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I mean, there are 53 DACs, soon to be 54, and most people on here seem to act like Frozen and Tangled are the only two. That just breaks my heart, tbh. Not only are Walt's favorites usually forgotten for those and most of the Renaissance films, but so are some of Disney's other recent awesome films, like Ralph and TPATF

you read my mind. i’m excited for moana at least, bc since the disney fandom is massive now with the addition of frozen fans, a lot of us will be watching it. which might be good, to send a message to disney telling them that we want more poc/woc in lead roles.

maybe that was really frozen’s purpose lol

birthday party talk

Today was my friends birthday

I drew her the below picture and I was kinda sad to part with it because it has been one of my best watercolor drawings yet.

And we went shopping and I actually enjoyed it and I went to hot topic and daiso for the first time ever and it was great and I will be going back then we went swimming for like 3 hours and made water balloons and one of my friends is apparently like a flipping water ballon wall because they just bounce off her and I had like so much sugar and ice cream and cake how do I not have diabetes yet

Today was great

I remember in my jr. high there was this pair of twin girls who purposely went opposite ways in their fashion choice, like one was very typical preppy Cali girl kinda style and the other was punk/goth/hot topic aesthetic. I personally didn’t know them but they both gave off a vibe of cold apathy…