i kinda want to write this fic

bitterness and despair I am filled with

is there a polite way to say please stop sending me multi paragraph reviews detailing  e v e r y t h i n g  you HATE about my storyline and characterization because it makes me want to stop writing”?

(like. I get that not everyone is going to like my writing, but when I see a notification for a review and it’s really just–a complaint? it makes me want to stop writing the fic. just. just stop reading the story if you don’t like it. please. just stop.)

((am I the only one who thinks unsolicited criticism on fanfic is INCREDIBLY RUDE? is that not a thing that other people think??))

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Newt got Mauler but Mauler never truly bonded with him and he didn't know why, but one day he found Tina and him snuggling on the couch and couldn't help but smile, even though Tina had always denied that Mauler liked her because she didn't want Newt to feel left out.

…I’m going to end up writing a Newtina Kneazle fic, aren’t I?

I love this headcanon oh my god :3 So Newt gets Mauler and is kinda sad because Mauler doesn’t bond with him, he just hisses and leaves the room (“But…I’m mummy”) He starts to notice, however, that Mauler is very fond of Tina - she’s the only one he doesn’t hiss at. Tina lies that it’s not true, if only to spare his feelings.

Then one day Newt finds Tina passed out asleep with Mauler snuggled against her and he can’t help but grin despite the fact he’s a little miffed about a creature not flocking to him because it’s so lovely that Tina loves this animal, it’s clear that she’s soft for him.

(also, Tina totally named Mauler - Newt chose Hoppy and Milly, but Mauler…that name has pissed-off disgruntled “no more creatures Newt we have hundreds” Tina all over it)

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🍍 Yay congrats on the followers! My request is Bellarke + things you said with no space between us

thank you so much!!

blog compliment: we absolutely love both your main and side blogs - really awesome content! and you’re super nice <3 <3

okay, so this prompt kinda got away from me for several reasons a) i was slightly high on cold medicine as i wrote part of it so i’m really sorry if there are any incoherent parts and b) i have been craving a bellarke au where bellamy’s in mount weather with clarke and the 47, so thank you for giving me an outlet for that particular headcanon! i have a feeling this might become a full-fledged fic at some point because i kept wanting to write more backstory, but until then - i hope you like it!!

want positivity about your blog too?

They were bound to be seen eventually.

It had roughly been ten days since they woke up in the creepy white quarantine of Mount Weather. Despite the initial uneasiness, the delinquents had settled in nicely and were enjoying not having to fight for their lives every single day, with two exceptions. Bellamy and Clarke hadn’t bought into the whole “live everyday like it’s a Thanksgiving dinner” vibe for a second. They had felt out of place in the dining hall, Bellamy in a dress shirt and Clarke in a nice blouse. Feeling Dante Wallace’s gaze on them during every meal had gotten old pretty fast.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at escape, they had decided to lay low for the time being and try to act like they were getting accustomed to their new surroundings. It had been difficult (especially for Bellamy), but they had talked to Dante to convince him they wouldn’t try to escape again and spewed some lie about how they had been scared and nervous about their friends. He’d seemed to buy that, and so they were left to explore the depths of Mount Weather as inconspicuously as they could manage.

Which brought them to their current predicament.

They had left on a recon mission after dodging Jasper’s pleas about having blueberry pancakes together, and were now stuck in a hallway they weren’t supposed to be in. The harsh sound of footsteps alerted them to a guard approaching. Clarke and Bellamy looked at each other in panic for a second. There weren’t really any place they could hide in, except for a tiny nook near the corner of the wall. It wouldn’t really cover them from the guard’s view but it could save them some time before they were discovered. A plan started to form in Bellamy’s mind as he glanced at the nook and back at Clarke pointedly. They quickly walked over and Bellamy maneuvered them until Clarke’s back was against the wall and his large frame was covering her completely.

Clarke was used to communicating silently with Bellamy at this point. Following their sort of heart-to-heart after their day trip, they had developed a certain understanding of each other that showed itself in this weird telepathic way.

