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Hi! I know you're a big fan of Deacon and I love him as well (and miss him a lot since the amount of original content is not as large as at was), so I'd love to hear your thoughts about him? What do you think about all the theories on his backstory? If you don't want to post it, I can write you off anon<3

Thanks for the ask!! I’m flattered you wanna know my thoughts on Deacon!! Honestly, the first thing that came to mind when I think of Deacon is that he is my comfort character. Mostly cause I was really sad a moment ago but the thought of Deacon after seeing this ask kinda cheered me up lmao. One time, one of my friends wrote me a comfort fic where Deacon was helping me go through some tough times and it made me feel so much better during a period of time when I was super depressed. So ever since, whenever I feel really down, I like to imagine that Deacon is there beside me giving me some words of encouragement. aaanywayyyy I’m sure that not really what you wanted to hear when you asked this question haha

About Deacon’s backstory, I definitely believe that he telling the truth in the last affinity talk. Though, I am always open to all the speculations and theories about him being from pre-war/survivor from some vault. I don’t really have one specific theory I consider The Official Headcanon for me. I honestly like how mysterious his backstory and his character in general is. The one headcanon that I have about Deacon is that he is ace/aro. Maybe what makes Deacon a wonderful character is that any information about him is so vague and may or may not be a lie so anyone can have their own theories and headcanons about him.

Imagine the classic “Dazai and Chuuya fucked each other on a regular basis when Dazai was the mafia and Chuuya had actual feelings for Dazai but Dazai didn’t reciprocate them” trope but one day Chuuya finds out that Dazai’s been sleeping with someone else too and gets really upset and hurt over it and confronts Dazai like “what the fuck Dazai why are you cheating on me?”

And Dazai says that he’s not cheating on Chuuya and that they don’t have a relationship/that their relationship doesn’t mean anything

So to get back at Dazai, Chuuya sleeps with Tachihara. But Tachihara has had a crush on Chuuya for the longest time and he later asks Chuuya to sleep with him again and then the more time Chuuya spends with Tachihara he ends up falling for Tachihara instead and then tells Dazai that he isn’t going to sleep with Dazai anymore

And then Chuuya and Tachihara get together and Dazai is super bitter about it, at first he thinks it’s because he lost his power over Chuuya but he later realizes that he loved Chuuya and misses him but can’t have him anymore bc Chuuya realized that he deserved better and is now with Tachihara, who will actually treat him right


Word Count: 1426

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Torture, PTSD sorta, some graphic descriptions of injuries, angst

A/N: Written for @iwantthedean ‘s quickie challenge. Write at least a 1000 word story with no dialogue. It ain’t easy. I based it off of this GIF blurb I wrote. You may wanna read that first. It kinda follows directly off of it. 

Also this is entirely unedited. I might edit it later so any major fuckups…my bad. 

I’d never forget the night I found Y/N and brought her back. After I convinced her that I was me by telling her the first time she told me she loved me she was talking in her sleep, she broke. She wouldn’t stop crying all the way back to the bunker. I couldn’t blame her. The British Men of Letters held her captive for two months. There was no telling what those bastards could have done to her in that time. I did know one thing. They’d never hurt her again.

I held her close while she cried and tossed Sam the keys, pulling her out to the Impala. I got her in, careful to avoid any injuries. I hadn’t been able to really look at her yet. They definitely hadn’t fed her well. I could feel her bones as I ran my hand along her back.

As soon as Sam pulled into the garage I lifted her out of the car and got her into the bathroom. I peeled her clothes off, letting her know what I was doing every step of the way. As soon as I got a look at her back I had to stop. There were whip marks, old and new, all across her back. Damn near every inch of skin was slashed. She stepped out of her jeans and I looked up her legs, seeing the backs of her thighs slashed. I turned her to face me. They spared the front of her, save for bruises, burns, cuts, and stabs.

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pt. 2


cafe au [part 1] [part 3]

wow what a shocker keith came back to chat up the cute cafe guy, i’m so shocked ;) ALSO HUNK IS A CUTE CAFE GUY TOO CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? <3 i kinda wanna write a fic for this but where would i even find the time for that? anyways this is gonna be a lil mini series.. i think? i’m sure the quality will improve as it goes forward

His Wedding | one

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 607

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: This part is smooth, so none

Characters (by appearance): Bucky Barnes and Reader

A/N: I am fucking excited about this fic, I’ll give you guys one hint: Wedding!Buck. That’s all. And I didn’t write the summery bc it kinda gives away the plot and I’ll add it later on when i have enough readers for this fic! Tags are open, just shoot me an ask, if you want to continue reading His Wedding.

