i kinda wish i let these two get married omg

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for that ship thing, boyf riends


 hell no | how about no | eh | kinda cute i guess | that’s adorable | omg omg yes | otp | you’re fucking kidding right i’m dying because of these two

    • proposes: okay so i have this headcanon that one day jeremy gets so flushed and overwhelmed with love that he’s like ‘i wish i could stay with you for the rest of my life’ and michael just comes back with ‘jer, lets get married’ and they get married and its just quick and informal and so boyf riends
    • shops for groceries: neither, they probably order it online (but michael orders it online so kinda michael???)
    • kills the spiders: michael, jeremy is terrified of spiders and michael always messes with him when he has the spider in his hand
    • comes home drunk at 3am: BOTH, as if these two would do anything without either other (bonus: theyre always out with jake and rich)
    • makes breakfast: jeremy, michael sleeps in too long
    • remembers to feed the fish: michael, that fish would be his pride and joy
    • decorates the apartment: i’d like the think they’d both choose colour and patterns and then once everything is done, michael would bring home posters and trinkets home and put them around the apartment without jeremy’s permission 
    • initiates duets: MICHAEL
    • falls asleep first: michael, all those voices in jeremy’s head keep him up and michael tries t stay awake to make sure jeremy gets to sleep but hes sO TIRED
    • sends the most selfies: michael, i like to think hes REALLY comfortable in how he looks and jeremy just gets 28796 chin selfies of michael in bed when they’re apart (and when they’re together)
    • makes the first move: neither, christine would probably out jeremy to michael bc jeremy wouldn’t do it himself
    • plans spontaneous trips: MICHAEL, just like the wedding 

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