It had intensified after ending up in Mount Weather, though. The first time they saw each other after waking up had been when they were being discharged from quarantine. Clarke remembered relief washing over her as she realized she hadn’t killed him when she had pulled the lever. They had locked eyes across the room for all of two seconds, and proceeded to overpower the medical personnel helping them in perfect sync. That escape attempt hadn’t gotten them anywhere, except in Dante’s room for a very ambiguous and creepy talk where they realized they were technically being held captive. Their connection had only gotten stronger after that, and now it was like they knew what the other was thinking before the thought had even finished forming.

That didn’t stop Clarke from being surprised when Bellamy leaned in close. She could feel his breath on her cheeks. She was suddenly hyper aware of exactly how close they were standing.

“Do you trust me?” Clarke’s heart beat a little faster at having Bellamy so close, whispering in her ear. She nodded without hesitating. He leaned back and their eyes met. She could barely hear the guard’s footsteps getting closer over her thundering pulse.

“I do.” Bellamy’s eyes fluttered for a second and he swallowed. He saw the guard spot them from the corner of his eye.

“I’m sorry this had to happen this way,” he quickly whispered, and then his lips were on hers. One of his hands was on the wall above her head, the other gently caressing her cheek.

She was so shocked that it took her a few moments to respond. Bellamy grabbed her hand and put it on his waist and pressed his lips against hers as if he was saying “come on, Clarke”.

Clarke caught on to Bellamy’s plan quickly after that and responded to his kiss. As the initial shock wore off, she finally realized she was kissing Bellamy Blake. It wasn’t weird or awkward as she thought it might be; instead it felt so – natural. She grabbed his shirt where her hand was resting on his waist and carded her free hand in his curls. She felt Bellamy sigh against her lips as her nails brushed against his scalp. One of his hands dropped to her back and pulled her flush against him as they deepened the kiss – and promptly jumped apart when the guard cleared his throat right next to them.

“This hallway is off limits.” Clarke blinked dazedly at Bellamy and bit her lip; her brain still trying to work through I just made out with Bellamy.

Realizing that Clarke wasn’t going to talk anytime soon, Bellamy started explaining.

“We were just trying to find someplace private. We didn’t know this floor was closed off.” He was holding the back of his neck and avoiding the guard’s eyes, feigning nervousness. 

Finally finding her voice, Clarke piped in, “Yeah, we’re really sorry. Won’t happen again.”

The guard glanced between them for a moment, then nodded his head, satisfied. “Yeah, yeah, I know how it is at your age. Just be careful where you wander off to next time.”

The mention of next time had Clarke’s stomach flipping in anticipation, but she shook it off and grabbed Bellamy’s hand, pulling him towards the elevator. She quickly mumbled a “thank you” over her shoulder as the elevator doors closed behind them.

Bellamy kept stealing glances at the mirror in front of them to see her reaction, but she was determined not to show anything. She would deal with what this kiss meant after they had gotten their people out of this hellhole. They slowly slipped back into their usual conversation as they left the elevator and went to join their friends.

She had forgotten all about Bellamy’s words just before he kissed her until she was in bed, replaying the events of the day in her mind. I’m sorry this had to happen this way. Did that mean he had been hoping to kiss her at one point? Had he given thought to how he wanted to kiss her? Just the possibility of that was enough to keep her awake for a couple more hours, tossing and turning.

in the spirit of november 30th and the last day of “no shave november” i give you this zimbits fic. in which jack finally shaves his moustache and to say that bitty is thrilled would be an understatement. it’s all very warm and fuzzy, but not in a movember moustache way.  

When Jack get’s home from the game the apartment is dark and quiet, but the light over the oven is on and he can smell butter and bananas, so he knows that Bitty’s still awake. The Falconers played the Lightning and won the game 4-2. Jack scored the opening goal and got an assist on the last one that helped to keep them ahead. He’s feels exhausted, but he perks up when he sees Bitty shuffle out of the bedroom in a Falconer’s hoodie and that pair of red shorts.

“Jack! I didn’t hear you come in,” Bitty exclaims when he notices Jack standing in the doorway, his shoes still on and his bag still slung over his shoulder. “Congrats on the win, sweetheart.”

