i kinda want to just toss the sliding mirror doors out

Day 1: Madness

@kuroweek Here’s my work for day 1. It’s basically Lance/Kuro (Luro) space mall madness featuring bad language, crude humor, steamy make outs, blackmail, love confessions and a little bit of Sheith on the side. Enjoy!

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Work it out- Jikook (smut)

Jimin sighs as he sits on the end of his bed. “Vacations are a gift and a curse” he thinks. He had a wonderful time, traveling around the world to diffrent destinations with his members, but he also let loose and ate everything he could get his hands on. Now that they have returned and are getting ready for their schedual to become packed again, he knows that means diets and exercise are on the horizon, and he sighs again.

Back to the mundane task of sit ups, push ups and weight training. He can feel his muscles burning already. He runs a hand through his brown hair and collapses back onto his bed, releasing a long suffering groan. There has to be a better way. A way to get in shape, stay in shape and it not be a soul sucking routine.

So wrapped up in his thoughts, he forgot he wasn’t alone and almost falls off his bed at how hard he jumps at his hyung’s voice.

“What’s wrong Jiminnie?”

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Mysterious Things // Carl Grimes Imagine

At last!!!! I’ve finally finished the third and final part of my ‘Miscellaneous Things’ series! Thanks so much for being so patient my loves <3

Tell me what you think! I worked v hard on this one lmao

find part 1 here  and part 2 here     or find all of my writings here

-Mads <3

A L E X A N D R I A // P A R T 3 // 2 8 9 2

I took a deep breath, hesitating before knocking on his door.

It’s been a month y/n. Get a fucking grip.

After finally mustering up the courage to knock, I took a step back, fixing my hair subconsciously for the third time.

I heard footsteps jog up to the door, and before I knew it, there he was, looking as painfully adorable as ever, but also extremely confused.

“Y/n? Oh shit uh… h-hey, I didn’t think you’d, you’d actually come.” Carl rubbed the back of his neck, before reaching up to attempt to fix his hair.

“I literally told you yesterday that I as coming to look after Judy today, Carl.”

“Yeah, yeah I know but I thought… I don’t know, I thought you’d bail because you’d be stuck with me all day..since..ya know..” He trailed off. I scrunched my eyebrows, confused.

“Carl, I’ve told you before that things don’t need to be awkward between us, ok? Plus, I’ll be ok with Judy on my own for the day so you don’t have to hang about if you don’t want to.” I said with a small smile, stepping past him into the house towards Judy’s room.

“No! no, I’ll stay here, Dad said- well, he implied that… I-I want to stay here. With you.” Carl stuttered from his place near the door behind me. My eyes widened slightly at his comment, but I kept walking, saying nothing.

It was true, I had told Carl several times that I didn’t mind still being friends. Yes, I did confess my love to him a few weeks ago, but I’ve come to accept that he was never meant to be mine.

Carl however, always made it awkward. He hardly spoke to me anymore. Sometimes I would catch him staring at me, which made my heart skip, but then he’d look away guiltily and I’d realise that Enid’s hand was wrapped around his.

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It’s Been Forever

Request:  Hi I know your getting so many requests about Josh but would you mind doing one where the reader is mute as a child and Josh and her are childhood friends and they meet up years later and she can talk and he’s just memorized- leads to soft smut.

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted lol. I tried my best. 

Word Count: 17.7k

PS: I just realized that when I posted this last night, Tumblr glitched and fucked it up. So I fixed it! All paragraphs are in order now

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anonymous asked:

Hi :) can you write about Ginny and Harry sneaking out to be together the night before their wedding day and getting an earful by Molly ( similar to the one Fred, George and Ron get in COS) when they show up late for the ceremony the morning after? Thank you -and sorry if i was a bother/ too specific ^^-

A/N: This was SUCH a long wait so I hope this is what you are looking for (kind of?) It’s not exact but pretty similar :)

Also available on FF and Ao3!


The old fashioned clock on her nightstand ticked away the seconds, moonlight carding through the split in the cheery yellow curtains.  At first, she’d intended to dutifully follow her mother’s wishes, whiling away the hours in her childhood home the night before her wedding since she ‘had an entire lifetime with him, dear’ and only one more evening a Weasley.

But her best intentions were out the proverbial window after spending a sleepless hour staring at the wall, window, clock, and Hermione’s bushy brown hair peeking over the top of her covers.

Biting her lip, Ginny listened for the steady breathing that confirmed her friend was in a deep slumber before tiptoeing toward her discarded clothes from the day.  She peered nervously over her shoulder at Hermione’s sleeping form as she zipped her soft, worn jeans before slipping on the rest of her clothes and snatching her trainers from the clean swept floor.

With a grin, she eked the window open after shooting a quick silencing charm to hide the squeak, and slipped out onto the waiting branches of her favorite hawthorn tree, picking her way to the ground over a practiced path from years of sneaking to fly.

Tonight, she’d sneak and take to the skies once again.  She pulled her fingers back into her light jumper and trotted quickly toward the broom shed, flicking her wand toward the lock, mind forming the intent of alohamora, and found her practice broom with steady fingers.

Soon, Ginny rose high among the clouds, hair mussed first by tossing and turning and now blown back like a banner against the inky black night.  Unable to contain herself, she let out a gleeful giggle, tilting her head back, raising her arms skyward, held in place simply by the clench of her legs as she soared above the rolling countryside.

After flying a few loops, executing a perfect Wronski feint, and skimming her fingers along the mirrored surface of the dark pond on the border of the Burrow’s property, Ginny rises once more to the open air, eyes staring off unseeingly as she bites her lip in thought, he might still be up

Hemming and hawing for a few moments, Ginny murmured, “Bugger it,” and landed quietly on the balls of her feet, just outside the apparition wards erected by her father and Bill, reinforced for the wedding tomorrow in particular.

Not giving herself time to second guess, the red head eyed her twinkling engagement ring and disappeared with a nearly imperceptible ‘pop.’

Slowly, with practiced stealth, Ginny picked her way across the entryway, avoiding creaky floorboards that would wake Ron.  Kreacher would be sleeping in his little nest in the kitchen, his hearing less than stellar in his old age, but Ginny shot a nervous glance in that general direction nonetheless.

For a beat, she considered removing her trainers, before deciding against it, given her plans for the evening.   After padding past Ron’s closed door, breath held nervously, Ginny arrived in front of her fiancé’s room, door cracked just so, cool moonlight spilling into the otherwise darkened hallway.  Eyeing Ron’s room once more, she slipped inside.

Wand still gripped in his hand, Harry lay on his back, a crinkled copy of Quidditch Today across his chest, glasses smudged and crooked as he slept.  Smiling, Ginny rounded the foot of the bed, peering more closely in the dark at the cover before realizing it was her issue.  Once she’d started to show real promise as a chaser for the Holyhead Harpies, the magazine had approached her to do a cover article, and a full photo spread.  Unofficially, Gwenog had advised her to take the offer as it was a way to get her name recognized among the fans, which was always a relevant factor in scouting for the World Cup team.

And apparently the scouts weren’t the only ones who took notice.  Ginny smirked, hesitating a moment as she took in his sleeping form, but recalling her tossing and turning, she bit her lip and ran a soothing hand over his sleep flushed cheek.

Subconsciously, he shifted toward her hand, his breath flowing across her wrist, her pulse thrumming in answer as his parted lips unknowingly pressing against her palm. Slowly, she ran her thumb over his cheekbone and slipped her fingers away, finally deciding against her original plan and pulling the magazine and his wand from his loose grasp.

Ginny turned to place them on the cluttered nightstand, before she remembered his glasses.  Once she moved to slide them from the bridge of his nose, she noticed she was no longer the only conscious person in the room, “Gin?”

