i kinda wanna turn this into a video

Admirer-CrankGameplays Imagine

Requested: Nope

Plot: Ethan has a crush on Y/N and during a stream he can’t help but smile as he watches them. Also, the chat can’t help but notice.

Warnings: None, just fluff

Paring: Ethan x NonGendered!Reader

Word Count: 947

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captainmolasses  asked:

You said you found all the shrines in BotW? Did you use a guide, or did you just find them yourself? I ask because I wanna find them all myself, but I'm at 104 now so they're getting kinda hard to find, so I'm hoping you might have a tip for finding them faster (besides turning on the radar thing because duh that's obvious)

I ended up using a map of the shrine locations when I got to about 70 since I didn’t wanna spend forever on it and also I was recording all that and I didnt wanna like drag out the videos too much. Some of them I had to look up how to find or how to do the shrine quest cuz they get a bit unclear.

The One With the Purity Ring and Patrick's Dirty Secret

Hey guys, so finally this is another one of my personal projects. I’m hoping to get another request up tomorrow, until then I hope you enjoy this! It’s almost 10 pages! Hahaha

WARNING: Violence Kink

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why do my thoughts while getting ready for bed late at night always turn into “why i Don’t Like my dad”

this didn’t happen while i was in canada (and therefore away from him), but now that i’m back home it’s begun anew

i want to be compassionate, not salty

ugh i don’t wanna go to bed feeling like this, so i guess i’m gonna go watch jack’s bro average video again bc what even was that nonsense and how is it simultaneously super cringy and exactly my kinda humor

Video games with Dean.

This was a request that is kinda old, but it was really fun to write and I hope whoever requested it likes it. 
It turned into ultra fluff haha :D
Feel free to request more stuff even though I have a few things left to write. :)

Request:  dean x reader where they’re playing video games and she’s surprised at how well he’s doing?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 902 Words+

Warnings: so much fluff

Originally posted by acklesjensen


“(Y/N), I´m most definitely not going to play some stupid video game with you, where did you even get this thing?”, Dean said and rolled his eyes.
You looked down at the [insert random game station] that was plugged into the TV in the bunker and you tried to make an innocent face: “Well… I stole it.”
The Winchester raised his eyebrows: “You stole it? You do know stealing is bad?”
Now it was your turn to roll your eyes: “Don´t you dare try to give me a lesson about stealing Winchester. You´re the bad boy, I´m just the girl that got tagged along and now deals with the side effects of two criminal best friends.”
A small smile played around his lips but then he sighed: “Why don´t you go get Sam and ask him to play? I bet he´s into stuff like this.”
You shrugged: “Sam already played with me yesterday and he´s busy doing research. And he always wins so I thought…”
You stopped talking because you realized what you were implying but of course Dean had already caught up on your train of thoughts and now frowned:
“Wait, you want to play with me because you think it´ll be easy to win against me?”
For a moment you looked down at your feet and then back at him with an apologetic face: “Well, kinda…”
He pursed his lips: “Okay, I´m in.”
A grin spread over your face: “How could I forget that Dean Winchester never turns down a true challenge?”
He continued to look grumpy, but you could see his eyes twinkle when he said: “Wanna make it interesting?”
You looked at him in surprise. You were so sure as hell gonna kick his ass that it seemed ridiculous to even start betting on this.
You had played video games all through high school before you had met the Winchesters and Dean probably never touched a controller before.
“What did you have in mind?”, you asked and he grinned:
“Well, a kiss maybe?”
That kinda caught you by surprise, even though you knew it shouldn´t. Dean hit on you for fun all the time, just to see you get uncomfortable and blush.
For a second you thought about what would happen if Dean really kissed you, but then again, he was never going to win so you nodded: “All right then, if you win you´ll get a kiss, if I win you let me take the Impala for anything I want for the next month.”
The car was already yours.
You expected him to back out now, knowing that he hated other people driving his car but he just said: “Okay.”
For a second you wondered if he really knew how good you were and had almost informed him right then but instead you started the game, some kind of ego shooter, and handed Dean the controller:
“Here we go Winchester.”

You laid the controller on the ground and stared at the screen with big eyes: “How did you do it?”, you asked, your voice completely amazed.