Jack smiles and drops his bag before he welcomes Bitty with open arms as the other man walks over for a hug. “Thank you, mon lapin,” Jack replies before he presses a kiss into Bitty’s hair. These moments are his favourite. Coming home to a warm apartment that looks and smells like it’s been lived in while he was out. Bitty left a couple of bowls on the counter and his textbooks are strewn over the coffee table. It’s perfect. Jack likes having someone here with him. He likes coming home to someone. 

Jack pulls away slightly and tilts Bitty’s head up with a finger under his chin, but when closes his eyes and leans in for the kiss, instead of lips, he feels two fingers hold him back. His eyes snap open as he begins to worry that something is wrong. “Bits?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey,” Bitty sighs when he sees Jack’s furrowed brow and he takes his fingers away from Jack’s mouth. “But… you promised…” he trails off as he traces his thumb over Jack’s moustache, making a face of distaste as he does so. 

Jack smirks as he remembers the conversation that they had last night before bed, and the night before that, and the day before that over the phone. “I promised I’d shave off the moustache when I got home from the game on the thirtieth,” he recalls, like a mantra.

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I love the idea that the Shimada brothers dragons are sort of sentient in their own way. Sort of like giant scaly energy cats. And what if, just hear me out, the dragons reacted to the Shimada’s emotions without the brothers inclinations. 

So during battle Hanzo’s dragons refuse to hurt Genji despite how much Hanzo demands he isn’t his brother and while it embarrasses Hanzo terribly Genji is still glowing about it. 

Or at one point Zenyatta see’s Genji interacting with his dragon in a very casual way and becomes curious. So he asks Genji if he can perhaps examine the dragon and Genji is a little shy but agree’s. When he summons the dragon the first thing it does is wrap itself around Zenyatta, purring like its nobodys business, Zenyatta is completely charmed by it while Genji is in the corner trying not to die from embarrassment. 

Hanzo has similar problems with his dragons and their illogical fondess for a certain cowboy. 

One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3

Chapter 4

Caroline was busy in the greenhouse cutting the fully grown vervain flowers ready to make more bracelets as well as starting the extraction process for the liquid she need to add to the school’s water supply of the dorms now that all her students had returned. She knew most of her students were witches and therefore un-compellable anyway but she felt it was always better to be safe than sorry especially when it came to her students safety.

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alright here’s what i want, malec single by 30 au but no marriage pact, no one sided pining and no angst related to one of them having reservations.

no i want the two of them making a pact when they are in high school to try dating if they reach 30 and haven’t found anyone else. because the simple fact is that there has always been something there. something palpable that they both couldn’t ignore. there was always this magnetism and it was always mutual, they just never acted on it.

this magnetism was the very reason they got along so well, the reason they made each other laugh so hard and could open up so easily. two people who were both so tucked away in themselves for totally different reasons but who spent nights sitting out on the porch, fireflies hanging in alec’s yard, shoulders touching, spilling their deepest secrets to each other. there were all of these knowing glances, all this easy laughter, this sassy banter and turbulent flirtation that left them spinning in circles.

then magnus graduated, leaving alec with a year left of high school. and it wasn’t bad, but at the same time it was terrible, an aching kind of pain, hugging each other for the last time in front of magnus’s beat up car right before magnus went off to college because they couldn’t act on it now could they? and the pact wasn’t exactly forgotten but life was tugging them in different directions.

but that didn’t mean they lost touch. they didn’t. they dated other people but they never lost touch. they orbited in each others lives. sometimes not speaking for weeks or months but then falling back in to each other like no time had passed at all, because it was just that easy. because no amount of distance could break this thing. and it was hard for any kind of distance to break anything between them because their families were all interconnected.

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I’m not much for AU’s but

I keep thinking about how Chara is also the name of a star and how important stars are in Undertale. Like how the monsters recount to the Echo Flowers in Waterfall how they used to wish upon the stars on the surface and how Loren will say that one of the stars has gone out if you talk to them after killing Undyne.

But I also think of Chara’s name tying into Outertale. Like imagine how the story of the Dreemurrs that the monsters reveal in New Home would probably go something like “One day, a star fell from the skies.”

How Chara was a star, a beacon of light and hope to the monsters.

How once they fell ill and died, the monsters describing how they could feel the light dimming until it eventually died.