Blushing, Ginny knelt down, pushing her forearms against the mattress next to his torso, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’tve-”

“No, I’m glad,” Harry cut in, sitting up and drawing her into his arms, “I’d only just dozed off.”

Nuzzling into his neck, Ginny hummed contentedly, “I couldn’t sleep.  So I snuck out.”

“I noticed,” Harry chuckled, “Do you want to try sleeping here or?”

She pulled back, shaking her head, eyes mischievous, “Nope.  I want to go flying.”

Mirroring her grin, Harry sat up straighter, “Which kind of flying?”

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Special Room Pt.4

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven)

Summary: Negan being a little shit before the two of you go out on that ‘run’.
POV: You
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 1739
Authors note:  Just so you all know, I post new fics at 2. P.Mish Eastern time. 
Quote of the story: “Please don’t tell me that I have to sit in the bed of the truck just so sweet Lucille can have shotgun.”


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fic: All I See

Crisscolfer, 2.7k
Summary:  Chris’s parents go out of town and force him to stay with the neighbors’ son, his estranged childhood friend Darren, for the long weekend.

A/N: this is a birthday present for my wonderful beta tara queenofokay!  I hope this fits your prompt well enough dearie, I kind of ran with it a little.  Thanks so much for everything you do for me ♥ 

Chris blinks himself awake and it takes a second to remember why he’s here, in the Criss’s guest bedroom instead of his own.  The mattress is different from his own, a little firmer, and the sheets are silky instead of fuzzy flannel like he’s used to.  He’s more used to the smell of strangers now that he’s been here overnight, the same spicy, warm smell that he remembers strongly from his childhood days.  The guest room used to be Darren’s, before Chuck moved out for good and the rooms got reshuffled so Darren could have the one with the built-in bathroom.  Chris is eternally grateful he’s not on the other side of the Jack-and-Jill double sinks where he’s brushing his teeth.

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Love Is A Battlefield

Requested:  Hey love! If requests are still open can you do one where Dean and the reader have been in a relationship for a while and they get into a really bad fight. The reader takes off for a while and cuts her hair because she was just so mad and she knew dean loved it. Then dean finds out and kinda gets sad? Idk I got the idea of Kip Moore’s song “it don’t sound like you” Then it can end in fluff or whatever you want :)!

Note: I ABSOLUTELY love this idea!!! I couldn’t wait to write it. Thanks for the request, love, and I hope you like it!

Characters: Dean x Y/N

Word Count: 1474

Warnings: slight language, blood, death, fighting, drinking

Before the Impala comes to a stop, I’m already jumping out. Tears course uncontrollably down my cheeks as I struggle to unlock the motel door. Dean comes up behind me and tries to help.

“Get away from me.” I snap, the keys rattling in my trembling hands. Dean lifts his hands in the air and takes a step back. I am in no mood for his sarcasm.

The door finally unlocks and I storm in. The keys hit the table top and slide onto the floor with a clink. Dean slams the door behind him and drops his stuff on the floor. Without a word, I go into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. Standing in front of the mirror, I can see the blood caked on my clothes and skin.

Images of a teenager dying in my arms brings on a fresh flow of tears. I turn on the sink faucet and try desperately to scrub the blood from my hands. It won’t come off. I peel off my clothes and step into the shower. Wishing there was a stiff brush around, I settle for a washcloth and scrub my body of the blood.

“Don’t let me die.” he had begged while coughing up blood. “I’m scared.”

I tried to stop the flow of blood gushing from a wound in his chest, but it was useless. In seconds, he was gone.

The bar of soap slips through my clenched fist and bangs around in the tub. I mutter a word under my breath and try to pick it back up. The slippery piece of soap escapes me and I slam my fist against the shower wall. “Son of a b***h!”

“Y/N? You okay?” Dean’s voice follows his banging fist on the bathroom door.

I don’t answer. I am too angry with him to acknowledge his existence. He was the one who had shot that bullet. He had been convinced that the kid was still possessed. I had tried to tell him. I had tried-


I shut off the water and grab a towel. After drying and throwing on clean jeans and shirt, I towel dry my long hair. It’s getting too long but Dean doesn’t want me to cut it.

Another series of banging on the door has me nearly breaking the lock open.

“Can you leave me alone for just ten minutes?!”

“What’s going on? I heard noises.” Dean tries to run his hand through my hair, but I bat his hand away. I walk across the room to get a beer from the fridge. “Come on, Y/N, talk to me.”

“I’m not in the mood, Dean, I’m really not.” I pop the cap and take a long swig.

“Look, I’m sorry about the kid, okay? I made a mistake.”

“His name was Jack. And he’s dead because of your mistake.”

Dean’s eyes narrow. “I said I was sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t going to bring him back.” I’ve almost finished the beer. “If you had just listened to me! You never listen to me, Dean!”

“That’s not true. I listen to you. I just had a feeling-”

“You were wrong!” I’m crying again. “I told you Jack was clean! I told you and you still didn’t listen. You don’t trust me. You don’t-” I toss the empty bottle across the room and it shatters.

“Y/N, stop.” Dean tries to grab my arms but I wrestle myself free. “Just stop and-”

“Let go of me! I can’t- I can’t do this anymore!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean looks angry now. “Huh? You think that I don’t care about what happened? Dang it, Y/N, I do! I feel terrible about that kid dying. It was a mistake. I made the wrong call. But this kind of stuff happens. It’s part of what we do.”

“No, it doesn’t have to be.” I grab a few of my things and shove them into my bag. “We’re supposed to save people, Dean. Save them, not kill them. Lately things have changed and I can’t do this anymore. I can’t hunt with you.”

“Y/N,” Dean emphasizes on each word. “It was a mistake.”

“No, it was a choice. You didn’t accidently pull the trigger. You made a decision while looking Jake in the eye to fire that bullet.” I sling my bag over my shoulder and grab my leather jacket. “I’m done.”

“Just like that? After all we’ve been through together?” Dean follows me out the door, his anger beating on my back. “That’s great! Just walk away. Don’t bother to fight for us.”

I turn sharply and get in Dean’s face. “I have fought for us. Us, Dean. Not me, not you, but us. This was supposed to be a partnership. We were supposed to work together and trust each other. I trusted you.” I take a step back. “Call me when you’re ready to trust me.”

That should have been it. But I’m still angry, even with over a hundred miles between us. I want Dean to hurt. I want him to feel as bad as I do over Jake’s death. So, once I have found a motel in Coopersville, Montana, I get a pair of scissors and begin to cut my hair.

With each snip, I can just see the look on Dean’s face. He would be horrified and beg me to stop. I keep snipping. The long, thick pieces of hair falling to the floor don’t bother me. I’ve hated having such long hair.

I stand in front of the mirror and look at my reflection. My hair now barely reaches my shoulders. For some crazy reason, tears fill my eyes at the thought of Dean’s face. My shoulders start to shake and I sink to the floor. Sobs shake my body. It’s not the hair. It’s us. I miss Dean already.

                                                 Six Months Later

I climb out of the pickup, slinging my bag over my shoulder. My leg is killing me where a vampire took a solid kick at it. I try to hide the limp, but I must look pretty helpless.

The tavern is already teeming with people and I easily slip in unnoticed. I head to the bar and take a seat on a stool at the end. There’s a hunter to my left and another across the room. We’re easy to pick out once you know what to look for.

The bartender passes me a beer and I gulp it down without pausing for breath.

“Easy there, little lady.” An older man laughs. “Pretty thing like you shouldn’t be drinking on her own in a place like this.”