Sorry for any typos!

“His Wedding” Masterlist

> OneTwo Three > Four > Five > Six

I can say no to him, straight away. The negative term, which I hardly use is now on the tip of my tongue. And my brain is hundred percent sure I want to say it.

No Bucky I can’t.

But when he gave me those baby blue puppy dog eyes, I just knew, I couldn’t.

Who am I fooling, here?

“What do you say, doll?” Bucky asks me for the second time. “Will you?”

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“This isn’t my usual angle.”

“Try new things.”  

Model AU again after that damn studio like setting selfie that’s making me question my life choices. Applying makeup to danyul was fun. It seems as though I enjoy putting makeup on him more than I do on myself. Wing it ouuut 

is anyone getting fanfic ideas of charles’ little scenario about amy and jake living together two blocks from him and that if peraltiago has a fight, jake would go over to his house and lalala? like that could be a nice angst-y fic… them having a fight, jake pouring out his frustrations to charles, and charles giving him some advice (like he did in “new captain”), and peraltiago fixing their problem like adults


Dex used to play guitar in a small band that became pretty popular in his hometown.

Popular enough that he gets recognized all over town whenever he goes home.

Nursey tries to chirp him about it, but he can’t ignore how much he loves it.

CONCEPT: aaron and robert as hogwarts professors!! 

robert is teaching defense against the dark arts and aaron teaches care of magical creatures and aaron is head of gryffindor house (i mean mcgonagall had to retire at some point) and aaron likes to sneak into the kitchens under the great hall and get some late night snacks and hang out with dobby and robert is head of slytherin house and thinks his students are little shits but really he loves them deep down and always gives slytherins more house points for correct answers than any other house and robert and aaron have an annual bet as to which house wins the house cup and on hogsmeade weekends they go get a butterbeer/firewhiskey together at the three broomsticks :~)


Pairing: Castiel x Reader (very vanilla)

Summary: You get a bad stomach ache and Castiel helps make it better. Fluffy.

Words: 1200~

A/N: I got this idea because I am a glutton for spicy food even though it is not a glutton for me. Also this is the first fic I’ve ever posted on here! I’m kinda shy to post this because I know people in real life on here, but screw it. Fanfiction makes me happy and I appreciate all the people who write it, so I thought I’d share mine. Feedback is very much so appreciated.

I’m gonna tag a few people if that’s okay? @castielohcastiel @my–supernatural-romance @thran-duils I’m sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged I just wanted to share this with you guys, this is very experimental for me haha


The smell of onions and spice woke you from your daydream. You got up and started walking over to the bunker’s kitchen. “Is that dinner I smell?” You peeked your head in.

“Sure is!” Dean looked back at you and winked.

You walked closer and looked into the frying pan, “Ooooh, fajitas! Spicy!” You wiggled your eyebrows at Dean.

“You got that right sweetheart,” he turned his attention back to the sizzling vegetables, “I added my own secret ingredient. You can bet your ass it’s gonna be spicy.”

“Is that a threat, Winchester?” You raised your eyebrow.

“Like I said, you bet your ass it is.”

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Thank you @i-want-my-iwtv for that beautiful gifset  you sent :’) I haven’t drawn vc in forever

is it bad that I kinda wanna write an L/L masquerade fic now?

Trolls: “A Night of... Switching.”

I kept my promise. uwu This little fic is based on an headcanon of @lusty-laverne (Me and my best friend had this headcanon too. XD I was really surprised when I read it on their blog, we aren’t the only ones!). 

There weren’t fics on this? Well, now there’s a fic on this. OwO I had fun writing this piece. Hope you all enjoy! :D

Warning: Smut (r-18), dom!Poppy and sub!Branch (’cause yeah, that’s the whole point of this one shot), strap-on.

Couple: Branch x Poppy.

Also thank you for the 328 followers. <3 

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If you're still doing the song fics, could you do No Way Out by Phil Collins + Klaroline? I kinda wanted to ask for Sound of Madness. Whichever you want to do, and if you wanna do both, great! lol loved the last drabble of yours I found.

This one was based on No Way Out.