Asriel calling Chara “Star” and “Starry” as a nickname.

Just stuff like that.



so, because hs ruined my sense of right and wrong, i decided i was going to write some blackrom prinxiety. for the unitiated, blackrom is essentially when you love to hate someone and also kinda want to make out with them. so, there is going to be harsh language, a bit of violence, that kinda stuff. if any of that makes you uncomfortable, don’t read this. 

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Suffering Through The Pain

A/N: Hey anon! Don’t apologize for loving my writing, I am glad that you enjoy it. And I love that you were very descriptive on what you wanted, it gave me a better outline of what I was going to write, and what you wanted. :)

Request: Hey could you do a Dean X reader kinda fic where she was a hunter before getting into an abusive relationship and basically just stuck/ unable to leave due to injury and Dean and Sam find her and help her because Bobby asked them to find her. You totally don’t have to do it and if you do write it you can change whatever use that artistic license. Sorry I just really love yo writing

Warnings: Domestic violence, abusive relationship, abusive asshole Matt (boyfriend), injuries, torture.

Pairings: Matt(OC) x reader, Dean Winchester x reader

Word Count: 3,333 (Possibly one of the longest fics I’ve written in two hours)

PSA: To anyone out there who is in an abusive relationship, please get help, stay strong, loves!<3 

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 512-685-6298

Tags are the bottom!

Feedback is accepted with joy (as always)!<3

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You woke up to an excessive beeping sound, it was constant and loud, it sounded so familiar, like you’ve heard it way too many times before.

You blinked open your heavy eyes, you squinted for a few moments, trying to adjust to the bright lights above you and the blinding sun gleaming through the window. You closed your eyes back for a moment, then moved your neck slightly to the left, which didn’t help at all. It felt you had been run over by a semi-truck.

You looked around the room, that’s when it struck you, you were in a hospital, but how did you get here?

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My Mission (Part 6/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2900

Warnings: Language, a bit of angst/conflict, hella sad!Bucky (a bit less in this part though), kinda mention of sex? Somewhat??

A/N: Wheee. All aboard the Conflict Express. Buckle up, folks. Still, hope you enjoy! :D ALSO - I’m going to write a Christmas fic, so send in headcanons/ideas for it! If you search ‘prompts’ on my blog, you’ll see a list of Christmas ones, and I want to get an idea for what you all would like to see in it! THANKS!!

Tags: @hymnofthevalkyries @xenaathena @caplanbuckybarnes @tol-sam @andhiseyesweregreen @flowercrownsandmetallicarms @lilasiannerd @pandarosita @heismyhunter @ailynalonso15 @lillian-paige @monsis-world @winterboobaer @you-didnt-see-that-cuming @magpiegirl80 @smilexcaptainx @tinaferraldo @spn-worm @blacwings-and-bucky-barnes @yknott81 @xoxoaudreymarie @abigrumple @iamthescarlettwitch @iamwarrenspeace @outerspacelluke @dontfuckwithkezolas @barnesfuckedmeup @pennyroyalcreep @skeletoresinthebasement @mizzzpink @caitsymichelle13 @porpentinagscamander @catsoftheapocalypse @pickylittlebitch @marvelgoateecollection @klutzly @mrsdarcyinlovewithbuckybarnes @guccichanelarmani (If you’d like to be added to or removed from this list for this fic, or added to my permanent tag list, just shoot me an ask or message! Spots are always open!)

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Scars ~ Daryl Dixon/Reader

I hope you guys don’t mind me putting this here until I start another blog for my other fandom writing, but this was a request I got off a friend who wants me to do more The Walking Dead writing..

There was something that intrigued you about Daryl Dixon, he was a changed man since back when you had first met at the CDC. He was less volatile, more caring. You’d gone from having playful banter to just silent glances. The way his eyes would look over at you was driving you crazy, as if he were trying to memorise your body. You’d both barely spoken since the accidental kiss you both shared before managing to secure the prison. You caught his eyes as you were sitting across from him at a table inside the prison, pushing around the plate of vegetables that had been placed in front of you. You noted that this time the look he was giving you was different, a spark seemed to be evident in his features. You stood silently from the table and excused yourself, walking into the prison building, making your way towards your cell. You had tried to make it as private as possible, a crude curtain hanging down that was made from old bed sheets.