I roll my eyes as he saunters over to my seat. He leans against the bar and grins stupidly. “You should have someone looking after you. Why don’t I-”

I pull out the gun from the back of my jeans and hold it against his ribcage. “Leave? Yeah, that would be best.”

The dude scampers away and I order another beer. While tipping my head back to down it, I feel someone else step up beside me. I swallow then turn to face my new challenge. My breath catches and I’m in danger of suffocating.

Dean gives a small smile. “Hey, Y/N.”

I just stare at him. His green eyes are somehow greener than I remember. And his smile-

“What- what are you doing here?” I finally manage.

“Working a case. How about you? Are you working a job?”

I give a chuckle, which is actually humorless. “Well, I didn’t get all this from waiting on tables.”

Dean nods. He’s just staring at me. It’s very unnerving.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“Oh, sorry, it’s just-” He gestures to me, but his eyes remain on my face. “you look so different.”

I touch my hair and recognition hits me. In the last six months, it’s grown a few inches, now touching my shoulders. But it’s still way shorter than it was before.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” I lift my chin. “Do you like it?”

Dean’s smile fades and he reaches out to touch my hair. His green eyes take on a sorrowful look and he licks his lips. “I miss the old hair. But you look beautiful no matter what.”

I almost tear up at his words and have to look away. Dean takes the empty stool beside me and motions the bartender over. He orders us both beers and holds his bottle up for a toast.

“To the bravest, smartest, and prettiest hunter I know.” I smile sheepishly and clink my bottle against his.

“So,” Dean folds his arms on the bar top. “what have you been up to?”

A Car, A Torch, A Death

Confession #2: I also love Pietro Maximoff.

Yes I cried during AoU.
I also cried while writing this #facts.

Title: A Car, A Torch, A Death
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Summary: You know how Pietro dies? Yeah. This is your reaction. It kinda sucks but idk. Inspired by this song
Word Count: 1,061 (includes lyrics)
Warnings: Mentions death, tiny bit of graphic detail. A handful of swears, mention of God/Heaven but nothing super religious.
Note: Read the sequel here

Your name: submit What is this?

The air begins to feel a little thin.
As I start the car and then begin,
To add the miles piled up behind me.
I barely feel a smile deep inside me.

          I had been a week. A whole fucking week since he died and you still couldn’t believe it. Six bullets. Six fucking bullets tore through him. You drove and drove, not bothering to sleep much at all. Where you were going, no one knew. But you knew you way, and you knew you had to get away. You had to get away from every memory of him, every piece of him.

          Your phone rang, but you quickly hit decline, keeping your eyes on the road. Everyone was worried sick, but you couldn’t care less, not now. You had to keep driving.

          The air freshener hanging on your mirror bounced lightly as you drove over potholes. It had lost its scent a long time ago, but still it stayed. You could still hear his voice, asking “Why is it shaped like a tiny tree?”. You cracked a smile.

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Joe Sugg imagine || Sleep over. ||

postshithere said:

Can you do one where Joe is scared from playing a game and doesn’t want to sleep alone so he invites you over? Please. P.S. I LOVE YOUR BLOG MORE THAN LIFE💞💞💞💞

- - -

It was just a bit after quarter past one in the morning when your phone started vibrating and ringing on the nightstand beside your bed, it woke you up groggily, you rolled over getting twisted in your blankets, your hand and arm exiting the toasty blankets feeling for the illuminated object, you grabbed it.

Squinting your eyes as it blinded you. Seeing ‘Joseph Sugg’ on your caller display with an ID picture of him pulling a ridiculous face. You always put your phone on Do not Disturb when you went to sleep since being a Youtuber with friends in all different time zones you would never sleep.

However a select few people were exempt on your DND list and of course Joe was one of them. You slide your thumb across the screen accepting the phone call. “Hello?” You asked sleepily.

“Hey!” Joes voice answered you brightly and you groaned lowly at his cheerfulness. “What’s up?” You asked, moving yourself to sit up in your double bed, you looked around the darkness of the room, feeling a bit stunned from still being half asleep. “Not much, just wondering if you wanted to come spend the night?” He wondered.

“It’s…” You took the phone away from your ear, watching the screen turn back on. “Almost twenty after one in the morning.” You yawned reading the time.

“Yeah, I know… But, come on. We could order late night pizza, watch a movie or something.” He rambled. “But… It’s really late.” You lay back against the mound of pillows you had, rubbing your forehead.

“Come on.” Joe urged again. “Why not tomorrow? We can make a day of it.” You offered him, you knew Caspar was back in South Africa for the week.

“Or.. You could come over now?” Joe countered again. Yawning again you turned on the bedside lamp to dim. “Why? What’s wrong?” You sounded a tad more awake now. “Wrong? Nothing is wrong.” Joe assured you and you nodded to yourself. “Okay, so I’ll see you tomorrow.” You bit the edge of your lip waiting for his reply.

“Okay, so … I played this really freaky game, like – terrifying and now I kinda don’t wanna sleep alone.” Joe caved in admitting to you the real reason behind his early morning phone call.

“Awh, you scared yourself.” You sounded amused and you could almost feel his glare from the other end of the phone. “I’m not scared!” He exclaimed.

“So… You don’t NEED me to come over?” You wondered getting up from your bed, grabbing your backpack that was your favourite colour.

“Well… I kinda do.” He whispered now. “Please?” He asked.

“I’ll be over as soon as I can, getting my shoes on now.” You put your MacBook into your backpack and its charger. “Great, thanks.” Joe sounded bubbly once more. “You owe me…” You added and he laughed carefully. “Yes, I sure do.”

“Alright, see you soon, buh-bye.” You said. “See you.” Joe said as your call ended, you grabbed your phones charger, putting it into the backpack.

Tossing some clothes into the bag, you caught glance of yourself in the mirror. You were wearing a pair of purple and white checkered pyjama pants and a black Alli Speed; 'Good Hello Everyone’ t-shirt. You pulled on a 'Trixin’ zip up sweater you got from this years VidCon from Shay Carl and shrugged. “Don’t even give a fuck.” You said out loud about your 'just rolled out of bed’ look, slipping into some shoes, you grabbed your hand bag and keys, leaving your flat.

Arriving at the bus stop you looked at the night Schedule for the bus that stopped at the corner of Joe’s street. “Awesome.” You noticed it should be about five minutes away.

You waited, seeing the bus coming you raised your hand flagging it down, it came to a stop and you walked on, tapping your Oyster card it beeped and flashed green, “thanks.” You smiled at the bus driver before taking your seat…

… Pushing the button beside you after the last stop before Joes you stood up and the bus driver opened the doors. “Thank you.” You said getting off the bus, walking up the street to the building of flats which housed The Jaspar flat.

Walking up the steps, you pressed the call button to the flat number and tried to hold back another yawn. “Hey, come in.” Joe’s voice spoke to you from the box and the door buzzed open, you pulled it open and walked inside. Walking down the hallway to the end, you knocked lowly and Joe opened the door immediately. “Hey.” He smiled seeing you, every light in the flat was on. “Jesus, Joe.” You noticed all of the lights and he laughed nervously. “I know. Uhm – thank you for coming.” He pulled you into a hug and kissed your cheek. “No problem.” You assured him with a smile.

“What do you wanna do?” You wondered. “Watch a movie maybe on the computer in bed?” He suggested and you nodded. “Sounds great.”

You both went downstairs – Joe made you go first and you held his hand as you walked down, looking at all the doors closed apart from his bedroom.

You walked in first and looked around. “This is adorable.” You admitted with a smile and Joe narrowed his eyes. “It is not… And if you tell anyone.” He added quickly. “Babe, relax – I won’t tell anyone you scared yourself silly over a video game.” You promised, taking your shoes off, you both got into bed with his computer and you nestled into the comfortable blankets, finding a funny movie on Netflix.