Not only had Dean Winchester just beaten you, he had crushed you, totally and as humiliatingly as possible.
“Well, guess you don´t know everything about me after all”, he said and when you looked at him a smug grin was written all over his face and you remembered what had been in for him: Your kiss.
Your heart started beating fast, and the familiar blush spread over your face.
He stopped grinning and looked kinda nervous now:
“You don´t have to kiss me (Y/N), don´t worry, I just wanted to mess with you because you thought I was an easy opponent.”
Disappointment spread through your chest and that was the moment you realized you really, really wanted to kiss him so you said: “A bet is a bet, and I´m not walking away knowing that I backed out.”
Suddenly the grin was back, but now it was more of a gentle smile: “All right then.”
He shifted around so he was now sitting in front of you and then you leaned in, closing your eyes in the process, ready to do it before you changed your mind.
The moment your lips met his was really great, he felt so soft and good.
At first the kiss was a little distant and cautious but then you moved a little closer to him, which he took as an invitation to pull you on his lap, which you gladly allowed.
After a minute or so, he pulled a way and stroked over your back: “You know, I think that covers your debt.”
You grinned: “I don´t think so.”
And then you kissed him again, this time really loosing yourself into him, his hands on your back and in your hair, and yours stroking up and down his arms.
You could have continued doing this for ages, but suddenly you were interrupted by someone clearing his throat and the question:
“What´s going on here?”
You both stopped kissing and looked up at Sam who had just entered the room and now looked kinda confused.
You couldn´t help it but chuckle and then said: “Dean beat me at a video game.”
Sam frowned: “I beat you three times yesterday. And I don´t remember getting that kind of treatment for it.”
Dean grinned: “Well, too bad Sammy, you really missed out on something.”
And before you could do something, his lips were back on yours.

Alright so I finally got my jpeg from Chicon and omg I still smile when I see it.

So basically it was the most exciting moment of my entire life…seriously. I like how they decided to have it set up this time as opposed to past cons. At chicon it used to be a really small room that you would probably spend like 30 sec in tops. Now you’re in line in the room for like 20 minutes yay lol.

These two could not be more blatantly obvious about their affection for each other btw :D

ANYWAY i’m just standing there in line just kind dancing along to the music and having a grand old time. I glanced up at the boys and Jensen freaking Ackles was staring right at me. His eyes are so intense holy shit. I totally averted my gaze cause i could not stand it fc. So i’m gettin closer up into line and next thing the people in front of me are done so i walk up to them and apparently the people in front of me didn’t get a good pic so jensen just kind of motions for me to stand back a bit and said hold on a sec. Finally i walk up and honestly I wasn’t even looking at Misha (i already had another photo op with him) and i felt so bad but i could not take my freaking eyes off of the most gorgeous person i’ve ever laid eyes on. He looks at you like he’s looking into your soul omg/

So I look right back at him and say “Jensen, I was just wondering if I could get  a hug and then Misha hugs both of us… and if you could make it a really long one that would be awesome!” and by that point i’m giggling like a moron.

So Jensen kinda grins and just says “of course!” and all of a sudden im enveloped in a hug and OMG he smells so good #blamethemusk. THe camera clicks and the moments over and I look back and say ‘Thank you so much!” and they both respond “no problem!” and i wander off.

Ok i know im almost done. The best part was after i went out of the room and met up with my mom i look back into the room and i think to myself - i wanna remember this moment. and I turned around real fast flip my phone camera on to take a really quick video. I look through the screen and holy shit jensen ackles is looking at me. holy shit he’s WAVING. WTF MISHA IS TICKING HIS TOnGUE OUT! I quickly lock my phone and get the heck outta there cause i didnt wanna cause problems, but i just sat there laughing like a moron cause i didnt even mean for them to acknowledge me omg.

Here’s the video cause i’m a complete nerd and smile everytime i watch it

That’s my extremely long, uneventful story that im still super excited about :D


South Park music video for the wonderful yummykyman.

She seems to like this song and after hearing it a few times on her streams I figured it’d be a good song for an AMV. I’m an amateur and all that jazz but I spent a while on this one and I’m quite happy with how it turned out :3

With all the awesomeness on your blogs and all the joy you bring, i feel like I wanna give you something but I have no artistic skills and I’m too busy to write a new fic so I’ll give you a crappy video instead.

It’s pretty short but I’ve spent hours on it and I’m kinda tired by now, so this is it pretty much done. I might make an extended version at some point if I can find the energy using the whole song.

- NocturnalLament

Omg, this is one of my favorite songs. Thanks so much for this!

anonymous asked:

Before you read this, I want to say that I am saying this as a someone who considers them self one of your dedicated fans. I don't think you should keep singing. With your first cover, I was 100% supportive. But I was supporting the fact that you wanted to try something new; I wasn't supporting your actual singing. Most of your fans are acting like they like it just because they like you as a person. I'm not saying stop doing what you love forever, but please don't try to be a full-time singer

but why does it matter what i do? its honestly completely okay with me if not everyone likes my singing, i dont expect everyone too. but i LOVE it! i really really love it and it IS something i would like to pursue. full time? no. i will never become a full fledged “singer” i love how i kinda do a lot of stuff. i never wanna be labeled as just one thing. i just love to entertain in all aspects. i love making youtube videos, i love being on stage, i love hosting, i even love acting (even tho i havent done much yet) and yes i also love singing. i may not be the best but I’m decent and i really enjoy it. I’m not trying to randomly turn everything i do into a singing career. this is just a fun thing i enjoy that will be on the side, in addition to everything else I’m doing. no matter what, my youtube channel will always be my MAIN thing because thats where i started and thats what got me here.