“I had nowhere else to go” was the first thing Caroline said when he saw her, she was trying to give him an explanation and that simple sentence was all it took for him to understand her situation: she was desperate and alone and she needed him.

Klaus had never been good at comforting people, but he sat beside her anyway. “Why don’t you tell me what happened, sweetheart?” he asked, as if he didn’t already know. So he heard her talk about how her mother had died, how she had turned it off and killed those people, tortured them… How she had made Stefan turn it off as well and everything they had done together… How he had burnt her mother’s letter.

“I couldn’t stay there.” Caroline said, “I couldn’t look at any of them after everything I did and-“

He shook his head, “That’s not quite true, though, is it, love? You could have stayed there, your friends would probably have forgiven you… But would you have forgiven them?”

She stayed silent for a moment, her gaze not meeting his eyes, and then she sighed, not seeing the point in denying it. “They could’ve left me alone. I wasn’t going to hurt anyone, they knew that. And Stefan… He just burned it. My mom’s letter. He didn’t even think of how I would feel, he just thought about how he wanted me to turn it back on. And then he looked at me like he was expecting me to thank him for saving me from myself, to be in love with him and I- I can’t look at any of them. Not for awhile.”

Klaus nodded, awkwardly reaching out to hold her hand, his thumb caressing the back of it. “Why did you come here? Why… Why me?”

She finally met his gaze, giving him a small smile, “Since apparently I can’t relate to the less terrible people, I decided to give it a go to the more terrible ones. You came to mind. Besides, we’re friends, right?”

He smiled, “Indeed, sweetheart.”

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Every egobang fic about Dan and Arin being younger like arin is eighteen and dan in his twenties kinda messes with me. Arin is always the awkward cutie in the pink shirt and Dan is the hottie with charisma and graceful beauty and I just kinda feel like that wouldn't be the case because dan said he was always depressed and was literally on medicine for it and honestly I feel like they BOTH would be awkward messes with each other and I have yet to see a fic like that and I wanna write one but I know it would get a lot of flack because it's not the way everyone writes Dan and idk man it kinda urks me.

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Could you write a small fic where the reader is kinda depressed and first Gibbs cheers them up a bit in the office, and then Tim and Ellie (and Kate, if this is possible) take the reader out for dinner and try to make them smile? I know it's very specific :$

You look up at Gibbs, ready to retort. “Elevator,” he interrupts you, breezing by. You have no choice but to follow.
Once in the elevator, he turns to you. “What’s wrong?”
You give a half shrug. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”
He nods, half understanding, then reaches out and pats your arm. “Go home. You’re under a lot of stress.

Once off the couch, you pause your movie and open your door. “Oh! Hi.”
“Hey.” Ellie smiles and hugs you. “Mm, I don’t know what’s wrong but we hope you feel better.”
McGee embraces you next. You realize he’s quite the teddy bear. Maybe, you think, you should hire him as professional cuddler. “Ellie and I wanted to take you out.” McGee steps back. “Our treat.”
You watch them.
Then you suddenly smile. “Yeah, I could use some cheering up.”
The first step out of your apartment and you realize as long as your team backs you up, you’ll never be hopeless.

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Can we ask you for writing tips? And would you recommend asking anyone else for writing tips if your not cool with it?

hm,,, i dont rly have an tips??? but i would say the best advice i have is to rewrite stuff completely rather than just editing it. yeah, it’s a pain in the ass, but trust me, it’s worth it. you find a lot more mistakes and such that way. otherwise my tip would be to just write. u think ur writing is bad because u wrote it, but i promise u it’s nowhere near anything that ur mind is telling u it is. also have friends read ur stuff!! that helps a lot. i have a friend that i always have read over my essays before i send them in and it helps a ton!!!

Hello my lovelies!! Today is New Year’s Eve here (Happy New Years!!) And I’ve written my first MorMor fic! :O Before I never really shipped anything in Sherlock except for Sheriarty, but hey, I’m a fun multi-shipping kinda smol. So, anywho.. I have a fic tag list which are lovely folk (listed below) who wish to be tagged everytime I write a fic! This was super awesome and flawless before (because all I wrote was Sheriarty lol), but now I’m a bit that you may be getting tagged in stuff you dont wanna read.. SO. If you wanna join my Sheriarty + MorMor fic tag list reply to this post and I’ll add to my list!- if you want to be removed (frowny face) you just let me know and I’ll remove you with no hassle. :D Have a Happy New Year and thanks so much for the support 😘🎆