“Thank you for coming over again.” Joe looked at you, a calmness was over him now. “Of course, it’s no problem.” You snugged in with Joe, you rested your head on his chest. “No really, thank you – I fucking terrified myself.” He admitted looking around the room now. “It’s okay.” You promised as the movie credits ended.

“Do you want the lights on or off?” You wondered about five minutes into the movie. “Joe?” You asked glancing up, seeing his head tilted off to one side and his eyes closed, you let out a low laugh. “Aw,” you lent up and kissed his cheek.

The Wedding: Part 7

Summary: Reader invites Dean to her sisters upcoming wedding and he unexpectedly says yes. The group prepares for the wedding and find out something interesting things about each other.

Warnings:  Fluff, Smut, Language, Violence, Reader Beware

Pairings: Dean x Reader , Sam, OC’s

Word Count: 1765

Author’s Note: If you would like to tagged in this series, please send me an ask, and I will gladly add you! 

Tagging: @aprofoundbondwithdean, @ohfora67impala,@roseringleader13, @oriona75, @hiimizzyxoxo, @1967lmpala, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @leviathanslovedick, @pada-ackles [THEY WERE OTHERS BUT IT WOULDN’T LET ME TAG YOU]

The Wedding Masterpage

The only thing you had done since Dean stormed out was change into a tank top and pajama shorts, throw your hair up into a messy bun, and collapse onto your side, curling into the comforter.

“DAMN IT, SAM! PANTS! NOW!” you hear Dean growl. You can’t help but smile at the muffled commotion in the living room. Sam’s laugh fills the living room, followed shortly by a whispered conversation (that you desperately strained to hear), and the other bedroom door shutting.

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Little Girl (Ashton smut)

“You don’t want to go out tonight?” You asked, trying to hide the disappointment in your voice.

“It’s not that I don’t want to… I’d just much rather have a quite night with you instead! C'mon, doesn’t it sound nice not having to get all dressed up? You can just come over in your sweats and we can cuddle and watch a movie and be piggies and eat all my food. Doesn’t that sound much more fun?” Ashton asked you, his voice taking the tone of an excited six year old.

You sighed, thinking to yourself that you and Ashton’s ideas of fun were more different than you thought. He was pretty much your polar opposite, enjoying life inside of the flow, like staying home rather than going to parties, or choosing comfy sweats over a nice pair of pants. You loved living in the spotlight, going out at night and always looking your best. You weren’t really sure what had attracted you to Ashton in the first place, you usually stuck to guys who liked the attention as much as you did.

But maybe that’s why you did choose him. You were the one living in the flow, you realized, dating the same type and going to the same parties and hanging with the same crowd. You stepped out of your comfort zone and decided to get to know the quiet boy who sat in the middle of your algebra two class, and you quickly came to realize you actually liked him. A lot.
And you didn’t want to change him, you didn’t want him becoming like all the other guys that tried and gave up on you too quickly for you to care about. But he was changing you, you could see, because now the idea of going to his house for the night seemed a lot more fun than a dumb house party.

“Yeah, it does,” You told him, hanging back up the dress you had been planning to wear. You took down your hair that you had piled strategically onto your head, rubbing your fingers over your scalp. “Have some popcorn ready, I’ll be over in fifteen minutes.”

“Alright, see you soon,” He said, and you could almost hear the smile in his voice.

“See you.” You told him.

You looked in the mirror at yourself, all of the confidence and planning you had for tonight slowly fizzing out of you. Truthfully, you had wanted to take Ashton out to get him a little buzzed. You didn’t think he’d try anything on you completely sober, so you just wanted to give him a little alcoholic nudge. But now, seeing as you were going to be watching movies all night, you knew nothing would happen between you two. And tonight you really, really wanted something to happen.

You arrived at his house at the time you’d told him, parking your car on the street and going up to knock on the door. It swung open, revealing his smiling face that was lit dimly. You peered past him to see the whole house was barely lit.

“Hi,” He greeted you, reaching forward and gripping your arm lightly. He tugged you towards him clumsily, and you couldn’t help but giggle as he kissed your lips. His fingers traveled from your arms to your hips where he rested his hands. His teeth suddenly bit down on your bottom lip and you gasped.

“What are you laughing at, little girl?” He mumbled, kissing your lips once more before pulling away. He pulled you inside to the living room where you saw bowls of snacks covering almost every inch of space on the coffee table in front of the television and a pile of blankets next to the couch. He went to pull out a box of movies as you sat down. “What do you wanna watch first?”

“Well i kinda want to watch you take off your clothes, but we can stick with The Hunger Games if you want.” You smirked, leaning back on the couch and crossing your arms. Ashton looked up at you shocked, standing up straight. You were about to backtrack on your words and apologize when he began pulling his t shirt over his head. Your eyes widened at the sight of his bare torso and he dragged his fingers up his stomach.

“Holy shit,” You muttered, sitting up straight. He grinned down at you, his eyes twinkling with excitement at your reaction. He tugged at the waistband of his sweats, not pulling them down but bringing them low enough you could see the beginning of dark hair below his stomach. Suddenly he fell forward, pushing you down on the cushions of the couch as he nuzzled into you, all his full weight against your body.

“Ashton,” You groaned, feeling your face heat up at the feel of his bare torso against you. “You’re heavy.” He rolled over until his back was against the couch, gently pushing you forward so he was wedged between you and the back cushions. You turned to face him and he draped an arm over your waist.

“So you’re get all shirtless and hot just to lay on the couch?” You asked him, tracing your thumb along his lip.

“Oh darling, you have no idea how good it is to just lay on the couch.” He grinned, leaning towards you and gently attaching his lips to yours. You laced your fingers through his hair as his arm tightened around you, pulling you up to his chest. Without the layer of clothes on him, you could easily feel his heart beat.
It thrummed quickly, and your own heart swelled knowing you were the one doing that to him.

As your lips moved in sync against each other, Ashton began transferring his weight back onto you, and before you realized it, he was straddling your waist. His lips traveled down your cheek to your neck, where he started sucking and nipping at the sensitive skin. You hissed as he blew cold air onto your flesh. He leaned down to kiss your lips again, slowly grinding his crotch into your own.

“Ash,” You gasped, his name slipping from your lips unintentionally. Your hand shot up to cover your mouth and

Ashton looked up at you, shock and admiration shining on his face. “Holy shit,” He mumbled. “That was so hot. We need to get this off of you,” You arched your back as he tugged your shirt over your head, tossing it behind him before kissing down your chest. “Would you rather be out at dinner right now?”

You shook your head, but realized he wasn’t paying attention to your face at the moment; he was way too occupied with your chest. “No. Definitely not.” You heard Ashton hum in agreement before he sat up. His hair was wild from your hands carding through it many times, and his lips were red and slightly swollen. Even in the dim lighting, he looked like an angel.

“Scoot up, little girl,” He smiled down at you, nodding his head to the arm of the couch. You slid up and leaned against it, giving him full access to the clasp of your bra. As he began working to get it undone, you couldn’t help but gasp in the realization that something was finally going to happen between the two of you. His eyes peered up to yours and his fingers froze on your back. “Are we… are we going to fast?”

You quickly shook your head in answer. “No it’s not that. I’ve just been waiting for this for a while.” He smiled as you did shyly, pecking your lips gently.

“You have no idea,” He murmured. He finally popped the clasp of your bra open and you helped him slide the straps over your shoulders. One of his hands immediately went to cup one of your breasts, his mouth going to work with the other. Swears and breathy moans tumbled out of your mouth and you barely registered his free hand trailing down your stomach until his cold fingers slipped down the front of your pants and and underwear.