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an AU in which Tina is a senior in college. she’s graduating and she decides to go to one last college fling, dragging all her friends along with her. Queenie and Jacob are happy to come along, but Graves is a bit more reluctant cause he considers himself “too old for these kind of things”

but he comes along in the end, of course, because you only graduate from college once, and Tina would be disappointed if he didn’t

he tells himself he’s the responsible one so he’s not going to get caught up in the drinking and the crush of bodies, and all that but seven beers and three shots of vodka later he’s not so responsible anymore

in fact, he’s so thoroughly abandoned his ideas of being The Adult, that he’s doing body shots off some pretty young thing whose name he doesn’t even know. he finds out later when Credence whispers it in his ear as they’re making out in some darkened corner

the night comes to an end and they all drift home

Graves and Tina both wake up with massive hangovers the next morning, and Tina takes him to a cafe that she swears has magical hangover-curing powers

imagine Graves’ surprise when the waiter who comes to take their order is none other than Credence

Graves isn’t too bad at holding his liquor so he remembers all the events of the previous night, including running his tongue up and down Credence’s torso, lapping up alcohol. And if he remembers, Credence does too, right?


of course, Graves is under the impression that Credence is just as aware of what went on between them as he is, so he can’t help but read into every little look Credence sends his way

what was that smile for? did it mean he’d liked last night? could it possibly be because he realized how old Graves really was and thought him too old to be doign what he’d been doing?

Credence is oblivious to the tangled web of thoughts inside Graves’ head and is just trying to do his job as best he can. he kinda gets the sense that something is off with Graves, but he can’t for the life of him figure out what it is

so the end of the meal rolls around and he gives Tina and Graves the check, and he zeroes in on Graves and asks “was everything okay?”

and Graves’ mind has a field day with that one.

How Would You Feel // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: could you write a song based scenario for nct taeyong based on How Would You Feel from Ed Sheerans new album?? Please and thank youuuu~~~~~

words: 2764

category: song fic + angst + fluff

author note: i kinda made the song in the readers pic rather than Taeyong’s bc i wanted to mix it up. please enjoy :)

- destinee

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anonymous asked:

I saw your post about Stan and Ford and the scenarios and I loved it! You got any other scenarios or headcanons?

Thank you! *rubs hands together* Glad you asked!

Might put this under a read more if it gets too long, which is more than likely. XD EDIT: I was right.

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Alex Coming Out Again

From an Ao3 user, 1984 – Hey I love your writing it’s beautiful and honest. And I don’t know if your taking any prompts anymore…but if you can and want to of course can you write a post of Alex being  or figuring out that she is ace and Maggie loves her still. Kinda feeling scared that me being ace will lead to me being alone forever…

Maggie had told her she only got one.

She told her, and Alex listened, but Alex is panicking.

Because she’d told Maggie she’d never felt comfortable with intimacy. That she’d thought she wasn’t built that way.

And they’d gotten together, because of two kisses: Alex kissed her, and, a week or so later, Maggie kissed her back in earnest, and it was, in a world, breathtaking.

So Alex figured she could do the intimacy thing after all. Because she loved kissing Maggie. She loved kissing her and she loved holding her and she loved being held by her and she loved cuddling with her and she loved their evolving pet names and their flirting and their teasing and their brushing fingers and their burning desire for, simply, each other.

She loved touching Maggie’s skin and she loved when Maggie touched hers, fingertips on cheeks, fingertips on arms, fingertips on abs, fingertips running through each other’s hair, because god, did Maggie have gorgeous hair.

But now she’s panicking, because she knows that Maggie would never pressure her – hell, Maggie always seeks permission before even kissing her – but she also knows that Maggie wants more. Sexually.

And Alex? Alex doesn’t.

She wants more of Maggie. Wants more of her time, more of her affection, more of her voice, more of her stories, more of her laughter, more of her body warm and close and safe next to hers.

But Alex doesn’t want more sexually. And she knows Maggie does.

So she’s panicking, and she wants to run.