I’m sorry you dont like my singing! but there are people that do and thats all that matters to me =]

btw at least give my song a fair chance and listen to it when it comes out, haha you havent even heard it yet =] I’m honestly really proud of it

Exo React to you Using Aegyo to Get What You Want

Sorry I took so long to make another post! I’ve been busy and also procrastination is my worst enemy *shakes fist*


XIUMIN: You: “Oppa~! Please can we go see a movie? Pleasssseee?” *Pouting and lots of aegyo are involved.*

Xiumin: “Ahhh, okay. Goodness, how do you manage to be so cute?” *He ruffles your hair.*


LUHAN: You: “Oppa…let’s go get ice cream!”

Luhan: “Well Baobei, you can’t expect me to say no to that cute face of yours, can you? Let’s go get whatever you want.”


KRIS: You: “Oppa? You’ve been on your phone all day! Can we pleaaaase go to the park?”

Kris: *He looks up from his phone.* “Ah, you’re right baobei.” *He puts his phone in his pocket.* “I’m sorry, let’s go to the park and we can stop for some food on the way back, okay?”


SUHO: You: “Oppa!!! Will you buy me this necklace? Pleeeease?” *You’re batting your eyelashes and swaying back and forth.*

Suho: “Jagiya, if you keep being so cute, I’ll buy you the entire country of Austria.”


LAY: You: *in bed, the two of you just woke up* “Oppa? Can we just stay in bed and cuddle for a while?” *Insert aegyo here.*

Yixing: *He turns to you and makes the ‘okay’ sign.* “That works for me, baobei. Come here!”


BAEKHYUN: You: Baekkie-oppa! Buy me these leggings please! They’re so cute and they match my shorts perfectly!“ *You smile and bounce on your toes.*

Baekhyun: "Do you realize how cute you are being? How can you expect me to say no when you’re like that?”


CHEN: You: “Oppaaa!~” *You tug at his sweater sleeve.* “Please can you take me to the mall?” *You bat your eyelashes at him.*

Chen: *He tries to hold in his laughter, but he busts out laughing.* “Nice try, jagi. I give you a five out of ten. If you want, I can call Sehun to give you some tips?” *He still takes you to the mall nonetheless.*


CHANYEOL: You: “Oppaaaaaaaa!~ Can you take me to a cat cafe*?”



KYUNGSOO: *He’s reading a book in a chair next to the couch you’re seated on. However, you want to spend some quality time with him so you decide to try aegyo on him for the first time.*

You: “Kyungie-oppa?” *You bat your eyelashes in his direction.*

*He turns the page and looks up at you.*

Kyungsoo: “Yes, Jagi?”

You: “Come sit by me, oppa! I wanna watch some videos with you!” *You point at your laptop and smile.*

*He’s kinda hesitant, so you take it one step further.*

You: *You turn to sit on your knees and do 'bbuing, bbuing’ while speaking* “Opppaaaaa!~ Pleaaaase? Bbuing, bbuing!”

Kyungsoo: “I uh…o-okay.” *Gives in quickly.*


TAO: You: “Oppa? Can you pleeeeeease take me shopping? Pleeeeeaaaasssseee?”

Tao: *His ego gets inflated and he acts cool* “Of course, baobei. Oppa will buy you anything you like.”


KAI: You: “Oppa!~ Can you buy me this stuffed bear please?”

Kai: “Ohmygod Yessss!!! I think they have couples ones too! We should get couples bears!! Ahhhh, jagiiii!” *He gives into your aegyo without even knowing it.*


SEHUN: You: “Oppa!~ Can we go get some bubble tea please!?” *You’re swaying and grabbing at his arm to get his attention.*

Sehun: “Jagi, we’ll go get bubble tea, but not because of your lame excuse for aegyo, but because I can never say no to bubble tea. Now, come on.” *He won’t admit it, but he found you pretty cute ;)*




*A/N: If you don’t know what a cat cafe is then I’m so sorry, lol. Basically it’s a place where you can go spend time with some cats and like you can buy treats for them and like feed them and stuff! I learned about them /here/ on YouTube! It sounds like so much fun!