“See, if you had skinny jeans on or leggings, this,” Ashton pressed his thumb into the sensitive part of your clit and you gasped loudly. “Wouldn’t be able to happen.” He watched your face carefully as his thumb began doing figure eights, changing speed and pressures at your reactions. You arched up to him, your fingers digging into his back and pulling at the ends of his hair harshly. You saw him bite his lip as you tugged on his hair, but you couldn’t bring yourself to apologize in fear of being too loud.

“Oh fuck, fuck fuck fuck. Ashton- jesus can you please just fuck me now? I don’t- oh god- I don’t wanna come yet.” You begged, your teeth biting down on your bottom lip as you tried to control yourself. Ashton moved his fingers faster for a couple more seconds, watching as your eyes rolled back in ecstasy. He pulled his hand out of your pants, leaving you breathless on the couch, your eyes practically begging for him. Ashton stood up, tugging off his pants quickly and you could see his length straining against his boxers.

“Nuh uh, little girl,” He smirked when your tried taking off your own pants. You froze, looking up at him, waiting for instruction. “That’s my job.” He put his hands on the waistband of your sweats, tugging them down slowly, his lips following behind. You groaned as he sucked marks into the inside of your thighs, making you shiver. Finally, you were both completely nude and groping for each other- now understanding the overwhelming desire for the skin to touch.

His name was moaned loudly from your lips as he finally slid into you, and yours was coming out of his pretty mouth just as much. Praises and sweet nothings tumbled from Ashton’s lips as he set a pace and thrusted in and out of you, one hand intertwining with yours above your head, the other beginning to work at your clit again. You felt a heat collecting in your stomach, and your toes curled as your wrapped your legs around Ashton’s waist.

“Ashton, I’m gonna-”

“Hold on, baby. Couple more seconds-” His sentence ripped off at the end as a cry flew from his mouth and you felt him release into you as you did the same. You gripped his hair as his thrusts turned sloppy before he pulled out completely and falling onto you on the couch.

You closed your eyes as you caught your breath, your fingers brushing through Ashton’s hair as he laid on your stomach. Finally the spots behind your eyes began to fade and the pounding in your chest began to slow. You couldn’t believe that had actually happened.

“You know,” You said, breaking the silence. “This was my plan the whole time. Not the whole time i mean, just… for tonight.”

“Really now?” Ashton smirked, tilting his head to look up at you. “Because I’m pretty sure it was my plan the whole night.”

You giggled, looking up to see a blanket draped over the back of the couch. You pulled it down, laying it over you and Ashton before speaking again. “Well, great minds do think alike.”

“You’re right,” Ashton agreed. “And if your mind is as great as mine, then you’ll be thinking this would be a perfect time to eat because I’m starving.”

“As long as I can eat it off of you.”

“That can definitely be arranged.”

I managed to find WiFi :D I’ll try and update again within the next couple of days and I’ll add this to the masterlist when I get home from my holiday :) xx btw I’ll edit all the typos out when I get home

That Time of The Month

Request: Can you write a Sam one shot where reader and him are dating? She gets her period and is super shy about it and tries to not tell anybody. Sam eventually figures it out on his own and he just hangs out with her. thank you! :)

Characters: Sam x Reader


You woke up to an intense pain in your lower abdomen, as if someone held your uterus in their hand and was squeezing it into a small ball; which, of course, could only mean one thing.

You groaned softly trying to be careful not to wake Sam as you dragged yourself into the bathroom. The sudden movement causing your head to spin.

As soon as you reached it you shut the door then turned on the lights searching through all of the drawers for aspirin, though of course you only had two pills left. You clenched your jaw in anger dropping the bottle into the bin before taking both of them. You then put on a pad, it was too damn early to wear a tampon, only to find that you were nearly out of those as well, tampons and pads. Of course! Because having to bleed for a week wasn’t enough punishment from the world, you had to be out of supplies as well!!

You glared at your reflection in the mirror seriously contemplating ripping it from the wall and throwing it across the room though quickly realizing that this would be what most people (ahem men) would consider an “overreaction”.

You shut off the lights and slipped out of the bathroom sliding into bed next to Sam hoping that you didn’t wake him. Which soon proved to be a fruitless attempt.

“Are you ok?” You heard him whisper.

You bit your lip before turning to face him “Yeah I’m fine”

“You sure?” He asked doubtfully.

You offered him a soft smile “Of course” you whispered before sitting up slightly to give him a small peck on the lips. “Now go back to sleep.”

Sam only chuckled before nodding to you. You turned back around no later feeling two strong arms wrap around your waist as Sam pulled you into his chest.

You allowed yourself a few seconds of bliss as you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling of Sam’s soft warm lips pressing on your bare shoulder. All too soon, however, his alarm blared causing you to groan loudly.

Sam chuckled “You know we could just stay like this” He whispered into your ear. “Just you and me all day right here in bed.”

You couldn’t suppress the wide smile that spread across your face “Do you think the world would leave us alone for that long?”

“I think we could make it.” He smiled nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck as he lazily ran his fingertips up and down your skin.

“Do you think your brother would leave us alone for that long?”

At this he laughed “Good point.”

“We really should get up.” You groaned half hoping he would protest.

In response Sam sighed “Yeah I think I’ll go for a run, do you want to join me?”

You bit your lip, though you really didn’t want to run you knew it would be good for you “Yeah sure.”

Sam beamed down at you before leaning over you “Good” He whispered before pressing his lips to yours.

You smiled into the kiss running your fingers softly through Sam’s hair.

Sam laughed before seizing both your arms “If you keep doing that we will never get out of bed.”

In response you only winked as Sam grinned back at you, he often found that in your presence he couldn’t stop smiling though he hadn’t admitted why he knew the reason.

Sam stood up and walked over to his dresser as you stood up stretching your arms over your head enjoying the popping sound that came from your joints. However, out of the corner of your eye you saw a big red spot on your otherwise white sheets.

You panicked slightly before carefully tossing the top sheet over the stain deciding that you would have to figure out what to do about it later.


You stood on the side of the road doubled over in pain as you struggled to catch your breath, clearly exercise was not a good choice.

“Hey are you sure you’re ok?” Sam asked his face contorted with concern as he placed a hand on your back.

“Yeah fine.” You managed to choke out doing your best to wave him off.

Sam frowned at you slightly before rolling his eyes and turning his back to you squatting slightly.

“What are you doing?”

“Come on hop on.” He laughed.

You laughed in response before quickly hoping on his back not wanting to turn down a piggy back ride.


As soon as you had gotten back to the bunker Sam made for the shower giving you plenty of time to change the sheets and stick them in the washing machine, then take a shower of your own.

“Hey” You nodded to Sam once you were ready, your hair dried, make-up on, etc. “I’m going to head to the store.”

“Oh cool I’ll come with.” Sam said standing up causing you to panic again.

“N-no that’s ok you don’t have to.”

“Nah it’ll be fun.”

“We’re going to the store, it won’t be fun.”

“No the store itself won’t be” He admitted taking slow steps towards you “But you’ll be there.” He finished with a soft smile on his face that made your heart melt. He knelt down slightly to place a soft kiss on your cheek before bringing you into a hug.

You silently questioned Sam’s attitude, though you weren’t complaining, he normally wouldn’t show this much affection. Nevertheless you happily wrapped your arms around him relishing the hug before following him out to the garage wondering how you were going to be able buy the things you would need without him seeing.


Whelp you did it, kinda. You had somehow managed to buy the tampons and pads without Sam noticing, hiding them amongst the various grocery items then distracting him when the clerk rang them up, though you did notice that you forgot the aspirin, unfortunately this revelation did not come up until you got home because you know life’s a bitch.

