on the lips often he would give cheek kisses and make them be the one to kiss him on the lips and everything.

What kind of person I can see him with (based of a mental picture I painted in my head): I can see him with a medium height maybe slightly taller than that but someone who’s still shorter than him. He’s roughly around 6′2 or 188cm tall and for some reason I can’t picture him with someone who’s really short (someone not too much under 5′6 or 167cm in height). I think he would date someone on the thinner side as well with darker hair, dark brown eyes, softer features, slightly dark or maybe even on the lighter end of the olive skin tone. Someone who’s kind and encouraging of him, someone who makes him smile often, and rather adorable. 

His personality: From what I’ve seen he’s a very quiet guy. He enjoys laying around and playing video games (if I remember correctly from Running Man). He also loves playing basketball. He seems pretty simple as a person. Not too complicated and doesn’t ask too much from things.

~hope you enjoy my view on him~

Other profiles: Jisoo, HeechulJooheon

Villain 003; KJI

Member: Kai - EXO

Genre: No smut; language warning

Word Count: 6.5k

Summary: Life with badass y/n and detective jongin continues

♤  001 002

Sunbeams, light rays of iridescence pierce through the thin curtains that decorated the windows in the bedroom. Light casted upon the couple as soft snores fell from the plush lips of the slumbering man and the awake woman who stares at him idly. Her eyes following his nose twitches and incoherent mumblings and soft groans from his dreaming stature. She stares at him in awe, wonderment filling the depths of her beautiful eyes as she continues to gaze at him. That glaze of something special within her eyes, your eyes.

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Saving Lives pt. 8

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: series, doctor!baekhyun au, fluff, angst, smut (in later chapters)

Word Count: 3,323

Summary: You’re about to start your internship in Seoul’s most prestigious hospital but before you devote your whole life to medicine, you decide to have one more night of freedom, and meet someone you didn’t expect to meet again. (inspired by Grey’s Anatomy)

A/N: I’m so soooooooorry!! I know I said I would update soon especially because I had winter vacation but I had writers block and I got really distracted but I’m updating now and I don’t have writers block anymore, aye. I also have some great news and for those of you that actually read the Author’s Note, I got a full-tuition scholarship to my dream university! So now I don’t have to worry about college apps or acceptance letters, or finding a way to pay for tuition cause its all paid for. Well anyways back, to the story, ENJOY! (oh and btw I didn’t proof read because I wanted to get this on here ASAP so sorry if there are any mistakes, I’ll fix them when I can)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

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