But Maggie had said she only got one, so instead of running, Alex calls her, and Alex paces, and Alex waits, and Alex resists finishing the bottle of bourbon in the cabinet.

“You know how scary it is to just be told to come over because we need to talk, right?” Maggie half-teases when Alex opens the door for her, and Maggie’s body language is guarded, and Alex’s stomach swoops unpleasantly because she’s afraid she’s lost her before she even properly tried to explain.

“Yeah, I do, I’m sorry, I just… I’m not trying to run. You said I get one, and I heard you, so I’m… I’m not trying to run, Maggie, but I…”

Maggie blinks and crosses her arms over her chest and sets her jaw. “But you?”

“I’m scared this isn’t going to work. For… for you.”

“For me.”


“Why… why would you think that?”

“I don’t know how to explain.”

Maggie takes a deep breath and tries to quell the growing pit in her stomach. “You’ve gotta give me more than that, Danvers.”

Alex perches on the edge of the couch and she stares up into Maggie’s shuttered, guarded eyes and she tries to trust, to trust, to believe, to hope.

“You want to have sex with me,” Alex winds up spluttering, and Maggie tilts her head and quirks her lips and uncrosses her arms.

“I… yes. Yeah, I do, but not until you’re ready, Alex, I – I don’t – “

“I don’t want to have sex with you.”

Maggie’s arms are crossed again and she backs up a small step. “I… I knew this would… you meet someone? I told you it was all just shiny, it – “

“What? No, Maggie, I don’t want to have sex with someone else. I told you I don’t know how to explain, I… I like… I love… I love being with you. I love kissing you and I love when you hold me and I love holding you, I love everything we’ve been doing, I love that you’re my girlfriend, I want you to be my girlfriend, I just… I don’t think I want to have sex.”

Maggie stills and watches her for a moment, tilted head and slowly unshuttering eyes and slowly uncrossing arms. She leans back against the counter and nods to herself, slowly, quietly, watching Alex’s rapidly reddening face, her rapidly tear-filling eyes.

“So you’re figuring out that you do like intimacy with girls. With me. But not all kinds of intimacy. Not sex.”

Alex’s lips trembles and Alex nods and Alex starts to creak out an apology, but suddenly Alex is wrapped in Maggie’s arms because suddenly Maggie is cradling her close to her chest and kissing her hair and rubbing small circles on her back.

“Shit, Danvers, I thought you were trying to leave me for someone else, this… it’s okay, it’s alright, you know you – hey, Al, look at me, babe – babe, you can be gay and you can be asexual – did you know there’s a word, a lot of them, for what you’re describing? – shit, Alex, I’m sorry, I thought you were trying to break up with me, I wouldn’t’v been so… Alex, it’s okay – “

“How is it okay?” Alex chokes. “You like having sex. You like sex. You want sex. With me.

Maggie nods and Maggie smiles and leans down to kiss the tears off of Alex’s cheek. “Yeah. I like having sex. I like sex. I want sex. With you. But I don’t want sex with you if you don’t want it, Al, if that’s not the kind of intimacy you want. I want you, Alex, I… I’m falling in love with you. Not your body, not…”

“But how – “

“Does it make you uncomfortable? That I want you sexually?”

Alex shakes her head and sniffles, and Maggie nods.

“You trust that I wouldn’t try to get more from you than you want to give me?”

Alex nods and brings her hands up to Maggie’s face, and Maggie turns her face to kiss Alex’s palms.

“Would it make you uncomfortable if I um… if I thought about you? When I um… on my own… when I masturbate?”

“You would want to?”

“Think about my girlfriend when I need to make myself cum, yeah, but only if it doesn’t make you feel objectified or uncomfortable or – “

“No. It – no. You can, it… but won’t you… miss it?”

“You like what we’ve been doing so far? The kissing, the touching, the cuddling?”

Alex smiles through a sheen of tears. “I love it.”

“I only need from you the things you love sharing. I only want from you the things you love sharing. Alex, this… you being ace, it… you’re perfect, Alex. You are perfect. And if you wanna be with me, I wanna be with you. Only with you. I told you, Al: I don’t wanna imagine my life without you in it. And now, now that you’re my girlfriend, I don’t… I don’t wanna imagine my life without you as exactly that. As my girlfriend. And maybe, one day, as more. You’re perfect, Alex, okay? Perfect.”