You had safely tucked away the stuff and was about to collapse onto your bed when you felt Sam’s arms wrap around you once more.

“Hey babe you want to watch a movie?” He asked hopefully resting his head on your shoulder (or the top of your head depending on if you’re short like me).

You groaned internally “I don’t know I’m tired.” You said which wasn’t a complete lie, you did want to go to bed though it was more in order to be rid of the ache in your abdomen for a few hours longer.

Sam spun you around to face him “Pllleeeaaasseee” he begged with his best puppy dog eyes.

You sighed though couldn’t hide the smile on your face, you never could say no to his puppy dog eyes. “Ok”

Sam’s face broke into a huge smile before he escorted you to the couch where he had everything set up. A bowl of popcorn and various candles sat on the table along with several different movies of all genres and over the back of the couch was draped your favorite blanket.

You felt yourself gasp slightly causing Sam to chuckle “I figured with what you’re going through you deserved nothing less than the best.”

You felt your cheeks heat up as you chuckled nervously “What I’m going through?”

Sam’s smile widened at the sight of you blushing “You’re cute. But yeah, I noticed you forgot these.” He said pulling out a bottle of aspirin.

Your mouth dropped open as you took the bottle. You looked around at the setup and felt yourself tearing up at the sight of it. “It’s perfect” You whispered before bringing your lips to meet his.

“Good” Sam smiled before escorting you to the couch in which you laid against him with the blanket wrapped around the two of you as Sam started the first movie.

You nuzzled yourself further into his chest inhaling his scent “I love you.” You whispered as if you were testing out the words, which in a way you were.

Sam looked down at you in shock for a moment causing you to panic again, was this not a good time? Though you soon relaxed as you saw his face break out into the biggest smile you had ever seen come from the younger Winchester “I love you too.” He said before pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

Fade to Black - Chapter 7

Sequel to Black Velvet. Dean is no longer a demon, but he’s still cursed with the Mark of Cain, and the lure of that darkness grows stronger as time goes on.

Missed the beginning? It’s here

“Dean?!!” You stagger back a step or two, and you notice absently that you and Sam are wearing the same expression – shock.

“Yeah, yeah – I know. But it’s me. For fucking real.”

It is completely disconcerting to hear Dean’s speech – if not his voice – coming out of that mouth.

You stumble back towards the table and almost fall down onto the seat of the chair. “What the hell? How?” at the same time Sam is stuttering, “W-wait a second. Y-you’re a…”



“No clue. Some scarface-looking dude, bright light.” This – kid – the kid with all of Dean’s mannerisms - is loading Dean’s gun, stuffing it into the back of his jeans under his – hoodie? You shake your head, trying to clear it, as he continues. “Next thing I know, I wake up looking like Bieber.”

“Why would someone turn you into…”

“Don’t know. Don’t care. Hey, we got any grenades?”

“What?” Sam reaches out to stop him as he tries to walk past, clearly focused on something other than answering questions. “Wait. Wait a second. Talk to me.”

This small version of Dean stops and fires off a bitchface that would do any fourteen-year-old proud. “Really, Sam? Now? I got no grass on the infield, and a girl’s gonna die. Sorry if I’m not in a chatty mood. Now, come on.”

Your wide eyes meet Sam’s, and as mini-Dean opens the door and heads out, Sam gestures with his head to follow. You blow out an incredulous breath and rush to join them, pulling the door shut behind you.

Riding in the back seat with Sam at the wheel, you are now struggling not to laugh at the ridiculous situation. Watching Sam thank the woman at the motel when she told him how polite his ‘son’ was, and then seeing Sam folded up like origami as Dean moved the seat up for his much younger, shorter legs – well, you can’t help but see the funny side of it all.

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Part1  Part2 Part3

    You walked into the almost empty coffee shop at about twelve in the afternoon.  ”Hey there, Coffee Prince,” you said, grabbing a gourmet brownie off the counter and picking at the wrapper. “Hey, Klepto. Watch it; these things are expensive and my boss would kill me if he thought I was giving out freebies,” Jongin replied, reaching for the chocolaty treat.  You leaned away, smirking as you tossed five bucks onto the counter.  He raised an eyebrow as he picked up the money to put it into the cash register.  ”Since when does penny-pinching, ramen noodle-for-dinner _____ buy gourmet brownies?”  ”Hmm…Since Gi-Gi gave me a raise,” you said, biting a huge chunk out of the brownie.  ”Before the performance?”  ”Yeah, she said it should be motivation for me to do even better, not to mention I get to keep any tips I make.”  ”Well you usually score on tips anyway.”  ”Not nearly as much as the dancers do.  I saw that desperate housewife slide you and extra $25 the other night,” you said accusingly.  He raised his hands in defense and said, “No strings attached and no sexual favors. I’m just eye candy.”  ”And Gi-Gi seems to have quite the sweet tooth,” you teased, taking another bite of the brownie.  ”Yeah, I kinda noticed she has a thing for me,” Jongin replied, taking off his apron and hanging it on a rack.  He hopped over the counter, chuckling at his boss who scolded him.  ”Going on my lunch break, Sir! See you in about an hour!,” he called, grabbing the last piece of your brownie and tossing it in his mouth.  You were about to protest, but he cut you off by grabbing your hand and saying, “C’mon!”.
    ”So, of all the places to work, why’d you choose a burlesque club?,” “Well, you take what you can get.  No other place would hire me and I wasn’t getting any call-backs, so…,” you replied, taking another bite of your sandwich.  ”I don’t understand why, though.  I’ve only seen you practice and I know you’re an amazing dancer.”  ”Thanks…But I don’t know…My plan was to join a company, become a principle dancer, travel the World—,” you sighed before continuing, “but maybe I should just pack up and head back home…”  ”I knew it.”  ”What…?”  "That you weren’t from around here.”  You gave him a confused look, urging him to go on.  "You were never like most of the people in this city who just gave up on life.  You had dreams…goals…ambition.”  ”Well, isn’t this the city where dreams are supposed to come true?”  He let out a somewhat bitter chuckle and shook his head.  ”Apparently, this city is where dreams come to die. I had really high expectations for you, though.”  ”Not exactly the pep talk I had expected…”  ”You don’t want a pep talk, _____; you want a pity party, and I’m not going to give that to you.  If you want to just give up and waste your talent, then go ahead.”  You felt anger rise up to your throat, but you weren’t sure of the cause of it; the fact that Jongin was saying these things…or the fact that he was right.  However, you refused to admit the latter.  ”Well, what about you?,” you retorted.  ”What about me?,” he challenged. “I seriously doubt that a cheap burlesque dancer, barista, and whatever other stupid job you have were part of your dream.  You want to judge me, but you have the potential to be a lead dancer in any company, and  just look at where you’ve been for the past three years!”  He just scoffed with a smirk and stood up, tossing some money on the table.  ”See you tonight, _____,” he said, sticking a fry in his mouth before leaving you alone in the restaurant.
    You sighed, fixing your hair as you stared at your reflection in the mirror.  'Maybe Jongin was right…’  Just then, there was a knock on the door frame of the dressing room.  "I’m coming in, so I hope you’re decent,“ Jongin said with his hand over his eyes.  "About as decent as you can be dressed in one of GiGi’s costumes,” you replied, tugging at the hem of your uncomfortably short shorts.  He chuckled, removing his hand and taking a look at you.  "Eh, she went easy on your pride this time.“  "Gee, thanks.”  "_____, you look great.  Don’t worry about the costume, or anything else for that matter.  Just go out there and do what you love: dance.“  You looked up at him and nodded.  "Well…I only came in here to wish you luck, so..good luck,” he said before turning to leave.  You got up and grabbed his arm.  "Wait…Jongin, I’m sorry…for snapping at you earlier.  You were right.  I just wanted someone to justify me being a quitter. So, thank you for not doing that.“  He just smiled at you and gave a quick nod before saying,  "Break a leg,” and leaving to let you finish getting ready.
    Taking a deep breath, you stepped out on the stage.  You moved with the music, feeling the pure adrenaline pulse through your veins.  The entire room was watching you; women in envy, men in lust…But none of them mattered.  It was just you…the stage…and the music…until a pair of smoldering deep brown eyes met yours.  