Also, send in your requests! I do reactions, scenarios, and ships! <3


OMG! So I FINALLY saw Hedwig tonight. I sat front AA109, next to the girl who got to make-out with Hedwig ;)
And MAN IT WAS GLORIOUS! I have read everywhere how everyone says that Darren dissapears on that stage and Hedwig takes over and in my head I was always like “yeah, I believe that Darren pulls off a fab Hedwig. But forgetting it’s him? No, I mean, it’s still his face after all”… but dude… DUDE! It’s all true…. he vanishes, POOF! I even closed my eyes a couple of times and just listen and it doesn’t even listen like Darren AT ALL! so fab, so blown away.
And front row was so worth it… I got spit on, sweat splashed down on me, I got to fish tomato out of bra… and… AND! HEDWIG RIPPED MY TIGHTS! She was sitting down on the edge of the state to get her thing on with the girl next to me and Hedwig’s leg kinda kicked out. TO not get kicked int he stomach by those heels, I turned away from them and WAM, her heel scrapes along my thigh and I now have a massive run in them.

Obviously I had to tell Darren that at stage door afterwards (I’ll attach a video of it… though it is more audio then video because I didn’t wanna hold my phone in his face) but he finished talking to the girl he kissed and then I said:
“While you were making out with her, you ripped my tights”
“I ripped your tights? That was intentional”
ASSHOLE! XD I had so many more profound and meaningful things I wanted to say to him but that all went out the window when the little goofball ripped my pretty new tights.
It was an absolute FANTASTIC night, worth every dollar and I don’t even care that I am now awake for 24 hours and literally had to run to the theatre after 13h of travel. SO WORTH IT!

Kinda wish Tumblr had categories of Likes, like Amazon now has Wish List distinct from Shopping List.

Suggested splits:

- Stuff I want to send to a specific friend but it’s 3 AM so I gotta find it again later
- Stuff I wanna reblog at some future point but just not yet
- Stuff I wanna furiously tug my pipe to
- Videos I can’t watch right now because I’m pooping at work so I can’t turn sound on
- Really pretty pictures of, like, trees and stuff
- Recipes I will never attempt

Video Game Club

Read on AO3

Rating: PG
Summary: Michael and Gavin try to figure out a way so that they could spend a lot more time with each other without it seeming suspicious around the school. Gavin comes up with the idea of making a Video Game club (called Achievement Hunter), where all they do is “play video games” (it’s really just several make-out sessions). Gavin was sure that no one would want to join–that is, until someone actually wants to join.
Word Count: 3075

ExcerptThey didn’t hear the door open, but when Michael opened his eyes for a brief second, he quickly pushed Gavin away—Gavin fell to the ground and he yelped with pain.
“Ow, Michael! That wasn’t nice. You little bugger, I would have easily just moved off of you–” Gavin noticed that Michael’s eyes were wide and staring at the door. Gavin turned around and squeaked when he saw a person standing there, his own eyes popped out. He pointed at the door.
“Should I just leave, or…?” The guy started, his voice a little quiet. “Didn’t mean to intrude on your guys’ moment.”  

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books are so weird like…. idk obviously im a literature major and i talk about loving books all the time but! it’s never gonna stop taking me by surprise just HOW great they are. like, everyone has their thing and im by no means bashing on other art forms, but for me personally I can’t get the same thing or even close to the same thing out of a TV show or a video game or even partying or something. idk books get a bad rep and rightfully so, bc people can be really elitist about them for some reason? and i dont wanna be that way at all. i think that turns people off of reading and thats… the opposite of what i wanna do. just for ME. reading is like… idk all those other things feel kinda escapist to me, which can be good at times, but reading isn’t escapist at all for me? it’s just a different way to face my problems? a less confrontational way, less abrupt. there’s this idea that reading is “an escape from reality into a Fake World” but there is something so genuine about well-written fiction that it can’t be an escape it’s more like… an answer? or a different way of looking at the questions maybe? idk

tonight im feeling lonely and homesick and i sit down in this awful bed with a stack of books, reading for fun for almost the first time this semester, and it’s making me feel so… decompressed. so much happened/is still happening over the last few months. SO much that i havent had time to understand. i had forgotten how much i needed this to be a Real Person. 

i know that reading isn’t for everyone and that’s cool, but sometimes i love it so much i feel like that moldy peaches song when they say “i dont see what anyone can see in anyone else” lmao which is cheesy and that context and even cheesier here but!!! idk rediscovering how much i love reading is like looking in my pocket expecting to find a $10 bill and instead finding a winning lottery ticket for $8 billion