i kinda should have put more effort into this but you can tell when i just started rushing to finish it before i lost interest

old flames [eren/jean]

i took a little bit of creative liberty with this one, but this is one of my fav tropes ok so i hope i did this prompt justice ahhhh thanks again for sending it in! (also, i told u i’d be able to incorporate tickling into it 8))

Eren runs into him at the grocery store, of all places.

He’s blocking the aisle with his cart as he stares at the list Armin made him, delicate handwriting and detailed measurements as if Eren’s going to know what a few pinches of allspice means. He looks up and grabs the largest bottle of generic brand allspice he can find, tossing it in his cart, and when he turns around he almost drops the flimsy paper list in his hand.

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