Daddy 5SOS Preferences: Kids' First Dates

“What about if like two of the guys kids started dating and the boys find out about it and them reacting!”

“Preference about the kids first girlfriends and boyfriends?”

“Could you do a story for the 5sos dads thing where the children are older and teenagers and are dating/liking girls/boys (depending on the genre). maybe even you could do a story on the children dating eachother,”

A/N: I’m doing this one from the kid’s perspective because I/you want two of the kids dating each other. So enjoy! :)

Kayla/Isaac: “So, how much longer do you think it’ll take for our families to figure it out?” Kayla giggled at Isaac from their seat on the edge of the bowl in the skate park.

“I don’t know. My dad knows I’m seeing someone but I don’t think he knows it’s you,” Isaac replied with a laugh. “How do you think they’ll react?” he asked.

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I'm Betting On You

Author: @everybirdfellsilent

Rating: K

A/N: Once again, this gave me an opportunity to answer a prompt from my inbox that is long overdue.

@surfsidegirl35 said: I saw your send me a number and I will write you a ficlet. I was wondering if you would be willing to write something other than that. I have an idea in my head that I would love to see as a ficlet.

Here is my idea. Katniss likes Peeta and thinks that she has been friendzoned because he sees her as one of the guys or too pure. She asks Joanna to help her amp up her look when the group are going out one night. Joanna thinks this will be fun because Katniss is brainless and has no idea Peeta wants her.

Realizing a dream is never easy. Sometimes you don’t even know it was sitting there, in the back of your mind, waiting for it’s moment to shine. And then it hits you. Sometimes it’s like walking into a wall, other times it’s like falling flat on your face, and sometimes you just fall apart, but when you right yourself, there it is, staring you back in the face, and it’s like looking at an old friend.

In Katniss’ case, it stared her in the face everyday, and it was in fact literally an old friend, but she failed to see the effect she had, that her dream was in fact a reality, because her biggest nightmare stood in the way - losing that dream.

Since five years old they had been inseparable, she and Peeta, along with their band of friends. Katniss and Jo spent more time with the boys because they weren’t afraid of mud, or bugs, and building pillow forts was the best waste of time.

As the years passed, she realized her feelings toward Peeta were different than for Gale or Finnick. And she was positive it had nothing to do with the pastries he always had on hand.

But try as she might, her subtle hints seemed to be just that - too subtle. And that is what brought her here to Jo, asking for help to amp up her look before they went bowling tonight.

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Hey :)) could you do a Ashton Irwin smut super hot and name calling with a daddy kink ? plz xx

A/N: Ight I’m writing this on Easter so I’m deff going to hell for this but I can’t help it daddy Ash makes me feel some type of way

I was sitting alone in the apartment shared with my boyfriend, Ashton, when i heard the front door swing open and slam shut.

“Ash is that you?” I asked, a little worried since Ashton wasn’t one to get angry enough to go around slamming doors. Sure enough, Ash came into the living room with a frustrated look plastered on his face. “Is everything okay?” I asked as he tossed his bag down.

“It’s just this fucking song I can’t get it right I keep fucking up,” he snapped, “this album needs to be done but it can’t because I can’t finish the stupid song.” I felt bad because I knew Ashton always beat himself up about his music. He never felt good enough even though I always insisted he was an amazing drummer.

“I’m sorry babe,” I replied trying to soothe him, “is there anything I can do to help?” There was a flicker of desire somewhere deep in Ash’s eyes as he thought this over.

“I want you in bed in that sexy little outfit I bought you for Christmas,” he demanded. I wasn’t surprised, rough days in the studio usually ended in rough night in bed.

“Anything for you,” i purred in his eat before turning to leave.

He gave my ass a little slap as I walked away and said, “I’ll be there in a minute.”

I hurried upstairs, eager to get ready for Ash. I dug through my drawer to find the sheer red, black lace-trimmed lingerie he was talking about. Once I found it, I quickly pulled it on and ran to the mirror to make sure I looked perfect.

“You’re so fucking hot babe,” Ash growled, biting his lip looking me up and down. He made his way over to me, stopping just in front of me to admire me again. “Get on the bed,” he commanded and I followed.

Ashton pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside before he began to climb on top of me. “Are you gonna be daddy’s good girl tonight?” He asked licking his lips.

I reached my hand behind his neck and pulled him in closer. “Yes daddy I’m all yours,” I replied. He smirked and his eyes lit up before he brought his lips to mine. He kissed me deeply, biting at my lower lip.

His hands traveled down my body, sliding under my bra and massaging my boobs. He began kissing my neck, sliding his tongue across my skin and sucking on it. His hand moved down and he began to rub me through my underwear.

“Mmm,” I moaned as he rubbed little circles over me. It had always amazed me how good he could make me feel with just his hands.

“Does that feel good princess?” he asked, his voice thick and sexy. I nodded quickly as he slowly started pulling my underwear off. “Do you want more?” He asked with a smirk.

“Please daddy,” I begged. He immediately complied, sliding one finger inside me. He pumped it in and out slowly and curving his finger just slightly to hit just the right spot. You gripped the sheets as he moved faster pushing you to the edge. “Ash I’m close,” you breathed, causing him to pull his finger out.

“Oh no you don’t,” he replied seriously, “Princess doesn’t cum until daddy tells her to. Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand,” I replied, hoping he would let me soon. He brought his fingers to my mouth and rubbed my lip.

“Suck,” he demanded pushing his finger in my mouth. I complied sucking and rubbing my tongue along his fingers. He used his other hand to started finger me again. I moaned onto his finger as he moved faster. Just when I thought I couldn’t hold on any longer he pulled out and placed his fingers in his own mouth. “Mm you’re so sweet,” he nearly moaned.

He looked down on me with lust gleaming in his eyes. “You’ve been such a good girl,” he began, “I think you’re ready to be fucked.”

“Please daddy I want you to fuck me so bad,” I begged eager to have him. He nodded and lined himself up at my entrance. Then with out warning he pushed into me, leaving me breathless.

“Fuck princess you’re so tight,” he groaned. He slid out and back in again, slowly at first then faster. His body slammed against mine, sending shocks of pleasure every time. I could feel myself getting closer with every thrust and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

Ash repositioned his hips so he’d hit my g-spot. I gasped and scratched at his back as I tried to hold on for him. “Cum for daddy,” he said finally. I let myself go, feeling the waves of pleasure surge through my body with every thrust. Within seconds Ash came, spitting out a string of profanities as he released himself.

“Good girl,” he said breathlessly, laying down beside me. He planted a small kiss on my lips and smiled. “I love you y/n,” he said sweetly, pulling me close to him.

“I love you too Ash so much,” I replied, cuddling up to him. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly as I laid my head on his chest. He kisses the top of my head and within minutes we were fast asleep.