“You’re not mad?”

“I have zero reason to be.”

“You wanna be with me?”

Maggie glances at Alex’s mouth and raises her eyebrows, and Alex answers her question by bringing her lips up to meet Maggie’s.

Maggie smiles into their kiss, and Alex does, too.

“Yes, Alex Danvers. Of course I wanna be with you.”

When I Was Jungkook // JK x Reader

Formerly known as Salt and Pepper

This was a little random. I had the idea to write about what would happen if Jungkook and Y/N switched lives and bodies, and had to go through the other person’s life, kinda like Freaky Friday. I thought it’d be funny haha, but this one is a lil random. I loved writing it though, so let me know if you want a part 2?

Genre: comedy, fluff, i can make this somewhat smutty in future if ya’ll want hehe
Jungkook x reader
Length: 9k words

YOU closed the lid of your laptop with a sigh, pushing it to the side and running your fingers through your hair. Leaning back in your chair and eyeing the clutter of your desk, you basked in the realisation that now you could finally go to sleep. You looked over at the clock next to your bed to find that it was 2:43am. You had only just finished everything now. And you still knew that soon enough you’d be assigned another twenty things.

Being a university student meant that you were given barely time to even breathe around all the work your professors set for you. What with your job added onto all of that, the amount of stress you dealt with on the daily was crazy. But you dealt with it regardless because you were passionate about what you were studying, and if this is what you had to do to reach the place you wanted to get to then so be it.

Your job was one thing you were less enthusiastic about, but that couldn’t be helped. Your tuition wasn’t going to pay itself.

Besides all the stress and work, you liked to think you were a cheerful and optimistic person. You were reasonably confident that at some point your life would stop being as damn repetitive as it was now. Work, lecture, study, sleep, repeat. You hated to admit that your life was dull, but it really was. There wasn’t much else to say about it, if you were honest.

Pulling yourself out of your desk chair hurt far too much. You’d been sitting still there for so long that your back absolutely killed now that you’d straightened out. Your bedroom door opened as you sat down on your bed, allowing your dog to wander lazily into the room. He immediately came to you and rose up to rest his paws on your thighs, trying to lovingly lick your face. You pushed his head away from you with a soft chuckle, mindful of the fact that the rest of your family would definitely be asleep by now. Cookie must have gotten bored of staying in your sleeping sister’s room again, which would be why he was now here trying to lick your cheek as you tried to keep his tongue off of your skin.

Eventually you fought him off and managed to lie down with your head resting on your pillow. Your poor rejected Cookie took the hint that you were going to sleep and curled up in a fluffy ball next to your body. You lay there for a minute petting his curly fur for a few minutes, just thinking. Right before your eyes fluttered closed, you wished for the fiftieth time that your life would change from dull and repetitive to somewhat eventful. At least you could dream of what it would be like.

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Somewhere in My Dreams-3


This is the final part to my @pjohoobigbang fic! I hope you guys have enjoyed it, and again, I want to thank everyone who organized and participated in the big bang this year! 

So, you can find the other two parts to this fic in this tag. Also, be sure to check out the art that @grimreapercy created for it. If you have any questions/comments about the AU, just send me an ask! I’d love to hear what you think about it. 


Percy doesn’t get any sleep that night. Between the stress and the dreams, it’s not even worth laying in his bed.

The dreams are worse. It hasn’t even been one full day, and they have tripled in vividness. Now, instead of featuring only the gray wolf, it’s all Annabeth. It’s Annabeth in human form. It’s her body, her face, her voice. She’s everywhere. Percy can’t stop seeing her.

By the time he wakes up from the third dream of the night, he gives up on sleep and heads downstairs to his office. He has paperwork to do anyway.

It’s been hours by the time someone knocks on his door. Percy’s eyes are already tired from reading, and it’s barely eight in the morning.

“Yeah?” he calls.

Piper opens the door and leans inside. She’s still dressed in her pajamas, hair messy and eyes sleepy. She frowns when she sees him. “You know it’s too early for you to look this stressed, right?”

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