A/n: ayy so once again my ending is kinda meh idk I’m bad at endings but that’s not why people read this anyway ya feel. So I hope you enjoyed this. Lemme know if you have any requests :)xx

“Heartbreak Girl” - Luke One Shot

“Luke..?” Her voice was quiet, shaking when she took an uneven breath.
“Y/N? What’s wrong? What’s happened?” He asked, his own voice cracking with concern as he pressed the phone desperately to his ear. He listened as there was another sharp intake of air coming through the receiving end of the phone.
“C–can you come pick me up? I’m at the dance, an–and my date never showed…” She let her words trail off, the threat of tears resurfacing.
“Be there in ten,” he murmured, trying to keep the anger he felt from surfacing to the forefront of his voice, “just stay where you are, ok.” He ended the call, and immediately grabbed his keys and made a quick pit stop to his bedroom before heading to his car. The drive was quiet, the streets calm for late on a Saturday night. A Green Day song played on the radio, flooding the front seat with its familiar tune. Luke’s knuckles were white as he angrily clutched the steering wheel, the normal tapping of his musician fingers stilled while deep in thought. His memory roamed to all the days spent together. He couldn’t pin point when exactly, but he knew know that he was in love with his best friend. Maybe it had happened the first time they went out on a Starbucks run. Her hair had been tossed into a loose bun on top of her head, like she’d thrown it up while rushing to the car to meet him. She was never the most punctual person around, often showing up ten or fifteen minutes later than planned, but somehow that was part of her charm. He could still remember the smile she gave him when she finally walked through the coffee shop doors. Her eyes had sparkled in the light pouring in through the expansive picture windows, a sheer gloss swiped across her smooth lips. The smile she wore was sweet, and apologetic as she crossed the room to where he sat.
“Sorry, sorry,” she muttered, shaking her head at no one in particular while sliding into the seat across from him, and soon finding that he’d already ordered her favorite drink for her.
“You’re such a good friend, Luke. How did I ever get so lucky?” She’d asked, taking a generous sip of the cooling latte. Little did either of them realize, the word friend was like a knife to his heart.
Signaling now to turn at the stoplight, he waited impatiently for the color to change from red to green. Strange as it was, the simple wave of frustration he felt made him think back to one
time the two of them had gone shopping on a Friday afternoon. She’d wanted to buy a new pair of jeans, but asked Luke to tag along to give a second opinion. He’d gladly accepted, following her around as she traipsed from store to store, perusing each rack of clothing with care. He’d sat with her bags while she entered the rows of dressing rooms, waiting patiently outside while she tugged on several pairs of jeans.
“I don’t know Luke, these fit kinda funny,” she groaned from behind the thin wooden door. He shook his head, fully aware of how self critical she could be.
“Can I see?” He asked politely, shifting on the hard wooden bench while he waited for her reply. After a few moments of strained silence, the door swung open and she slowly shuffled out. Stopping in front of him, she twisted her hips, craning her neck to look at her own butt in the full length mirrors hung on the wall. Luke tried not to stare too blatantly at his best friends ass, but such a task was nearly impossible when the stretchy jean material flawlessly hugged each and every curve she possessed. He tore his eyes away quickly when she finally spoke up.
“I don’t know,” she repeated her earlier sentiment, slapping her hands down frustratedly against her clothed thighs, “they just seem, off to me.” He watched as she frowned at her reflection, eyebrows stitched together in a harsh line.
“Can I– could I just say one thing?” He asked hesitantly, pulling his lip ring between his teeth. Turning her attention on him, she raised her eyebrows as if to say, “go on.”
“I think,” he began slowly, tiptoeing around his words, “truthfully, they make your ass look amazing.” Her cheeks grew pink, flush creeping onto her porcelain skin, but she gave him her signature shy smile. The one she reserved for any instance someone paid her a compliment.
“Maybe they’re not so bad,” she shrugged after taking another long, concentrated look in the mirror.
He pulled onto the street that housed the local high school, the sight of the building bringing back a whole slew of bitter sweet memories. His mind immediately raced to the thought of her sitting alone outside of the dingy old gymnasium, her fancy party dress matted beneath her body as she anxiously waited for him to show up.
Pulling his semi-dirty car into an empty parking space, he rummaged in the back seat for the white button down, and black tie he’d grabbed on the way out of the house. Shoving each of his arms into the sleeves, he haphazardly began knotting the tie around his neck, covering the faded band t-shirt he wore. His mind was so flooded with thoughts, each one bringing him back to the tears he could hear clogging his friend’s voice when she’d called him tonight. He’d seen her cry on far too many occasions, each occurrence seemingly more painful to witness than the last. One night in particular stood out in his mind.
She’d been home alone for the weekend, her family gone out of town for a few days. Luke knew she’d be spending the alone time with her boyfriend, and as much as he hated to admit it, he’d been jealous. Jealous of the guy who got to kiss her baby pink lips, and hold her silky smooth hand between his own. He was jealous of another guy cuddling close to his best friend while watching some pointless comedy movie, and eating too much popcorn. Then unexpectedly, late that Saturday night his phone rang, her name, and contact photo lighting up the glossy screen of his iPhone.
“Y/N?” He chirped, a nervousness settling into the pit of his stomach.
“Can you come over?” she managed meekly, trying, and failing to hide the tears seeping into her every word. She didn’t have to say much else, he knew why the tears were there. He knew why she was calling. So, Luke showed up not a half hour later, a stack of CDs under one arm, and a pint of rocky road ice cream in the other. He sat with her all night, her tears soaking into his favorite band tee, the music playing softly while they lay curled up on her small double bed.
“Y/N… What happened?” He’d finally asked the question he feared he already knew the answer to.
“He broke up with me. I wouldn’t have have sex with him so, he broke up with me,” she whispered, voice catching on a fresh set of tears. He tipped her chin up, looking directly into the beautiful irises he so adored. Just like all the other times he watched as she cried, he spoke gently.
“I know it hurts now, and I’m so sorry that it does, and I’m sorry that I can’t take the hurt away, but this pain won’t last forever. But while it’s here, so am I,” he murmured honestly while quickly pulling her into a tight hug.
“Thank you, Luke,” she muttered, pulling her head from where it rested against his chest, “you’re an amazing friend.” A tight lipped smile graced her face, still showing signs of hurt, but also holding a glimpse of gratefulness.
He stopped walking now, his worried gaze landing upon the girl he’d come to love. From across the spacious room, he watched as she sat with her hands in her lap, absentmindedly twisting the silky fabric of her dress between her freshly painted fingernails. Her head was hung low as she tried her best to go unnoticed by the rest of the party-goers. He took a step further, entering the darkened room. The music was loud, dozens of faces swimming before his eyes but all he saw was her. She carefully scanned the room, eyes widening the minute she saw Luke standing in the doorway. That smile he cherished briefly greeting her lips. Shuffling along the scuffed linoleum, they soon met one another in the middle of the room.
“What are you doing?” She asked, surprise coating her sweet voice as she gestured to his new attire.
“No friend of mine will be stood up at the homecoming dance,” he hummed, smirking with that playful twinkle reaching his bright blue eyes. All she could manage was a small giggle, and a stunned shake of her head as he extended his hand out to her.
“So…” he sang, raising an eyebrow in her direction, “can I have this dance?” The music shifted, a slow song filling the crowded room, and without missing a beat Luke drew her body close to his. Hand placed protectively to the small of her back he guided their bodies in movement to the sweet melodies.
Forehead resting against hers, he whispered softly in her ear, “I could be your cure, heartbreak girl.” She pulled back a fraction of an inch, staring deep into his eyes, searching for some hint of humor. Instead, all she found was, love. Her lips slowly pulled up at the corners, this time reaching her eyes while realization washed over her.
That’s when he decided, she was a girl of a dozen smiles. The one she gave him now, by far his favorite as it caused his heart to go light, and finally, her lips found his.